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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6606

Chapter 6606 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Liszka, B.; Sendra, J., 1978:
The bacteriostatic properties of chosen extracts and substances derived from plants

Nanjing-For-Prod-Ind-Coll ; For-Pest-Control-Exp-Stn-Jiangxi-(China) ; Beling-For-Stn-Jinxian-Cty-(China), 1977:
The bacterium which causes needle blight of chinese fir pseudomonas cunninghamiae new species

Terada, A.; Uchida, K.; Mitsuoka, T., 1976:
The bacteroidaceae flora in the feces of pigs

Schauenberg P., 1979:
The baculum of the european wild cat felis silvestris

Beane R.D.; Hobbs N.T., 1983:
The baermann technique for estimating protostrongylus infection in bighorn sheep ovis canadensis effect of laboratory procedures

Sigvardt, K.A.; Rothman, B.S.; Brown, R.O.; Mayeri, E., 1986:
The bag cells of Aplysia as a multitransmitter system: identification of alpha bag cell peptide as a second neurotransmitter

Rouch, R., 1980:
The baget karstic system 10. the harpacticoid community species richness diversity and abundance distributions of the hypogeous nomocenosis

Rouch, R., 1980:
The baget karstic system 11. the harpacticoid community the evolution of epigeous nomocenose within the aquifer

Rouch, R., 1982:
The baget karstic system 12. the harpacticoid community the interdependence of hypogeous and epigeous nomocenoses

Rouch, R., 1982:
The baget karstic system 13. comparison of the harpacticoidea drift at the input and the output of the aquifer

Rouch, R., 1979:
The baget karstic system 8. the harpacticoid community input in the system by catastrophic drift

Rouch, R.; Bonnet, L., 1977:
The baget karstic system france part 6 the harpacticoid community significance of samples collected at the time of spates from 2 outflows from the system

Rouch, R.; Bonnet, L., 1977:
The baget karstic system france part 7 the harpacticoid community structure of the hypogeous population during spates

Litarczek, G.; Tulbure, D.; Simionescu, R.; Florescu, A.; Manov, D., 1980:
The Bain circuit. Theoretical aspects and clinical use

Gwilt, D.J.; Goat, V.A.; Maynard, P., 1978:
The Bain system: gas flows in small subjects

Pokorny, V., 1976:
The bairdiinae ostracoda crustacea in the upper cretaceous of bohemia czechoslovakia 2. the occurrence of 2 size groups of female like individuals in paleo populations of bairdia supplanata bohemica new subspecies

Pokorny, V., 1975:
The bairdiinae ostracoda crustacea in the upper cretaceous of bohemia czechoslovakia part 1

Fischer, J.C., 1977:
The bajocian fauna from donchery sur meuse ardennes france

Sandoval J.; Westermann G.E.G., 1986:
The bajocian jurassic ammonite fauna of oaxaca mexico

Vallois, H.V.; Marquer, P., 1976:
The baka pygmies of the cameroon anthropology and ethnography with a demographic appendix

Guilday, J.E.; Hamilton, H.W.; Anderson, E.; Parmalee, P.W., 1978:
The baker bluff cave deposit tennessee usa and the late pleistocene faunal gradient

Varo P.; Westermarck Rosendahl C.; Hyvonen L.; Koivistoinen P., 1979:
The baking behavior of different sugars and sugar alcohols as determined by high pressure liquid chromatography

Timms M.F.; Bottomley R.C.; Ellis J.R.S.; Schofield J.D., 1981:
The baking quality and protein characteristics of a winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar atou grown at different levels of nitrogen fertilization

Subda H.; Malunowicz I.; Biskupski A., 1979:
The baking quality of flour from 3 wheat cultivars as affected by lipids

Wilken D.H., 1982:
The balance between chasmogamy and cleistogamy in collomia grandiflora polemoniaceae

Sashidhar V.R.; Prasad T.G.; Patil S.J.; Kumar M.U.; Sastry K.S.K., 1985:
The balance between leaf area and photosynthetic activity in determining productivity of fox tail millet setaria italica under rain fed conditions

Stewart J.R., 1979:
The balance between number and size of young in the live bearing lizard gerrhonotus coeruleus

Specht R.L.; Morgan D.G., 1981:
The balance between the foliage projective covers of overstory and understory strata in australian vegetation

Klein C.; Hiatt W.R.; Gerber J.G.; Nies A.S., 1987:
The balance between vascular alpha adrenoceptors and beta adrenoceptors is not changed in the elderly

Douglas D.A., 1981:
The balance between vegetative and sexual reproduction of mimulus primuloides scrophulariaceae at different altitudes in california usa

Anger, D., 1987:
The balance equation part 1. response specific inhibition and the operant contingency puzzles

Anger, D., 1988:
The balance equation part 2. derivation of the balance equation for response specific inhibition

Johnson, F.S., 1970:
The balance of atmospheric oxygen and carbon di oxide

Maksimova M.P., 1982:
The balance of biogenic elements and organic matter in the baltic sea during intensive anthropogenic effects

Mcclendon J.H., 1981:
The balance of forces generated by the water potential in the cell wall matrix a model

Lester J.N.; Harrison R.M.; Perry R., 1979:
The balance of heavy metals through a sewage treatment works part 1 lead cadmium and copper

Stoveland S.; Astruc M.; Lester J.N.; Perry R., 1979:
The balance of heavy metals through a sewage treatment works part 2 chromium nickel and zinc

Kul'baev, I.S.; Tkachenko, B.I., 1987:
The balance of lymphodynamics and microchemodynamics in the cat hindlimb under the effect of bradykinin and histamine

Osmond C.B.; Popp M., 1983:
The balance of malate synthesis and metabolism in response to ion uptake in excised wheat triticum aestivum roots

Krzyszowska, A., 1986:
The balance of materials wastes and energy of the polish polar station hornsund svalbard norway and the station's effect on its immediate surroundings

Rakhman M.A.R.A., 1983:
The balance of soluble salts and calcium carbonate in irrigated soils of the nile valley egypt

Mukhin, V.A.; Stepanova, N.T., 1976:
The balance of substances formed during decay by wood destroying fungi

Mouchova H.; Apltauer J.; Lippold H.; Matzel W., 1987:
The balance of supplied nitrogen in the soil and plant determined by means of nitrogen 15 in winter wheat with the use of a nitrification inhibitor

Goudet J.P., 1985:
The balance of the natural environment in dry tropical africa ligneous vegetation and desertification

Roberts B.L.; Mueller M.G., 1987:
The balance scale factor analysis and reliability

Wyman, J.; Gill, S.J.; Noll, L.; Giardina, B.; Colosimo, A.; Brunori, M., 1977:
The balance sheet of a hemo globin thermodynamics of carbon mon oxide binding by hemo globin trout i

Kirillova E.A.; Baranovskaya L.I., 1982:
The balanced translocation 1 x in a woman with gonadal dysgenesis

Hilliger H.G., 1984:
The balancing of the bacterial flora of the air of stalls

Wieslander L.; Lendahl U., 1983:
The balbiani ring 2 gene in chironomus tentans in built from 2 types of tandemly arranged major repeat units with a common evolutionary origin

Staav, R., 1977:
The bald ibis geronticus eremita a threatened species

Maes P.; Jangoux M.; Fenaux L., 1986:
The bald sea urchin disease ultrastructure of the lesions and nature of their pigmentation

Hemmer H.; Kadel B.; Kadel K., 1981:
The balearic toad bufo viridis balearicus human bronze age culture and mediterranean bio geography

Olive, L.S.; Stoianovitch, C., 1976:
The ballisto sporic protostelid genus schizoplasmodium

Richard G., 1987:
The balloon operation indication technique and results

Kreissig I., 1987:
The balloon procedure with temporary buckling and non drainage

Koteja J., 1984:
The baltic amber matsucoccidae homoptera coccinea

Zmudzinski, L., 1975:
The baltic sea pollution

Olsson M., 1986:
The baltic seals can they be saved

Wilson G.G.; Neve R.L.; Edlin G.J.; Konigsberg W.H., 1979:
The bam h i restriction site in the bacterio phage t 4 chromosome is located in or near gene 8

Wong K.M., 1987:
The bamboos of the ulu endau area johore malaysia

Petraglia A.; Ansalone D.; Scarpitta M.; Galzerano V.; Zinno A.; Federico S.; Cecere F., 1988:
The bamiphylline in the cold treatment comparison with an anhydrous once a day theophylline

Tschorsnig H P., 1983:
The bampura new genus with the type species bampura angustigena new species from iran is described/

Lurz, R.; Heisig, A.; Velleman, M.; Dobrinski, B.; Schuster, H., 1987:
The ban operon of bacteriophage P1. Localization of the promoter controlled by P1 repressor

Erard, C.; Guillou, J.J.; Mayaud, N., 1986:
The banc d'arguin's white heron ardea monicae its morphological affinities its history

Francke, U.; Hammond, D.S.; Schneider, J.A., 1973:
The band patterns of 12 d 98ah 2 marker chromosomes and their use for identification of intraspecific cell hybrids

Schmid, W.; Glaser, D., 1977:
The banded karyotype of saguinus midas tamarin callitrichidae primates

Stanyon, R.; Ardito, G.; Lamberti, L.; Bigatti, P., 1983:
The banded karyotypes of Macaca fuscata compared with Cercocebus aterrimus

Hull, R., 1977:
The banding behavior of the viruses of southern bean mosaic virus group in gradients of cesium sulfate

Chen R Y.; Song W Q.; X.Y.F., 1979:
The banding pattern of rye secale cereale chromosomes and its application

Grond C.J.; Derksen J.; Brakenhoff G.J., 1982:
The banding pattern of the segment 46a 48c in drosophila hydei polytene chromosomes as studied by confocal scanning light microscopy

Mezzanotte, R.; Manconi, P.E.; Rozzo, C.; Ennas, M.G.; Ferrucci, L., 1985:
The banding pattern produced by restriction endonucleases in mouse chromosomes

Cai Y.; L.S.; X.C., 1984:
The banding patterns of domestic horse equus caballus chromosomes

Kumar, A.; Mohan, M.; Ramji, S.; Iyer, P.U.; Marwah, J.; Kapani, V., 1987:
The bangle as a screening technique for identification of low birth weight neonates

Tanton T.W., 1981:
The banjhi dormancy cycle in tea camellia sinensis

Argyle M.; Trimboli L.; Forgas J., 1988:
The bank manager doctor effect disclosure profiles in different relationships

Burr, B.M., 1977:
The bantam sunfish lepomis symmetricus systematics and distribution and life history in wolf lake illinois usa

Ghiot, F., 1978:
The barbel movements of 3 south american pimelodid catfishes

Redman, J.F., 1987:
The Barcat balanic groove technique for the repair of distal hypospadias

Vibhaker S.D.; Bellon E.M., 1984:
The bare area of the spleen a constant computed tomography feature of the ascitic abdomen

Goudriaan J., 1988:
The bare bones of leaf angle distribution in radiation models for canopy photosynthesis and energy exchange

Kvasov, D.D., 1978:
The barents ice sheet as a relay regulator of glacial interglacial alternation

Griswold C.A., 1981:
The barge ocean 250 gasoline spill

Peterson, G.H.; Miller, R.E., 1978:
The barium enema: a reassessment looking toward perfection

Gerson, D.E.; Lewicki, A.M.; McNeil, B.J.; Abrams, H.L.; Korngold, E., 1979:
The barium enema; evidence for proper utilization

Miller, R.E.; Lehman, G., 1976:
The barium enema. Is it obsolete?

Schmutz G.; Kempf F.; Wenger J.J.; Tongio J., 1980:
The barium meal in chronic mesenteric ischemia a case with mal absorption

Lukacs G.L.; Fonyo A., 1986:
The barium sensitivity of the sodium induced calcium efflux in heart mitochondria the site of inhibitory action

Schedl, K.E., 1978:
The bark and timber beetles of israel 2. 328th contribution to the morphology and taxonomy of the scolytidae

Wood S.L., 1982:
The bark beetles and ambrosia beetles of north america and central america coleoptera scolytidae a taxonomic monograph

Nishida, T., 1976:
The bark eating habits in primates with special reference to their status in the diet of wild chimpanzees

Schremmer, F., 1977:
The bark nest of the neotropical wasp nectarinella championi surrounded by a sticky zone as protection against ants hymenoptera vespidae

Swieboda M.; Kalemba A., 1979:
The bark of scotch pine pinus sylvestris as a biological indicator of atmospheric air pollution

Barakov T.V.; Karpusheva A.I.; Chernyaeva G.N., 1979:
The bark of the siberian fir as raw material for the production of medicinal camphor

Lotova L.I., 1979:
The bark structure of taxaceae cephalotaxaceae and podocarpaceae

Okstad, T., 1981:
The bark thickness of saw logs 1. spruce

Rogers R.A., 1985:
The barker site evidence for occupation of the tall grass prairie region of kansas usa throughout the climatic changes of the holocene

Klemsdal S.S.; Olsen O A.; Rorvik K.A., 1987:
The barley high lysine genes of mutants 1508 and 527 alter hordein polypeptide composition quantitatively but not qualitatively

Poulsen C., 1983:
The barley hordeum vulgare chloroplast genome physical structure and transcriptional activity in vivo

Goerner, M., 1978:
The barn owl tyto alba as a hunter of birds

Kumerloeve H., 1986:
The barn owl tyto alba scopoli 1769 in turkey

Landau M.; Finney C.M.; D'agostino A., 1979:
The barnacle balanus eburneus cirripedia conditioned to spawn in the laboratory

White K.N.; Walker G., 1981:
The barnacle excretory organ

Buckeridge J.S., 1982:
The barnacle subfamily elminiinae 2 new subgenera and a new miocene species from victoria australia

Henry, D.P.; Mclaughlin, P.A., 1975:
The barnacles of the balanus amphitrite complex cirripedia thoracica

Mcallen, R.M.; Spyer, K.M., 1978:
The baro receptor input to cardiac vagal moto neurons

Gregory G.A., 1982:
The baro responses of preterm infants during halothane anesthesia

Laval, P., 1978:
The barrel of the pelagic amphipod phronima sedentaria crustacea hyperiidea

Pethon P., 1983 :
The barrelfish hyperoglyphe perciformis new record a centrolophid fish new to the norwegian fauna

Bonashevskaya, T.I., 1975:
The barrier function of supporting cells of the receptor area of the olfactory analyzer

Hope C.F.A.; Burns R.G., 1985:
The barrier ring plate technique for studying extracellular enzyme diffusion and microbial growth in model soil environments

Bertossi, M.; Ribatti, D.; Nico, B.; Mancini, L.; Lozupone, E.; Roncali, L., 1988:
The barrier systems in the choroidal plexuses of the chick embryo studied by means of horseradish peroxidase

Barton N.; Bengtsson B.O., 1986:
The barrier to genetic exchange between hybridizing populations

Mcgovern, P.T., 1975:
The barriers to interspecific hybridization in domestic and laboratory mammals part 1 gametic isolation and hybrid inviability

Mcgovern, P.T., 1976:
The barriers to interspecific hybridization in domestic and laboratory mammals part 2 hybrid sterility

Harmon M.H., 1980:
The barron ego strength scale a study of personality correlated among normals

Lindeman G.V., 1985:
The barrow buzzard buteo rufinus in the interstream area between the volga and ural rivers ussr

Hedberg O.; Holmlund P E.; Mahunnah R.L.A.; Mhoro B.; Mziray W.R.; Nordenhed A C., 1980:
The bartsia abyssinica group scrophulariaceae in tropical africa

Favre L.; Vallotton M.B., 1980:
The bartter syndrome current pathogenic hypotheses

Gaffal K.P., 1988:
The basal body root complex of chlamydomonas reinhardtii during mitosis

Newill, R.G.; Katz, M., 1982:
The basal body temperature chart in artificial insemination by donor pregnancy cycles

Southwick G.; Schwartz R.A., 1979:
The basal cell nevus syndrome disasters occurring among 36 patients

Stoll P.; Dueker J.; Weingart D., 1986:
The basal cell nevus syndrome radiographic findings in the skull

Tuurala H.; Part P.; Nikinmaa M.; Soivio A., 1984:
The basal channels of secondary lamellae in salmo gairdneri gills a non respiratory shunt

Jankowitz W.J.; Van Rensburg W.L.J., 1985:
The basal covering and grazable yield of the major grasses and the capacity of the shrub stratum of plant communities in the waterberg plateau park south africa

Severi, S.; Orsini, E.; Marraccini, P.; Michelassi, C.; L'Abbate, A., 1988:
The basal electrocardiogram and the exercise stress test in assessing prognosis in patients with unstable angina

Kwon, Y.S.; Lee, Y.B.; Park, S.K., 1984:
The basal establishment of agrometeorological environment for greenhouse for protected cultivation management in korea i. a survey on the climatic environment and daily heating load in the plastic house in main protected cultivation area

Gordon J.R.; Bernfield M.R., 1980 :
The basal lamina of the post natal mammary epithelium contains glycosamino glycans in a precise ultrastructural organization

Fiselier, T.; Derkx, F.; Monnens, L.; Van Munster, P.; Peer, P.; Schalekamp, M., 1984:
The basal levels of active and inactive plasma renin concentration in infancy and childhood

Wernli, R., 1978:
The basal part of the moghrebian stage is middle pliocene in age globorotalia crassaformis in the mamora morocco

Eshett E.T., 1987:
The basaltic soils of southeast nigeria properties classification and constraints to productivity

Crout D.H.G.; Hedgecock C.J.R., 1979:
The base catalyzed rearrangement of alpha aceto lactate 2 hydroxy 2 methyl 3 oxo butanoate a novel carboxylate ion migration in a tertiary ketol rearrangement

Bock K.; Lundt I.; Pedersen C., 1984:
The base catalyzed rearrangement of some 6 bromo 2 6 dideoxyaldono 1 4 lactones preparation of l digitoxose

Jain A.C.; Gupta A.; Kumari S., 1983:
The base catalyzed wessely moser rearrangement of angularly condensed 2 2 di methyl 2h pyrano derivatives of 5 hydroxy 2 methyl chromones and 2 3 di phenyl chromones and related 1 hydroxy xanthone/

Azevedo J.M.M.D.; Ferreira M.R.P.V.; Martins J.A., 1986:
The base complex of flores island azores

Saito, C.; Shimomura, M., 1978:
The base composition of the dna from desulfovibrio vulgaris/

Shibayama, M.; Nakaseko, K., 1977:
The base of alluvium beneath the northern part of osaka japan plain a study of the structure of the osaka ground part 2

Becker, H.; Grau, H.; Hacker, H.; Ploder, K.W., 1978:
The base of the skull: a comparison of computed and conventional tomography

Johnson J.T.; Finke R.A., 1985:
The base rate fallacy in the context of sequential categories

Kunkel T.A.; Alexander P.S., 1986:
The base substitution fidelity of eukaryotic dna polymerases mispairing frequencies site preferences insertion preferences and base substitution by dislocation

Gani D.; Johnson A.W., 1982:
The base sugar conformation of certain derivatives of adenosine

Rubenstein L.Z.; Greenfield S., 1980:
The baseline electro cardiogram in the evaluation of acute cardiac complaints

Kilonzo B.S., 1986:
The baseline susceptibility levels of laboratory reared tanzania fleas to malathion

Eagle, R.C.; Font, R.L.; Fine, B.S., 1979:
The basement membrane exfoliation syndrome

Evers, J.L.; Willebrand, D., 1987:
The basement membrane in endometriosis

Sawada H.; Konomi H.; Nagai Y., 1984:
The basement membrane of bovine corneal endothelial cells in culture with beta aminopropionitrile biosynthesis of hexagonal lattices composed of a 160 nanometer dumbbell shaped structure

Romen, W.; Mäder-Kruse, I., 1978:
The basement membrane of the atrophic kidney tubule. An electron microscopic study of changes in rats

Buchanan, M.R.; Richardson, M.; Haas, T.A.; Hirsh, J.; Madri, J.A., 1987:
The basement membrane underlying the vascular endothelium is not thrombogenic: in vivo and in vitro studies with rabbit and human tissue

Frappart L.; Agard C.; Lin H.C.; Grimaud J.A.; Palayer C.; Rochet Y.; Bremond A., 1984:
The basement membranes of epithelial tumors of the ovary a histochemical study using antibodies to collagen iv iii i and to laminin

Peters J.E.; Hirshman C.A.; Malley A., 1982:
The basenji greyhound dog model of asthma leukocyte histamine release serum immuno globulin e and airway response to inhaled antigen

Bobrov, E.G., 1978:
The bases of florogenetics by m g popov and the origin of plain desert flora of middle asia

Roux C.; Bellemere A.; Boissiere J.C.; Esnault J.; Janex Favre M.C.; Letrouit Galinou M.A.; Wagner J., 1986:
The bases of modern lichen systematics

Bavro, G.V.; Koshcheev, V.S.; Makarov, V.I., 1976:
The bases of optimal topography of heat supply to the human body during exposure to cold

Dubyanskii M.A.; Dubyanskaya L.D., 1984:
The bases of prognostication of epizootics among rodents in a natural plague focus

Archer, M., 1976:
The basi cranial region of marsupi carnivores marsupialia interrelationships of carnivorous marsupials and affinities of the insectivorous marsupial peramelids

Laitman J.T.; Heimbuch R.C.; Crelin E.S., 1979:
The basi cranium of fossil hominids as an indicator of their upper respiratory systems

Laitman J.T.; Heimbuch R.C., 1982:
The basi cranium of pliocene pleistocene hominids as an indicator of their upper respiratory systems

Okita S., 1987:
The basic and clinical studies on colon polypectomy

Veldsman T.H., 1986:
The basic assumptions accepted in industrial psychology a subject philosophical view

Johnstone, R.M., 1978:
The basic asymmetry of sodium dependent glycine transport in ehrlich cells

Zarzycka, N.; Osemlak, J., 1976:
The basic body measurements of the lublin province poland peasants

Liebhardt W.C., 1981:
The basic cation saturation ratio concept and lime and potassium recommendations on coastal plain soils of delaware usa

Arita S.; Chigira M.; Watanabe H.; Udagawa E.; Machinami R., 1983:
The basic character of gunma clone 4 in the experimental study of metastasis

Zhong W.; Zhou Q.; Sun C., 1985:
The basic characteristics of the rodent pests on the pasture in inner mongolia and the ecological strategies of controlling

Seno, M., 1977:
The basic concept of the membrane phenomenon part 2 the stimulus response theory of membranes

Gobbi N., 1984:
The basic cycle of species of the genus polybia with special reference to polybia paulista and polybia occidentalis occidentalis hymenoptera vespidae

Gao D.; E.A., 1986:
The basic experiment on the action of isobutol ib on tuberculosis

Foster H.L., 1981:
The basic factors which determine inherent soil fertility in uganda

Ackman R.G.; Ratnayake W.M.N.; Olsson B., 1988:
The basic fatty acid composition of atlantic fish oils potential similarities useful for enrichment of polyunsaturated fatty acids by urea complexation

Ermann M., 1980:
The basic fault in depressive neuroses and psycho somatic disorders

Kovalevskaya N.V., 1982:
The basic features of reproduction and development of flying fish exocoetidae

Smirnov N.N., 1986:
The basic features of the biocenosis of lake glubokoe moscow region ussr eastern europe with a list of the animals and plants recorded

Fenninger, A.; Schoenlaub, H.P.; Holzer, H.L.; Flajs, G., 1976:
The basic formations of the auernig strata in the carnic alps austria

Hernández Prada, A., 1980:
The basic hospital and its function in programs for the extension of health services coverage

White, A.A.; Panjabi, M.M., 1978:
The basic kinematics of the human spine. A review of past and current knowledge

Alyukhin-Yu, S., 1978:
The basic metabolism in an isolated preparation of the rat heart

Narita, K.; Yoshimoto, H., 1986:
The basic morphology of the vitreous part 2. study of the so called anterior hyaloid membrane

Quagio Grassiotoo I.; Dolder H., 1988:
The basic nucleoprotein e pta reaction during spermiogenesis of ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae

Hrbek, J., 1976:
The basic physiological mechanisms of nervous integration

Lauterbach K.E., 1986:
The basic plan of crustacea

Oprishko A.A.; Aleshechkin V.V.; Daydov V.P.; Khanukaev Y.A.; Cherner S.M.; Babayants A.V., 1981:
The basic principles in the design of decentralized systems of monitoring sequential processes of microbiological synthesis

Ipatov V.P., 1985:
The basic principles of protection from ixodid ticks and blood sucking flies in the baikal amur railway area ussr

Kauffman D.L.; Keller P.J., 1979:
The basic proline rich proteins in human parotid saliva from a single subject

Mabrouk H.H.; Kader J C.; Robert D., 1979:
The basic proteins in sperm nucleus of equisetum arvense an electrophoretic study

Lambert, P.P.; Lammens-Verslijpe, M.; Sennesael, J.; Herremans, N.; Delsaux, B., 1987:
The basic proteins of bovine allantoic fluid

Elloy, M.A.; Wright, J.T.M.; Cavendish, M.R., 1976:
The basic requirements and design criteria for total joint prosthesis

Fushimi T.; Kajikawa Y., 1980:
The basic research for the study of the device to control a chain saw remotely 1

Fushimi T.; Kajikawa Y., 1980:
The basic research for the study of the device to control a chain saw remotely 2

Ruckebusch Y.; Bardon T., 1984:
The basic rest activity cycle of the small intestine

Ryzhikov, K.M., 1976:
The basic results and prospects of parasitological research

Bagdasarian, S.N., 1971:
The basic stages in the development of scientific medical information in the USSR

Rahier J.; Falt K.; Muentefering H.; Becker K.; Gepts W.; Falkmer S., 1984:
The basic structural lesion of persistent neo natal hypo glycemia with hyper insulinism deficiency of pancreatic d cells or hyperactivity of beta cells

Otsuki J., 1982:
The basic studies on the wound healing of the vocal fold

Yamaji A.; Kataoka K.; Kanamori N.; Oishi M.; Hiraoka E., 1985:
The basic study for analysis of beta receptor blocking drugs by gas chromatography

Nagai S., 1987:
The basic study on the synovial membrane of the normal rabbit knee joint by using the induction system of carbon particles

Huber, R.; Kukla, D.; Ruhlmann, A.; Epp, O.; Formanek, H., 1970:
The basic trypsin inhibitor of bovine pancreas part 1 structure analysis and conformation of the poly peptide chain

Mozejko, J.H.; Laskowski, M.S., 1970:
The basic trypsin inhibitor of bovine pancreas part 10 2 step preparation procedure

Wilson, K.A.; Laskowski, M.S., 1971:
The basic trypsin inhibitor of bovine pancreas part 11 sequence of tryptic cleavages in an artificially prepared temporary inhibitor

Kim, W., 1976:
The basics and clinics of oxygen therapy part 1

Moret M.N.I.A., 1981:
The basidiomycetes phyto parasites of catalonia spain

Ingold C.T., 1983:
The basidium in ustilago

Ingold C.T., 1986:
The basidium of sphacelotheca sorghi

Tulleken C.A.F.; Luiten M.L.F., 1986:
The basilar artery bifurcation in situ approached via the sylvian route 50 times an anatomical study in human cadavers

Henson, M.M., 1978:
The basilar membrane of the bat pteronotus parnellii parnellii

Prokof'eva L.I.; Chernyi A.G., 1987:
The basilar membrane rigidity gradient and tonotopy in the inner ear of mammals

Biddle K.T., 1980:
The basinal cipit boulders indicators of middle triassic to upper triassic buildup margins dolomite alps italy

Collis George N.; Lloyd J.E., 1979:
The basis for a procedure to specify soil physical properties of a seedbed for wheat

Arst, H.N-Jr, 1977:
The basis for an apparent auxotrophy for reduced sulfur metabolites in sulfite reductase mutants of aspergillus nidulans

Brock, P.D.; Macneill, B.H., 1977:
The basis for avirulence in a prototrophic strain of penicillium expansum

Baker, P.J.; Prescott, B., 1975:
The basis for conflicting results obtained in studies on the plaque forming cell response to type 3 pneumococcal poly saccharide

Putnam R.W., 1979:
The basis for differences in lactic acid content after activity in different species of anuran amphibians

Alscher R.; Bower J.L.; Zipfel W., 1987:
The basis for different sensitivities of photosynthesis to sulfur dioxide in two cultivars of pea

Pawar S.E.; Bhatia C.R., 1980:
The basis for grain yield differences in mung bean vigna radiata cultivars and identifications of yield limiting factors

Berube, D.E., 1978:
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The beginnings of embryogenesis in angiosperms

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The beginnings of life on earth

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The behavior of 3 sympatric species of crepidula gastropoda prosobranchia from the atlantic with implications for evolutionary ecology

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The behavior of a fast dissolving dosage form expidet followed by gamma scintigraphy

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The behavior of a miltogrammine fly metopia sauteri diptera sarcophagidae clepto parasitizing a spider wasp episyron arrogans hymenoptera pompilidae

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The behavior of a model animal

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The behavior of ace in diseases of the thyroid gland

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The behavior of actinians in symbiotic associations with pagurids in japan

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The behavior of algal cells toward egg capsules of convoluta roscoffensis and its role in the persistence of the convoluta alga symbiosis

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The behavior of alveolaris inferior nerve and artery of the newborn entering the canalis mandibulae in relation to accessory mandibular canals

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The behavior of an incubating female coal tit parus ater in relation to experimental regulation of nest temperature

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The behavior of bewicks swans cygnus columbianus bewickii at the welney wildfowl refuge norfolk england uk and on the surrounding fens a comparison

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The behavior of black banded woodcreepers dendrocolaptes picumnus

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The behavior of black headed antbirds percnostola rufifrons formicariidae

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The behavior of bloodstream trypomastigotes of 2 samples from bolivia strain of trypanosoma cruzi through intra venous inoculation in normal and immune mice

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The behavior of bone tissue under the influence of high temperatures importance for the diagnosis of burned corpses

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The behavior of bulinus africanus a circadian profile

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The behavior of buntings from primorski krai russian sfsr ussr in the area of their nests in situations of danger

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The behavior of burramys parvus marsupialia in captivity

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The behavior of central european leaf locusts by temperature and moisture gradients and with regard to visual stimuli orthoptera tettigoniidae

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The behavior of cephalophus monticola and cephalophus dorsalis and the place of the duikers among the ruminants

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The behavior of estimators of the parameters of various yield density relationships

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The behavior of fertilizer nitrogen in the grassland soil accompanied with topdressing calcium carbonate

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The behavior of fish and other aquatic animals

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The behavior of fishes to the traps and their catch ability

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The behavior of fly ash derived arsenic in sea water

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The behavior of fragile x and other aberrations during recovery from low folate conditions

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The behavior of free ranging cattle on an alpine range in australia

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The behavior of functionally epoxycarbonyl compounds with the reaction of hydrogen chloride

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The behavior of gallinaceous birds overview and methodologic orientation

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The behavior of gas bubbles in blood subjected to an oscillating pressure

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The behavior of goats in a cold hot and high altitude environment

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The behavior of granulocyte function in full blood as a function of length of storage time

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The behavior of grower pigs in relation to housing systems

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The behavior of growing axons invading developing chick wing buds with dorsoventral or anteroposterior axis reversed

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The behavior of hemocytes following amputation of a pereiopod in helleria brevicornis crustacea oniscoidea

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The behavior of heterogeneous nuclear rna in partially and completely denaturing conditions

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The behavior of hexa chloro benzene in pine forest microcosms transport and effects on soil processes

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The behavior of holo kinetic chromosomes in the spermatogenesis of shield bugs

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The behavior of honey bees in sweet corn fields in new york state usa

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The behavior of human amelo blastoma tissue in cell culture

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The behavior of human male adults at their 1st contact with a new born

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The behavior of hydrometra championiana hemiptera hydrometridae and resource partitioning with tenagogonus quadrilineatus hemiptera gerridae

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The behavior of hydrophobic organic micropollutants in different karst water systems i. transport of micropollutants and contaminant balances during the melting of snow

Simmleit, N.; Herrmann, R., 1987:
The behavior of hydrophobic organic micropollutants in different karst water systems. ii. filtration capacity of karst systems and pollutant sinks

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The behavior of infected human umbilical vein arterial grafts

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The behavior of insect plasmatocytes in vitro changes in morphology during settling spreading and locomotion

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The behavior of insertions near a site of mitotic gene conversion in yeast

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The behavior of insulinemia in patients with liver cirrhosis after intra venous administration of glucose tolbutamide and glucagon

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The behavior of iodine and bromine in estuarine surface sediments

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The behavior of iron manganese and silicon in the peconic river estuary new york usa

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The behavior of juvenile atlantic salmon salmo salar and brook trout salvelinus fontinalis with regard to temperature and to water velocity

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The behavior of kalemia in young infants affected by pertussis

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The behavior of kinetochore micro tubules during meiosis in the fungus saprolegnia

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The behavior of kiso horses under housing for five successive days

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The behavior of l sorbose towards anhydrous hydrogen fluoride

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The behavior of lactase beta galactosidase ec immobilized on a chromium polygalacturonate substrate

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The behavior of lactating cows under temperature stress in stallhousing

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The behavior of lambs on the 1st day after birth

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The behavior of laying hens in cages with different floor area per animal

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The behavior of lead tetra alkyls in the soil and their uptake by plants

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The behavior of leishmania from human skin ulcers in small laboratory animals

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The behavior of lemur variegatus

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The behavior of leucine amino peptidase ec from bovine eye lenses in guanidine hydro chloride dissociation and reassociation

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The behavior of leucine aminopeptidase towards thionopeptides

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The behavior of lip oxygenase in systems of low water content part 1 influence of water activity on the enzymatic oxidation of lipids

Brockmann, R.; Acker, L., 1977:
The behavior of lip oxygenase in systems of low water content part 2 investigation of reaction products of enzymatic lipid oxidation

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The behavior of lipids and lipoproteins in female long distance runners

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The behavior of lung surfactant in electrolyte solutions

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The behavior of luteinizing fsh prolactin testosterone progesterone estradiol and cortisol under different kinds of general anesthesias during laparoscopic oocyte recovery for in vitro fertilization

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The behavior of maize flours and grits in relation to extrusion quality 2. gelatinization characteristics of extracted starches

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The behavior of males of the solitary bee osmia rufa megachilidae searching for females

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The behavior of marginally buoyant plumes in an urban environment

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The behavior of mature and immature male bank voles clethrionomys glareolus

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The behavior of mercury tolerant bacteria under various mercury concentrations

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The behavior of methylene blue active substances in bottom muds under laboratory conditions

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The behavior of metoxuron in the soil

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The behavior of mice in the open field test a genetic analysis with diallel crossing

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The behavior of micro flora during the cleaning and milling of grain 4. the behavior of the micro flora of wheat related to cleaning and the flour mill flow diagram

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The behavior of microorganisms in dependence on the water activity

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The behavior of microsomal mono electron carriers in adult and fetal liver and in placenta throughout pregnancy

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The behavior of microsomal mono electron carriers in human placenta during late pregnancy

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The behavior of mitochondria in the zygote of chlamydomonas reinhardii

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The behavior of mitochondrial dna and enzyme during the course of the early development of the sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus

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The behavior of molybdenum and manganese during early sediment diagenesis offshore baja california mexico

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The behavior of mongolian gerbils in a semi natural environment with special reference to ventral marking dominance and sociability

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The behavior of murine lymphocytes after in vitro treatment with acid muco proteins from human serum

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The behavior of mus musculus and mus hortulanus with respect to new objects

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The behavior of nasal septal cartilage in response to trauma

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The behavior of neopl acoustic neuroma in tissue culture human

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The behavior of neottianthe cucullata along the western borderline of its distribution in europe

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The behavior of neutral amine oxime chelates labeled with technetium at tracer level

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The behavior of nitrilo tri acetic acid during the anaerobic digestion of co settled sewage sludge

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The behavior of nitrilo tri acetic acid during the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge

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The behavior of nitrogen fertilizers in neutral and acid loess soils 1. transport and transformations of nitrogen

Mochoge, B.; Beese, F., 1983:
The behavior of nitrogen fertilizers in neutral and acid loess soils 2. distribution and balances of nitrogen 15 tagged nitrogen

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The behavior of nuclear proteins during nitrosamine induced carcinogenesis

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The behavior of nutritionally deprived Guatemalan infants

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The behavior of octachlorostyrene under uv irradiation

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The behavior of okt3 okt4 and okt8 positive cells during phases of elevated spontaneous chemiluminescence activity cl a in multiple sclerosis patients a serial study

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The behavior of oligo deoxy nucleotides on thin layer chromatography on poly ethylenimine cellulose and ion exchange paper electrophoresis applications in fractioning and sequencing terminally labeled oligo deoxy nucleotides

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The behavior of onion cultivars allium cepa characterized by short days in manaus state of amazonas brazil

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The behavior of oxidized pterins in liquid chromatographic systems

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The behavior of pagurids in symbiotic associations with actinians in japan

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The behavior of pantopaque on magnetic resonance in vivo and in vitro analyses

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The behavior of paramecium caudatum under restricted space conditions 1. turning reaction

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The behavior of patients suffering from pulmonary silicosis during a graded exercise test

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The behavior of peach prunus persica and pear pyrus communis trees under extreme drought stress

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The behavior of pericardial versus porcine valve xenografts in the growing sheep model

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The behavior of phenoloxidase containing cells in experimental granuloma

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The behavior of phosphate nitrate chloride and hardness in 12 welsh rivers uk

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The behavior of phosphatic fertilizers in phosphorus fixing soils

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The behavior of phrynocephalus versicolor reptilia agamidae

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The behavior of pigment cells in the leg muscle compartments of silver campine fowl

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The behavior of plasma renin activity after deoxy cortico sterone acetate administration in normal subjects

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The behavior of platelets in capillary hemorrhage induced by snake venom

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The behavior of platelets in low dose heparin therapy

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The behavior of platelets in some viral infectious diseases in childhood

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The behavior of pluronic f127 in aqueous solution studied using fluorescent probes

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The behavior of pollen tubes and the development process of ovules in pelargonium spp

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The behavior of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in the primary sedimentation process of sewage treatment a pilot plant study

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The behavior of polychlorinated biphenyls pcb in wastewater treatment plants i. communication calculation in a model plant

Emmrich, M.; Neumann, H.; Rueden, H., 1988:
The behavior of polychlorinated biphenyls pcb in wastewater treatment plants ii. communication calculation in a municipal sewage treatment plant

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The behavior of presternal scars in a fair skinned population

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The behavior of prostanoids during the course of acute experimental pancreatitis in rats

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The behavior of pseudotsuga menziesii mirb. franco buds grown under controlled conditions

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The behavior of rabbits during breeding and experimentation

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The behavior of radioactive fission products in 3 typical sandy soils of the lowland in northern germany

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The behavior of rainwater on a forested hillslope i. the properties of vertical infiltration and the influence of bedrock on it

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The behavior of rats selected for their voluntary ethanol consumption

Reed S.E., 1984:
The behavior of recent isolates of human respiratory coronavirus in vitro and in volunteers evidence of heterogeneity among 229 e related strains

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The behavior of red billed woodcreepers hylexetastes perrotti

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The behavior of respiratory mechanics in cardiac insufficiency and with uremia after water depletion

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The behavior of rodents as a basis for control demonstrated by example of the nesting and gnawing behavior of mus musculus

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The behavior of roots encountering cracks in soil 1. experimental methods and results

Hewitt, J.S.; Dexter, A.R., 1984:
The behavior of roots encountering cracks in soil 2. development of a predictive model

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The behavior of rough rice in sorption

Zanoaga C.V.; Zanoaga M.; Uglea C.V., 1987:
The behavior of rye in rh gradient

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The behavior of sabin attenuated poliovirus strains in the central nervous system of rhesus monkeys

Willis E.O., 1982:
The behavior of scale backed antbirds hylophylax poecilinota

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The behavior of serum immuno globulins in the course of infections by salmonella typhimurium occurring in the 1st year of life

Fehlhaber K., 1982:
The behavior of shigella spp in microbial cultures used in dairying

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The behavior of siberian fir and norway spruce saplings growing together in the moscow oblast ussr

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The behavior of silver positive structures during meiotic prophase of male mice

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The behavior of some 2 acetamido 2 deoxy furanoses in the presence of alkaline ion exchange resin

Docea E.; Mihaescu G.; Ignat V., 1980:
The behavior of some apple varieties when attacked by podosphaera leucotricha

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The behavior of some biochemical components in the blood serum of pigs with exudative myopathy

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The behavior of some biochemical parameters in physical stress induced by a long distance march

Dumitrescu C.; Mihalache N.; Mirondon Z.; Perianu S., 1981:
The behavior of some biologic parameters in obese patients after short term exercise under restrictive diets

Hoellwarth, M., 1977:
The behavior of some carbohydrates from needles of taxus baccata at urban habitats exposed to different conditions of emissions

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The behavior of some dry bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivars in presence and absence of micro nutrient fertilizers 1

Lucchi M.G.; Vecchi S.; Turci M.; Capodieci C.; Barbanti Silva C.; Masellis G., 1985:
The behavior of some factors of blood pressure equilibrium during puerperium

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The behavior of some fishes during predation

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The behavior of some hemo coagulative parameters and of platelet aggregation in arterio sclerotic hypertensive and normo lipemic subjects

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The behavior of some histochemical reactions in testicle tissue of a white rat as a result of captan action

Piazzolla, P.; Gallitelli, D.; Quacquarelli, A., 1977:
The behavior of some isometric plant viruses heated in vitro as determined by particle stabilizing forces

Indreas A.; Georgescu M., 1986:
The behavior of some mixed quality varieties from the world assortment

Coroianu A.; Ivascu A., 1981:
The behavior of some peach cultivars and hybrids when attacked by the fungus taphrina deformans

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The behavior of some phenolic acids and aldehydes on thin layers of silica gel impregnated with iron iii

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The behavior of some plasma indices in cerebro vascular diseases

Georgescu M.; Indreas A.; Dejeu L., 1986:
The behavior of some table and wine grape varieties developed in romania and of some biologically resistant varieties during 1984 1985

Mihaescu G.; Tudor T., 1984:
The behavior of some thornfree blackberry varieties in the bucharest romania area

Mihalache M.; Dumitrescu M.; Cimpeanu G.; Ferando M., 1981:
The behavior of some tomato lines for processing under different types of culture

Dinu I., 1980:
The behavior of sows during farrowing according to the type of pens

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The behavior of spindle fibers and movement of chromosomes in dividing grasshopper spermatocytes

Stebaeva, S.K.; Sukhova, T.I.; Shcherbakov, D.Y., 1977:
The behavior of springtails collembola of different life forms in relation to temperature gradients

Reaka M.L.; Manning R.B., 1981:
The behavior of stomatopod crustacea and its relationship to rates of evolution

Matsushita M., 1985:
The behavior of streamborne pollen in the kako river hyogo prefecture western japan

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The behavior of streptococcus sp in organs of infected ayu

Rathsack R.; Wein A.M.; Hecht K.; Oehme P., 1982:
The behavior of substance p like immuno reactivity in plasma of patients with sleep disorders

Warshawsky H.; Josephsen K., 1981:
The behavior of substances labeled with tritium labeled proline and tritium labeled fucose in the cellular processes of odonto blasts and amelo blasts

Boron P.; Bobrowska E.; Boron Kaczmarska A.; Nadowska K.; Szpakowicz T., 1981:
The behavior of t and b lymphocytes during the acute phase of viral hepatitis with positive or negative hepatitis b surface antigen

D.March B.G.E., 1983:
The behavior of the amphipod gammarus lacustris exposed to various hydrogen ion and copper concentrations in a preference avoidance trough

Hitzenberger R., 1986:
The behavior of the atmospheric aerosol scattering coefficient under varying meteorological conditions

Davison G.W.H., 1979:
The behavior of the barred back pheasant syrmaticus humiae

Fuwa S., 1981:
The behavior of the bull trawl net estimated by the tension records on net

Coates A.; Poole T.B., 1983:
The behavior of the callitrichid monkey saguinus labiatus labiatus in the laboratory

Gudima G.O.; Vorob'ev I.A.; Chentsov Y.S., 1986:
The behavior of the cell center during epithelial cell spreading

Korel N.; Varan G., 1981:
The behavior of the condyle occipitales and of the atlas joint in a woman patient with kypho scoliosis

Kravchenko V.D., 1984:
The behavior of the cotton bollworm heliothis armigera in natural conditions

Peters H J.; Hunger P.; Neumann G.; Koehler H., 1982:
The behavior of the elements magnesium copper and zinc under athletic stress

Cabello L.; Fernandez L.; Moreno M., 1985:
The behavior of the flower of iberis within the insect vision spectrum

Anyanwu E.; Gieseking R.; Dittrich H.; Klinke F.; Enders H J., 1981:
The behavior of the granular alveocytes in chronic pulmonary congestion pulmonary fibrosis and after extracorporeal circulation

Sonoda, Y.; Hara, T., 1979:
The behavior of the heavy metals in soil crop system 8. chemical analysis of humic acid like matter as bodies contaminated by mercury

Litz H.; Blume H P., 1985:
The behavior of the herbicide 2 4 5 t in german soils under arable land and forest

Ytreberg N J., 1986:
The behavior of the house martin delichon urbica and the barn swallow hirundo rustica in the incubation period during a spell of adverse weather

Schwartze G.; Luebbe D., 1981:
The behavior of the immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m and c reactive protein in melanoma

Fernandez-Galiano, D., 1978:
The behavior of the kinetodesma during the division of paramecium caudatum

Matthaeus, W.; Baerthold, W., 1978:
The behavior of the lacrimal canaliculi after cryo surgery of eyelid tumors

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