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The complete larval development of hemigrapsus sinensis rathbun brachyura grapsidae reared in the laboratory

Kim, C.H.; Moon, D.Y.

Korean Journal of Zoology 30(3): 277-291


Accession: 006617849

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The larvae of Korean grapsid crab, Hemigrapsus sinensis Rathbun (Grapsidae, Varuninae), were cultured in the laboratory from hatching to the first crab at temperatures ranging from 20.2.degree. C to 24.1.degree. C and in salinities from 32.9.permill. to 33.2.permill., were completely described and illustrated, and compared to the larvae of the other seven species belonging to the same genus described to date. The complete larval development consists of five zoeal and one megalopal stage. The morphological characteristics of H. sinensis larvae are consistent with the other seven species of the same genus in that the antenna and the telson of the first stage zoea are type B, possession of lateral spines on the carapace, and the setal formula of the maximally endopodite is 2.2, whereas differ in the point that basipodite and endopodite of the first maxilliped and endopodite of the second maxilliped are subject to a few variations in setation.

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