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The characteristics of the drosophila mutant strains with developmental defects of eye antennal discs 2. developmental defects of eye discs

Sakharova, N.Y. ; Shakhbazyan, A.K.; Karchevskaya, N.S.; Gazaryan, K.G.

Ontogenez 14(2): 137-146


ISSN/ISBN: 0475-1450
Accession: 006613188

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The development of eye-antennal discs was studied in larvae and pupae of 2 mutant Drosophila strains. A structural defect of eye disc was found in the late III instar larva, i.e., a formation of numerous folds of the disc epithelium. The pathological processes are strengthened at the pupal stage and lead to the destruction of ommatidia with subsequent replacement of the destroyed regions by fat body cells. The defect of eye disc in the 2nd mutant strain is expressed from the II instar in retardation of the disc growth. The intensive cell death leads to the limitation of the disc size. During the pupal period the discs are fully reduced. A decrease in the ganglion size and absence of optic lobes in imago of the 2nd mutant strain are due to defects of structural rearrangement of the ganglion during metamorphosis.

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