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The characteristics of mutant drosophila strains with developmental defects of eye antennal discs 1. a morphological analysis of changes in the eye structure of the imago

Shakhbazyan, A.K.; Sakharova, N.Y. ; Gazaryan, K.G.

Ontogenez 14(1): 100-105


ISSN/ISBN: 0475-1450
Accession: 006613149

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Two mutations are described. One of them is characterized by a deformation of the eye region: shortening or disappearance of some ommatidia, disruption of the integrity of basal membrane and eye capsule, replacement of the eye tissues for the fat body cells and partial destruction of the ganglion optic lobes. The 2nd mutation is characterized by an unusally small head, full or partial reduction of eyes, as well as gross defects in the structure of all parts of the ganglion optical lobes and their abnormal position.

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