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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6619

Chapter 6619 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618000

Uribe D., 1982: The complexes of the ascorbic acid iron iii system

Bremner, I.; Knight, A. H., 1970: The complexes of zinc copper and manganese present in rye grass m

Probst, W.; Roesner, H.; Wiegandt, H.; Rahmann, H., 1979: The complexing ability of gangliosides for calcium 1. influence of monovalent and divalent cations and of acetyl choline

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618004

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618005

Lazar, J. M.; Clark, J. M-Jr, 1977: The complexing of yeast tyrosine transfer rna by tyrosyl transfer rna synthetase ec of hog pancreas

Soll D.R., 1980: The complexity and reversibility of the timer for the onset of aggregation in dictyostelium discoideum

Adams, A. L.; Fischer, G. C.; Vroman, L., 1978: The complexity of blood at simple interfaces

Snow R.E., 1983: The complexity of continuum in the radex and hierarchical models of intelligence

Ogner G., 1980: The complexity of forest soil carbohydrates as demonstrated by 27 different o methyl mono saccharides 10 previously unknown in nature

Duquesnoy R.J., 1984: The complexity of hla ds molecules a homo zygous cell line expresses multiple hla ds alpha chains

Papadimitriou, C. S.; Stein, H.; Lennert, K., 1978: The complexity of immuno histochemical staining pattern of hodgkin and sternberg reed cells demonstration of immuno globulin albumin alpha 1 anti chymotrypsin and lysozyme

Smith H., 1980: The complexity of immunogenicity of neisseria gonorrhoeae in the guinea pig sub cutaneous chamber model

Avadhani N.G., 1981: The complexity of mitochondrial translation products in mammalian cells

Thurston C.F., 1983: The complexity of poly adenylated rna in the alga chlorella fusca

Sinclair, J.; Wells, R.; Deumling, B.; Ingle, J., 1975: The complexity of satellite dna in a higher plant

Gallant J.K., 1983: The complexity of the overlap method for sequencing bio polymers

Pedersen, O. F.; Nielsen, T. M., 1977: The compliance curve for the flow limiting segments of the airway part 1 model studies

Pedersen, O. F.; Nielsen, T. M., 1977: The compliance curve for the flow limiting segments of the airway part 2 experiments with human subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618021

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618022

Pierce W.S., 1984: The compliance problem a major obstacle in the development of implantable blood pumps

Ulmer W.T., 1980: The compliance volume relationship in healthy persons and in cases of fibrosis of the lungs and pulmonary emphysema

Pettit P.W., 1983: The compliant dental patient

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618026

Dritschilo, A.; Chaffey, J. T.; Bloomer, W. D.; Marck, A., 1978: The complication probability factor a method for selection of radiation treatment plans

Et Al, 1984: The complications after pacemaker implantation in 129 consecutive patients

Ceccherini E., 1986: The complications of alimentation via central venous catheterization

Smurra G., 1981: The complications of arterial hypertension

Alberti P.W., 1981: The complications of carbon di oxide laser surgery in oto laryngology

Stephenson T.P., 1987: The complications of colposuspension

Jervell J., 1986: The complications of diabetes mellitus

Khachatryan R.G., 1984: The complications of different surgical closure variations in unclosed arterial canal

Wickham J.E.A., 1986: The complications of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy management and prevention

Ozarda, A. T.; Shahbazian, A., 1977: The complications of full pelvic irradiation with particular emphasis to external beam therapy

Gill, P. G.; Morris, P. J.; Kettlewell, M., 1977: The complications of intra venous corynebacterium parvum infusion

Macfarlane J.T., 1984: The complications of intravenous cannulae incorporating a valved injection side port

Schwall G., 1988: The complications of pancreatectomy

Bricot R., 1983: The complications of radio therapy of gynecological cancers in the digestive tract the possible treatments

Miller S.W.M., 1987: The complications of surgical treatment of displaced fractures of the olecranon

Wurzel H.A., 1984: The complications of therapeutic plasma exchange

Sharpe D.T., 1987: The complications of tissue expansion in breast reconstruction a review of 75 cases

Mclean N.R., 1986: The complications of tissue expansion in the burned scalp

Gunstone, F. D.; Wijesundera, R. C., 1978: The component acids of the lipids in 4 commercial fish meals

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618047

Opute, F. I., 1978: The component fatty acids of psidium guajava seed fats

Fry G.A., 1981: The component of physiological pupillary unrest correlated with respiration

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618050

Macmillan F.W.IIi, 1983: The component structure of event related slow potentials task inter stimulus interval and warning stimulus effects on the e wave

Ivanov N., 1981: The component structure of rations as it affects the fatty acid composition of dorsal reserve fat of fattening pigs

Horrocks P., 1986: The components of a comprehensive district health service for elderly people a personal view

Batra M.S., 1981: The components of an effective test dose prior to epidural block

Gaertner, K.; Bube, P.; Flamme, A.; Peters, K.; Pfaff, J., 1976: The components of biological variability and the limits of their control

Thomasset A., 1980: The components of body weight in pregnant women determined by electrical impedance measurements of the whole body

Shammas G., 1985: The components of calamintha nepeta leaves and flowers

Hashimoto S., 1981: The components of cryo globulin and its biological activities

Wollenweber, E., 1977: The components of flavonoid farina in some ferns

Singh J.N., 1979: The components of genetic variation of bi parental progenies and their use in breeding of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides

Lee S.Y., 1980: The components of ginseng which stimulate the activity of adenylate cyclase 1

Pike, R.; Dalgleish, L., 1976: The components of latency of response in 2 models for auditory detection with deadlines

Kim S.W., 1979: The components of lentinus lepideus

Galasinski W., 1986: The components of melissa officinalis that influence protein biosynthesis in vitro

Katori T., 1983: The components of ophiopogon roots china 1

Kawamata T., 1986: The components of overall heat transfer coefficient and the influence of heating upon the greenhouses

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618067

Brittnacher, J. G.; Ganetzky, B., 1983: The components of segregation distortion in drosophila melanogaster 2. deletion mapping and dosage analysis of the sd locus

Brittnacher, J. G.; Ganetzky, B., 1984: The components of segregation distortion in drosophila melanogaster 3. nature of enhancer of sd

Tanaka K., 1985: The components of slaughterhouse residuum in treatment of fermentation

Lai J S., 1982: The components of steroidal glycoside of marsdenia formosana

Wong K., 1981: The components of synaptic potentials evoked in cat spinal moto neurons by impulses in single group ia afferents

Okuda, T.; Hatano, T.; Agata, I.; Nishibe, S., 1986: The components of tannic activities in labiatae plants i. rosmarinic acid from labiatae plants in japan

Heidam N.Z., 1984: The components of the arctic aerosol

Kattner, E.; Lorch, D.; Weber, A., 1977: The components of the cell wall and slime of a strain of netrium digitus

Noguchi, M.; Mochida, K.; Shingu, T.; Kozuka, M.; Fujitani, K., 1984: The components of the chinese drug tiku' pi 1. isolation and composition of lycium amide a new dipeptide

Zurawski, P.; Zagorska, M.; Grygoruk, M.; Worowski, K., 1985: The components of the fibrinolytic system of guerin's epithelioma

Mclachlan E.M., 1985: The components of the hypogastric nerve in male and female guinea pigs

Vidotto G., 1985: The components of the maudsley obsessional compulsive questionnaire

Takahashi, M.; Osawa, K.; Ueda, J.; Yamamoto, F.; Tsai, C. T., 1976: The components of the plants of lagerstroemia genus part 3 on the structure of the new tannin lagertannin from the leaves of lagerstroemia speciosa

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618082

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618083

Day, R. H.; Dickinson, R. G., 1976: The components of the poggendorff illusion

Bosteels, S.; Carmeliet, E., 1972: The components of the sodium efflux in cardiac purkinje fibers

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618086

Jarosova, J., 1974: The components of the tarsus in palaeobatrachus and their development in related recent species

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618088

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618089

Heslop Harrison Y., 1986: The comportment of the vegetative nucleus and generative cell in the pollen and pollen tubes of helleborus foetidus

Koster J.T., 1980: The compositae of new guinea 7

Koster, J. T., 1976: The compositae of new guinea part 5

Koster J.T., 1979: The compositae of new guinea part 6

Wild, H.; Pope, G. V., 1977: The compositae of the flora zambesiaca africa area part 7 vernonieae excluding vernonia

Wild, H., 1975: The compositae of the flora zambesiaca area part 4 astereae

Roessler, H., 1975: The compositae of the flora zambesiaca area part 5 subtribe gorteriinae

Pope, G. V., 1975: The compositae of the flora zambesiaca area part 6 helenieae

Diaz Piedrahita S., 1986: The compositae of the royal botanical expedition of the new kingdom of granada south america 1783 1816

Cronquist, A., 1977: The compositae revisited

Alpen O., 1987: The composite cauterized bridge in the front teeth region 5 years after

Anderson D.R., 1979: The composite dynamic method as evidence for age specific waterfowl mortality

Juni S., 1982: The composite measure of the defense mechanism inventory

Desmet V.J., 1986: The composite nodule a structural and functional unit of the reactive human lymph node

Miyake N., 1984: The composition and above ground biomass of understory in a deciduous broad leaved forest

Ro I., 1982: The composition and abundance distribution of zoo plankton in the vicinity of yeosu korea

Bailey Watts A., 1982: The composition and abundance of phyto plankton in loch leven scotland uk 1977 1979 and a comparison with the succession in earlier years

Bishop A.L., 1980: The composition and abundance of the spider fauna in southeast queensland australia cotton

Fuzailov A.Yu, 1985: The composition and activity of breast milk hydrolases under the conditions of the antimonic subregion of the fergana valley uzbek ssr ussr

Croxall, J. P., 1976: The composition and behavior of some mixed species bird flocks in sarawak

Levin I.M., 1986: The composition and biological effect of a preparation from the cell walls of lactobacillus bulgaricus lb 51

Sargent J.R., 1982: The composition and biosynthesis of lipids in thysanoessa raschi from the clyde estuary scotland uk

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618113

Lequire V.S., 1979: The composition and calcium transport activity of the sarcoplasmic reticulum from goats with and without heritable myotonia

Toop K.M., 1983: The composition and concentration of umbilical cord plasma lipo proteins their relationship to the birth weight and other clinical factors of the new born

Leedham M., 1984: The composition and consistency of pig backfat as it affects the quality of vacuum packed rindless bacon rashers

Netrusov A.I., 1982: The composition and content of cytochromes in citrobacter freundii

Ahti T., 1986: The composition and contents of aromatic lichen substances in cladonia section unciales

Ahti T., 1986: The composition and contents of aromatic lichen substances in the genus cladina

Taleporos, P., 1976: The composition and cutting properties of di ethylene glycol di stearate from various sources

Rykova V.I., 1987: The composition and degree of sulfation of glycosaminoglycans from tissues of various animal species heterogeneity and tissue specificity of heparan sulfates

Sato K., 1985: The composition and density of dictyostelid cellular slime molds in different plant communities found at various altitudes of mount me akan hokkaido japan

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618123

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618124

Novotny, A. M.; Forman, M., 1975: The composition and development of cell walls of fucus gardneri embryos

Petkov, M.; Mircheva, D., 1979: The composition and digestibility of nutrients in leaves of different mulberry varieties in silkworm trials 1. summer and autumn silkworm feeding

Nicholson G.I., 1980: The composition and dissolution of phyto bezoars

Arief A.J., 1987: The composition and distribution of coral reef molluscs community in leuweung sancang reserve west java indonesia

Sirenko B.I., 1983: The composition and distribution of gastropods of the order naticiformes in the seas of the ussr

Stevenson P.M., 1984: The composition and distribution of lipid granules in the rat ovary

Hessler R.R., 1984: The composition and distribution of meiofauna and nanobiota in a central north pacific deep sea area

Norheim, G., 1978: The composition and distribution of poly chlorinated bi phenyl in arctic fox alopex lagopus caught near longyearbyen on svalbard

Milchunas D.G., 1985: The composition and distribution of soil microarthropods in the shortgrass steppe in relation to soil water root biomass and grazing by cattle

Gerdes D., 1985: The composition and distribution of zooplankton and the content of chlorophyll and seston in different water masses of the german bight in the years 1982 1983

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618135

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618136

Russel A.J.F., 1984: The composition and energy content of empty body weight change in mature cattle

Garratt C.J., 1980: The composition and fluidity of adipocyte membranes prepared from young and adult rats

Robinson R., 1979: The composition and fluidity of normal and leukemic or lymphomatous lymphocyte plasma membranes in mouse and man

Anderson J.M., 1987: The composition and function of thylakoid membranes from pea plants grown under white or green light with or without far red light

Yone Y., 1979: The composition and level of dietary lipid appropriate for growth of prawn penaeus japonicus

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618142

Kannupandi, T., 1977: The composition and nature of cuticular proteins in parasitic copepods

Hughes, A. D.; Heap, P. A.; Hughes, R. J., 1976: The composition and nutritive value of egg meal as a supplementary protein for growing pigs

Hanczakowski, P.; Krasnodebska, I.; Zima, J., 1977: The composition and nutritive value of protein extracted from field pea and lupine seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618146

Davis T.R.C., 1983: The composition and origin of the gas produced during urological endoscopic resections

Allen A., 1982: The composition and polymeric structure of mucus glyco protein from human gallbladder bile

Horobin, R. W.; Murgatroyd, L. B., 1968: The composition and properties of gallo cyanin chrome alum stains inst thin layer chromatography inst electrophoresis inst spectrophotometry

Hachaj M., 1980: The composition and properties of milk in cows fed green forages fertilized with different levels of nitrogen

Cherbar, V. V., 1977: The composition and properties of soils of the vakhanskiy and ishkashimskiy ridges of the western pamirs

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618153

Robinson, D. S.; Monsey, J. B., 1975: The composition and proposed subunit structure of egg white beta ovo mucin the isolation of an unreduced soluble ovo mucin

Ghosh, P.; Taylor, T. K. F.; Horsburgh, B. A., 1975: The composition and protein metabolism in the immature rabbit inter vertebral disc

Unsworth E.F., 1981: The composition and quality of grass silages made in northern ireland uk an analysis of 7 years results 1973 1979

O'connor R.J., 1981: The composition and seasonal changes among the epi fauna associated with fucus serratus in strangford lough northern ireland uk

Korsunov V.M., 1983: The composition and soil forming role of meso fauna of taiga soils in the western siberian plain adjoining the yenisei russian sfsr ussr

Lancraft T.M., 1984: The composition and standing stock of mesopelagic micronekton at 27 degrees north 86 degrees west in the eastern gulf of mexico

Cooper A., 1986: The composition and structure of deciduous woods in county down northern ireland uk

Smirnov N.N., 1982: The composition and structure of rotiferan and crustacean communities of the lower rio nhamunda amazonas brazil

Scocca, J.; Lee, Y. C., 1969: The composition and structure of the carbohydrate of pineapple m stem bromelain

Christie, W. W.; Hunter, M. L., 1978: The composition and structure of the lipids of sheep lymphs

Ishiwatari R., 1986: The composition and the amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in suspended particles from tokyo bay japan water environmental geochemistry of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in tokyo bay ii

Turchetto, E.; Govi, G.; Defrancesco, C.; Biagi, P. L.; Barzanti, V.; Maranesi, M.; Branzanti, M. B., 1977: The composition and the nutritive value of psalliota bispora part 1 the lipids and the unsaponifiable fraction

Ofer S., 1981: The composition and the structure of bacterio ferritin of escherichia coli

Billard R., 1987: The composition and use of a sperm diluent in the carp cyprinus carpio

Ras M.N., 1986: The composition and use of south african feed grade wheat for growing pigs

Nakatsu S., 1987: The composition and vitamin a value of the carotenoids of pumpkins of different colors

Winzor D.J., 1982: The composition dependence of the extent of reaction between a multivalent acceptor and a bivalent ligand implications of self interaction of the ligand in precipitin effects

Rzhonsnitskaya M.A., 1979: The composition distribution and development of the subfamily punctatrypinae brachiopoda

Carleton T.J., 1982: The composition diversity and heterogeneity of some jack pine pinus banksiana stands in northeastern ontario canada

Warham, J.; Watts, R.; Dainty, R. J., 1976: The composition energy content and function of the stomach oils of petrels procelariiformes

Saul G.R., 1983: The composition fat distribution and yield of carcass beef from steers and heifers when entire spayed pregnant or fitted with an intra vaginal device

Maitipe P., 1984: The composition nutritional status and digestibility of the diets of sarotherodon mossambicus from 9 man made lakes in sri lanka

Roth, R. R., 1977: The composition of 4 bird communities in south texas usa brush grasslands

Farquhar J.G.K., 1979: The composition of 8 acacia gum exudates from the series gummiferae and vulgares

Matsuoka, S., 1977: The composition of a carbon source and a nitrogen source in culture medium on the decaying test

Jennings A.C., 1979: The composition of a gel formed when wheat flour is suspended in phenol acetic acid water

Evans F.J., 1981: The composition of a mixture of ingol esters from euphorbia kamerunica

Bradley D.M., 1983: The composition of a mucus glyco protein from meconium of cystic fibrosis healthy preterm and full term neo nates

Vincent C.E., 1987: The composition of acidic meltwaters during snowmelt in the scottish highlands uk

Kalunyants K.A., 1984: The composition of agents regulating bacterial autolysis

De Ruyter Van Steveninck E.D., 1984: The composition of algal vegetation in and outside damselfish territories on a florida usa reef

Christ E.J., 1981: The composition of alkanes in exhaled air of rats as a result of lipid per oxidation in vivo effects of dietary fatty acids vitamin e and selenium

Markey, F.; Sims, P. F. G.; Wild, D. G., 1976: The composition of an unusual precursor of 50s ribosomes in a mutant of escherichia coli

Jofre B.H., 1984: The composition of anglo nubian goats milk

Fang K.Y.P., 1987: The composition of atmospheric coarse particles at an urban and non urban site

Willis E.O., 1979: The composition of avian communities in reminescent woodlots in southern brazil

Downey G., 1983: The composition of bakers white flour and white pan bread produced in the republic of ireland a 2 year survey

Bowers G.R.Jr, 1980: The composition of bean golden mosaic virus and its single stranded dna genome

Kuwabara, S.; Adams, E. P.; Abraham, E. P., 1970: The composition of beta lactamase i and beta lactamase ii from bacillus cereus 569 h

Lotveit T., 1982: The composition of biliary calculi in patients with juxtapapillary duodenal diverticula

Kawatsu H., 1983: The composition of bilirubin conjugates in piscine biles

Kliewer W.M., 1979: The composition of bleeding sap from thompson seedless grapevines as affected by nitrogen fertilization

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618196

White D.R., 1986: The composition of body tissues

Repa P., 1986: The composition of breeding bird synusiae in tree and shrub stands in fields with different tree and shrub layers

Guenther C., 1982: The composition of bromisovalum

Miyahara T., 1979: The composition of buckwheat flour of various varieties and cultivated at various periods

Gusakova, S. D.; Chernenko, T. V.; Glushenkova, A. I.; Umarov, A. U., 1978: The composition of carbonyl compounds of extracted cotton oil cake

Russell G.R., 1984: The composition of cardiac phospho lipids in rats fed different lipid supplements

Fujita T., 1983: The composition of carotenoid pigments in the antarctic krill euphausia superba

Mayes, R. W.; Mason, R. M.; Griffin, D. C., 1973: The composition of cartilage proteo glycans an investigation using high ionic strength and low ionic strength extraction procedures

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618205

Kasai Y., 1981: The composition of cell wall of tetracoccus soyae grown in a high sodium chloride environment

Bekhtereva M.N., 1979: The composition of cell walls in sporophores and spores of cunninghamella japonica

Feldman A.G., 1981: The composition of central programs subserving horizontal eye movements in man

Kriel, J. B.; Mountford, L. A.; Holzapfel, W. H., 1975: The composition of cheese starters for the manufacture of gouda cheese

Randles J.W., 1980: The composition of chloris striate mosaic virus a geminivirus

Gambassi G., 1987: The composition of circulating immune complexes in solid tumors

Hadorn H., 1980: The composition of commercial frozen whole egg statistical evaluation of 282 samples from 11 countries

Van-Der-Have, A. J.; Deen, J. R.; Mulder, H., 1979: The composition of cow milk 1. the composition of separate milkings of individual cows

Van-Der-Have, A. J.; Deen, J. R.; Mulder, H., 1979: The composition of cow milk 2. the relation between certain milk constituents studied with separate milkings of individual cows

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618215

El-Shazly, A.; Dalaly, B. K.; El-Mottaleb, L. A., 1978: The composition of cows milk in the mosul area iraq

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618217

Szafranek J., 1987: The composition of cuticular hydrocarbons of the bean weevil acanthoscelides obtectus say

Warnke Z., 1987: The composition of cuticular hydrocarbons of the khapra beetles trogoderma granarium

Nagabhushanam, R.; Chintawar, B. V., 1977: The composition of egg capsules of the pulmonate fresh water snails indoplanorbis exustus and gyraulus convexiusculus

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618222

Kolesnikova, R. D.; Chernodubov, A. I.; Latysh, V. G.; Deryuzhkin, R. I.; Krasnoboyarova, L. V., 1977: The composition of essential oils in some caucasian and crimean pine species

Sokolova T.A., 1985: The composition of ethiopian upland soils

Pidoplichko G.A., 1979: The composition of extracellular lipids in the yeast rhodotorula glutinis

Zymczak J., 1985: The composition of fatty acids in the mitochondrial fraction of the liver and brain in mice with transplanted lymphatic leukemia p 388

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618227

Edwards C., 1983: The composition of fatty materials from a thule eskimo site on herschel island canada

Montalta J., 1980: The composition of feline milk and its substitution in artificial rearing

Comline, R. S.; Silver, M., 1972: The composition of fetal and maternal blood during parturition in the ewe

Hanel L., 1987: The composition of fish populations in the reinforced concrete basin near vlasim central bohemia czechoslovakia

Tuck, R. R.; Setchell, B. P.; Waites, G. M. H.; Young, J. A., 1970: The composition of fluid collected by micro puncture and catheterization from the seminiferous tubules and rete testis of rats

Matter Philip I I. I.; Davidson Franklin D.; Wyckoff Ralph W. G., 1969: The composition of fossil oyster shell proteins

Tiselius H G., 1987: The composition of four hour urine samples from patients with calcium oxalate stone disease

Watanabe H., 1988: The composition of furan fatty acids in the crayfish

Mashchanova D.D., 1982: The composition of galacto lipids of chloroplast membranes of hardened and nontempered winter wheat plants

Uldall, A.; Petri, C.; Geill, T., 1976: The composition of gall stones from geriatric patients methods for the determination of cholesterol and of black substances in gall stones

Yasoshima S., 1980: The composition of gases in the post mortem body animal experiments and 2 autopsy cases

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618240

Rogers W.R., 1983: The composition of glyco proteins and activities of glycosidases in broncho alveolar lavages from smoking baboons

Berenson G.S. , 1980: The composition of glycosamino glycans in developing rabbit lungs

Kulinich M.A., 1983: The composition of hop volatile oils

Sadovnikova, L. K.; Orlov, D. S., 1976: The composition of humus of zonal soils and the role of carbohydrates in the formation of different humus fractions

Nawrot J., 1986: The composition of hydrocarbons of the larvae of the khapra beetles trogoderma granarium

Sysoev A.V., 1983: The composition of intermediate hosts of proteocephalus torulosus cestoda proteocephalidae and the dynamics of invasion of copepoda with this parasite under conditions in karelia ussr

Leoni E., 1979: The composition of iranian olive oil

Prigogine, A., 1977: The composition of itombwe forests avi fauna

Ridah S.H., 1985: The composition of karadi ewe and goat milk

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618251

Furuya M., 1984: The composition of lipids and fatty acids determined at various stages of haploid and diploid generations in the fern adiantum capillus veneris

Romashina N.A., 1987: The composition of lipids of phytophthora infestans and their ability to induce potato phytoalexin accumulation

Storozhok S.A., 1985: The composition of lipids of varying localization in coregonus peled

Gornicka Michalska E., 1985: The composition of liver chromatin proteins from embryos chicks and adult chickens

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618256

Stromberg, P.; Ballantyne, D.; Ballantyne, F. C.; Third, J. L. H. C.; Bedford, D. K., 1977: The composition of low density lipo protein and very low density lipo protein subfractions in type iii hyper lipo proteinemia comparison with normal subjects

Finer N., 1986: The composition of lunch determines afternoon plasma tryptophan ratios in humans

Blunden, G.; Farnham, W. F.; Jephson, N.; Fenn, R. H.; Plunkett, B. A., 1977: The composition of maerl from the glenan islands of southern brittany france

Anwar C., 1987: The composition of mangrove forest of kali bedahan estuary pamanukan west java indonesia related to the seaward migration of the shoreline

Kulisa, M., 1977: The composition of mare milk in 3 horse breeds with reference to n acetyl neuraminic acid

Bottino, N. R., 1971: The composition of marine oil tri glycerides as determined by silver ion thin layer chromatography

Mellor, D. J.; Slater, J. S., 1973: The composition of maternal plasma and fetal urine after feeding and drinking in chronically catheterized ewes during the last 2 months of pregnancy

Hejja S., 1980: The composition of meat of broiler chicks fed rations in which soybean meal was replaced with cottonseed meal

Van Der Walt K., 1980: The composition of merino flocks in south africa

Akinsoyinu A.O., 1981: The composition of milk of the friesian cattle imported into nigeria

Antila V., 1983: The composition of milk the determination of protein by the ir method

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618269

Tsuji, T.; Haramaki, O., 1976: The composition of minerals in the excreta of adult dairy cattle and its relationship to that of grass

Renecker L.A., 1987: The composition of moose milk following late parturition

Watson, J. P., 1976: The composition of mounds of the termite macrotermes falciger on soil derived from granite in 3 rainfall zones of rhodesia

Lim J.W., 1984: The composition of neutral lipids and fatty acid of korean native goat milk

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618274

Grimm M.P., 1981: The composition of northern pike esox lucius populations in 4 shallow waters in the netherlands with special reference to factors influencing pike in their 1st growing season biomass

Yankov L.K., 1984: The composition of oil from sudanese lemongrass cymbopogon citratus

Body D.R., 1985: The composition of orange roughy hoplostethus atlanticus roe lipids

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618278

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618279

Lipke, H.; Geoghegan, T., 1971: The composition of peptido chito dextrins from sarcophagid puparial cases

Warham J., 1983: The composition of petrel eggs

Shelp B.J., 1987: The composition of phloem exudate and xylem sap from broccoli brassica oleracea var italica supplied with ammonium nitrate or ammonium nitrate

Hocking P.J., 1980: The composition of phloem exudate and xylem sap from tree tobacco nicotiana glauca

Marshall H.G., 1982: The composition of phyto plankton within the chesapeake bay plume and adjacent waters off the virginia coast usa

Lowry J.B., 1986: The composition of pith from the sago palms metroxylon sagu and arenga pinnata

Section 7, Chapter 6619, Accession 006618286

Hoitsma H.F.W., 1987: The composition of plasma lipoproteins and erythrocyte membranes in cholesterol fed pigs with partial ileal bypass

Lim J.W., 1984: The composition of polar lipids and fatty acid of korean native goat milk

Savchenko G.V., 1981: The composition of proteins in hansenula polymorpha ha ploid and di ploid strains

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