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The biology of finnish species of sesiidae and cossidae lepidoptera 7. bembecia scopigera possible new species from the country additions cossus cossus lamellocossus terebra and phragmataecia castaneae

Vuola, M.; Korpela, S.

Notulae Entomologicae 61(2): 103-112


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-4594
Accession: 006607962

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B. scopigera, the only herbaceous-feeding sesiid in Finland, inhabits the southwestern archipelagoes and coastal areas of the country. The larva lives in the primary root of Lotus corniculatus, hibernates only once and pupates in an oblong tube which reaches ground level outside the root. The adults emerge in July and Aug. Parasites are rare. The caterpillars of C. cossus live in different deciduous trees and in Finland mostly in Salix caprea, seldom in coniferous trees. The young caterpillars live between bark and wood. The growth cycle lasts 2-4 yr. The distribution of the species extends to Lapland. Parasites are scarce. Populus tremula is the only food plant of L. terebra. The caterpillars inhabit, hibernating 2 or 3 times, mostly old, dry and damaged stems on warm, rocky places. The old emergence holes reveal the existence of the species. Pupation takes place in the tree in a chamber behind a bark lid without any cocoon. Parasites were not observed. The imago hatches in July. About 30 imagoes of P. castaneae were observed at the southwestern coast of Finland.

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