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The carbohydrates of influenza virus part 2 gas chromatographic analysis of glyco peptides derived from viral glyco proteins and muco poly saccharides brief report

Schwarz, R.T.; Fournet, B.; Montreuil, J.; Rott, R.; Klenk, H.D.

Archives of Virology 56(3): 251-256


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-8608
Accession: 006610796

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Two carbohydrate fractions can be obtained from egg-grown influenza virus after Pronase digestion followed by gel chromatography. One fraction contains glycopeptides (MW about 2000-2600) which represent the carbohydrate side chains of the viral glycoproteins. The constituent sugars of this material are fucose, galactose, glucosamine and mannose, and their position within the side chain was partially elucidated by methylation studies. The other fraction (MW > 6000) appears to be mucopolysaccharide and is composed of fucose, galactose, glucose, galactosamine and glucosamine.