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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6613

Chapter 6613 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kontermann, K.; Bayreuther, K., 1979:
The cellular aging of rat fibroblasts in vitro is a differentiation process

Nolen, T.G.; Carew, T.J., 1988:
The cellular analog of sensitization in Aplysia emerges at the same time in development as behavioral sensitization

Phillips, S.M.; Reid, W.A.; Sadun, E.H., 1977:
The cellular and humoral immune response to schistosoma mansoni infections in inbred rats part 2 mechanisms during re exposure

Phillips, S.M.; Reid, W.A.; Doughty, B.; Khoury, P.B., 1978:
The cellular and humoral immune response to schistosoma mansoni infections in inbred rats part 3 development of optimal protective immunity following natural infections and artificial immunizations/

Phillips, S.M.; Reid, W.A.; Doughty, B.; Khoury, P.B., 1978:
The cellular and humoral immune response to schistosoma mansoni infections in inbred rats part 5 prerequisite mechanisms for the development of optimal protective immunity

Thornton R.F.; Hood R.L.; Rowe R.W.D.; Jones P.N., 1983:
The cellular and metabolic organization of ovine sub cutaneous adipose tissue

Raghoebar M.; Van Den Berg W.B.; Huisman J.A.M.; Van Ginneken C.A.M., 1987:
The cellular association of sodium salicylate and indomethacin in peritoneal fluid of ascites bearing mice

Konoplyannikov, A.G.; Maslennikova, R.L., 1977 :
The cellular bases for variations in general radio sensitivity of mice of different strains

Macsween J.M.; Rajaraman K.; Rajaraman R., 1986:
The cellular basis for differential lymphokine responses to mitogen stimulation

Marks, S.C., 1979:
The cellular basis for extremity bone loss in leprosy

Hang L.; Izui S.; Slack J.H.; Dixon F.J., 1982:
The cellular basis for resistance to induction of tolerance in bxsb systemic lupus erythematosus prone male mice

Taurog, J.D.; Sandberg, G.P.; Mahowald, M.L., 1983:
The cellular basis of adjuvant arthritis 1. enhancement of cell mediated passive transfer by concanavalin a and by immuno suppressive pre treatment of the recipient

Taurog, J.D.; Sandberg, G.P.; Mahowald, M.L., 1983:
The cellular basis of adjuvant arthritis 2. characterization of the cells mediating passive transfer

Hall, B.M.; De-Saxe, I.; Dorsch, S.E., 1983:
The cellular basis of allo graft rejection in vivo 3. restoration of 1st set jet rejection of heart grafts by t helper cells in irradiated rats

Hall, B.M.; Dorsch, S.; Roser, B., 1978:
The cellular basis of allo graft rejection in vivo part 1 the cellular requirements for 1st set rejection of heart grafts

Hall, B.M.; Dorsch, S.; Roser, B., 1978:
The cellular basis of allo graft rejection in vivo part 2 the nature of memory cells mediating 2nd set heart graft rejection

Van-Camp, B.G.K.; Shuit, H.R.E.; Hijmans, W.; Radl, J., 1978:
The cellular basis of double para proteinemia in man

Allegretti, N.; Marusic, M.; Culo, F., 1976:
The cellular basis of immunity against yoshida ascites sarcoma in thymus derived cell deficient mice

Abe T.; Morimoto C.; Toguchi T.; Kiyotaki M.; Homma M., 1980:
The cellular basis of impaired thymus derived lymphocyte functions in the elderly

Cramer S.L.F.; Carter K.J., 1981:
The cellular basis of metastatic bone disease in patients with lung cancer

Daines R.J.; Gould A.R., 1985:
The cellular basis of salt tolerance studied with tissue cultures of the halophytic grass distichlis spicata

Bigger C.H., 1982:
The cellular basis of the aggressive acrorhagial response of sea anemones

Metraux J P.; Kende H., 1984:
The cellular basis of the elongation response in submerged deep water rice oryza sativa cultivar habiganj aman ii

Golub E.S., 1977:
The cellular basis of the immune response an approach to immunobiology

Kuntz, M.M.; Innes, J.B.; Weksler, M.E., 1979:
The cellular basis of the impaired autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Kuo T.; Larsen E., 1987:
The cellular basis of wing size modification in drosophila the effects of the miniature gene crowding and temperature

Termer, E.A.; Glomski, C.A., 1978:
The cellular blood picture of the mongolian gerbil throughout the 1st year of life a longitudinal study

Iwasaka, T.; Kidera, Y.; Tsugitomi, H.; Sugimori, H., 1987:
The cellular changes in primary and recurrent infection with herpes simplex virus type 2 in an in vitro model

Beelen, R.H.; Fluitsma, D.M.; Hoefsmit, E.C., 1980:
The cellular composition of omentum milky spots and the ultrastructure of milky spot macrophages and reticulum cells

Okazaki S., 1981:
The cellular composition of pelmatohydra robusta with special reference to its trend during the budding process

Jurina, S.A., 1977:
The cellular content of different structural components in the regional lymph nodes of men in different age groups

Maden M.; Mustafa K., 1984:
The cellular contributions of blastema and stump to 180 degree supernumerary limbs in the axolotl

Andersson, K.H.C., 1975:
The cellular control of growth in cultures of tetrahymena changes in sodium potassium magnesium calcium phosphorus and protein

Andersson, K.H.C., 1977:
The cellular control of growth in cultures of tetrahymena part 2 influence of iron medium and aeration on culture growth and cellular exchange of calcium

Signoret, J.; Lefesne, J., 1976:
The cellular cycle during segmentation of the axolotl fertilized egg

Perlmutter D.H.; Kay R.M.; Cole F.S.; Rossing T.H.; Van Thiel D.; Colten H.R., 1985:
The cellular defect in alpha 1 proteinase inhibitor deficiency is expressed in human monocytes and in xenopus oocytes injected with human liver messenger rna

Yang M H., 1981:
The cellular defense reactions of white grub hemocytes

Mcguffee L.J.; Wheeler Clark E.S.; Skipper B.J.; Little S.A., 1985:
The cellular distribution of calcium in freeze dried rabbit vas deferens using electron microscopic autoradiography

Belanger P M.; Lalande M., 1980:
The cellular distribution of the metabolic deamination of benzylamine

Digernes V., 1981:
The cellular dna content and profile of di methyl nitrosamine induced murine lung tumors in relation to their histo pathology

Doronin-Yu, K., 1985:
The cellular dynamics during the early development of loach misgurnus fossilis 4. morphometric study

Tomlinson, A., 1985:
The cellular dynamics of pattern formation in the eye of Drosophila

Bannigan J.; Langman J., 1979:
The cellular effects of 5 bromodeoxy uridine on the mammalian embryo

Yamada Y.; Nunoda M.; Ishikawa T.; Tahara Y., 1981:
The cellular fatty acid composition in acetic acid bacteria

Coloe, P.J.; Slattery, J.F.; Cavanaugh, P.; Vaughan, J., 1986:
The cellular fatty acid composition of Campylobacter species isolated from cases of enteritis in man and animals

Taylor J.; Parkes R.J., 1983:
The cellular fatty acids of the sulfate reducing bacteria desulfobacter sp desulfobulbus sp and desulfovibrio desulfuricans

Takazoe, I.; Okuda, K.; Furuya, Y., 1976:
The cellular hyper sensitivity in guinea pigs immunized with bacteroides melaninogenicus through gingiva

Boranic, M.; Poljak-Blazi, M., 1976:
The cellular immune capacity of mice with transplanted lymphoid leukemia

Boranic, M.; Poljak-Blazi, M., 1978:
The cellular immune reactivity of mice with transplanted myeloid leukemia

Blazer V.S.; Bennett R.O.; Wolke R.E., 1984:
The cellular immune response of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to sheep red blood cells

Rodrigues M.M.; Mendonca Previato L.; Charlab R.; Barcinski M.A., 1987:
The cellular immune response to a purified antigen from leishmania mexicana ssp amazonensis enhances the size of the leishmanial lesion on susceptible mice

Kang B.K.; Lee D.B., 1987:
The cellular immunity in korean neonates estimated by multiimmune parameters

Willcox N., 1985:
The cellular immunology of myasthenia gravis

Billingham, M.; Warnke, R.; Weissman, I.L., 1977:
The cellular infiltrate in cardiac allo graft rejection in mice

Harris, M., 1969:
The cellular infiltrate in Hashimoto's disease and focal lymphocytic thyroiditis

English J.S.C.; Winkelmann R.K.; Louback J.B.; Greaves M.W.; Macdonald D.M., 1987:
The cellular inflammatory response in nicotinate skin reactions

Sharma S.C.; Wilson C.W.M., 1980:
The cellular interaction of ascorbic acid with histamine cyclic nucleotides and prostaglandins in the immediate hyper sensitivity reaction

Mares, V.; Lodin, Z.; Srajer, J., 1970:
The cellular kinetics of the developing mouse cerebellum part 1 the generation cycle growth fraction and rate of proliferation of the external granular layer

Rutsaert, J.; Tondeur, M.; Vamos-Hurwitz, E.; Dustin, P., 1977:
The cellular lesions of Farber's disease and their experimental reproduction in tissue culture

Cintra A.; Fuxe K.; Harfstrand A.; Agnati L.F.; Miller L.S.; Greene J.L.; Gustafsson J A., 1986:
The cellular localization and distribution of estrogen receptors in the rat telencephalon and diencephalon using monoclonal antibodies to human estrogen receptor

Lawson M.P.; Bergquist P.R.; Cambie R.C., 1986:
The cellular localization of long chain fatty acids in sponges

Cicero, T.J.; Cowan, W.M.; Moore, B.W.; Suntzeff, V., 1970:
The cellular localization of the 2 brain specific proteins s 100 and 14 3 2 rat

Christov, D.I.; Marinopolski, G.I., 1972:
The cellular localization of the peptide hydrolases in the tissues of the chick embryo and the effect of gamma irradiation on their activity

Chen, J.J.; Jones, M.E., 1976:
The cellular location of di hydro orotate dehydrogenase relation to de novo biosynthesis of pyrimidines

Brown D.H.; Buck G.W., 1985:
The cellular location of metals in two bryophytes and a lichen

Muller, H.B.; Kock, J.L.F.; Botes, P.J.; Lategan, P.M., 1987:
The cellular long chain fatty acid composition of species representing the genus pichia hansen emend. kurtzman

Noguchi, M.; Adachi, H.; Torizuka, K., 1983:
The cellular mechanism of action of gastrin on the corporal mucosa of the canine stomach. (1). The effect of gastrin on adenylate cyclase activity

Noguchi, M.; Adachi, H.; Toizuka, K., 1983:
The cellular mechanism of action of gastrin on the corporal mucosa of the canine stomach 2. calcium activated phospho lipid dependent protein kinase and phospho lipid turnover possible mediator of gastrin action

Shorofsky S.R.; Field M.; Fozzard H.A., 1982:
The cellular mechanism of active chloride secretion in vertebrate epithelia studies in intestine and trachea

Golenko O.D.; Paramonova T.D.; Nikolaeva T.G., 1984:
The cellular mechanism of antileukemic action of quinoline dibromide

Koppi, T.A.; Maluish, A.E.; Halliday, W.J., 1979:
The cellular mechanism of leukocyte adherence inhibition

Botella J.; Paris J.; Lahlou B., 1987:
The cellular mechanism of the antiandrogenic action of nomegestrol acetate a new 19 norprogestogen on the rat prostate

Fritze D.; Grunze M.; Kaufmann M., 1981:
The cellular mechanisms involved in leukocyte adherence inhibition tests of patients with breast cancer

Sorrell, J.M.; Weiss, L., 1982:
The cellular organization of fibroblastic cells and macrophages at regions of uncalcified cartilage resorption in the embryonic chick femur as revealed by alkaline and acid phosphatase histochemistry

Vos J.; Aarnoudse M.W.; Dijk F.; Lamberts H.B., 1983:
The cellular origin and development of atheromatous plaques a light microscopic and electron microscopic study of combined x ray and hyper cholesterolemia induced atheromatosis in the carotid artery of the rabbit

Hurmerinta, K.; Kuusela, P.; Thesleff, I., 1986:
The cellular origin of fibronectin in the basement membrane zone of developing tooth

Mckeown, S.R.; Allen, I.V., 1978:
The cellular origin of lysosomal enzymes in the plaque in multiple sclerosis a combined histological and biochemical study

Krueger R.G.; Hilton P.M.; Boehlecke J.M.; Kyle R.A.; Fair D.S., 1980:
The cellular origin of multiple mono clonal immuno globulins reflects the postulated pathways of isotype differentiation of antibody forming cells

Poethig R.S.; Sussex I.M., 1985:
The cellular parameters of leaf development in tobacco nicotiana tabacum a clonal analysis

Williams, R.S.; Marshall, P.C.; Lott, I.T.; Caviness, V.S., 1978:
The cellular pathology of Menkes steely hair syndrome

Williams, R.S.; Ferrante, R.J.; Caviness, V.S., 1976:
The cellular pathology of microgyria. A Golgi analysis

Chain, B.M.; Kay, P.M.; Feldmann, M., 1986:
The cellular pathway of antigen presentation: biochemical and functional analysis of antigen processing in dendritic cells and macrophages

Hayes, P.M.; Patrick, J.W.; Offler, C.E., 1987:
The cellular pathway of radial transfer of photosynthates in stems of phaseolus vulgaris l. effects of cellular plasmolysis and p chloromercuribenzenesulfonic acid

Meyer, G.T.; Bruce, N.W., 1979:
The cellular pattern of corpus luteal growth during pregnancy in the rat

Fremuth, F., 1976:
The cellular radiation response and organism radio sensitivity radioprotection and radio sensitization

Olstad R.; Seljelid R., 1980:
The cellular reaction in normal and tumor bearing mice following intra peritoneal glucan injection

Funke, I.; Hahn, A.; Rieber, E.P.; Weiss, E.; Riethmüller, G., 1987:
The cellular receptor (CD4) of the human immunodeficiency virus is expressed on neurons and glial cells in human brain

Forrester, J.V.; Grierson, I., 1979:
The cellular response to blood in the vitreous: an ultrastructural study

Skinner, J.M.; Jarvis, L.R.; Whitehead, R., 1983:
The cellular response to human colonic neoplasms: macrophage numbers

Kahnberg, K.E.; Morgan, P.; Lindhe, J., 1978:
The cellular response to topically applied horseradish peroxidase in the gingiva of normal and immunized dogs part 1 a histometric and ultrastructural study

Cawthorn R.J., 1980:
The cellular responses of migratory grasshoppers melanoplus sanguinipes and african desert locusts schistocerca gregaria to diplotriaena tricuspis nematoda diplotriaenoidea

Beck, J.S.; Morley, S.M.; Gibbs, J.H.; Potts, R.C.; Ilias, M.I.; Kardjito, T.; Grange, J.M.; Stanford, J.; Brown, R.A., 1986:
The cellular responses of tuberculosis and leprosy patients and of healthy controls in skin tests to 'new tuberculin' and leprosin A

Demmer, L.A.; Birkenmeier, E.H.; Sweetser, D.A.; Levin, M.S.; Zollman, S.; Sparkes, R.S.; Mohandas, T.; Lusis, A.J.; Gordon, J.I., 1987:
The cellular retinol binding protein II gene. Sequence analysis of the rat gene, chromosomal localization in mice and humans, and documentation of its close linkage to the cellular retinol binding protein gene

Rehacek, Z.; Desai, J.D.; Sajdl, P.; Pazoutova, S., 1977:
The cellular role of nitrogen in the biosynthesis of alkaloids by submerged culture of claviceps purpurea

Jarvis D.L.; Chan W K.; Estes M.K.; Butel J.S., 1987:
The cellular secretory pathway is not utilized for biosynthesis modification or intracellular transport of the sv 40 large tumor antigen

Bomford R., 1982:
The cellular site of action of the adjuvant activity of saponin for sheep erythrocytes

Nakamura, K.; Compans, R.W., 1977:
The cellular site of sulfation of influenza viral glyco proteins

Tejero C.; Testa N.G.; Lord B.I., 1984:
The cellular specificity of hemopoietic stem cell proliferation regulators

Dibona, D.R.; Civan, M.M.; Leaf, A., 1969:
The cellular specificity of the effect of vasopressin on toad urinary bladder

Pereira H.; Rosa M.E.; Fortes M.A., 1987:
The cellular structure of cork from quercus suber l

Mattisson A.; Fange R., 1986:
The cellular structure of lymphomyeloid tissues in chimaera monstrosa pisces holocephali

Kottke I.; Oberwinkler F., 1987 :
The cellular structure of the hartig net coenocytic and transfer cell like organization

Mattisson A.; Faenge R., 1982:
The cellular structure of the leydig organ in the shark etmopterus spinax

Miltenburger, H.G.; Naser, W.L.; Harvey, J.P.; Huber, J.; Huger, A.M., 1984:
The cellular substrate: a very important requirement for baculovirus in vitro replication

Szabuniewicz B., 1981:
The cellular system of coated vesicles

Sandberg P O.; Glaumann H., 1980:
The cellular toxicity of poly chlorinated bi phenyls partial block and alteration of intra cellular migration of lipo protein particles in rat liver

Goven A.J., 1983:
The cellular transfer of immunity to nippostrongylus brasiliensis and its effect on worm burden eosinophilia and phospho lipase b activity

McLeod, T.F.; Manyan, D.R.; Yunis, A.A., 1977:
The cellular transport of chloramphenicol and thiamphenicol

Wallach, S.; Gamponia, P.J.; Ahmed, S.A., 1970:
The cellular transport of magnesium in rat liver

Smyth M.J.; Pietersz G.A.; Mckenzie I.F.C., 1987:
The cellular uptake and cytotoxicity of chlorambucil monoclonal antibody conjugates

Leal S., 1983:
The cellular volume of 2 planktonic algae species in culture

Enser, M.B.; Wood, J.D.; Restall, D.J.; Macfie, H.J.H., 1976 :
The cellularity of adipose tissue from pigs of different weights

Wood, J.D.; Enser, M.B.; Restall, D.T., 1978:
The cellularity of back fat in growing pigs and its relationship with carcass composition

Cerny E., 1986:
The cellularity of human liver cell plates

Coleman G.S., 1985:
The cellulase content of 15 species of entodiniomorphid protozoa mixed bacteria and plant debris isolated from the ovine rumen

Chang, W.T.H.; Thayer, D.W., 1977:
The cellulase ec system of a cytophaga sp

Deichmann, U.; Jantzen, H., 1977:
The cellulase enzyme system during growth and development of Acanthamoeba castellanii

Wood, T.M., 1971:
The cellulase of fusarium solani purification and specificity of the beta 1 greater than 4 glucanase and the beta d glucosidase components

Wood T.M.; Mccrae S.I., 1986:
The cellulase of penicillium pinophillum synergism between enzyme components in solubilizing cellulose with special reference to the involvement of two immunologically distinct cellobiohydrolases

Beldman, G.; Searle-Van-Leeuwen, M.F.; Rombouts, F.M.; Voragen, G.J., 1985:
The cellulase of trichoderma viride purification characterization and comparison of all detectable endoglucanases ec exoglucanases ec and beta glucosidases ec

Langsford M.L.; Gilkes N.R.; Wakarchuk W.W.; Kilburn D.G.; Miller R.C.Jr; Warren R.A.J., 1984:
The cellulase system of cellulomonas fimi

Deramoudt B.; Lesage Y.H.; Brissot R.; Pialoux B.; Louvigne Y., 1987:
The cellulodystrophic syndrome

Fonolla J.; Sanz M.R., 1984:
The cellulolytic activity in the snail helix aspersa fed with semi synthetic diets

Berner, K.E.; Chapman, E.S., 1977:
The cellulolytic activity of 6 oomycetes

Chapman, E.S.; Evans, E.; Jacobelli, M.C.; Logan, A.A., 1975:
The cellulolytic and amylolytic activity of papulaspora thermophila

Teeri T.T., 1987:
The cellulolytic enzyme system of trichoderma reesei molecular cloning characterization and expression of the cellobiohydrolase genes

Umezurike G.M., 1979:
The cellulolytic enzymes of botryodiplodia theobromae separation and characterization of cellulases and beta glucosidases

Mchale A.; Coughlan M.P., 1981:
The cellulolytic system of talaromyces emersonii identification of the various components produced during growth on cellulosic media

Mchale, A.; Coughlan, M.P., 1981:
The cellulolytic system of talaromyces emersonii purification and characterization of the extracellular and intra cellular beta glucosidases ec

Van-Tilbeurgh, H.; Pettersson, G.; Bhikabhai, R.; De-Boeck, H.; Claeyssens, M., 1985:
The cellulolytic system of trichoderma reesei qm 9414 reaction specificity and thermodynamics of interactions of small substrates and ligands with the 1 4 beta glucan cellobiohydrolase ii ec

Ovchinnikov-Yu, B.; Petrova, L.V., 1977 :
The cellulose content in stems of arundo donax grown in the volga delta ussr

Domotor-Szilagyi, J.; Wojnarovits-Hrapka, I., 1977:
The cellulose skeleton structure in some cell types of the gametophyton of marchantia polymorpha part 1 the abaxial epidermis cells the smooth rhizoids and rhizoids with tubercle thickenings of the cell walls

Langemeijer, R.A.T.M., 1976:
The celom and its lining as an organo blastema

Rorabeck C.H.; Bourne R.B.; Nott L., 1988:
The cemented kinematic ii and the non cemented porous coated anatomic prostheses for total knee replacement

Gebauer D., 1987:
The cementless cup in total hip allo arthroplasty analysis of fixation conditions in different models

Vasil'chenko T.I., 1981:
The ceno population of daphne cneorum thymelaeaceae under conditions of pasture and reservation regimens

Dobolyi Z.K., 1983:
The cenological relations of telekia speciosa in the carpathian mountains and the balkan peninsula compositae

Dobolyi Z.K., 1984:
The cenological relations of telekia speciosa in the carpathian mountains and the balkan peninsula eastern europe compositae 2

Dragulescu, C., 1987:
The cenology of the narcissus narcissus poeticus ssp stellaris haw. dost. in the carpathian mountains in comparison to their associations in other parts of europe

Pojarkova Z.N., 1984:
The cenomanian and turonian in northeastern central asia

Jarvis I.; Carson G.; Hart M.; Leary P.; Tocher B., 1988:
The cenomanian turonian late cretaceous anoxic event in southwest england uk evidence from hooken cliffs near beer southeast devon

Fajmonova E., 1983:
The cenotic optimum of species and specific differentiation of phytocenoses of the associations cortuso fagetum and cortuso piceetum

Dem'yanov V.A.; Yarmishko V.T., 1983:
The cenotic role of larix gmelinii pinaceae in the communities of forest goltsy and subgoltsy belts northwest of the putorana plateau russian sfsr

Keyes I.W., 1982:
The cenozoic sawshark pristiophorus lanceolatus order selachii of new zealand and australia with a review of the phylogeny and distribution of world fossil and extant pristiophoridae

Bacci M.L., 1987:
The census of floridablanca in the frame of the european censuses

Fredensborg, N., 1976:
The center edge angle of normal hips

Wilson T.L.; Judy J.M., 1987:
The center for environmental education at murray state university kentucky usa

Roberts, R.E.; Vernon, S.W., 1983:
The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale: its use in a community sample

Boratynski Z.; Jastrzebski M.; Flieger S., 1984:
The centers of the hypoglossal nerve in medulla oblongata of the bison bison bison

Jastrzebski M.; Flieger S.; Welento J.; Lakomy M., 1984:
The centers of the hypoglossal nerve of the camel camelus dromedarius

Maj, J.; Chojnacka-Wójcik, E.; Lewandowska, A.; Tatarczyńska, E.; Wiczyńska, B., 1985:
The central action of carbamazepine as a potential antidepressant drug

Beznosko, B.K.; Voronov, I.B.; Feigman, E.E.; Krivenchuk, V.E., 1977:
The central action of diethyxime a new cholin esterase reactivator

Ksiazek, A.; Kleinrok, Z., 1975:
The central action of drugs influencing beta adrenergic receptor part 5 the interaction of drugs affecting beta adrenergic receptor in motility test

Kleinrok, Z.; Jagiello-Wojtowicz, E., 1975:
The central action of intra ventricular 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the rat

Przegalinski E.; Baran L.; Palider W.; Siwanowicz J., 1979:
The central action of pizotifen

Ondo J.G.; Buckholtz N.S., 1983:
The central actions of glycine and strychnine on prolactin and luteinizing hormone secretion

Chinn, C.; Lund, A.E.; Yim, G.K.W., 1977:
The central actions of lidocaine and a pesticide chlordimeform

Markel A.L.; Amstyslavski S.Y.; Naumenko E.V., 1987:
The central adrenergic mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in rats with inherited arterial hypertension

Wagner, W.H.J. ; Farrar, D.R., 1976:
The central american fern genus hyalotricha and its family relationships

Broome, C.R., 1976 :
The central american species of centaurium gentianaceae

Gustafson, C., 1984:
The central and peripheral circulation during and after sodium nitroprusside induced hypotension in the rat

Lee J.O.; Kim J.H., 1986:
The central and peripheral corneal thickness in normal korean according to the age and sex

Eicholzer, A.; Ogren, S.O., 1977:
The central and peripheral effectiveness of 2 oxo tremorine antagonists determined using oxo tremorine induced tremor and salivation

Kofron C.P., 1988:
The central and south american blind snakes of the genus anomalepis

Kenner, T., 1975:
The central arterial pulses. Experiments on a hybrid model of the heart and the arterial system

Rotteveel, J.J.; Colon, E.J.; Notermans, S.L.; Stoelinga, G.B.; Visco, Y.; de Graaf, R., 1986:
The central auditory conduction at term date and three months after birth. II. Auditory brainstem response

Murthy, V.S.; Deshpande, D.H., 1980:
The central canal of the filum terminale in communicating hydrocephalus

James, A.E.; Novak, G.R.; Strecker, E.P.; Flor, W.J., 1977:
The central canal of the spinal cord in experimental hydrocephalus: preliminary results

S.A.our, T.E.; Rubin, J.M.; Dohrmann, G.J., 1984:
The central canal of the spinal cord: ultrasonic identification

Reiswig, H.M.; Brown, M.J., 1977:
The central cells of sponges their distribution form and function

Wiksten, B., 1979:
The central cervical nucleus in the cat 1. a golgi study

Wiksten, B., 1979:
The central cervical nucleus in the cat 2. the cerebellar connections studied with retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase

Wiksten, B., 1979:
The central cervical nucleus in the cat 3. the cerebellar connections studied with anterograde transport of tritium labeled leucine

Wiksten, B.; Grant, G., 1983:
The central cervical nucleus in the cat 4. afferent fiber connections an experimental anatomical study

Kimura, H.; Mcgeer, P.L.; Peng, J.H.; Mcgeer, E.G., 1981:
The central cholinergic system studied by choline acetyl transferase ec immuno histochemistry in the cat

Banet, M.; Hensel, H.; Liebermann, H., 1978:
The central control of shivering and non-shivering thermogenesis in the rat

D.G.oat, W.C.; Krier, J., 1979:
The central control of the lumbar sympathetic pathway to the large intestine of the cat

Eason G., 1987:
The central core model of the renal medulla a particular solution

Eason G., 1986:
The central core model of the renal medulla an approximate solution

Leslie R.A.; Gwyn D.G.; Hopkins D.A., 1982:
The central distribution of the cervical vagus nerve and gastric afferent and efferent projections in the rat

Fontaine, R.; Erdoes, A., 1976:
The central effect of different withania somnifera extracts after oral administration to animals

Amin K.M.Y.; Singhal K.C.; Chandra O., 1984:
The central effect of lycopersicon esculentum tomato leaves

Gurin V.N.; Tsaryuk V.V.; Fitton A., 1985:
The central effect of snake venoms on the body temperature in rats

Chepurnova N.E.; Klusha V.E.; Borzenkov V.M.; Lapshin D.N.; Khatskelevich A.Ya; Chepurnov S.A., 1985:
The central effects of melanostatin and the opiate system of the brain

Bennet, L.; Johnston, B.M.; Gluckman, P.D., 1986:
The central effects of morphine on fetal breathing movements in the fetal sheep

Kruszewska, A., 1977:
The central effects of normetanephrine. The interaction of normetanephrine with compounds affecting the central nervous system

Bennet L.; Gluckman P.D.; Johnston B.M., 1988:
The central effects of trh on the breathing movements and electrocortical activity of the fetal sheep

Ullrich J., 1977:
The central european rust fungi of fodder and turf grasses

Olgiati V.R.; Netti C.; Guidobono F.; Pecile A., 1980:
The central gamma amino butyric acid ergic system and control of food intake under different experimental conditions

Persechini, A.; Kretsinger, R.H., 1988:
The central helix of calmodulin functions as a flexible tether

Reid, J.L.; Wing, L.M.; Mathias, C.J.; Frankel, H.L.; Neill, E., 1977:
The central hypotensive effect of clonidine. Studies in tetraplegic subjects

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The ceres maize model as a potential tool for drought assessment in south africa

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The certain determination of the populations of zygaena purpuralis complex occurring in east germany lepidoptera zygaenidae

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The certification of the contents of cadmium cobalt copper iron mercury nickel lead zinc antimony selenium thallium and chromium in city waste incineration ash

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The certification of trace elements in 3 samples of skim milk powder

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The ceruminous glands in chronic suppurative otitis media. A histological and histochemical study

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The cervical and caudal vertebrae of the cryptodiran turtle meiolania platyceps from the pleistocene of lord howe island australia

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The cervical balloon method for induction of labor

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The cervical cap as a barrier contraceptive

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The cervical cap for home artificial insemination

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The cervical cap self applied in the treatment of severe oligo spermia

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The cervical cord in multiple sclerosis

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The cervical epithelial surface part 3 scanning electron microscopic study in atypias and invasive carcinoma in mice

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The Cervical Epithelium From Fetal Age to Adolescence

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The cervical lymph node metastasis and the prognosis the clinico pathological study on the radical neck dissection

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The cervical lymph nodes in Streptococcus pyogenes, group A, type 50, infection in mice

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The cervical lymphatic system in new born rats rattus norvegicus

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The cervical lymphatic system of young and adult white rats rattus norvegicus 2

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The cervical mucus secretion of the bonnet monkey macaca radiata anatomical basis and physiological regulation

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The cervical muscular tissue

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The cervical nerves and foramina local coil magnetic resonance imaging

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The cervical neural foramina correlation of microtomy and computed tomography anatomy

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The cervical paranodal lymphatics in thyroid carcinoma: valvular column, valvular erection

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The cervical polyp a new diagnostic and therapeutic approach with carbon di oxide hysteroscopy

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The cervical somato sensory evoked potential in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

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The cervical sympathetic trunk and its relationship with the cervical fascia

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The cervical venous hum a help and a hindrance

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The cervical zygapophysial joints as a source of neck pain

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The cervico brachial disorder among cash register operators 1. changes of characteristics of patients after improvement of working conditions

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The cervico brachial disorder among cash register operators 2. a review on clinical findings and working conditions of patients

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The cervicofacial flap

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The cervicograph in labor management in the highland of papua new guinea

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The cervix in the primi parous woman a series of 320 perineal ultrasound pictures

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The cervix infection caused to chlamydia trachomatis research on a 176 women sample

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The cervix uteri in sows at parturition

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The cesarean in preterm premature rupture of the membranes

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The cesarean section in older pregnant women

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The cesium 137 contamination of soils in the netherland and its consequences for the contamination of crop products

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The cesium 137 content of man related to fallout in rain 1957 1976

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The cesium 137 isotope as a time marker for lacustrine sediments pollution

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The cessation of apical growth in latitudinal ecotypes and ecotype crosses of salix pentandra

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The cestode fauna of bats from sabah east malaysia

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The cestode khawia sinensis caryophillaeidae in carp from bulgaria

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The cetaceans of the spanish coasts a survey

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The cetyl pyridinium bromide de contamination of sputum and its influence on the niacin test

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The ceylon species of osmunda

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The ceylonese femur and its comparison with indian and other asian femurs

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The cfc syndrome report of the first two cases outside the usa

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The chacoan peccary catagonus wagneri

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The chacobo indians and their palms

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The chadwick beach cotton mouse rodentia peromyscus gossypinus restrictus may be extinct

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The chaenopsinae blennies of the southwestern caribbean pisces clinidae chaenopsinae 2. the genera acanthemblemaria ekemblemaria and lucayablennius

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The chaetognatha of tenerife island spain

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The chaetognaths of the seychelles a population of neritic character on the high seas

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The chaetognaths of the western mediterranean sea

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The Chaetopterus vitelline envelope is not necessary for the gamete interactions that lead to fertilization

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The chaetotaxy of cypridacea crustacea ostracoda limbs proposals for a descriptive model

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The chaetotaxy of the cercaria of opisthioglyphe locellus trematoda plagiorchiidae

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The chaetotaxy of the pedipalps and legs of some larval ticks acari argasidae

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The chain length of the glycans in bacterial cell walls

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The chalazal proliferating tissue in capsella bursa pastoris l. medicus a cytophotometric investigation

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The chalcid asecodes mento hymenoptera chalcidoidea eulophidae a parasite of the water lily beetle in the altai krai ussr

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The chalcidoid genus leptofoenus new record hymenoptera pteromalidae

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The challenge of competing explanations the development of thinking in terms of complementarity of theories

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The challenge of coping with mosquito literature

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The challenge of helping the handicapped

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The challenge of obesity in childhood 1. incidence prevalence and staging

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The challenge of the synthesis of natural substances by homogeneous catalysis

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The chalone antichalone system in some hemopoietic disturbances

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The chalones attempt at an introduction to bio cybernetics part 1 homeostatic mechanisms of cell division and function

Jansa, P., 1976:
The chalones attempt at an introduction to bio cybernetics part 2 the endogenous specific inhibitor of mitosis/

Jansa, P., 1976:
The chalones attempt at an introduction to bio cybernetics part 3 the possibilities of an evaluation of the chalones in medicine

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The chamber formation cycle in nautilus macromphalus

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The chamber vaso constrictor assay 1. comparison with occluded and unoccluded tests using 4 cortico steroids

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The chances and limits of pulmonary surgery in cystic fibrosis

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The chances of false negative results in conventional toxicology studies with rats

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The change and maintenance effectiveness of persistence training regarding the treatment of laboratory induced and naturally occurring depression

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The change and recovery of human skin barrier functions after uv light irradiation

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The change and significance of antithrombin iii and beta thromboglobulin during dyspneic attack in chronic obstructive lung disease

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The change from breeding value estimation to breeding value prediction in east germany cattle breeding using a covariable model

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The change from symmetry to asymmetry of a sodium transport system in red cell membranes

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The change in blood viscosity during the aorto femoral bypass operation with particular reference to lower shear velocities

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The change in breathing pattern induced by pulmonary hypertension in mitral stenosis proposal of the new clinical sign for pulmonary hypertension in mitral stenosis

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The change in carcinogenic effectiveness of some cyclic nitrosamines at different doses

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The change in color matches with retinal angle of incidence of the colorimeter beams

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The change in complement c 3b receptors on erythrocytes from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

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The change in concentration of hemopoietic stem cells erythrocytes and leukocytes during hepatoma development and during anti tumor drug treatment

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The change in content of some free amino acids in rat brain during formation and fixation of defensive conditioned reflexes

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The change in critical flicker fusion frequency after vdt work

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The change in duration and frequency of hospitalization of schizophrenics an investigation of an older and a younger generation of patients treated social psychiatrically

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The change in eph gestosis placental amino acid transport activity using human placental microvillous membrane vesicles

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The change in exercise induced bronchospasm after repeated exercise

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The change in fetal activity periods in diabetic and nondiabetic pregnancies

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The change in historical distribution of chinese gibbons hylobates

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The change in intra cellular and extracellular water and potassium and sodium ion content in various parts of dog myo cardium during sympathetic stimulation of the heart

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The change in land use as a factor in the desertification process in the puebla valley mexico

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The change in length and width of the sertoli cell nuclei in cytologic smears of testes with de population of the seminiferous epithelium

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The change in mitochondria content in wheat tissues under conditions of decreased temperature

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The change in plastid protein composition and its regulation by cyto kinins in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cell suspension cultures

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The change in properties of the stratum corneum as a function of depth

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The change in ranking order of the stem volume of the pine forest on the sand dunes

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The change in sexual behavior after husband participating deliveries

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The change in the chromatin in the micro nucleus of the infusorian paramecium caudatum during infection with omega particles

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The change in the content of protein and nucleic acids in cabbage plants under the influence of antibiotic 1618

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The change in the dna secondary structure under the influence of squalus acanthias liver extract/

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The change in the electro rotation of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells effected by silver ions

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The change in the indications for cesarean operations between 1977 and 1983

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The change in the levels of plasma high density lipo protein cholesterol and apo protein a i during acute myo cardial infarction

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The change in the nucleus pattern during chromatin condensation in eurygaster integriceps spermatids

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The change in the toxic action of zinc chloride solutions on colonial hydroids of obelia loveni and obelia flexuosa caused by a constant magnetic field

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The change of a private farm management by development of agricultural techniques 2. the summary of the history about the cultivation and techniques used in a farm at suigo in ibaraki prefecture japan

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The change of a releasing mechanism underlying prey catching behavior during the development of salamandra salamandra

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The change of adrenal 19 carbon steroid according to age in rhesus monkey

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The change of arterial carbon dioxide pressure during esophageal phonation in total laryngectomized patients why does the esophageal phonation make the speaker tired?

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The change of bile acid profile in serum after the release of extrahepatic biliary obstruction

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The change of biochemical composition in the batch culture of scenedesmus quadricauda

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The change of blood and serological pictures of the sarcoma 180 mouse treated with korean ginseng panax ginseng extracts

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The change of blood picture of patients with onchocerciasis following administration of di ethyl carbamazine

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The change of cadystin components in cadmium binding peptides from the fission yeast during their induction by cadmium

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The change of cell mediated immunity with tumor growth and the effect of autologous serum on it

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The change of chloroplast nucleoids during zygote formation in spirogyra

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The change of colon diseases

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The change of craniofacial growth of 2 patients with achondroplasia

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The change of dental students consciousness concerning the view of medical ethics during their 6 years at school investigation results of the questionnaire in the school of dental medicine tsurumi university japan 1

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The change of diagnosis and therapy in the stein leventhal syndrome

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The change of disposition kinetics for creatinine and urea accompanied by growth in mice

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The change of dna structure by specific binding of the cyclic amp receptor protein from rotation diffusion and dichroism measurements

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The change of dormancy and mustard oil allyl isothiocyanate content in seeds of brassica juncea and brassica carinata

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The change of dormancy of seeds stored in desiccators and or harvested fruits in cruciferous crops

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The change of drug addicts' evaluation of their selves during a stationary treatment

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The change of electroencephalogram topography by the administration of 4 amino 3 hydroxybutanoic acid

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The change of electrophoretic mobility and the decay of catalytic activity of brain type creatine kinase iso enzyme creatine kinase bb following incubation at 37 celsius

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The change of epilithic diatom assemblages on the river bed of the river kakehashi gawa in ishikawa prefecture japan caused by the construction of akaze dam

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The change of erythrocyte shape following action of different substances altering magnesium dependent atpase activity acto myosin like protein

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The change of food intake in morphine treated rat

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The change of hemodynamics during bathing in patients with heart diseases

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The change of human immunity in children living under heavy air pollution

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The change of humus supply in forest steppe and steppe soils influenced by the intensive agricultural land use and water erosion

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The change of hyaluronic acid of the vitreous humor by oxidation reduction systems

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The change of immune function of athletes before and after training

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The change of intra cranial pressure in new borns and infants following each sleep stage

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The change of iron zinc rubidium selenium and cobalt content in chick embryos in the course of their development

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The change of isozyme patterns of lactate and malate dehydrogenases during embryonic development of some amphibians

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The change of microbodies from glyoxysomal to peroxisomal function within fatty greening cotyledons hypotheses results problems

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The change of peroxidase activity in soybean seed followed by infection with cercospora kikuchii

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The change of pigment content and plastid structure of variegated leaved stock mutant

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The change of plasma volume central venous pressure and water balance of patients treated by hemodynamic therapy for vasospasm

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The change of pulmonary surfactant during cardio pulmonary bypass

Zhao S.; Zheng Q.; W.H., 1987:
The change of red blood cell sodium content in heart failure patient receiving digoxin therapy

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The change of reflectance properties of crop stands during the growing season

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The change of renal brush border membrane in experimental fanconis syndrome induced by maleic acid

Ohiwa S., 1981:
The change of serum immuno globulin e and immuno globulin e antibodies in patients with bronchial asthma

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The change of serum lipoproteins observed in non insulin dependent diabetic patients and a study of its mechanism

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The change of some chemical and biological features of the pseudogley podzolic soils in the northwestern area of romania by liming and fertilization

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The change of some important metabolic parameters and the insulin concentration during a 7 day total parenteral nutrition period under pre operative and post operative conditions

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The change of specificity of transposon tn 9 integration in the course of its migration

Hiramatsu M.; Edamatsu R.; Mizukawa K.; Shiota A.; Shimada M.; Mori A., 1988:
The change of superoxide dismutase activity in the rat cortex after decapitation

Kocherginskii E.B.; Linar E.Yu; Danilova G.A.; Mel'nikova V.I.; Pivnitskii K.K., 1983:
The change of the acid gastric secretion in rats in response to intra venous injection of synthetic 11 deoxy analogs of prostaglandin e 1

Povz M., 1983:
The change of the areal of 2 species of the genus chondrostoma pisces in slovenia yugoslavia

Danielyan I.S.; Garibyan D.V.; Stepanyan G.M., 1984:
The change of the content of nucleic acids in the liver and tumoral tissue of rats under the influence of dexamethasone and phosphamide

Nishimoto J., 1987:
The change of the eeg topography by the ketone diet therapy

Watanuki S., 1988:
The change of the electromyogram and the heart rate during static muscle work by wearing a pressure suit

Watanuki S.; Mihira K., 1987:
The change of the electromyogram and the heart rate during the dynamic muscle work by wearing the pressure suit

Lujan Trangay M.D.L.A.; Sakamoto M.; Shimada M.; Kimura E.; Aoki Y., 1984:
The change of the indirect hemagglutination titers in mice infected with dirofilaria immitis microfilariae following the administration of diethylcarbamazine

Semenov A.M.; Vasil'eva L.V., 1985:
The change of the limiting factor in chemostat cultivation of the prosthecate bacterium labrys monahos

Abe, A.; Nakui, T.; Kushibiki, H.; Iwasaki, K.; Hayakawa, M.; Nakano, H., 1977:
The change of the nutritive value with developing maturity of corn plant cultivar heigenwase

Watanuki S.; Mihira K., 1987:
The change of the pressure sensation and the plethysmogram by wearing the pressure suit

Iso N.; Mizuno H.; Saito T.; Ohzeki F.; Kurihara N., 1984:
The change of the rheological properties of surimi minced fish meat by heating

Kalendo G.S.; Savinov A.G.; Demidova N.I.; Serebryakov N.G., 1984:
The change of the self uv fluorescence intensity in the irradiated hela cells

Hermanto B.; Suwartana A., 1986:
The change of the shoreline of ambon island indonesia during 1898 1982

Suh K.W.; Rhim K.S., 1987:
The change of the sodium potassium atpase activity and total ascorbic acid level following experimental spinal cord injury in cats

Iwasaki, K., 1986 :
The change of the venous circulation of the proximal part of the femur after varus osteotomy in Perthes' disease

Kawata T.; Maekawa A.; Suzuki T., 1981:
The change of urinary methyl malonic acid excretion and the effect of vitamin b 12 deprivation in the rat

Dainat, J.; Rebiere, A., 1976:
The change on the incorporation of 6 carbon 14 orotic acid in vivo into rna and dna in the cerebellum of young hypo thyroid and hyper thyroid rats comparative effects of hypo thyroidism and hyper thyroidism on cell multiplication

Iwarson, S.; Frösner, G.; Lindholm, A.; Norkrans, G., 1978:
The changed epidemiology of hepatitis A infection in Scandinavia

Paus, B., 1977:
The changed pattern of bone and joint tuberculosis in Norway

Matola, Y.G.; White, G.B.; Magayuka, S.A., 1987:
The changed pattern of malaria endemicity and transmission at Amani in the eastern Usambara mountains, north-eastern Tanzania

Klacsmann, P.G.; Bulkley, B.H.; Hutchins, G.M., 1977:
The changed spectrum of purulent peri carditis an 86 year autopsy experience in 200 patients

Laveault D., 1983:
The changeover from concrete to formal operations a study of the sequences of development of notions of proportion and arrangement considered in the scope of task and varied content

Wang J.; Yang J.; L.X.; E.A., 1987:
The changes and analysis of the cardiac performance after ligation of coronary arteries in rats

Jurencak J., 1986:
The changes and ecological effectiveness of the physical properties of minimally cultivated brown forest soil under winter wheat

Meyer S.; Dupuis P.Y.; Monod J.F.; D.G.andi P.; Tolck P., 1980:
The changes in acid base balance of the fetus term in the 2nd stage of labor typed according to the cardio tocographic patterns

D.L.F.ente P.; Hernandez Garcia J.M.; Martinez V., 1984:
The changes in acid base equilibrium that depend on the way mothers deliver their babies

Burger, F.J.; Potgieter, G.M., 1978:
The changes in activation of intra cellular aspartate amino transferase ec by pyridoxal 5 phosphate after cell death

Goto, T.; Abe, K.; Tsunoda, K.; Seino, M.; Yasujima, M.; Imai, Y.; Chiba, S.; Sato, M.; Haruyama, T.; Omata, K., 1986:
The changes in active and inactive renin induced by various maneuvers in hypertensive patients

Brian, M.V.; Mountford, M.D.; Abbott, A.; Vincent, S., 1976:
The changes in ant species distribution during 10 years post fire regeneration of a heath

Sakabe, M., 1982:
The changes in blood glucose serum immuno reactive insulin and plasma immuno reactive glucagon during arginine tolerance tests in children 1. healthy children

Sakabe, M., 1982:
The changes in blood glucose serum immuno reactive insulin and plasma immuno reactive glucagon during arginine tolerance tests in children 2. children with family history of diabetes mellitus 1 sibling or 1 parent with diabetes mellitus and children with diabetes mellitus

Park S C.; Suh S K., 1984:
The changes in cardiovascular function by the head up tilt test in normal and diseased patients

Franco D.S.; Singleton V.L., 1984:
The changes in certain components of setubal wines during aging

Da-Silva, K.M.C.; Sayers, B.M.; Sears, T.A.; Stagg, D.T., 1977:
The changes in configuration of the rib cage and abdomen during breathing in the anesthetized cat

Amler E.; Teisinger J.; Svoboda P.; Vyskocil F., 1988:
The changes in conformation of sodium potassium atpase from rat brain membranes are accompanied by changes of protein segment movements in the nanosecond range

Vasilevskaya V.Yu; Popov V.L.; Titova T.S.; Sukhareva Nemakova N.N., 1983:
The changes in crithidia oncopelti ultrastructure under inhibition of intra cellular lipid biosynthesis by olivomycin

Chuenkova M.V.; Titova T.S.; Popov V.L.; Sukhareva Nemakova N.N., 1985:
The changes in crithidia oncopelti ultrastructure under levorin and its combination with modifying factor influence

Cooke R.D.; E.M., 1982:
The changes in cyanide content of cassava manihot esculenta cultivar valencia tissues during plant development

Suzuki M.; Okuyama T.; Furuya H., 1985:
The changes in cystine aminopeptidase activity in 1st trimester placental chorionic villi and maternal serum and their clinical significance

Y.M J., 1979:
The changes in darkness of body features of the male firemouth cichlids cichlasoma meeki during aggressive encounter

M.X.L.; L.L.; Zhao R R.; Sun B T., 1983:
The changes in electrical activity and ultrastructure during regional myo cardial ischemia and hypoxia in the rabbit

Watanabe J.; Maruyama Y.; Ashikawa K.; Isoyama S.; Satoh S.; Suzuki H.; Shimizu Y.; Ino Oka E.; Takishima T., 1986:
The changes in electrocardiogram st segment and mechanical function of regional ischemic myocardium during afterload reduction in isolated dog hearts with coronary stenosis

Julin Tegelman A., 1979:
The changes in endogenous cyto kinin like substances in zea mays seeds during germination

Kirimura K.; Kumagai K.; Morisada S.; Kawabe S.; Usami S., 1984:
The changes in enzyme activities during citric acid fermentation by aspergillus niger in solid culture

Leader L.R.; Baillie P., 1988:
The changes in fetal habituation patterns due to a decrease in inspired maternal oxygen

Yamada, K.; Kometani, K., 1982:
The changes in heat capacity and entropy of troponin C induced by calcium binding

Witkowska, H., 1978:
The changes in histological picture of the thyroid and adrenal glands in ducks during 50 days after hatch

Nagai, K.; Muraoka, M.; Oida, M., 1975:
The changes in inorganic nitrogen concentration of drinking water from wells over a 2 year period in ami machi ibaraki prefecture japan

Gatev P.; Ivanova T., 1985:
The changes in latency and m response upon prolonged stimulation

Ogoshi, K.; Aoki, Y.; Kurumatani, N.; Moriyama, T.; Nanzai, Y., 1981:
The changes in mechanical properties of rat bones under the low dose level of cadmium 1. the compressive properties

Ogoshi, K.; Iwami, K.; Moriyama, T.; Nanzai, Y., 1984:
The changes in mechanical properties of rat bones under the low dose level of cadmium 2. the torsional strength

Ogoshi, K.; Moriyama, T.; Nanzai, Y., 1985:
The changes in mechanical properties of rat bones under the low dose level of cadmium iii the bending strength

Hosoi A.; Torada M., 1986:
The changes in mental and physical states of students in food service management class

Makovcova O.; Sindelar L., 1981:
The changes in metabolic utilization galactose in tobacco mosaic virus infected tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun plants treated with 2 4 d

Harada, K., 1986:
The changes in nuclear DNA amounts in the development and progression of uterine cervical cancer determined by cytofluorometry

Jakubczyk, H., 1976:
The changes in numbers of meadow soil micro flora under the influence of mineral fertilization

Warburg, M.R.; Goldenberg, S., 1978:
The changes in osmo regulatory effects of prolactin during the life cycle of 2 urodeles

Uemura, K., 1987:
The changes in phospholipids in the intratracheal lavage fluid after birth of neonates with respiratory disorders

Colussi, G.; Surian, M.; D.F.rrari, M.E.; Rombolà, G.; Minetti, L., 1987:
The changes in plasma diffusible levels and renal tubular handling of magnesium during pregnancy: a longitudinal study

Kohjiro M.; Takara H.; Yanagida K.; Kadoya T.; Tanaka T.; Shigematsu A., 1985:
The changes in plasma ionized calcium during massive blood transfusion

Clair P.; Claustrat B.; Brun J.; Dechaud H.; Thoulon J.M., 1985 :
The changes in plasma levels of sex hormone binding globulin during gonadotropin induction of ovulation

Homma, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Tamachi, H.; Nakaya, N.; Nakamura, H.; Goto, Y., 1984:
The changes in plasma lipoproteins in a case of heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia after plasmapheresis

Grynpas M.D.; Patterson Allen P.; Simmons D.J., 1986:
The changes in quality of mandibular bone mineral in otherwise totally immobilized rhesus monkeys

Nomura H.; Ogawa S.; Yasuma F.; Hama Y.; Futamura Y.; Narita G.; Sotobata I., 1987:
The changes in regional myocardial surface area during coronary occlusion and reperfusion

Ninomiya, T.; Miyao, M., 1977:
The changes in serum lysozyme activities in the pediatric hematologic disorders in relation to the clinical course

Mordkovich G.D., 1986:
The changes in soil protozoan populations under the agricultural development of virgin lands

Chertov O.G.; Men'shikova G.P., 1983:
The changes in some forest soils under the influence of acid precipitation

Osadchaya T.S.; Shchekaturina T.L., 1988:
The changes in some properties of chemical composition of the black sea mussels from bays of varying pollution

Sawada H.; Takahashi T.; Tsuda C., 1986:
The changes in spatial patterns of pasture plants in early establishing period of simulated swards

Iwamatsu T.; Ohta T., 1980:
The changes in sperm nuclei after penetrating fish oocytes matured without germinal vesicle material in their cytoplasm

Begg D.A.; Salmon E.D.; Hyatt H.A., 1983:
The changes in structural organization of actin in the sea urchin arbacia punctulata egg cortex in response to hydrostatic pressure

Farbiszewski, R.; Holownia, A.; Chwiecko, M., 1987:
The changes in sulfhydryl compounds in plasma, liver and brain after acute and chronic ethanol administration in rats

Banozic, S., 1977:
The changes in the blood count of the slavonka pig during the fattening period

Rudolph, A.M., 1970:
The changes in the circulation after birth. Their importance in congenital heart disease

Haworth, E.Y., 1976:
The changes in the composition of the diatom assemblages found in the surface sediments of blelham tarn in the english lake district during 1973

Anderson R.J.; Bradnock G.; James P.M.C., 1981:
The changes in the dental health of 12 year old school children in shropshire uk a review after an interval of 10 years

Papasova M.; Milousheva E.; Bonev A.; Boev K.; Kortezova N., 1980:
The changes in the membrane potential and the contractile activity of the smooth muscle of the lower esophageal and ileo cecal sphincters upon increased potassium in the nutrient solution

Pelikan Z., 1983:
The changes in the nasal secretions of eosinophils during the immediate nasal response to allergen challenge

Paldi E.; Devay M., 1983:
The changes in the nature of ribosomal rna synthesis in the plumula of seedlings during vernalization

Higashi T.; Hashimoto M.; Kakishita E.; Nagai K., 1981:
The changes in the number of single platelets in human and rabbit platelet aggregations measured by electric particle counting method

Chlumska J.; Kratka J., 1986:
The changes in the ph values of susceptible lucerne plants after inoculation with a highly and slightly pathogenic isolate of corynebacterium michiganense pathovar insidiosum

Kushch A.A.; Niyazmatov A.A.; Zelenin A.V., 1980:
The changes in the properties of chromatin from activated and nonactivated lymphocytes at different stages of maturation under the action of salt solutions of different concentration

Fadeeva T.S.; Kirillova G.A., 1986:
The changes in the proportions of components in spring barley mixtures of varieties cultivated under conditions of treatment with herbicide 2 4 d

Solenov E.I.; Logvinenko N.S.; Zelenina M.N.; Dzgoev S.G.; Ivanova L.N., 1986:
The changes in the receptor link in the course of the development of kidney sensitivity to aldosterone and antidiuretic hormone

Iso N.; Mizuno H.; Saito T.; Wang Z.; Narita M., 1986:
The changes in the rheological properties of fish meats during treatment at high temperatures

Orel L.I.; Mochalova O.V., 1983:
The changes in the stylar transmitting tissue of rubus idaeus rosaceae in connection with the growth of pollen tubes/

Dickinson, H.G.; Bell, P.R., 1976:
The changes in the tapetum of pinus banksiana accompanying formation and maturation of the pollen

Liu C Y., 1982:
The changes in the vitality of armillaria mellea and the histochemical localization of some enzymes in the hyphae during the infective period in gastrodia elata

Gaffal, K.P.; Schneider, G.J., 1978:
The changes in ultrastructure during fertilization of the colorless flagellate polytoma papillatum with special references to the configural changes of their mitochondria

Duffin J.; Bechbache R.R., 1983:
The changes in ventilation and heart rate at the start of treadmill exercise

Priehradny S.; Paulech C., 1987:
The changes in water holding capacity of barley leaves after infection with powdery mildew of resistant cultivar

Zhou H.; E.A., 1985:
The changes of arterial blood gas during fiberoptic bronchoscopy

Kohda M.; Ichikawa G.; Uchida T.; Kohda M., 1981:
The changes of auditory brain stem response in mon aural and bin aural stimulation after the section of the 8th nerve and the auditory ascending cross pathway cochlear nucleus superior olivary nucleus in cats

Sumita M.; Watanabe T., 1986:
The changes of benthic diatom assemblages affected by dam construction and its completion on the tedorigawa river in ishikawa prefecture japan

Dang K.; E.A., 1983:
The changes of blood magnesium level in patients with chronic cor pulmonale during treatment

Stevanovic M.; Molnar I., 1985:
The changes of chemical properties of chernozem under influence of long term fertilization with organic and mineral fertilizers

Telman S., 1979:
The changes of collagen metabolism in hypo gonadism

Hatamochi A.; Ueki H., 1983 :
The changes of collagen synthesis following the active arthus reaction in the guinea pig skin

Kolar Z.; Kovarik J., 1986:
The changes of concanavalin a binding affinity to mice colon during 1 2 dimethylhydrazine induced carcinogenesis

Lee G.H.; Kim J.H., 1988:
The changes of corneal endothelium and intraocular pressure after neodymium yag laser anterior capsulotomy in rabbits

Kim H.R.; Y.J.H., 1984:
The changes of ecdysteroid titer during molting and ovary maturation of bombyx mori

Gotoh, T.; Itoh, M.; Okuda, T., 1977:
The changes of electrochemical and mechanical properties through gamma irradiation of a collagen aqueous solution

Denisova L.A.; Dolgopolova G.V.; Ilyushko N.A.; Lavrova E.A.; Natochin Y.V.; Serova L.V.; Shakhmatova E.I., 1985:
The changes of electrolyte composition in heart liver and kidneys of rats during prenatal and postnatal ontogenesis

Cheng C Y.; Lin P S.; Joseph A., 1980:
The changes of endogenous abscisic acid and zeatin content in relation to bud dormancy in kyoho grape

Tanaka T.; Yoshimoto T.; Mimura K., 1983:
The changes of feeding behavior of laying hens with reduction in feeding time

Sasaki H.; Nakamura N.; Aoyagi Y.; Sugahara T., 1988:
The changes of free amino acids during rehydration of dried shiitake mushrooms

Hsu, C.Y.; Yu, N.W.; Liang, H.M., 1976:
The changes of growth activities in pituitaries of tadpoles at different metamorphic stages

Ljaljevicj J.; Ljaljevicj M., 1979:
The changes of humoral reactivity in patients with pollinosis before during and after finished specific hypo sensitization

Knopp, J.; Kvetnansky, R.; Murgas, M., 1978:
The changes of in vitro iodine 131 uptake in the thyroid gland of rats exposed to septal lesions and immobilization stress

Berger, V.Y. ; Khlebovich, V.V.; Kovaleva, N.M.; Natochin-Yu, V., 1978:
The changes of ionic composition and cell volume during adaptation of mollusks littorina to lowered salinity

Yoshino S., 1983:
The changes of mandibular movement before and after treatment of mal occlusion the standardized analysis on lateral x ray cephalogram in orthodontic and surgical treatment cases

Racz I.; Juhasz A.; Kiraly I.; Lasztity D., 1981:
The changes of minor nucleotide content of phenyl alanyl transfer rna of wheat germs triticum aestivum during greening

Kwon, K.W.; Sohn, T.J., 1977:
The changes of mitochondria of renal tubular epithelium induced by mercury

Zhang Y F.; E.A., 1985:
The changes of motor function cortical evoked potential and pathology by anterior impingement in reversible spinal cord injury

Young H J.; Choi Y K.; Cho K S., 1986:
The changes of mycelial composition according to differentiation of rhizopus oryzae

Wada M.; Kadota A.; Furuya M.; Mineyuki Y., 1980:
The changes of nuclear position and distribution of circumferentially aligned cortical micro tubules during the progression of cell cycle in adiantum capillus veneris protonemata

Danian H.; G.M.; Zhang X.; Guo C.; Cao Z., 1987:
The changes of nucleic acid and protein for clones of pollen callus of maize in subcultures

Prokopowicz D., 1987:
The changes of organ of sight in patients with trichinellosis

Witkowski Z., 1979:
The changes of parameters describing plants and weevils coleoptera curculionidae of the herb stratum during secondary succession of oak hornbeam tilio carpinetum forest

Ismail M.H.; Eskarous J.K., 1984:
The changes of pigments in datura and tomato plants infected with potato virus y

Lin Z F.; L.S.S.; Chang D L.; Lin G Z.; L.Y.B.; Liu S X.; Chen M D., 1988:
The changes of pigments phenolics contents and activities of polyphenol oxidase and phenylalanine ammonia lyase in pericarp of postharvest litchi fruit

Yonekawa K., 1986:
The changes of plankton biomass in the eutrophication process

Sunada K., 1982:
The changes of plasma aldo sterone concentration during acute respiratory acidosis in dogs the relationship to renin angiotensin system and electrolyte metabolism

Wen Y.; Wang Z.; Chen M.; E.A., 1983:
The changes of plasma and tissue cyclic nucleotide contents in renal hypertensive rats

Watanabe K.; Koseki M.; Takahagi K.; Katayose K.; Yamamoto T.; Murata S.; Hosiho Y.; Kaneko M.; Kumashiro H., 1987:
The changes of plasma neutral amino acids after an oral loading dose of l 5htp in normal subjects

Wierusz Wysocka B.; Czarnecki R.; Lewandowski K.; Wysocki H.; Baczyk K., 1983:
The changes of polymorphonuclear neutrophils surface charge as the result of their exposure to activated complement c 5a in the course of hemo dialysis

Miya K., 1986:
The changes of pulmonary functions the levels of histamine and cyclic nucleotides in exercise induced asthma

Choi E.J.; Min B.S., 1980:
The changes of serum and urinary excretion of beta 2 micro globulin after renal transplantation and in several renal disorders

Mizuno O.; Yokoyama T.; Tsutsumi N., 1984:
The changes of serum total cholesterol high density lipoprotein cholesterol and atherogenic index in postpartum

Mekail A.; Szmatloch A., 1986:
The changes of sodium potassium and water absorption in small intestine of rats during the chlorfenvinphos and methoxychlor intoxication

Park J.S.; Kim I.C., 1986:
The changes of steroid receptors by irradiation in rat mammary tumors

Bichonski R.; Dabrowski Z.; Pawelek J.; Gut W., 1984:
The changes of surface tension and electric surface potential and enzymatic activity of acetylcholinesterase in blood of children with schizophrenic psychosis treated with neuroleptics

Glebovskii V.D.; Pashkevich B.P., 1986:
The changes of the activity of phrenic motoneurons during lowering of the abdominal wall compliance on the importance of the excitatory intercostal to phrenic reflex

Shih Y.; Liang R., 1983:
The changes of the activity of the agglutination factor in chick embryos

Ballusek F.W.; Fillenko B.P., 1984:
The changes of the bile compound by means of different drainage methods after operation in the biliary tract

Tanphaichitr, P.; Chatasingh, S.; Dhanamitta, S.; Tontisirin, K., 1976:
The changes of the hair roots in correlation to the clinical status of the nephrotic syndrome

Lehmann J.; Stuerenberg F J.; Mock D., 1987:
The changes of the hemogram of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri richardson to an artificial and a natural infection with yersinia ruckeri

Gao D.; E.A., 1987:
The changes of the level of antibodies igg to bcg by enzyme in blood before and after bcg vaccination

Michailov, M.L., 1972:
The changes of the pattern of esterified fatty acids esterified cholesterol in the blood plasma in rats with experimental hypertension

Melis M.T.; Casardi Ruju T., 1984:
The changes of the periodontium produced by orthodontic forces

Tuba Z., 1981:
The changes of the photosynthetic pigment systems of 2 paprika red pepper varieties from the fully developed vegetative stage to the ripening of the fruit

Shiba K.; Sato S.; Sato K., 1984:
The changes of the properties of wakame fronds and alginate by treatment with acetic acid

Yoshida K I.; Takahashi T.; Nakame Y.; Saitoh H.; Horiuchi S.; Kaneoya F.; Yamada T.; Kageyama Y.; Negishi T., 1987:
The changes of urinary protein excretion following cddp administration measurement of urinary protein content by coomasie brilliant blue g250

Katsumori N.; Okubo K.; Mizokami K., 1985:
The changes of visual field sensitivity accompanied with enlargement of optic cup

Atkin D.S.J.; Hamilton R.J., 1982:
The changes with age in the epicuticular wax of sorghum bicolor

Mueller W.H., 1982:
The changes with age of the anatomical distribution of fat

Reimer K.A.; Jennings R.B., 1979:
The changing anatomic reference base of evolving myo cardial infarction under estimation of myo cardial collateral blood flow and over estimation of experimental anatomic infarct size due to tissue edema hemorrhage and acute inflammation

Hathiral S.; Ekarat S.; Kaeoratanapatama N.; Dheptranon B.; Buri P.S.; Tansathit C., 1984:
The changing cardiovascular pattern in 2 thai medical schools

Ikeda, A.; Seki, Y.; Sawano, J., 1976:
The changing cellular localization of gamma crystallins in the lens of the mouse embryo studied by immuno fluorescence

Muehlberger, F.; Roost, R., 1976:
The changing clinical appearance of pulmonary tuberculosis

Mukherjee, D.K., 1979:
The changing concepts of tracheostomy

Bredenkamp G.J.; Baker N.R., 1988:
The changing contribution of lhc i to photosystem i activity during chloroplast biogenesis in wheat

Mamazza J.; Gordon P.H., 1982:
The changing distribution of large intestinal cancer

Boyd, W.J.R.; Waterhouse, W.K.; Singh, B.B.; Campbell, N.A.; Goodchild, N.A., 1976:
The changing ecology of western australian wheat production

Kremastinou, J.; Kalapothaki, V.; Trichopoulos, D., 1984:
The changing epidemiologic pattern of hepatitis A infection in urban Greece

Macdonald K.L.; Cohen M.L.; Blake P.A., 1986:
The changing epidemiology of adult botulism in the usa

Khuri-Bulos, N.; Hamzah, Y.; Sammerrai, S.M.; Shehabi, A.; Hamed, R.; Arnaout, M.A.; Turk, J.; Qubain, H., 1988:
The changing epidemiology of diphtheria in Jordan

D.B.nito L.; Patriarca S.; Benussi G., 1988:
The changing epidemiology of gynecological cancer in trieste italy a fifteen year case study

Minuk, G.Y.; Ling, N.; Postl, B.; Waggoner, J.G.; Nicolle, L.E.; Hoofnagle, J.H., 1985:
The changing epidemiology of hepatitis B virus infection in the Canadian north

Nelson, J.D., 1978:
The changing epidemiology of pertussis in young infants. The role of adults as reservoirs of infection

K.H.H.; Cohen S.L., 1981:
The changing estrogen content of the nuclear fraction of human myometrium during labor

Kemp M.C.; Hierholzer J.C.; Cabradilla C.P.; Obijeski J.F., 1983:
The changing etiology of epidemic kerato conjunctivitis antigenic and restriction enzyme analysis of adenovirus types 19 and 37 isolated over a 10 year period

Fuller R.M., 1987:
The changing extent and conservation interest of lowland grasslands in england and wales uk a review of grassland surveys 1930 84

Ireland, A.W.; Lawson, J.S., 1980:
The changing face of death: recent trends in Australian mortality

Dalton, C.B.; Castell, D.O.; Richter, J.E., 1988:
The changing faces of the nutcracker esophagus

Infante-Rivard, C.; Esnaola Sukia, S.; Roberge, D.; Baumgarten, M., 1987:
The changing frequency of childhood asthma

Palmer S.R.; Biffin A.H.B., 1987:
The changing incidence of human hydatid disease in england and wales uk

Arnolds E., 1988:
The changing macromycete flora in the netherlands

Goldman, L.; Mudge, G.H.Jr ; Cook, E.F., 1983:
The changing natural history of symptomatic coronary artery disease basis vs. bias

Franklin, J.A., 1987:
The changing nature of agoraphobic fears

Woods R., 1981:
The changing nature of pyogenic dental infections

Spindel, M.R.; Bauer, S.B.; Dyro, F.M.; Krarup, C.; Khoshbin, S.; Winston, K.R.; Lebowitz, R.L.; Colodny, A.H.; Retik, A.B., 1987:
The changing neurourologic lesion in myelodysplasia

Taylor R.W.; Spurlock B.D., 1982:
The changing ohio river usa naiad fauna a comparison of early indian middens with today

Hagberg, G.; Hagberg, B.; Olow, I., 1976:
The changing panorama of cerebral palsy in sweden 1954 1970 part 3 the importance of fetal deprivation of supply

Hagberg, B.; Hagberg, G.; Olow, I., 1984:
The changing panorama of cerebral palsy in sweden 4. epidemiological trends 1959 1978

Shah Z.R.; Bellon E.M., 1986:
The changing pattern in focal fatty change of the liver a case report

Dunbar G.C.; Morgan D.D.V., 1987:
The changing pattern of alcohol consumption in england and wales uk 1978 1985

A.D.; J.A., 1983:
The changing pattern of causative bacterial organisms in neo natal meningitis

Yusuf F.; Hussain M., 1985:
The changing pattern of contraception in lahore pakistan 1963 1980

Grosfeld J.L.; Schreiner R.L.; Franken E.A.; Lemons J.A.; Ballantine T.V.N.; Weber T.R.; Gresham E.L., 1980:
The changing pattern of gastro intestinal bezoars in infants and children

Garraway, W.M.; Whisnant, J.P., 1987:
The changing pattern of hypertension and the declining incidence of stroke

Mestre, J.R., 1986:
The changing pattern of juvenile polyps

Hunter, A.M.; Millar, J.W.; Wightman, A.J.; Horne, N.W., 1981:
The changing pattern of laryngeal tuberculosis

Kessel S.S.; Villar J.; Berendes H.W.; Nugent R.P., 1984:
The changing pattern of low birth weight in the usa 1970 1980

Hein, H.A.; Lathrop, S.S., 1986:
The changing pattern of neonatal mortality in a regionalized system of perinatal care

Tay, C.H., 1977:
The changing pattern of neurological diseases in Singapore

Parkinson C., 1980:
The changing pattern of paraquat poisoning in man

Fletcher, B.; Rabbitt, P.M.A., 1978:
The changing pattern of perceptual analytic strategies and response selection with practice in a 2 choice reaction time task

Hartveit F.; Dobbe G.; Thoresen S.; Dahl O.; Tangen M.; Thorsen T., 1983:
The changing pattern of recurrence in estrogen positive and negative breast cancer with nodal spread related to efferent vascular invasion

Petkovic S.; Sumarac Z.; Petronic V.; Markovic V., 1986:
The changing pattern of renal tuberculosis

Torell, G.; Nordwall, A.; Nachemson, A., 1981:
The changing pattern of scoliosis treatment due to effective screening

Robinson, G.E.; Forster, G.E.; Munday, P.E., 1985:
The changing pattern of sexually transmitted disease in adolescent girls

Garraway, W.M.; Whisnant, J.P.; Drury, I., 1983:
The changing pattern of survival following stroke

Shim T.B.; Lee S.H., 1981:
The changing pattern of trichuris trichiura infection in primary school children in korea from 1970 1979

Sutherland A.M., 1983:
The changing pattern of tuberculosis of the female genital tract a 30 year survey

Fletcher J.P.; Little J.M.; Kershaw L.Z., 1987:
The changing pattern of vascular surgery the effect of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty

Erskine A.J., 1988:
The changing patterns of brant migration in eastern north america

Zeng L.Q.; Liu Q.X.; Zhang C.Y.; Wang T.S.; Shou H.S.; Y.N.T.; Zhang S.L.; Liu F.Y., 1988:
The changing patterns of occurrence and management in primary mediastinal tumors and cysts in china

Couch, R.; Camfield, P.R.; Tibbles, J.A., 1985:
The changing picture of pseudotumor cerebri in children

Kagamimori S.; Katoh T.; Naruse Y.; Watanabe M.; Kasuya M.; Shinkai J.; Kawano S., 1986:
The changing prevalence of respiratory symptoms in atopic children in response to air pollution

Lockwood W.B.; Broghamer W.L.Jr, 1980:
The changing prevalence of secondary cardiac neoplasms as related to cancer therapy

Naunheim K.S.; Fiore A.C.; Wadley J.J.; Mcbride L.R.; Kanter K.R.; Pennington G.; Barner H.B.; Kaiser G.C.; Willman V.L., 1988:
The changing profile of the patient undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery

Viart, P.; Gallez, A.; Primo, G., 1978:
The changing prognosis of congenital heart diseases in young children

Burstein S.; Schaff Blass E.; Blass J.; Rosenfield R.L., 1985 :
The changing ratio of bioactive to immunoreactive luteinizing hormone through puberty principally reflects changing luteinizing hormone radioimmunoassay dose response characteristics

Dahl K.D.; Pavlou S.N.; Kovacs W.J.; Hsueh A.J.W., 1986:
The changing ratio of serum bioactive to immunoreactive fsh in normal men following treatment with a potent gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist

Glickman, J.A.; Challis, J.R., 1980:
The changing response pattern of sheep fetal adrenal cells throughout the course of gestation

Johnson, D.K.; Kroovand, R.L.; Perlmutter, A.D., 1980:
The changing role of cystoscopy in the pediatric patient

Spalding, P.M.; Fields, H.W.; Torney, D.; Cobb, H.B.; Johnson, J., 1985:
The changing role of endodontics and orthodontics in the management of traumatically intruded permanent incisors

Turley, K.; Tucker, W.Y.; Ebert, P.A., 1980:
The changing role of palliative procedures in the treatment of infants with congenital heart disease

Tang Z Y.; Y.Y.Q.; Zhou X D., 1986:
The changing role of surgery in the treatment of primary liver cancer

Mclachlan, A.J., 1977:
The changing role of terrestrial and autochthonous organic matter in newly flooded lakes

Gustafson G.E.; Green J.A.; West M.J., 1979:
The changing role of the infant in mother infant games the growth of social skills

Hare E.H.; Moran P.A.P.; Macfarlane A., 1981:
The changing seasonality of infant deaths in england and wales uk 1912 1978 and its relation to seasonal temperature

Imaizumi, Y.; Murata, M., 1981:
The changing sex ratio in Japan

Kunitz, S.J.; Slocumb, J.C., 1976:
The changing sex ratio of the navaho tribe

Korn R.W., 1980:
The changing shape of plant cells transformations during cell proliferation

Lehtonen L., 1983:
The changing song patterns of the great tit parus major

Schneider, J.R.; S.C.r, J.A.; Thompson, T.R.; Johnson, D.E.; Burke, B.A.; Foker, J.E., 1985:
The changing spectrum of cystic pulmonary lesions requiring surgical resection in infants

Stock, R.J., 1988:
The changing spectrum of ectopic pregnancy

Kilman, J.W.; Bush, C.A.; Wooley, C.F.; Stang, J.M.; Teply, J.; Baba, N., 1977:
The changing spectrum of peri cardiectomy for chronic peri carditis occult constrictive peri carditis

Campbell, D.N.; Lilly, J.R., 1982:
The changing spectrum of pulmonary operations in infants and children

Loeffler A.; Neumann H G.; Knueppel K., 1987:
The changing spectrum of tasks in matrimonial and sexual consultation msc

John D.M.; Champ W.S.T.; Moore J.A., 1982:
The changing status of characeae in 4 marl lakes in the irish midlands

Tyers, G.F.; Williams, D.R.; Babb, J.D.; Levenson, L.; Zelis, R.F.; Waldhausen, J.A., 1977:
The changing status of ejection fraction as a predictor of early mortality following surgery for acquired heart disease

Slater, F.M.; Slater, E.J., 1978:
The changing status of sphagnum imbricatum on borth bog wales uk

Coulson J.C., 1983:
The changing status of the kittiwake rissa tridactyla in the british isles uk 1969 1979

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