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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6601

Chapter 6601 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ioneseu N.G.; Pereni O.; Lazar A.; Benea A., 1985:
The analysis of our experience on the value of intermittent postoperative drainage washing in the treatment of acute peritonitis

Lupatov V.M., 1982:
The analysis of oxygen evolution models in photosynthesis

Haraoka J., 1985:
The analysis of pathogenesis of hydrocephalus in the chronic stage of subarachnoid hemorrhage and indication for shunt operation assessment of continuous intracranial pressure monitoring and regional cerebral blood flow

Franta B.D.; Mattick L.R.; Sherbon J.W., 1986:
The analysis of pentoses in dry wine by high performance liquid chromatography with post column derivatization

Godtfredsen, S.E.; Oliver, R.W.A., 1980:
The analysis of phenylthio hydantoin amino acids by high performance liquid chromatography

Hurst W.J.; Martin R.A.Jr, 1984:
The analysis of phospholipids in soy lecithin by high performance liquid chromatography

Johnston A.M.; Raven J.A., 1986:
The analysis of photosynthesis in air and water of ascophyllum nodosum

Robrish S.A.; Curtis M.A.; Sharer S.A.; Bowen W.H., 1984:
The analysis of picomole amounts of l dextro lactic acid and d levo lactic acid in samples of dental plaque using bacterial luciferase

Damblon F., 1985:
The analysis of plant macrofossils and the reconstitution of quaternary paleo environments

Sinclair A.J.; Slattery W.J.; O'dea K., 1982:
The analysis of poly unsaturated fatty acids in meat by capillary gas liquid chromatography

Sonchik S.M., 1986:
The analysis of polychlorinated biphenyls in methylene chloride using column switching

Dogan M.; Gevenkiris A.; Tarhan O., 1986:
The analysis of poppy straw concentrate by high performance liquid chromatography

Kravtsov B.A.; Milyutin L.I., 1985:
The analysis of populations by multidimensional ordination methods

Effendy, F.N.; Bolognesi, R.; Morelloni, S.; Astorri, E.; Bianchi, G., 1978:
The analysis of post pacing beats in the diagnosis of the sinus node

Robinson J.L.; Weinert I.A.G.; Solms J., 1983:
The analysis of potato starch and lipid in the presence of their inclusion complexes

E.T.rras M.F.M.; Sheribah Z., 1982:
The analysis of procaine hydro chloride by diazotization and coupling reaction

Vaclavovsky J.; Matousek V.; Egert J.; Polansky J., 1985:
The analysis of production characteristics in the white breeding race in large scale breeding

Vaclavovsky J.; Matousek V.; Egert J.; Vejcik A., 1984:
The analysis of production characters in pigs of the landrace breed in stud swine breeding

Ikeuchi, T.; Yogi, S.; Ueno, M.; Morikawa, F.; Onodera, Y.; Sakamoto, M.; Kai, Y., 1987:
The analysis of prognostic factors on postsurgical pyuria of benign prostatic hypertrophy

Duggleby, R.G.; Morrison, J.F., 1977:
The analysis of progress curves for enzyme catalyzed reactions by nonlinear regression

Taylor, K.M.; Chase, L.; Bewick, M., 1978:
The analysis of purines from rabbit kidney preservation media by high pressure liquid chromatography

Lauren D.R.; Parker C.H.; Agnew M.P.; Smith G.S., 1981:
The analysis of putrescine in plant samples by automated high performance liquid chromatography

Rudan, P., 1975:
The analysis of quantitative dermatoglyphic traits in the rural population of the island of hvar yugoslavia

Ruan D.; Wang D.; Sun H., 1986:
The analysis of rabdosia diterpenoids by high performance liquid chromatography

Thain J.F., 1984:
The analysis of radio isotopic tracer flux experiments in plant tissues

Scheirer C.J.; Geller S.E., 1979:
The analysis of random effects in modeling studies

Kangas J.; Ryosa H., 1988:
The analysis of reduced sulfur gases in ambient air of workplaces

Cleary, P.D.; Angel, R., 1984:
The analysis of relationships involving dichotomous dependent variables

Merdith M., 1981:
The analysis of response similarity in single neurons of the goldfish olfactory bulb using amino acids as odor stimuli

Zhang F., 1986:
The analysis of ridge regression and occupational factor of lung cancer of yunnan china tin miners

Hashiguchi H., 1983:
The analysis of rorschach responses before and after orbito ventromedial undercutting hirose

Roche A.F., 1980:
The analysis of serial data

Krstic L.; Mehmedbasic I.; Parabucki S.; Zivanovic Marinkovic V.; Kuljic N., 1986:
The analysis of serotypes of rotaviruses by means of rna electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel and enzyme test

Fox, R.A., 1976:
The analysis of single strand breaks in escherichia coli using a curve fitting procedure

Pearce J.C.; Leavens W.J.; Jelly J.A.; Fernandes K.A.; Mcdowall R.D., 1988:
The analysis of skf 94120 a novel inotropic agent and its four metabolites by isolation on c18 aasp cassettes followed by high performance liquid chromatography

Diamond R., 1986:
The analysis of solute uptake in circulating diffusing systems by a curve fitting procedure

Lubrano, G.J.; Dean, W.W.; Heinsohn, H.G.; Stastny, M., 1977:
The analysis of some commercial dyes and romanowsky stains by high performance liquid chromatography

Mckenna M.; Marr I.L.; Cresser M.S.; Lam E., 1986 :
The analysis of some diving gas mixtures by microwave induced plasma optical emission spectroscopy

Shin C S.; Lee S H.; Kim S U.; Bok S H., 1987:
The analysis of some factors involved in sisomicin fermentation based on temperature effects

Fayez M.; E.T.rras M.; Zeinab S., 1981:
The analysis of some local anesthetics by the acid dye technique

Reggiani C.; Poggesi C.; Minelli R., 1979:
The analysis of some mechanical properties of quiescent myo cardium

Gilroy T.E.; Thomas C.A.Jr, 1983:
The analysis of some new drosophila repetitive dna sequences isolated and cloned from 2 dimensional agarose gels

Lebreton, J.D.; Chessel, D.; Prodon, R.; Yoccoz, N., 1988:
The analysis of species environment relationships by canonical correspondence analysis i. quantitative environmental variables

Lebreton, J.D.; Chessel, D.; Richardot-Coulet, M.; Yoccoz, N., 1988:
The analysis of species environment relationships by canonical correspondence analysis ii. qualitative variables

Töwe, J.; Brügmann, E.; Dummler, W., 1979:
The analysis of stain loading tests for the assessment of the liver function

Hakes W., 1987:
The analysis of succession related changes in vegetation in northern hessian calcareous mesoxerophytic meadows with the aid of multivariate techniques

Sayles, F.L.; Mangelsdorf, P.C.J., 1976:
The analysis of sulfate ion in sea water by difference chromatography

Buch J., 1982:
The analysis of systolic time intervals helps improve the assessment of cardiac insufficiency

L.Y.; Chen G.; Chen L.; Liu C., 1982:
The analysis of systolic time intervals in 40 normal macaca mulatta anesthetized by pheno barbital sodium

Miszlai Z.; Olosz E.; Nagy I.; Losonczy H.; Javor T., 1987:
The analysis of the data of patients suffering from multiple myeloma from 1977 to 1985

Ritsner M.S.; Drigalenko E.I., 1987:
The analysis of the diallelic model of epilepsy prevalence in families and in a population

Serizawa Y.; Nozue M.; Kamimura K.; Sueki Y., 1986:
The analysis of the direction of body sway in patients with peripheral labyrinthine vertigo

Vasil'eva L.A., 1984:
The analysis of the gene system expressing the incomplete wing radial vein drosophila melanogaster

Krupauer V.; Strelecek F.; Hanakova J., 1984:
The analysis of the growth of brown trout salmo trutta m fario in the upper stream of the blanice czechoslovakia

Ushakov B.P.; Pashkova I.M., 1983:
The analysis of the increase in heat resistance of daphnia magna in the process of cultivation

Suzuki, T.; Miyata, Y., 1978:
The analysis of the incremental stimulus intensity effect upon habituation of the human skin resistance response

Gerhard, W., 1976:
The analysis of the mono clonal immune response to influenza virus part 2 the antigenicity of the viral hem agglutinin

Gerhard, W., 1978:
The analysis of the mono clonal immune response to influenza virus part 3 the relationship between stimulation of virus primed precursor bone marrow derived cells by heterologous viruses and reactivity of secreted antibodies

Jones, R.; Preece, A.W.; Luckman, N.P.; Forrester, J.A., 1983:
The analysis of the red cell unsaturated fatty acid test for multiple sclerosis using laser cytopherometry

Vasil'eva L.A., 1984:
The analysis of the results of prolonged selection for a quantitative character in a population of drosophila melanogaster

Kulikov A.V., 1983:
The analysis of the role of serotonin receptors in spontaneous aggressiveness in male mice

Scholberg H.P.F.; Borggreven J.M.P.M.; Driessens F.C.M.; Schoonman J., 1987:
The analysis of the small signal ac response of bovine enamel membranes

Fedoseev Y.L.; Blednov Y.A.; Seredenin S.B., 1986:
The analysis of the spectrum of acth immunoreactive peptides in brain of the inbred mice

Doktorova M., 1986:
The analysis of the structure of the farming system of uac kovarov czechoslovakia

Samarrai, S.M.; Megled, F.I., 1975:
The analysis of the yield of mexican and arabian cultivars of wheat grown in saudi arabia

Popovich, D.J.; Butts, E.T.; Lancaster, C.J., 1978:
The analysis of theophylline by high pressure liquid chromatography

Price J.C., 1985:
The analysis of thermal ir imagery the limited utility of apparent thermal inertia

Belousova G.P.; Glebova N.F.; Danilova L.I.; Olimienko T.S., 1979:
The analysis of thermo regulatory reflex reactions evoked by thermal stimulation of the trigeminal zone

Pettit B.R., 1986:
The analysis of thiodiglycolic acid by selected ion monitoring

Manly, B.F.J., 1977:
The analysis of trapping records for birds trapped in mist nets

Okai T.; Kawakami H.; Watanabe H.; Satomura Y.; Ohta H.; Ohmizo R.; Takemori Y.; Sawabu N.; Takahashi Y.; Mai M., 1987:
The analysis of tumor growth pattern by endoscopic ultrasonography in the patients with depressed type of gastric cancer

Sugiyama Y.; Takashima I.; Hashimoto N., 1987:
The analysis of v antigen of yersinia spp with monoclonal antibodies

Maluszynski M.; Madajewski R.; Maluszynska J.; Gaj M., 1983:
The analysis of variability of selected features in dwarfed and semi dwarfed mutants of spring barley hordeum vulgare

Rashal' I.D.; Kholms I.N., 1983:
The analysis of variation and relationships of quantitative traits of westerwolds rye grass lolium multiflorum var westerwoldicum

Zuercher, K.; Hadorn, H., 1975:
The analysis of various types of vinegar and the problems of extract determination

Ter Braak C.J.F., 1987:
The analysis of vegetation environment relationships by canonical correspondence analysis

Van Broekhoven L.W.; Davies J.A.R., 1981:
The analysis of volatile nitrogen nitrosamines in the rumen fluid of cows

Reiter Reimers M.; Baltes W., 1986:
The analysis of wool wax in cosmetics i. the investigations of wool wax and modified wool waxes

Reiter Reimers M.; Baltes W., 1986:
The analysis of wool wax in cosmetics ii. the determination of wool wax in cosmetic emulsions

Wright A.J., 1981:
The analysis of yield density relationships in binary mixtures using inverse polynomials

Golda E.; Wojciechowska B., 1979:
The analysis of zinc compounds in the tissues of biscutella laevigata

Dizhi X.; E.A., 1988:
The analysis structure of surgical literature

Carey, B.J.; Cooker, H.S., 1977:
The analysis synthesis manipulation and feature extraction of the electro myogram of lip muscles during speech

Deneke, F.W.; Hilgenstock, B.; Meyer, A.E.; Franz, A., 1988:
The analyst's interventions in the interactional context and the assessment of the whole session

Nosanchuk, J.S.; Chang, J.; Bennett, J.M., 1978:
The analytic basis for the use of platelet estimates from peripheral blood smears. Laboratory and clinical applications

Briese C.; Glatzel E.; Nessler F.; Hajdu S.; Brueckner C., 1985 :
The analytic determination of thallium as a focal point in the complex of diagnostic measures for thallium poisoning

Arvanitakis, K., 1987:
The analytic frame in the treatment of schizophrenia and its relation to depression

Borisov, N.B.; Borisova, L.I.; Petryanov, I.V., 1977:
The analytic tape sfl r 50 and filters afas r for determination of mercury content in gases

Burke, J.A., 1969:
The analytical characteristics of 2 dieldrin pestic photo conversion products fruits and vegetables

Schopper D.; Hoffmann B.; Karg H.; Berende P.L.M.; Van Weerden E.J.; Van Der Wal P., 1983:
The analytical detection of exogenous administration of 17 beta estradiol and trenbolone acetate in blood plasma and urine in the calf

Fischer W.R.; Pfanneberg T.; Schneider E., 1979:
The analytical determination of dehydrogenase activity in under water soils

Holman G.M.; Cook B.J., 1979:
The analytical determination of proctolin by high performance liquid chromatography and its pharmacological action in the stable fly

Boon J.J.; Windig W.; Wetzel R.G.; Godshalk G.L., 1983:
The analytical pyrolysis of particulate residues of decomposing myriophyllum heterophyllum

Paton J.Y.; Cosgriff P.S.; Nanayakkara C.S., 1985:
The analytical sensitivity of technetium 99m radionuclide milk scanning in the detection of gastro esophageal reflux

Brolin, S.E.; Agren, A.; Ekman, B.; Shjoholm, I., 1977:
The analytical use of lactate dehydrogenase ec entrapped in micro particles

Bönner, G.; Iwersen, D.; Shimamoto, K., 1987:
The analytical value for kinin concentration in blood depends on the antiserum used in the bradykinin radioimmunoassay

Paul, W.E.; Benacerraf, B.; Siskind, G.W.; Goidl, E.A.; Reisfeld, R.A., 1969:
The anamnestic antibody response to type iii specific pneumococcal poly saccharide rabbit

Rifai M.A.; Kramadibrat K.; Basuki T., 1985:
The anamorph of sarawakus succisus

Fontana A.; Giovannetti G., 1987:
The anamorph of stephensia bombycina

Van Der Walt J.P.; Weijman A.C.M.; Von Arx J.A., 1981:
The anamorphic yeast genus myxozyma new genus

Nair L.N.; Kaul V.P., 1980:
The anamorphs of pleurotus sajor caju and pleurotus gemmellarii

Meuer, S.; Becker, S.; Hadding, U.; Bitter-Suermann, D., 1978:
The anaphylatoxic peptide complement c 3a of guinea pig complement part 1 purification physicochemical and antigenic properties

Franciscolo, M.E., 1981:
The anaspis sp of the anaspis maculata group with description of a new species from sardinia italy 53. scraptiidae coleoptera

Lasinski, W.; Zientarski, B., 1976:
The anastomotic system of the suprahepatic veins in humans

Reinig W.F.; Rasmont P., 1983:
The anatolian megabombus pascuorum hymenoptera apidae

Mill R.R., 1983:
The anatolian turkey itineraries of felix von luschan

Bolla, M.; Vrousos, C., 1981:
The anatomic and clinical characteristics of cancers of the cervix observed during their evolution

Daniel, A.M.; Shizgal, H.M.; MacLean, L.D., 1978:
The anatomic and metabolic source of lactate in shock

Fink, A.I.; Felix, M.D.; Fletcher, R.C., 1978:
The anatomic basis for glaucoma

Powers, J.C.; Fitzgerald, J.F.; McAlvanah, M.J., 1976:
The anatomic basis for the surgical detachment of the greater omentum from the transverse colon

Levine, D.N.; Grek, A., 1984:
The anatomic basis of delusions after right cerebral infarction

Damasio, A.R.; Damasio, H., 1983:
The anatomic basis of pure alexia

Albert, M.L.; Soffer, D.; Silverberg, R.; Reches, A., 1979:
The anatomic basis of visual agnosia

Ivanskaya, E.N., 1975:
The anatomic characteristics of some alpine plants of the central caucasus

Shakibi J.G.; Aryanpur I.; Nazarian I., 1979:
The anatomic correlate of ventricular dys function in tetralogy of fallot

Bertrand, M.; Lickrish, G.M.; Colgan, T.J., 1987:
The anatomic distribution of cervical adenocarcinoma in situ: implications for treatment

Bruschke, A.V.; Wijers, T.S.; Kolsters, W.; Landmann, J., 1981:
The anatomic evolution of coronary artery disease demonstrated by coronary arteriography in 256 nonoperated patients

Gendel's, T.V., 1976:
The anatomic leaf structure of aegilops mutica poaceae in connection with the taxonomic position of this species

Johnson, J.T.; Newman, R.K., 1981:
The anatomic location of neck metastasis from occult squamous cell carcinoma

Sato A.; Morimoto S.; Honda T.; Toyoda M.; Shimada M.; Fujinami M.; Kajita A., 1984:
The anatomic pathology of asplenia and polysplenia syndrome special reference to malformation of systemic vein

Cserr H.F.; Bundgaard M.; Ashby J.K.; Murray M., 1980:
The anatomic relation of choroid plexus to brain a comparative study

Di-Bona, D.R.; Civan, M.M.; Leaf, A., 1968:
The anatomic site of the trans epithelial permeability barriers of toad bladder

Kartmazova, L.S.; Lyapunova, P.N., 1976:
The anatomic structure and localization of alkaloids in the vegetative organs of the herbaceous periwinkle vinca herbacea

Mikhailovskaya, I.S., 1976:
The anatomic structure of the geophilic organ of the monkshood aconitum excelsum

Shtromberg, A.Y. ; Chkhikvadze, G.V.; Karpuchova, T.P., 1976:
The anatomic structure of vinca pubescens

Dittrich, H.M.; Von-Dorsche, H.H., 1978:
The anatomical and histological investigation of the pancreas in the 19th century and till the discovery of insulin 1921 part 4 the pancreas research after the discovery of pancreas diabetes 1889 till the discovery of insulin

Stephen R.O.; Bennet Clark H.C., 1982:
The anatomical and mechanical basis of stimulation and frequency analysis in the locust schistocerca gregaria ear

Natherova L.; Hrochova V., 1982:
The anatomical and morphological evaluation of selected species of the genus rumex 2

Dmitriev N.S.; Rakhmanova I.V., 1985:
The anatomical and topographical rationale for the endaural approach to the endolymphatic sac an experimental study

Lacey E.P.; Kaufman P.B.; Dayanandan P., 1983:
The anatomical basis for hygroscopic movement in primary rays of daucus carota ssp carota apiaceae

Lehman, W.B.; Silver, L.; Grant, A.D.; Strongwater, A.M.; Weg, O., 1987:
The anatomical basis for incisions around the foot and ankle in clubfoot surgery

Paiva M.; Engel L.A., 1981:
The anatomical basis for the sloping nitrogen plateau

D.C.espigny L.C.; Robinson H.P., 1982:
The anatomical basis for the ultrasound diagnosis of cerebro ventricular hemorrhage and its sequelae

D.Preta F., 1979:
The anatomical basis of mediastinoscopy

Nedeva D.; Vutov V., 1981:
The anatomical characteristic of hordeum hystrix overground vegetative organs as criteria of its fodder quality

L.Floch P., 1981:
The anatomical conditions of the seated position

Hurwitz, R.S.; Woodhouse, C.R.; Ransley, P., 1986:
The anatomical course of the neurovascular bundles in epispadias

Boone R.J.; Manthey M., 1983:
The anatomical distribution of fluoride within various body segments and organs of antarctic krill euphausia superba

Pearl, D.K.; Scott, E.L., 1986:
The anatomical distribution of skin cancers

Diffey, B.L.; Harrington, T.R.; Davis, A., 1977:
The anatomical distribution of uv radiation in photo chemo therapy

Keet, A.D., 1982:
The anatomical extent of the pyloric sphincteric cylinder, the pyloric mucosal zone and the pyloric antrum

Kotov A.A.; Lotova L.I., 1987:
The anatomical features of caryophyllaceae stem pericycle in connection with the functional specialization of shoots

Mulvany, M.J.; Warshaw, D.M., 1981:
The anatomical location of the series elastic component in rat vascular smooth muscle

Serisawa M.; Saito T.; Eto M., 1979:
The anatomical observation of a proso thoracopagus parasiticus

Piffer C.R.; Horn Y.; Hureau J.; Meninger V., 1985:
The anatomical observations of the superior cerebral veins

Baron R.; Jaenig W.; Mclachlan E.M., 1985:
The anatomical organization of the lumbosacral sympathetic chain and the lumbar splanchnic nerves of the cat langley revisited

Mackenzie, K.A.D.; Howard, B.H.; Harrison-Murray, R.S., 1986:
The anatomical relationship between cambial regeneration and root initiation in wounded winter cuttings of the apple malus pumila rootstock m.26

Dawson, P.M.; Allen-Mersh, T.G., 1983:
The anatomical relationship between the retropancreatic part of the bile duct and the main pancreatic duct

Martini A.K., 1985:
The anatomical relationship between the skin and pathologically altered aponeurosis in dupuytrens disease

Grant K.; Guegan M.; Horcholle Bossavit G., 1981:
The anatomical relationship of the retractor bulbi and posterior digastric moto neurons to the abducens and facial nuclei in the cat

Yaniv, E.; Traub, P.; Fuchs, C., 1987:
The anatomical relationships of eustachian tubes with and without infection

Hsiung W Y.; Qiao S Y.; L.Y.F., 1980:
The anatomical structure of culms of phyllostachys pubescens

Oganezova, G.G., 1982:
The anatomical structure of seed and fruit of some liliaceae in connection with the systematics of the family 2. scilloideae

Dyugaeva T.M., 1986:
The anatomical structure of the node in some species of the genus salvia lamiaceae and its importance for systematics

Satsyperova, I.F.; Filinkova, G.R., 1978:
The anatomical structure of the petiole and its diagnostic importance in species of the genus heracleum of the ussr flora

Pimenov M.G.; Ostrooumova T.A.; Tomkovitch L.P.; Kluykov E.V., 1986:
The anatomical structure of the petiole of umbelliferae from central asia

Osono M., 1987:
The anatomical studies of femoral muscles in human fetuses with malformations

Seiguchi S.; Totsuka Y.; Osono M., 1985:
The anatomical study of conjoined twins the mirror image of the malformations on the external aspect in conjoined twins

Kutik J.; Benes K., 1981:
The anatomical study of heterotrophic starch formation in leaf segments of maize zea mays cultivar czech white horse tooth and pea pisum sativum cultivar raman

Caminiti R.; Innocenti G.M.; Manzoni T., 1979:
The anatomical substrate of callosal messages from somato sensory area s i and s ii in the cat

Garcia Munoz M.; Patino P.; Arbuthnott G.W.; Wright A.J., 1983:
The anatomical substrate of the turning behavior seen after lesions in the nigro striatal dopamine system

Kulkarni, G.K.; Hanumante, M.M., 1977:
The anatomical survey of the reproductive system of the indian cattle leech poecilobdella viridis

Valles Varela H., 1980:
The anatomo functional alterations of the trachea in animals submitted to permanent cannulation an experimental study

Pereira W.F.; Ures S.; Prates J.C., 1984 :
The anatomo radiological study of the middle colic artery in children between 0 and 1 year old

Ures S.; Prates J.C.; Ures J., 1981:
The anatomo radiological study of the origin of the arteria ascendens

Bilik R.; Kahanovitch S.; Roteit A.; Kaplan I., 1985:
The anatomo topographical and histological nature of the primary malignant melanoma lesion

Good, C.W., 1976:
The anatomy and 3 dimensional morphology of annularia hoskinsii new species

Rudman W.B., 1981:
The anatomy and biology of alcyonarian feeding aeolid opisthobranch mollusks and their development of symbiosis with zooxanthellae

Maurizi C.P., 1985:
The anatomy and chemistry of hallucinations and a rational surgical approach to treatment of some schizophrenic syndromes

Hoeg J.T., 1982:
The anatomy and development of the rhizocephalan barnacle clistosaccus paguri and relation to its host pagurus bernhardus

Fretter, V., 1976:
The anatomy and feeding of the volutacean prosobranch volvarina taeniolata

Round J.M.; Jones D.A.; Chapman S.J.; Edwards R.H.T.; Ward P.S.; Fodden D.L., 1984:
The anatomy and fiber type composition of the human adductor pollicis in relation to its contractile properties

Haszprunar G., 1985:
The anatomy and fine structure of a peculiar sense organ in nucula bivalvia protobranchia

Copeland, D.E., 1982:
The anatomy and fine structure of the eye in fish 6. ciliary type tissue in 9 species of teleosts

Copeland, D.E.; Brown, D.S., 1976:
The anatomy and fine structure of the eye in teleosts part 5 vascular relations of choriocapillaris lentiform body and falciform process in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Judd, B.H.; Shen, M.W.; Kaufman, T.C., 1972:
The anatomy and function of a segment of the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster

Singh U.V.; Awasthi V.B., 1981:
The anatomy and histo physiology of the ecdysial glands of achoea janata lepidoptera noctuidae during post embryonic development

Wagele H., 1985:
The anatomy and histology of phyllidia pulitzeri with remarks on the 3 mediterranean species of phyllidia nudibranchia doridacea

Mercy T.V.; Pillai N.K., 1984:
The anatomy and histology of the alimentary tract of the blind catfish horaglanis krishna

Feng W.; Y.Z.; H.G.; Chang A., 1984:
The anatomy and histology of the female reproductive organs of ailuropoda

Gerber, G.H.; Neill, G.B.; Westdal, P.H., 1978:
The anatomy and histology of the internal reproductive organs of the sunflower beetle zygogramma exclamationis coleoptera chrysomelidae

Behura, B.K.; Dash, B.K.; Dash, A.P., 1975:
The anatomy and histology of the male reproductive organs of aspongopus janus hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae

Pilgrim, M., 1978 :
The anatomy and histology of the nervous system and excretory system of the maldanid polychaetes Clymenella torquata and Euclymene oerstedi

Lewis T.H., 1983:
The anatomy and histology of the rudimentary eye of neurotrichus

Maisey J.G., 1982:
The anatomy and interrelationships of mesozoic hybodont sharks

Crampton, D.M., 1975:
The anatomy and method of functioning of the buccal mass of testacella mauggi

Keet, A.D.; Heydenrych, J.J., 1982:
The anatomy and movements of the pyloric sphincteric cylinder

Hutchinson, P., 1978:
The anatomy and phylogenetic position of helichthys a redfieldiiform fish from the triassic of south africa

Tazaki, K., 1988:
The anatomy and physiology of the stomatogastric nervous system of squilla ii. the cardiac system

Tazaki, K.; Miyatani, M.; Ando, F., 1986:
The anatomy and physiology of the stomatogastric nervous system of squilla oratoria i. the posterior cardiac plate and the pyloric systems

Ponder W.F., 1985:
The anatomy and relationships of emblanda emblematica mollusca mesogastropoda emblandidae new family

Ponder W.F., 1982:
The anatomy and relationships of hydrococcus brazieri

Brinkman D.; Eberth D.A., 1986:
The anatomy and relationships of stereophallodon and baldwinonus reptilia pelycosauria

Buffetaut, E., 1975:
The anatomy and systematic position of bernissartia fagesii crocodilian of the wealden facies lower cretaceous of bernissart belgium

Kooter J.M.; Van Der Spek H.J.; Wagter R.; D'oliveira C.E.; Van Der Hoeven F.; Johnson P.J.; Borst P., 1987:
The anatomy and transcription of a telomeric expression site for variant specific surface antigens in trypanosoma brucei

Pass G., 1980:
The anatomy and ultrastructure of the antennal circulatory organs in the cockchafer beetle melolontha melolontha coleoptera scarabaeidae

Von Teichman Und Logischen I.; Robbertse P.J., 1979:
The anatomy and ultrastructure of the extrafloral nectaries of dioscorea sylvatica and the composition of the nectar

Byskov, A.G., 1978:
The anatomy and ultrastructure of the rete system in the fetal mouse ovary

Radius, R.L.; Bade, B., 1982:
The anatomy at the lamina cribrosa in the normal cat eye

Owens S.J.; Mcgrath S.; Fraser M.A.; Fox L.R., 1984:
The anatomy histochemistry and ultrastructure of stigmas and styles in commelinaceae

Brits J.A., 1982:
The anatomy histology and physiology of the internal adult male reproductive system of parastizopus armaticeps coleoptera tenebrionidae

Edlinger K., 1980:
The anatomy histology ultrastructure and physiology of the chemical sense organs of some cephalaspid snails mollusca opisthobranchia

Hayes B.P.; Roberts A., 1983:
The anatomy of 2 functional types of mechano receptive free nerve ending in the head skin of xenopus embryos

Bridges P.H.; Chapman A.J., 1988:
The anatomy of a deep water mud mound complex to the southwest of the dinantian platform in derbyshire england uk

Larsen T.B., 1988:
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The ancestor of the adaptive immune system was the CAM system for organogenesis

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The annual average effect of the deposition re suspension process on airborne contamination near the surface

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The anterior chamber angle in cases of behcets disease high incidence of pigment pellet

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The anterior chamber of the eye a sensitive site for the detection of cross reacting allo antigens

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The anterior commissure of the larynx

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The anterior communicating artery has significant branches

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The anterior falcate artery in the adult

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The anterior fibers of the levator ani muscle in man

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The anterior half of mouse palatal shelf is elevated by a remodeling movement

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The anterior hypothalamus provides stimulatory input to tuberoinfundibular dopamine neurons which is not mediated by prolactin

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The anterior impingement syndrome of the ankle

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The anterior inferior cerebellar artery in mass lesions. Preliminary findings with emphasis on the lateral projection

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The anterior junction line: a radiographic sign of bilateral pneumothorax in neonates

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The anterior marginal perforation

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The anterior meningeal artery and other meningeal branches of the rabbit

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The anterior papillary muscle in the left ventricle of the heart in some primates

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The anterior periventricular hypothalamus is the site of somatostatin inhibition on its own release an in vitro and immunocytochemical study

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The anterior route for sciatic nerve block in lower limb surgery

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The anterior scalene muscle in thoracic outlet compression syndrome. Histochemical and morphometric studies

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The anterior spinal artery collateral in coarctation of the aorta. A clinical angiographic correlation

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The anterior spinal artery syndrome

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The anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome 2 cases

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The anterior tibial compartmental syndrome 1. case studies patho physiology etiology and symptoms 2. diagnosis and treatment the role of the electro myographic examination

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The anterior tibial compartmental syndrome, complicating a fracture of the tibial shaft and a proximal fibular exostosectomy

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The anterior tympano meatal angle etiology surgery and avoidance of blunting and annular chole steatoma

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The anterobithorax and bithorax mutations of the bithorax complex

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The anterograde effect of electro convulsive shock on the acquisition retrieval and extinction of conditioned taste aversion

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The anteroposterior tooth contact position through small opening and closing movement of the mandible under various kinds of posture and opening closing conditions

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The anthelmintic action of enzyme in swine ascarid iv. the efficacy of bromelain against trichuris suis

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The anther and ovule of nelumbo nucifera a reinvestigation

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