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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6612

Chapter 6612 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hannuksela M.; Stenback F.; Lahti A., 1986:
The carcinogenic properties of topical psoralen uv a a lifelong study in mice

Tancrede M.; Wilson R.; Zeise L.; Crouch E.A.C., 1987:
The carcinogenic risk of some organic vapors indoors a theoretical survey

Reuber M.D., 1979:
The carcinogenicity of kepone

Dunn W.J.IIi; Wold S., 1981:
The carcinogenicity of n nitroso compounds a simca pattern recognition study

Chankong V.; Haimes Y.Y.; Rosenkranz H.S.; Pet Edwards J., 1985:
The carcinogenicity prediction and battery selection method a bayesian approach

Hesp, W.L.; Wobbes, T.; Postma, M.H., 1987:
The carcinoid of the intestine

Carrasco, C.H.; Charnsangavej, C.; Ajani, J.; Samaan, N.A.; Richli, W.; Wallace, S., 1986:
The carcinoid syndrome: palliation by hepatic artery embolization

Levy, M.N., 1979:
The cardiac and vascular factors that determine systemic blood flow

Suzuki T.; Sone K.; Tabata H., 1988:
The cardiac anomaly and therapy of asplenia syndrome

Eriksson A.; Eriksson P.; Olofsson B O.; Thornell L E., 1983:
The cardiac atrio ventricular conduction system in familial amyloidosis with poly neuropathy a clinico pathologic study of 6 cases from northern sweden

Kuz'menko V.A., 1986:
The cardiac component of orthostatic reaction at various initial heart rates

Borton, T.E.; Moore, W.H., 1979:
The cardiac component of the orienting response: effects of signal intensity, clinical interpretation, and procedural limitations

Murakami T.; Nasu T.; Saito I., 1985:
The cardiac conducting system of the lagomorpha

Dickinson, D.F.; Wilkinson, J.L.; Anderson, K.R.; Smith, A.; Ho, S.Y.; Anderson, R.H., 1979:
The cardiac conduction system in situs ambiguus

Jankus, A., 1976:
The cardiac conduction system in sudden infant death syndrome a report on 3 cases

Wikman-Coffelt, J.; Sievers, R.; Coffelt, R.J.; Parmley, W.W., 1983:
The cardiac cycle: regulation and energy oscillations

Kovalik, S.G.; Ledgerwood, A.M.; Lucas, C.E.; Higgins, R.F., 1981:
The cardiac effect of altered calcium homeostasis after albumin resuscitation

Pollick C.; Giacomini K.M.; Blaschke T.F.; Nelson W.L.; Turner Tamiyasu K.; Briskin V.; Popp R.L., 1982:
The cardiac effects of dextro disopyramide and levo disopyramide in normal subjects a noninvasive study

Allan G.; Levi R., 1980:
The cardiac effects of prostaglandins and their modification by the prostaglandin antagonist n 0164 sodium p benzyl 4 1 oxo 2 4 chlorobenzyl 3 phenylpropylphenyl phosphonate

Drska, Z.; Kral, V., 1975:
The cardiac electric field

Manjunath C.K.; Nicholson B.J.; Teplow D.; Hood L.; Page E.; Revel J P., 1987:
The cardiac gap junction protein m r 47000 has a tissue specific cytoplasmic domain of m r 17000 at its carboxyl terminus

Kyerematen G.; Hagos M.; Weeratunga G.; Sandberg F., 1985:
The cardiac glycosides of thevetia ovata and thevetia nereifolia

Tumanishvili G.D.; Lezhava R.A.; Gogsadze L.A.; Giorgadze N.V., 1981:
The cardiac growth inhibiting substances

Smith P.J.S.; Boyle P.R., 1982:
The cardiac innervation of eledone cirrhosa mollusca cephalopoda

Dische, M.R.; Porro, R.S., 1970:
The cardiac lesions in bassen kornzweig syndrome report of a case with autopsy findings

Eikhgorn A.V.; Ermolova Z.S.; Kutsenko I.N., 1985:
The cardiac lymphatic bed during the postresuscitation period

Bradham, R.R.; Parker, E.F.; Barrington, B.A.J. ; Webb, C.M.; Stallworth, J.M., 1970:
The cardiac lymphatics

Allal J.; Rossi F.; Petitalot J.P.; Vouhe P.; Barraine R.; Sudre Y., 1985:
The cardiac manifestations of chronic atrophic polychondritis

Faulkner, J.A.; Heigenhauser, G.F.; Schork, M.A., 1977:
The cardiac output oxygen uptake relationship of men during graded bicycle ergometry

Marinoni, G.P.; De-Filippi, R.; Montemartini, C., 1985:
The cardiac pacing in the elderly

Kirschner, R.H.; Eckner, F.A.; Baron, R.C., 1986:
The cardiac pathology of sudden, unexplained nocturnal death in Southeast Asian refugees

Curtis, G.P.; Setchfield, J.; Lucchesi, B.R., 1975:
The cardiac pharmacology of tolbutamide

Koeda T.; Motegi I.; Doijiri K I.; Ichikawa T.; Sato M.; Miura S.; Yoshinaga S.; Urabe K.; Kawakami M.; E.A., 1985:
The cardiac pump function after myocardial infarction observation of cardiac function by coronary angiography

Palets L.D., 1983:
The cardiac pump function power and stroke work in intact animals under prolonged adrenaline infusion

Falch, D.K.; Norman, N., 1978:
The cardiac response to a small intra venous dose of di hydralazine a safe drug for diagnostic tests

Taylor, A.C., 1976:
The cardiac responses to shell opening and closure in the bivalve arctica islandica

Meinen K.; Breinl H.; Leuterer W., 1983:
The cardiac state of new born children after long term tocolysis with fenoterol

Escamilla R.; Longhi R.; Migueres J.; Jover A.; Krempf M.; Massabuau P.; Bonhoure J.P., 1985:
The cardiac tolerance of a beta 2 sympathomimetic spray fenoterol a report on 37 cases assessed by a holter monitor in a therapeutic trial with a short protocol

Christ I., 1982:
The cardiac ultrastructure of cypridina norvegica crustacea ostracoda

Rowlatt U., 1981:
The cardiac ventricles of a baleen whale balaenoptera acutorostrata minke whale and a toothed whale hyperoodon ampullatus bottle nosed whale

Evans D.; Hibbard B.; Jones J.; Landsman J.; Sweetnam P., 1980:
The Cardiff cervical cytology study. Enumeration and definition of population and initial acceptance rates

Sweetnam, P.; Evans, D.M.; Hibbard, B.M.; Jones, J.M., 1981:
The Cardiff Cervical Cytology Study. Prevalence and epidemiology of cervical neoplasia

Evans D.M.D.; Hibbard B.M.; Jones J.M.; Sweetnam P., 1981:
The cardiff wales uk cervical cytology study prevalence of cytological grades and initial histological findings

Gon O., 1987:
The cardinal fishes perciformes apogonidae collected in the maldive islands during the xarifa expedition 1957 58

Kozlov V.L.; Gutkin A.B., 1983:
The cardio biliary syndrome as a cause of recurrent ventricular fibrillation

Stramba Badiale M.; Scillieri E.; Castoldi C., 1981:
The cardio circulatory function test with 1 3 5 di methoxy 4 hydroxyphenyl 2 monoethylamino ethanol hydro chloride a modification of rehns test

Hudson, R.E.B., 1970:
The cardio myopathies order from chaos

Huddle K.R.; Dubb A.; Herman V., 1982:
The cardio myopathy of primary hypo parathyroidism a case

Yazawa T.; Kuwasawa K., 1984:
The cardio regulator nerves of hermit crabs multimodal activation of the heart by the accelerator axons

Yazawa T.; Kuwasawa K., 1984:
The cardio regulator nerves of the hermit crabs anatomical and electrophysiological identification of their distribution inside the heart

Mansoldo, G.; Pedron, S.; Alberton, F.; Crivellini-Luzi, A., 1975:
The cardio thyro toxic disease in the aged clinical cases

Amato M.; Berger C., 1982:
The cardio tocogram in congenital fetal cardiac abnormalities

Honerjaeger, P.; Reiter, M., 1977:
The cardio toxic effect of batracho toxin

Goodger W.P.; Burns T.A., 1980:
The cardio toxic effects of alligator gar lepisosteus spatula roe on the isolated turtle chrysemys scripta elegans heart

Cohen M.R.; Hinsch E.; Ralkoski Z.; Vergona R.; Urbano S.; Sztokalo J., 1982:
The cardio vascular and autonomic properties of n phenyl piperazine in several animal models

Ramsay, I.; Krassas, G.; Mchardy-Young, S., 1977:
The cardio vascular and lipid status of pernicious anemia patients with and without thyroid antibodies

Hassan S.; Pickles H.; Fish A.; Burke C.; Warrington S.; O'grady J., 1982:
The cardio vascular and platelet effects of epoprostenol prostacyclin prostaglandin i 2 are unaffected by beta adrenoceptor blockade in man

Obrist, P.A., 1976:
The cardio vascular behavioral interaction as it appears today

Domenichini Y.; Thoulon J M., 1982:
The cardio vascular complications of the use of beta mimetic drugs in obstetrics

Maixner W.; Long J.P.; Wright C.B.; Cannon J.G., 1982:
The cardio vascular effects in dogs of 2 n di alkyl substituted analogs of dopamine and dopamine

Petty M.; Reid J., 1982:
The cardio vascular effects of centrally administered substance p in the anesthetized rabbit

Ogawa K., 1980:
The cardio vascular effects of diazepam and diazepam methohexital as intra venous sedation techniques

Nuttall A.; Snow H.M., 1982:
The cardio vascular effects of ici 118587 1 p hydroxyphenoxy 3 beta morpholinocarbonamidoethylamino 2 propanol fumarate a beta 1 adrenoceptor partial agonist

Finch, L.; Hicks, P.E., 1976:
The cardio vascular effects of intra ventricularly administered histamine in the anesthetized rat

Spotoft H.; Korshin J.D.; Sorensen M.B.; Skovsted P., 1979:
The cardio vascular effects of ketamine used for induction of anesthesia in patients with valvular heart disease

Howland, W.S.; Schweizer, O.; Carlon, G.C.; Goldiner, P.L., 1977:
The cardio vascular effects of low levels of ionized calcium during massive transfusion

Qvist T.F.; Lang Jensen T.; Korshin J.D.; Skovsted P., 1980:
The cardio vascular effects of pancuronium during halothane and cyclo propane anesthesia

Zeng G.; Gao S.; Zhang L.; E.A., 1983:
The cardio vascular effects of peruvoside and neriifolin in anesthetized dogs

Gerold, M.; Cavero, I.; Saner, A.; Haeusler, G., 1978:
The cardio vascular effects of the anti hypertensive drug debrisoquin a contribution to the pharmacology of chronic treatment part 2 8 week administration to dogs

Cavero, I.; Gerold, M.; Saner, A.; Haeusler, G., 1978:
The cardio vascular effects of the antihypertensive drug debrisoquin a contribution to the pharmacology of chronic treatment part 1 1 week administration to dogs

Saner, A.; Lorez, H.P.; Kettler, R.; Gerold, M.; Haeusler, G., 1978:
The cardio vascular effects of the antihypertensive drug debrisoquin a contribution to the pharmacology of chronic treatment part 3 absence of adrenergic degeneration after 8 week administration to dogs

Bousquet P.; Decker N.; Feldman J.; Schwartz J., 1983:
The cardio vascular effects of urapidil

R-Coll-Physicians-Lond-Work-Party-Cardiol-Comm, 1978:
The cardio vascular fitness of airline pilots

Okada H., 1980:
The cardio vascular hemodynamics during simple deep hypo thermia

Ferrante, M.R.; Iarussi, D.; Siciliano, S.; Cacciapuoti, F.; Jacono, A., 1977:
The cardio vascular manifestations of the ehlers danlos syndrome description of a case

Robson, R.D.; Kaplan, H.R., 1970:
The cardio vascular pharmacology of bunolol a new beta adrenergic blocking agent

Osborne, M.W.; Wenger, J.J.; Willems, W., 1971:
The cardio vascular pharmacology of l minus dopa peripheral and central effects

Osborne, M.W.; Wenger, J.J.; Barrett, R.J.; Zanko, M.T., 1974:
The cardio vascular pharmacology of methyl dopa using graphic segmental circulatory analysis

Weeks J.R.; Compton L.D., 1979:
The cardio vascular pharmacology of prostacyclin in the rat

Schieken R.M.; Clarke W.R.; Lauer R.M., 1983:
The cardio vascular responses to exercise in children across the blood pressure distribution the muscatine iowa usa study

Thelle D.S.; Forde O.H., 1979:
The cardio vascular study in finnmark county norway coronary risk factors and the occurrence of myo cardial infarction in 1st degree relatives and in subjects of different ethnic origin

Korkushko O.V., 1980:
The cardio vascular system during aging

Godfraind T.; Ghysel Burton J., 1979:
The cardioactive properties of sc 4453 a digoxin analog with a 17 carbon beta pyridazine ring

Simaan J.; Fawaz G., 1980:
The cardiodynamic and metabolic effects of carbocromen and propranolol on the isolated dog heart

Brignole M.; Gigli G.; Altomonte F.; Barra M.; Sartore B.; Prato R.; Menozzi C.; Gheller G.; Bertulla A., 1985:
The cardioinhibitory reflex evoked by carotid sinus stimulation in normal and with cardiovascular disorders patients

Ngeh-Ngwainbi, J.; Kuan, S.S.; Steinman, F.; Guilbault, G.G., 1986:
The cardiolipin antigen: chemistry and composition

Semenov D.E.; Semenova L.A.; Nepomnyashchikh L.M.; Tsellarius Y.G., 1984:
The cardiomyocyte disappearance phenomenon in plastic myocardial insufficiency

Gross F., 1977:
The cardioprotective action of beta blockers facts and theories an international symposium held during the 7th european cardiology congress amsterdam july 23 1976

Awouters F.; Niemegeers C.J.E.; Janssen P.A.J., 1985:
The cardioselectivity of beta adrenergic blocking agents revealed by interaction with salbutamol and isoproterenol in the potassium cyanide test in rats

Endrody Younga S., 1986:
The cardiosis evolutionary lineages of the genus zophosis latreille coleoptera tenebrionidae zophosini

Campbell, C.A.; Mehta, P.M.; Wynne, J.; Kloner, R.A., 1987:
The cardiotonic agent amrinone does not increase anatomic infarct size

Hong S.A.; Park C.W.; Kim M.S.; Shin S.G.; Yoon H.I., 1980:
The cardiotonic effect of aconiti tuber

Bringmann W., 1986:
The cardiovascular adaptation for prevention and therapy

Kapur, P.A.; Matarazzo, D.A.; Fung, D.M.; Sullivan, K.B., 1987:
The cardiovascular and adrenergic actions of verapamil or diltiazem in combination with propranolol during halothane anesthesia in the dog

Cameron, C.B.; Gregory, G.A.; Rudolph, A.M.; Heymann, M., 1985:
The cardiovascular and metabolic effects of halothane in normoxic and hypoxic newborn lambs

Allan G.; Follenfant M.J.; Lidbury P.; Oliver P.L.; Whittle B.J.R., 1985:
The cardiovascular and platelet actions of 9 beta methylcarbacyclin ciprostene a chemically stable analog of prostacyclin in the dog and monkey erythrocebus patas

Epple A.; Hilliard R.W.; Potter I.C., 1985:
The cardiovascular chromaffin cell system of the southern hemisphere lamprey geotria australis

Arima, T.; Yoshida, N.; Nakamura, S.; Ikei, Y.; Oohata, M.; Hori, T., 1985:
The cardiovascular effect of buprenorphine in dogs and open heart surgery patients

Badgwell J.M.; Heavner J.E.; Cooper M.W.; Cockings E., 1988:
The cardiovascular effects of anticholinergic agents administered during halothane anesthesia in children

Brett, C.M.; Teitel, D.F.; Heymann, M.A.; Rudolph, A.M., 1987:
The cardiovascular effects of isoflurane in lambs

Chapman J.T.; Hreash F.; Laycock J.F.; Walter S.J., 1986:
The cardiovascular effects of vasopressin after hemorrhage in anesthetized rats

Bachynski Cole M.; Cumming G.R., 1985:
The cardiovascular fitness of disabled patients attending occupational therapy

Chin W.S.; Pillai S.S.R., 1986:
The cardiovascular laboratory at the mount elizabeth hospital singapore the first 600 cases

Busnach G.; Poloni F.; Bruccato A.; Tempesti P.; Obbiassi M.; Minetti L., 1983:
The cardiovascular manifestations of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus glomerulonephritis

Hughes B.; Kane K.A.; Mcdonald F.M.; Parratt J.R., 1984:
The cardiovascular pharmacology of exaprolol

Jakupi M.; Moracic V.; Karahoda Gjurgjeala N.; Dreshaj I.; Gashi A.A.; Haxhiu M.A., 1986:
The cardiovascular responses to histamine applied on ventral medullary surface

Korytnikov K.I.; Korneev N.V.; Kutlunin V.P.; Kolechkov Y.A.; Grankin V.I., 1984:
The cardiovascular system in patients with chronic renal failure according to echocardiography data

Zhizhina S.A.; Popkova A.M.; Balabolkin M.I.; Lisyanskaya I.I., 1986:
The cardiovascular system in patients with subacute thyroiditis

Niekisch, M., 1975:
The care and breeding of egernia cunninghami sauria scincidae

Singh, B.; Prasad, B., 1973:
The care and breeding of the indian garden lizard calotes versicolor

Honegger R.E., 1986:
The care and long term breeding of siebenrockiella crassicollis testudines emydidae

Green R.C.Jr; Carroll G.J.; Buxton W.D., 1978:
The care and management of the sick and incompetent physician

Helbig, D.W.; O'hare, D.; Smith, N.W., 1972:
The care component score a new system for evaluating quality of in patient care

Joner G.; Sovik O., 1984:
The care of diabetic children and adolescents in norway results of a questionnaire among patients detected during the 5 period 1973 1977

Reuben, D.B.; Robertson, J.B., 1987:
The care of elderly patients by elderly physicians

McGuire, L.B.; Nolan, S.P., 1979:
The care of patients at increased risk of premature pacemaker failure

Bullough V.; Bullough B., 1979:
The care of the sick the emergence of modern nursing

Mansfield, P.B.; Hall, D.G.; D.B.nedetto, G.; Sauvage, L.R.; Wechezak, A.R., 1978:
The care of vascular endothelium in pediatric surgery

Balda, R.P.; Balda, J.H., 1978:
The care of young pinon jays gymnorhinus cyanocephalus and their integration into the flock

Locke Haydon J., 1984:
The caregiving care seeking balance in captive common marmosets callithrix jacchus

Mouton, J.A., 1975:
The carene of the midrib a new character of systematic interest

Dick R.; Platts A.; Gilford J.; Reddy K.; Irving J.D., 1987:
The carey coons percutaneous biliary endoprosthesis a three center experience in 87 patients

Bressoud B.; Trotereau A., 1984:
The caricion bicolori atrofuscae an arctic alpine alliance in the fens of the massif de la vanoise and of the neighboring regions savoie france

Chace, F.A.Jr, 1983:
The caridean shrimps crustacea decapoda of the albatross philippine expedition 1907 1910 1. family stylodactylidae

Chace, F.A.Jr, 1984:
The caridean shrimps crustacea decapoda of the albatross philippine expedition 1907 1910 2. families glyphocrangonidae and crangonidae

Chace F.A.Jr, 1985:
The caridean shrimps crustacea decapoda of the albatross philippine expedition 1907 1910 3 families thalassocarididae and pandalidae

Chace, F.A.Jr, 1986:
The caridean shrimps crustacea decapoda of the albatross philippine expedition 1907 1910 part 4. families oplophoridae and nematocarcinidae

Carvacho A., 1979:
The caridian shrimps of the mangrove of guadeloupe french west indies

Blinkhorn A.S., 1982:
The caries experience and dietary habits of edinburgh scotland uk nursery school children

Gron P.; Caslavska V.; Tamura T.; Kent R., 1987:
The caries inhibitory effect of repeated topical applications of sodium fluoride or ammonium fluoride in rodents

Holm G B.; Holst K.; Mejare I., 1984:
The caries preventive effect of a fluoride varnish in the fissures of the 1st permanent molar

Hagan P.P.; Rozier R.G.; Bawden J.W., 1985:
The caries preventive effects of full strength and half strength topical acidulated phosphate fluoride

Percac H.; Ondrusek V.; Rajic Z., 1986:
The caries protective action of fluonatril on the deciduous teeth

Huxley, H.G., 1977:
The cariogenicity of dietary sucrose at various levels in 2 strains of rat under unrestricted and controlled frequency feeding conditions

Maiwald H J.; Greiling B.; Callmeier S.; Westphal S.; Taeufel A., 1984:
The cariogenicity of refreshing beverages

Shyu, K.W.; Hsu, M.Y., 1980:
The cariogenicity of xylitol mannitol sorbitol and sucrose

Spanos, N.P.; Radtke, H.L.; Hodgins, D.C.; Stam, H.J.; Bertrand, L.D., 1983:
The Carleton University responsiveness to suggestion scale: normative data and psychometric properties

Spanos N.P.; Cobb P.N.; Gwynn M.I., 1984:
The carleton university responsiveness to suggestion scale stability and reliability under conditions on individual administration

Froebe, H.A.; Classen, R., 1987:
The carlina l. receptacular bracts a critical valuation

Wright P.G.; Friesen W.J., 1985:
The carlson psychological survey with adolescents norms and scales reliabilities

Leshem B., 1983:
The carnation dianthus caryophyllus cultivar cerise royalette succulent plantlet a stable teratological growth

Dullo W C.; Lein R., 1980:
The carnian of launsdorf in carinthia southern austria the sponge fauna of the leckkogel strata

Stevenson, E., 1968 :
The carnitine independent oxidation of palmitate plus malate by moth flight muscle mitochondria prodenia eridania trichoplusia ni

Schmidt Kittler N., 1987:
The carnivora fissipedia from the lower miocene of east africa

D.Beaumont G., 1986:
The carnivora mammifera of the neogene of hoewenegg hegaue baden wuerttemberg west germany

Harrison J.A., 1983:
The carnivora of the edson local fauna late hemphillian kansas usa

Stanisic J., 1981:
The carnivorous land snail gulella bicolor new record from australia pulmonata streptaxidae

Carlson W.A., 1986:
The carob ceratonia siliqua evaluation of trees pods and kernals

Rembert D.H.Jr, 1979:
The carolina usa plants of andre michaux

Feinberg, M.; Carroll, B.J.; Smouse, P.E.; Rawson, S.G., 1981:
The caroll rating scale for depression 3. comparison with other rating instruments

Durdyev N.N., 1979:
The carotene content in pasture plants of the central kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Camara B.; Payan C.; Escoffier A.; Moneger R., 1980:
The carotenes of pepper capsicum annuum cultivar yolo wonder fruit presence of trans phytoene and phytofluene comparative biosynthesis of different carotenes

Czeczuga, B., 1978:
The carotenoid content in certain plants from abisko national park swedish lapland

Fabian, I., 1974:
The carotenoid content of corn plant leaves under the influence of nitrogen sulfur magnesium and calcium deficiency

Czeczuga, B., 1985:
The carotenoid content of mammals v. the european hare lepus europaeus

Mathews-Roth, M.M.; Hummel, D.; Crean, C., 1977:
The carotenoid content of various organs of animals administered large amounts of beta carotene

Holloway, G.M.; Gainer, J.L., 1988:
The carotenoid crocetin enhances pulmonary oxygenation

Farin D.; Ikan R.; Gross J., 1983:
The carotenoid pigments in the juice and flavedo of a mandarin hybrid citrus reticulata cultivar michal during ripening

Veerman, A., 1976:
The carotenoid pigments of oligonychus bessardi acari tetranychidae

Mummery, R.; Valadon, G.; Rothschild, M., 1976:
The carotenoids of a black variety of the larva of the moth manduca sexta

Czeczuga, B., 1976:
The carotenoids of fresh water sponges of the genus spongilla

Britton, G.; Singh, R.K.; Goodwin, T.W.; Ben-Aziz, A., 1975:
The carotenoids of rhodomicrobium vannielii rhodospirillaceae and the effect of di phenyl amine on the carotenoid composition

Castillo, R.; Negre-Sadargues, G.; Lenel, R., 1988:
The carotenoids of the hermit crab clibanarius erythropus latreille 1818 crustacea decapoda anomoura during the molting cycle i. quantitative aspects

Matsuno T.; Katsuyama M.; Hirono T.; Maoka T.; Komori T., 1986:
The carotenoids of tilapia tilapia nilotica

Fernandez Aguado M.T.; Burgos Gonzalez J., 1979:
The carotenoids of trout salmo fario in the wild state from the river porma northwestern spain seasonal changes

Balci M.A.; Unsalar S.; Yildirmak S.; Oztopcular M., 1979:
The carotico basilar anastomosis as a result of the persistent primitive trigeminal artery

Sharp, W.V., 1970:
The carotid artery a test site for small vessel prosthetics

W.H.D.; Kaplan S.; Sauvage L.R.; Robel S.B.; Berger K.; Walker M.; Sado S.J., 1985:
The carotid artery as coronary bioprosthesis 5 potential donor species

Imparato, A.M.; Riles, T.S.; Gorstein, F., 1979:
The carotid bifurcation plaque: pathologic findings associated with cerebral ischemia

Habeck, J.O.; Kreher, C.; Huckstorf, C.; Behm, R., 1987:
The carotid bodies of renal hypertensive rats

Honig A.; Habeck J O.; Pfeiffer C.; Schmidt M.; Huckstorf C.; Rotter H.; Eckermann P., 1981:
The carotid bodies of spontaneously hypertensive rats a functional and morphologic study

Wassermann, K., 1978:
The carotid bodies pathologic or physiologic?

Acker, H., 1976:
The carotid body a model for the chemo receptive process

Velicky J.; Titlbach M.; Rychter Z., 1981:
The carotid body of the pheasant phasianus colchicus an electron microscopy study

Dugdale, L.M.; Gray, A.V.; Mitchell, A., 1985:
The carotid bruit: is it a useful sign of vessel disease? A clinical and digital angiographic study

Bugge, J., 1977:
The carotid circulation in commonly used laboratory animals

Bensaid, J.; Dany, F.; Hammel, J., 1985:
The carotid pulse in dissecting aneurysm of the aorta

Carvalho L.S.; Carvalho J.S.; Bettencourt J.M.D., 1983:
The carotid reflexes provoked by dopamine and their modifications by phentolamine and sulpiride

Saunders, F.W.; Shedden, P., 1985:
The carotid siphon: a scanning electron microscope assessment of its embolic potential

Guastavino J.L.; L.K., 1984:
The carousel and the random holes alley a pair of apparatus for studies on the gait of normal and staggerer mutant mice

Conway, W.F.; Destouet, J.M.; Gilula, L.A.; Bellinghausen, H.W.; Weeks, P.M., 1985:
The carpal boss: an overview of radiographic evaluation

Breiting V.; Nordenbo A.M.; Stigsby B., 1987:
The carpal tunnel syndrome a review with the results of a 2 year neurological and clinical neurophysiological follow up investigation

Gelberman, R.H.; Hergenroeder, P.T.; Hargens, A.R.; Lundborg, G.N.; Akeson, W.H., 1981:
The carpal tunnel syndrome. A study of carpal canal pressures

Dahl S.; Jepsen J.R., 1987:
The carpal tunnel syndrome and ergonomic stress

Dumoulin J.; Clauses I., 1981:
The carpal tunnel syndrome and its electro physiological investigations

Tjorstad K.; Langhelle O., 1985:
The carpal tunnel syndrome clinical aspects

Stolke D.; Seifert V., 1985:
The carpal tunnel syndrome in dialysis patients

Assennato G.; Antonini G.; Millefiorini M., 1985:
The carpal tunnel syndrome reflections on therapy

Luyendijk, W., 1986:
The carpal tunnel syndrome. The role of a persistent median artery

Periasamy K.; Indira C., 1986:
The carpel of moringa

Gupta, S.C.; Ahluwalia, R., 1977:
The carpel of nelumbo nucifera

Cesari, P.; Orlandini, M., 1984:
The carpenedo wood venice 2. short notes on chorology and systematics of mollusks of a relict environment of inland venice italy

Caniglia G., 1981 :
The carpenedo wood venice italy

Richard, J.; Semenzato, M., 1988:
The carpenedo wood venice italy 4. remarks on the amphibia and reptilia of a relict strip of planitial forest

Ratti, E., 1984:
The carpenedo woods venice italy 3. remarks on coleoptera inhabiting a relict strip of forest

Furlow, J.J., 1987:
The carpinus caroliniana complex in north america i. a multivariate analysis of geographical variation

Furlow, J.J., 1987:
The carpinus caroliniana complex in north america ii. systematics

Monzen T., 1982:
The carpo metacarpal metacarpal and inter phalangeal joint of the thumb

Terpo, A., 1976:
The carpological examination of wild growing vine species of hungary part 1

Terpo, A., 1977:
The carpological examination of wild growing vine species of hungary part 2 qualitative and quantitative characteristics of vine seeds

Benedi I.Gonzalez C.; Molero I.Briones J., 1985:
The carpology of the genus anthemis in the iberian peninsula and the balearic islands spain

Alarcon G.S.; Koopman W.J., 1985:
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The carroll rating scale for depression 2. factor analyses of the feature profiles

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The carry over of afla toxin ochra toxin and zearalenone from naturally contaminated feed to tissues urine and milk of dairy cows

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The carry over of fluoride from krill meal pellets into rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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The cartographic expression of dyn ecological models in mountain regions

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The cartography of exophile tick populations by the plants that they frequent ecologic principles and epidemiological importance

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The cartography of macrofungi leads to a dynamic concept of the species macromycetes

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The case against Allen's generalization of the matching law

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The case against surgery for asymptomatic carotid stenosis

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The case against the lens

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The case for a more aggressive approach to staghorn stones

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The case for adjuvant cyclo phosphamide methotrexate 5 fluoro uracil chemo therapy in breast cancer has it been made?

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The case for anti coagulants in acute myo cardial infarction

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The case for colorimetric 2 point stopped enzyme activity determinations exhibiting zero order reactions

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The case for drug abuse treatment effectiveness based on the drug abuse reporting program

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The case for immediate pyeloplasty in the neonate with ureteropelvic junction obstruction

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The case for immunization

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The case for low dose diuretics in hypertension: comparison of low and conventional doses of cyclopenthiazide

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The case for mental duality evidence from split brain data and other considerations

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The case for prevention of coronary heart disease

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The case for prophylactic cholecystectomy concomitant with gastric restriction for morbid obesity

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The case for scoliosis screening in Australian adolescents

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The case for standardization of tests for welding fume emission rate and chemical composition determination

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The case for steroid antibiotic combinations

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The case for sub classification of the malignant gliomas

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The case for the thylacomyidae and myrmecobiidae or why are marsupial families so extended

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The case for uromyces trifolii

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The case history of monkey no 109 1st experimentally produced vertical gaze palsy

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The case of an immuno globulin d plasma cytoma with unusual neurological symptomatology

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The case of an intraglandular sialolith partially exposed through the cortex in the submandibular gland

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The case of an optic nerve sheath meningioma of 20 year progression

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The case of keeping cornus in the broad linnaean sense

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The case of macrocephaly in the wild cat felis silvestris

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The case of natural abnormalities in ixodes ricinus linnaeus 1758 nymph acari ixodida ixodidae

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The case of the anxious executive: a study from the research clinic

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The case of the black speckled dolls an occupational hazard of unusual sulfur metabolism

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The case of the curious cannabis

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The case of the illegitimate gene

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The case of the intoxicated cells an epidemiologic note

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The case of the missing 6 decibels

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The case of the missing vault a cold bone lesion following electrical burn

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The case rate of chest tuberculosis in female infertility

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The case rate of female genital tuberculosis 1963 1978

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The case roots vs. fruits in the cucumber i. the effect of the nitrogen concentration in the recirculating nutrient solution on root death in cucumber

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The case slot identity theory

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The case study of the blue gene in taiwan simulated country birds

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The cases of peripheral facial paresis in our clinic

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The cashew and its relatives anacardium anacardiaceae

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The casing layer in the cultivation of the edible mushroom stropharia rugoso annulata

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The caspian tern hydroprogne tschegrava in eastern sicily italy

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The cassava mite complex 2. new records and description of 2 new species in the genus tetranychus from asia

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The cassio lineatae aristidetum neglectae a new association of the serpentine in cuba

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The cassiopeida arcadomyariae kampylomyariae as a third order of rhizostomae scyphomedusae and raising the latter to the superorder rhizostomoidea

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The caste system and caste mechanisms of neotermes connexus isoptera kalotermitidae

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The Castelli membrane in the treatment of glue ear

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The castor oil test in rats an in vivo method to evaluate anti propulsive and anti secretory activity of anti diarrheals

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The casts of mouse uterine cavities

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The casuistic study of the bacterial species responsible for the infections of the urinary tracts and their sensibility to antibiotic treatment

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The casuistics by aspiration of waste oil sediments

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The casusa strain of garden pea pisum sativum cultivar casusa its characterization

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The cat: an animal model for studies of inactive renin

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The cat as a model for myo cardial infarction

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The cat as a possible source of Toxoplasma infection for man

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The cat brain cortex ultrastructure in early recovery period after short term anoxia

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The cat felis catus as the final host of sarcocystis cuniculi of the rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus

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The cat locus coeruleus light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the neuronal somata

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The catabolism of 5 hydroxy iso phthalic acid by a soil bacterium

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The catabolism of glucose glutamate pyruvate and acetate in neisseria elongata ssp glycolytica

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The catabolism of prostaglandins by rat skin

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The catabolite sensitive promoter for the chloramphenicol acetyl transferase gene is preceded by 2 binding sites for the catabolite gene activator protein

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The catalase of histoplasma capsulatum

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The catalytic activity of muscle phosphoglucomutase in the crystalline phase

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The catalytic subunits of the sodium potassium atpase alpha and alpha dextro isozymes are the products of different genes

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The catch composition of jag fishery brush shelter of the dakatia river bangladesh

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The catch mechanism of molluscan smooth muscles

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The catch of cuttlefish gill net depends on soaking time

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The catch of perch perca fluviatilis in the 3 swiss jura foothill lakes lakes of morat neuchatel and bienne

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The catchment area of the general psychiatric clinic post graduate institute of medical education and research chandigarh punjab haryana india and its socio demographic profile

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The catchphrase approach to attitude measurement

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The catechol estrogens

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The catecholamine carrier of bovine chromaffin granules. Form of the bound amine

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The catecholamine content of hypothalamic nerve cells after acute exposure to cold and thyroxine administration

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The catecholamine excretion by gastric mucous membrane under normal conditions and in experimental ulcer

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The catecholamine precursor dopa alanine inhibits both heat production and heat loss mechanisms in the rabbit

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The catecholaminergic connections of the visual system of the albino rat

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The categories of aluminum humus and iron humus complexes in ando soils determined by selective dissolution

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The category effect in visual search identification vs. localization factors

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The caterpillar of zygaena esseni lepidoptera

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The catfishes of the neotropical family helogenidae ostariophysi siluroidei

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The cathartic method and the expectancies of Breuer and Anna O

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The cathedulin alkaloids

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The catheter wall simulating thrombus formation seen on pullout angiograms: an experimental study

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The cathodo luminescence method in the scanning electron microscope

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The cation dependence of the degree of protein phosphorylation induced unstacking of pea thylakoids

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The cation status of some indigenous plants from a cango valley limestone sandstone transition south africa

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The cationic carbo cyanine dyes stains all 4 5 4 5 di benzo 3 3 diethyl 9 methylthia carbo cyanine and ethyl stains all 4 5 4 5 di benzo 3 3 9 triethyl 9 methylthia carbo cyanine

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The cats fear behavior elicited by the stimulation of the thalamic dorsomedial nucleus before and after removal of the proreal gyri

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The cats felis catus of herekopare island new zealand their history ecology and affects on birdlife

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The cattle egret ardeola ibis south east queensland australia

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The cattle egret bubulcus ibis in new zealand 1978 1980

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The cauda equina syndrome a rare extra articular manifestation of ankylosing spondylitis a case report

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The caudal heart of fish: not a lymph heart

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The caudal neuro secretory system a critical evaluation of the 2 hormone hypothesis

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The caudal neurosecretory system of geophagus brasiliensis

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The caudal neurosecretory system of the yellow finned mahseer tor putitora hamilton

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The caudal skeleton of the allotriognaths lampridiformes pisces teleostei

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The caudal skeleton of the opah lampris guttatus pisces teleostei

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The caudal skeletons of catostomid fishes

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The caudate nucleus and posterior hypothalamus have receptors for neurotensin

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The causal agent of dry rot of potato fusarium solani in the central slovakian region czechoslovakia

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The causal effects of perceived competence on intrinsic motivation a test of cognitive evaluation theory

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The causative factor of the descemets membrane ruptures occurring at birth on the development of form vision deprivation amblyopia

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The cause of deep pitted scab of potatoes

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The cause of the nonsimultaneous maturation of kernels in different parts of barley and wheat spikes

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The causes and consequences of nonnormality in predicting the properties of recombinant inbred lines

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The causes of temporal change in communities modification of the biotic environment

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The cavernous tissue of the nasal mucosa

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The cell as an electric circuit part 2 an experimental study

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The cell cycle in the shoot apex of silene coeli rosa during the 1st day of floral induction

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The cell cycle of candida utilis daughter cells growing at different glucose concentrations

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The cell cycle of symbiotic Chlorella. II. The effect of continuous darkness

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The cell cycle of symbiotic Chlorella. III. Numbers of algae in green hydra digestive cells are regulated at digestive cell division

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The cell cycle of symbiotic Chlorella. IV. DNA content of algae slowly increases during host starvation of green hydra

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The cell cycle of the budding yeast sterigmatomyces halophilus levels of mitochondrial components in mother and bud cells

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The cell cycle of the budding yeast sterigmatomyces halophilus oscillations in the amounts and activities of the terminal components of the respiratory chain

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The cell cycle of the neutrophilic granulocyte in a urodele amphibian

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The cell division rates of 10 species of attaching diatoms in natural sea water

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The cell free synthesis of bovine lutropin beta subunit

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The cell free synthesis of herpesvirus induced poly peptides

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The cell free system of protein synthesis from rat heart muscle

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The cell heat resistance of molluscs inhabiting the thermal discharge area

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The cell interactive properties of glucosylated very low density and low density lipoproteins

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The cell junctions of hydra as viewed by freeze fracture replication

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The cell kinetics of estrogen induced interstitial cell tumor of mice 2. the effects of anti tumor agents on the cell cycle

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The cell life cycle during early embryogenesis of the mouse

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The cell lineage of the muscles of the Drosophila head

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The cell masses in the diencephalon of amphisbaena darwini heterozonata amphisbaenia squamata reptilia

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The cell mediated immune response to ectromelia virus infection secondary response in vitro specificity nature of effector and responder cells and requirements for induction of antigenic changes in stimulator cells

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The cell membrane reactivity and its basic mechanisms

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The cell population kinetics and response to an s phase specific agent of 3 transplantable colon tumor lines

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The cell population kinetics of established human uterine cervical carcinoma in nude mice, with comparative examination by types of tissues

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The cell population of aortic fatty streaks in african green monkeys cercopithecus aethiops with special reference to granulocytic cells an ultrastructural study

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The cell populations and angiotensin converting enzyme activity in broncho alveolar lavage fluid in patients with sarcoidosis

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The cell populations mediating natural killing and antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity are only partially identical

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The cell proliferation kinetics of the emt 6 m ac mouse tumor at 4 volumes during unperturbed growth in vivo

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The cell substrate attachment antigen has properties of a receptor for laminin and fibronectin

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The cell surface antigens of bladder washing specimens in patients with bladder tumors, a new approach

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The cell surface distribution of allo antigens on the bovine erythrocyte

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The cell surface glycoprotein of Halobacterium halobium. Physico-chemical characterization in the absence and presence of salt

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The cell surface in amoeboid loco motion behavior of naegleria gruberi on an adhesive lectin substrate

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The cell surface molecule recognized by the erythrocyte receptor of T lymphocytes. Identification and partial characterization using a monoclonal antibody

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The cell surface of mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare and mycobacterium scrofulaceum effect of specific chemical modifications on cell surface charge

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The cell surface of trypanosoma musculi bloodstream forms part 1 fine structure and cytochemistry

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