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The amylolytic activity of soil bacilli related to bacillus subtilis

Mikrobiologiya 53(6): 1007-1011

The amylolytic activity of soil bacilli related to bacillus subtilis

Strains of soil bacilli (117) sensitive to B. subtilis phages were tested for their ability to accumulate .alpha.-amylase in the medium. The selected strains produced less .alpha.-amylase than the industrial strain SK-52, but showed a higher activity in starch hydrolysis. The amylases of B. subtilis 1536 and 1698 were highly thermostable and their isoelectric points differed from those of amylases produced by other strains, B. subtilis 1621 appeared to produce 2 amylases, a thermostable one and a thermolabile one. The DNA of all the strains (with an exception of SK-52) transformed B. subtilis Marburg competent cells. According to their genetic properties and some characteristics of .alpha.-amylase, all of the selected strains can be assigned to B. subtilis and strain SK-52 to B. amytoliquefaciens. The strains may be useful for the further construction of strains producing .alpha.-amylase.

Accession: 006599725

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