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The bio stratigraphy of the pliocene pleistocene sequence of some bore holes in the caesarea and netanya areas israel calcareous nanno fossils planktonic foraminifera and mollusks

Moshkovitz, S.; Martinotti, G.M.

Israel Journal of Earth Sciences 28(4): 110-127


Accession: 006607137

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A biostratigraphic subdivision is established for the Plio-Pleistocene sequence in the Caesarea Israel Electric Company 1, 2 and 3 and the Netanya Israel Electric Company 1 and 2 boreholes by using calcareous nannofossils, planktonic foraminiferids and mollusks. Three units were distinguished using calcareous nannofossils: (A) a lower unit (Pliocene) (B) an intermediate unit (age uncertain, probably Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene) and (C) an upper unit (Pleistocene). Two intervals were recognized using the foraminiferids: (A) a lower one with Globorotalia margaritae and (B) and upper one, above its last occurrence. The gastropod Pyramidella plicosa was restricted to the Pliocene, below the last occurrence of the foraminifer Globigerinoides extremus and below the 1st occurrence of the coccolith Gephyrocapsa oceanica. The very condensed Pliocene section in the Caesarea area indicates a pronounced high structure; the thicker section in the Netanya area indicates a low structure.

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