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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6617

Chapter 6617 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Panczel P.; Halmos T., 1988: The clinical spectrum of type 1 diabetes mellitus of autoimmune origin

Mackechnie, H. L. N., 1977: The clinical spectrum of yeast hyper sensitivity

Ishihara Y.; Tanifuji T.; Higaki Y.; Yoshida H.; Imamura K., 1987: The clinical study of 794 patients with upper urinary tract stone analyzed by ir spectroscopy

Zhang M F., 1985: The clinical study of cefamandole naftate

Kakuta T.; Kimura K.; Kido C.; Arai Y., 1988: The clinical study of features of liver metastasis of breast cancer on imaging and its response to arterial infusion chemotherapy

Miki T., 1987: The clinical study of homonymous visual field defect correlation between various visual field defect and its ct findings

Miki T., 1987: The clinical study of homonymous visual field defect the correlation between the functional prognosis and the lesions

Mashiko K., 1984: The clinical study of relationship between intraocular pressure and anesthetic depth

Balsamo S.B., 1984: The clinical study of the diclofenac sodium and piroxicam in gynecology

Smagin V.G.; Vinogradov V.A.; Bulgakov S.A.; Polonskii V.M.; Bespalova Zh D.; Titov M.I., 1984: The clinical study of the hexapeptide dalargine as a drug for the treatment of duodenal ulcer

Amano H., 1986: The clinical study on endoscopic pancreatic drainage in cases of chronic pancreatitis

Nakagawa H.; Akaogi E.; Mitsui K.; Sohara Y.; Endoh K.; Hori M.; Onizuka M.; Murayama F.; Funakoshi N.; Suzuki Y., 1988: The clinical study on the combined resection of the left atrium for advanced lung cancer

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Burns R.S.; Lewitt P.A.; Ebert M.H.; Pakkenberg H.; Kopin I.J., 1985: The clinical syndrome of striatal dopamine deficiency parkinsonism induced by 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine

Buhrich, N.; Mcconaghy, N., 1977: The clinical syndromes of femmiphilic transvestism

Walter M., 1987: The clinical testing of soft prosthetic materials

Bergonz F.; Consolo O., 1984: The clinical tolerability of orally administered ribostamycin in pediatrics

Hayden, J. W.; Comstock, E. G.; Comstock, B. S., 1976: The clinical toxicology of solvent abuse

Anon, 1975: The clinical trial of anti hypertensive drugs

Stolyarov V.I.; Trishkin V.A., 1979: The clinical tumor node metastasis classification of malignant soft tissue tumors

Tanaka N.; Oumi S., 1982: The clinical types of writers cramp and indication of electro myogram bio feedback therapy

Olson R.J.; Waters S.W., 1980: The clinical use accuracy and reliability of the veri vu lensometer

Cargnello J.C.; Gurekas R., 1987: The clinical use of a modified wais procedure in a geriatric population

Rimoldi R.; Bandera M.; Fioretti M., 1987: The clinical use of a slow release once a day theophylline

Barzilay B.; Lijovetzky G.; Shapiro A.; Caine M., 1982: The clinical use of carbon di oxide laser beam in the surgery of kidney parenchyma

Charyev Kh E.; Erina E.V.; Ibraimova A.S.; Prokopova T.N.; Yurenev A.P., 1986: The clinical use of chloranolol in hypertensive patients

Charney D.S.; Sternberg D.E.; Kleber H.D.; Heninger G.R.; Redmond E.Jr, 1981: The clinical use of clonidine in abrupt withdrawal from methadone effects on blood pressure and specific signs and symptoms

Evans D.L.; Nemeroff C.B., 1987: The clinical use of dexamethasone suppression test in dsm iii affective disorders correlation with the severe depressive subtypes of melancholia and psychosis

Berger R.E.; Holmes K.K.; Mayo M.E.; Reed R., 1980: The clinical use of epididymal aspiration cultures in the management of selected patients with acute epididymitis

Kabat Zinn J.; Lipworth L.; Burney R., 1985: The clinical use of mindfulness meditation for the self regulation of chronic pain

Sillesen H.; Bitsch K.; Steenberg H.J.; Shroeder T.; Hansen L.; Hansen H.J.B., 1987: The clinical use of objective quantification of flow disturbance in carotid artery disease correlation between spectral broadening index and arteriography

Kessler C.; Reuther R.; Berentelg J.; Kimmig B., 1983: The clinical use of platelet scintigraphy with indium 111 labeled oxine

Dos Santos A.B., 1988: The clinical use of salicylic acid boric acid and ammonium alum in the treatment of non specific vulvovaginitis

Lai K.N.; Lai F.M M.; Vallance Owen J., 1986: The clinical use of serum beta 2 microglobulin and fractional beta 2 microglobulin excretion in immunoglobulin a nephropathy

Hermens H.J.; Boon K.L.; Zilvold G., 1984: The clinical use of surface electromyography 1

Hodge, J., 1978: The clinical use of the naso gastric duodenal mercury tip sump tube in abdominal surgery and in the management of intestinal obstruction

Dirksen R.; Lerou J.G.C.; Van Daele M.; Nijhuis G.M.M.; Crul J.F., 1987: The clinical use of the ohmeda automated anesthesia record keeper integrated in the modulus ii anesthesia system a preliminary report

Hallenborg C.; Holden W.; Menzel T.; Dozor R.; Nadel J.A., 1979: The clinical usefulness of a screening test to detect static pulmonary blood using a multiple breath analysis of diffusing capacity

Chiang W.; Liu W J.; Yu H S.; Tsai C S.; Luo C J., 1986: The clinical usefulness of alpha 1 acid glycoprotein and c reactive protein tests in the diagnosis of acute bacterial infections

Lenzi S.; Giampietro O.; Giovannitti G.; Sampiertro T.; Miccoli R.; Navalesi R., 1987: The clinical usefulness of glycated hemoglobin in monitoring diabetes mellitus a long term study

Elgsaas M.; Waldum H.L.; Burhol P.G., 1984: The clinical usefulness of liver biopsy in inflammatory liver disease

Fachnie J.D.; Mcgill J.; Foreback C.; Kahkonen D.M., 1986: The clinical usefulness of measuring apolipoproteins in diabetic patients a preliminary report

Koga T.; Kano T.; Souda K.; Oka N.; Inokuchi K., 1987: The clinical usefulness of preoperative determination in gastric cancer

Baker H.L.Jr, 1981: The clinical usefulness of routine coronal and sagittal reconstructions in cranial computed tomography

Thorling, E. B.; Thorling, K., 1976: The clinical usefulness of serum copper determinations in hodgkins disease a retrospective study of 241 patients from 1963 1973

Mitsuhashi N.; Nagai T.; Okazaki A.; Hayakawa K.; Katoh S.; Sugiyama S.; Nakayama Y.; Niibe H., 1987: The clinical usefulness of serum scc antigen level determinations in patients with malignant tumor

Kobayashi H., 1988: The clinical usefulness of the measurement of serum sialyl ssea 1 antigen levels in patients with gynecologic diseases as respects the comparative effectiveness of sialyl ssea 1 and ca125

Matsushima H.; Kawai N.; Suzuki A.; Yamamoto S.; Sotobata I.; Abe T.; Sakuma S., 1986: The clinical usefulness of the phase analysis of technetium 99m blood pool imaging in patients with old myocardial infarction complicated with bundle branch block

Rothhammer A.; Weis K.H.; Skrobek W., 1981: The clinical usefulness of tramadol infusion anesthesia

Ott W.J., 1982: The clinical usefulness of x ray pelvimetry

Lam Y.W.F.; Arana C.J.; Shikuma L.R.; Rotschafer J.C., 1986: The clinical utility of a published nomogram to predict aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity

Bridgers S.L.; Ebersole J.S., 1985: The clinical utility of ambulatory cassette electroencephalogram

Miklich, D. R.; Renne, C. M.; Creer, T. L.; Alexander, A. B.; Chai, H.; Davis, M. H.; Hoffman, A.; Danker-Brown, P., 1977: The clinical utility of behavior therapy as an adjunctive treatment for asthma

Rowe M.J.IIi, 1982: The clinical utility of half field pattern reversal visual evoked potential testing

Fleisher, M.; Grabstald, H.; Whitmore, W. F. Jr ; Pinsky, C. M.; Oettgen, H. F.; Schwartz, M. K., 1977: The clinical utility of plasma and urinary carcino embryonic antigen in patients with genito urinary disease

Strub R.L.; Black F.W.; Leventhal B., 1979: The clinical utility of reproduction drawing tests with low iq patients

Vitaliano P.P.; Breen A.R.; Russo J.; Albert M.; Vitiello M.V.; Prinz P.N., 1984: The clinical utility of the dementia rating scale for assessing alzheimer patients

Pauker, N. E.; Folstein, M. F.; Moran, T. H., 1978: The clinical utility of the hand held tachistoscope

Wenz B.; Gennis P.; Canova C.; Burns E.R., 1986: The clinical utility of the leukocyte differential in emergency medicine

Smith C.D.; Marino C.; Rothfield N.F., 1984: The clinical utility of the lupus band test

Dymond D.S.; Elliott A.T.; Flatman W.; Stone D.; Bett R.; Cuninghame G.; Sims H., 1983: The clinical validation of gold 195m a new short half life radio pharmaceutical for rapid sequential first pass angio cardiography in patients

Herrmann J.; Heinen E.; Rusche J.I.E.; Stroecker I., 1982: The clinical validity of the free serum thyroxine comparative studies with 5 methods

Fujioka T.; Shibata N.; Shimizu Y.; Itoh Y.; Abe M.; Tanaka T.; Matsuda M.; Obunai Y., 1984: The clinical value and limitation of exercise electrocardiography and exercise thallium 201 myocardial scintigraphy in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease with special reference to single vessel disease

Toma H.; Ishida Y.; Takahashi K.; Ota K., 1985: The clinical value of active t rosette forming cells in urine after renal transplantation

Kline, M. M.; Mccallum, R. W.; Guth, P. H., 1976: The clinical value of ascitic fluid culture and leukocyte count studies in alcoholic cirrhosis

Fineberg H.V.; Wittenberg J.; Ferrucci J.T.Jr; Mueller P.R.; Simeone J.F.; Goldman J., 1983: The clinical value of body computed tomography over time and technologic change

Kirchner P.T.; Simon M.A., 1984: The clinical value of bone and gallium scintigraphy for soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities

Marshall, W. L.; Lippens, K., 1977: The clinical value of boredom a procedure for reducing inappropriate sexual interests

Biniszkiewicz W.; Dudkiewicz J., 1979: The clinical value of certain cytological techniques applied in the diagnosis of pelvis minor tumors

Reisner T., 1981: The clinical value of computed tomography in neuro pediatrics

Lundorf E.; Nielson M B., 1985: The clinical value of computerized axial tomography in patients without focal neurological features

Guz A., 1978: The clinical value of digoxin in patients with heart failure and sinus rhythm

Hill T.C.; Lovett R.D.; Mcneil B.J., 1980: The clinical value of emission tomography

Otte J.J.; Andersen J.R., 1986: The clinical value of fecal bile determination in patients with chronic diarrhea of unknown origin

Klein S.; Zenker H.J., 1985: The clinical value of fluorescein iris angiography for early detection of vascular lesions

Goggin T.; Callaghan N., 1986: The clinical value of free drug level monitoring in patients on monotherapy with carbamazepine phenytoin or sodium valproate

Theodore W.H.; Yu L.; Price B.; Yonekawa W.; Porter R.J.; Kapetanovic I.; Moore H.; Kupferberg H., 1985: The clinical value of free phenytoin levels

Adolph, R. J.; Stephens, J. F.; Tanaka, K., 1970: The clinical value of frequency analysis of the 1st heart sound in myo cardial infarction

Romero R.; Scharf K.; Mazor M.; Emamian M.; Hobbins J.C.; Ryan J.L., 1988: The clinical value of gas liquid chromatography in the detection of intra amniotic microbial invasion

Barrison I.G.; Parkins R.A., 1985: The clinical value of hemoccult and fecatwin in the detection of colorectal neoplasia in hospital and general practice patients

Riemann H.E.; Marhoff P., 1981: The clinical value of high resolution x ray television with a high number of scanning lines

Begent R.H.J.; Bagshawe K.D.; Green A.J.; Searle F., 1987: The clinical value of imaging with antibody to human chorionic gonadotropin in the detection of residual choriocarcinoma

Smith S.R.; Howell A.; Minawa A.; Morrison J.M., 1982: The clinical value of immuno histochemically demonstrable carcino embryonic antigen in breast cancer a possible method of selecting patients for adjuvant chemo therapy

Buscher, H. K.; Braun, H. P., 1970: The clinical value of isotope nephrography in urology

Merrin, C.; Wajsman, Z.; Baumgartner, G.; Jennings, E., 1977: The clinical value of lymph angiography are the nodes surrounding the obturator nerve visualized

Lema V.M.; Rogo K.O., 1987: The clinical value of maternal perception of fetal movements report of two cases with reduced movements

Cnattingius S.; Axelsson O.; Lindmark G., 1985: The clinical value of measurements of the symphysis fundus distance and ultrasonic measurements of the biparietal diameter in the diagnosis of intrauterine growth retardation

Sahlstrand T., 1986: The clinical value of moire topography in the management of scoliosis

Lorenzi M.; Inaudi P.; Caldarone R.; Grazi A.; Bernabei A.; Pasqui L.; Landi D.; Lorenzini L., 1988: The clinical value of multiple biomarker determinations in patients with gastrointestinal malignancy a preliminary report

Hedges T.R.IIi; Gieger G.L.; Albert D.M., 1983: The clinical value of negative temporal artery biopsy specimens

Avery, G. J-Ii ; Berg, R. A.; Widmann, W. D., 1977: The clinical value of pediatric herniography

Glashan R.W.; Higgins E.; Neville A.M., 1980: The clinical value of plasma and urinary carcino embryonic antigen assays in patients with hematuria and urothelial carcinoma

Van Soest M.G.A.; Breslau P.J.; Jorning P.J.G.; Greep J.M., 1985: The clinical value of preoperative indirect systolic ankle pressure measurements in wound healing after amputation of the lower extremity

Chisin R.; Markitziu A.; Hoffer S.; Shani J.; Atlan H., 1988: The clinical value of quantitative dynamic scintigraphy in salivary gland disorders

Tanner A.R.; Collins A.L.; Bull F.G., 1985: The clinical value of rapid c reactive protein measurement in cerebrospinal fluid

Fritsch R.; Freyschmidt J.; Lustenberger N.; Hesch R.D., 1980: The clinical value of roentgenological observation of the clinical course of renal osteopathy

Winterton R.; Tobias M.; Levin J.; Esser J.; Savitch B.I.; Springolo E.; Vellet D., 1985: The clinical value of scintigraphic brain scanning experience at the hillbrow hospital johannesburg south africa

Kuroda Y.; Kashihara S.; Steiner E., 1982: The clinical value of sequential stereoscopic imaging with cardoskop u

Fish R.G.; Shelley M.D.; Maughan T.; Rocker I.; Adams M., 1987: The clinical value of serum ca 125 levels in ovarian cancer patients receiving platinum therapy

Rogowski, P.; Friis, T.; Kirkegaard, C.; Siersbaek-Nielsen, K., 1977: The clinical value of serum tri iodo thyronine thyroxine and thyrotropin estimations during medical anti thyroid treatment

Inoue M.; Shimizu C.; Sasagawa T.; Shimizu H.; Saitoh J.; Ueda G.; Tanizawa O.; Kimura T.; Kawata M.; Et Al, 1987: The clinical value of sialyl ssea 1 antigen in patients with gynecologic tumors

Kristiansen B., 1981: The clinical value of stress inversion radiography in chronic lateral instability of the ankle joint

Urbain D.; Reding P.; Georges B.; Thys O.; Ham H.R., 1986: The clinical value of thallium 201 per rectum scintigraphy in the work up of patients with alcoholic liver disease

Denef B.; De Geest H.; Kesteloot H., 1979: The clinical value of the calibrated apical a wave and its relationship to the 4th heart sound

Strecker, J. R.; Killus, C. M.; Lauritzen, C.; Neumann, G. K., 1978: The clinical value of the dehydroepi androsterone sulfate loading tests in normal and pathologic pregnancies

Veress G.; Borbola J.; Szatmari L., 1985: The clinical value of the his bundle electrogram in intraventricular conduction defects

Fukuchi S.; Et Al, 1984: The clinical value of the side viewing type fiberscope

Marton K.I.; Sox H.C.Jr; Wasson J.; Duisenberg C.E., 1980: The clinical value of the upper gastro intestinal tract roentgenogram series

Inoue M.; Inoue Y.; Hiramatsu K.; Ueda G., 1985: The clinical value of tissue polypeptide antigen in patients with gynecologic tumors

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Addison N.V., 1979: The clinical value of ultrasound in biliary tract and pancreatic disease

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Sugano S.; Sudo Y.; Sawazaki H.; Sawasaki T.; Kano Y.; Matsui K.; Mori Y., 1980: The clinical values for chemical constituents of blood in normal miniature shiba goats

Zhang J.; Et Al, 1986: The clinical values of serum angiotensin conversion enzyme activity in diabetes mellitus

Talati J.J.; Islahuddin M., 1988: The clinical varicocele in infertility

Wagner T.; Wagner R.; Binus W., 1988: The clinical verification of amalgam filling and inlay

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Barreira, P.; Vogel, W., 1988: The clinical vs. research paradox in psychopharmacological research

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Guidi M.L.; Proietti R.; Carducci P.; Magalini S.I.; Pelosi G., 1981: The combined use of hyperbaric oxygen antibiotics and surgery in the treatment of gas gangrene

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