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The Combination of a Nitrate Reductase Deficient Nuclear Genome with a Streptomycin Resistant Chloroplast Genome, in Nicotiana tabacum, by protoplast Fusion

Hamill, J.D.; Pental, D.; Cocking, E.C.

Journal of Plant Physiology 115(3): 253-261


ISSN/ISBN: 0176-1617
PMID: 23194582
DOI: 10.1016/s0176-1617(84)80128-5
Accession: 006616788

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It has been possible to isolate streptomycin resistant and chlorate resistant/nitrate reductase deficient plants of Nicotiana tabacum by fusing γ-irradiated protoplasts of streptomycin resistant N. tabacum (SRI) with protoplasts of nitrate reductase deficient N. tabacum (nia-130). Five green colonies were recovered from 1.6 × 10(5) colonies, derived from a protoplast fusion experiment, in a selection medium containing streptomycin and chlorate. All five colonies regenerated plants carrying the mutant traits. Two of the plants had the normal chromosome number and were fertile. Reciprocal crossing to the wild type showed that chlorate resistance was due to recessive nuclear mutation and streptomycin resistance was inherited maternally. One of these plants was morphologically identical to the nia-130 parent. Another plant possessed nuclear encoded traits of the irradiated SRI parent in addition to the chloroplast from this mutant.

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