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The association of amyloid P-component (AP) with the amyloid fibril: an updated method for amyloid fibril protein isolation

Skinner, M.; Shirahama, T.; Cohen, A.S.; Deal, C.L.

Preparative Biochemistry 12(5): 461-476


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-7484
PMID: 6302659
DOI: 10.1080/10826068208070597
Accession: 006603647

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An amyloid fibril isolation procedure is proposed which uses citrate as well as saline washes to dissociate the Ca dependent linkage of amyloid P-component (AP) from the amyloid fibril. In 2 amyloid rich tissues, spleen and liver, the amount of AP was quantitated in each saline and citrate wash and totalled 13.8% and 20.8% of the amyloid fibrils isolated. The amount of AP removed from these and 22 additional amyloid rich tissues was greater than had previously been recognized. AP protein was present in tissue only when amyloid fibrils were present. It could not be found in normal non-amyloidotic tissue, nor could it be found in tissue sediment after the fibrils wre removed.

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