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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 6620

Chapter 6620 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Andrews, A.L.; Atkinson, D.; Evans, M.T.A.; Finer, E.G.; Green, J.P.; Phillips, M.C.; Robertson, R.N., 1979:
The conformation and aggregation of bovine beta casein a part 1 molecular aspects of thermal aggregation

Evans, M.T.A.; Phillips, M.C.; Jones, M.N., 1979:
The conformation and aggregation of bovine beta casein a part 2 thermodynamics of thermal association and the effects of changes in polar and apolar interactions on micellization

Milborrow, B.V., 1984:
The conformation of abscisic acid by n.m.r. and a revision of the proposed mechanism for cyclization during its biosynthesis

Sax, M.; Rodrigues, M.; Blank, G.; Wood, M.K.; Pletcher, J., 1976:
The conformation of acetyl choline and the crystal structure of 2 2 di methylbutyl 3 5 dinitro benzoate

Lenkinski, R.E.; Stephens, R.L., 1981:
The conformation of angiotensin ii in solution 3. an analysis of gadolinium iii induced perturbations of the proton nmr spectrum

Scheer, H.; Formanek, H.; Ruediger, W., 1979:
The conformation of bilin chromophores in bili proteins ramachandran type calculations

Carver, J.A., 1987:
The conformation of bombesin in solution as determined by two dimensional proton nmr techniques

Paradies, H.H.; Zimmermann, J.; Schmidt, U.D., 1978:
The conformation of chloroplast coupling factor 1 from spinach in solution

Stezowski, J.J.; Poehlmann, H.W.; Haslinger, E.; Kalchhauser, H.; Schmidt, U.; Pozolli, B., 1987:
The conformation of cyclo l pro l leu l val gly thz a dolastatin 3 analog in the crystalline and solution states

Mubarak, A.M.; Brown, D.M., 1982:
The conformation of dextro muscarine in solution

Pokrovskaya, M.Yu; Lysov, Y.P.; Tychinskaya, L.Yu; Florent'ev V.L., 1980:
The conformation of di nucleoside phosphates in aqueous solutions using proton spin lattice relaxation rates

Pokrovskaya, M.Yu; Lysov, Y.P.; Florent'ev V.L., 1985:
The conformation of dinucleoside phosphates the conformational encoding hypothesis

Tedesco, J.L.; Seeman, P.; Mcdermed, J.D., 1979:
The conformation of dopamine at its receptor binding of mono hydroxy 2 amino tetralin enantiomers and positional isomers

Horn, A.S., 1974:
The conformation of dopamine at its uptake site further studies with rigid analogs

Cheung, H.T.; Feeney, J.; Roberts, G.C.K.; Williams, D.H.; Ughetto, G.; Waring, M.J., 1978:
The conformation of echinomycin in solution

Mori, M.; Haga, M.; Aoyagi, S., 1976:
The conformation of enzyme substrate complex in yeast alcohol dehydrogenase

Robinson, M.N.; Boswell, A.P.; Huang, Z.X.; Eley, C.G.; Moore, G.R., 1983:
The conformation of eukaryotic cytochrome c around residues 39, 57, 59 and 74

Blakey, P.R.; Groom, M.J.; Turner, R.L., 1977:
The conformation of fibrinogen and fibrin an electron microscope study

Brown, R.D.; Godfrey, P.D.; Kleibomer, B., 1987:
The conformation of formamide

Haslinger, E., 1978:
The conformation of frangulanine study with the aid of carbon 13 and proton nmr spectroscopy

Avent, A.G.; Chamberlain, C.; Hanson, J.R.; Hitchcock, P.B., 1985:
The conformation of fujenal a seco ring beta ent kaurenoid diterpene

Morrissey, B.W.; Han, C.C., 1978:
The conformation of gamma globulin adsorbed on poly styrene latices determined by quasielastic light scattering

Hawkes, G.E.; Lian L Y.; Randall, E.W.; Sales, K.D.; Curzon, E.H., 1987:
The conformation of gramicidin a in dmso solution a full analysis of the one and two dimensional proton carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 nmr spectra

Florencio, F.; Smith-Verdier, P.; Garcia-Blanco, S., 1978:
The conformation of hetero cyclic spiro compounds part 2 the crystal and molecular structure of n methyl granatanine 3 spiro 5 hydantoin/

Florencio, F.; Smith-Verdier, P.; Garcia-Blanco, S., 1978:
The conformation of hetero cyclic spiro compounds part 3 the crystal and molecular structure of n beta hydroxyethyl granatanine 3 spiro 5 hydantoin

Stellwagen, E.; Rysavy, R.; Babul, G., 1972:
The conformation of horse heart apo cytochrome c

Van Der Schyf, C.J.; Mavromoustakos, T.; Makriyannis, A., 1988:
The conformation of levo 8 alpha and levo 8 beta hydroxy delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinols and their interactions with model membranes

Osborne, H.B.; Nabedryk-Viala, E., 1978:
The conformation of membrane bound and detergent solubilized bovine rhod opsin a comparative hydrogen isotope exchange study

Bewley, T.A.; L.C.H., 1986:
The conformation of monkey pituitary somatotropin

Kok, A.J.D.; Boomsma, F.; Romers, C., 1976:
The conformation of nonaromatic ring compounds part 94 the crystal and molecular structure of the 3 5 di nitro benzoate ester of toxisterol c 1 at minus 170 celsius

Chacko, K.K.; Swaminathan, S.; Veena, K.R., 1983:
The conformation of proline using the concept of pseudorotation/

Wagner, R.; Carillo, N.; Junge, W.; Vallejos, R.H., 1982:
The conformation of reconstituted ferredoxin nadp oxido reductase ec in the thylakoid membrane studies via triplet lifetime and rotational diffusion with eosin iso thio cyanate as label

Bock, K.; Meldal, M.; Bundle, D.R.; Iversen, T.; Pinto, B.M.; Garegg, P.J.; Kvanstrom, I.; Norberg, T.; Lindberg, A.A.; Svenson, S.B., 1984:
The conformation of salmonella o antigenic oligosaccharides of serogroups a b and d 1 inferred from proton nmr and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Bock, K.; Meldal, M.; Bundle, D.R.; Iversen, T.; Garegg, P.J.; Norberg, T.; Lindberg, A.A.; Svenson, S.B., 1984:
The conformation of salmonella o antigenic polysaccharide chains of serogroups a b and d 1 predicted by semi empirical hard sphere exo anomeric calculations

Cano, F.H.; Foces Foces, C.; Jimenez Barbero, J.; Alemany, A.; Bernabe, M.; Martin Lomas, M., 1988:
The conformation of some 1 2 o alkylidene beta l lyxopyranose and 1 2 o alkylidene beta l arabinopyranoses in the solid state and in solution

Baynham, M.K.; Dickinson, J.M.; Hanson, J.R.; Hitchcock, P.B.; Willis, C.L., 1988 :
The conformation of some site specific inhibitors of the ring contraction step in gibberellin plant hormone biosynthesis

Compton, L.A.; Mathews, C.K.; Johnson, W.C., 1987:
The conformation of T4 bacteriophage dihydrofolate reductase from circular dichroism

Odom, O.W.; Craig, B.B.; Hardesty, B.A., 1978:
The conformation of the anti codon loop of yeast rna in isolation and on ribosomes

Tao, T.; Lamkin, M.; Scheiner, C.J., 1985:
The conformation of the carboxyl terminal region of actin a site specific photocrosslinking study using benzophenone 4 maleimide

Veselkov, A.N.; Morshkin, V.A.; Polyakova, I.D.; Shpungin, I.L.; Frisman, E.V., 1976:
The conformation of the denatured dna molecule in solutions of different ionic strengths

Keniry, M.A.; Levenson, C.; Shafer, R.H., 1987:
The conformation of the deoxy acccgggt duplex in aqueous solution

Mizusaki, K.; Sugahara, Y.; Tsunematsu, H.; Makisumi, S., 1986:
The conformation of the lysyl side chain of substrates at the active center of trypsin

Nawata, Y.; IItaka, Y., 1983:
The conformation of the macro tetrolide ring system from x ray and molecular mechanics studies

Matthews, B.W.; Weaver, L.H.; Kester, W.R., 1974:
The conformation of thermo lysin

Tatham, A.S.; Shewry, P.R., 1985:
The conformation of wheat gluten proteins the secondary structures and thermal stabilities of alpha beta gamma and omega gliadins

Soderman, O.; Stilbs, P., 1986:
The conformation state and dynamics of micellized octylglucoside from carbon 13 nmr relaxation at a single magnetic field

Sugiura, M.; Beierbeck, H.; Kotovych, G.; Belanger, P.C., 1984:
The conformational analysis of leukotriene d 4 in aqueous solution based on high field nmr measurements

Lemieux, R.U.; Bock, K., 1983:
The conformational analysis of oligo saccharides by proton nmr and hard sphere exo anomeric calculation

Kotovych, G.; Beierbeck, H.; Salmon, D., 1985:
The conformational analysis of piriprost an inhibitor of leukotriene synthesis based on high field nmr studies

Harris, R.A.; Penniston, J.T.; Asai, J.; Green, D.E., 1968:
The conformational basis of energy conservation in membrane systems ii correlation between conformational change and functional states

Qasim, M.A.; Salahuddin, A., 1979:
The conformational consequences of maleylation of amino groups in ov albumin

Copley, S.D.; Knowles, J.R., 1987:
The conformational equilibrium of chorismate in solution implications for the mechanism of the non enzymic and the enzyme catalyzed rearrangement of chorismate to prephenate

Sabesan, S.; Bock, K.; Lemieux, R.U., 1984:
The conformational properties of ganglioside g m 2 and ganglioside g m 1 based on proton nmr and carbon 13 nmr studies/

Jans, A.W.H.; Hallenga, K.; Van-Binst, G.; Michel, A.; Scarso, A.; Zanen, J., 1985:
The conformational properties of somatostatin 5. side chain interactions in aqueous solution as studied by 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional nmr methods

Hallenga, K.; Van Binst, G.; Knappenberg, M.; Brison, J.; Michel, A.; Dirkx, J., 1979:
The conformational properties of some fragments of the peptide hormone somatostatin

Hruby, V.J.; Kao L F.; Pettitt, B.M.; Karplus, M., 1988:
The conformational properties of the delta opioid peptide d pen 2 d pen 5 enkephalin in aqueous solution determined by nmr and energy minimization calculations

Kim, Y.D., 1970:
The conformational stability of bacterio chlorophyll protein complex isolated from a green photosynthetic bacterium part 2 the action of detergents on the bacterio chlorophyll protein complex

Maslova, R.N.; Lesnik, E.A.; Agranovich, I.M.; Minchenkova, L.E.; Varshavskii Ya, 1983:
The conformational study of the alternating poly nucleotides double stranded poly deoxy adenylate deoxy thymidylate and double stranded poly deoxy guanylate deoxy cytidylate by proton tritium exchange

Brems, D.N.; Liu, Y.C.; Stellwagen, E., 1982:
The conformational transition of horse heart porphyrin c

Rochas, C.; Mazet, J., 1984:
The conformational transition of kappa carrageenan using microcalorimetry

Srinivasan, A.R.; Yathindra, N., 1978:
The conformational wheel a circular plot for correlating the primary and secondary structure of a linear polymer with the conformational angles of its individual residues

Pearlman, D.A.; Kim S H., 1985:
The conformations and energetics of photodamaged dna

Coxon, B., 1970:
The conformations of 1 2.4 6 di o benzylidene alpha d gluco pyranose derivatives

Visser, L.; Louw, A.I., 1978:
The conformations of cardio toxins and neuro toxins from snake venoms

Cyr, N.; Perlin, A.S., 1979:
The conformations of furanosides a carbon 13 nmr study

Clore, G.M.; Sukumaran, D.K.; Nilges, M.; Zarbock, J.; Gronenborn, A.M., 1987:
The conformations of hirudin in solution a study using nmr distance geometry and restrained molecular dynamics

Beierbeck, H.; Kotovych, G.; Sugiura, M., 1985:
The conformations of prostacyclin and related prostaglandins

Kalman, J.R.; Blake, T.J.; Williams, D.H.; Feeney, J.; Roberts, G.C.K., 1979:
The conformations of triostin a in solution

Tatham, A.S.; Field, J.M.; Smith, S.J.; Shewry, P.R., 1987:
The conformations of wheat gluten proteins ii. aggregated gliadins and low molecular weight subunits of glutenin

Kuntz, G.; Stoeckel, P.; Heidrich, H.G., 1978:
The conformer nature of the multiple forms of beef liver catalase as obtained by biochemical and small angle x ray scattering experiments a model for the quaternary structure of the beef liver catalase molecule

Andreev, A.Yu; Yaguzhinskii, L.S., 1988:
The conformity of chemical parameters of amino acids and anticodons in the genetic code

Wojcik, G.; Lupa, K.; Niechaj, A., 1978:
The conformity of depressor responses evoked by stimulation of the aortic nerve with the low of initial value and its changes induced by reserpine

Holden, B.A.; Zantos, S.G., 1981 :
The conformity of soft lenses to the shape of the cornea

Woodman, C.B.J.; Yates, M.; Ward, K.; Williams, D.; Byrne, P.; Jordan, J.A.; Kelly, K.A., 1988:
The confounding effect of koilocytosis on the predictive accuracy of a cervical smear

W.H., 1984:
The congdu formation cretaceous deep sea deposits in southern xizang tibet china and its significance

Leyten, R.; Vroemen, J.P.A.M.; Blanckaert, N.; Heirwegh, K.P.M., 1986:
The congenic normal r apfd and jaundiced r apfd j j rat strains a new animal model of hereditary non hemolytic unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia due to defective bilirubin conjugation

Pana, I.; Login, S., 1981:
The congenital bone fragility syndrome due to prevalent periosteal hypo osteogenesis osteogenesis imperfecta

Esposito, G.; D.L.ca U.; Cigliano, B.; Ascione, G.; D.T.oro A., 1985:
The congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung

Marietti, G.; Colabucci, F.; Rizzato, L.; Siccardi, M.; Paone, F.M.; Liberale, I.; Menini, E., 1978:
The congenital errors of the steroidogenesis a case report of late diagnosis

Duerrschmidt, V., 1981:
The congenital hip as a pre arthrotic deformity

Weingärtner, L., 1977:
The congenital lobar emphysema

Horn, C.A.; Beekman, R.H.; Dick, M.; Lacina, S.J., 1986:
The congenital long QT syndrome. An unusual cause of childhood seizures

Evans, R.A.; Carter, J.N.; George, C.R.P.; Walls, R.S.; Newland, R.C.; Mcdonnell, G.D.; Lawrence, J.R., 1981:
The congenital magnesium losing kidney report of 2 patients

Baillie, M.; Allen, E.D.; Elkington, A.R., 1980:
The congenital warfarin syndrome: a case report

Murray, K.; Nurse, D.; Borzyskowski, M.; Mundy, A.R., 1987:
The congenital wide bladder neck anomaly a common cause of incontinence in children

Roberts, W.C., 1970:
The congenitally bicuspid aortic valve a study of 85 autopsy cases

Workman, C.; Porch, P.; Rhamy, R.K., 1978:
The congenitally dilated prostatic utricle

Burch, E.A.; Burch, K.T., 1979:
The congestive heart failure model of schizophrenia

Ribbert K H., 1982:
The conglomerates of the schwarzbach valley west germany a sedimentological model

Kouyoumontzakis, G., 1985:
The congolese continental shelf characteristic biotope for foraminifera

Van Hinte, J.E., 1979:
The coniacian santonian and campanian stratotypes

Kohn, A.J., 1978:
The conidae mollusca gastropoda of india

Metzler, B., 1988 :
The conidia of typhula incarnata 2. their function as spermatia

Kwon, K.S.; Lee, J.H.; Hah, Y.C.; Hong, S.W., 1986:
The conidial beta glucosidase of aspergillus nidulans

Kobayashi, Y., 1976:
The conidial stage of dendrosphaera eberhardti trichocomataceae

Nagler, A.; Oberwinkler, F., 1984:
The conidial stage of ginanniella primulicola

Nomura, Y., 1981:
The conidial stage of uncinula necator occurring on vitaceous plants in japan

Binazzi, A., 1980:
The conifer aphid fauna 2. cinara laricionis new species feeding on pinus laricio homoptera aphidoidea lachnidae

Binazzi, A., 1983:
The conifer aphid fauna 6. eulachnus mediterraneus new species belonging to the eulachnus agilis group and notes on the nearly related entities homoptera aphidoidea lachnidae

Alvin, K.L., 1977:
The conifers frenelopsis and manica in the cretaceous of portugal

Lidicker, W.Z.Jr; Brylski, P.V., 1987:
The conilurine rodent radiation of australia analyzed on the basis of phallic morphology

Monserrat, V.J., 1985:
The coniopterygidae of mexico neuroptera planipennia coniopterygidae

Monserrat, V.J., 1982:
The coniopterygids insecta neuroptera coniopterygidae of the orient

Hohlweg Majert, P.; Hettenbach, A.; Kuebler, H.C., 1987:
The conization of the cervix a study of 900 cases

Shchapova, A.I.; Zaripova, Z., 1982:
The conjugation of chromosomes of d r substituted hexa ploid forms of triticale differing with respect to the quantity of telomere hetero chromatin

Nygren, H.; Hansson H A.; Lange, S., 1979:
The conjugation of horseradish peroxidase to immuno globulin g via glutaraldehyde

Rajkowski, K.M.; Cittanova, N.; Desfosses, B.; Jayle, M.F., 1977:
The conjugation of testosterone with horseradish peroxidase and a sensitive enzyme assay for the conjugate

Wong, K.P., 1976:
The conjugation of tyramine with sulfate by liver and intestine of different animals

Flegel, T.W., 1981:
The conjugation process in the jelly fungus sirobasidium magnum

Wells, G.L., 1985:
The conjunction error and the representativeness heuristic

Hovding, G., 1981:
The conjunctival and contact lens bacterial flora during lens wear

Weyrauch, K.D., 1983:
The conjunctival epithelium in domestic ruminants 1. light microscopic investigations

Weyrauch, K.D., 1983:
The conjunctival epithelium in domestic ruminants 2. electron microscopic investigations

Worgul, B.V.; Srinivasan, B.D.; Merriam, G.R.Jr, 1976:
The conjunctival epithelium part 1 methods for preparing isolated whole mounts of the rat conjunctival epithelium

Srinivasan, B.D.; Worgul, B.V.; Iwamoto, T.; Merriam, G.R.Jr, 1977:
The conjunctival epithelium part 2 histochemical and ultrastructural studies on human and rat conjunctiva

Worgul, B.V.; Srinivasan, B.D., 1978:
The conjunctival epithelium part 3 evidence for a preferred orientation of dividing cells in the peri limbal region

Brown, D.H., 1978:
The conjunctival flora of nursing home patients and staff

Westermann, G.E.G., 1982:
The connecting rings of nautilus and mesozoic ammonoids implications for ammonoid bathymetry

Stein, W., 1977:
The connection between age of habitat and appearance of short wings in populations of dimorphic curculionid species coleoptera curculionidae

Sikora, P., 1981:
The connection between certain morphological traits in ontogenesis and phylogenesis

Sulyalina, A.V., 1977:
The connection between composition of mountain tundra communities and some soil properties in the khibiny mountains russian sfsr ussr

Kosolapov, S.S.; Kalamkarov, G.R.; Ostrovskii, M.A., 1978:
The connection between dark adaptation in the retinal rods and rhod opsin photolysis

Rafai, P., 1980:
The connection between energy metabolism and micro climate in pig production

Otto, K.R., 1978:
The connection between high energy and low energy responses to red and far red light of hypocotyl elongation in red cabbage seedlings brassica oleracea var capitata cultivar marner septemberrot

Muenster Swendsen, A.M., 1987:
The connection between precipitation growth and pest insect attacks in norway spruce

Mustafa, M.; D'yakov-Yu, T., 1978:
The connection between super sensitive cell death and phyto alexin production in protective reactions of potato against phytophthora infestans

Telitsyn, G.P., 1984:
The connection between the frequency of forest visitors and the occurrence of fires

Chipperfield, A.R.; Whittam, R., 1976:
The connection between the ion binding sites of the sodium pump

Metelitsa, V.I.; Chubukova, A.L.; Kokurina, E.V.; Aleksandrov, A.A., 1977:
The connection of certain risk factors with age and ischemic heart disease in a single epidemiologic survey

Hamori, M.; Szendei, G.; Kovacs, I.; Somos, P., 1987:
The connection of hyperprolactinemia and polycystic ovary syndrome

Bierbauer, J., 1977:
The connection of the optic tentacle as endocrine organ with the regulation of gametogenesis

Smith, B.S.; Millhouse, O.E., 1985:
The connections between the basolateral and central amygdaloid nuclei

Jen, L.S.; Dai Z G.; S.K.F., 1984:
The connections between the parabigeminal nucleus and the superior colliculus in the golden hamster

Numan, M.; Callahan, E.C., 1980:
The connections of the medial preoptic region and maternal behavior in the rat

Shipley, M.T.; Adamek, G.D., 1984:
The connections of the mouse olfactory bulb: a study using orthograde and retrograde transport of wheat germ agglutinin conjugated to horseradish peroxidase

Arnault, P.; Roger, M., 1987:
The connections of the peripeduncular area studied by retrograde and anterograde transport in the rat

Swanson, L.W.; Cowan, W.M., 1979:
The connections of the septal region in the rat

Monney, A., 1978:
The connective network of the spleen from an 18 centimeter long crown rump human fetus plastic reconstruction and some reflections concerning the architecture of the human spleen

Ogbuihi, S.; Zink, P., 1987:
The connective tissue framework of the lung in sids

Ghosh, M.L.; Emery, J.L., 1970:
The connective tissue in livers of children

A.Z.id N.S.; Bou Resli, M.N.; Ibrahim, M.E.A., 1980:
The connective tissue of human fetal membranes

D.Blok, S., 1982:
The connective tissue of the adult female pelvic region. A dissectional analysis

Winstanley, E.W., 1976:
The connective tissue reaction in the healing of full thickness excised skin wounds in the thoracic and metatarsal regions of the dog

Lavety, L.; Afolabi, O.A.; Love, R.M., 1988:
The connective tissues of fish ix. gaping in farmed species

Kistler, J.; Bullivant, S., 1980:
The connexon order in isolated lens gap junctions

Briggs, D.E.G.; Clarkson, E.N.K.; Aldridge, R.J., 1983:
The conodont animal

Kozur, H.; Pjatakova, M., 1976:
The conodont species anchignathodus parvus new species an important index form of the lowermost triassic

Gupta, V.J., 1976:
The conodont stratigraphy of the middle and upper triassic of the himalayas india

Cafiero, B.; D.C.poa Bonardi, P., 1980:
The conodonts of the calcareous and halobia of the upper trias of montenegro crna gora yugoslavia

Weddige, K., 1977:
The conodonts of the eifelian in the type area west germany and adjacent facies areas

Donker, A.J.; Min, I.; Venuto, R.C., 1983:
The conscious instrumented rabbit: a model for the study of mechanisms of blood pressure regulation during pregnancy

Cho, S.H.; Yoo, K.Y.; Yun, D.R., 1981:
The consciousness level and therapeutic effects on acute carbon mon oxide poisoning results of a survey of 4 general hospitals in seoul korea

Joseph, E.D., 1987:
The consciousness of being conscious

Esaki, H.; Maeda, M.; Matsunaga, J.; Morishige, T.; Kunitake, E., 1982:
The consciousness of body type and the frequency of dietary intake of women collegians

Casler, L., 1976:
The "consciousness problem" is not the problem

Calie, P.J.; Hughes, K.W., 1987:
The consensus land plant chloroplast gene order is present with two alterations in the moss physcomitrella patens

Levitt, S.H.; Potish, R.A.; Aeppli, D.; Lindgren, B., 1988:
The consensus statements on adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer. Fact or artifact

Bull, P.C., 1981:
The consequence for wildlife or expanding new zealand forest industry

Linton, J.D.; Woodard, S.; Gouldney, D.G., 1987:
The consequence of stimulating glucose dehydrogenase activity by the addition of pqq on metabolite production by agrobacterium radiobacter ncib 11883

Appleby, M.C., 1982:
The consequences and causes of high social rank in red deer cervus elaphus stags

Bauman, K.E., 1985:
The consequences expected from alcohol and drinking behavior a factor analysis of data from a panel study of adolescents

Swanston, J.S., 1987:
The consequences for malting quality of hordeum laevigatum as a source of mildew resistance in barley breeding

Johnson, M.K.; Foley, M.A.; Leach, K., 1988:
The consequences for memory of imagining in another person's voice

Isaksen, H.; Rømer, J.K., 1988:
The consequences of 113 notifications to the worker's supervision authorities from general practice

Drozdova, V.N.; Nezlina, N.I., 1976:
The consequences of a partial de afferentation of the cat hind leg

Russell, L.D.; Goh, J.C.; Rashed, R.M.; Vogl, A.W., 1988:
The consequences of actin disruption at Sertoli ectoplasmic specialization sites facing spermatids after in vivo exposure of rat testis to cytochalasin D

Marks, G.E., 1978:
The consequences of an unusual robertsonian translocation in celery apium graveolens var dulce

Clarke, C.H., 1983:
The consequences of base pair substitution mutations in adenine thymine rich and guanosine cytosine rich bacteria

Gould, S.J.; Young, N.D.; Kasson, B., 1985:
The consequences of being different sinistral coiling in cerion

Riechert, S.E., 1981:
The consequences of being territorial spiders agelenopsis aperta a case study

Arnault, C., 1982:
The consequences of breeding acrolepiopsis assectella on artificial diet

Nur, N., 1988:
The consequences of brood size for breeding blue tits iii. measuring the cost of reproduction survival future fecundity and differential dispersal

Nur, N., 1984:
The consequences of brood size for breeding blue tits parus caeruleus 1. adult survival weight change and the cost of reproduction

Nur, N., 1984:
The consequences of brood size for breeding blue tits parus caeruleus 2. nestling weight offspring survival and optimal brood size

Beckman, L.J.; Houser, B.B., 1982:
The consequences of childlessness on the social psychological well being of older women

Moore, J., 1986:
The consequences of conditioning

Adler, I., 1977:
The consequences of contact pressure in phyllo taxis

Hoogendyk, C.G.; Estabrook, G.F., 1984:
The consequences of earlier reproduction in declining populations

Garel, M.; Lelong, N.; Kaminski, M., 1987:
The consequences of epidural analgesia on the cesarean experience and the first relations between mother and baby

Lickey, M.E.; Wozniak, J.A.; Block, G.D.; Hudson, D.J.; Augter, G.K., 1977:
The consequences of eye removal for the circadian rhythm of behavioral activity in aplysia

Richman, C.L.; Novack, T.; Price, C.; Adams, K.A.; Mitchell, D.; Reznick, J.S.; Kagan, J., 1983:
The consequences of failing to imitate

Lynch, M., 1987 :
The consequences of fluctuating selection for isozyme polymorphisms in Daphnia

Inouye, D.W., 1982:
The consequences of herbivory a mixed blessing for jurinea mollis asteraceae

Refetoff, S.; Salazar, A.; Smith, T.J.; Scherberg, N.H., 1983:
The consequences of inappropriate treatment because of failure to recognize the syndrome of pituitary and peripheral tissue resistance to thyroid hormone

Mirkovitch, V.; Robinson, J.W.L.; Menge, H.; Cobo, F., 1976:
The consequences of ischemia after mechanical obstruction of the dog ileum

Silkstone, B.E., 1987:
The consequences of leaf damage for subsequent insect grazing on birch betula spp a field experiment

Lot, T.Y., 1987:
The consequences of loss followed by recovery of noradrenergic nerve function on muscarinic receptors in the chick expansor secundariorum muscle

Manning, J.T., 1983:
The consequences of mutation in multi clonal asexual species

Gerschitz, E.M.; Glick, J.A., 1981:
The consequences of nominal realism for symbolic mediation

Gaebelein, J.W., 1978:
The consequences of noncooperation for the target of 3rd party instigated aggression

Schück, O.; Nádvorniková, H.; Grafnetterová, J.; Pràt, V., 1977:
The consequences of osmotic diuresis in residual nephrons for urinary drug excretion

Mas Coma, S.; Fons, R.; Feliu, C.; Bargues, M.D.; Valero, M.A.; Galan Puchades, M.T., 1987:
The consequences of phenomena linked to the insularity of parasitic diseases the liver fluke fasciola hepatica and muridae in corsica france

Sohn, J.J., 1977:
The consequences of predation and competition upon the demography of gambusia manni pisces poeciliidae

Van Leeuwen, B.H., 1983:
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The constituents of the red cell membrane

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The constituents of the seeds of alpinia katsumadai

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The constituents of the seeds of cassia obtusifolia the structures of 3 new anthra quinones

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The constituents of xanthoceras sorbifolia 3. minor prosapogenins from the fruits of xanthoceras sorbifolia

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The constituents of xanthoceras sorbifolia 5. major saponins from the fruits of xanthoceras sorbifolia

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The constituents of zizyphi fructus 3. structures of dammarane type saponins

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The constitution of laidlomycin a new anti mycoplasmal antibiotic

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The constitution of the antibiotic flambamycin

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The constitution of the antibiotic trichoviridin

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The constitution of the fauna of rocky inter tidal shores of south west africa 3. the north coast from false cape frio to the kunene river

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The constitutional change of taurine and other free amino acids during fetal development

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The constitutional stenosis of the lumbar spinal canal

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The constitutive hetero chromatin banding pattern of the domestic horse equus caballus the donkey equus asinus and the mule

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The constraints of professional socialization nursing student attitudes toward drug abusers

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The construct and predictive validity of adaptive behavior

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The construct of general intelligence

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The construct validity of 3 recently developed personality instruments an application of confirmatory multi method factor analysis

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The construct validity of aniseikonic lens measures of anxiety

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The construct validity of egocentrism

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The construct validity of life satisfaction among the elderly

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The construct validity of the MMPI alexithymia scale with psychiatric inpatients

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The construct validity of the sensation seeking scale in a non english speaking culture

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The construction and analysis of sucrose gradients for use with zonal rotors

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The construction and cloning of synthetic genes coding for artificial proteins and expression studies to obtain fusion proteins

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The construction and functional expression of bi functional plasmid

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The construction and genetic analysis of poly ploids and aneu ploids of the pentose fermenting yeast pachysolen tannophilus

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The construction and identification of clones of bacterio phage t 4 dna ligase gene g 30 fragments

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The construction and insertion of an ileal reentrant cannula in young pigs

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The construction and operation of a simple inexpensive slam freezing device for electron microscopy

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The construction and preliminary validation of a scale for measuring emotional control

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The construction and use of diagnostic standards for primary radiographic caries

Haugejorden, O., 1977:
The construction and use of diagnostic standards for radiographic caries incidence scores

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The construction and usefulness of physical models of the placenta

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The construction and validation of a juror bias scale

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The construction bite a risky source of errors?

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The construction by computer of a diagnostic key to the genera of yeasts and other such groups of taxa

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The construction of a floristic data base

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The construction of a life table for glossina morsitans morsitans diptera glossinidae from seasonal age measurements of a wild population

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The construction of a membrane slide support for the observation of living cells

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The construction of a pet attitude scale

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The construction of a simultaneous functional order in nervous systems 1. relevance of signal covariances and signal coincidences in the construction of a functional order

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The construction of a simultaneous functional order in nervous systems ii. computer geometrical structures

Toet, A.; Blom, J.; Koenderink, J.J., 1987:
The construction of a simultaneous functional order in nervous systems. III. The influence of environmental constraints on the resulting functional order

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The construction of a simultaneous functional order in nervous systems. IV. The influence of physical constraints on the resulting functional order

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The construction of a versatile plasmid vector that allows direct selection of fragments cloned into 6 unique sites of the c i gene of coliphage 434

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The construction of alimentary canal in amphigonic females of stomaphis quercus homoptera lachnidae

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The construction of blue green algal mat

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The construction of central nervous system 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenyl glycol

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The construction of chinese mitochondrial dna library

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The construction of computer tomographic phantoms and their application in radiology and radiation protection

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The construction of homogeneous nets

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The construction of linear orderings under conditions of increased memory load

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The construction of logical necessity

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The construction of models intending spatial representation of complex vessel structures demonstrated by means of the mammalian glomerulus

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The construction of new proteins artificial folding units by assembly of amphiphilic secondary structures on a template

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The construction of new proteins ii. design synthesis and conformational studies of folding units with beta alpha beta topology

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The construction of perspectives piaget's alternative to spatial egocentrism

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The construction of plasmid genomic library from bacillus thuringiensis hd 1

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The construction of single copy promoter probe vectors for bacillus subtilis

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The construction of the genomic library of the secondary transformants from human gastrocarcinoma cell line bgc 823 and the molecular cloning of the transforming gene

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The construction of the insect compound eye the involvement of cell displacement and cell surface properties in the positioning of cells

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The construction of the natural system of the animal kingdom

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The construction of the physical maps of 3 different saccharomyces mitochondrial dna

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The construction of the pontic cyprinid pelecus cultratus facts and surmises

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The construction of the substituted denudatine system by diene addition

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The construction of underground nests of formica cinerea cinerea hymenoptera formicidae in selected dune grass habitats

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The constructional approach to behavioral modification

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The constructive and ecological approach to the problems of biosphere protection

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The constructive solution of the greifswald east germany afterloading project from the point of view of radiation protection

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The constructive solution of the greifswald east germany project linear accelerator neptun 10p from the point of view of radiation protection

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The consultant's role in continuing medical education of general practitioners: the case of rheumatology

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The consumer health information library in the hospital setting

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The consumers attitude to obstetric care

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The consumers' views of genetic counseling of hemophilia

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The consumption and digestibility of food in the musk deer moschus moschiferus

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The consumption and utilization of 2 different species of leaf litter by a laboratory population of orthomorpha gracilis diplopoda polydesmoidea

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The consumption and utilization of the spiral blue green algae spirulina platensis in artificial diets by silkworm bombyx mori

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The consumption of drugs in a sample of rural physicians in the province of valladolid spain

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The consumption of milk in children and its relation to socio economic condition

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The consumption of mountain pine pinus uncinata seeds by small vertebrates before their dispersal in eastern pyrenees france

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The consumption of natural food by the common vole microtus arvalis

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The consumption of osmium tetroxide by components of the cytoplasmic membrane of acholeplasma laidlawii and its morphological implications

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The consumption of perennial rye grass and red clover by grazing lambs

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The consumption of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri eggs by macro invertebrates in the field

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The consumption of soil moisture condensate by the bugs stenocephalus marginatus and pyrrhocoris apterus

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The consumption of the grass stand of wormwood ephemeral pastures in the desert zone of the southeastern part of the kazakh ssr ussr

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The consumption patterns of food in sri lanka with special reference to protein calorie nutrition

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The consumption performance of cattle 2. influence of the content of dry matter acetic acid and ethyl alcohol of maize silage on the consumption rate of young fattening bulls

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The consumption performance of cattle 3. influence of the feeding order of the feed components on the fattening results and the appetite of young fattening bulls

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The contact activity of difenzoquat in 2 uk spring wheat triticum aestivum cultivars

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The contact behavior of older women living alone from a sociopsychological view an exploratory study part ii. social contact to children close relatives and to remaining relatives brothers and sisters further relatives

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The contacts between dendrites of the cat phrenic motoneurons

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The contagion mechanism for the origin of sex

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The contaminated soils of anse de l'aiguillon france oxidation reduction potentials and ph with respect to equilibrium diagrams of minerals

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The contamination of a major water supply by gulls larus sp a study of the problem and remedial action taken

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The contamination of drainage waters by insecticide and pesticide residues in the camargue france rice fields

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The contamination of fish with chlorinated hydrocarbons in Portugal: continental coast and Azores islands

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The contamination of fishes from the north and baltic seas and the lower elbe west germany with organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls

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The contamination of foods and foodstuff from selected areas of the district of erfurt west germany with lead and cadmium 2. the burden in agricultural products in the effective range of a lead emitter as compared to a control area

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The contamination of milk after drug disinfection with iodophores

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The contamination of pasture by a lead smelter in a semi arid environment

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The contamination of slaughtered birds with psychrophilic and psychrotrophic organisms

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The contamination of some foods by myco toxins with a reference to existing rules and their maximally allowed amounts

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The contamination of the citric acid fermentation 1. the contamination by representatives of enterobacteriaceae

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The contamination of the citric acid fermentation 2. sodium 5 nitro furyl acrylate as an antiseptic against representatives of the enterobacteriaceae

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The contamination of tidal mud flat organisms in the elbe estuary west germany by radio nuclides investigations on the accumulation of cobalt 57 in nereis diversicolor

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The contemporaneous reversible interaction of different ligands with serum albumins in dilute aqueous solutions fluorescein and phenyl butazone

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The contemporary vegetation of the central part of the krakow upland poland

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The content and changes in free and bound auxins of high yielding and low yielding tomatoes

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The content and chemical forms of heavy metals in the river sediments of the krakow area poland the role of clay minerals

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The content and composition of aroma compounds in 3 different cultivars of dill anethum graveolens

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The content and composition of gangliosides from various brain structures in vertebrates

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The content and composition of sterols and sterol esters in low erucic acid rapeseed (Brassica napus)

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The content and distribution of heavy metals in cereals and cereal products

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The content and distribution of iodine chlorine and bromine in normal and pathologically changed thyroid tissue

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The content and distribution of manganese in woody plants depending on habitat

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The content and distribution of nitrogen in the wheat plant as a function of nitrogen supply

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The content and dynamics of the total phospho lipids synthesis in rat cerebellum during post natal development

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The content and immunohistochemical localization of placental protein 10 in the fallopian tube

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The content and nature of the carotenoid pigments in the pollen of hop humulus lupulus l

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The content and profile distribution of boron manganese and copper in the soils of the lesser caucasus in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

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The content and properties of sulfhydryl groups of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase from muscles of the lamprey lampetra fluviatilis

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The content and relationship of free and esterified cholesterol in the whole organism of adult and new born mouse

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The content and release of endogenous gamma aminobutyric acid in isolated horizontal cells of the goldfish carassius auratus retina

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The content and structure of carbohydrates in soils

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The content and structure of large granule containing lymphocytes natural killer cells in the blood of patients with type i diabetes mellitus

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The content and synthesis of dna in the rat cerebellar cell nuclei in condition of organotypic culture

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The content and uptake of 5 hydroxy tryptamine by blood platelets in depressive patients

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The content and utilization of testosterone in male rat heart and skeletal muscles after physical exercise

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The content composition and role of corrinoids in nodules of bean plants

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The content distribution and metabolism of catecholamines in the rat aorta during adrenalectomy and the action of cortico steroids

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The content levels of chemical elements of plants in the castanozems typical steppe zone of nei mongol china

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The content of 3 hydroxy anthranilic acid antigens and antibodies in mice in early stages of hepato carcinogenesis

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The content of 3 hydroxy anthranilic acid in the urine of bladder cancer patients

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The content of abscisic acid in the developing seeds of oak quercus robur l

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The content of active and inactive genes in chromatin fractions differing in dna accessibility for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

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The content of active rosette forming cells in the peripheral blood of children with o cellular variant of acute lymphoid leukemia

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The content of adenyl system compounds in solid and ascites tumors and liver of animals

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The content of adenylate cyclase system components in heavy and light fractions of skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum and the sensitivity of these fractions to the effect of imidazole containing components and caffeine

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The content of adenylate nucleotides and creatine phosphate in the cerebral hemispheres in various manifestations of stress

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The content of alkaline phosphatase quantity elements and trace elements in serum and compact bone substance of the rabbit

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The content of amides and di carboxylic amino acids in brain proteins during multiple specific and combined effects of hypo thermia and hyperoxia

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The content of amino acids in the developing cerebellar cortex and deep cerebellar nuclei of granule cell deficient mutant mice

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The content of arabis mosaic virus in the cultivars of petunia petunia hybrida after artificial infection

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The content of ascorbic acid in the adrenal cortex of young and old rats females

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The content of ascorbic acid in the fruits of some species of the genus rosa

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The content of assimilatory pigments of some submerged macrophytes

Sindelar, L., 1986:
The content of atp adp amp inorganic phosphate the activity of enzymes involved in the glycolytic pathway and some problems of its regulation and energy balance in tobacco plants infected with potato virus y

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The content of auxins and growth inhibitors under conditions of varied mineral nutrition

Ergul, M., 1980:
The content of available lysine in fish meal of turkish origin under different storage conditions

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The content of bacteria in the seston on the lakes of mongolia

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The content of benzine in blood of female workers of the rubber industry

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The content of benzo a pyrene in medicinal plants and its possible migration to drugs of plant origin

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The content of carbohydrate components in technogenically disturbed soils

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The content of certain hormones determined by radioimmunoassay in the blood serum of patients with chronic pyoderma

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The content of certain mediators in the rat brain in neurogenic gastric pathology

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The content of certain metals in soft tissues of the bivalve mollusk tridacna squamosa from islands of the tropical zone of the pacific ocean in connection with environmental conditions

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The content of certain transmitters and associated enzymes in the brain after experimental manganese administration

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The content of chemical elements in edible mushrooms of forests on the left bank of the middle yenisei river russian sfsr ussr

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The content of chemical elements in swine liquid manure as passed through a station for biological purification

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The content of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the fat and muscular tissue and in the liver of small game

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The content of cholesterol ester fractions in the blood serum of coronary and liver patients

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The content of cholesterol in the adrenal cortex of young and old rats females

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The content of copper iron and proteins in the serum of decapoda occurring in poland

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The content of cyclic nucleotides and phospho di esterase activity in the ontogenesis of the phyto pathogenic fungus fusarium culmorum

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The content of cyclic nucleotides in the smooth muscles of blood vessels in animals of various ages and vasopressin action on it

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The content of cytochrome p 450 in yeast cells growing on hexadecane

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The content of cytochromes b 5 and p 450 in isolated hepatocytes on freezing

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The content of dormant viable seeds in the soil of a broad leaved forest and a spruce plantation

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The content of endogenous auxins and abscisic acid in pea seedlings grown in the light and in the dark

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The content of endogenous auxins and growth inhibitors in winter wheat under light culture conditions

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The content of essential oils in fruit yields of some cow parsnip species in relation to tubule structures

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The content of estrogen hormones in the body and phospho lipo protein complexes in the blood serum of pure bred and hybrid chickens

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The content of estrogens androgens and gonadotropins in women with encephalo ophthalmopathies pathogenetically related to thyro toxicosis

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The content of fallout strontium 90 in korean deciduous teeth

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The content of farnesene and its oxidation products in apples of soviet southern varieties with various degrees of sun burn damage

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The content of fatty acids in mechanically separated meat in relation to the kind of demeated bones age and animals species

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The content of fatty acids in the lipid fraction of pheasant meat

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The content of flavonoids tannins and carotenes in hypericum maculatum

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The content of fluorine in the developmental stages of some forest pests in the emission area of an aluminum plant

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The content of food fibers in the diet of the population of donets basin ukrainian ssr ussr

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The content of free amino acids and quality of winter wheat grain depending on nutrition in dry conditions of dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

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The content of free amino acids in human blood plasma and the changes in their level after enteral stress with an amino acid mixture

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The content of free amino acids in the liver of burbot and stickleback during infection with plerocercoids of cestodes of the genus diphyllobothrium

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The content of free amino acids in the rumen liquid of pregnant ewes after oral administration of d l methionine

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The content of free amino acids in the serum and daily urine of children with gilles de la tourette syndrome

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The content of free amino acids in the serum of lactating dairy cows grazing on the pasture dressed with nitrogenous fertilizers

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The content of free amino acids in wintering insects

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The content of free and bound thiamine di phosphate in the liver hyaloplasm of vitamin b 1 deficient rats

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The content of glycogen activity of phosphorylase and glucose 6 phosphatase in the rapid and slow muscles of the carp cyprinus carpio

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The content of glycogen and glucose 6 phosphatase activity in tissues of adult frogs rana temporaria and tadpoles

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The content of glycogen in liver and femoral muscle after application of ammonified and silaged maize grains for fattening pigs

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The content of glycogen in the cardiac muscle in experimental streptococcal myo carditis

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The content of hemoglobin and the number of erythrocytes in the blood of calves of lowland black and white breed

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The content of hemopoietic stem cells in mice as determined at the stage of the enhanced radioresistance after sublethal irradiation and a change in their number after repeated exposure

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The content of hemopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow in liver lesion of varying causes

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The content of holotoxins in tissues of the holothurian stichopus japonicus in different seasons of year and their effect on maturation of oocytes

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The content of hormones of the hypophysial adrenocortical system in the blood of the ground squirrel citellus undulatus at various seasons

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The content of hydro cyanic acid in corn and cereal products

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The content of hydrophilic colloids in the leaves of apple trees of root and stem origin

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The content of immuno reactive glucagon in the pancreas of chick embryos and chicks

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The content of immunoglobulins g a and m children with rheumatism

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The content of individual components of complement in blood serum of volunteers placed on diets with different optimal protein compositions

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The content of iron ions in prolyl hydroxylase

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The content of iron oxides extracted with various extracts and zero point charge in some soils of the mediterranean

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The content of krebs cycle metabolites in the blood and urine of patients with diabetes mellitus

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The content of lead and cadmium in some vegetative and generative organs of quercus robur

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The content of lead and cadmium in the developmental stages of important oak pests coleoptera

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The content of lead cadmium and chlorine in forest trees caused by the traffic of motor vehicles

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The content of lead cadmium zinc and copper in deciduous and permanent human teeth

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The content of lead in vegetable food products in the regions where clouds are seeded

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The content of lipids proteins and carbohydrates in the vacuolar membrane isolated from red beet

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The content of macroelements and trace elements in humus of chernozem and soddy podzolic soils disaggregated with hydrogen peroxide

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The content of macroelements and trace elements in the humus of chernozem and soddy podzolic soils

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The content of macroelements and trace elements in the soil humus of the buryat assr russian sfsr ussr

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The content of macronutrients in the above ground parts of spring barley and oat cultivars

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The content of membrane bound and free ribosomes in saccharomyces after the inhibition of protein synthesis with cyclo heximide/

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The content of mineral components in meadow plants growing in the liquid manure discharge sites

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The content of mineral components in mechanically separated meat in relation to kind of demeated bones age and species of animals

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The content of mineral nitrogen forms in the soil treated with slurry manure and nitrogen phosphorus potassium on the basis of a fourteen year field experiment

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The content of mineral phosphorus fractions in main alluvial soil types of the middle ob river area russian sfsr ussr

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The content of mineral phosphorus fractions in soil fertilized with various phosphorus compounds

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The content of mineral substances as affected by different levels of nitrogen fertilization and utilization of grass swards

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The content of mobile forms of iron compounds in soil samples of small volume

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The content of mobile potassium compounds in intensively fertilized soddy podzolic loamy soils

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The content of n nitrosamines in sausages manufactured with protein preparations

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The content of NADH in rat skeletal muscle at rest and after cyanide poisoning

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The content of natural radioactive elements in some soils of western georgia ussr and their uptake by citrus plants

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The content of neuron specific and neuron nonspecific enolases in the nervous tissue at the early stages of human embryogenesis

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The content of nickel in plants of serpentine soils near mohelno czechoslovakia

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The content of nicotinamide coenzymes as a function of morphogenetic processes in the synchronous cultures of blastocladiella emersonii

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The content of nicotinamide coenzymes in the intact and regenerating rat liver

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The content of nitrate nitrogen in herbage from permanent grassland and regenerated swards depending on rates of fertilizer nitrogen cutting frequency and different trial sites

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The content of nitrate thyrostatics and phytoestrogens in animal feed in slovenia yugoslavia

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The content of nitrogen bases in dna of carboxide bacteria

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The content of nuclear rna in the brain under the influence of di amines

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The content of nucleolar nucleic acids in nucleus raphe dorsalis and ca 3 of the rat hippocampus in paradoxical sleep deprivation

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The content of opioid peptides in rat brain and blood during immobilization stress

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The content of organic mercury compounds methyl and ethyl derivatives in some fish species and marine products

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The content of organo chlorine insecticides in the eggs and tissues of young individuals of the great crested grebe podiceps cristatus and of the coot fulica atra from the masurian lakes poland

Lukowski, A.B., 1978:
The content of organo chlorine insecticides in the tissues of the great crested grebe podiceps cristatus and the coot fulica atra from the masurian lakes poland in different phenological periods

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The content of phospholipids and malondialdehyde in the cortex of rat cerebral hemispheres under incomplete ischemia and in the postischemic period

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The content of phospholipids cerebrosides and cerebroside sulfates in the central nervous system of mice with experimental acute viral demyelination

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The content of pigments and photosystem reaction centers and the rate of photosynthesis in barley seedlings grown under blue or red light of various intensity

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The content of placental protein 12 in decidua and fetal membranes is greater than in placenta

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The content of plastid pigments in the plants of the gobi desert mongolia and kara kum desert ussr

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The content of plutonium in plants

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The content of poly chlorinated hydro carbons in fish in slovenia

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The content of poly phosphates and atp in propionibacterium shermanii cells under the conditions of nitrogen deficiency

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The content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in coke and coke byproduct processing effluents and the mutagenic effect of soot extracts

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The content of potassium and sodium in the apparent free space of barley roots after treatment with various ratios of these elements in nutrient solutions

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The content of prostaglandin biosynthesis precursors in renal lipids during the development of spontaneous arterial hypertension

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The content of prostaglandins and cyclic amp in the endometrium of women in the course of a normal menstrual cycle

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The content of prostaglandins of groups f a and e in tissues of the snail helix pomatia

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The content of protein and nitrous compounds in the leaves of dioecious plants

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The content of protein and other ninhydrin positive compounds dissolved in the water of a pond fertilized with beet sugar factory wastes

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The content of protein and tryptophan in some species of wheat rye and triticale

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The content of protein fat and major minerals in growing goats

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The content of protein oil and trypsin inhibiting activity in various soybean cultivars

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The content of proteins and nucleic acids in the fat body of the colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata

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The content of psychoactive phenylpropyl khatamines and phenylpentenyl khatamines in catha edulis forsk. of different origin

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The content of reducing substances and glycerol in the fat body of the colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata at various periods of postembryonic life

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The content of reducing sugars in the hemolymph of some silkworm bombyx mori lines

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The content of reserve substances in annual shoots of different persian walnut cultivars and their water retaining capacity

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The content of ribosomal dna in organs and tissues in heterotic hybrids of corn and their parent forms

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The content of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase protein fraction i and its activity in 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway plants

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The content of serotonin and its transport in the blood platelets of ischemic stroke patients and their relatives

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The content of sex hormones in the blood and their receptors in the endometrium of women with the normal menstrual cycle

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The content of sodium and potassium in the hemolymph compound eye and ganglia of the cricket gryllus domesticus

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The content of soluble carbohydrates and their translocation in mycelium of serpula lacrimans

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The content of soluble carbohydrates in grapevine shoots in relation to frost resistance

Wiesner H U., 1981:
The content of somatic cells in milk milk quality regulation 1980 used as a criterion of milk quality and udder health of the herd

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The content of somatotropic and thyrotropic hormones in the blood plasma of patients with hemorrhagic fever attended by renal syndrome and in subjects with a history of this disease

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The content of some important elements in bread potatoes and apples of the slovenian yugoslavia market

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The content of some labile carbohydrates in different alfalfa organs during fruit formation

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The content of some organo chlorine pesticides and poly ethylene in animal fat

Macko, J.K., 1984:
The content of some population terms and on the problem of the definition of population

Bergmann, H., 1972:
The content of some purine and pyrimidine derivatives and nucleic acids in leaves of barley plants of different varieties in dependence on the age of plants

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The content of some steroid hormones of vertebrates in the gonads of female fresh water crayfish

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The content of some trace elements in animal erythrocytes plasma urine and internal organs and the activity of blood ceruloplasmin in experimental nephritis

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The content of some vitamins in foxtail millet setaria italica

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The content of stromal clonogenic cells in mouse bone marrow

Sidorenko, A.V., 1983:
The content of stromal precursor cells in the bone marrow of young and old cba mice

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The content of t and b lymphocytes in bronchoalveolar lavages from sarcoidosis patients

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The content of t lymphocyte precursors in the thymus and development of lymphomas in akr j mice

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The content of the mobile forms of nutrient elements in flood plain soils as a function of the extent of their hydromorphism

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The content of the molecular variety of thyroxine binding globulin in the human blood

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The content of the tar compound benz c acridine in the air of 2 cities in north rhine westphalia west germany

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The content of thorium isotopes in human teeth

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The content of thymic serum factor and sensitivity of peripheral blood lymphocytes to thymostimulin levamisole and theophylline in breast pre cancer and cancer

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The content of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in the ocular fluid

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The content of thymus derived lymphocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of healthy humans

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The content of thyroid hormones in the peripheral blood in the ground squirrel citellus parryi during hibernation

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The content of tocopherols and vitamin a in whitefish lipids

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The content of total phosphorus and its relation with other parameters in a chrono sequence of andepts from the canary islands spain

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The content of trace elements copper zinc iron magnesium in finger nails of children

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The content of trace elements in blood milk and hair of cows having grazed on cultivated irrigated pastures

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The content of trace elements in sedimentary deposits against a background of the development of the polish carpathian flysch geo syncline

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The content of trace elements in the blood and organs of rats during chronic copper intoxication

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The content of trace elements in the internal female genitalia of fetuses in the 2nd half of pregnancy

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The content of uranium 238 thorium 232 and potassium 40 in some plants growing in hydromorphic soils in the tambov oblast ussr

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The content of usnic acid in the lichen parmelia vagans

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