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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6618

Chapter 6618 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

De-Nettancourt, D.; Dijkhuis, P.; Van-Gastel, A.J.G.; Broertjes, C., 1971:
The combined use of leaf irradiation and of the adventitious bud technique for inducing and detecting poly ploidy marker mutations and self compatability in clonal populations of nicotiana alata d

Serrano L.; Wandosell F.; Diez J.C.; Avila J., 1986:
The combined use of limited proteolysis and differential peptide staining for protein characterization

Ullrich, R.L.; Adams, L.M., 1978:
The combined use of local irradiation and corynebacterium parvum in the treatment of the murine line 1 lung carcinoma

Vepkhvadze N.R.; Yarmonenko S.P., 1985:
The combined use of metronidazole and short term hyperglycemia in the radiotherapy of tumors in rats

Gibson R.W.; Rice A.D., 1986:
The combined use of mineral oils and pyrethroids to control plant viruses transmitted non and semi persistently by myzus persicae

Pepermans, H.; Tourwé, D.; Van Binst, G.; Boelens, R.; Scheek, R.M.; Van Gunsteren, W.F.; Kaptein, R., 1988:
The combined use of NMR, distance geometry, and restrained molecular dynamics for the conformational study of a cyclic somatostatin analogue

Bain J.; Rachlis V.; Robert E.; Khait Z., 1980:
The combined use of oral medroxy progesterone acetate and methyl testosterone in a male contraceptive trial program

Ripa, L.W.; Leske, G.S.; Forte, F., 1987 :
The combined use of pit and fissure sealants and fluoride mouthrinsing in second and third grade children: final clinical results after two years

Ripa L.W.; Leske G.S.; Forte F., 1986:
The combined use of pit and fissure sealants and fluoride mouthrinsing in second and third grade children one year clinical results

Hayden, M.R.; Hewitt, J.; Stoessl, A.J.; Clark, C.; Ammann, W.; Martin, W.R., 1987:
The combined use of positron emission tomography and DNA polymorphisms for preclinical detection of Huntington's disease

Wold P.N.; Rosenfield A.; Dwight K., 1981:
The combined use of the ces d and the kupffer detre scale 3a to screen for affective disorders

Thatte R.L.; Patil U.A.; Dhami L.D., 1986:
The combined use of the superficial external pudendal artery flap with a flap of the anterior rectus sheath for the simultaneous cover of dorsal and volar defects on the hand

Bluemel S.; Hausdorf H., 1986:
The combined use of yellow sticky traps and encarsia formosa for control of trialeurodes vaporariorum in greenhouses

Singh, T.H.; Bhardwaj, H.L.; Dhillon, S.S., 1976:
The combining ability analysis in upland cotton gossypium hirsutum using indian and exotic germ plasms

Musich V.N.; Gerasimenko V.F., 1984:
The combining ability and types of gene effect for frost resistance character in winter bread wheat varieties

Gesos, G.F.; Pulatov, M.; Ashirkulov, A., 1987:
The combining ability of cotton gossypium barbadense l. cultivars based on yield and its components

Zucker M.B.; Varon D.; Masiello N.C.; Karpatkin S., 1983:
The combining ability of glyco proteins iib iiia and calcium in edta treated nonaggregable platelets

Zubov A.A.; Stankevich K.V., 1982:
The combining ability of groups of strawberry varieties for quality characters in berries

Yakovlev S.P., 1981:
The combining ability of initial forms of pear hybrids for winter hardiness and their significance in breeding for this character

Genova I., 1987:
The combining ability of introduced maize lines

Spivakov N.S., 1988:
The combining ability of sorghum cultivars based on grain crop yield and different productivity indices

Chekalina, I.N., 1976:
The combining ability of winter squash cultivars

Bebyakin V.M.; Martynov S.P.; Bespyatova L.P., 1986:
The combining value of spring common wheat varieties based on rheological properties of the dough and gluten

Spichiger, R.; Encarnacion, F.; Stutz, L.C., 1983:
The combretaceae and rhizophoraceae of the arboretum jenaro herrera province of requena department of loreto peru 2. the flora and vegetation of the peruvian amazonia

Koch-Weser, J., 1978:
The comeback of hydralazine

Friend, C., 1977:
The coming of age of tumor virology: Presidential Address

Henry, C.A., 1976:
The commensal clam paramya subovata bivalvia myidae and thalassema hartmani echiuroidea off galveston texas usa

Morsy, T.A.; el-Ela, R.G.; el Gozamy, B.M., 1988:
The commensal rodents and their flea fauna in Alexandria City, Egypt

Schuhmacher, H., 1973:
The commensalistic relationship between periclimenes imperator decapoda palaemonidae and hexabranchus sanguineus nudibranchia doridacea

Sampson P.F.; Stephens F.G., 1981:
The commercial acceptability of 3 old potato cultivars following latent virus eradication

Brasch D.J.; Chuah C T.; Melton L.D., 1984:
The commercial agar from new zealand pterocladia spp

Iredale D.G.; York R.K., 1983:
The commercial development and processing of a caviar product from canadian lake whitefish coregonus clupeaformis

Pratten D.J.; Shearer W.M., 1985:
The commercial exploitation of sea trout salmo trutta

Petrere M.Jr, 1985:
The commercial fisheries in the amazon river and its tributaries analysis of the landings at manaus brazil market

Lenanton R.C.J., 1984:
The commercial fisheries of temperate western australian estuaries early settlement to 1975

Melville Smith R., 1988:
The commercial fishery for and population dynamics of red crab geryon maritae off south west africa 1976 1986

Morrissy N.M., 1985 :
The commercial fishery for barramundi lates calcarifer in western australia

Paul, L.J., 1977:
The commercial fishery for snapper chrysophrys auratus in the auckland region new zealand 1900 1971

Harbo R.M.; Hand C.M.; Adkins B.E., 1986:
The commercial geoduck clam fishery in british columbia canada 1981 to 1984

Waas B.P.; Strawn K.; Johns M.; Griffin W., 1983:
The commercial production of mudminnows fundulus grandis for live bait a preliminary economic analysis

Pascal M., 1981:
The commersons dolphin cephalorhynchus commersoni at kerguelen indian ocean

Jaeger M.; Wirth C.J., 1981:
The comminuted and luxated fracture of the head of the humerus resection or re attachment of the fragments of the head

Herrera, M.; Smith-Agreda, V.; Morera, C., 1984:
The commissural neurons of the inferior colliculus of the rat

Edwards, S.B., 1977:
The commissural projection of the superior colliculus in the cat

Van Dop H., 1986:
The committee on challenges of modern society air pollution model intercomparison study

Catelli M.G.; Binart N.; Jung Testas I.; Renoir J.M.; Baulieu E.E.; Feramisco J.R.; Welch W.J., 1985:
The common 90 kilodalton protein component of non transformed 8s steroid receptors is a heat shock protein

Strickland, T.W.; Thomason, A.R.; Nilson, J.H.; Pierce, J.G., 1985:
The common alpha subunit of bovine glycoprotein hormones: limited formation of native structure by the totally nonglycosylated polypeptide chain

Ohno S., 1982:
The common ancestry of genes and spacers in the eu chromatic region

Hooper, S.R.; Layne, C.C., 1983:
The Common Belief Inventory for Students: a measure of rationality in children

Auld, C.D.; Thomson, J.W., 1985:
The common bile duct and its anomalies

Adesiyun A.A., 1979:
The common cause of failure of late planted sorghum in nigeria the sorghum shoot fly atherigona soccata diptera muscidae

Sato, T., 1987:
The common cause of three strange refractive phenomena 1. concentrated distribution 2. terraced distribution curve for refractive change by age 3. constancy of lenticular power

Fedorova, H.P.; Korniyets, H.V.; Korotkoruchko, V.P.; Bila, V.M.; Kostrzhevs'ka, O.H.; Chernyavs'kyi-Ye, I., 1978:
The common character of biological properties of proteins typical of normal and malignant growth

Genard M.; Lescourret F., 1987:
The common crossbill loxia curvirostra in the pyrenees france some observations on its habitats and on its relations with conifer seeds

Mcnamara J.M.; Houston A.I., 1986:
The common currency for behavioral decisions

Peterková, R., 1985:
The common developmental origin and phylogenetic aspects of teeth, rugae palatinae, and fornix vestibuli oris in the mouse

Gvozdak, A.A.; Simochko, M.D., 1977:
The common dormouse muscardinus avellanarius a competitor for small tree hollow nesting birds

Percebois, G.; Basile, A.M.; Schwertz, A., 1975:
The common existence on strawberries of asco spores of byssochlamys nivea capable of producing patulin

Gersdorf, E., 1976:
The common field mouse sylvaemus sylvaticus as a damager of plastics

Libois R.M.; Rosoux R., 1982:
The common hamster cricetus cricetus in belgium present and old population status

Bennet S.S.R.; Viswanathan M.V., 1984:
The common indian ginseng

Rathmayer W.; Bevengut M., 1986:
The common inhibitory neuron innervates every leg muscle in crabs

Kiss, B.J., 1977:
The common loon gavia immer reported again in romania

Olesen J.; Tfelt Hansen P.; Henriksen L.; Larsen B., 1981:
The common migraine attack may not be initiated by cerebral ischemia

Phillips, D.J.H., 1976:
The common mussel mytilus edulis as an indicator of pollution by zinc cadmium lead and copper part 1 effects of environmental variables on uptake of metals

Phillips, D.J.H., 1976:
The common mussel mytilus edulis as an indicator of pollution by zinc cadmium lead and copper part 2 relationship of metals in the mussel to those discharged by industry

Phillips, D.J.H., 1977:
The common mussel mytilus edulis as an indicator of trace metals in scandinavian waters part 1 zinc and cadmium

Phillips, D.J.H., 1978:
The common mussel mytilus edulis as an indicator of trace metals in scandinavian waters part 2 lead iron and manganese

Schulz-Baldes, M., 1973:
The common mussel mytilus edulis as indicator for the lead concentration in the weser estuary and german bight

Knowles, A.F.; Isler, R.E.; Reece, J.F., 1983:
The common occurrence of atp di phospho hydrolase ec in mammalian plasma membranes

Fong S.; Gilbertson T.A.; Chen P.P.; Karras J.G.; Vaughan J.H.; Carson D.A., 1986:
The common occurrence of internal image type anti idiotypic antibodies in rabbits immunized with monoclonal and polyclonal human immunoglobulin m rheumatoid factors

Young R.E.; Harman R.F.; Mangold K.M., 1985:
The common occurrence of oegopsid squid eggs in near surface oceanic waters

Geinrikh A.K., 1986:
The common oceanic herbivorous copepods of the world ocean and the features of their ecology

Ando M.; Son S W.; Shiraishi S., 1985:
The common otter lutra lutra in southern korea

Bruell H., 1980:
The common partridge an example of land use and small game management

Tissot, R., 1975:
The common patho physiology of mono aminergic psychoses a new hypothesis

Sorkin, A.D.; Teslenko, L.V.; Nikol'skii, N.N.; Troshin, A.S., 1986:
The common pathway of endocytosis of the epidermal growth factor and transferrin to the acidified ph 6.1 cell a 431 compartment associated with the golgi apparatus

Robert J C.; Triplet P., 1984:
The common seal phoca vitulina in the baie de somme france status biology and future

Jensen B.; Laulund B.; Engelstoft C., 1980:
The common shrew sorex araneus and small rodents in thy hanherred island on northwest coast of denmark

Sans Coma V., 1979:
The common shrew sorex araneus in catalonia spain

Hakomori S I.; Nudelman E.; Kannagi R.; Levery S.B., 1982:
The common structure in fucosyllactosamino lipids accumulating in human adeno carcinomas and its possible absence in normal tissue

Loos Frank B., 1980:
The common vole microtus arvalis as intermediate host of mesocestoides cestoda in germany

Galoux D., 1979:
The common yew in belgium

Arushanyan, R.I., 1976:
The common yew in forests of the nagorno karabakh autonomous oblast ussr

Cocks L.R.M., 1982:
The commoner brachiopods of the latest ordovician of the oslo asker district norway

Cass, R.C.; Edney, J.J., 1978:
The commons dilemma a simulation testing the effects of resource visibility and territorial division

Ligon, J.D.; Ligon, S.H., 1978:
The communal social system of the green wood hoopoe phoeniculus purpureus in kenya

Rowley I., 1981:
The communal way of life in the splendid wren malurus splendens

Drucker, E.; Sidel, V.W., 1974:
The communicable disease model of heroin addiction a critique

Bone, Q.; Anderson, P.A.V.; Pulsford, A., 1980:
The communication between individuals in salp chains 1. morphology of the system

Leiber, L.; Plumb, M.M.; Gerstenzang, M.L.; Holland, J., 1976:
The communication of affection between cancer patients and their spouses

D.S.vigny D.; Voller A., 1980:
The communication of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay data from laboratory to clinician

Power, P.W.; Sax, D.S., 1978:
The communication of information to the neurological patient some implications for family coping/

Sloboda J.A., 1983:
The communication of musical meter in piano performance

Bluestone, R., 1980:
The communicative abilities of mild mental retardates

Dunham D.W.; Tierney A.J., 1983:
The communicative cost of crypsis in a hermit crab pagurus marshi

Hurtig R.; Ensrud S.; Tomblin J.B., 1982:
The communicative function of question production in autistic children

Leonard L.B.; Camarata S.; Rowan L.E.; Chapman K., 1982:
The communicative functions of lexical usage by language impaired children

Russell A., 1981:
The communicative performance of a severely hearing impaired adolescent

Goren M.; Spanier E., 1985:
The communities of benthic fish in foul bay tiran island red sea

Gallardo T.; Perez Cirera J.L., 1984:
The communities of blidingia chlorophyta in northwest spain

Gautier G., 1979:
The communities of coleoptera and spiders of the humid biotopes in the ecrins national park southeastern france

Kopecky K., 1985:
The communities of convolvuletalia sepium and convolvulion sepium in czechoslovakia

Gensac P., 1986:
The communities of epilobium angustifolium and the colonizing role of this species in the mountain district of aime savoie france

Truszkowska W.; Kalinska B., 1979:
The communities of fungi occurring in the red clover trifolium pratense and red clover with cocksfoot grass dactylis glomerata cultivations on the lowland

Baudiere, A.; Serve, L., 1976:
The communities of ligularia sibirica of the high valley of the aude pyrenees orientales

Almquist S., 1984:
The communities of spiders and harvestmen on a mire of oland sweden arachnida

Moutou F., 1983:
The communities of terrestrial vertebrates of the mascarene archipelago indian ocean

Tuxen, R., 1975:
The communities of the order euphorbietalia peplis cakiletea maritimae

Valle F.; Mota J.F.; Gomez Mercado F., 1987:
The communities of the order helichryso santolinetalia peinado and martinez parras 1984 in the betica chorological province spain

Diaz-Gonzalez, T.E.; Navarro-Andres, F., 1977:
The communities of thero airion on the asturian beaches spain their phyto topographic position

Liu J.; Liang J.; Sha Q., 1979:
The community and biomass change in rodents under conditions of reclaiming the desert into farmland in nomhon qinghai province china

Kirkpatrick, J.B.; Hutchinson, C.F., 1977:
The community composition of californian usa coastal sage scrub

Williams W.T.; Bunt J.S.; John R.D.; Abel D.J., 1981:
The community concept and the phyto plankton

Strasser T.; Dondog N.; E.K.oly A.; Gharagozloo R.; Kalbian V.V.; Ogunbi O.; Padmavati S.; Stuart K.; Dowd E.; Bekessy A., 1981:
The community control of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease a who international cooperative project

Ramm A.E., 1988:
The community degradation index a new method for assessing the deterioration of aquatic habitats

Bollag, U., 1977:
The community health aide critical evaluation of his tasks within the nutrition program

Martin Sintes D., 1987:
The community of annelida polychaeta in concretions of calcareous algae on the catalan coast spain characterization of the species

Galat G.; Galat Luong A., 1985:
The community of diurnal primates of the tai forest ivory coast

Dutil J D.; Fortin M., 1983:
The community of fishes of an inter tidal marshland of the st lawrence estuary canada

Shi F.; Zhang Z., 1986:
The community of intestinal flagellates and its significance in the classification of their host termites

Brosset A., 1988:
The community of rain forest insectivora in northeast gabon

Gaisler J., 1983:
The community of rodents and insectivores on the ridge of the orlicke hory mountains czechoslovakia over 10 years

Haberova I.; Karasova E., 1988:
The community of sesleria heuflerana and cotinus coggygria seslerio heufleranae cotinetum coggygriae new association a relic in slovensky kras czechoslovakia

Moss, E.; Davidson, S.; Gayer, N., 1986:
The Community Rehabilitation Unit for discharged psychiatric patients in Kfar Saba, Israel

Holm, R.F., 1978:
The community structure of a tropical marine lagoon

Wu, D.; Deng, X., 1988:
The community structure of myomorpha rodents in the tropical and subtropical mountainous forests in yunnan province china i. species diversity relative abundance density and biomass

Hong G.A.; Sasekumar A., 1981:
The community structure of the fringing coral reef cape rachado malaya

Morris S.C., 1986:
The community structure of the middle cambrian phyllopod bed burgess shale

Bass, G.E.; Sandru, D.; Chenevey, J.E.; Bucovaz, E.T., 1976:
The comorosan effect single blind and double blind studies on the urea urease system

Platonov, A.L.; Protasevich, I.I.; Evdokimov-Yu, M.; Akimenko, N.M.; Chebotareva, N.A.; Varshavskii-Ya, M., 1976:
The compact form of dna in solution part 5 the thermal effect preceding compaction of the double stranded dna in poly ethylene glycol containing water salt solutions

Al-Angari, A.A.; Kennerley, J.W.; Newton, J.M., 1985:
The compaction properties of polyethylene glycols

Poresky R.H.; Hendrix C.; Mosier J.E.; Samuelson M.L., 1987:
The companion animal bonding scale internal reliability and construct validity

Bernhardt K G., 1986:
The companion flora of vineyards in west sicily italy with special reference to seasonal changes and changes caused by cultivation measures

Bedford A.; Devonshire P.A.; Mciver D., 1981:
The comparability of 2 hostility measures in a normal group

Quereshi M.Y.; Ostrowski M.J., 1985:
The comparability of 3 wechsler adult intelligence scales in a college sample

Halen, R.J., 1978:
The comparability of chest x ray interpretations and pulmonary function test results by different observers

Haeckel, R.; Bucklitsch, I., 1987:
The comparability of ethanol concentrations in peripheral blood and saliva. The phenomenon of variation in saliva to blood concentration ratios

Boroujerdi M., 1982:
The comparability of pharmaco kinetics of creatinine in rabbit and man a mathematical approach

Quereshi M.Y.; Mcintire D.H., 1984:
The comparability of the wechsler intelligence scale for children wechsler intelligence scale for children revised and wechsler preschool and primary scale of intelligence

Tzeng O.C.S.; French P., 1986:
The comparability of verbal and nonverbal semantic differential scales in a joint semantic space

Mishra S.P.; Brown K.H., 1983:
The comparability of wechsler adult intelligence scale and wechsler adult intelligence scale revised iq and sub test scores

Seale D.B.; Beckvar N., 1980:
The comparative ability of anuran larvae genera hyla bufo and rana to ingest suspended blue green algae

Jelenska, M.M.; Fesus, L.; Kopec, M., 1980:
The comparative ability of plasma and tissue trans glutaminases ec to use collagen as a substrate

Stott W.T.; Mckenna M.J., 1984 :
The comparative absorption and excretion of chemical vapors by the upper lower and intact respiratory tract of rats

Marois G.; Marois M., 1979:
The comparative action of an impeded estrogen frideron on seminal maturation and on the weight of the testicles and accessory sexual glands in the male rat

Agmo, A., 1977:
The comparative actions of fluoxymesterone and testosterone on sexual behavior and accessory sexual glands in castrated rabbits

Schulman, H., 1978:
The comparative actions of uterine inhibiting drugs

Ridgway G.L.; O'hare M.D.; Felmingham D.; Gruneberg R.N., 1985:
The comparative activity of 12 4 quinolone antimicrobials against haemophilus influenzae and streptococcus pneumoniae

Watt, B.; Brown, F.V., 1981:
The comparative activity of cefsulodin against anaerobic bacteria of clinical interest: synergy with cefoxitin

Vanhoof R.; Hubrechts J.M.; Roebben E.; Nyssen H.J.; Nulens E.; Leger J.; D.S.hepper N., 1986:
The comparative activity of pefloxacin enoxacin ciprofloxacin and 13 other antimicrobial agents against enteropathogenic microorganisms

Cooper R.; Sweeney A.W., 1982:
The comparative activity of the australian and usa strains of culicinomyces clavosporus bioassayed in mosquito larvae of 3 different genera

Felmingham D.; Wall R.A., 1985:
The comparative activity of twelve 4 quinolone antimicrobials and sulfadiazine against neisseria meningitidis

Samaan H.A.; Said B.S.; E.S.ereif E.; Maraey N.A.M.; Yousry S., 1985:
The comparative acute intraperitoneal toxicity of some psychoactive drugs in mice

Ballantyne, B.; Swanston, D.W., 1978:
The comparative acute mammalian toxicity of 1 chloro acetophenone and 2 chloro benzylidene malononitrile

Payusova A.N., 1982:
The comparative analysis of muscle proteins in 2 closely related species of issyk kul ussr daces

Kristesashvili D.I.; Benyush V.A.; Egolina N.A.; Davudov A.Z., 1983:
The comparative analysis of population polymorphism of silver stained nucleus organizing regions in man

Goryshina, E.N., 1983:
The comparative analysis of seasonal changes in hemopoiesis in the spleen and peripheral blood of the grass frog 2. thrombocyte and neutrophil lineages

Ryti R.T.; Gilpin M.E., 1987:
The comparative analysis of species occurrence patterns on archipelagos

Yakhnitsa I.A.; Pilyavskii A.I.; Bulgakova N.V., 1985:
The comparative analysis of the kinematics of hindlimb movements during different kinds of locomotion in rats

Lomsadze B.A.; Kotrikadze N.G.; Gabuniya G.D.; Dzhishkariani O.S.; Tsartsidze M.A., 1983:
The comparative analysis of the liquid crystalline state of the lipids of micellar structure in aqueous and organic systems/

Paul C.R.C., 1983:
The comparative anatomy and systematics of jamaican urocoptidae mollusca pulmonata

Taylor, E.H., 1977:
The comparative anatomy of caecilian mandibles and their teeth

Jones R.E.; Swain T.; Guillette L.J.Jr; Fitzgerald K.T., 1982:
The comparative anatomy of lizard ovaries with emphasis on the number of germinal beds

Neyret, J.P., 1979:
The comparative anatomy of the antebrachial arteries in domestic mammals 1. the system of radial arteries

Boxshall G.A., 1985:
The comparative anatomy of two copepods a predatory calanoid and a particle feeding mormonilloid

Karrfalt E.E., 1981:
The comparative and developmental morphology of the root system of selaginella selaginoides

Nakamura K.; Toshima T.; Takemura I., 1986:
The comparative and developmental study of auditory information processing in autistic adults

Hintz I.; Margineanu C.; Hodisan V.; Popa L., 1981:
The comparative anti microbial action of eugenol and of the volatile oil of carum carvi

Mil'ko E.S.; Egorov N.S.; Vuitsik E., 1987:
The comparative antibiotic sensitivity of r s and m variants of rhodococcus rubropertinctus

Golan, R.; Szeinberg, A., 1976:
The comparative antigenic structure of mammalian erythrocyte catalase

Virabyan T.L.; Engibaryan A.A.; Saakyan A.E.; Virabyan G.T., 1984:
The comparative antiulcerous efficiency of sodium nucleate tocopherol and quateron

Ausekar B.V.; Bychkov M.B.; Mikhina Z.P.; Shchukina O.P., 1986:
The comparative assessment of combined chemotherapy and chemoradiotherapy of patients with localized small cell cancer of the lung

Adamyan K.G.; Aslanyan N.L.; Grigoryan S.V., 1982:
The comparative assessment of structural features of diurnal rhythms of the cardio vascular system in healthy individuals and in patients with ischemic heart disease

Georgadze A.K.; Permyakov N.K.; Penin V.A.; Titov M.I.; Titova G.P.; Vinogradov V.A.; Emelyanov S.I.; Dzhikiya A.A., 1986:
The comparative assessment of the effects of contrykal 5 fluorouracil and the new peptide drug dalargin on the course of experimental pancreatonecrosis

Stepanova, I.P.; Malyshev-Yu, M., 1984:
The comparative assessment of the myo cardial scintigraphy with technetium 99m labeled tin gluco heptonate vs. technetium 99m labeled tin pyro phosphate in the diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction and unstable angina

Sloan J.W.; Martin W.R.; Bostwick M.; Hook R.; Wala E., 1988:
The comparative binding characteristics of nicotinic ligands and their pharmacology

Bornstein, P.; Nesse, R., 1970:
The comparative biochemistry of collagen the structure of rabbit skin collagen and its relevance to immunochemical studies of collagen

Calder W.A.IIi, 1985:
The comparative biology of longevity and lifetime energetics

Kahanovitz, N.; Arnoczky, S.P.; Kummer, F., 1985:
The comparative biomechanical, histologic, and radiographic analysis of canine lumbar discs treated by surgical excision or chemonucleolysis

Peters A.M.; Walport M.J.; Elkon K.B.; Reavy H.J.; Ferjencik P.P.; Lavender J.P.; Hughes G.R.V., 1984:
The comparative blood clearance kinetics of modified radio labeled erythrocytes

Eden S.F., 1985:
The comparative breeding biology of magpies pica pica in an urban and a rural habitat aves corvidae

Burgess C.D.; Crane J., 1986:
The comparative cardiovascular effects of digoxin and food alone and in combination in normal males

Rost, T.L.; Morrison, S.L., 1984:
The comparative cell cycle and metabolic effects of chemical treatments on root tip meristems 2. propham chlorpropham and 2 4 dinitrophenol

Rost, T.L.; Morrison, S.L.; Sachs, E.S., 1977:
The comparative cell cycle and metabolic effects of chemical treatments on root tip meristems part 1 ioxynil

Chaika, S.Yu, 1982:
The comparative characteristic of digestive enzymes in blood sucking insects 1. proteases and alpha amylases

Mlynarczyk G.; Mlynarczyk A.; Jagusztyn Krynicka E.; Zawidzka E.; Sawicka Grzelak A.; Osowiecki H., 1987:
The comparative characteristics of dnas isolated from transducing bacteriophages of staphylococcus aureus

Tovkach F.I.; Grigoryan Y.A.; Ruban V.I.; Kishko Y.G., 1985:
The comparative characteristics of temperate erwinia carotovora 268 phages

Bazitov, A.A.; Poroikova, T.N., 1976:
The comparative characteristics of the parenchyma of cestodes

Ryazantsev V.V., 1987:
The comparative characterization of erythrocyte barrier properties in hypotonic and hypertonic salt solutions

Clason, A.T., 1975:
The comparative collections and the work done by the archaeo zoological section of the bio archaeological institute at groningen netherlands

Schmidt, K.P.; Levin, D.A., 1985 :
The comparative demography of reciprocally sown populations of phlox drummondii 1. survivorships fecundities and finite rates of increase

Young T.P., 1984:
The comparative demography of semelparous lobelia telekii and iteroparous lobelia keniensis on mount kenya

Gerling, D.; Conde, J.E.; Rabinovich, J.E., 1976:
The comparative development of 2 egg parasites of rhodnius prolixus hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae vector of chagas disease in venezuela

Bompeix, G., 1978:
The comparative development of pezicula alba and pezicula malicorticis on apples in vitro air and controlled atmosphere

Katz R.L.; Lukeman J.M., 1980:
The comparative diagnostic accuracy of cancer cell detection obtained with ficoll hypaque gradient separation and standard centrifugation techniques on body cavity fluids

Goedert M.; Schwartz W.N.; Williams B.J., 1985:
The comparative distribution of 8 lysine 9 asparagineneurotensin 8 13 like immunoreactivity in chicken and rat tissues

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Bomford, R., 1980:
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The comparative susceptibility of male and female and of mature and immature cats to infection with sub-periodic Brugia malayi

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The comparative transport of potassium and rubidium ions in normal and malignant rat tissues in vivo and in liver slices diaphragm and tumor slices in vitro

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The comparative ultrastructural investigation of different fiber types in the body muscles of lampetra fluviatilis

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The comparative ultrastructure of the egg membrane and associated pore structures in the starry flounder platichthys stellatus and pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha

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The comparative ultrastructure of the plerocercoid and adult primary scolex of haplobothrium globuliforme cestoda haplobothrioidea

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The comparative uptake and translocation by plants of calcium strontium barium and radium part 1 bertholletia excelsa d brazil nut d tree

Smith, K.A., 1971:
The comparative uptake and translocation by plants of calcium strontium barium and radium part 2 triticum vulgare m wheat m

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The comparative use of nitrate ammonium and urea fertilizers by oats avena sativa and wheat triticum aestivum as determined by nitrogen 15 techniques

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The comparative validities of the rorschach and mmpi a meta analysis

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The comparative value of 5 calcium sources for laying hens

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The comparative value of several tests in predicting the response to chemo therapy in patients with malignant hemopathies

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The comparative x ray dynamics of the postimplantation period when large bone defects are replaced by bone matrix and bone

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The comparator hypothesis of conditioned response generation: manifest conditioned excitation and inhibition as a function of relative excitatory strengths of CS and conditioning context at the time of testing

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The compared analysis of pulse oscillograms and rheograms

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The comparison between noninvasive and invasive methods of stroke volume determination in children

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The comparison between normal and epstein barr virus transformed homo zygous typing cells and their use for mixed lymphocyte culture primed lymphocyte typing and serological detection of human ia immune response associated antigen type allo antigens

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The comparison of 2 agar media for germ tube and chlamydo spore production by candida albicans

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The comparison of 2 methods for mathematical design of experiments when selecting optimal nutrient media for the tomato cell culture

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The comparison of 2 methods of carcino embryonic antigen determination

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The comparison of 3 freezing methods for electron probe x ray micro analysis of hydrated barley root tissue

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The comparison of 5 response curves for representing the relationship between the annual dry matter yield of grass herbage and fertilizer nitrogen

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The comparison of 6 media for chlamydo spore production by candida albicans

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The comparison of a novel continuous flow dissolution apparatus for suppositories with the rotating basket technique

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The comparison of activated and digested sludge extracts in cultivating chlorella pyrenoidosa and chlorella salina

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The comparison of an acidic glyco peptide from the ascitic tumor fluid and glyco peptide from ehrlich cells

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The comparison of antibody dependent cell cyto toxicity and lectin induced cyto toxic activities of human blood lymphocytes in healthy and diseased subjects

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The comparison of aspartic amino transferase activities with the existence of hepatitis b antigen australia antigen in blood donors

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The comparison of chromatographic and electrophoretic properties of type i collagen isolated with and without pepsin digestion

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The comparison of classical and modern rapid tests for the identification of enterobacteriaceae

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The comparison of complement fixation and tzanck smear tests results in the diagnosis of herpes labialis

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The comparison of dairy cows with sheep in the digestibility of whole crop corn silages prepared from the identical origins

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The comparison of different methods for estimating the biomass of leucaena leucocephala plantations

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The comparison of different rosette assay systems for the determination of thymus derived lymphocytes in patients with solid malignant tumors

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The comparison of early blood system reactions in rats to immobilization the action of hypoxic hypoxia and the administration of erythropoietin

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The comparison of epidural methoxyflurane anesthesia and modified neurolept analgesia for adrenalectomy in a patient with adreno cortical tumor with special reference to plasma catecholamine concentration

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The comparison of facial grading systems

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The comparison of feeding marks and honeydew excretion of green rice leafhopper nephotettix cincticeps on various graminaceous plants deltocephalidae homoptera

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The comparison of fresh forage and haylage feeding to the milk yield of daily cows

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The comparison of genetic composition for drosophila melanogaster in different localities of taiwan electrophoretic analysis of isozymes

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The comparison of global hemispheric 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional model formulations of halo carbon oxidation by hydroxyl radicals in the troposphere

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The comparison of ground vegetation under four forest plantations in candikuning bali indonesia

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The comparison of halothane and enflurane on the muscular relaxing action of pancuronium

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The comparison of high ceiling diuretics with regard to their inner ear effects

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The comparison of hot cut and chilled beef as raw material for the production of comminuted sausages

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The comparison of in vitro effectiveness of sulbactam plus ampicillin and ampicillin

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The comparison of lectin spectra of certain representatives of the species phaseolus vulgaris ssp aborigineus of different geographical origin

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The comparison of lectins from albumin complexes of certain representatives of the species phaseolus vulgaris

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The comparison of liver biopsy and laparoscopy in the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis

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The comparison of myocardial dysfunction in three forms of experimental septic shock

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The comparison of otoscopic findings and impedance measurements

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The comparison of paired compartments by autoradiography a methodological note

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The comparison of parameters estimated from several different samples by maximum likelihood

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The comparison of phenotypic plasticity and genetic variation in populations of the grass danthonia spicata

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The comparison of phytohemagglutinin and purified protein derivatives lymphocyte stimulation indices in mycobacterium tuberculosis inoculated guinea pigs and rabbits

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The comparison of plasma cortisol levels between halothane and epidural anesthesia with surgery

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The comparison of protein patterns of sera in non pregnant and pregnant women

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The comparison of protein patterns of several species in bivalvia by sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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The comparison of rapid test systems for revealing the carcinogenicity and mutagenicity of some chemical substances

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The comparison of rat liver rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane proteins before and after in vitro removal of its bound ribosomes

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The comparison of recovery rate and distribution of brugia pahangi in mongolian jirds meriones unguiculatus kept at different levels of ambient temperature and uv irradiation

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The comparison of rhapidosomes and defective bacterio phage particles from aquaspirillum itersonii

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The comparison of rotifer communities rotatoria in various types of reservoirs within upper silesia poland

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The comparison of RPHI with McAbs and HI in the diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis

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The comparison of seed protein patterns within the genus arachis by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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The comparison of seed proteins of several representatives of the genus pisum with respect to their relationships an immunological comparison

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The comparison of serum cortisol by direct radio immunoassay and fluorometric method

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The comparison of several butadiyne and thiophene derivatives to 8 methoxypsoralen and methylene blue as singlet oxygen sensitizers

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The comparison of several response functions with a standard

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The comparison of sewage effluent and sludge extract in the cultivation of chlorella pyrenoidosa

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The comparison of skeletons of chicken japanese quail and chicken quail hybrid

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The comparison of solid phase and fibrin plate methods for the measurement of plasminogen activators

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The comparison of some parameters of lipids metabolism in the blood of lambs of various cross breeds of wielkopolska sheep and polish merino depending on their age

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The comparison of some properties of gossypol recrystallized from different solvents

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The comparison of soybean wastes used tea leaves and sewage sludge for growing chlorella pyrenoidosa

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The comparison of susceptibility of 2 target cells human red blood cells and l 1210 to antibody dependent lymphocyte cytotoxicity

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The comparison of systematic structures of floras of hokkaido sakhalin kamchatka kuril commander and aleutian islands

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The comparison of the 2 pretreatment methods and 5 mediums in examining tubercle bacilli

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The comparison of the carabidae and staphylinidae insecta coleoptera in the selected geo biocenoses of pavlovske kopce hills czechoslovakia during 1971 1981

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The comparison of the effect of unlimited and limited feeding of broilers

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The comparison of the efficiency of the interaction between the riboprimers and deoxyriboprimers and human placenta dna polymerase alpha

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The comparison of the inhibitory activity of two beta lactamase inhibitors

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The comparison of the measurement of platelet associated igg with horseradish peroxidase conjugated monoclonal antibody and horseradish peroxidase conjugated polyclonal antibody

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The comparison of the spatial organization of phage ms2 rna and 16s ribosomal rna by studying the thermal stability and accessibility of these rnas to nucleases s1 and sv

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The comparison of the spectrodensitometric determination of theophylline to hplc ria and emit procedures

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The comparison of the tertiary structural organization of 16s ribosomal rna and phage ms2 rna by means of interaction with dyes specific to the secondary structure elements in native state and after partial hydrolysis by nuclease s1

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The comparison of the vacuum extractor and forceps

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The comparison of total body irradiation vs. chlorambucil and prednisone for remission induction of active chronic lymphocytic leukemia an eastern cooperative oncology group study 1. total body irradiation response and toxicity

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The comparison of tumor cell criteria in emf embryonic mouse fibroblast and l cells

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The comparison of vaginal yeast flora of mother and oral mucosa of newborn

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The compartment model for chronically implanted voltammetric electrodes in the rat brain

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The compartment syndrome in streptococcal septic fever

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The compartmentalization and metabolism of aluminum in uremic rats

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The compartmentalized hypothalamo neurohypophyseal system evidence for a neurohypophyseal action of acetylcholine on vasopressin release

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The compartmentation of glycolytic and gluconeogenic enzymes in rat kidney and liver and its significance to renal and hepatic metabolism

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The compartmentation of iso pentenyl di phosphate synthesis and utilization in plant cells

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The compatibility of 4 trace elements in total parenteral nutrition infusions

Allwood M.C., 1987:
The compatibility of calcium phosphate in pediatric tpn infusions

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The compatibility of conifer af forestation with the landscape of the monts d'arree region france

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The compatibility of diazepam with infusion fluids and their containers

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The compatibility of eye rudiments of chick embryos with ectoderm of amphibian rana temporaria early gastrula in vitro

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The compatibility of high milk and meat yield in dual purpose cattle

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The compatibility of in house radio pharmaceutical preparations with the limulus amoebocyte lysate pyrogen test

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The compatibility of netropsin and actinomycin binding to natural dna

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The compatibility of osmotica in cyanobacteria

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The compatibility of ustilago zeae strains in artificial nutrient media

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The compensation of atpase activities in brain and kidney microsomes from cold and warm acclimated carp cyprinus carpio

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The compensation of natural temperature gradient at the measuring point during the sap flow rate determination in trees

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The compensation point of light in some plant species of the forest communities festuco quercetum petreae and querco carpinetum serbicum on the mountain fruska gora yugoslavia

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The compensatory acceleration of functional maturation of the melatonin secreting structure in the rana arvalis tadpoles

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The compensatory pause of atrial fibrillation

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The compensatory response locus deletion increases the number of nucleoli in drosophila melanogaster polytene cells

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The compensatory role of the external carotid artery in the vascularization and re vascularization of the brain in cases of internal carotid artery occlusion

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The compensatory role of the parvocellular division of the red nucleus in operantly conditioned rats

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The compensatory role of the smooth muscle cells of the venous wall in varicose veins of the lower extremities

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The competence and bacteriologic effect of the telescoped intestinal valve after small bowel resection

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The competence of a multiple context learning system

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The competency of children and adolescents to make informed treatment decisions

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The competer automatic campimeter 1. technical description and evaluation

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The competer automatic campimeter 2. clinical experience

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The competition between asobara tabida and leptopilina heterotoma in multi parasitized hosts 1. the course of competition

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The competition between atp and inorganic pyro phosphate for myosin and its suppression by substoichiometric actin concentrations

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The competition between avena fatua and spring barley 2. variation of avena fatua emergence and development and its influence on crop yield

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The competition between barley and 5 weed species as influenced by 4 chloro 2 methylphenoxy acetic acid treatment

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The competition knowledge test

Dyer K., 1987:
The competition of autistic stereotyped behavior with usual and specially assessed reinforcers

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The competition of linum usitatissimum with camelina sativa for minerals part 3 uptake of sulfur 35 sulfate affected by herbicides

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The competition of polyene antibiotics for sterols

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The competitive ability of stem cells from mice with Hertwig's anemia

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The competitive action of uv of different wavelengths of the survival on saccharomyces cerevisiae

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The competitive and synergistic interactions of drechslera sorokiniana and curvularia geniculata on leaf spot development on poa pratensis

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The competitive antigen spot test a rapid and simple means of quantitatively screening antisera

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The competitive barium meal

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The competitive effect and chemical control of syrian sage salvia syriaca in wheat

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The competitive effects of serum proteins on cell adhesion

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The competitive growth of floc forming and filamentous bacteria a model for activated sludge bulking

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The competitive interaction of serotonin and acridine orange dye with dna

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The competitive interactions of man and deer in prehistoric california usa

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The competitive power of sugar beet as cultivated in central europe

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The competitive relationship of 3 woodland sedges and its bearing on the evolution of ant dispersal of carex pedunculata

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The competitive saprophytic abilities of typhula incarnata and typhula ishikariensis

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The competitive saprophytic ability of sclerotium oryzae derived from sclerotia

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The compleat angler: aggressive mimicry in an antennariid anglerfish

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The complement c 19 peroxidase binding assay for the detection of circulating immune complex

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The complement c 1q binding assay in systemic lupus erythematosus discordance with disease activity

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The complement c 1q inhibitor in serum is a chondroitin 4 sulfate proteo glycan

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The complement c 2 deficiency gene in man

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The complement c 3 and complement c 4 complement reactive proteins and blood sedimentation rate in rheumatoid arthritis during thermal hydro therapy

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The complement c 3 and its in vivo cleavage products interaction with lectins and precipitation with poly ethylene glycol

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The complement c 3 complement c 5 convertase of the alternative pathway of complement stabilization and restriction of control by lanthanide ions

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The complement c 3 convertase of the alternative pathway of human complement enzymic properties of the bimolecular proteinase

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The complement c 4 and slp genes of the complement region of the murine h 2 major histocompatibility complex

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The complement c 4 system formal and population genetics

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The complement c 5b 6 complex reaction with complement c 7 complement c 8 complement c 9/

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The complement c 5b through c 6 complex formation isolation and inhibition of its activity by lipo protein and the s protein of human serum

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The complement component c1s catalyzed hydrolysis of peptide 4 nitroanilide substrates

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The complement fixation test and african trypanosomiasis part 1 experimental infection and re infection in cattle before and after treatment

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The complement fixation test for the diagnosis of neurocysticercosis

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The complement fixing ability of putative circulating immune complexes in rheumatoid arthritis and its relationship to extra-articular disease

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The complement fixing antibodies to respiratory viruses influenza a 1 influenza b influenza c parainfluenza 1 sendai respiratory syncytial adenovirus and echo 11 and mycoplasma pneumoniae in healthy persons

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The complement fragment C3d facilitates phagocytosis by monocytes

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The complement mediated binding of soluble antibody double stranded dna immune complexes to human neutrophils

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The complement membrane attack complex stimulates the prostanoid production of cultured glomerular epithelial cells

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The complement of cytoplasmic transfer rna including queuosine containing transfer rna in adult and senescent wistar rat liver and their levels of amino acylation

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The complement of desmosomal plaque proteins in different cell types

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The complement profile in babesiasis

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The complement subcomponent C1q mediates binding of immune complexes and aggregates to endothelial cells in vitro

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The complement system and host defense against Pseudomonas endophthalmitis

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The complement system and its biological activities

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The complement system in bullous pemphigoid 6. complement c 3 fixing activity in the absence of detectable antibody

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The complement system in bullous pemphigoid 7. fixation of the regulatory protein beta 1h globulin by pemphigoid antibody

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The complement system in bullous pemphigoid part 1 complement and component levels in sera and blister fluids

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The complement system in bullous pemphigoid part 4 chemo tactic activity in blister fluid

Sano Y., 1985:
The complement system in cerebrospinal fluid

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The complement system in mixed essential cryo globulinemia

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The complement system in rheumatoid synovitis part 1 an analysis of complement component activities in rheumatoid synovial fluids

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The complement system of the nurse shark ginglymostoma cirratum hemolytic and comparative characteristics

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The complement system the normal values and the prevalence of congenital deficiency in the adult population of mexico

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The complementarity principle and the origin of macro molecular information

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The complementary dna and protein sequence of a phenobarbital induced chicken cytochrome p 450

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The complementary dna and protein sequences of human lactate dehydrogenase b

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The complementary dna cloning of a 55 kilodalton protein from guinea pig seminal vesicle evidence that the protein is the precursor of a 25 kilodalton basic secretory protein

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The complementary dna for the beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin suggests evolution of a gene by readthrough into the 3' untranslated region

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The complementary dna of cucumber mosaic virus associated satellite rna has in vivo biological properties

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The complementary dna sequence and gene analysis of the human pim oncogene

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The complementary dna sequence coding for prepro pgs prepromagainins and aspects of the processing of this prepropolypeptide

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The complex of species of genus mus in central and oriental europe 2. criteria for identification distribution and ecological characteristics

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The complex pattern of transcription in the segment of the bacteriophage t 4 genome containing 3 of the head protein genes

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The complex produced by the reaction of diisopropylphosphoryltrypsin ec with polymer of oxidized methyllinolenate

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The complex radiological diagnosis of brain tumors

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The complex rheumatoid hand procedure of the surgical treatment

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The complex role of target cells in the effects of soluble substances released by monocyte macrophage cell populations

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The complex syndrome of ttg mutants

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The complex tone test implications for the assessment of auditory laterality effects

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The complex treatment of aseptic necrosis of femoral head

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The complex treatment of intrauterine fetal hypotrophy

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The complex treatment of thyroid cancer an analysis of 1556 cases

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The complex utilization of the computer technique eser skr pc in the organization and integration of cad cam solutions for a computer bond represented by the out patient department in the hospital friedrichshain

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The complex vocal repertoire of the adult cotton top tamarin saguinus oedipus oedipus

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The complexation chemistry of cyclo amyloses equilibrium constants by novel spectrophotometric methods

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The complexation chemistry of cyclo hexa amyloses adducts with 1 adamantanecarboxylic acid and anion

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The complexation of crowned 4 2 4 dinitrophenylazophenol with alkali and alkaline earth metal ions and its application to the determination of lithium i in a pharmaceutical preparation

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The complexation of metals with humic materials in natural waters

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The complexation of protons aluminum and calcium by aquatic humic substances a model incorporating binding site heterogeneity and macroionic effects

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The complexation of transition series metal ions by nalidixic acid and related methoxyquinolones its influence on partition coefficients with reference to antibacterial activity

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The complexes between quinone and hydroquinone and their methoxy derivatives

Akera, T.; Ku, D.; Tobin, T.; Brody, T.M., 1976:
The complexes of ouabain with sodium and potassium activated atpase formed with various ligands relationship to the complex formed in the beating heart

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