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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6604

Chapter 6604 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhao Z., 1986: The arterial supply of the proximal end of the human femur

Soana S., 1980: The arterial supply of the proximal sesamoid bones in the horse

Peterson, L.; Goldie, I. F., 1975: The arterial supply of the talus a study on the relationship to experimental talar fractures

Shehata, R., 1976: The arterial supply of the urinary bladder

Dhingra L.D., 1981: The arterial supply to the diaphragm of buffalo

Sack W.O., 1981: The arterial supply to the ileum cecum and proximal loop of the ascending colon in the ox

Mia, M. A.; Sis, R. F., 1970: The arterial supply to the salivary glands of the cat

Brom A.G., 1986: The arterial switch operation an eight year experience

Achaval M., 1987: The arterial system and the branchio cardiac veins of chasmagnatus granulata dana 1851 crustacea decapoda grapsidae

Randall O.S., 1980: The arterial system characterized in the time domain

Mierzwa, J., 1976: The arterial system in the cat kidney

Runham N.W., 1981: The arterial system of 6 species of terrestrial slug

Mierzwa, J., 1975: The arterial system of the kidneys in the rabbit

Galantsev, V. P.; Ermolaeva, V. N., 1976: The arterial system of the mammary gland in elks

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603014

Fischer, L. P.; Carret, J. P.; Gonon, G. P.; Sayfi, Y., 1976: The arterial vascularization of the axis

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603016

Lasinski, W.; Sikorski, A., 1975: The arterial vascularization of the bulbo urethral glands in humans

Grenier A., 1988: The arterial vascularization of the intestines of the muskrat ondatra zibethicus

Giraudon M., 1979: The arterial vascularization of the left colon in the fetus

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603020

Vodenicharov, A.; Danchev, S.; Vodenicharova, I., 1987: The arterial vessels of the kidney in domestic swine

Sims F.H., 1979: The arterial wall in malignant disease

Macri F.J., 1983: The arterially perfused enucleated rabbit eye as a model for studying aqueous humor formation

Leeper H.F., 1985: The arterially perfused eye cup of the tree squirrel sciurus carolinensis a preparation for intracellular recording from mammalian retinal neurons

Dommisse G.F., 1980: The arteries arterioles and capillaries of the spinal cord surgical guidelines in the prevention of post operative paraplegia

Arque J.M., 1987: The arteries of the aortic arch in the greater white toothed shrew crocidura russula hermann 1780

Pospieszny N., 1984: The arteries of the fetal pig thymus in the 2nd half of gestation

Percheron, G., 1977: The arteries of the human thalamus the choroid arteries part 1 macroscopic study of individual variations part 2 systematization

Percheron, G., 1977: The arteries of the human thalamus the choroid arteries part 3 absence of constituted thalamic territory of the anterior choroid artery part 4 arteries and thalamic territories of the choroid and postero median thalamic arterial system part 5 arteries an thalamic territories of the choroid and postero lateral thalamic arterial system

Alicherif, A.; Raybaud, C.; Riss, M.; Poncet, M.; Khalil, R.; Salamon, G., 1977: The arteries of the optic pathways

Lacaque, G.; Scialfa, G.; Salamon, G.; Szikla, G.; Hori, T.; Petrov, V., 1978: The arteries of the parahippocampal gyrus arteriographic localization of the choroidal fissure and collateral sulcus a preliminary note

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603032

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603033

Kerstein M.D., 1980: The arterio venous fistula its construction in the management of hemophilia

Validire J., 1987: The arteriovenous fistula in segmental pancreatic transplantation in dogs a hemodynamic study

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603036

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603037

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603038

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603039

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603040

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603041

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603042

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603043

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603045

Kuntz D., 1986: The arthropathies of patients on hemodialysis for more than 10 years a retrospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603047

Brewerton D.A., 1988: The arthropathy of cystic fibrosis

Lebacq E., 1981: The arthropathy of idiopathic hemo chromatosis 7 cases

Deveber G.A., 1980: The arthropathy of maintenance intermittent peritoneal dialysis

O'hanlan, M.; Mcadam, L. P.; Bluestone, R.; Pearson, C. M., 1976: The arthropathy of relapsing poly chondritis

Menerey, K. A.; Eider, W.; Brewer, G. J.; Braunstein, E. M.; Schumacher, H. R.; Fox, I. H., 1988: The arthropathy of wilson's disease clinical and pathologic features

Sturmer, W.; Bergstrom, J., 1978: The arthropod cheloniellon from the devonian hunsruck shale

Curry, J. P., 1976: The arthropod communities of some common grasses and weeds of pasture

Boiteau G., 1983: The arthropod community of potato fields in new brunswick canada 1979 1981

Gautier G., 1982: The arthropod community of the banks of the ouyeze vaucluse france

Briggs D.E.G., 1981: The arthropod odaraia alata middle cambrian burgess shale british columbia canada

Bruton D.L., 1981: The arthropod sidneyia inexpectans middle cambrian burgess shale british columbia canada

Manton, S. M., 1978: The arthropoda habits functional morphology and evolution

Harrison, R. A., 1976: The arthropoda of the southern islands of new zealand part 9 diptera

Stuermer, W.; Bergstrom, J., 1976: The arthropods mimetaster hexagonalis and vachonisia rogeri from the devonian hunsrueck shale west germany

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603063

Wuschech C., 1986: The arthroscopic diagnostics in trauma of the knee joint

Suesse P., 1986: The arthroscopic lavation of the joint a novel way with the chondropathy treatment

Kuendiger, R.; Wuschech, H.; Heller, G., 1988: The arthroscopic meniscectomy

Khorvat I., 1986: The arthus reaction and delayed hypersensitivity reaction to neurospecific proteins s 100 and 10 40 4 in schizophrenic patients

Mcnutt M.C., 1988: The arthus reaction in domestic cats

Blackham, A.; Radziwonik, H.; Shaw, I. H., 1975: The arthus reaction in guinea pig knee joints a test for anti inflammatory drugs

Graeme M.L., 1979: The arthus reaction in rats a possible test for anti inflammatory and anti rheumatic drugs

Afanas'ev, B. G., 1976: The article changes in the salt content of perspiration during physical work and high temperature by o a virovets a n azhaev p ya azhevskii r k kiselev and v n shustov

Kauer, J. M. G., 1975: The articular disc of the hand

Domenech Mateu J.M., 1987: The articular disc of the wrist limits and relations

Macfarland J.D., 1987: The articular diversity of early hemochromatosis

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603075

Geissler F., 1983: The articular surfaces of the proximal wrist joint in man

Bassett, M. G., 1974: The articulate brachiopods from the wenlock series of the welsh borderland and south wales

Bassett, M. G., 1977: The articulate brachiopods from the wenlock series of the welsh borderland and south wales part 4

Johansen, H. W., 1977: The articulated corallinaceae rhodophyta of south africa part 1 cheilosporum

Klein U., 1982: The articulation of cricket gryllus bimaculatus palps morphology and movement patterns in behavior

Hogg, D. A., 1978: The articulations of the neuro cranium in the post natal skeleton of the domestic fowl gallus gallus domesticus

Nuboer, J. F. W.; Van-Genderen-Takken, H., 1978: The artifact of retinoscopy

Resseguie, L. J., 1977: The artifactual nature of effects of maternal age on risk of still birth

Modak M.J., 1981: The artifactual nature of fluoride inhibition of reverse transcriptase and associated rnase h

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603085

Dewolf W.C., 1979: The artificial bladder sphincter as 721 for the treatment of incontinence in patients with neurogenic bladder

Seol, K. Y.; Lee, S. P., 1980: The artificial diet component of silkworm 2. effect of substitute yellow corn powder

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603088

Marrano D., 1985: The artificial endocrine pancreas in the surgical treatment of insulinoma usefulness and limits

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603090

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603091

Boros D.L., 1980: The artificial granuloma 1 in vitro lymphokine production by pulmonary artificial hyper sensitivity granulomas

Boros, D. L.; Carrick, L. Jr ; Lande, M. A., 1981: The artificial granuloma 3. collagen synthesis during the cell mediated granulomatous response as determined in explanted granulomas

Robbins P.S., 1984: The artificial heart in human subjects

Dummer J.S., 1988: The artificial heart infection related morbidity and its effect on transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603096

Gonzalez O.S., 1981: The artificial in vitro fecundation and genetic engineering medico legal aspects

Wozniacka J., 1981: The artificial nests for ants

Abs R., 1980: The artificial pancreas and the management of the pregnant diabetic

Chowers I., 1984: The artificial pancreas in insulin dependent diabetes

Romero Aguirre C., 1986: The artificial sphincter experience with the as 800 mode preliminary results

Kroovand R.L., 1983: The artificial sphincter for urinary continence

Edmonds J.M., 1981: The artificial synthesis of hybrid solanum procurrens solanum nigrum x solanum sarrachoides

Stepanov A.I., 1981: The artificial transposon tn 2551 with replicative functions

Barrett D.M., 1985: The artificial urinary sphincter experience with the as 800 pump control assembly for single stage primary deactivation and activation a preliminary report

Scott F.B., 1984: The artificial urinary sphincter in children

Krishnan K.R., 1986: The artificial ventilation of acute spinal cord damaged patients a retrospective study of forty four patients

Wistrand, G., 1976: The artificially sown roadbanks along the graddis road northern sweden

Savage D.E., 1983: The artiodactyla of the lower eocene of europe 2

Tampubolon G., 1986: The artisanal seine net and lift net fisheries of the north coast of java indonesia

George, S. T.; Balasubramanian, A. S., 1981: The aryl acyl amidases ec and their relationship to cholin esterases ec in human serum erythrocyte and liver

Whitney J.B.IIi, 1987: The aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase ah locus and a novel restriction fragment length polymorphism rflp are located on mouse chromosome 12

Rodeck C.H., 1986: The arylsulfatases of chorionic villi potential problems in the first trimester diagnosis of metachromatic leukodystrophy and maroteaux lamy disease

Aaronson I.A., 1986: The as 800 artificial urinary sphincter in children with myelodysplasia preliminary results

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603115

Hellwig A., 1985: The asbestos problem from the communal hygienic point of view the responsibility of the state hygienic inspectorate for the solution to this problem

Turina M., 1982: The ascending aortic aneurysm replacement or repair?

Cherry, R.; Ventry, I. M., 1976: The ascending descending gap a tool for identifying a suprathreshold response

Mantyh P.W., 1982: The ascending input to the mid brain peri aqueductal gray of the primate

Lasjaunias, P.; Doyon, D., 1978: The ascending pharyngeal artery and the blood supply of the lower cranial nerves

Mori T., 1986: The ascending pharyngeal artery of the dog

Hartline P.H., 1981: The ascending projection of the nucleus of the lateral descending trigeminal tract a nucleus in the ir system of the rattlesnake crotalus viridis

Deutch, A. Y.; Goldstein, M.; Roth, R. H., 1986: The ascending projections of the dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra zona reticulata a combined retrograde tracer immunohistochemical study

Angaut, P., 1970: The ascending projections of the nucleus interpositus posterior of the cat cerebellum an experimental anatomical study using silver impregnation methods

Suarez-De-Lezo, J.; Carrasco, J. L.; Pasalodos, J.; Del-Rio, A.; Sobrino, J. A., 1978: The ascending slope of the apex cardiogram its relationship with angiographic determination of left ventricular function

Rogers J.G., 1980: The ascertainment and implications of an unbalanced translocation in the neo nate familial 1 15 translocation

Amir T., 1984: The asch conformity effect a study in kuwait

Parguey-Leduc, A., 1977: The asci of the pyrenomycetes

Lambert C.C., 1982: The ascidian ascidia callosa sperm reaction evidence for chloride ion and bi carbonate ion involvement in acid release

Lambert G., 1981: The ascidian sperm reaction calcium uptake in relation to hydrogen efflux

Van Heel W.A., 1983: The ascidiform early development of free carpels scanning electron microscopy investigation

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603134

Punithalingam, E., 1975: The ascigerous state of phomopsis manihotis

Quillen, C. G.; Polk, H. C. Jr, 1977: The ascitic leak a case presentation management by para centesis and saline albumin re infusion

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603137

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603138

Rogers, J. D., 1975: The asco spore of hypoxylon glycyrrhiza

Marvanova L., 1979: The ascogenous stage of the snow mold monographella nivalis on the leaf sheaths of winter wheat

Mueller, E., 1975: The ascomycete genus dermatodothis

Samson R.A., 1983: The ascomycete genus eupenicillium and related penicillium anamorphs

Von Arx J.A., 1986: The ascomycete genus gymnoascus

Von Arx J.A., 1987: The ascomycete genus sordaria

Vernet G., 1985: The asconiform cells of proboscis from heteronemerteans of the genus lineus morphological and functional aspects

Deacon Smith R., 1982: The ascorbate cyanide test and the detection of females hetero zygous for glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Solov'eva, G. A.; Dzhikidze, E. K., 1975: The ascorbic acid content in monkeys subjected to prolonged irradiation in small doses

Stefanizzi L., 1980: The ascorbic acid content of medicinal plants growing in apulia region italy

Crisci A., 1979: The ascorbic acid content of the brain

Rank D.S., 1986: The ascription of responsibility questionnaire development and empirical extensions

Proctor G.R., 1983: The ascriptions of plumiers fern plates

Honegger, R., 1980: The ascus apex in lichenized fungi 2. the rhizocarpon type

Honegger, R., 1983: The ascus apex in lichenized fungi 4. baeomyces and icmadophila in comparison with cladonia lecanorales and the nonlichenized leotia helotiales

Honegger, R., 1978: The ascus apex in lichenized fungi part 1 the lecanora peltigera and teloschistes types

Abakumov, E. M.; Bogoyavlenskaya, M. P., 1978: The aseptic section of the hematological clinic and its working principles

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603156

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603158

Bournerias, M., 1978: The ash tree named oxyphylla fraxinus augustifolia an unrecognized species in the basin of the seine river france

Hiemstra J.A., 1987: The ash wilt disease a preliminary investigation of wood anatomy

Cave, R.; Price, D., 1978: The ashgill series near welshpool north wales

Owen A.W., 1981: The ashgill trilobites of the oslo region norway

Lachica M., 1988: The ashing of plant material problems associated with the use of silica crucibles

Yeo B., 1979: The ashland bottoms site 14ry 603 a kansas city hopewell site in north central kansas usa

Lodish H.F., 1983: The asialo glyco protein receptor internalizes and re cycles independently of the transferrin and insulin receptors

Clarke, A. H., 1978: The asian apple snail cipangopaludina chinensis viviparidae in oneida lake new york

Kirkken, J., 1977: The asian genus pleuronota and allied forms a clarification coleoptera cetoniidae

Pillai A.K.B., 1985: The asian indian model of the elderly a study in anthropological gerontology

Luckens P.A., 1987: The asian kelp undaria pinnatifida new record phaeophyta laminariales found in a new zealand harbour

Bisset, N. G.; Phillipson, J. D., 1976: The asian species of strychnos part 4 the alkaloids

Taylor, R. W.; Counts, C. L-Iii, 1977: The asiatic clam corbicula manilensis as a food of the northern raccoon procyon lotor

Mccullough J.D., 1979: The asiatic clam corbicula manilensis from 2 reservoirs in eastern texas usa

Thompson, C. M.; Sparks, R. E., 1977: The asiatic clam corbicula manilensis in the illinois river usa

Feiler A., 1985: The asiatic polecat mustela eversmanni does not occur in the east germany

Podjarny E., 1980: The ask upmark kidney

Teunissen H.W., 1987: The askervein hill project overview and background data

Kobata A., 1987: The asparagine linked sugar chains of human fsh

Kobata A., 1982: The asparagine linked sugar chains of plasma membrane glyco proteins of k 562 human leukemic cells a comparative study with human erythrocytes

Mizuochi, T.; Yonemasu, K.; Yamashita, K.; Kobata, A., 1978: The asparagine linked sugar chains of sub component complement c 1q of 1st human complement c 1

Kobata A., 1980: The asparagine linked sugar chains of the glyco proteins in calf thymocyte plasma membrane structural studies of acidic oligo saccharides

Kobata A., 1980: The asparagine linked sugar chains of the glyco proteins in calf thymocyte plasma membrane structural studies of neutral oligo saccharides

Kobata A., 1982: The asparagine linked sugar chains of the glyco proteins in rat erythrocyte plasma membrane fractionation of oligo saccharides liberated by hydrazinolysis and structural studies of the neutral oligo saccharides

Kobata A., 1982: The asparagine linked sugar chains of the glyco proteins in rat erythrocyte plasma membrane structural studies of the acidic oligo saccharides

Cedar, H.; Schwartz, J. H., 1969: The asparagine synthetase of escherichia coli i biosynthetic role of the enzyme purification and characterization of the reaction products

Cedar, H.; Schwartz, J. H., 1969: The asparagine synthetase of escherichia coli ii studies on mechanism

Bromand, B.; Jorgensen, A. S., 1978: The asparagus miner ophiomyia simplex diptera agromyzidae in denmark

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603188

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603189

Hirashita, A., 1976: The aspect of ultrastructural changes of the osteo blasts and surface areas of alveolar bone appearing in experimental tooth movement

Zavate C., 1986: The aspects of humoral defense in the acute severe diarrheic disease in infants

Christensen M., 1982: The aspergillus ochraceus group 2 new species from western usa soils and a synoptic key

Ivey, H. H., 1978: The asphyxiated bladder as a cause of delayed micturition in the new born

Westerlund S.F.G., 1984: The asphyxiation technique an approach to distinguishing between molecular diffusion and biologically mediated transport at the sediment water interface

Ingham D.B., 1988: The aspiration of non spherical particles into a bulky sampling head

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603196

Barbui, T.; Rodeghiero, F.; Dini, E., 1977: The aspirin tolerance test in von willebrands disease

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603198

Braithwaite A.F., 1986: The asplenium aethiopicum complex in south africa

Tigerschiold E., 1980: The asplenium trichomanes complex on some localities in east sweden

Rimsten A., 1985: The assault and battery panorama at a county hospital in sweden

Kalogerakis, M. G., 1971: The assaultive psychiatric patient

Roberts K.D., 1985: The assay and partial characterization of 3 beta hydroxysteroid sulfotransferase of the hamster epididymis

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603204

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603205

Chi Z., 1988: The assay for thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin using cultured human thyroid cells and its clinical application

Ahles I.B., 1985: The assay for thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins using cultured human thyroid cells

Patel N., 1986: The assay of 4 hydroxy 3 methoxymandelic acid in urine by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection using bonded phase silica sorbents for rapid simple and selective extraction

Lee R.M., 1983: The assay of a novel histamine h 2 receptor antagonist skf 93479 2 2 5 di methylaminomethylfuran 2 ylmethylthioethylamino 5 6 methylpyrid 3 ylmethyl 4 pyrimidin 4 one in human plasma by normal phase high performance liquid chromatography

Bradshaw I.J., 1986: The assay of acidic polysaccharides in solution with polyhexamethylenebiguanidinium chloride

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603211

Bagon K.R., 1979: The assay of antibiotics in pharmaceutical preparations using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Praill P.F.G., 1981: The assay of aryl esterase in serum using 2 new colorimetric substrates omega nitrostyryl acetate and propionate

Moss L., 1986: The assay of atp sulfurylase

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603215

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603216

Mastella G., 1988: The assay of chymotrypsin in stool as a simple and effective test of exocrine pancreatic activity in cystic fibrosis

Mackinney, A. A.; Vyas, R., 1973: The assay of di phenyl hydantoin effects on growing human lymphocytes

Fujiwara H., 1984: The assay of endotoxin by intravenous injection of lead acetate treated mice

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603220

Roth, M., 1975: The assay of exocrinous peptidases in clinical chemistry

Nishibe H., 1980: The assay of factor v in plasma using a synthetic chromogenic substrate

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603223

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603224

Jiang D., 1986: The assay of glucocorticoid receptor of hepatic nuclei in rats

Munro D.S., 1983: The assay of graves immuno globulins a comparison of different methods

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603227

Appleyard, G.; Oram, J. D., 1977: The assay of influenza anti neuraminidase activity by an elution inhibition technique

Hudson, F. R.; Glass, H. I.; Waters, S. L., 1976: The assay of iodine 123

Hodges D.H., 1982: The assay of methionine enkephalin amino peptidase with iodine 125 labeled methionine enkephalin

Kshirsagar S.G., 1984: The assay of radium 228 in biological material

Vanier M.T., 1979: The assay of sphingo lipid hydrolases in white blood cells with labeled natural substrates

Farago A., 1986: The assay of the activity of protein kinase c with the synthetic oligopeptide substrate designed for histone kinase ii

Kosterlitz, H. W.; Waterfield, A. A., 1976: The assay of the agonist activities of n methyl and n nor homologues of morphine derivatives by the guinea pig ileum method

Andersson B., 1979: The assay of the coccidiostat clopidol in animal feeds by high pressure liquid chromatography

Skulmowska Kryszkowska D., 1986: The assay of the epizootiologic situation of rabies in poland in 1948 1985

Ramsden D.B., 1980: The assay of thyroxine binding globulin in human serum using nephelometry

Davidson A.G., 1984: The assay of tropane derivatives in formulations by 2nd derivative uv spectrophotometry

Abuaf, N.; Daguillard, F., 1977: The assay properties and kinetics of human thymus derived cells forming clusters with sheep erythrocytes in stimulated cultures

Cooper R.J., 1987: The assay purification and properties of vaccinia virus induced uncoating protein

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603241

Donnet J.P., 1988: The assays of glycosylated proteins in hemoglobinopathies and their use in screening for diabetes mellitus

Holy, F., 1976: The assemblage of autochthonous coal plant remains from the miocene near hradek nad nisou zittau basin north bohemia czechoslovakia

Honts J.E., 1987: The assembly and positioning of cytoskeletal elements in tetrahymena

Holbrook J.J., 1985: The assembly mechanism of the lactate dehydrogenase tetramer from bacillus stearothermophilus the equilibrium relationships between quaternary structure and the binding of fructose 1 6 bisphosphate nadh and oxamate

Davies, D. R.; Lyall, V., 1973: The assembly of a highly ordered component of the cell wall the role of heritable factors and of physical structure

Inouye, M.; Shaw, J.; Shen, C., 1972: The assembly of a structural lipo protein in the envelope of escherichia coli

Pulleyblank D.E., 1983: The assembly of an h 2a 2 h 2b 2 h 3 h 4 hexamer onto dna under conditions of physiological ionic strength

Nelson B.D., 1982: The assembly of cytochrome oxidase in isolated rat hepatocytes

Goers, J. W. F.; Porter, R. R., 1978: The assembly of early components of complement on antibody antigen aggregates and on antibody coated erythrocytes

Maclachlan G., 1979: The assembly of lipid linked oligo saccharides in plant and animal membranes

Martin S.R., 1985: The assembly of microtubule protein in vitro the kinetic role in microtubule elongation of oligomeric fragments containing microtubule associated proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603253

Lastick S.M., 1980: The assembly of ribosomes in hela cell nucleoli

Warner, J. R., 1971: The assembly of ribosomes in yeast

Simberloff D., 1979: The assembly of species communities chance or competition

Berg, R. A.; Kao, W. W. Y.; Kedersha, N. L., 1980: The assembly of tetrameric prolyl hydroxylase ec in tendon fibroblasts from newly synthesized alpha subunits and from performed cross reacting protein

Adams D.H., 1987: The assembly of the dna complex present in chick embryo cell cytosol

Shay J.W., 1980: The assembly of tubulin into membranes

Delamater R.J., 1984: The assertion inventory its relationship to social desirability and sensitivity to rejection

Mavridou A., 1987: The assessement of two media for the confirmation of escherichia coli in water samples in single tube tests

Spicer S.S., 1979: The assessing of acidophilia with biebrich scarlet ponceau de xylidine and woodstain scarlet

Watson G.N., 1985: The assessment and application of a bacteriocin typing scheme for clostridium perfringens

Day H.J.B., 1981: The assessment and description of amputee activity

Pyne R., 1981: The assessment and management of dyslexia

Buist T.A.S., 1982: The assessment and management of severe renal trauma

Bandura A., 1982: The assessment and predictive generality of self percepts of efficacy

Barnard C.N., 1982: The assessment and selection of patients for heterotopic heart transplantation

Vermeulen E., 1982: The assessment and significance of habituation to a repeated stimulus by the human fetus

Callner, D. A.; Ross, S. M., 1978: The assessment and training of assertive skills with drug addicts a preliminary study/

Shanks R.G., 1987: The assessment in man of the beta adrenoceptor blocking activity and cardioselectivity of h i 42 bs a long acting beta adrenoceptor blocking drug

Wells, P. W.; Sharp, J. M.; Burrells, C.; Rushton, B.; Smith, W. D., 1976: The assessment in sheep of an inactivated vaccine of parainfluenza 3 virus incorporating double stranded rna brl 5907 as adjuvant

Clug I., 1985: The assessment of a community based care system for mental patients

Vaughan J.P., 1982: The assessment of a large snail control program over a 3 year period in the gezira irrigated area of the sudan

Frieswyk, S., 1977: The assessment of a relationship disposition fantasy withdrawal from rorschach face sheet data

Okada H., 1987: The assessment of a test kit for diagnosis of early pregnancy ms8501 using monoclonal antibody for hcg

Beastall M.D., 1982: The assessment of achilles tendon size in primary hyper cholesterolemia by computed tomography

Cunliffe W.J., 1984: The assessment of acne vulgaris the leeds technique

Petrie, W. M.; Levine, J., 1978: The assessment of adverse drug reactions in clinical trials

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603280

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603281

Klein P.S., 1985: The assessment of analogical thinking modifiability among regular special education disadvantaged and mentally retarded children

Kelly, U. L.; Cooper, E. H.; Alexander, C.; Stone, J., 1978: The assessment of anti chymotrypsin in cancer monitoring

Leslie G.A., 1982: The assessment of anti idiotypic antibodies as effective immuno regulatory probes in vivo

Berzofsky, J. A.; Van-Steirteghem, A. C.; Zwieg, M. H.; Schechter, A. N., 1978: The assessment of antibody affinity from radio immunoassay

Hnilica P., 1984: The assessment of antithyroid antibodies in diffuse lymphoid thyroiditis

Flemming H D., 1982: The assessment of arable land with regard to stone content with special consideration of its suitability for different potato harvesting techniques

Barrett R.V., 1984: The assessment of arteriovenous fistulae created for hemodialysis from pressure and thermal dilution measurements

Williams C.H., 1983: The assessment of available manganese and aluminum status in acid soils under subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum pastures of various ages

Brinkman A.G., 1988: The assessment of benthic phosphorus regeneration in an estuarine ecosystem model

Kapoor W.R., 1979: The assessment of bi parental approach in a wheat cross

Balabaud, C.; Kron, K. A.; Gumucio, J. J., 1977: The assessment of bile salt nondependent fraction of canalicular bile water in the rat

Rardin D., 1982: The assessment of binge eating severity among obese persons

Wilkinson G.R., 1988: The assessment of bioavailability in the presence of nonlinear elimination

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603296

Levis D.J., 1985: The assessment of bodily injury fears via the behavioral avoidance slide test

Ware S.L., 1984: The assessment of bulimic symptoms and personality correlates in female college students

Davies M.J., 1985: The assessment of cardiac hypertrophy at autopsy

Makhmudov S.Ya, 1986: The assessment of cardiac reserve in experimental vascular volume overload

Azhimamatov T.A., 1985: The assessment of cardiac reserve through a short term volumetric load in acute myocardial infarction

Tulloch A.G.S., 1985: The assessment of catheter induced urethritis using an experimental dog model

Cooper G., 1984: The assessment of changes in brain volume using combined linear measurements a computed tomography scan study

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603585

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603586

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603641

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603677

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603689

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603701

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603812

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603813

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603829

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603830

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603831

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603840

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603841

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603842

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Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603867

Section 7, Chapter 6604, Accession 006603868

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