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Chapter 6,617

The cold solitary thyroid nodule

Kapur, M.M.; Sarda, A.K.; Kumar, A.

Indian Journal of Cancer 17(3): 172-175


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-509X
PMID: 7461694
Accession: 006616537

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Cancer of the [human] thyroid is an uncommon condition. Among the known etiologic factors are iodine deficiency and radiation; the former is a prevalent environmental factor in Northern India. The reported incidence of cancer in series of operated solitary thyroid nodule is variable; true incidence is difficult to assess because of the slow growth of differentiated tumors. The incidence of cancer in surgically treated solitary nodules in Northern India is presented. The age, sex and scintiscanning markers are defined. The value of an aggressive approach is outlined and its merits are discussed.

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