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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6605

Chapter 6605 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Baker, G. F.; Widdas, W. F., 1973: The asymmetry of the facilitated transfer system for hexoses in human red cells and the simple kinetics of a 2 component model

Gage A.A., 1985: The asymptomatic carotid bruit

Fields, W. S., 1978: The asymptomatic carotid bruit operate or not

Ellenberg J.H., 1987: The asymptomatic newborn and risk of cerebral palsy

Liang K Y., 1984: The asymptotic efficiency of conditional likelihood methods

Oakes, D., 1977: The asymptotic information in censored survival data

Langberg N.A., 1980: The asymptotic normality of a simple batch epidemic process

Tsiatis A.A., 1988: The asymptotic relative efficiency of score tests in a generalized linear model with surrogate covariates

Donner A., 1988: The asymptotic relative efficiency of the mantel haenszel estimator in the increasing number of strata case

Dregol'skaya I.N., 1986: The asynchronism of hatching and the variability of heat resistance in juvenile pond snails lymnaea fragilis

Topper Y.J., 1981: The asynchronous hormonal induction of lactose synthetase components alpha lact albumin and galactosyl transferase in relation to lactose secretion by mouse mammary explants

Farquhar, M. N.; Turner, P. A.; Papayannopoulou, T.; Brice, M.; Nienhuis, A. W.; Stamatoyannopoulos, G., 1981: The asynchrony of gamma chain and beta chain synthesis during human erythroid cell maturation 3. gamma messenger rna and beta messenger rna in immature and mature erythroid clones

Montenarh M., 1987: The at rich sequence of the sv 40 control region influences the binding of sv 40 t antigen to binding sites ii and iii

Bernardi G., 1987: The at spacers and the var 1 genes from the mitochondrial genomes of saccharomyces cerevisiae and torulopsis glabrata evolutionary origin and mechanism of formation

Niemczyk H.D., 1979: The ataenius of ohio usa

Becker Y., 1981: The ataxia telangi ectasia clastogenic factor is a low molecular weight peptide

Floris, G., 1975: The atd angle and axial triradius in a sample population in sardinia italy

Magnuson B., 1981: The atel ectatic ear

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604018

Schwartz R., 1985: The athletes mouthpiece

Raskoff, W. J.; Goldman, S.; Cohn, K., 1976: The athletic heart prevalence and physiological significance of left ventricular enlargement in distance runners

Dickman S., 1986: The athymic nude mouse grafted with human skin as a model for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of radiolabeled cosmetic ingredients

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604022

Vos, J. G.; Kreeftenberg, J. G.; Kruijt, B. C.; Kruizinga, W.; Steerenberg, P., 1980: The athymic nude rat 2. immunological characteristics

De-Jong, W. H.; Steerenberg, P. A.; Ursem, P. S.; Osterhaus, A. D. M. E.; Vos, J. G.; Ruitenberg, E. J., 1980: The athymic nude rat 3. natural cell mediated cyto toxicity

Higgins, R. P., 1983: The atlantic barrier reef ecosystem at carrie bow cay belize 2. kinorhyncha

Kensley, B., 1984: The atlantic barrier reef ecosystem at carrie bow cay belize 3. new marine isopoda

Manning R.B., 1987: The atlantic gall crabs family cryptochiridae crustacea decapoda brachyura

Kharitonov A.Yu, 1979: The atlantic gap in the ranges of dragonflies odonata in southern africa and south america

Chadwick E.M.P., 1980: The atlantic salmon resource in newfoundland and labrador canada an anglers view

Power G., 1984: The atlantic salmon stock of the grand watshishou river quebec canada a historical perspective

Hommersand M.H., 1982: The atlantic species of solieria gigartinales rhodophyta their morphology distribution and affinities

Meadows R.E., 1982: The atlantic sturgeon acipenser oxyrhynchus in the delaware river estuary usa

Meschini E., 1986: The atlas project of the breeding birds of tuscany italy past and present distributions of some species

Glotfelty, D. E., 1978: The atmosphere as a sink for applied pesticides

Baumer H., 1981: The atmospheric activity at 10 and 27 kilohertz as indicator for the dynamics of tropospheric weather processes

Viecelli J.A., 1984: The atmospheric carbon di oxide response to oceanic primary productivity fluctuations

Ehhalt D.H., 1979: The atmospheric circulation of methane

Bates M.H., 1979: The atmospheric contribution of phosphorus to an aquatic system

Stewart R.H., 1985: The atmospheric correction and measurement of chlorophyll concentration using the coastal zone color scanner

Church T.M., 1988: The atmospheric deposition of arsenic and association with acid precipitation

Sanders G.S., 1983: The atmospheric distribution of lead over a number of marine regions

Harrison R.M., 1986: The atmospheric effects of nuclear war a review

Arieli R., 1979: The atmospheric environment of the fossorial mole rat spalax ehrenbergi effects of season soil texture rain temperature and activity

Papavassiliou, J. T.; Bartzokas, C. A., 1975: The atmospheric fungal flora of the athens metropolitan area

Meszaros E., 1982: The atmospheric input of sulfur into the ocean

Meagher J.F., 1983: The atmospheric oxidation of flue gases from a coal fired power plant a comparison between smog chamber and airborne plume sampling

Korteby, H.; Hammiche, V.; Lamran, L.; Abed, L.; Larbaoui, D., 1977: The atmospheric pollen of algiers preliminary note on its composition during the 1st half year 1977

Exell, R. H. B., 1978: The atmospheric radiation climate of thailand

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604050

Duce R.A., 1982: The atmospheric transport of phosphorus to the western north atlantic

Purdy W.C., 1980: The atomic absorption spectrometric determination of copper and zinc levels in the serum of hemo dialysis patients

Sawyer, L.; Shotton, D. M.; Campbell, J. W.; Wendell, P. L.; Muirhead, H.; Watson, H. C.; Diamond, R.; Ladner, R. C., 1978: The atomic structure of crystalline porcine pancreatic elastase at 2.5 angstrom resolution comparisons with the structure of alpha chymotrypsin

Shishova, T. G.; Andrianov, V. I.; Simonov, V. I.; Pletnev, V. Z.; Evstratov, A. V.; Ivanov, V. T.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1977: The atomic structure of cyclo d methylvalyl l hydroxyisovaleryl l methylvalyl l hydroxyisovaleryl l methylvalyl l hydroxyisovaleryl a stereo isomeric analog of enniatin b

Boize, L. M.; Dombrowski, N., 1976: The atomization characteristics of a spinning disc ultra low volume applicator

Berrens, L., 1976: The atopen a rehabilitation

Cohen S.G., 1983: The atopic dog model report of an attempt to establish a colony

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604058

Faergemann J., 1981: The atopic thigh a starting school symptom?

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604060

Wium Andersen S., 1981: The atp and total adenine nucleotide content of 4 uni cellular and colonial green algae

Sugimachi K., 1987: The atp assay is more sensitive than the succinate dehydrogenase inhibition test for predicting cell viability

Fukui T., 1988: The atp binding site in gamma subunit of phosphorylase kinase

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604064

Pila J.M.L., 1986: The atp concentration in drinking water compared with the total colony count

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604066

Atkinson, H. J.; Ballantyne, A. J., 1977: The atp content of cysts of globodera pallida and globodera rostochiensis as a possible quantitative estimate of field populations

Ansell, A. D., 1977: The atp content of some marine bivalve mollusks

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604069

Goldberg A.L., 1985: The atp dependence of the degradation of short lived and long lived proteins in growing fibroblasts

Masker, W. E., 1976: The atp dependence of the incision and re synthesis steps of excision repair

Van Os C.H., 1987: The atp dependent calcium pump in rat small intestine effects of vitamin d deficiency and cell isolation methods

Hodson, S., 1978: The atp dependent concentration of calcium by a golgi apparatus rich fraction isolated from rat liver/

Merrick W.C., 1987: The atp dependent interaction of eukaryotic initiation factors with messenger rna

Keech, D. B.; Mattoo, A. K.; Carabott, M. J. J.; Wallace, J. C., 1976: The atp dependent reductive carboxylation of 2 oxo glutarate using cytosol from rat liver

Holmsen, H.; Storm, E., 1969: The atp inhibition of the pyruvate kinase reaction and its dependence on the total magnesium ion concentration

Tvorus E.K., 1982: The atp level and protein synthesis in embryos of hardened and nonhardened wheat grains during initial periods of swelling

Klopocka J., 1980: The atp level and pyruvate kinase activity in dog red cells

Nikolishina E.V., 1988: The atp level in synaptosomes as a determining factor of the functional activity of alpha latrotoxin induced ionic channels

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604080

Merlevede W., 1986: The atp magnesium dependent phosphatase role of magnesium ions in the expression of the phosphorylase phosphatase activity

Merlevede W., 1987: The atp magnesium dependent protein phosphatase regulation by inhibitor 1 or modulator protein and stabilizing role of magnesium ions

Storey R.M.J., 1982: The atp method for rapid assessment of the efficacy of a single application of a fumigant against globodera spp in field soils

Van Der Waals C.B., 1988: The atp platform test the delta atp test and the direct microscopic count procedure as methods of estimating the microbial quality of raw milk

Itikawa H., 1984: The atp pool and the cellular atp level in a dna k mutant of escherichia coli b

Gustafsson L., 1979: The atp pool in relation to the production of glycerol and heat during growth of the halo tolerant yeast debaryomyces hansenii

Labouesse B., 1986: The atp pyrophosphate isotopic exchange reaction a tool for determination of tryptophan

Van Der Vliet P.C., 1983: The atp requirements of adenovirus type 5 dna replication and cellular dna replication

Zimmermann R., 1987: The atp requiring step in assembly of m13 procoat protein into microsomes is related to preservation of transport competence of the precursor protein

Baydoun, H.; Hoppe, J.; Freist, W.; Wagner, K. G., 1981: The atp substrate site of a cyclic nucleotide independent protein kinase ec from porcine liver nuclei

Turner G., 1986: The atp synthase subunit 9 gene of aspergillus nidulans sequence and transcription

Schairer H.U., 1979: The atp synthetase of escherichia coli k 12 purification of the enzyme and reconstitution of energy transducing activities

Rosa L., 1979: The atp to 2 electron ratio during photosynthesis in intact spinach chloroplasts

Lemasters J.J., 1984: The atp to oxygen stoichiometries of oxidative phosphorylation by rat liver mitochondria an analysis of adp induced oxygen jumps by linear nonequilibrium thermodynamics

Dodd, G. H., 1970: The atpase activities of the olfactory mucosae of some common animals

Wallin M., 1983: The atpase activity in brain micro tubule preparations is membrane associated

Litten, R. Z-Iii ; Brayden, J. E.; Alpert, N. R., 1978: The atpase activity of subfragment 1 from the hypertrophied heart

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604098

Rothman J.E., 1987: The atpase core of a clathrin uncoating protein

Ferguson, S. J.; Harris, D. A.; Radda, G. K., 1977: The atpase inhibitor content of bovine heart sub mitochondrial particles influence of the inhibitor on atp dependent reactions

Radda G.K., 1979: The atpase inhibitor protein in oxidative phosphorylation the rate limiting factor to phosphorylation in sub mitochondrial particles

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604102

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604103

Parsons S.M., 1986: The atpase of cholinergic synaptic vesicles is associated with sugars

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604105

Matzinger D.F., 1987: The atpase subunit 6 gene of tobacco mitochondria contains an unusual sequence

Redner J.H., 1987: The atrata cubana ferruginea moesta monticola saltuaria and solituda groups of the spider genus pardosa in north america aranea lycosidae

Oberpriller J.O., 1983: The atrial proliferative response following partial ventricular amputation in the heart of the adult newt a light and electron microscopic auto radiographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604109

Cole, R. B.; Lawson, E.; Newfeld, E. A.; Paul, M. H.; Bharati, S.; Lev, M., 1977: The atrial septal defect patent ductus arteriosus complex

Vaillant F., 1983: The atrichobrunettia new record synonym mirousiella diptera psychodidae from europe

Becker A.E., 1979: The atrio ventricular conduction system in dissecting aneurysm of the aorta

Feldt, R. H.; Dushane, J. W.; Titus, J. L., 1970: The atrio ventricular conduction system in persistent common atrio ventricular canal defect correlations with electro cardiogram

Moller, P.; Heiberg, A.; Berg, K., 1982: The atrio ventricular conduction time a heritable trait? 3. twin studies

Marino T.A., 1979: The atrio ventricular node and bundle in the ferret heart a light microscopic and quantitative electron microscopic study

Murphy J.G., 1983: The atrio ventricular node artery in the human heart

Roberts, N. K.; Pepin, D. W. J., 1977: The atrio ventricular node his bundle and bundle branches a new histologic technique

Mochizuki K., 1985: The atrioventricular conducting system of the avian heart

Chang L W., 1987: The atrioventricular conduction axis and its relation to the membranous septum and trabecula septomarginalis

Garve E., 1982: The atriplex species chenopodiaceae of the west german north sea coast

Dick T.A., 1987: The atrium of the fish heart as a site for contracaecum spp larvae

Kligman A.M., 1981: The atrophogenic effect of crude coal tar on human epidermis

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604123

Westfall D.P., 1984: The atropine resistant component of the neurogenic response of the rabbit urinary bladder

Zeitlin I.J., 1981: The atropine resistant sacral parasympathetic vascular and motility responses in the cat colon

Biro J., 1983: The atropine test in the assessment of cerebral death

Besuchet, C. , 1978: The atta mushroom ants

Leavitt, J. C.; Schechtman, L. M.; Ts'o, P. O. P.; Borenfreund, E.; Bendich, A., 1976: The attachment and penetration of bacterio phage t 7 dna phage in syrian hamster embryonic cells

Westbury L., 1981: The attachment mechanism of epithelial cells to titanium in vitro

Karp L.E., 1984: The attachment of acrosome intact sperm to the surface of zona free hamster oocytes

Newport M.J., 1980: The attachment of bacteria to the gastric epithelium of the pig and its importance in the micro ecology of the intestine

Willison, J. H. M.; Easterbrook, K. B.; Coombs, R. W., 1977: The attachment of bacterial spinae

Mills C.A., 1981: The attachment of dace leuciscus leuciscus eggs to the spawning substratum and the influence of changes in water current on their survival

Angel, M. A.; Burness, A. T. H., 1977: The attachment of encephalomyocarditis virus to erythrocytes from several animal species

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604135

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604136

Borisy G.G., 1981: The attachment of kinetochores to the pro metaphase spindle in ptk 1 cells recovery from low temperature treatment

Leung, C. S. H.; Meares, C. F.; Goodwin, D. A., 1978: The attachment of metal chelating groups to proteins tagging of albumin by diazonium coupling and use of the products as radio pharmaceuticals

Williamson, A. R., 1969: The attachment of poly uridylic acid to reticulocyte ribosomes

Stukel J.J., 1982: The attachment of radium a polonium 218 to mono disperse aerosol

Jensenius J.C., 1986: The attachment of serum and plasma derived complement c 3 to solid phase immune aggregates and its relation to complement mediated solubilization of immune complexes

Geistdoerfer P., 1979: The attachment of teeth in lophius

Frenzel P., 1983: The attachment of the ephippium of acantholeberis curvirostris cladocera macrothricidae

Whittle C.J., 1983: The attachment of the foot and mouth disease virus asia i iran 1 73 to bhk suspension cells does not require virus specific cell receptors

Jenkins D.B., 1984: The attachment of the spiral ligament to the cochlear wall anchoring cells and the creation of tension

Esponda, P.; Gimenez-Martin, G., 1972: The attachment of the synaptonemal complex to the nuclear envelope an ultrastructural and cytochemical analysis

Galasinski W., 1988: The attachment of udp hexosamines to the ribosomes isolated from rat liver

Hardy, F. G.; Moss, B. L., 1978: The attachment of zygotes and germlings of halidrys siliquosa phaeophyceae fucales

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604150

Haas, W., 1976: The attachment response of the cercaria of schistosoma mansoni influence of natural substrates and temperature

Biswas, D. K.; Gorini, L., 1972: The attachment site of streptomycin to the 30s ribosomal subunit

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604153

Richardson L.A., 1981: The attachment to and invasion of human cervical carcinoma hela cells by salmonella typhimurium the contribution of mannose sensitive and mannose resistant hem agglutinating activities

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604155

Ullah M., 1985: The attachments of the lateral and medial ends of the extensor retinaculum of the human wrist

Kramer, B., 1976: The attack frequency of gnathonemus petersii towards electrically silent de nervated and intact conspecifics and towards another mormyrid brienomyrus niger

Reich, M. E.; Schmut, O.; Hofmann, H., 1976: The attack of different proteases on isolated zonular fibers

Roy Noel J., 1982: The attack of trees by termites in the forestry park of dakar hann on ogolian sand senegal

Rauterberg E.W., 1981: The attack phase of human complement differentiation between membrane binding and complex formation by the detection of neo antigen expression in situ a morphometric immuno ferritin study

Wapler-Leong, C. Y., 1974: The attack readiness of male haplochromis burtoni cichlidae pisces reared in isolation

Maidich, N. L.; Savchenko, I. P., 1975: The attacking of humans by avian acarians

Van Wijk A.J.M., 1985: The attainment of target position during step tracking movements despite a shift of initial position

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604164

Price J., 1983: The attempted enrichment of beer with thiamin alkyl di sulfides

Baraniak A., 1982: The attempts to use the immobilized poly galacturonase in the continuous process of pectin hydrolysis

Themen A.E.G., 1988: The attenborough knee a four to ten year review

Bosma G., 1981: The attenborough total knee arthro plasty

Kofoed H., 1981: The attenborough total knee prosthesis results of 25 operations according to 2 assessment systems

Sperling, G.; Melchner, M. J., 1978: The attention operating characteristic examples from visual search

Straumanis J.J., 1981: The attention related somato sensory evoked potential late positive wave in psychiatric patients

Bias W.B., 1980: The attenuated form of congenital adrenal hyperplasia as an allelic form of 21 hydroxylase deficiency

Miyamoto Y., 1984: The attenuated strains of tobacco mosaic virus induced by serial passage in nicotiana glutinosa plants infected systemically or locally at alternating temperature regimes

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604175

Chen R Y., 1986: The attenuation effectiveness of earplugs sold in local market

Coil, J. D.; Hankins, W. G.; Jenden, D. J.; Garcia, J., 1978: The attenuation of a specific cue to consequence association by anti emetic agents

Braun, S.; Levitzki, A., 1979: The attenuation of epinephrine dependent adenylate cyclase ec by adenosine and the characteristics of the adenosine stimulatory and inhibitory sites

Souhrada J.F., 1979: The attenuation of exercise induced broncho constriction by oro pharyngeal anesthesia

Schlesinger A., 1982: The attenuation of exercise induced broncho spasm by ascorbic acid

Campbell P., 1979: The attenuation of light in lake winnipeg canada waters

Redman, S. J., 1973: The attenuation of passively propagating dendritic potentials in a moto neuron cable model

Alpern, M.; Rushton, W. A. H.; Torii, S., 1970: The attenuation of rod signals by backgrounds

Alpern, M.; Rushton, W. A. H.; Torii, S., 1970: The attenuation of rod signals by bleachings

Maklad N.F., 1984: The attenuation of ultrasound in biological fluids

Bertrand, K.; Korn, L. J.; Lee, F.; Yanofsky, C., 1977: The attenuator of the tryptophan operon of escherichia coli heterogeneous 3 prime hydroxy termini in vivo and deletion mapping of functions

Pratkanis A.R., 1988: The attitude heuristic and selective fact identification

Trishin S.L., 1987: The attitude of a community internist and patients with essential hypertension to rehabilitation measures in outpatient clinics

Witt E., 1986: The attitude of children to their orthodontic treatment

Bystrov V.N., 1985: The attitude of patients with peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis to their disease

Reinert P., 1987: The attitude of practitioners towards vaccination

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604192

Fuesgen I., 1981: The attitude of stationary hospital patients toward the old peoples home and the nursing home

Mendes E.F., 1984: The attitude of surgeon toward tubal anastomosis an experimental study in rabbits

Nocini S., 1985: The attitude of the sports physician toward the occasional encounter with proteinuria in the athletic fitness examination

Sats L.M., 1984: The attitude of therapists from outpatient clinics and the population toward measures aimed at preventing coronary heart disease

De Wet J.I., 1985: The attitude south african women to mastectomy for breast cancer

Koerner U., 1988: The attitude to dying and death selected results of a study on the conception and attitudes to diseases handicaps old age dying and death in relation to the problems of the sense of life

Tumbelaka W.A.F.J., 1980: The attitude toward breast feeding

Lumley C.E., 1986: The attitudes of general practitioners to monitoring and reporting adverse drug reactions

Yeo P.S., 1984: The attitudes of malaysians towards soybean products

Gallagher, B. J-Iii, 1977: The attitudes of psychiatrists toward etiological theories of schizophrenia

Barakat L.P., 1987: The attitudes of psychiatrists toward etiological theories of schizophrenia 1975 1985

Bordahl P.E., 1984: The attitudes of sterilized women to contraceptive sterilization

Mcdougall D., 1986: The attitudes of teachers to education and the ethnic preferences of students

Brumby M., 1985: The attitudes of the australian community to treatment of infertility by in vitro fertilization and associated procedures

Henriksen L.O., 1987: The attitudes of women toward health problems in a slum town in peru

Lewis V., 1987: The attitudes of young children towards peers with severe learning difficulties

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604210

Clift S., 1986: The attitudes towards women scale a comparison of women in engineering and traditional occupations with male engineers

Nemec P., 1984: The attraction of euglena gracilis to metabolites of predaceous fungi

Herskowitz K., 1982: The attraction of larvae of culex pipiens quinquefasciatus to rna and nucleotides

Toonders T., 1983: The attraction of males by virgin females in trichogramma maidis hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Young O.P., 1981: The attraction of neotropical scarabaeinae coleoptera scarabaeidae to reptile and amphibian fecal material

Banning A., 1979: The attraction of opposites an object relations understanding of family interaction over 3 generations

Xiao G R., 1980: The attraction of pine caterpillar moths dendrolimus punctatus to light traps

Thontadarya T.S., 1982: The attraction of predatory insects to mercury bulb light trap

Klun J.A., 1987: The attraction of the grape root borer vitacea polistiformis harris lepidoptera sesiidae to e z 2 13 octadecadienyl acetate and the effects of related isomers on attraction

Dvorak, J. A.; Howe, C. L., 1976: The attraction of trypanosoma cruzi to vertebrate cells in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604222

Modder W.W.D., 1984: The attraction of zonocerus variegatus orthoptera pyrgomorphidae to the weed chromolaena odorata and associated feeding behavior

Harada K., 1982: The attractive effect of food based on the behavioral responses of juvenile yellowtail seriola quinqueradiata

Kawasaki O., 1982: The attractive effect of seaweeds based on the behavioral responses of young herbivorous abalone haliotis discus

Ninham B.W., 1988: The attractive forces between polar lipid bilayers

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604227

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604228

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604229

Shapiro L.J., 1980: The attractiveness of plexiglas a mirror or an age mate to peking ducklings anas platyrhynchos and the relevance of these findings to imprinting experiments

Yushka A., 1979: The attractiveness of queen tracks to worker bees apis mellifera

Snow W.F., 1983: The attractiveness of some birds and mammals for mosquitoes in gambia west africa

Evesham E.J.M., 1984: The attractiveness of workers towards individual queens of the polygynous ant myrmica rubra

Jencks W.P., 1981: The attribution and additivity of binding energies

Gaertner S.L., 1984: The attribution of arousal and emergency helping a bidirectional process

Hoffman P., 1981: The attribution of personality traits the stutterer and nonstutterer

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604238

Passer M.W., 1980: The attributional responses of young female athletes after winning tying and losing

Seligman M.E.P., 1982: The attributional style questionnaire

Amsterdam D., 1987: The attributional style questionnaire is not transparent

Chace F.A.Jr, 1983: The atya like shrimps of the indo pacific region decapoda atyidae

Gonzalez-Gutierrez, M., 1977: The atypical behavior of ruppia maritima in a tropical coastal lagoon

Post R.M., 1982: The atypical clinical picture of adolescent mania

Cheng, W. S.; Cheng, A.; Chu, E. W.; Whang-Peng, J., 1978: The atypical fluorescent body of the interphase nuclei of buccal mucosal cells and its relationship to the y chromosome

Hipeau Jacquotte R., 1980: The atypical male form of the ascidicolous notodelphyidae copepod pachypygus gibber description and synonymy with agnathaner minutus

Fox R.A., 1987: The atypical presentation of infection in old age

Manchreck, T. C.; Petri, M., 1978: The atypical psychoses

Reynolds J.B., 1985: The atypical seasonality of phytoplankton in crose mere shropshire uk 1972 an independent test of the hypothesis that variability in the physical environmental regulates community dynamics and structure

Giusti F., 1983: The atypical spermatozoon of theodoxus fluviatilis gastropoda prosobranchia

Wallace J.C., 1979: The atypical velocity response by pyruvate carboxylase to increasing concentrations of acetyl coenzyme a

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604253

Dichgans, J.; Wist, E.; Diener, H. C.; Brandt, T., 1975: The aubert fleischl phenomenon a temporal frequency effect on perceived velocity in afferent motion perception

Janusz N., 1987: The auchenorrhyncha homoptera of europe

Griffin, D. R., 1976: The audibility of frog choruses to migrating birds

Zimarev V.A., 1983: The audio spinal effect on the h reflex

Robinson D.W., 1985: The audiogram in hearing loss due to noise a probability test to uncover other causation

Sawa, M., 1976: The audiogram of the goldfish determined by a heart rate conditioned method

Davis, H.; Hirsh, S. K., 1976: The audiometric utility of brain stem responses to low frequency sounds

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604261

Merk D., 1986: The audiovisual determined reaction test

Iglesia Cendon J., 1981: The auditive evoked potentials of the brain stem their importance in the diagnosis of deafness in childhood

Vel'min, V. A.; Dubrovskii, N. A., 1975: The auditory analysis of impulse sounds by dolphins

Martin G.F., 1983: The auditory brain stem nuclei and some of their projections to the inferior colliculus in the north american opossum

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Schweitzer J., 1982: The auditory brain stem response in 5 vertebrate classes

Blair R.L., 1981: The auditory brain stem response in neuro otology perspectives and problems

Michelini S., 1981: The auditory brain stem response to bin aural delayed stimuli in man

Yeh H S., 1985: The auditory brainstem response in surgical monitoring the pathological significance of a reduced p 1 p 5 interwave interval

Gray J.A.B., 1981: The auditory bullae swimbladder system in late stage herring clupea harengus larvae

Lackner, J. R., 1976: The auditory characteristics of tinnitus resulting from cerebral injury

Woodward D.J., 1985: The auditory corticopontocerebellar projection in the rat inputs to the paraflocculus and midvermis an anatomical and physiological study

Taniguchi I., 1986: The auditory evoked potentials in the medial geniculate body of the unanesthetized guinea pigs

Sergent M.W., 1979: The auditory form of the ohio literacy test preliminary correlational analysis with wechsler adult intelligence scale

Shen J., 1984: The auditory function of the swimbladder of the jewel fish hemichromis bimaculatus

Aitkin, L. M.; Bush, B. M. H.; Gates, G. R., 1978: The auditory mid brain of a marsupial the brush tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula

Schreiner C.E., 1984: The auditory neurophonic basic properties

Schmidt C.L., 1981: The auditory pathway in guinea pigs a carbon 14 labeled 2 deoxy glucose study

Kalmring, K.; Kuehne, R.; Moysich, F., 1978: The auditory pathway in the ventral cord of the migratory locust locusta migratoria response transmission in the axons

Gregg V.H., 1983: The auditory recency advantage in longer term free recall is not enhanced by recalling pre recency items first

Summerfield Q., 1986: The auditory representation of symmetrical cvc syllables

Tabata T., 1985: The auditory responses of neonates to intrauterine sound in the first few months of life

Steinert, 1981: The auditory somato sensory and visual evoked potentials in the oto neurologic diagnosis

Webster W.R., 1987: The auditory spatial acuity of the domestic cat in the interaural horizontal and median vertical planes

Steinleitner A., 1981: The auditory subjective vertical as a function of body tilt

Shigeno S., 1986: The auditory tau and kappa effects for speech and nonspeech stimuli

Shigeno S., 1987: The auditory tau and kappa effects for voiced stop consonants

Tent L., 1981: The aufwuchs in hamburg west germany harbor the structure of a highly stressed biotic community in the elbe estuary

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604291

Matsuda, H.; Baba, T.; Bito, Y., 1976: The augmentation of antibody responses by preliminary intra bursal priming in the chicken

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604293

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Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604536

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Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604591

Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604592

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Section 7, Chapter 6605, Accession 006604999

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