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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6624

Chapter 6624 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barillas C., 1986: The cut off criterion for a positive hydrogen breath test in children a reappraisal

Stadecker, M. J.; Lukic, M.; Dvorak, A.; Leskowitz, S., 1977: The cutaneous basophil response to phyto hem agglutinin in chickens

Futrell J.W., 1985: The cutaneous blood supply of the neck relevance to incision planning and surgical reconstruction

Horiguchi M., 1980: The cutaneous branch of some human suprascapular nerves

Martineaud, J. P.; Durand, J.; Coudert, J.; Seroussi, S., 1969: The cutaneous circulation during adaptation to high altitude

Swett J.E., 1984: The cutaneous contribution to the hamstring flexor reflex in the rat an electro physiological and anatomical study

Delfino G., 1979: The cutaneous granular glands of alytes cisternasii and discoglossus pictus amphibia anura discoglossidae structure ultrastructure and some cytochemical findings

Schroeter A.L., 1988: The cutaneous immunopathology of necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623008

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623009

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623010

Ellerstein N.S., 1979: The cutaneous manifestations of child abuse and neglect

Kapoor W.N., 1986: The cutaneous manifestations of cholesterol crystal embolization

Thawerani, H.; Sanchez, R. L.; Rosai, J.; Dorfman, R. F., 1978: The cutaneous manifestations of sinus histiocytosis with massive lymph adenopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623014

Okamoto T., 1979: The cutaneous micro vascular architectures of the head of matured hens

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623017

Brownstein M.H., 1985: The cutaneous pathology of cowdens disease new findings

Hausman R., 1984: The cutaneous pathology of extrafacial lesions in cowdens disease

Hausman R., 1984: The cutaneous pathology of facial lesions in cowdens disease

Noble W.C., 1985: The cutaneous reaction to staphylococcal protein a in normal subjects and patients with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis

Thune, P.; Ryan, T. J.; Powell, S. M.; Ellis, J. R., 1976 : The cutaneous reactions to kallikrein prostaglandin and thurfyl nicotinate in chronic urticaria and the effect of poly phloretin phosphate

Sherrick C.E., 1983: The cutaneous saltatory area and its presumed neural basis

Molinari H.H., 1982: The cutaneous sensitivity of units in laminae vii and viii of the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623025

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623026

Kim C.W., 1986: The cutaneous xanthophore differentiation in bombina orientalis

Davidson N., 1981: The cuticle genes of drosophila a developmentally regulated gene cluster

Reynolds S.E., 1987: The cuticle growth and molting in insects the essential background to the action of acylurea insecticides

Juniper B.E., 1983: The cuticle of dionaea muscipula venus fly trap in relation to stimulation secretion and absorption

Stubblefield, S.; Banks, H. P., 1978: The cuticle of drepanophycus spinaeformis a long ranging devonian lycopod from new york usa and eastern canada

Fortey R.A., 1982: The cuticle of the aglaspidid arthropods a red herring in the early history of the vertebrates

Dennell, R., 1978: The cuticle of the hoplocarid crustacean squilla desmaresti

Kimbrell D.A., 1986: The cuticle proteins of drosophila melanogaster genetic localization of a second cluster of third instar genes

Fristrom J.W., 1982: The cuticle proteins of drosophila melanogaster stage specificity

Sarda F., 1981: The cuticle structure of nephrops norvegicus

Baker, E. A.; Procopiou, J., 1975: The cuticles of citrus species composition of the intra cuticular lipids of leaves and fruits

Baker, E. A.; Procopiou, J.; Hunt, G. M., 1975: The cuticles of citrus spp composition of leaf and fruit waxes

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623041

Jaskoski, B. J.; Ozuk, B. A., 1977: The cuticular amino acids in the dog heartworm dirofilaria immitis

Daghlian, C. P.; Person, C. P., 1977: The cuticular anatomy of frenelopsis varians from the lower cretaceous of central texas usa

Lauga Reyrel F., 1984: The cuticular architecture of neanurinae collembola presence of a superficial endoskeleton in some of these

Kusnetsova L.A., 1981: The cuticular covering of the cardial section of the intestine of the larvae chironomus plumosus and aedes aegypti diptera chironomidae culicidae and its connection with the peritrophic membranes

Jacob, J., 1977: The cuticular lipids of the beetle phyllobius maculicornis

Roberts, P. E.; Willis, J. H., 1980: The cuticular proteins of tenebrio molitor 1. electrophoretic banding patterns during post embryonic development

Roberts, P. E.; Willis, J. H., 1980: The cuticular proteins of tenebrio molitor 2. patterns of synthesis during post embryonic development

Klaerner, D.; Barth, F. G., 1986: The cuticular stress detector csd 2 of the crayfish astacus leptodactylus i. physiological properties

Klaerner, D.; Barnes, W. J. P., 1986: The cuticular stress detector csd 2 of the crayfish astacus leptodactylus ii. activity during walking and influences on leg coordination

Decraemer, W., 1976: The cuticular structure in desmoscolex with description of desmoscolex spinosus new species and re description of desmoscolex michaelseni nematoda desmoscolecida

Salihah, Z., 1987: The cuticular structures lining the termite gut and their bearing on phylogeny i. family mastotermitidae isoptera

Belton P., 1982: The cuticular vestiture of larvae of aedes communis and aedes nevadensis diptera culicidae

Strauss G.E., 1984: The cutting edge in psychiatry

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623058

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623059

Ellenberger H.A., 1984: The cyanide content of laetrile preparations apricot peach and apple seeds

Majak W., 1988: The cyanide potential in two varieties of amelanchier alnifolia

Hall J.W., 1981: The cyanide potential of saskatoon serviceberry amelanchier alnifolia and chokecherry prunus virginiana

Ichikawa T., 1983: The cyanine dye tris c 4 5 as a cationic uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation interaction with mitochondria detected by derivative spectrophotometry

Nylund J.E., 1985: The cyanobacterium and zamia skinneri symbiosis an ultrastructural study

Elanskaya I.V., 1988: The cyanobacterium synechocystis 6803 mutants impaired in photosynthesis

Bergman B., 1985: The cyanobacterium zamia symbiosis acetylene reduction and heterocyst frequency

Poulsen, C., 1979: The cyanogen bromide fragments of the large subunit of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase ec from barley

Bradley, W. A.; Rohde, M. F.; Gotto, A. M-Jr ; Jackson, R. L., 1978: The cyanogen bromide peptides of the apo protein of low density lipo protein its molecular weight from a chemical view

Tewe O.O., 1984: The cyanogenic glycoside contents of raw and processed lima bean phaseolus lunatus varieties

Nahrstedt A., 1983: The cyanogenic glycoside of avena sativa

Fat L.T.S., 1981: The cyanogenic glycoside of holcus mollis

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623072

Bright H.J., 1987: The cyanogenic substrate for horseradish peroxidase is a conjugated enamine

Galun M., 1981: The cyanophilous lichen population of the arava valley and the judean desert israel

Komarek, J., 1984: The cyanophyceae of cuba 3. planktonic species which form water blooms

Komarek J., 1984: The cyanophyceae of cuba aphanizomenon volzii and fortiea spp

Hindak F., 1985: The cyanophycean genus lemmermanniella

Rodgers, G. A.; Stewart, W. D. P., 1977: The cyanophyte hepatic symbiosis part 1 morphology and physiology

Stewart, W. D. P.; Rodgers, G. A., 1977: The cyanophyte hepatic symbiosis part 2 nitrogen fixation and the interchange of nitrogen and carbon

Copper, P., 1976: The cyanophyte wetheredella tumulus new species in ordovician reefs and off reef sediments

Nordlund U., 1986: The cyanophytic alga girvanella in the lower ordovician of halludden northern oland sweden

Burckhardt D., 1985: The cyathigerini of malaysia and singapore

Wunderlich, J., 1978: The cyatholipinae arachnida araneida tetragnathidae

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623084

Muses, C., 1977: The cybernetics of lying

Williams E.E., 1987: The cybotoid anoles and chamaelinorops lizards reptilia iguanidae evidence of mosaic evolution

Mccaskill R.H., 1981: The cybrodins a new class of sesqui terpenes

Bergman B., 1987: The cycas revoluta and nostoc symbiosis enzyme activities of nitrogen and carbon metabolism in the cyanobiont

Sherman F., 1981: The cycl 11 mutation in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae reverts by recombination with a nonallelic gene composite genes determining the iso cytochrome c

Korovkin B.F., 1982: The cyclase system and lysosomal enzyme activity in healthy dogs and in pathology

Vandenbooren J.C.M.A., 1986: The cycle index an alternative to the farrowing index converted to a yearly basis

Zamfir G., 1981: The cycle of aromatic poly cyclic hydro carbon carcinogens in the environment and possibilities for their interception for prophylactic purposes

Baccini, P., 1976: The cycle of heavy metals in lakes

Bretfeld, G., 1977: The cycle of molting mating and oviposition in heterosminthurus insignis collembola symphypleona

Kachura, N. N., 1977: The cycle of shoot development and the regenerative capability of petasites amplus on sakhalin island ussr

Schwartz, V., 1976: The cycle of the mitotic spindle in paramecium bursaria

Aire T.A., 1980: The cycle of the seminiferous epithelium of the domesticated giant rat cricetomys gambianus

Loisel, R.; Vignes, P., 1983: The cycles of flowering of the syn taxa of the southeastern french mediterranean statistical and model approaches 1. study of correlations between variables

Merce J., 1986: The cycles of uredinales as a function of their localization

Fahrney D.E., 1984: The cyclic 2 3 di phospho glycerate from methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum is the d enantiomer

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623102

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623103

Green, D.; Guy, G.; Moore, J. B. Jr ; Lopez, B. H., 1977: The cyclic amp and cyclic gmp phospho di esterases from human lung tissue

Steitz T.A., 1982: The cyclic amp binding domains of the regulatory subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase and the catabolite gene activator protein are homologous

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623106

Et Al, 1988: The cyclic amp content in cancer tissues and plasma of patient with gastric cancer

Cohen, M. S., 1977: The cyclic amp control system in the development of dictyostelium discoideum part 1 cellular dynamics

Cohen, M. S., 1978: The cyclic amp control system in the development of dictyostelium discoideum part 2 an allo steric model

Bychenok S.F., 1987: The cyclic amp dependent control of active transport of calcium in plasma membranes of pig myometrium

Demaille J.G., 1982: The cyclic amp dependent modulation of cardiac sarcolemmal slow calcium channels

Severin E.S., 1984: The cyclic amp dependent phosphorylation system in nih 3t3 cell going into the resting state

Yasuhara H., 1985: The cyclic amp generating system of the cerebral cortex with an iron induced epileptic focus

Knopp, J.; Kolena, J., 1977: The cyclic amp in plasma after thyroidectomy and adrenalectomy

Mutrynowski, A.; Czech, W.; Karwowska-Lak, D.; Pisarek-Miedzinska, D., 1979: The cyclic amp in the blood serum of delivering women and in the cord blood 1. natural forces term delivery

Novikova V.M., 1984: The cyclic amp influence on the activity of the antigen specific and antigen nonspecific suppressors in mouse spleen

Heath E.C., 1981: The cyclic amp mediated induction of alkaline phosphatase in mouse l cells

Hoskins D.D., 1979: The cyclic amp phospho di esterase of bovine spermatozoa multiple forms kinetic properties and changes during development

Sanwal B.D., 1979: The cyclic amp phospho di esterases of myo blasts fibroblasts and their somatic cell hybrids

Henderson, E. J., 1975: The cyclic amp receptor of dictyostelium discoideum binding characteristics of aggregation competent cells and variation of binding levels during the life cycle

Botsford, J. L.; Drexler, M., 1978: The cyclic amp receptor protein and regulation of cyclic amp synthesis in escherichia coli

De Ruiz M.L., 1983: The cyclic amp receptor protein of trypanosoma cruzi

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623123

Krane S.M., 1986: The cyclic amp response to prostaglandin e 2 is altered in u 937 cells in association with maturational events induced by activated t lymphocytes and 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3

Grutsch, J. F.; Robertson, A., 1978: The cyclic amp signal from dictyostelium discoideum amoebae

Achazi, R. K.; Haakshorst, R.; Volmer, H.; Surholt, B., 1977: The cyclic amp system during the larval adult molting cycle in the migratory locust locusta migratoria

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623127

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623128

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623129

Constantopoulos A., 1986: The cyclic amp the cyclic gmp and the protein kinase system in the rat parotid

Wasserman, W. J.; Smith, L. D., 1978: The cyclic behavior of a cytoplasmic factor controlling nuclear membrane breakdown

Edwards, O. E.; Ho, P. T., 1977: The cyclic carbamate unit of maytansine

Deck J.D., 1980: The cyclic changes and structure of the base of the aortic valve

Kaupp U.B., 1986: The cyclic gmp dependent cation channel from vertebrate photoreceptors purification and functional reconstitution

Kaupp U.B., 1987: The cyclic gmp dependent channel of vertebrate rod photoreceptors exists in two forms of different cyclic gmp sensitivity and pharmacological behavior

Rybalkin S.D., 1984: The cyclic gmp system in irradiated animals changes in cyclic gmp content and activities of guanylate cyclase and cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase

Machado, E. A.; Gregory, R. S.; Jones, J. B.; Lange, R. D., 1978: The cyclic hematopoietic dog a model for spontaneous secondary amyloidosis a morphologic study

Volle R.L., 1980: The cyclic nucleotide content of the rat superior cervical ganglion

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623140

Tsirulis T.P., 1981: The cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase in the gravity receptor of some invertebrates

Kessin R.H., 1981: The cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase inhibitory protein of dictyostelium discoideum purification and characterization

Smith C.J., 1980: The cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterases of spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplasts and microsomes

Brooks S.C., 1979: The cyclic relationship of estrogen sulfurylation to the nuclear receptor level in human endometrial curettings

Albersheim P., 1983: The cyclic structure of beta d 1 2 linked d glucans secreted by rhizobia and agrobacteria

Nilshammar-Holmvall, M., 1976: The cyclic variation in the thylakoid aggregation in normal and calcium deficient cells of scenedesmus obtusiusculus

Romita G., 1983: The cyclical and seasonal modifications of the epididymal epithelium

Harcombe, E. S.; Wyman, R. J., 1978: The cyclically repetitive firing sequences of identified drosophila flight moto neurons

Kozhova, O. M.; Mel'nik, N. G., 1977: The cyclicity of the process of changes in the biomass of lake baikal ussr zoo plankton over many years

Crompton, M.; Heid, I., 1978: The cycling of calcium sodium and protons across the inner membrane of cardiac mitochondria

Vaughan G.T., 1988: The cyclization of 8 hydroxyabscisic acid to phaseic acid in vivo

Pyeritz, R. E.; Lee, C. S.; Thomas, C. A. Jr, 1971: The cyclization of mouse satellite dna

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623153

D'costa R., 1982: The cyclo addition of vinyl aziridines with unsaturated substrates

Bondi, S.; Corona, C.; Ciglia, C.; Rossi, A., 1977: The cyclo ergometer test the dopamine test and atrial pacing in the diagnosis of coronary insufficiency observations on 539 patients

Piomelli D., 1984: The cyclo oxygenase pathway in the avascular heart of the frog rana esculenta

Hoy R.R., 1986: The cyclopean ear a new sense for the praying mantis mantis religiosa

Enright J.T., 1988: The cyclopean eye and its implications vergence state and visual direction

Ono, H.; Barbeito, R., 1982: The cyclopean eye vs. the sighting dominant eye as the center of visual direction

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623161

Lee, W. Y., 1978: The cyclopoid copepods hemicyclops adhaerens and saphirella sp in the damariscotta river estuary maine usa with a note to their possible relationship

Reid J.W., 1987: The cyclopoid copepods of a wet campo marsh in central brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623164

Mills G.B., 1987: The cyclosporins inhibit lymphocyte activation at more than one site

Iwatsuki Z., 1982: The cygneous setae and their structure in some mosses in dicranaceae

Carvalho, J. C. M.; Lorenzato, L. M., 1978: The cylapinae of papua new guinea hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Mcdonald J.J., 1983: The cylinder carrier test for determining the effectiveness of detergents disinfectants a comparison of different tests

Kootsey, J. M.; Johnson, E. A.; Lieberman, M., 1977: The cylindrical cell with a time variant membrane resistance measuring passive parameters

Molina C., 1986: The cylindrical or tubiliform glands of nephila clavipes

Eskenasy A., 1984: The cylindrocubic carcinomas of the lung the so called adenocarcinomas a histopathological analysis of 725 cases

Emetz, V., 1976: The cymindis species from mongolia coleoptera carabidae

Hogberg, H. E.; Thompson, R. H.; King, T. J., 1976: The cymopols a group of prenylated bromo hydro quinones from the green calcareous alga cymopolia barbata

Trilles J P., 1986: The cymothoidae crustacea isopoda flabellifera of africa

Trilles J P., 1981: The cymothoidae of west indies isopoda flabellifera parasites of fish

Gonnering, R. S.; Dortzbach, R. K.; Erickson, K. A.; Kaufman, P. L., 1984: The cynomolgus monkey as a model for orbital research 1. normal anatomy

Gonnering, R. S.; Dortzbach, R. K.; Erickson, K. A.; Kaufman, P. L., 1984: The cynomolgus monkey as a model for orbital research 2. anatomic effects of lateral orbitotomy

Erickson, K. A.; Gonnering, R. S.; Kaufman, P. K.; Dortzbach, R., 1984: The cynomolgus monkey as a model for orbital research 3. effects on ocular physiology of lateral orbitotomy and isolation of the ciliary ganglion

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Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623182

Costlow J.D., 1983: The cyprid molt cycle and its hormonal control in the barnacle balanus amphitrite

Yang H.J., 1979: The cyprinid fish fauna in the hyeongsan river south korea

Banarescu P., 1982: The cyprinidae of iran pisces cypriniformes 3

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Dorfman, D. D., 1978: The cyril burt question new findings

Walton H.S., 1981: The cyrtospora cristifer morphon inclusion of cornispora varicornata and cornispora monocornata

Verni, F.; Rosati, G.; Ricci, N., 1984: The cyst of oxytricha bifaria ciliata hypotrichida 2. the ultrastructure

Rosati, G.; Verni, F.; Ricci, N., 1984: The cyst of oxytricha bifaria ciliata hypotrichida 3. cytochemical investigation

Fedriani C., 1985: The cyst of urostyla grandis hypotrichida urostylidae ultrastructure and evolutionary implications

Cox A., 1984: The cyst wall composition of hartmannella glebae

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Collins, J. M.; Monty, K. J., 1973: The cysteine desulfhydrase ec of salmonella typhimurium kinetic and catalytic properties

Collins, J. M.; Monty, K. J., 1973: The cysteine desulfhydrase of salmonella typhimurium formation of an altered enzyme by cryo lysis

Eilon G., 1988: The cysteine protease inhibitor e 64 stimulates the polarization and locomotor responses of endothelial cells to wounding

Lowe, G., 1976: The cysteine proteinases

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623199

Moraci, A.; Cioffi, F., 1976: The cystic meningiomas an aspect of forme humide of masson

Pons R., 1979: The cystic pores of naegleria vahlkampfiidae amoebida

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623202

Kharouf M., 1988: The cystic retrocervical hygroma an ultrasonic diagnosis a report of five cases

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623204

Mollhagen T., 1979: The cysticercus of taenia rileyi

Bonnard J., 1988: The cystidia of the section pluteus agaricales

Mazelis M., 1986: The cystine lyases of higher plants isolation and properties of homogeneous cystine lyase from broccoli brassica oleracea var botrytis buds

Takahashi M., 1987: The cystine rich envelope protein from human epidermal stratum corneum cells

Hernandez H., 1986: The cystogenic nematode of cactus in cuba

Firlit C.F., 1979: The cystometric nuclear cystogram

Elven R., 1984: The cystopteris fragilis complex in northern norway

Chamuris G.P., 1986: The cystostereum pini canadense complex in north america

Kameda Y., 1982: The cysts in c cell complexes of dog thyroids studied by immuno peroxidase staining and auto radiography

Wallace F.G., 1982: The cysts of blastocrithidia triatomae

Yoshimatsu S., 1987: The cysts of fibrocapsa japonica raphidophyceae found in bottom sediment in harima nada eastern inland sea of japan

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623216

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623217

Trykova, O. V.; Verbitskaya, L. B., 1976: The cyto architectonics of the vestibular nuclei of the brain in the dolphin delphinus delphis

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623219

Phelps C.H., 1984: The cyto architecture and some efferent projections of the centromedian parafascicular complex in the lesser bush baby galago senegalensis

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623221

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623222

Roberts E., 1982: The cyto architecture of gamma amino butyric acid ergic neurons in rat spinal cord

Nemes, Z., 1976: The cyto architecture of the adrenal medulla in the rat

Baruch A., 1982: The cyto architecture of the dorsal cochlear nucleus in the 3 month old and 26 month old c 57bl 6 mouse a golgi impregnation study

Meininger, V.; Baudrimont, M., 1977: The cyto architecture of the inferior colliculus in the cat a stereological approach

Phillipson O.T., 1979: The cyto architecture of the interfascicular nucleus and ventral tegmental area of tsai in the rat

Goel H.R., 1981: The cyto architecture of the optic tectum of a few fresh water teleost fishes

Baruch A.M., 1984: The cyto architecture of the torus semicircularis in the golden skink mabuya multifasciata

Facelle T., 1981: The cyto architecture of the torus semicircularis in the red eared turtle chrysemys scripta elegans

Browner, R. H.; Rubinson, K., 1977: The cyto architecture of the torus semicircularis in the tegu lizard tupinambis nigropunctatus

Uehara Y., 1984: The cyto architecture of the wall and the innervation pattern of the micro vessels in the rat mammary gland a scanning electron microscopic observation

Celis Blaubach A., 1981: The cyto bacteriogram a retrospective analysis of 160 cases of ear nose and throat allergic and inflammatory complaints followed from 1979 1980

Giorgio, A.; Jacoviello, G., 1975: The cyto bacteriological stain bf methylene blue and basic fuchsin

Anniko, M., 1976: The cyto cochleogram in atoxyl treated guinea pigs

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Hilliker A.J., 1982: The cyto genetic boundaries of the ribosomal dna region within hetero chromatin of the x chromosome of drosophila melanogaster and their relation to male meiotic pairing sites

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623242

Georgiev S., 1982: The cyto genetic effect of alkylating agents ethyl methanesulfonate and n nitroso n methyl urethane on wheat species with different ploidy levels

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623244

Merker, A., 1976: The cyto genetic effect of hetero chromatin in hexa ploid triticale

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623246

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623247

Shamaeva, N. N.; Mamedov, K., 1977: The cyto genetic effect of the combined action of ethylenimine and n nitroso n methyl urea on cells of cottonseeds

Ostrovskaya, R. M.; Stolbova, N. G.; Lebedeva, L. I.; Gruzdev, A. D.; Tsimmerman, V. G. , 1976: The cyto genetic effect of uv irradiation of mammalian cells at the g 2 period

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623250

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623251

Lenghel Z., 1979: The cyto genetic effects of ethidium bromide in vitro and in vivo

Qu B., 1981: The cyto genetic effects of nickel sulfate

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Adler, I. D., 1978: The cyto genetic heritable translocation test

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623256

Cahana, H.; Ladizinsky, G., 1978: The cyto genetic position of avena damascena hybrid parent among the di ploid oats

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Dvorak, J., 1976: The cyto genetic structure of a 56 chromosome derivative from a cross between triticum aestivum and agropyron elongatum 2n equals 70

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Strelkov R.B., 1980: The cyto genetically protective effect of dosed hypoxia on mice and monkey bone marrow against low level ionizing radiation

Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623268

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Section 7, Chapter 6624, Accession 006623911

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