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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6622

Chapter 6622 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chan B.G., 1986: The conversion of procyanidins and prodelphinidins to cyanidin and delphinidin

Lieberman S., 1982: The conversion of progesterone into 5 alpha pregnane 3 20 dione 3 beta hydroxy 5 alpha pregnan 20 one and its fatty acid esters by preparations of bovine corpora lutea

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Mclean S., 1981: The conversion of sweroside to secologanin

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Shimada T., 1984: The conversion of thyroxine to tri iodo thyronine or reverse tri iodo thyronine in patients with thyroid dys function

Vickroy T.W., 1979: The conversion of tritium labeled tryptophan to tritium labeled 5 hydroxy tryptamine in mouse brain following depletion of phenyl alanine and tyrosine

Davidson B.C., 1985: The conversion of wax scales into comb wax by african honeybees apis mellifera adansonii

Levi, M. I.; Smirnova, O. A., 1977: The conveyor hypothesis of primary immunological response to a soluble antigen and its mathematical expression

Powell D.A., 1979: The convolvulaceae of the lesser antilles

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Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621022

Presles O., 1980: The convulsive form of neuro brucellosis

Swan G.E., 1988: The cook and medley ho scale a heritability analysis in adult male twins

Hosaka H., 1980: The cooking rate equations of udon somen soba and chuka soba

Strickland, R. W., 1978: The cool season production of some introduced grasses in southeast queensland australia

Fujimoto M., 1979: The cool water in the perturbed area off northeastern japan

Dewsbury D.A., 1981: The coolidge effect in northern grasshopper mice onychomys leucogaster

Larochelle J., 1988: The cooling power of pigeon legs

Shi, G., 1984: The cooling rate due to the 9.6 micrometer ozone band a new approximation

Frost, P. G. H.; Siegfried, W. R., 1977: The cooling rate of eggs of moorhen gallinula chloropus in single and multi egg clutches

Li J.T.L., 1986: The coomassie brilliant blue method underestimates drug induced tubular proteinuria

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Tihon E., 1981: The cooperation of pneumonologist and allergologist in the care of patients with bronchial asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621035

Zou C., 1984: The cooperative behavior of yeast d glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase as studied by the formation of the fluorescent nad derivative

Tickner, E. L.; Hoggett, J. G.; Kellett, G. L., 1976: The cooperative binding of glucose to yeast hexo kinase pi dimer

Gullbring B., 1982: The cooperative bone marrow transplantation program in stockholm sweden

King C.S., 1988: The cooperative competitive strategy scale a measure of motivation to use cooperative of competitive strategies for success

Roder J.C., 1984: The cooperative effect of the satin and beige mutations in the suppression of natural killer and cytotoxic t lymphocytes activities in mice

Mavis R.D., 1981: The cooperative interaction between vitamin e and vitamin c in suppression of per oxidation of membrane phospho lipids

Mieyal, J. J.; Freeman, L. S., 1976: The cooperative interaction of aniline with met hemo globin

Mairich L., 1984: The cooperative reshaping of the farming sector in cuba

Carter W.G., 1982: The cooperative role of transformation sensitive glyco proteins gp 140 and fibronectin in cell attachment and spreading

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Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621046

Barnikol W.K.R., 1979: The cooperativity of the carbon di oxide hemo globin binding measurement by carbon 13 nmr spectrometry

Hoover P.R., 1983: The cooperculum a new structure in the phylum brachiopoda and its functional significance

Myhill, J.; Lorr, M., 1978: The coopersmith self esteem inventory analysis and partial validation of a modified adult form

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Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621051

Davis J.M., 1980: The coordinated aerobatics of dunlin calidris alpina flocks

Keckes, S., 1977: The coordinated mediterranean pollution monitoring and research program

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621054

Latsar A.A., 1983: The coordinated regulation of the enzyme activity involved in transport and metabolism of glucose in brevibacterium flavum

Paparo, A. A.; Murphy, J. A., 1976: The coordinated role of the cerebral and visceral ganglia in ciliary beating

Tosi G., 1980: The coordinating ability of the antibiotic cyclo serine towards transition metal halides

Franklin, R.; Jander, R.; Ele, K., 1977: The coordination mechanics and evolution of swimming by a grasshopper melanoplus differentialis orthoptera acrididae

Bartnicki Garcia S., 1984: The coordination of chitosan and chitin synthesis in mucor rouxii

Kupryszewski G., 1984: The coordination of copper ii with beta casomorphin and its fragments

Levy S.M., 1987: The coordination of dentists and physicians in managing adverse oral effects of drug therapy report of a case

Lanman, J.; Bizzi, E.; Allum, J., 1978: The coordination of eye and head movement during smooth pursuit

Prablanc C., 1982: The coordination of eye head and arm movements during reaching at a single visual target

Saxler G., 1980: The coordination of force oscillations and leg movement in a walking insect carausius morosus

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621065

Schulenberg A., 1988: The coordination of heart beat and respiration during ergometric stress in patients with functional cardiovascular diseases

Butterfass, T., 1968: The coordination of locus r hypocotyl color of sugar beet d to chromosome ii

Ruff, H. A., 1976: The coordination of manipulation and visual fixation a response to schaffer 1975

Fehr L.A., 1988: The coordination of perspectives an analysis of the importance of methodological factors

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621070

Iwata H., 1983: The coordination pattern of 4 limbs in creeping running and walking in early childhood

Draper D.E., 1985: The coordination properties of europium bound to transfer rna

Rusanov G.M., 1985: The coot fulica atra in the delta of the volga river and on the northwestern coast of the caspian sea ussr

Jensen, O. M.; Wahrendorf, J.; Knudsen, J. B.; Sorensen, B. L., 1986: The copenhagen case control study of bladder cancer ii. effect of coffee and other beverages

Sorensen B.L., 1988: The copenhagen case control study of renal pelvis and ureter cancer role of smoking and occupational exposures

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621076

Programme C.H.A., 1981: The copenhagen denmark acute hepatitis program certainty of clinical diagnosis of acute hepatitis

Sorensen B.L., 1987: The copenhagen denmark case control study of bladder cancer role of smoking in invasive and non invasive bladder tumors

Mednick S.A., 1987: The copenhagen denmark high risk project the diagnosis of maternal schizophrenia and its relation to offspring diagnosis

Eriksen K.R., 1979: The copenhagen spraymatic a sterile spraymatic for oral surgery

Babitskii V.A., 1988: The copepod mesocyclops leuckarti claus in the plankton and benthos of a mesotrophic lake

Por F.D., 1979: The copepoda of di zahav pool gulf of elat red sea

Rossaro, B.; Ramusino, M. C., 1976: The copepoda of river po near serafini island

Kabata, Z. P.; Khodorevskii, O. A., 1977: The copepodid stage of dichelesthium oblongum a copepod parasite of acipenserid fishes

Corkett C.J., 1981: The copepodid stages of the copepods acartia tonsa acartia clausii and eurytemora herdmani from the annapolis river nova scotia canada

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621087

Bartsch, I., 1977: The copidognathus oculatus and copidognathus gibbus group of the genus copidognathus halacaridae acari

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621089

Stix P., 1984: The coping process in patients with cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases a new interviewing model for investigating the process of coping with illness

Sigal V.L., 1984: The copley scott blair phenomenon will it be explained by the effect of an electric double layer

Chiarugi V.P., 1984: The copolymeric structure of dermatan sulfate from normal and transformed 3t3 fibroblasts in confluent cultures

Hirschhorn K., 1981: The copper binding proteins in menkes and normal cultured skin fibroblast lysates

Mitin V., 1986: The copper content in blood serum of dairy cows on some community farms in croatia yugoslavia

Kronemann H., 1987: The copper content of the flora in dependence on age the geologic origin and the biotope of the plant species

Skotland, T.; Flatmark, T., 1984: The copper enzyme dopamine beta mono oxygenase ec the ability of several metals to inhibit the enzyme activity and to replace the copper

Singh J.P., 1985: The copper fertility of saskatchewan canada soils

Jansen P.B., 1981: The copper green fungus stropharia aeruginosa and its relations

Bogorad L., 1987: The copper ii repressible plastidic cytochrome c cloning and sequence of a complementary dna for the preapoprotein

Kon H., 1987: The copper induced deformability loss and echinocyte formation in human erythrocytes an epr study

Laitinen, M.; Hietanen, E., 1978: The copper induced modification of duodenal bio transformation reactions in rats during fat deficiency

Oster, G.; Salgo, M. P., 1975: The copper intra uterine device and its mode of action

Labuschagne, J. H.; Smit, L. E., 1976: The copper iron and free fatty acid content of industrial milk as influenced by different milking systems

Clarke, N. J.; Laurie, S. H., 1980: The copper molybdenum antagonism in ruminants 4. the formation of thio molybdates in animal rumen

Kruse L.I., 1988: The copper sites of dopamine beta hydroxylase an x ray absorption spectroscopic study

Thompson, R. H.; Todd, J. R., 1976: The copper status of beef cattle in northern ireland

Binnerts W.T., 1986: The copper status of cattle in the netherlands

Famodu A.A., 1986: The copper sulfate screening test for hemoglobin levels in blood donors a re assessment

Valentine J.S., 1988: The copper zinc superoxide dismutase gene of saccharomyces cerevisiae cloning sequencing and biological activity

Ciancio, O., 1977: The coppicing period and the productivity of eucalyptus camaldulensis and eucalyptus globulus stands at piazza armerina sicily italy

Richter M., 1987: The copse vegetation in the biotopes of the siegfried line near aachen west germany

Blest A.D., 1987: The copulation of a linyphiid spider baryphyma pratense does a female receive a blood meal from her mate?

Walzl, M. G., 1978: The copulatory apparatus of dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and dermatophagoides farinae acari pyroglyphidae a scanning electron microscopic examination

Lotze, H. U., 1975: The copulatory behavior of elaphe longissima

Mickoleit, G.; Mickoleit, E., 1978: The copulatory behavior of the hanging fly bittacus italicus mecoptera bittacidae

Saddler J.N., 1987: The copurification of beta glucosidase beta xylosidase and 1 3 beta glucanase in two separate enzyme complexes isolated from trichoderma harzianum e58

Aiba S., 1986: The copy number of bacillus plasmid prbh 1 is negatively controlled by rep b protein

Grossi, D.; Orsini, A.; De-Michele, G., 1978: The copying of geometric drawings in dementia an experimental study of 218 subjects

Ciochon, R. L.; Corruccini, R. S., 1977: The coraco acromial ligament and projection index in man and other anthropoid primates

Crubezy E., 1985: The coraco clavicular bilateral joint a medieval case

Cockshott W.P., 1979: The coraco clavicular joint

Tibone J.E., 1985: The coracoid transfer for recurrent anterior instability of the shoulder in adolescents

Moll H., 1986: The coral community structure on the reefs visited during the snellius ii expedition in eastern indonesia

Webb G.E., 1987: The coral fauna of the pitkin formation chesterian northeastern oklahoma and northwestern arkansas usa

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621125

Jammet P., 1987: The coral in the treatment of bone lesions seven years of utilization

Chang K H., 1983: The coral inhabiting barnacles crustacea thoracica pyrgomatidae from southernmost coast of taiwan

Keller N.B., 1985: The coral populations on the submarine ridges marcus necker reykjanes and great meteor mountains

Risk M.J., 1984: The coral reef at parque nacional cahuita costa rica

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621130

Salvat B., 1985: The coral reefs of makatea island tuamotu archipelago central pacific geomorphology and distribution of the benthic communities

Wood, C. R., 1987: The coral reefs of the bodgaya islands sabah malaysia and pulau sipadan 2. physical features of the islands and coral reefs

Wood, E. M.; Tan, B. S., 1987: The coral reefs of the bodgaya islands sabah malaysia and pulau sipadan 3. hard corals

George, J. D.; George, J., 1987: The coral reefs of the bodgaya islands sabah malaysia and pulau sipadan 4. macroinvertebrates

Wood, C. R.; Wood, E. M., 1987: The coral reefs of the bodgaya islands sabah malaysia and pulau sipadan 5. fishes

Parkins W.G., 1986: The coral thuliocyclus prominens new genus new species rugosa palaeocyclidae from the upper silurian of the canadian arctic archipelago

Lebednik, P. A., 1976: The corallinaceae of northwestern north america part 1 clathromorphum

Mendoza, M. L., 1977: The corallinaceae rhodophyta of puerto deseado santa cruz province argentina part 1 genera dermatolithon and mesophyllum

Reichenbach H., 1985: The corallopyronins new inhibitors of bacterial rna synthesis from myxobacteria

Werding, B.; Erhardt, H., 1976: The corals anthozoa and hydrozoa of bay of chengue in the national park tairona colombia

Beauvais L., 1979: The corals of steeple ashton english upper oxfordian wiltshire england uk

Motta E., 1983: The corals of the limestone of zu upper triassic of lombardy italy

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621143

Fabris, C.; Tosetti, F.; Bertero, M. T.; Oneglia, C.; Rabino-Massa, E.; Vietti-Ramus, C.; Scaroina, F.; Ricco, G., 1984: The cord blood oxygen affinity from normal human newborns 1. a methodological approach

Burkhalter J.F., 1980: The cord serum free amino acid levels in appropriate and small for gestational age new born infants of mothers without clinical mal nutrition in abidjan ivory coast

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621146

Auge M., 1987: The cordylidae reptilia lacertilia from the french eocene

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621148

Lutsik, B. D.; Chepulis, G. K. S.; Emel'yanov, B. A., 1976: The core antigen of viral hepatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621150

Venkatagiri H.S., 1980: The core disruption under delayed auditory feedback evidence from adaptation study

Sautiere P., 1982: The core histones from the slime mold physarum polycephalum isolation and characterization

Suzuki S., 1985: The core molecule from type h proteoglycan release of mannose containing oligosaccharides by digestion with n oligosaccharide glycopeptidase

Manning J.S., 1982: The core of murine leukemia virus requires phosphate for structural stability

Ohkawa, T., 1982: The core oligo saccharide in lipo poly saccharide of the ter 15 mutant after the transformation of f' lac episome

Boege, U.; Wengler, G.; Witmann-Liebold, B., 1983: The core protein of alphaviruses 1. purification of peptides and complete amino acid sequence of semliki forest virus core protein

Boege, U.; Wengler, G.; Wittmann-Liebold, B., 1983: The core protein of alphaviruses 2. purification of peptides and complete amino acid sequence of sindbis virus core protein

Fransson L A., 1983: The core protein of fibroblast proteo heparan sulfate consists of di sulfide bonded subunits

Wahn K., 1982: The core protein of the alpha virus sindbis virus assembles into core like nucleo proteins with the viral genome rna and other single stranded nucleic acids in vitro

Schaefer K.P., 1985: The core proteins of 35s heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein complexes characterization of 9 different species

Heinegard, D.; Bjorne-Persson, A.; Coster, L.; Franzen, A.; Gardell, S.; Malmstrom, A.; Paulsson, M.; Sandfalk, R.; Vogel, K., 1985: The core proteins of large and small interstitial proteoglycans from various connective tissues form distinct subgroups

Knippers R., 1988: The core region of human glutaminyl transfer rna synthetase homologies with the escherichia coli and yeast enzymes

Romanowska E., 1982: The core structure of shigella sonnei lipo poly saccharide and the linkage between o specific poly saccharide and the core region

Stoeckel, P.; May, R.; Strell, I.; Cejka, Z.; Hoppe, W.; Heumann, H.; Zillig, W.; Crespi, H., 1980: The core subunit structure in rna polymerase ec holo enzyme determined by neutron small angle scattering

Chadwick V.S., 1986: The cored sponge model of in vivo leukocyte chemotaxis

Deftos L.J., 1988: The coregulation of secretion and cytoplasmic rna of chromogranin a and calcitonin by phorbol ester in cells that produce both substances

Fain, A., 1980: The coreitarsoneminae prostigmata tarsonemidea parasitic in the odoriferous gland of hemiptera of the family coreidae 2. american species

Kulozik, A. E.; Yarwood, N.; Jones, R. W., 1988: The corfu delta beta o thalassemia a small deletion acts at a distance to selectively abolish beta globin gene expression

Jansson A., 1986: The corixidae heteroptera of europe and some adjacent regions

Hungerford, H. B., 1977: The corixidae of the western hemisphere hemiptera heteroptera

Debout G., 1987: The cormorant phalacrocorax carbo in france the coastal breeding population

Przybysz K., 1985: The cormorant phalacrocorax carbo in poland in 1980 and 1981

Scott, D. R., 1977: The corn earworm in southwestern idaho usa infestation levels and damage to processing corn and sweet corn seed

Guibord, M. O., 1976: The corn root worm diabrotica longicornis coleoptera chrysomelidae in quebec

Pflumm W., 1985: The corn snake elaphe guttata solves obstacle problems

Victoria Troncoso V., 1979: The cornea in normal condition and groenouws macular dystrophy

Celio M.R., 1981: The cornea is not innervated by substance p containing primary afferent neurons

Klintworth, G. K., 1977: The cornea structure and macro molecules in health and disease

Pfister, R. R.; Renner, M. E., 1978: The corneal and conjunctival surface in vitamin a deficiency a scanning electron microscope study

Olsen E.G., 1985: The corneal endothelial cell interface

Samples J.R., 1987: The corneal endothelium after laser therapy for glaucoma

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621183

Campbell, D. G.; Shields, M. B.; Smith, T. R., 1978: The corneal endothelium and the spectrum of essential iris atrophy

Schoessler J.P., 1987: The corneal endothelium following 20 years of pmma contact lens wear

Manabe R., 1988: The corneal endothelium following autokeratoplasty a case report

Campbell C.J., 1983: The corneal endothelium following photo coagulation induced decompensation

Sherrard, E. S., 1976: The corneal endothelium in vivo its response to mild trauma

Ichihashi M., 1987: The corneal endothelium in xeroderma pigmentosum

Koliopoulos J.X., 1987: The corneal epithelium basement membrane complexes after alkali burn an ultrastructural study

Vrabec, F.; Darrell, R. W., 1971: The corneal epithelium in experimental herpetic keratitis in rabbits

Low J.C., 1987: The corneal erg of the heterozygous retinal degeneration mouse

Campbell, R. C.; Neault, R. W.; Brubaker, R. F., 1976: The corneal penetration of 6 amino hexanoic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621194

Marsden C.D., 1985: The corneal reflex and the r 2 component of the blink reflex

Elias Jones A., 1979: The corneal reflex in elderly patients

Fabiano F., 1985: The corneal reflex in normal subjects and in some nervous diseases

Kessler, E.; Mondino, B. J.; Brown, S. I., 1977: The corneal response to pseudomonas aeruginosa histo pathological and enzymatic characterization

Darrell, R. W.; Vrabec, F., 1971: The corneal stroma in experimental herpetic keratitis in rabbits

Edelhauser H.F., 1984: The corneal toxicity of pre surgical skin antiseptics

Ting N., 1980: The cornell medical index as a predictor of health in a prospective cardio vascular study in taiwan

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621202

Baptista A.G., 1982: The cornell university new york usa and bahia university brazil program 1975 1978 development of a tropical communicable diseases laboratory center

Rice, R. H.; Green, H., 1977: The cornified envelope of terminally differentiated human epidermal keratinocytes consists of cross linked protein

Clemente-Munoz, M.; Bermejo, J. E. H., 1978: The corolla in the tribe brassiceae

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621206

Baylis H.I., 1983: The coronal brow lift

Reulen H J., 1987: The coronal suture a useful bony landmark in neurosurgery? craniocerebral topography between bony landmarks on the skull and the brain

Bishop, M. B.; Free, S. L.; Davies, J. N. P.; Albert, R. P., 1970: The coronary arterial pattern of deer in new york state with special reference to the 3rd posterior coronary artery

Roberts, W. C., 1976: The coronary arteries and left ventricle in clinically isolated angina pectoris a necropsy analysis

Reichenbach D.D., 1988: The coronary arteries in cases of cardiac and noncardiac sudden death

Becker A.E., 1986: The coronary arterioles in newborns infants and children a morphometric study of normal hearts and hearts with aortic atresia and complete transposition

Domenech Mateu J.M., 1983: The coronary artery branches to the crista supraventricularis

Levin B., 1985: The coronary artery surgery study a critical appraisal

Satoh A., 1985: The coronary blood flow and myocardial oxygen consumption during simple deep hypothermia

Matsievskii D.D., 1984: The coronary circulation in cats in a changed gas medium

Parrillo J.E., 1986: The coronary circulation in human septic shock

Bezuidenhout A.J., 1984: The coronary circulation of the heart of the ostrich struthio camelus

Mcgregor, M., 1975: The coronary collateral circulation a significant compensatory mechanism or a functionless quirk of nature

Paster, S. B., 1977: The coronary collaterals their development morphology function and classification

Gerlach E., 1985: The coronary endothelium a highly active metabolic barrier for adenosine

Conti C.R., 1979: The coronary hemodynamics of left main and branch coronary stenoses the effects of reduction in stenosis diameter stenosis length and number of stenoses

Kiyosawa N., 1985: The coronary lesions in kawasaki disease angiographic analysis of 226 cases

Wechsler A.S., 1981: The coronary pressure flow determinants of left ventricular compliance in dogs

Waldron, I., 1978: The coronary prone behavior pattern blood pressure employment and socio economic status in women

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621226

Krupa U., 1982: The coronary vascularization of the heart atria

Rioux F., 1986: The coronary vasodilator effect of neurotensin in the guinea pig isolated heart

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621229

Simpson R.W., 1980: The coronavirus avian infectious bronchitis virus requires the cell nucleus and host transcriptional factors

Hahn, G., 1977: The coronoid bone of the paulchoffatiidae multituberculata upper jurassic

Sitbon, G., 1971: The corpora allata neuro secretion and the group effect in winter bees

Kahn, J. L.; Sick, H.; Laude, M.; Koritke, J. G., 1988: The corpus adiposum buccae bichat's fat pad morphologic study

Samorajski T., 1985: The corpus callosum during postnatal undernourishment and recovery a morphometric analysis of myelin and axon relationships

Woodward D.J., 1988: The corpus callosum in nonhuman primates determinants of size

Petrie J., 1988: The corpus callosum is larger with right hemisphere cerebral speech dominance

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621238

Bremner W.J., 1988: The corpus luteum determinants of progesterone secretion in the normal menstrual cycle

Echanojauregui A.D., 1981: The corpus luteum in infertile patients found during laparoscopy

Paavola, L. G., 1977: The corpus luteum of the guinea pig fine structure at the time of maximum progesterone secretion and during regression

Paavola, L. G., 1978: The corpus luteum of the guinea pig part 2 cytochemical studies on the golgi complex golgi complex endoplasmic reticulum lysosomes and lysosomes in luteal cells during maximal progesterone secretion

Paavola, L. G., 1978: The corpus luteum of the guinea pig part 3 cytochemical studies on the golgi complex and golgi complex endoplasmic reticulum lysosomes during normal post partum regression of luteal cells emphasizing the origin of lysosomes and autophagic vacuoles

Paavola L.G., 1979: The corpus luteum of the guinea pig part 4 fine structure of macrophages during pregnancy and post partum luteolysis and the phagocytosis of luteal cells

Zeleznik A.J., 1985: The corpus luteum of the primate menstrual cycle is capable of recovering from a transient withdrawal of pituitary gonadotropin support

Dreier, K. H.; Choi, H. S.; Hager, H., 1975: The corpus luteum periodicum in the bitch histochemical and biochemical investigations during different phases of the cycle

Singh P., 1985: The corpus pedunculatum of rhizopertha dominica coleoptera

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621248

Lombard, A., 1976: The corraterie vions layers at grand saleve haute savoie france false nodules or phacosomes

Dobson, F. H-Iii, 1977: The correct author citation of bunchosia malpighiaceae and 3 new central american species

Xifreda C.C., 1986: The correct authority for the combination dipsacus sativus dipsacaceae

Brighton, C. A., 1976: The correct chromosome number for crocus medius

Staines C.L.Jr, 1987: The correct generic placement of sumitrosis gracilis horn coleoptera chrysomelidae hispinae

Vaczy, C., 1975: The correct grammatical gender of some generic names

Wheeler A., 1983: The correct identification of 2 trachichthyid fishes pisces berycomorphii from the slope fauna west of britain uk with notes on the abundance and commercial importance of hoplostethus atlanticus

Heywood, R. B., 1977: The correct identity of a pseudoboeckella sp copepoda calanoida from signy island south orkney islands antarctica

Clarke J.F.G., 1987: The correct identity of acleris inana robinson lepidoptera tortricidae

Bowman T.E., 1985: The correct identity of the pelagic amphipod primno macropa with a diagnosis of primno abyssalis hyperiidea phrosinidae

Prance, G. T., 1975: The correct name for castanha de cutia couepia edulis new combination chrysobalanaceae

Freckmann R.W., 1981: The correct name for dichanthelium leucoblepharis poaceae and its varieties

Uttal, L. J.; Porter, D. M., 1988: The correct name for elliott's goldenrod

Carter, S., 1978: The correct name for euphorbia platyacantha

Claassen M.I., 1985: The correct name for pleurotaenium breve var engleri desmidiaceae chlorophyta

Delendick T.J., 1980: The correct name for the acer of malesia

Crosby, M. R., 1976: The correct name for the moss duseniella

Delendick T.J., 1980: The correct name for the nikko maple aceraceae

Hoffmann R.S., 1985: The correct name for the palearctic brown or flat skulled shrew is sorex roboratus

Edmondson, J., 1977: The correct name for the prophet flower arnebia pulchra new combination boraginaceae

Rauschert S., 1983: The correct name of rough stem boleti leccinum or krombholziella/

Bayer F.M., 1979: The correct name of the helioporan octocoral lithotelesto micropora

Forman L.L., 1983: The correct names of the tribes of menispermaceae

Schmidt R.J., 1979: The correct position of flagellar insertion in prorocentrum and description of prorocentrum rhathymum new species pyrrophyta

Ghauri I.G., 1985: The correct scientific name of dudhi

Behrens D.W., 1982: The correct spelling of cadlina limbaughorum

David T.J., 1981: The corrected atd angle

Orlandini S.Z., 1986: The corrected circumference of human pulmonary trunk and arteries in relation to the size of aorta and principal bronchi

Pacini P., 1981: The corrected circumference of the human brachiocephalic trunk common carotid and subclavian arteries statistical research

Pacini, P.; Orlandini, G. E.; Gulisano, M., 1977: The corrected circumference of the human iliac arteries statistical research on 100 cases

Motomiya M., 1986: The corrected collagen content in paraquat lungs

Berglund G., 1980: The corrected orthogonal electro cardiogram in the early diagnosis of the influence of hypertension on the heart

Staub N.C., 1981: The corrected protein equation to estimate plasma colloid osmotic pressure and its development on a nomogram

Straub R.W., 1981: The correction factors for sucrose gap measurements and their practical applications

Roomans G.M., 1988: The correction for extraneous background in quantitative x ray microanalysis of biological thin sections some practical aspects

Rassow J., 1980: The correction for the gamma ray component in neutron therapy

Westman J.C., 1984: The corrective autistic experience an application of the models of tinbergen and mahler

Klein, S.; Schiff, J. A., 1972: The correlated appearance of pro lamellar bodies proto chlorophyllide species and the shibata shift during development of bean d etioplasts in the dark

Lee P.A., 1981: The correlated bi variate inverted beta distribution

Weil, J.; Terzaghi, B., 1970: The correlated occurrence of duplications and deletions in phage t 4

Egorov Yu E., 1979: The correlated pleiades and stabilization of ontogenesis in minks mustela vison

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621291

Moore C.L.Jr, 1981: The correlates of attitudes toward euthanasia revisited

Lees M.M., 1982: The correlates of fertilizing capacity in normal fertile men

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Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621371

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621372

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Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621389

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Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621520

Section 7, Chapter 6622, Accession 006621521

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