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The aging of phosphorus in some humid tropical soils of nigeria part 1 the effect of phosphorus reaction time and lime on the dry matter yield of maize in soils of southeastern nigeria

Enwezor, W.O.

Soil Science 124(5): 259-264


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-075X
DOI: 10.1097/00010694-197711000-00002
Accession: 006598375

The relationship between the phosphate sorption capacity of a range of acid soils of southeastern Nigeria and the dry matter yield of maize [Zea mays] was investigated in a greenhouse pot experiment. Phosphate sorption capacity ranged between 19.0 kg P/ha and 440.8 kg P/ha, and bore a significant inverse relationship (r = 0.70) with P availability percentage. Aging of P in the soil for 1 to 6 mo. reduced responses to the applied P by 6.4 to 21.3%, the reduction being highly significantly correlated with the P sorption capacity (r = 0.83). Liming reduced the dry matter yield of maize for all soils with a pH above 4.7, but greatly increased it for soils with a lower pH. The lack of response to applied P in a soil with a pH of 4.2 was attributed to Al toxicity, rather than to phosphate fixation.

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