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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6621

Chapter 6621 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Percy, A.S.; Kukora, J.S., 1985:
The continuing problem of tetanus

Costall B.; Domeney A.M.; Naylor R.J., 1985:
The continuity of dopamine receptor antagonism can dictate the long term behavioral consequences of a mesolimbic infusion of dopamine

Behrents R.G., 1982:
The continuity of mandibular form in mandibulo facial dys ostosis

Demason D.A.; Wilson M.A., 1985:
The continuity of primary and secondary growth in cordyline terminalis agavaceae

Okada M.; Shimada K., 1980:
The continuous and quantitative observation of permeability changes of the blood aqueous barrier in allergic inflammation of the rabbit eye

Atassi, H.; Ulrich, R.G.; Atassi, M.Z., 1987:
The continuous antigenic regions in the second domain of the beta chain of human MHC DR2 antigen: antigenic profile of the entire extracellular part of the chain

Riggio Bevilacqua, L.; Roti-Michelozzi, G.; Martinucci, R.; Pero, S., 1986:
The continuous autofluorescent hydrophobic barrier in dormant Melilotus alba seeds

Burmaster D.E., 1979:
The continuous culture of phyto plankton mathematical equivalence among 3 steady state models

Koch, J.; Schildmann, J.A.; Seebeck, D.; Weisrock, R., 1978:
The continuous fermentation of apple juice under sterile conditions

Wice, B.M.; Reitzer, L.J.; Kennell, D., 1981:
The continuous growth of vertebrate cells in the absence of sugar

Fujikawa S.; Yokota T.; Koga K.; Kumada J I., 1987:
The continuous hydrolysis of geniposide to genipin using immobilized beta glucosidase on calcium alginate gel

Abbushi W.; Herkt G., 1979:
The continuous long term measurement of intra cranial pressure

Garth, H.; Zoch, E., 1984:
The continuous measurement of adenosine deaminase ec activity by the ph stat method

Schmidt S.C.; Saling E.Z., 1987:
The continuous measurement of transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension an atraumatic tool to verify fetal acidosis

Bakal, D.A.; Demjen, S.; Kaganov, J., 1984:
The continuous nature of headache susceptibility

Pohl H.A.; Kaler K.; Pollock K., 1981:
The continuous positive and negative di electrophoresis of microorganisms

Davis, R.M.; Wilton, B., 1976:
The continuous preparation of cattle diets containing ground straw part 2 the proportioning controls and dispensers

Takaya T.; Takiguchi M.; Yamasaki Y.; Honda I., 1981:
The continuous retrograde caudal block

Frenkel E.R.; Sherman S.R.; Newman E.S.; Derico A., 1984:
The continuum of care within psychogeriatric day programming a study of program evolution

Abdelhay E.; Rocha H., 1987:
The contrabithorax mutant protein products

Bhrolchain M.N., 1988:
The contraceptive confidence idea an empirical investigation

Larsson B.; Lindhe B.A., 1986:
The contraceptive efficacy of a copper iud size of the device and the uterine cavity

Marcinkowski Z., 1980:
The contraceptive efficacy of chlormadinone preparation

Faguer B.; Fontbonne A.; Basdevant A.; Buchsenschutz D.; Thomassin M.; Eschwege E.; Tchobroutsky G., 1986:
The contraceptive methods used by female diabetic patients

Rosenberg, M.J.; Feldblum, P.J.; Rojanapithayakorn, W.; Sawasdivorn, W., 1987:
The contraceptive sponge's protection against Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Vassilev V.I., 1984:
The contractile activity and reactivity of sheep myometrial strips in juvenile anestral and gravid periods

Doni M.G.; Stanghellini C.; Bettini V., 1980:
The contractile activity of thrombocytes and of vascular smooth muscle inhibiting effect of metergoline

Vanarsdalen, K.N.; Wein, A.J.; Levin, R.M., 1983:
The contractile and metabolic effects of acute ischemia on the rabbit urinary bladder

Bullard, B.; Dabrowska, R.; Winkelman, L., 1973:
The contractile and regulatory proteins of insect flight muscle

Jakubiec-Puka, A.; Kulesza-Lipka, D.; Krajewski, K., 1981:
The contractile apparatus of striated muscle in the course of atrophy and regeneration 1. myosin and actin filaments in the de nervated rat soleus

Jakubiec-Puka, A.; Kulesza-Lipka, D.; Kordowska, J., 1982:
The contractile apparatus of striated muscle in the course of atrophy and regeneration 2. myosin and actin filaments in mature rat soleus muscle regenerating after re innervation

Kirillina, V.P.; Borovikov-Yu, S.; Chernogryadskaya, N.A., 1979:
The contractile apparatus state during development of the pathological process in muscles 1. the spreading necrosis in muscle fibers of balanus rostratus

Hellewell, S.B.; Taylor, D.L., 1979:
The contractile basis of amoeboid movement 6. the solation contraction coupling hypothesis

Taylor, D.L.; Rhodes, J.A.; Hammond, S.A., 1976:
The contractile basis of amoeboid movement part 2 structure and contractility of motile extracts and plasmalemma ectoplasm ghosts

Taylor, D.L., 1977:
The contractile basis of amoeboid movement part 4 the visco elasticity and contractility of amoeba cytoplasm in vivo

Condeelis, J.S.; Taylor, D.L., 1977:
The contractile basis of amoeboid movement part 5 the control of gelation solation and contraction in extracts from dictyostelium discoideum

Miller D.J.; Smith G.L., 1985:
The contractile behavior of egta and detergent treated heart muscle

Buchheit K H.; Engel G.; Mutschler E.; Richardson B., 1985:
The contractile effect of 5 hydroxytryptamine in the isolated longitudinal muscle strip from guinea pig ileum evidence for 2 distinct release mechanisms

Adler D.; Mahler Y., 1979:
The contractile element behavior as force generator and shortening generator a well defined representation of the contractile element in hills model

Malyshev V.V.; Katkova L.S.; Lifant'ev V.I.; Dvoretskaya T.P., 1986:
The contractile function and energy metabolism of the myocardium under emotional stress and during adaptation of animals to short term stress effects

Novikova, N.A.; Gorina, M.S.; Kapel'ko, V.I., 1977:
The contractile function of the heart and its reactivity to noradrenaline in the course of adaptation to altitude

Kislyak O.A.; Storozhakov G.I., 1982:
The contractile function of the left ventricle in patients with asymmetrical hypertrophy of the septum

Shevchuk, V.G.; Kozinets, T.N., 1978:
The contractile function of the myo cardium and its energy provision under experimental hyper function of the heart in animals of different ages

Josephson R.K.; Stokes D.R., 1987:
The contractile properties of a crab respiratory muscle

Milner-Brown, H.S.; Stein, R.B.; Yemm, R., 1973:
The contractile properties of human motor units during voluntary isometric contractions

Taneda, K., 1982:
The contractile properties of protoplasm in paramecium 1. the contractility of glycerol extracted model of paramecium caudatum

Taneda, K., 1982:
The contractile properties of protoplasm in paramecium 2. anodal and cathodal contraction in relation to calcium ions

Asmussen, G.; Gaunitz, U., 1978:
The contractile properties of the striated muscle fibers of the esophageal muscle in comparison to skeletal muscles of the rat

Priyatkina T.N.; Zarembskaya O.R.; Ivanova E.M.; Stepanov M.G.; Panteleeva N.S., 1983:
The contractile proteins in the fractions of soluble and insoluble chromatin of liver and thymus

Pidgeon, J.; Lab, M.; Seed, A.; Elzinga, G.; Papadoyannis, D.; Noble, M.I., 1980:
The contractile state of cat and dog heart in relation to the interval between beats

Ahmad, M., 1979:
The contractile vacuole of amoeba proteus 3. effects of inhibitors

Couillard, P.; Forget, J.; Pothier, F., 1985:
The contractile vacuole of amoeba proteus 3. vacuolar response to phagocytosis

Bourdeau, M.; Labonte, G.; Ahmad, M.; Couillard, P., 1978:
The contractile vacuole of amoeba proteus part 2 numerical analysis of the steady state hypothesis

Couillard P.; Bourdeau M., 1983:
The contractile vacuole of amoeba proteus some of the consequences of the micro coalescence hypothesis

Wessel, D.; Robinson, D.G., 1979:
The contractile vacuole of poterioochromonas malhamensis 1. structure of the alveolate vesicles

Chkhaidze O.V.; Azrumelashvili M.I.; Karsanov N.V., 1979 :
The contractility of gallbladder smooth muscle glycerinized cell bundles in patients with various gallbladder diseases and animals with experimental cholecystitis

Taivan, I.L., 1987:
The contracting and relaxing effects of the substance p on the muscles of dog airways

Zamboni P., 1983:
The contraction curve of isolated intestine produced by medium high doses of drugs sodium ion depressive effects

Murakami M., 1980:
The contraction induced by calcium ion in isolated guinea pig vas deferens and influences of procaine and lidocaine on the contraction

Natori R.; Natori R., 1979:
The contraction process of the skinned fiber of skeletal muscle following application of 1 molar potassium chloride solution

Baranowski, Z., 1978:
The contraction relaxation waves in physarum polycephalum plasmodia

Kawamura K Y., 1988:
The contraction wave in the cortex of dividing neuroblasts of the grasshopper

Masahashi, T.; Tomita, T., 1983:
The contracture produced by sodium removal in the non-pregnant rat myometrium

Maul, E.; Sears, M.L., 1976:
The contralateral effect of antidromic stimulation of the trigeminal nerve on the rabbit eye

Mehta, H.K., 1979:
The contralateral upper eyelid in ptosis: some observations pertinent to ptosis corrective surgery

Chang, Y.P.; Jacobs, W.P., 1972:
The contrast between active transport and diffusion of iaa acid in coleus petioles

Klagsbrun, M., 1972:
The contrast between the methylation of transfer rna in vivo and in vitro by normal and sv 40 transformed 3t3 cells

Tsai F.Y.; Huprich J.E.; Segall H.D.; Teal J.S., 1979:
The contrast enhanced computerized tomography scan in the diagnosis of isodense subdural hematoma

Komaiko M.S.; Lee M.E.; Birnberg F.A., 1980:
The contrast enhanced para vascular neoplasm a potential computed tomography pitfall

Eckert H.; Hamdorf K., 1981:
The contrast frequency dependence a criterion for judging the nonparticipation of neurons in the control of behavioral responses

Kravtsov, A.B.; Sirotina, L.A., 1977:
The contrast sensitivity in the region of a moving contour

Enroth-Cugell, C.; Goldstick, T.K.; Linsenmeier, R.A., 1980:
The contrast sensitivity of cat retinal ganglion cells at reduced oxygen tensions

Dvorak D.; Srinivasan M.V.; French A.S., 1980:
The contrast sensitivity of fly lucilia sericata movement detecting neurons

Campbell, F.W.; Maffei, L.; Piccolino, M., 1973:
The contrast sensitivity of the cat

Green, A.R.; Heal, D.J.; Grahame-Smith, D.G.; Kelly, P.H., 1976:
The contrasting actions of thyrotropin releasing hormone and cyclo heximide in altering the effects of centrally acting drugs evidence for the noninvolvement of dopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase

Zaugg H.E.; Arendsen D.L.; Egan R.S., 1979:
The contrasting behavior of cyclic and acyclic 2 amidomethylene resorcinols towards cyclization with acetaldehyde

Van Groenendael J.M.; Slim P., 1988:
The contrasting dynamics of two populations of plantago lanceolata classified by age and size

Matthews, P.B., 1984:
The contrasting stretch reflex responses of the long and short flexor muscles of the human thumb

Cohen, M.W., 1970:
The contribution by glial cells to surface recordings from the optic nerve of an amphibian

Bagnall K.M.; Higgins S.J.; Sanders E.J., 1988:
The contribution made by a single somite to the vertebral column experimental evidence in support of resegmentation using the chick quail chimera model

Emperaire J.C.; Ruffie A.; Audebert A.J.M., 1987:
The contribution made by human menopausal gonadotropin treatment with pure fsh in anovulatory sterility in difficult cases

Priou G.; Arvis P.; Rind A.; Fraisse E.; Grall J.Y., 1984:
The contribution made by laparoscopy towards the diagnosis in assessing chronic pelvic pain 184 cases

Kurkin, K.A., 1977:
The contribution of a a uranov to the doctrine of the vital state of species in phytocenoses and the systematic approach in phytocenology

Burke, J.F.; Quinby, W.C.; Bondoc, C.C.; Sheehy, E.M.; Moreno, H.C., 1977:
The contribution of a bacterially isolated environment to the prevention of infection in seriously burned patients

Cornish P.S., 1983:
The contribution of a temporary water table to surface soil water content and the establishment of surface sown seeds

Lanza U., 1986:
The contribution of acupuncture to clinical psychotherapy by means of biofeedback electromyograph biofeedback training

Maguire M.H.; Satchell D.G., 1979:
The contribution of adenosine to the inhibitory actions of adenine nucleotides on the guinea pig tenia coli studies with phosphate modified adenine nucleotide analogs and dipyridamole

Yamamoto S., 1983:
The contribution of air velocity to the effective temperature for laying hens

Kahn, M.J.P.; Schandevijl, W.; Philipi, G.; Frank, H.L.L., 1977:
The contribution of alpha 1 anti trypsin to the total anti trypsin activity of human serum a study of 2 phenotype pi oo individuals

Humphreys, P.W.; Joels, N., 1977:
The contribution of alterations in cardiac output to changes in arterial pressure reflexly evoked from the carotid sinus in the rabbit

Goldenberg G.; Reisner T.; Dal Bianco P., 1981:
The contribution of angiography and computed tomography in the judgment of pathogenesis and development of cerebro vascular circulatory disturbances

Best, L.A.; Munichor, M.; Ben-Shakhar, M.; Lemer, J.; Lichtig, C.; Peleg, H., 1987:
The contribution of anterior mediastinotomy in the diagnosis and evaluation of diseases of the mediastinum and lung

Anon, 1988:
The contribution of archaeology to the zoogeography of borneo malay archipelago with the first record of a wild canid of early holocene age

Sharpe P.J., 1979:
The contribution of aspects of movement education to the cognitive development of infant school children

Barbee, R.W.; Trippodo, N.C., 1987:
The contribution of atrial natriuretic factor to acute volume natriuresis in rats

Penczak, T.; Molinski, M.; Zalewski, M., 1976:
The contribution of autochthonous and allochthonous matter to the trophy of a river in the barbel region poland

Wilson C.A.; Stevenson L.H.; Chrzanowski T.H., 1981:
The contribution of bacteria to the total atp extracted from the microbiota in the water of a salt marsh creek

Mcculloch E.A.; Curtis J.E.; Messner H.A.; Senn J.S.; Germanson T.P., 1982:
The contribution of blast cell properties to outcome variation in acute myelo blastic leukemia

Nesheim, M.E.; Taswell, J.B.; Mann, K.G., 1979:
The contribution of bovine Factor V and Factor Va to the activity of prothrombinase

Tropper, G.; Moran, L.; Odell, P.; Durieux-Smith, A., 1988:
The contribution of brainstem electric response audiometry (BERA) to the evaluation and management of infants with cleft palate

Cioflec D.; Craioveanu F.; Luta V., 1986:
The contribution of bronchoscopy to the diagnosis of bronchopulmonary cancer

Mertens K.; Bertina R.M., 1984:
The contribution of calcium and phospholipids to the activation of human blood coagulation factor x by activated factor ix

Den Hertog A.; Pielkenrood J.; Ras R.; Van Den Akker J., 1984 :
The contribution of calcium and potassium to the alpha action of adrenaline on smooth muscle cells of the portal vein pulmonary artery and tenia ceci of the guinea pig

Kawamura M.; Nakamichi N.; Iwaki T., 1986:
The contribution of calcium to the steroidogenic effect of acetylcholine in primary cultured bovine adrenocortical cells

Maggi C.A.; Santicioli P.; Geppetti P.; Furio M.; Frilli S.; Conte B.; Fanciullacci M.; Giuliani S.; Meli A., 1987:
The contribution of capsaicin sensitive innervation to activation of the spinal vesico vesical reflex in rats relationship between substance p levels in the urinary bladder and the sensory efferent function of capsaicin sensitive sensory neurons

Jouanneau J.M., 1987:
The contribution of carbon 14 dating to a better understanding of the pom behaviour in estuaries

Callens F.J.; Verbeeck R.M.H.; Matthys P.F.A.; Martens L.C.; Boesman E.R., 1987:
The contribution of carbonate and carbon dioxide ion to the esr spectrum near g equals 2 of powdered human tooth enamel

Ruzek V.; Zelenkova J.; Fiserova J.; Kolihova E., 1986:
The contribution of cholestil to the treatment and ultrasonic diagnosis

Huysseune A.; Vanden Berghe W.; Verraes W., 1986:
The contribution of chondroid bone in the growth of the parasphenoid bone of a cichlid fish as studied by oblique computer aided reconstructions

Luria M.; Vinig Z.; Peleg M., 1984:
The contribution of city buses to urban air pollution in jerusalem israel

Caselli, G., 1983:
The contribution of cohort analysis to the study of the geography of mortality

Yanovskii G.V.; Terzov A.I.; Belonozhko A.G.; Ugarov B.N.; Dmitrichenko E.V., 1986:
The contribution of collateral blood flow to the compensation of myocardial ischemia in coronary patients exposed to physical stress

Nuttin G.; Miller C.; Petroons P.; Sergysels R., 1985:
The contribution of computed tomography in transthoracic puncture

Valentini V.; D.R.nzis C.; D.S.ntis M.; Mantini G.; Salvi G.; Cellini N., 1982:
The contribution of computed tomography to the definition of the target volume in radio therapy of bone metastases

Vrublevskii O.P.; Ivanova N.E., 1985:
The contribution of computer assisted calculation of leukocytic intoxication index to the study of infectious septic processes

Michotey, P.; Moseley, I.F.; Aubin, M.L.; Mouly, A.; Farnarier, P.; Sanders, M.D.; Aron, D.; Doyon, D., 1976:
The contribution of computerized axial tomography to ophthalmology

Branea I.; Stanciu I.; Deutsch G.; Berinde L.; Tomescu M.; Mancas S.; A.A.dalah A., 1986:
The contribution of computerized isotopic angiography and echocardiography to the differential diagnosis between congestive heart disease and coronary disease

Mathur, A.; Lynch, R.G.; Köhler, G., 1988:
The contribution of constant region domains to the binding of murine IgM to Fc mu receptors on T cells

Medway D.G., 1981:
The contribution of cooks 3rd voyage to the ornithology of the hawaiian islands usa

Commin, P.; Bismuth, C.; Gaultier, M.; Mellerio, F., 1978:
The contribution of correlation between electro encephalographic and clinical findings in the central anti cholinergic activity of physostigmine

Bacescu M.; D.Q.eiroz E.L., 1985 :
The contribution of cumacea in the feeding of the rajidae sympterygia acuta and sympterygia bonapartei from rio grande do sul southern brazil

Wilcox, W.C.; Long, D.; Sodora, D.L.; Eisenberg, R.J.; Cohen, G.H., 1988:
The contribution of cysteine residues to antigenicity and extent of processing of herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoprotein D

Browman, G.P.; Neame, P.B.; Soamboonsrup, P., 1986:
The contribution of cytochemistry and immunophenotyping to the reproducibility of the FAB classification in acute leukemia

Perrin P.; Monsallier M.; Delorme E.; Labadie M., 1987:
The contribution of cytological puncture in the diagnosis of bladder tumors

Fulea C.; Rimboiu S.; Ciurdareanu S., 1986:
The contribution of dental radiographs to the effective equivalent dose of the population from the cluj district romania

Coe, F.L.; Moran, E.; Kavalich, A.G., 1976:
The contribution of dietary purine over consumption to hyper uricosuria in calcium oxalate stone formers

Kirschfeld K.; Vogt K., 1985:
The contribution of different color receptors to a motor output in fly calliphora

Hines M.; Blum J.J., 1985:
The contribution of dynein like activity to twisting in a 3 dimensional sliding filament model

Sutherland, G.R., 1978:
The contribution of echography in the diagnosis of proptosis

Rugina G.; Ciobanu S.; Munteanu F., 1987:
The contribution of echography to obstetrical diagnosis

Higgins, J.A., 1982:
The contribution of electron microscopic cytochemistry to an understanding of the biogenesis of the endoplasmic reticulum of rat hepatocytes

Schejter, A.; Zuckerman, M.; Aviram, I., 1979:
The contribution of electrostatic factors to the stabilization of the conformation of cytochrome c. Studies on the maleylated protein

Japar S.M.; Brachaczek W.W.; Gorse R.A.Jr; Norbeck J.M.; Pierson W.R., 1986:
The contribution of elemental carbon to the optical properties of rural atmospheric aerosols

Halliwell, G.; Wahab, M.N.B.A.; Patel, A.H., 1985:
The contribution of endo 1 4 beta d glucanases ec to cellulolysis in trichoderma koningii

Wrong O.M.; Vince A.J.; Waterlow J.C., 1985:
The contribution of endogenous urea to fecal ammonia in man determined by nitrogen 15 labeling of plasma urea

Turbatu D.; Orban A.; Nicolau P.; Dinescu G., 1984:
The contribution of endoscopic retrograde pancreato cholangiography in the diagnosis of hepato pancreatic diseases

Mimoun M.; Baux S.; Kirsch J.M.; Zumer L.; Dubert T., 1987:
The contribution of expanding cutaneous prostheses to the production of hair covered flaps application to the dufourmentel flap

Caspers H., 1981:
The contribution of extended mud flat regions to the self cleansing potential of the elbe estuary west germany

Metz S.H.M.; Dekker R.A., 1981:
The contribution of fat mobilization to the regulation of fat deposition in growing large white and pietrain pigs

Delas J.; Molot C.; Soyer J.P., 1983:
The contribution of fertilizing materials before planting the vine results of an experiment in a bordeaux france gravel soil

Waller J.; Molet B.; Candolfi E.; Kien T., 1983:
The contribution of fractionation of immuno globulins on gel in the detection of specific anti toxoplasmic immuno globulins m results of 1 year of study

Massaro, D.W.; Cohen, M.M., 1976:
The contribution of fundamental frequency and voice onset time to the zi si distinction

Baerlocher F., 1982:
The contribution of fungal enzymes to the digestion of leaves by gammarus fossarum amphipoda

Wolf, W.; Hicks, T.P.; Albus, K., 1986:
The contribution of gamma aminobutyric acid mediated inhibitory mechanisms to visual response properties of neurons in the kitten's striate cortex

Mendlewicz, J., 1976:
The contribution of genetics to biological psychiatry

Strashnyuk V.Yu; Vorob'eva L.I.; Shakhbazov V.G., 1985:
The contribution of heterozygosity for chromosome 2 to the heterosis effect in drosophila melanogaster

Donelson J.R., 1988:
The contribution of high protein fractions from cake and cookie flours to baking performance

Rafferty P.; Beasley R.; Holgate S.T., 1987:
The contribution of histamine to immediate bronchoconstriction provoked by inhaled allergen and amp in atopic asthma

Achilea O.; Fuchs Y.; Chalutz E.; Rot I., 1985 :
The contribution of host and pathogen to ethylene biosynthesis in penicillium digitatum infected citrus fruit

Weinbaum, D.L.; Bailey, J.; Benner, R.R.; Pasculle, A.W.; Dowling, J.N., 1983:
The contribution of human neutrophils and serum to host defense against Legionella micdadei

Ioselis P.; Ikan R., 1984:
The contribution of humic substances to the formation of kerogens in marine and terrestrial environments an alternate approach

Wing S.; Manton K.G., 1983:
The contribution of hypertension to mortality in the usa 1968 1977

Gologan R.; Ursea C.; Berceanu S.; Ciocoiu A., 1979:
The contribution of immuno serologic investigations to diagnosis of auto immune hemolytic anemias in patients with malignant hemopathies

Ghidalia, W., 1978:
The contribution of immunochemical techniques to the knowledge of decapod crustacea

Leong A.S Y.; Wright J., 1987:
The contribution of immunohistochemical staining in tumor diagnosis

Scire J.S.; Venkatram A., 1985:
The contribution of in cloud oxidation of sulfur dioxide to wet scavenging of sulfur in convective clouds

Shefner S.A.; Levy R.A., 1981:
The contribution of increases in extracellular potassium to primary afferent de polarization in the bull frog rana catesbeiana spinal cord

Chambers J.A.; Kalma J.D.; Bridgman H.A., 1985:
The contribution of industrial fossil fuel use to seasonal ground level sulfur dioxide concentrations in the lower hunter region australia

Tennes K.A.; Roberts M.L., 1984:
The contribution of inositol exchange to agonist stimulated breakdown of tritium labeled myo inositol labeled phosphatidylinositol in mouse exocrine pancreas

Eisner, D.A.; Elliott, A.C.; Smith, G.L., 1987:
The contribution of intracellular acidosis to the decline of developed pressure in ferret hearts exposed to cyanide

Braun R.N., 1988:
The contribution of intuitive diagnostics to the patient with cardiac pain

Santoro T.J.; Portanova J.P.; Kotzin B.L., 1988:
The contribution of l3t4 positive t cells to lymphoproliferation and autoantibody production in mrl lpr lpr mice

Dongmann, G., 1974:
The contribution of land photosynthesis to the stationary enrichment of oxygen 18 in the atmosphere

Lederhouse R.C.; Finke M.D.; Scriber J.M., 1982:
The contribution of larval growth and pupal duration to protandry in the black swallowtail butterfly papilio polyxenes

Jensen K.F.; Altman J., 1982:
The contribution of late generated neurons to the callosal projection in the rat a study with pre natal x irradiation

Acock, B.; Charles-Edwards, D.A.; Fitter, D.J.; Hand, D.W.; Ludwig, L.J.; Wilson, J.W.; Withers, A.C., 1978:
The contribution of leaves from different levels within a tomato crop to canopy net photosynthesis an experimental examination of 2 canopy models

Sahn, S.A.; Reller, L.B.; Taryle, D.A.; Antony, V.B.; Good, J.T., 1983:
The contribution of leukocytes and bacteria to the low pH of empyema fluid

Garrod B.; Lewis B.G.; Brittain M.J.; Davies W.P., 1982:
The contribution of lignin and suberin to the impedance of wounded carrot root tissue to fungal invasion

Grosch W.; Laskawy G., 1984:
The contribution of linoleic acid to the bitter taste of poppy seeds papaver somniferum

Zelis, R., 1974:
The contribution of local factors to the elevated venous tone of congestive heart failure

Coates G.; O'brodovich H.M., 1986:
The contribution of lymphatic drainage to the clearance of inhaled technetium 99m diethylenetriaminepentaacetate from the lungs

Dubay C.I.; Simmons G.M.Jr, 1979:
The contribution of macrophytes to the metalimnetic oxygen maximum in a montane oligotrophic lake

Freedberg, R.S.; Kronzon, I.; Rumancik, W.M.; Liebeskind, D., 1988:
The contribution of magnetic resonance imaging to the evaluation of intracardiac tumors diagnosed by echocardiography

Kirk K.; Kuchel P.W., 1988:
The contribution of magnetic susceptibility effects to transmembrane chemical shift differences in the phosphorus 31 nmr spectra of oxygenated erythrocyte suspensions

Kleemann D.O.; Dolling C.H.S.; Ponzoni R.W., 1981:
The contribution of maternal environment and lamb genotype to growth of lambs from merino poll dorset x merino and border leicester x merino ewes

Husmark, I.; Ottoson, D., 1971:
The contribution of mechanical factors to the early adaptation of the spindle response

Connor, T.H.; Stoeckel, M.; Evrard, J.; Legator, M.S., 1977:
The contribution of metronidazole and 2 metabolites to the mutagenic activity detected in urine of treated humans and mice

Chopin D.; Abbou C.C.; Chaumette M.T.; Auvert J.; Leandri J., 1981:
The contribution of micro surgery to atraumatic nephrotomy experimental study in the cadaver kidney

Glick, D., 1977:
The contribution of microchemical methods of histochemistry to the biological sciences

Harrison R.M.; Holman C.D., 1979:
The contribution of middle range and long range transport of tropospheric photochemical ozone to pollution at a rural site in northwestern england uk

Van Heerden I.V.; Taylor J.R.N.; Glennie C.W., 1987:
The contribution of minerals trace elements phytin starch and amino acids to the nutritional quality of sorghum beer

Vezzoni, P.; Cairo, G.; Pozzi, M.R.; Bardella, L.; Schiaffonati, L.; Giardini, R.; Rilke, F.; Delia, D.; Biunno, I., 1986:
The contribution of molecular biology in the diagnosis of human lymphomas

Kroese, A.J., 1977:
The contribution of muscle and skin circulation to reactive hyperemia in the human lower limb

Huntley, A.C.; Costa, D.P.; Rubin, R.D., 1984:
The contribution of nasal countercurrent heat exchange to water balance in the northern elephant seal, Mirounga angustirostris

Furilla, R.A.; Jones, D.R., 1986:
The contribution of nasal receptors to the cardiac response to diving in restrained and unrestrained redhead ducks (Aythya americana)

Schneider K.; Wothe K., 1979:
The contribution of naso oral and post ingestional factors in taste aversion learning in the rat

Mocsy I.; Uray I.; Salagean S.; Bayer M., 1979:
The contribution of natural radioactivity of environmental factors to the estimation of radiation doses received by the population

Silvey V., 1986:
The contribution of new varieties to cereal yields in england and wales uk between 1947 and 1983

Silvey V., 1981:
The contribution of new wheat barley and oat varieties to increasing yield in england and wales uk 1947 1978

Jackson, D.C.; Allen, J.; Strupp, P.K., 1976:
The contribution of nonpulmonary surfaces to carbon di oxide loss in 6 species of turtles at 20 celsius

Planiol, T.; Itti, R.; Pottier, J.M.; Pourcelot, L.; Brochier, M.; Morand, P., 1978:
The contribution of nuclear medicine and ultrasounds in cardiac surgery

Kotzin B.L.; Palmer E., 1987:
The contribution of nzw gens to lupus like disease in nzb x nzw f 1 mice

Sollberger, C.E.; Meienberg, O.; Ludin, H.P., 1986:
The contribution of oculography to early diagnosis of myasthenia gravis a study of saccadic eye movements using the ir reflection method in 22 cases

Knapp A.G.; Schiller P.H., 1984:
The contribution of on bipolar cells to the electroretinogram of rabbits and monkeys a study using 2 amino 4 phosphonobutyrate

Jocob, J.; Gluck, L.; Disessa, T.; Edwards, D.; Kulovich, M.; Kurlinski, J.; Merritt, T.A.; Friedman, W.F., 1980:
The contribution of patent ductus arteriosis in the neo nate with severe respiratory distress syndrome

Tomblin, J.B.; Quinn, M.A., 1983:
The contribution of perceptual learning to performance on the repetition task

Lewit, K., 1976:
The contribution of peridurography to the anatomy of the lumbo sacral spinal canal

Skrainar, S.F.; Royster, L.H.; Berger, E.H.; Pearson, R.G., 1987:
The contribution of personal radios to the noise exposure of employees at one industrial facility

Moldawer L.L.; Kawamura I.; Bistrian B.R.; Blackburn G.L., 1983:
The contribution of phenyl alanine to tyrosine metabolism in vivo the post absorptive and phenyl alanine loaded rat

Maxwell E.M.; Weismer G., 1982:
The contribution of phonological acoustic and perceptual techniques to the characterization of a mis articulating childs voice contrast for stops

Deibler, G.E.; Martenson, R.E.; Kramer, A.J.; Kies, M.W.; Miyamoto, E., 1975:
The contribution of phosphorylation and loss of carboxyl terminal arginine to the micro heterogeneity of myelin basic protein

Grant, N.G.; Walsby, A.E., 1977:
The contribution of photosynthate to turgor pressure rise in the planktonic blue green alga anabaena flos aquae

Haxel, O., 1976:
The contribution of physics to paleo climatology

Jauniaux E.; Hustin J.; Wilkin P., 1988:
The contribution of placental examination at the third trimester of gestation

Crawford, G.P.; Ogston, D.; Douglas, A.S., 1976:
The contribution of plasma protease inhibitors to antiplasmin activity in man

Hughes, V.; Meynell, G.G., 1977:
The contribution of plasmid and host genes to plasmid mediated interference with phage growth

A.B.nna M.K.S.; Jinks J.L.; Pooni H.S., 1984:
The contribution of pleiotropy at the mop loci to continuous variation in nicotiana rustica

Grimmer G.; Brune H.; Deutsch Wenzel R.; Naujack K W.; Misfeld J.; Timm J., 1983:
The contribution of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons to the carcinogenic impact of automobile exhaust condensate evaluated by local application onto mouse skin

Brown, H.; DiFrancesco, D.; Noble, D.; Noble, S., 1980:
The contribution of potassium accumulation to outward currents in frog atrium

Mowat D.J.; Martin S.J., 1981:
The contribution of predatory beetles coleoptera carabidae and staphylinidae and seed bed applied insecticide to the control of cabbage root fly delia brassicae in transplanted cauliflowers cultivar all the year round

Choudhuri G.N.; Agarwal N.K.; Basuchaudhary K.C., 1979:
The contribution of prosopis specigera to bio reclamation of a salt affected habitat

Watson M.L.; Jones R.L., 1986:
The contribution of prostaglandin i 2 to the effects of captopril in conscious dogs in differing states of sodium balance

Pytkowski B., 1979:
The contribution of prostaglandin like substances to the action of brady kinin on intestinal motility and blood flow in canine jejunal loop in situ

Flor H., 1987:
The contribution of psychological factors in the development and treatment of chronic back pain

Niibe, H.; Takahashi, I.; Tamaki, Y.; Miyaishi, K.; Okazaki, A.; Ikeda, H.; Saito, Y.; Mitomo, O.; Suto, H.; Et-Al, 1984:
The contribution of radiotherapy to the treatment of malignant tumors 3. combined drugs and radiotherapy

Niibe, H.; Nozaki, M.; Mitsuhashi, N.; Takahashi, I.; Ito, J.; Okazaki, A.; Maehara, Y.; Inoue, T.; Hayakawa, K.; Et-Al, 1985:
The contribution of radiotherapy to the treatment of malignant tumors 4. the overall treatment results from 1977 to 1978

Skartveit A.; Halsvik B.; Meisingset E., 1980:
The contribution of rainfall salt and acid components from sea spray and runoff of ions as precipitation in fields about western norway

Bahnick, D.A., 1977:
The contribution of red clay erosion to ortho phosphate loadings into southwestern lake superior

Wroblewski, P.F.; Jacob, T.; Rehm, L.P., 1977:
The contribution of relaxation to symbolic modeling in the modification of dental fears

Cole R.N.; Burggren W.W., 1981:
The contribution of respiratory papulae and tube feet to oxygen uptake in the sea star asterias forbesi

Corker G.A.; Henkin B.M.; Sharpe S.A., 1979:
The contribution of rhodospirillum rubrum ferredoxin ii to in vivo epr signals and its role in electron transport

Tatsumi, N.; Maeda, H.; Wada, Y., 1982:
The contribution of saponin hemolysis in observing membrane properties of erythrocytes

Pomianowska-Pilipiuk, I., 1976:
The contribution of saprophagous fauna to the disappearance of dead plant material on brodno meadow poland

Policicchio J.E.; Crivelli M.R.; Braunstein S., 1987:
The contribution of scanning electron microscopy in precancer and buccal cancer

Likhovetskaya, R.B.; Burykin, V.M.; Korf, N.N., 1977:
The contribution of scattered radiation to the absorbed dose during intra cavitary gamma therapy/

Latsis, A.K., 1978:
The contribution of scientists of the latvian ssr academy of sciences ussr in solving tasks of the 10th 5 year plan

Mendham N.J.; Russell J.; Buzza G.C., 1984:
The contribution of seed survival to yield in new australian cultivars of oilseed rape brassica napus

Kornblith S.J.; Rehm L.P.; O'hara M.W.; Lamparski D.M., 1983:
The contribution of self reinforcement training and behavioral assignments to the efficacy of self control therapy for depression

Carson, H.L., 1987:
The contribution of sexual behavior to Darwinian fitness

Brenner U.; Herbertz L.; Mueller J.M.; Reinauer H.; Meibert M.; Walter M.; Holzmueller W., 1986:
The contribution of small gut to 3 methylhistidine metabolism in the adult rat

Gabor S.; Kelemen J.; Kovacs I.; Andras I., 1984:
The contribution of smoking and pollution by metals to the accumulation of cadmium and lead in the pulmonary tissue

Glitsch H.G.; Pusch H.; Verdonck F., 1986:
The contribution of sodium and potassium ions to the pacemaker current in sheep cardiac purkinje fibers

Dobrovol'skii, G.V.; Ivanushkina, K.B.; Orlov, D.S., 1978 :
The contribution of soil scientists of the moscow state university of agriculture ussr

Van Der Merwe C.A.; Van Wyk C.J., 1981:
The contribution of some fermentation products to the odor of dry white wines

Staunton S.; Nye P.H., 1987:
The contribution of sorbed sodium and calcium to the self diffusion of these cations in soils with different clay mineralogies

Lima N.R.W.; Martinelli L.A.; Victoria R.L.; Mozeto A.A., 1987:
The contribution of spartina alterniflora to the pedra de guaratiba rio de janeiro brazil salt marsh sediment using carbon 13 as a tracer

Guntheroth, W.G.; Kawabori, I., 1977:
The contribution of splanchnic pooling to endo toxin shock in the dog

Law, B.A.; Castanon, M.J.; Sharpe, M.E., 1976:
The contribution of starter streptococci to flavor development in cheddar cheese

Mihailova, D.; Testa, B., 1978:
The contribution of structural factors to the lipophilicity of phenethylamines

Beckner M.; Berg J.W.; Franz L.W., 1985:
The contribution of subclinical cancer to denvers colorado usa high prostatic cancer incidence rate

Schlotzhauer W.S.; Severson R.F.; Martin R.M., 1986:
The contribution of sucrose esters to tobacco smoke composition

Stoenesco, D.; Tasca, C.; Damian, A., 1976:
The contribution of surgery to the treatment of thyroiditis

Ezedinma, F.O.C.; Agbim, N.N.; Onyekwelu, S.S.C., 1979:
The contribution of symbiotic nitrogen fixation to the nitrogen economy of natural ecosystems 1. occurrence of herbaceous legumes in derived savanna fallow and their nodulation in pot culture

Narbed, P.G.; Marcer, D.; Howell, J.B., 1982:
The contribution of the accelerating phase of inspiratory flow to resistive load detection in man

Aranko, K.; Mattila, M.J.; Seppälä, T.; Aranko, S., 1984:
The contribution of the active metabolites to the tolerance developing to diazepam in man: relationship to bioassayed serum benzodiazepine levels

Fajer, A.B.; Holzbauer, M.; Newport, H.M., 1971:
The contribution of the adrenal gland to the total amount of progesterone produced in the female rat

Jackson D.C.; Heisler N., 1984:
The contribution of the alkaline peri cardial fluid of fresh water turtles chrysemys picta bellii to acid buffering during prolonged anoxia

Zhou T R.; L.C.Z., 1987:
The contribution of the anterior talofibular ligament in ankle joint stability

Grandjean G.; Sigaud P., 1987:
The contribution of the berry france oaks to taxonomy and ecology

Smith P.J.S., 1982:
The contribution of the branchial heart to the accessory branchial pump in the octopoda

Gregory H.; Thomas C.E.; Young J.A.; Willshire I.R.; Garner A., 1988:
The contribution of the carboxyl terminal undecapeptide sequence of urogastrone epidermal growth factor to its biological action

Trick, G.L.; Dawson, W.W.; Barris, M.C., 1982:
The contribution of the central retina to the laser speckle visual evoked response

Rappelsberger P.; Pockberger H.; Petsche H., 1982:
The contribution of the cortical layers to the generation of the electro encephalogram field potential and current source density analyses in the rabbits visual cortex

Zobel, B., 1975:
The contribution of the deep sea drilling project to foraminiferal research

Popoviciu, L.; Tudosie, M.; Schiopu, M.; Pepelea, P.; Băciulescu, I.; Bagothay, I.; Pascu, I.; Roman, V., 1984:
The contribution of the electroencephalographic computerized map in setting down the topography of the cerebral infarctions

Torre V., 1982:
The contribution of the electrogenic sodium potassium pump to the electrical activity of toad bufo marinus rods

Potes, M.D.F., 1987:
The contribution of the external morphology of the leaves to the cultivar characterization of olea europaea l

Chipens G.I.; Kalvin'sh I.Ya, 1979:
The contribution of the institute of organic synthesis to the creation and introduction of new preparations for agriculture

Mcghie D.A., 1980:
The contribution of the mallet hill surface to runoff and erosion in the narrogin region of western australia

Barnes, C.D.; Pompeiano, O., 1970:
The contribution of the medial and lateral vestibular nuclei to pre synaptic and post synaptic effects produced in the lumbar cord by vestibular volleys

Morais R.; Guertin D.; Kornblatt J.A., 1982:
The contribution of the mitochondrial genome to the growth of chinese hamster cricetulus griseus embryo cells in culture

Maki H.; Saito M.; Kawai K.; Honda Y.; Akaboshi M., 1985:
The contribution of the nuclear reaction hydrogen 1 to deuterium by neutron bombardment with gamma ray emission to the yield of dna single strand breaks in cultured mammalian cells irradiated by thermal neutrons

Distel H.; Hudson R., 1985:
The contribution of the olfactory and tactile modalities to the nipple search behavior of newborn rabbits

Krug, E.; Gross, R.; Mialhe, P., 1976:
The contribution of the pancreas and the intestine to the regulation of lipolysis in birds part 2 impaired lipolytic activity of pancreatic glucagon in the absence of either the pancreas or the intestine in the chicken

Busse R.; Sturm K.; Schabert A.; Bauer R.D., 1982:
The contribution of the parallel and series elastic components to the dynamic properties of the rat tail artery under 2 different smooth muscle tones

Scarpalezos, S.; Tsakanikas, C.; Stamboulis, E., 1981:
The contribution of the pendular rotation test in the diagnosis of the spinal form of multiple sclerosis

Berkenbosch A.; Van Dissel J.; Olievier C.N.; D.G.ede J.; Heeringa J., 1979:
The contribution of the peripheral chemo receptors to the ventilatory response to carbon di oxide in anesthetized cats during hyperoxia

Dofkova L.; Hartlova S.; Solich J., 1985:
The contribution of the pharmacist to the improvement of pharmacotherapy in the elderly

Ooi, V.E.; Sanders, E.J.; Bellairs, R., 1986:
The contribution of the primitive streak to the somites in the avian embryo

Chain, F.; Mallecourt, J.; Leblanc, M.; Lhermitte, F., 1977:
The contribution of the recording of evoked visual potentials in the diagnosis of disseminated sclerosis

Stockley, R.A., 1978:
The contribution of the reflex hypoxic drive to the hyperpnea of exercise

Cassel, J., 1976:
The contribution of the social environment to host resistance the 4th wade hampton frost lecture

Borrmann E.; Dittmann R., 1987:
The contribution of the sports and recreation center berlin east germany to the promotion of health and efficiency

De-Champlain, J., 1978:
The contribution of the sympathetic nervous system to arterial hypertension

Wing, A.M.; Fraser, C., 1983:
The contribution of the thumb to reaching movements

Silva J.A.C.E., 1984:
The contribution of the veterinary sciences to the development of the portuguese overseas territories

Sternfeld, M.; Hod, I.; Yegana, Y.; Livneh, O., 1985:
The contribution of thermo-moxibustion to surgical treatment in transplanted mouse mammary carcinoma

Zhou, D.H., 1981:
The contribution of traditional Chinese medicine to rehabilitation medicine

Goia E.; Luca C.; Streian C., 1981:
The contribution of transitory electro stimulation in the diagnosis of coronary disease in patients with arterial hypertension and hypertensive heart disease

O'toole, J.D.; Reddy, S.P.; Curtiss, E.I.; Griff, F.W.; Shaver, J.A., 1976:
The contribution of tricuspid valve closure to the 1st heart sound an intra cardiac micro manometer study

Keshinro O.O.; Ketiku O.A., 1983:
The contribution of tropical chili peppers to ascorbic acid consumption

Marsden, C.A.; Curzon, G., 1978:
The contribution of tryptamine to the behavioral effects of l tryptophan in tranylcypromine treated rats

Hogg E.H.; Wein R.W., 1988:
The contribution of typha components to floating mat buoyancy

Kamuma, M., 1979:
The contribution of ultrasonic echography in the study of uterine involution

Chagnon S.; Jacquenod P.; Blery M., 1988:
The contribution of ultrasonography in cirrhosis of the liver

Delage J.; Molina C.; Petit M.; Kantelip B., 1984:
The contribution of ultrastructural analysis in the diagnosis of bronchoalveolar carcinoma

Gandevia, S.C.; Killian, K.J.; Campbell, E.J., 1981:
The contribution of upper airway and inspiratory muscle mechanisms to the detection of pressure changes at the mouth in normal subjects

Proca E.; Iliescu L., 1986:
The contribution of urodynamical investigations to the diagnosis and treatment of bladder voiding disturbance following prostate adenomectomy

Hiwatari, M.; Nolan, P.L.; Johnston, C.I., 1985:
The contribution of vasopressin and angiotensin to the maintenance of blood pressure after autonomic blockade

Biagini A.; Emdin M.; Michelassi C.; Mazzei M.G.; Carpeggiani C.; Testa R.; Andreotti F.; L'abbate A., 1988:
The contribution of ventricular tachyarrhythmias to the genesis of cardiac pain during transient myocardial ischemia in patients with variant angina

Middleton L.; Franck H., 1981:
The contribution of visual evoked potentials to the diagnosis of disseminated sclerosis

Katz P.; Roisin Chausson M.W., 1982:
The contribution of zono sialography in cervico facial tumors

Howard B.H., 1985:
The contribution to rooting in leafless winter plum prunus cerasifera cuttings of iba applied to the epidermis

Kazic, D.M.; Pulevic, R.D., 1978:
The contribution to the knowledge of bleak infection alburnus albidus alborella pisces cyprinidae by trematodes of genus phyllodistomum in scutari lake yugoslavia

Bogdanovic, V.V., 1975:
The contribution to the study of the herbicide effect upon some microorganisms of the soil

Eberts R.; Salvendy G., 1986:
The contributions of cognitive engineering to the safe design and operation of computer aided manufacturing and robotics

Einhorn, T.A.; Bonnarens, F.; Burstein, A.H., 1986:
The contributions of dietary protein and mineral to the healing of experimental fractures. A biomechanical study

Yew, K.C., 1987:
The contributions of doctors to the care of the aged

Lucas D.H., 1979:
The contributions of emission control and dispersion to achieving ambient standards

Lindahl J., 1980:
The contributions of erythropoietic and nonerythropoietic heme turnover to the early labeled peak of endogenous carbon mon oxide formation in man

Howard, H.W., 1978:
The contributions of growing point layers l 1 l 2 and l 3 to potato leaves

Karoum F.; Chuang L W., 1987:
The contributions of phenylethanolamine and p octopamine metabolism towards the urinary excretion of mandelic acid p hydroxymandelic acid phenylglycol and p hydroxyphenylglycol in rats

Vrebos J., 1987:
The contributions of pierre franco approximately 1506 1580 to the study of the surgery for cleft lip

Lennox, S.; Mengeot, P.M.; Martin, J.G., 1985:
The contributions of rib cage and abdominal displacements to the hyperinflation of acute bronchospasm

Mcphee, C.P., 1971:
The contributions of the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes to selection response in drosophila melanogaster

Isely, D.C., 1976:
The control and propagation of a genetic disease

Tenhunen J.D.; Lange O.L.; Jahner D., 1982:
The control by atmospheric factors and water stress of midday stomatal closure in arbutus unedo growing in a natural macchia

Downes C.P.; Mitchell R.H., 1982:
The control by calcium of the poly phospho inositide phospho di esterase and the calcium pump atpase in human erythrocytes

Manchester, K.L., 1970:
The control by insulin of amino acid accumulation in muscle

Romero, P.J.; Whittam, R., 1971:
The control by internal calcium of membrane permeability to sodium and potassium

Whitelam G.C.; Johnson C.B.; Smith H., 1979:
The control by phytochrome of nitrate reductase in the curd of light grown cauliflower brassica oleracea var botrytis

Hernandez-Asensio, M.; Ramirez, J.M.; Del-Campo, F.F., 1975:
The control by respiration of the uptake of alpha methyl glucoside in escherichia coli strain k 12

Marin B.P., 1985:
The control by the electrochemical potential difference of protons between the 2 bulk phases that the membrane separates of the tonoplast bound proton translocating atpase from rubber tree hevea brasiliensis latex

Dawley, H.H., 1987:
The control, discouragement, and cessation of smoking in a hospital setting

Tomita, B.; Hamamura, N.; Ose, Y., 1981:
The control index of activated sludge 5. the mechanism of the formation of di methyl di sulfide in mixed liquor of activated sludge

Tomita, B.; Hamamura, N.; Ose, Y., 1982:
The control index of activated sludge 6. the di methyl di sulfide formation ability in mixed liquor of activated sludge

Marchand-Dumont, G.; Baguet, F., 1975:
The control mechanism of relaxation in molluscan catch muscle anterior byssus retractor muscle

Kondo, T., 1978:
The control mechanisms of cerebral venous circulation and its effect on cerebral circulation in both normal and intra cranial hypertension animals

Wulschke, S.; Ehrlein, H.J.; Tsiamitas, C., 1986:
The control mechanisms of gastric emptying are not overridden by motor stimulants

Etienne, A.S., 1977:
The control of 2 antagonistic loco motor activities in a predatory insect

Alger, N.E.; Undeen, A.H., 1970:
The control of a microsporidian nosema sp in an anopheline colony by an egg rinsing technique

Mowat D.J., 1985:
The control of abacarus hystrix on ryegrass lolium multiflorum by pesticides

Martins, J.K.; Roedl, G., 1978:
The control of acute diarrhea in a large industrial plant

Newby A.C.; Holmquist C.A.; Illingworth J.; Pearson J.D., 1983:
The control of adenosine concentration in polymorphonuclear leukocytes cultured heart cells and isolated perfused heart from the rat

Steer, M.L.; Levitzki, A., 1975:
The control of adenylate cyclase by calcium in turkey erythrocyte ghosts

Eikmann T.; Horning B.; Pieler J.; Riedel F.N., 1984:
The control of air conditioning systems in hospitals a quantitative determination of microorganisms in the supply air/

Jeavons C.M.; Taylor S.P., 1985:
The control of alcohol related aggression redirecting the inebriates attention to socially appropriate conduct

Bentley, M.M.; Williamson, J.H., 1982:
The control of aldehyde oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenase activities and CRM levels by the mal locus in Drosophila melanogaster

Bentley M.M.; Williamson J.H., 1979:
The control of aldehyde oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenase activities by the cinnamon gene in drosophila melanogaster

Harrison J.E.; Williams W., 1983:
The control of alkaloid by mutant alleles in lupinus albus and lupinus angustifolius

Bambridge J.M.; Spencer A.; Maude R.B., 1985:
The control of alternaria cheiranthi on wallflower seed production crops

Nagoshi R.N.; Mckeown M.; Burtis K.C.; Belote J.M.; Baker B.S., 1988:
The control of alternative splicing at genes regulating sexual differentiation in drosophila melanogaster

Brochart M.; Fayet J.C.; Barnouin J., 1979:
The control of animal diseases in france during the last 15 years concerning the eradication of bovine tuberculosis proposals for the future

Corrigan R., 1982:
The control of animate and inanimate components in pretend play and language

Krehan, I., 1970:
The control of annual rhythmicity and diapause in larval and adult hibernating species of the genus pterostichus coleoptera carabidae

Clarac, F.; Neil, D.M.; Vedel, J.P., 1976 :
The control of antennal movements by leg proprioceptors in the rock lobster palinurus vulgaris

Gordon, N., 1976:
The control of anti epileptic drug treatment

Brittle M.P.; Bradley N.J.; Gomer K.J.; Playfair J.H.L.; Davies A.J.S., 1984:
The control of antibody diversity during immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g anti sheep red cell responses in mice

Slankard-Chahinian, M.; Siskind, G.W., 1979:
The control of antibody synthesis 13. preferential depletion of precursors of high affinity antibody secreting cells by specific immuno adsorbents

Dekruyff, R.H.; Siskind, G.W., 1980:
The control of antibody synthesis 16. effect of immuno depression on antibody affinity

Dekruyff, R.H.; Furie, R.A.; Siskind, G.W., 1980:
The control of antibody synthesis 17. effect of specific suppressor cells on the affinity of the antibody response by naive or primed lymphocytes

Prasad, T.K.; Cline, M.G.; Cline, M.G., 1986:
The control of apical dominance: localization of the growth region of the Pharbitis nil shoot

Chauvin M.; Dickele M.C.; Fellinger F., 1985:
The control of atrial fibrillation with fenoxedil the probable role of the autonomic nervous system

Osband, M.; Parkman, R., 1978:
The control of auto reactivity part 1 lack of auto reactivity in murine spleens is due to concomitant presence of suppressor and auto cyto toxic lymphocytes

Noden, D.M., 1978:
The control of avian cephalic neural crest cyto differentiation part 1 skeletal and connective tissues

Noden, D.M., 1978:
The control of avian cephalic neural crest cyto differentiation part 2 neural tissues

van Staden, J.J.; van der Made, H.N.; Jordaan, E., 1980:
The control of bacterial contamination in carcass meal with propionic acid

Stelmach, G.E.; Worringham, C.J., 1988:
The control of bimanual aiming movements in Parkinson's disease

Kulanin, V.L., 1977:
The control of blattella germanica and shelfordella tartara cockroaches with sevin

Matsui M., 1982:
The control of blood levels of histamine by intra venous administration of steroids and synthetic acth in patients with bronchial asthma

Steptoe, A.; Johnston, D., 1976:
The control of blood pressure using pulse wave velocity feedback

Arai T., 1982:
The control of borderline diabetes in industry

Killilea D.M.; Mcneill L., 1982:
The control of brachystegia boehmii trees with stem injections of various tordon formulations

Hughes I.K., 1980:
The control of breakdown of potato seed pieces with fungicidal dusts

Turnbull C.G.N.; Hanke D.E., 1985:
The control of bud dormancy in potato solanum tuberosum cultivar majestic tubers evidence for the primary role of cytokinins and a seasonal pattern of changing sensitivity to cytokinin

Turnbull C.G.N.; Hanke D.E., 1985:
The control of bud dormancy in potato solanum tuberosum cultivar majestic tubers measurement of the seasonal pattern of changing concentrations of zeatin cytokinins

Beckett R.P.; Brown D.H., 1984:
The control of cadmium uptake in the lichen genus peltigera

Abramson, J.H.; Hopp, C., 1976:
The control of cardio vascular risk factors in the elderly

Khoo C.T.K.; Molyneux A.J.; Rayment R.; Saad M.N., 1986:
The control of carotid arterial hemorrhage in head and neck surgery by balloon catheter tamponade and detachable balloon embolization

Mowat D.J.; Martin S.J., 1981:
The control of carrot psila rosae fly in a ridge grown crop by insecticide broadcast before ridging

Esslemont, R.J.; Eddy, R.G., 1977:
The control of cattle fertility; the use of computerized records

Mueller, S.C.; Brown, R.M.J., 1982:
The control of cellulose micro fibril deposition in the cell wall of higher plants 1. can directed membrane flow orient cellulose micro fibrils? indirect evidence from freeze fractured plasma membranes of maize zea mays cultivar burpees snowcross and pine pinus taeda seedlings

Mueller, S.C.; Brown, R.M.J., 1982:
The control of cellulose micro fibril deposition in the cell wall of higher plants 2. freeze fracture micro fibril patterns in maize zea mays cultivar burpees snowcross seedling tissues following experimental alteration with colchicine and ethylene

Marsden P.D., 1981:
The control of chagas disease in mambai brazil the initial phases

Ingram R.; Noltie H.J., 1987:
The control of chiasma frequency within a polyploid series in the genus senecio compositae

Gelinas, R.E.; Kafatos, F.C., 1977:
The control of chorion protein synthesis in silk moths messenger rna production parallels protein synthesis

Brady, J.; Crump, A.J., 1978:
The control of circadian activity rhythms in tsetse flies environment of physiological clock

White, J.G.; Buczacki, S.T., 1977:
The control of club root by soil partial sterilization a review

Thresh J.M.; Owusu G.K., 1986:
The control of cocoa swollen shoot disease in ghana an evaluation of eradication procedures

Boyd T.L.; Skedsvold P.; Rossiter L., 1986:
The control of contextual extinction effects during a fear incubation procedure

Maisch A.; Bueckmann D., 1987:
The control of cuticular melanin and lutein incorporation in the morphological color adaptation of a nymphalid pupa inachis io l

Beebe, D.C.; Piatigorsky, J., 1977:
The control of delta crystallin gene expression during lens cell development dissociation of cell elongation cell division delta crystallin synthesis and delta crystallin messenger rna accumulation

Watanabe, K., 1981:
The control of di ploid like meiosis in poly ploid taxa of chrysanthemum 1. hexa ploid chrysanthemum japonense

Watanabe, K., 1981:
The control of di ploid like meiosis in poly ploid taxa of chrysanthemum 2. octo ploid chrysanthemum ornatum

Watanabe, K., 1981:
The control of di ploid like meiosis in poly ploid taxa of chrysanthemum 3. deca ploid chrysanthemum crassum

Watanabe, K., 1977:
The control of di ploid like meiosis in poly ploid taxa of chrysanthemum compositae

Ionescu N.G.; Hancu N.; Cardan E., 1987:
The control of diabetes in surgery

Drash, A., 1976:
The control of diabetes mellitus: is it achievable? Is it desirable?

Best, E.M.H.; Wells, M.J., 1983:
The control of digestion in octopus 1. the anticipatory response and the effects of severing the nerves to the gut

Best, E.M.H.; Wells, M.J., 1984:
The control of digestion in octopus vulgaris 2. the role of internal stimuli

Flanders P.; Dyer G.A.; Jordan D., 1987:
The control of drug release from conventional melt granulation matrices

Zessin G.; Fahr F.; Mank R., 1986:
The control of drug release of heavy soluble weak alkaline substances from matrix tablets using medazepam as an active ingredient

Walker V.K.; Ashburner M., 1981:
The control of ecdysterone regulated puffs in drosophila melanogaster salivary glands

Morton A.J.; Obot E.A., 1984:
The control of echinochloa stagnina by harvesting for dry season livestock fodder in lake kainji nigeria a modeling approach

Heiligenberg W.; Bastian J., 1980:
The control of eigenmannia pacemaker by distributed evaluation of electro receptive afferences

Murphy, M.P.; Brand, M.D., 1987:
The control of electron flux through cytochrome oxidase

Pearce, S.C., 1978:
The control of environmental variation in some west indian maize experiments

Frati, L.; D'armiento, M.; Gulletta, E.; Verna, R.; Covelli, I., 1977:
The control of epidermis proliferation by epidermal growth factor relationship with cyclic nucleotides systems

Aning K.G., 1986:
The control of escherichia coli diarrhea in piglets by methods other than chemotherapy

Moore N.W.; Eppleston J., 1979:
The control of estrus ovulation and fertility in relation to artificial insemination in the angora goat

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The control of external parasites of cattle

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The control of fatty acid metabolism in liver cells from fed and starved sheep

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The control of feeding behavior by an imprinted stimulus

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The control of fertility in sheep endocrine and ovarian responses to progestogen pregnant mare serum gonadotropin treatment in the breeding season and in anestrus

Lovell P.J.; Lovell P.H.; Nichols R., 1987:
The control of flower senescence in petunia petunia hybrida

Motum G.J.; Goodwin P.B., 1987:
The control of flowering in kangaroo paw anigozanthos spp

Roh, S.M.; Wilkins, H.F., 1977:
The control of flowering in lilium longiflorum cultivar nellie white by cyclic or continuous light treatments

Brian, M.V.; Abbott, A., 1977:
The control of food flow in a society of the ant myrmica rubra

Chapman, J.M.; Galleschi, L., 1985:
The control of food mobilization in seeds of cucumis sativus 6. the production of starch

Davies, H.V.; Gaba, V.; Black, M.; Chapman, J.M., 1981:
The control of food mobilization in seeds of cucumis sativus cultivar ridge long green 5. the effect of light on lipid degradation

Davies H.V.; Chapman J.M., 1980:
The control of food mobilization in seeds of cucumis sativus cultivar ridge long green the control of protein degradation

Haddock R.L.; Kampelmacher E.H., 1986:
The control of foodborne disease on the island of guam

Wildhaber I.; Gross H.; Moor H., 1982:
The control of freeze drying with deuterium oxide

Hock, B.; Bahn, M.; Walk, R.A.; Nitschke, U., 1978 :
The control of fruiting body formation in the ascomycete sordaria macrospora by regulation of hyphal development an analysis based on scanning electron microscopic and light microscopic observations

Gurevich V.B.; Svetlakov A.V.; Popova L.Yu; Shenderov A.N., 1986:
The control of glutamate synthesis in vibrio harveyi

Rhodes, D.; Rendon, G.A.; Stewart, G.R., 1975:
The control of glutamine synthetase ec level in lemna minor

Wilson, J.R.; Williams, D.; Schachter, H., 1976:
The control of glyco protein synthesis n acetyl glucosamine linkage to a mannose residue as a signal for the attachment of l fucose to the asparagine linked n acetyl glucosamine residue of glyco peptide from alpha 1 acid glyco protein

Glass, M.R.; Shaw, R.W.; Williams, J.W.; Butt, W.R.; Logan-Edwards, R.; London, D.R., 1976:
The control of gonadotropin release in women with hyper prolactinemic amenorrhea effect of estrogen and progesterone on the luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone response to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

Budd E.G., 1982:
The control of grass weeds in red fescue festuca rubra seed crops

Cumberland R.F., 1982:
The control of hazardous chemical spills in the uk

Morton, A.G.; Tavill, A.S., 1978:
The control of hepatic iron uptake correlation with transferrin synthesis

Jakob, A.; Diem, S., 1979:
The control of hepatic phosphorylase phosphatase ec by atp adp and magnesium

Hayashi, J.; Kashiwagi, S.; Nomura, H.; Kajiyama, W.; Ikematsu, H., 1987:
The control of hepatitis B virus infection with vaccine in Japanese nursery schools

Heyward, W.L.; Bender, T.R.; McMahon, B.J.; Hall, D.B.; Francis, D.P.; Lanier, A.P.; Alward, W.L.; Ahtone, J.L.; Murphy, B.L.; Maynard, J.E., 1985:
The control of hepatitis B virus infection with vaccine in Yupik Eskimos. Demonstration of safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy under field conditions

Jarisch, R.; Sandor, I., 1977:
The control of herpes simplex recidivans with macrophage migration inhibition test treatment with levamisole bcg urushiol and herpes antigen vaccine

Kirkham F.W.; Haggar R.J.; Watt T.A., 1982:
The control of holcus lanatus in perennial rye grass lolium perenne swards by asulam

Guillet P., 1984:
The control of human onchocerciasis and the prospects for biological agents

Marovic, R., 1976:
The control of hylotrupes bajulus in wooden houses

Saxena R.P., 1981:
The control of hypertension complicated by high stress unemployment and risk factors a double blind study of labetalol trandate and methyl dopa

Sugai, Y.; Sugai, K.; Sawa, T.; Chihara, E.; Uchida, E.; Miyazaki, M., 1986:
The control of hypertension with dibutyryl cyclic AMP under general anesthesia

Fiebig, H.; Gruhn, R.; Scherbaum, I.; Ambrosius, H., 1979:
The control of immuno globulin m antibody synthesis 5. influence of the hapten to carrier ratio and the nature of the carrier on the intrinsic and functional affinity of carp di nitro phenyl antibodies

Irick H.A.; Sibley C.H., 1983:
The control of immuno globulin m expression in a murine b cell lymphoma

Sharov A.A., 1985:
The control of insect pest populations taking into account the natural mechanisms of population dynamics

Requena, J.; DiPolo, R.; Brinley, F.J.; Mullins, L.J., 1977:
The control of ionized calcium in squid axons

Cox T.M.; O'donnell M.W., 1982:
The control of iron uptake by rabbit small intestine

Thiele, H.U., 1969:
The control of larval hibernation and of adult estivation in the carabid beetles nebria brevicollis and patrobus atrorufus

Hinchee, M.A.W.; Rost, T.L., 1986:
The control of lateral root development in cultured pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska seedlings i. the role of seedling organs and plant growth regulators

Taylor G.; Davies W.J., 1985:
The control of leaf growth of betula pendula and acer pseudoplatanus by photoenvironment

Mowat D.J.; Jess S., 1986:
The control of leatherjackets tipula paludosa in grasslands by early application of insecticide

Slack, P.T.; Black, M.; Chapman, J.M., 1977:
The control of lipid mobilization in cucumis sativus cotyledons

Prior M., 1981:
The control of liquid effluent from large coal gasification plants

Dicker, S.E.; Morris, C.A.; Shirley, D.G., 1982:
The control of liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in the rat

Slooff, R., 1987:
The control of malaria vectors in the context of the Health for All by the Year 2000 Global Strategy

Wiebe J.P.; Barr K.J., 1984:
The control of male fertility by 1 2 3 tri hydroxy propane rapid arrest of spermatogenesis without altering libido accessory organs gonadal steroidogenesis and serum testosterone luteinizing hormone and fsh

Ryerse J.S., 1980:
The control of malpighian tubule developmental physiology by 20 hydroxy ecdysone and juvenile hormone

Stendel W.; Liebisch A.; Dorn H., 1986:
The control of mange mites sucking and biting lice in cattle with bayticol pour on

Hulburt E.M., 1982:
The control of marine phyto plankton use of quines view of object in assessing productivity and control

Jeppesen, L.L., 1976:
The control of mating behavior in helix pomatia gastropoda pulmonata

Stump R.F.; Oliver J.M.; Cragoe E.J.Jr; Deanin G.G., 1987:
The control of mediator release from rbl 2h3 cells roles for calcium sodium and protein kinase c

Benecke, B.J.; Ben-Ze'ev, A.; Penman, S., 1978:
The control of messenger rna production translation and turnover in suspended and re attached anchorage dependent fibroblasts

Hakl, J., 1972:
The control of microbial transformations of delta 4 3 keto steroids by polarographic evaluation of thin layer chromatograms

Ager B.P.; Tickner J.A., 1983:
The control of microbiological hazards associated with air conditioning and ventilation systems

Kidd N.A.C.; Cleaver A.M., 1986:
The control of migratory urge in aphis fabae hemiptera aphididae

Sudbery, P.E.; Grant, W.D., 1976:
The control of mitosis in Physarum polycephalum: the effect of delaying mitosis and evidence for the operation of the control mechanism in the absence of growth

Arnould R., 1985:
The control of mold in fodder

Merat, E.; Vogel, J., 1977:
The control of monomer migration into foods packaged in plastic receptacles poly vinyl chloride poly styrene

Klunker R.; Rupes V.; Chmela J., 1984:
The control of monomorium pharaonis by a methoprene bait in the tierpark berlin and its combined application with a residue insecticide in the childrens hospital in olomine germany

Peatfield A.C.; Richardson P.S., 1982:
The control of mucin secretion into the lumen of the cat trachea by alpha adrenoceptors and beta adrenoceptors and their relative involvement during sympathetic nerve stimulation

Babu, A.; Scordilis, S.P.; Sonnenblick, E.H.; Gulati, J., 1987:
The control of myocardial contraction with skeletal fast muscle troponin C

Zerobin K.; Kuendig H., 1980:
The control of myometrial functions during parturition with a beta 2 mimetic compound planipart

Davies, D.D.; Patil, K.D., 1975:
The control of nad specific malic enzyme ec from cauliflower bud mitochondria by metabolites

Brockmann H.J., 1980:
The control of nest depth in a digger wasp sphex ichneumoneus

Bosatta E.; Staaf H., 1982:
The control of nitrogen turnover in forest litter

Macquart Moulin C., 1985:
The control of nocturnal pelagic phase in benthic peracarid crustaceans

Ferris, G.M.; Clark, J.B., 1972:
The control of nucleic acid and nicotinamide nucleotide synthesis in regenerating rat liver

Martini G.; Flavell R., 1985:
The control of nucleolus volume in wheat a genetic study at 3 developmental stages

Pitney, W.R., 1979:
The control of oral anticoagulant therapy

Porter, K.M.; Davies, J., 1985:
The control of pain after keller's procedure a controlled double blind prospective trial with local anesthetic and placebo

Dmi'el R.; Robertshaw D., 1983:
The control of panting and sweating in the black bedouin goat a comparison of 2 modes of imposing a heat load

Nevill, E.M.; Wilkins, C.A.; Zakrisson, G., 1987:
The control of Parafilaria bovicola transmission in South Africa

Burchill, R.T.; Frick, E.L.; Swait, A.A.J., 1976:
The control of peach leaf curl taphrina deformans with offshoot t

Lochner J.P.A., 1980:
The control of pelagic fish resource

Sutton M.W.; Wale S.J., 1985:
The control of penicillium corymbiferum on crocus and its effect on corm production

Van Zyl A.; Burger B.; Rossouw P.; Wilson B., 1981:
The control of peroxidase catalyzed iodination and deiodination

Usiu, H.; Nishimura, N.; Imazu, M.; Imaoka, T.; Kinohara, N.; Takeda, M., 1979:
The control of phospho protein phosphatase ec by the 2nd site phosphorylation of a substrate studies with h 2b histone as model substrate

Garber, A.J.; Hanson, R.W., 1971:
The control of phosphoenol pyruvate formation by rabbit liver mitochondria the relationship between phosphoenol pyruvate malate and aspartate formation and the regulation of intra mitochondrial oxalo acetate

Whiley A.W.; Pegg K.G.; Saranah J.B.; Forsberg L.I., 1986:
The control of phytophthora root rot of avocado persea americana cultivar fuerte with fungicides and the effect of this disease on water relations yield and ring neck

Tucker, R.P.; Erickson, C.A., 1986:
The control of pigment cell pattern formation in the California newt, Taricha torosa

Luby, K.J.; Porter, K.R., 1980:
The control of pigment migration in isolated erythrophores of holocentrus ascensionis 1. energy requirements

Luby-Phelps, K.; Porter, K.R., 1982:
The control of pigment migration in isolated erythrophores of holocentrus ascensionis 2. the role of calcium

Sakanyan V.A.; Krupenko M.A.; Ryabchenko L.E.; Permogorov V.I.; Alikhanyan S.I., 1979:
The control of plasmid incompatibility characteristics of bi replicon hybrid pas 8 and its deletion mutants

Tilney-Bassett, R.A.E., 1976:
The control of plastid inheritance in pelargonium part 4

Nduaka, O.; Ihmelenandu, E.C., 1975:
The control of pneumonia enteritis complex in dwarf goats of eastern states of nigeria by the use of chloroform inactivated tissue vaccine

Maccabe J.A.; Lyle P.S.; Lence J.A., 1979:
The control of polarity along the antero posterior axis in experimental chick limbs

Chiricuta I.; Todorutiu C.; Risca R.; Mulea R.; Daicoviciu D., 1981:
The control of post radio therapeutic and chemo therapeutic immuno depression by unspecific immuno therapy

Moon M.H.; Gibbs J.M., 1984:
The control of postoperative pain by electromyogram biofeedback in patients undergoing hysterectomy

Jones, H.C.; Keep, R.F., 1987:
The control of potassium concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid and brain interstitial fluid of developing rats

Rose R.W., 1986:
The control of pouch vacation in the tasmanian australia bettong bettongia gaimardi

Coulombe, L.J., 1976:
The control of powdery mildew on strawberries caused by sphaerotheca humuli in southwestern quebec

Meyer J.H.; Liley N.R., 1982:
The control of production of a sexual pheromone in the female guppy poecilia reticulata

Lea R.W.; Vowles D.M., 1985:
The control of prolactin secretion and nest defense in the ring dove streptopelia risoria

Kindahl H.; Lindell J O.; Edqvist L E., 1979:
The control of prostaglandin release during the bovine estrous cycle effects of progesterone implants

Shik L.L.; Vinitskaya R.S.; Khanlarova T.A., 1987:
The control of pulmonary ventilation during muscular work in healthy untrained people

Waygood, E.B.; Sanwal, B.D., 1974:
The control of pyruvate kinases ec of escherichia coli part 1 physicochemical and regulatory properties of the enzyme activated by fructose 1 6 di phosphate

Ghez, C.; Martin, J.H., 1982:
The control of rapid limb movement in the cat 3. agonist antagonist coupling

Vicario, D.S.; Ghez, C., 1984:
The control of rapid limb movement in the cat 4. updating of ongoing isometric responses

Ghez, C.; Vicario, D., 1978:
The control of rapid limb movement in the cat part 1 response latency

Ghez, C.; Vicario, D., 1978:
The control of rapid limb movement in the cat part 2 scaling of isometric force adjustments

Gillott C.; Langley P.A., 1981:
The control of receptivity and ovulation in the tsetse fly glossina morsitans

Segal, M.; Harrison, J.M., 1978:
The control of responding by auditory stimuli: interactions between different dimensions of the stimuli

Harrison, J.M., 1979:
The control of responding by sounds: unusual effect of reinforcement

Enroth-Cugell, C.; Lennie, P., 1975:
The control of retinal ganglion cell discharge by receptive field surrounds

Lazzarini, R.A.; Dahlberg, A.E., 1971:
The control of rna synthesis during amino acid deprivation in escherichia coli

Gray, W.J.H.; Vickers, T.G.; Midgley, J.E.M., 1972:
The control of rna synthesis in bacteria polymerization rates for rna in amino acid starved relaxed and stringent auxotrophs of escherichia coli

Gray, W.J.H.; Midgley, J.E.M., 1970:
The control of rna synthesis in bacteria steady state content of messenger rna in escherichia coli mre 600

Midgley, J.E.M.; Gray, W.J.H., 1971:
The control of rna synthesis in bacteria the synthesis and stability of rna in chloramphenicol inhibited cultures of escherichia coli

Gray, W.J.H.; Midgley, J.E.M., 1972:
The control of rna synthesis in bacteria the synthesis and stability of rna in relaxed and stringent amino acid auxotrophs of escherichia coli

Gray, W.J.H.; Midgley, J.E.M., 1971:
The control of rna synthesis in bacteria the synthesis and stability of rna in rifampicin inhibited cultures of escherichia coli

Irr, J.; Gallant, J., 1969:
The control of rna synthesis in escherichia coli ii stringent control of energy metabolism

Gallant, J.; Harada, B., 1969:
The control of rna synthesis in escherichia coli part 3 the functional relationship between purine ribo nucleoside tri phosphate pool sizes and the rate of rna accumulation

Cashel, M., 1969:
The control of rna synthesis in escherichia coli part 4 relevance of unusual phosphorylated compounds from amino acid starved stringent strains

Cashel, M.; Kalbacher, B., 1970:
The control of rna synthesis in escherichia coli part 5 characterization of a nucleotide associated with the stringent response

Loudon, A.S.I., 1978:
The control of roe deer populations a problem in forest management

Scott K.J.; Brown B.I.; Chaplin G.R.; Wilcox M.E.; Bain J.M., 1982:
The control of rotting and browning of litchi litchi chinensis fruit by hot benomyl and plastic film

Kershaw K.A.; Watson S., 1983:
The control of seasonal rates of net photosynthesis by moisture light and temperature in parmelia disjuncta

Hepher, A.; Roberts, J.A., 1985:
The control of seed germination in Trollius ledebouri A model of seed dormancy

Hepher, A.; Roberts, J.A., 1985:
The control of seed germination in Trollius ledebouri: The breaking of dormancy

Burrows M., 1980:
The control of sets of moto neurons by local inter neurons in the locust

Banet, M.; Hensel, H., 1977:
The control of shivering and non-shivering thermogenesis in the rat

Borkenau P.; Amelang M., 1985:
The control of social desirability in personality inventories a study using the principal factor deletion technique

de Wardener, H.E., 1978:
The control of sodium excretion

Reinhardt, H.W.; Eisele, R.; Kaczmarczyk, G.; Mohnhaupt, R.; Oelkers, W.; Schimmrich, B., 1980:
The control of sodium excretion by reflexes from the low pressure system independent of adrenal activity. Experiments on conscious dogs

Motais R.; Garcia Romeu F.; Borgese F., 1987:
The control of sodium proton exchange by molecular oxygen in trout erythrocytes a possible role of hemoglobin as a transducer

Teroni E.; Portenier V.; Maurer R.; Etienne A.S., 1988:
The control of spatial orientation by self generated and visual cues in the golden hamster

Marshak, A.; Doherty, P.C.; Wilson, D.B., 1977:
The control of specificity of cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes by the major histo compatibility complex ag b in rats and identification of a new allo antigen system showing no ag b restriction

Thomas J.C.; Katterman F.R.H., 1984:
The control of spontaneous lysis of protoplasts from gossypium hirsutum anther callus

Fujieda, K.; Faiman, C.; Reyes, F.I.; Winter, J.S.D., 1981:
The control of steroidogenesis by human fetal adrenal cells in tissue culture 1. responses to acth

Fujieda, K.; Faiman, C.; Reyes, F.I.; Winter, J.S.D., 1981:
The control of steroidogenesis by human fetal adrenal cells in tissue culture 3. the effects of various hormonal peptides

Fujieda, K.; Faiman, C.; Feyes, F.I.; Winter, J.S.D., 1982:
The control of steroidogenesis by human fetal adrenal cells in tissue culture 4. the effects of exposure to placental steroids

Haworth, R.A.; Berkoff, H.A., 1986:
The control of sugar uptake by metabolic demand in isolated adult rat heart cells

Dhondt, D.; Bouters, R.; Spincemaille, J.; Coryn, M.; Vandeplassche, M., 1978:
The control of super ovulation in the bovine with a pregnant mare serum gonadotropin anti serum

Von Sturmer, G.; Beale, I.L.; Davison, M.C., 1975:
The control of switching into blackout during extinction

Anderson, R.G.; Douglas, L.J.; Hussey, H.; Baddiley, J., 1973:
The control of synthesis of bacterial cell walls. Interaction in the synthesis of nucleotide precursors

Ratajczak, L.; Ratajczak, W., 1977:
The control of the acid phosphatase activity in germinating pea part 2 enzyme activity and localization of the enzyme as related to phosphate supply and maturity of seedling axes

Ratajczak, L.; Szczepaniak, H., 1975:
The control of the acid phosphatase ec activity in germinating pea part 1 inhibition by product in vitro and in vivo

Cruse H., 1979:
The control of the anterior extreme position of the hind leg of a walking insect carausius morosus

Ruckebusch Y.; Malbert C., 1985:
The control of the antroduodenal motor activity in sheep

Edwards, P.A.; Jackson, J.B., 1976 :
The control of the atpase of rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores by divalent cations and the membrane high energy state

Drinkwater T.W., 1983:
The control of the black maize beetle heteronychus arator coleoptera scarabaeidae in maize in south africa

Gordon S.C.; Woodford J.A.T., 1986:
The control of the clay colored weevil otiorhynchus singularis coleoptera curculionidae in raspberry in eastern scotland uk

Schneider, H., 1971:
The control of the daily onset of calling activity in the tree frog hyla arborea arborea

Scarth R.; Law C.N., 1984:
The control of the day length response in wheat triticum aestivum by the group 2 chromosomes

Carpenter A.T.C.; Baker B.S., 1982:
The control of the distribution of meiotic exchange in drosophila melanogaster

Scirocchi A.; Della Rocca M., 1981:
The control of the domestic fly in the province of latina italy

Seidler, H.; Haertig, M.; Lewerenz, H.J., 1975:
The control of the function of the thyroid gland by means of radioactive iodine in the toxicological investigation of foreign substances

Ward D.A.; Bunce J.A., 1986:
The control of the light acclimation of photosynthesis in glycine max dependence on import as modified by intraplant shading

Cooke T.J.; Paolillo D.J.Jr, 1980:
The control of the orientation of cell divisions in fern gametophytes

Hansford, R.G.; Sacktor, B., 1970:
The control of the oxidation of proline by isolated flight muscle mitochondria

Romaniuk, J.R., 1978:
The control of the pattern of breathing during controlled ventilation without volume feedback

Dumitrescu H.; Barduta Z.; Sepeteanu A.; Oprisescu D., 1980:
The control of the presence of some cationic detergents in milk

Renger, G.; Glaeser, M.; Buchwald, H.E., 1977:
The control of the reduction kinetics in the dark of photo oxidized chlorophyll a ii plus by the inner thylakoid proton concentration

Pflueger, H.J., 1977:
The control of the rocking movements of the phasmid carausius morosus

Taylor, B.L.; Routman, S.; Utter, M.F., 1975:
The control of the synthesis of pyruvate carboxylase ec in pseudomonas citronellolis evidence from double labeling studies

Pflueger, W.; Neumann, D., 1971:
The control of tidal rhythm of emergence by an hourglass mechanism

Hajji M.; Grignon C., 1987:
The control of transpiration by sodium chloride and its effects on potassium in rose laurel leaves

Hansford, R.G., 1975:
The control of tri carboxylate cycle oxidations in blow fly flight muscle the oxidized and nadh content of flight muscle and isolated mitochondria the atp and adp content of mitochondria and the energy status of the mitochondria during controlled respiration

Klott, P.M., 1977:
The control of tufted honeyflower melianthus comosus

Lekagul, S.; Smyth, N.P.; Brooks, M.H.; Barry, K.G., 1970:
The control of upper gastro intestinal hemorrhage in the dog by peritoneal cooling an experimental study

Bruck, D.K.; Paolillo, D.J.Jr, 1984:
The control of vascular branching in coleus 1. the side bundle

Bruck, D.K.; Paolillo, D.J.Jr, 1984:
The control of vascular branching in coleus 2. the corner traces

Giannini S.D.; Zillioto E.E.; Campanari J.C.; Formicola A., 1980:
The control of ventricular premature beats with prolonged use of propafenon clinical electro cardiographic and laboratory evaluation

Lutman, P.J.W., 1979:
The control of volunteer potatoes in the autumn in cereal stubbles 1. factors affecting potato re growth

Lutman, P.J.W., 1979:
The control of volunteer potatoes in the autumn in cereal stubbles 2. the performance of glyphosate and amino triazole

Burns M.D.; Usherwood P.N.R., 1979:
The control of walking in orthoptera part 2 motor neuron activity in normal free walking animals

Bowerman, R.F., 1975:
The control of walking in the scorpion part 1 leg movements during normal walking

Bowerman, R.F., 1975:
The control of walking in the scorpion part 2 coordination modification as a consequence of appendage ablation

Olowe, T.; Dina, S.O.; Oladiran, A.O.; Olunuga, B.A., 1987:
The control of weed pest and disease complexes in cowpea vigna unguiculata l. walp. by the application of pesticides singly and in combination

Entwistle A.R.; Munasinghe H.L., 1981:
The control of white rot sclerotium cepivorum in fluid drilled salad onions

Thomas B.; Hall M.A., 1979:
The control of wound callose formation in willow salix viminalis phloem

Selleck G.W.; Greider R.S., 1980:
The control of yellow nut sedge cyperus esculentus in potatoes solanum tuberosum cultivar katahdin with dpx 4129

Paternotte, P.H., 1978:
The control performance of operators controlling a continuous distillation process

Fowler T.; Taylor L.; Thompson R., 1983:
The control region of the f plasmid transfer operon dna sequence of the tra j and tra y genes and characterization of the tra y z promoter

Cruse H.; Schmitz J., 1983:
The control system of the femur tibia joint in the standing leg of a walking stick insect carausius morosus

Baessler U.; Pflueger H.J., 1979:
The control system of the femur tibia joint of the phasmid extatosoma tiaratum and the control of rocking a contribution to the evolution of behavior

Nakasuji, F.; Matsuzaki, T., 1977:
The control threshold density of the tobacco cutworm spodoptera litura lepidoptera noctuidae on eggplants and sweet peppers in vinyl houses

Pazdziora, E., 1974:
The controllability of the occurrence of enterobiasis in groups of children by means of therapeutic measures

Lin S C.; Huang C C.; Tsong Y Y., 1986:
The controlled and modified atmosphere storage of cabbage

Stow J., 1984:
The controlled atmosphere storage of cultivar conference pears

Akatov, V.S.; Lezhnev, E.I.; Veksler, A.M.; Kublik, L.N., 1982:
The controlled cell culturing 9. a study of the dynamics of ph changes in the peri cellular space

Smith, B.M.; Jackson, J.C., 1976:
The controlled pollination of seeding vegetable crops by means of blow flies

Masuda, T., 1977:
The controlling mechanism of progesterone biosynthesis in human placenta and corpus luteum

Matyushkin D.P., 1986:
The controlling neural network and the mechanism of higher psychic dominants attempt at a theoretical analysis

Kosloske, A.M.; Cartwright, K.C., 1988:
The controversial role of decortication in the management of pediatric empyema

Tart C.T., 1982:
The controversy about psi 2 psychological theories

Loeschcke, V., 1978:
The controversy between selectionists and neutralists concerning the origin and maintaining of genetic variation

McCarthy, S.A.; Turnbull, F.M., 1981:
The controversy of branchiogenic carcinoma

Olsson, C.A.; Krane, R.J., 1978:
The controversy of single vs multi staged urethro plasty

Gleckman, R., 1976:
The controversy of treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria in nonpregnant women resolved

Isamail A.M.A.; Babikir A.A.A., 1986:
The controversy over distribution of desert plants and the pattern of perennial shrubs in the eastern part of the arabian desert

van Wiechen, P.J.; Muller, W., 1986:
The contused kidney, an angiographic picture

Hergarten B., 1985:
The conulariids of the rhenish west germany devonian

Vink, D.L.N., 1977:
The conus cedonulli complex

Vink D.L.N.; Von Cosel R., 1985:
The conus cedonulli complex historical review taxonomy and biological observations

Gonoi T.; Ohizumi Y.; Nakamura H.; Kobayashi J.; Catterall W.A., 1987:
The conus toxin geographutoxin ii distinguishes two functional sodium channel subtypes in rat muscle cells developing in vitro

Piper M.C.; Lippman Hand A., 1981:
The convenience sample as a source of data in the study of downs syndrome

Ochi K.; Matsunaga I.; Shindo M.; Kaneko C., 1979:
The convenient synthesis of 25 hydroxy cholesterol

Furukawa K I.; Tonomura Y., 1982:
The conventional and saturation transfer epr of spin labeled myosin subfragment 1 in the presence of f actin and nucleotides

Romero Maura J.M., 1986:
The conventional otoneurologic examination

Catchpole E.A., 1981:
The convergence of an algorithm of jones

Toda M.J.; Tanno K., 1983:
The convergence of habitat structure in tundra collembolan communities insecta collembola

Gaidai, N.I., 1978:
The convergence of reticulo vestibulo and rubro spinal influences on moto neurons of the cat cervical spinal cord

Lebedev, V.P.; Syromiatnikov, A.V.; Skok, V.I., 1977:
The convergence of sympathetic preganglionic fibers on vaso motor neurons of the ganglia in lumbar sympathetic chain

Ivanov K.P.; Dymnikova L.P.; Khalilov E., 1981:
The convergence onto posterior hypothalamic neurons of signals from thermo sensors at different skin areas

Ravichandran K.; Gosciniak D.J.; Cava M.P., 1987:
The convergent ab plus cd route to 9 acetyl 7 8 9 10 tetrahydronaphthacenedione

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The convergent and discriminant validity of the Need for Cognition Scale

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The convergent synthesis of polyether ionophore antibiotics an approach to the synthesis of the monensin tetrahydropyran bis tetrahydrofuran via the ester enolate claisen rearrangement and reductive decarboxylation

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The convergent synthesis of polyether ionophore antibiotics the synthesis of monensin bis tetrahydrofuran via the claisen rearrangement of an ester enolate with a beta leaving group

Ireland R.E.; Habich D.; Norbeck D.W., 1985:
The convergent synthesis of polyether ionophore antibiotics the synthesis of the monensin spiroketal

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The conversion factor between thymidine incorporation and bacterial production in Escherichia coli

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The conversion factor of fresh wood volumes into biomass improving its methods of estimation

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The conversion of 1 carbon 14 pyruvate into carbon 14 alanine in rat skeletal muscle its relevance to the effect of insulin on protein synthesis

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The conversion of 2 carbon 14 mevalonic acid into tri terpenes and tetra terpenes by cell free extracts of a neurospora crassa albino mutant

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The conversion of 2 chloroalkylamine analogs of oxotremorine to aziridinium ions and their interactions with muscarinic receptors in the guinea pig ileum

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The conversion of 23 24 di nor chol 5 en 3 beta ol into steroid hormones

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The conversion of 24 ethylidene sterols into poriferasterol by the alga ochromonas malhamensis

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The conversion of 24 s 24 ethyl cholesta 5 22 55 trien 3 beta ol into poriferasterol both in vivo and with a cell free homogenate of the alga trebouxia sp

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The conversion of 3 4 cis cannabinoids to 3 4 trans cannabinoids

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The conversion of 3 deoxyarabino heptulosonate 7 phosphate to 3 dehydro quinate by sorghum seedling preparations

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The conversion of 3 indolylmethyl glucosinolate to 3 indolyl acetonitrile by myrosinase and its relevance to the clubroot disease of the cruciferae

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The conversion of 5 alpha lanost 24 ene 3 beta 9 alpha diol and parkeol into poriferasterol by the alga ochromonas malhamensis

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The conversion of alpha amino iso butyrate decomposing enzyme into simple l alanine alpha keto butyrate amino transferase by chemical modification

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The conversion of alpha hydroxy thio acetals to functionalized ketene thio acetals

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The conversion of amber suppressors to ochre suppressors phage t 4 escherichia coli

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The conversion of an enhancing factor to a suppressor factor by the formation of an aggregate molecule

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The conversion of carp muscle phosphorylase b to a

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The conversion of cellulose into carboxylic acids by a drastic oxygen alkali treatment

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The conversion of cholest 5 en 3 beta ol by the echinoderms asterias rubens and solaster papposus

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The conversion of cholesterol to delta 5 7 22 cholestatrine 3beta ol by tetrahymena pyriformis inst silicic acid silver nitrate column chromatography inst spectra

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The conversion of cortisol into its principal metabolites tissular concentrations and transplacental transfer during tritium labeled cortisol infusion of mother and fetal guinea pigs

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The conversion of d glucose 6 carbon 14 to cell wall poly saccharide material in zea mays in presence of high endogenous levels of myo inositol

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The conversion of d xylose to ethanol by immobilized pachysolen tannophilus

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The conversion of delta 5 steroids to testosterone and androstenedione in human amniotic epithelium in vitro

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The conversion of delta amino levulinic acid induced proto chlorophyllide to chlorophyllide and its incorporation into the developing thylakoid

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The conversion of dextro norgestrel 3 oxime 17 acetate to dextro norgestrel in female rhesus monkeys

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The conversion of di hydroxy acetone phosphate to methyl glyoxal and inorganic phosphate by methyl glyoxal synthase ec

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The conversion of gdp mannose into gdp fucose in nereids a biochemical marker of oocyte maturation

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The conversion of gibberellic acid into steroid analogs

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The conversion of hepatitis b core antigen synthesized in escherichia coli into e antigen

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The conversion of human complement c 5 into fragment c 5b by the alternative pathway c 5 convertase

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The conversion of leucine to alpha keto iso caproic acid and its metabolic consequences for escherichia coli strain k 12

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The conversion of levo tabersonines into an indolo 2 3 b quinolizine a remarkable molecular transformation

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The conversion of liquid cattle manure to a storable and agriculturally useful solid substance

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The conversion of mevalonate to 24 methylene cycloartanol by a cell free enzyme preparation from nonphotosynthetic tissue

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The conversion of n acetyl tyramine to n acetyl dopamine by schistocerca gregaria thoracic ganglia

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The conversion of orotic acid into ump by isolated perfused normal and regenerating rat livers

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The conversion of pasquill categories for use over sea

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The conversion of phenyl alanine to tyrosine in man direct measurement by continuous intra venous tracer infusions of deuterium labeled l phenyl alanine and carbon 13 labeled l tyrosine in the post absorptive state

Patel K.M.; Morrisett J.D.; Sparrow J.T., 1979:
The conversion of phosphatidyl ethanolamine into phosphatidyl choline labeled in the choline group using methyl iodide 18 crown 6 and potassium carbonate

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The conversion of phthalide iso quinolines into spiro benzyl iso quinolines and rhoeadine precursors

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The conversion of phytoene carbon 14 to acyclic mono cyclic and di cyclic carotenes and the conversion of lycopene 15 15 tritium to mono and di cyclic carotenes by soluble enzyme systems obtained from plastids of tomato d fruits

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