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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6611

Chapter 6611 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thorson T.B., 1982: The bull shark carcharhinus leucas and large tooth sawfish pristis perotteti in lake bayano a tropical man made impoundment in panama

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Mcmahon, D. G.; Block, G. D., 1987: The bulla ocular circadian pacemaker ii. chronic changes in membrane potential lengthen free running period

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Carpenter C.C., 1982: The bullsnake pituophis melanoleucus sayi as an excavator

Wussow, J.; Dix, V., 1977: The bumble bee fauna hymenoptera bombidae in the middle baltic sea region of the east germany

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Munakata M., 1979: The bumble bees in southern hokkaido and northernmost honshu japan with notes on blakiston zoo geographical line

Masoni A., 1980: The bundle branch block anatomically located in the his bundle

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610016

Keen M.A., 1985: The buoyancy and vertical distribution of eggs of sprat sprattus sprattus and pilchard sardina pilchardus

Tsvetkov V.I., 1986: The buoyancy of some young fishes in the white sea russian sfsr ussr

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Bozarth, R. F., 1976: The buoyant density of 3 double stranded rna in cesium sulfate

Norman, R. L.; Howard, B. D., 1977: The buoyant density of synaptic plasma membranes from the cerebral cortex of neo natal rats

Dromgoole F.I., 1982: The buoyant properties of codium fragile ssp tomentosoides

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610023

Hladil J., 1984: The buprestidae coleoptera of yugoslavia

Ahring, R. M.; Todd, G. W., 1977: The bur enclosure of the caryopses of buffalo grass as a factor affecting germination

Hartmann, J., 1977: The burbot lota lota in the eutrophicated lake constance

Johnson G.J., 1986: The burden of genetically determined eye disease

Wig N.N., 1983: The burden of mental illness on the family results of observations in 4 developing countries a report from the who collaborative study on strategies for extending mental health care

Kapur R.L., 1981: The burden on the family of a psychiatric patient development of an interview schedule

Justice, J., 1987: The bureaucratic context of international health a social scientist's view

Del-Tredici, P., 1977: The buried seeds of comptonia peregrina the sweet fern

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610034

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610035

Roman G., 1984: The burrow construction strategy of foxes in the bialowieza primeval forest poland

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Trevor, J. H., 1976: The burrowing activity of nephthys cirrosa annelida polychaeta

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Olla B.L., 1984: The burrowing behavior of sand lance ammodytes hexapterus effects of oil contaminated sediment

Haacke, W. D., 1976: The burrowing geckos of southern africa part 2 reptilia gekkonidae

Haacke, W. D., 1976: The burrowing geckos of southern africa part 3 reptilia gekkonidae

Haacke, W. D., 1976: The burrowing geckos of southern africa part 4 reptilia gekkonidae

Haacke, W. D., 1976: The burrowing geckos of southern africa part 5 reptilia gekkonidae

Trevor, J. H., 1977: The burrowing of nereis diversicolor together with some observations on arenicola marina annelida polychaeta

Wilson J.G., 1979: The burrowing of tellina tenuis and tellina fabula in relation to sediment characteristics

Jeppesen P.C., 1980: The burrowing water beetles noteridae from the inland waters of thy northwestern denmark

Karplus, I.; Szlep, R.; Tsurnamal, M., 1974: The burrows of alpheid shrimp associated with gobiid fish in the northern red sea

Carter T.S., 1983: The burrows of giant armadillos priodontes maximus edentata dasypodidae

Martin, L. D.; Bennett, D. K., 1977: The burrows of the miocene beaver palaeocastor western nebraska usa

Budras K D., 1982: The bursa cloacae fabricii of struthioniformes in comparison with the bursa of other birds

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610056

Kotani M., 1985: The bursa of fabricius a trapping site for environmental antigens

Harris, M. C., 1975: The bursa of fabricius bursa derived and thymus derived lymphocytes

Del Carmen Aguilar M., 1980: The bursa of fabricius is required for normal endocrine development in chicken

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610060

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610061

Hallet M M., 1986: The bursal microenvironment phenotypic characterization of the epithelial component of the bursa of fabricius with the use of monoclonal antibodies

Thornton, J. D.; Galpin, M. F. J.; Jennings, D. H., 1976: The bursting of the hyphal tips of dendryphiella salina and the relevance of the phenomenon to repression of glucose transport

Rowe, D.; Plomin, R., 1978: The burt controversy a comparison of burts data on iq with data from other studies

Gilbertson D.D., 1981: The burtle beds of somerset temporary sections at penzoy farm near bridgewater england uk

Tanguy H., 1979: The burying of slurry effects on the soil structure and on the diffusion of slurry products

Applebaum S.M., 1982: The buschke loewenstein tumor

Mortensen P.H.G., 1987: The buschke lowenstein tumor or verrucous carcinoma of the penis

Nel J.A.J., 1988: The bush karoo rat otomys unisulcatus on the cape west coast south africa

Mosher H.S., 1984: The bushman arrow toxin diamphidia toxin isolation from pupae of diamphidia nigro ornata

Morest D.K., 1979: The bushy cells in the anteroventral cochlear nucleus of the cat a study with the electron microscope

Tamm C., 1984: The busseins c d e f g h j k l and m 10 new tetra nortriterpenes from entandrophragma bussei

Hitchcock, N. E.; Gracey, M.; Maller, R. A.; Wearne, K. L., 1986: The busselton children's survey 1983 body size from five to 16 years of age

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Lourenco W.R., 1979: The buthidae scorpion tityus mattogrossensis morphology ecology biology and post embryonal development

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610077

Theunert R., 1984: The butterflies diurnal lepidoptera in the area of peine lower saxony west germany

Richert A., 1985: The butterflies from the diluvial landscapes around eberswalde finow east germany

Richert A., 1984: The butterflies in the diluvial landscape around eberswalde finow east germany

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610097

Durden C.J., 1982: The butterfly fauna of barton creek canyon on the balcones fault zone austin texas usa and a regional list

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Bonadona, P., 1975: The byrrhus of france coleoptera byrrhidae

Gruffydd, L. D., 1978: The byssus and byssus glands in chlamys islandica and other scallops lamellibranchia

Baumstark, B. R.; Scott, J. R., 1980: The c 1 repressor of bacterio phage p 1 1. isolation of the c 1 protein and determination of the p 1 dna region to which it binds

Griswold T., 1983: The c 17 20 lyase 17 alpha hydroxylase and aromatase activity in rat ovarian granulosa cells stimulated in vivo by gonadotropins

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610144

Guelke L., 1987: The c reactive protein crp of serum in sports medicine diagnosis

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610150

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610190

Blumenthal T., 1985: The caenorhabditis elegans vitellogenin gene family includes a gene encoding a distantly related protein

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610196

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610197

Schofield A., 1988: The cage questionnaire and psychological health

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610227

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610228

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610229

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610237

Spector I., 1979: The calcium action potential and a prolonged calcium dependent afterhyper polarization in mouse neuro blastoma cells

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610240

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610241

Saito Y., 1987: The calcium activity of cochlear endolymph of the guinea pig and the effect of inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610243

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610244

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610253

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610254

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610255

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610256

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610257

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610258

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610259

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610260

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610261

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610273

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610275

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610277

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610278

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610279

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610280

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610281

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610282

Mironneau J., 1987: The calcium channel current of pregnant rat single myometrial cells in short term primary culture

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610284

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610285

Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610286

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Section 7, Chapter 6611, Accession 006610289

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