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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6625

Chapter 6625 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lindena, J.; Wittenberg, H.; Diederichs, F., 1985:
The decline in catalytic enzyme activity concentration with aging of the rabbit erythrocyte

Stanley, F.J.; Sim, M.; Wilson, G.; Worthington, S., 1986:
The decline in congenital rubella syndrome in Western Australia: an impact of the school girl vaccination program?

Seaman C.; Wyss S.; Piomelli S., 1980:
The decline in energetic metabolism with aging of the erythrocyte and its relationship to cell death

Pollard, G.N., 1977:
The decline in fertility in England and Wales since 1964

Pollet, J.E.; Hems, G., 1980:
The decline in incidence of acute intussusception in childhood in northeastern scotland uk

Kaplan, G.A.; Cohn, B.A.; Cohen, R.D.; Guralnik, J., 1988:
The decline in ischemic heart disease mortality: prospective evidence from the Alameda County Study

Averill L.E.; Wolf N.S., 1985:
The decline in murine splenic phytohemagglutinin and lipopolysaccharide responsiveness following serial transplantation of young and old bone marrow cells

Averill L.E.; Wolf N.S., 1985:
The decline in murine splenic phytohemagglutinin and lipopolysaccharide responsiveness with age is primarily due to an intrinsic mechanism

Baker, M.R.; Peacock, M.; Nordin, B.E., 1980:
The decline in vitamin D status with age

Imms F.J.; Prestidge S.P.; Mayes F.B., 1980:
The decline of aerobic capacity and muscle strength following fractures of the lower limb

Lagerspetz K.M.J.; Sandnabba K., 1982:
The decline of aggressiveness in male mice during group caging as determined by punishment delivered by the cage mates

Feare, C.J., 1978:
The decline of booby sulidae populations in the western indian ocean

King, K.A.; Flickinger, E.L.; Hildebrand, H.H., 1977:
The decline of brown pelicans on the louisiana and texas gulf coast usa

Lindena J.; Wittenberg H.; Diederichs F.; Trautschold I., 1986:
The decline of catalytic enzyme activity concentration of in vivo aging erythrocytes of the man the dog and the rat approach to a quantitative diagnostic enzymology iv

Mattiasson G., 1986:
The decline of dactylorhiza sambucina in the nature reserve kungsmarken southernmost sweden

Stycos, J.M., 1982:
The decline of fertility in Costa Rica: literacy, modernization and family planning

Saleh M.A., 1987:
The decline of gazelles in egypt

Cauley J.A.; Petrini A.M.; Laporte R.E.; Sandler R.B.; Bayles C.M.; Robertson R.J.; Slemenda C.W., 1987:
The decline of grip strength in the menopause relationship to physical activity estrogen use and anthropometric factors

Weiss B., 1982:
The decline of late bronze age civilization as a possible response to climatic change

Ragsdale H.L.; Berish C.W., 1988:
The decline of lead in tree rings of carya spp in urban atlanta georgia usa

Mosk, C., 1979:
The Decline of marital fertility in Japan

Woods R.; Smith C.W., 1983:
The decline of marital fertility in the late 19th century the case of england and wales uk

Vanneste, W.H.; Ysebaert-Vanneste, M.; Mason, H.S., 1974:
The decline of molecular activity of cytochrome oxidase ec during purification

Carpenter, S.R., 1980:
The decline of myriophyllum spicatum in a eutrophic wisconsin usa lake

Zandvoort R.; Dord D.C.V.; Leistra M.; Verlaat J.G., 1979:
The decline of propyzamide in soil under field conditions in the netherlands

Kuhn F.; Hammer K., 1979:
The decline of shifting cultivation in central europe

Thompson, J.W.; Checker, A.; Witkin, M.J.; Silverman, M.M.; Goldman, H.H., 1983:
The decline of state mental hospitals as training sites for psychiatric residents

Svardson, G., 1976:
The decline of the baltic eel population

Barnes R.F.W., 1980:
The decline of the baobab tree adansonia digitata in ruaha national park tanzania

Von-Lehmann, E.; Bruecher, H., 1977:
The decline of the bi colored white toothed shrew and the common white toothed shrew crocidura leucodon and crocidura russula in western europe

Sitters H.P., 1982:
The decline of the cirl bunting emberiza cirlus in britain uk 1968 1980

Green R.H., 1983:
The decline of the eastern rosella platycercus eximius diemenensis and other psittaciformes in tasmania australia concomitant with the establishment of the introduced european starling sturnus vulgaris

Hilden M.; Lehtonen H.; Bohling P., 1984:
The decline of the finnish vendace coregonus albula catch and the dynamics of the fishery in the bothnian bay

Cushing D.H., 1980:
The decline of the herring stocks and the gadoid outburst

Plavsic Gojkovic N., 1979:
The decline of the mountain pine groves pinus mugo in zagreb yugoslavia

Berglund J., 1986:
The decline of the norse settlements in greenland

Chanin, P.R.F.; Jefferies, D.J., 1978:
The decline of the otter lutra lutra in britain an analysis of hunting records and discussion of causes

Borner, M.; Fitzgibbon, C.D.; Borner, M.; Caro, T.M.; Lindsay, W.K.; Collins, D.A.; Holt, M.E., 1987:
The decline of the serengeti thomson's gazelle population

Cronk, Q.C.B., 1986:
The decline of the st. helena ebony trochetiopsis melanoxylon

Cronk, Q.C.B., 1986:
The decline of the st. helena gumwood commidendrum robustum

Andersson S., 1987:
The decline of the yellow potato cyst nematode globodera rostochiensis under non host crops and under resistant potato cultivars some preliminary results

Hallingback T., 1986:
The decline of three species of lobaria in sweden

Bushnell E.W., 1985:
The decline of visually guided reaching during infancy

Aminoff, M.J.; Layzer, R.B.; Satya-Murti, S.; Faden, A.I., 1977:
The declining electrical response of muscle to repetitive nerve stimulation in myotonia

Garraway, W.M.; Whisnant, J.P.; Furlan, A.J.; Phillips, L.H.; Kurland, L.T.; O'Fallon, W.M., 1979:
The declining incidence of stroke

Layde, P.M.; Ory, H.W.; Peterson, H.B.; Scally, M.J.; Greenspan, J.R.; Smith, J.C.; Fleming, D., 1981:
The declining length of hospitalization for tubal sterilization

Hoare P.W.C., 1984:
The declining productivity of traditional highland farming systems in northern thailand

Smith, R.N.; Vaughan, C.G., 1977:
The decomposition of acidic and neutral cannabinoids in organic solvents

Brotonegoro, S.; Abdulkadir, S., 1978:
The decomposition of azolla pinnata in moist and flooded soil

Swift, M.J.; Healey, I.N.; Hibberd, J.K.; Sykes, J.M.; Bampoe, V.; Nesbitt, M.E., 1976:
The decomposition of branch wood in the canopy and floor of a mixed deciduous woodland

Ladatko A.G.; Shkarin B.I., 1979:
The decomposition of carbon 14 labeled rice straw in flooded soils

Kovacs, M., 1977:
The decomposition of forest litter the liberation of biogenic elements under laboratory conditions

Dubovska, A.; Bernat, J., 1976:
The decomposition of humus substances by microorganisms part 2 the decomposition of fulvic acid fractions by micromycetes

Dubovska, A.; Macor, M., 1978:
The decomposition of humus substances by microorganisms part 4 factorial analysis of the growth of micromycetes on humic acids

Tanner E.V.J., 1981:
The decomposition of leaf litter in jamaican montane rain forests

Montana C.; Ezcurra E.; Carrillo A.; Delhoume J.P., 1988:
The decomposition of litter in grasslands of northern mexico a comparison between arid and non arid environments

Kunze C.; Bonnert R., 1982:
The decomposition of litter in samples of a polluted flowing water

Nicolardot B.; Chaussod R.; Catroux G., 1984:
The decomposition of microbial bodies in soils fumigated with chloroform effects of the type of soil and of the microorganism

Pearce, E.I.F.; Jenkins, G.N., 1977:
The decomposition of mono fluoro phosphate by enzymes in whole human saliva

Poch M., 1987:
The decomposition of partially hygienically relevant components of sewage sludge and liquid manure by methane fermentation

Dziadowiec H., 1987:
The decomposition of plant litter fall in an oak linden hornbeam forest and an oak pine mixed forest of the bialowieza national park poland

Emtsev V.T.; Mukhametdinova A.K., 1984:
The decomposition of proteinaceous substances by proteolytic anaerobic bacteria in the soil

Stepanovic M.T., 1981:
The decomposition of raw phosphates in the production of complex fertilizers

Grunseich, G.S.; Duedall, I.W., 1978:
The decomposition of sewage sludge in sea water

Davis, C.B.; Van-Der-Valk, A.G., 1978:
The decomposition of standing and fallen litter of typha glauca and scirpus fluviatilis

Graef, V.; Furuya, E.; Nishikaze, O., 1975:
The decomposition of steroids during incubation with beta glucuronidase and during the storage of urines

Cervek S.; Blejec A.; Potocnik F., 1983:
The decomposition of the excrement of woodlouse porcellio scaber isopoda in natural conditions

Cook E.R., 1987:
The decomposition of tree ring series for environmental studies

Yoshida H.; Maita Y.; Fukase S., 1983:
The decomposition processes of particulate organic matter using carbon 14 labeled diatom skeletonema costatum

Kovrizhnykh, A.I.; Maksimova, S.P.; Gerasimenko, M.I., 1976:
The decomposition rate of organic matter of stephanodiscus hantzschii from the channel of the northern donets basin ussr

Tomizawa S., 1985:
The decompositions for point symmetry models in two way contingency tables

Matsunaga K., 1981:
The decompositive processes of phyto planktonic organic matter

Parker A.; Pearce K.W.; Fenner S.F.; Wright M.S., 1984:
The decontamination of a disused gas works site

Bajkov B.D.; Tivechev G.; Voicheva M.; Todorov T., 1987:
The decontamination with aerobic purification of liquid manure from swine breeding complexes

Behrstock, R.A., 1976:
The decorated warbonnet chirolophis decoralus new record in california usa waters

Takekawa, K.; Sakanishi, N.; Tsunoda, Y.; Yokoyama, K.; Matsumoto, I., 1985:
The decrease in cardiac output by the continuous administration of calcium chloride after hemorrhagic shock

Neubauer, B.; Christensen, N.J., 1978:
The decrease in noradrenaline concentration in the posterior tibial artery with age

Busche G., 1985:
The decrease in population of the blue headed wagtail motacilla flava in schleswig holstein west germany

Gapon S.A.; Samoilova M.V., 1982:
The decrease in the membrane conductance of isolated neurons of the mollusk planorbarius corneus caused by putative neuro transmitters

Helle E., 1986:
The decrease in the ringed seal phoca hispida botnica population of the gulf of bothnia in 1975 84

Zink P., 1982:
The decrease of blood alcohol concentration in drinking experiments and double sampling in forensic cases

Panattoni G.L., 1986:
The decrease of body surface area to volume ratio as parameter of embryo fetal development

Kang J.H.; Park D.H., 1988:
The decrease of cell mediated immunity estimated in patients with acute granulocytic leukemia

Mattsson, J.E., 1988:
The decrease of some cetraria spp in southern sweden

Possiel, N.C.; Frank, N.H.; Van-Dop, H.; Kruizinga, S., 1976:
The decrease of sulfur di oxide concentrations near rotterdam and their relation to some meteorological parameters during 13 consecutive winters 1961 1974

Mestre P.; Peris S.; Santos T.; Suarez F.; Soler B., 1987:
The decrease of the black eared wheatear oenanthe hispanica on the iberian peninsula

Reichholf J., 1982:
The decrease of the small rails rallus and porzana

Moritz D., 1981 :
The decrease of the tree sparrow passer montanus as passage migrant on helgoland west germany

Bernardini G.; Ferraguti M.; Peres A., 1986:
The decrease of xenopus egg membrane capacity during activation might be due to endocytosis

Roch-Norlund, A.E.; Borrebaek, B., 1978:
The decrease with age in the activities of enzymes of human skeletal muscle some observations on palmityl carnitine formation hexo kinase activity and lactate dehydrogenase activity

Spitz I.M.; Zylber Haran E.A.; Trestian S.; Dickstein Y.; Palti Z.; Schenker J.G., 1982:
The decreased basal and stimulated prolactin levels in isolated gonadotropin deficiency a consequence of the low estrogen state

Feger J.; Durand G.; Dumont J P.; Agneray J.; Engler R., 1981:
The decreased binding of asialo hapto globin by the isolated rat hepatocyte after combination with hemo globin

Mikosha A.S.; Beregovskaya N.N., 1983:
The decreased intensity of epr cytochrome p 450 adrenodoxin and free radical signal in the dog adrenal cortex under the effect of o p ddd

Suzuki, H., 1981:
The decreased stimulatory activity of hemin for globin synthesis at high concentrations of potassium salts in a rabbit reticulocyte lysate system

Anderson R.S., 1982:
The decreasing abundance of nicrophorus americanus coleoptera silphidae in eastern north america

Austin, D.F.; Roe, K.M., 1982:
The decreasing incidence of endometrial cancer: public health implications

Sherman, J.E.; Maier, S.F., 1978:
The decrement in conditioned fear with increased trials of simultaneous conditioning is not specific to the simultaneous procedure

Araki T.; Matsuoka R.; Okazaki N.; Hara H.; Kuratomi Y.; Natori H.; Arai T.; Kira S., 1980:
The decrement of diffusing capacity observed by cortico steroid therapy in sarcoidosis

Cralley, J.C.; Schuberth, J.M.; Fitch, K.L., 1982:
The deep band of the plantar aponeurosis of the human foot

Bachmann G.H.; Mueller M., 1981:
The deep bore front riss 1 lime alps bavaria west germany

Shulenberger, E., 1978:
The deep chlorophyll maximum and mesoscale environmental heterogeneity in the western half of the north pacific central gyre

Cullen J.J., 1982:
The deep chlorophyll maximum comparing vertical profiles of chlorophyll a

Monniot C.; Segonzac M., 1985:
The deep sea abyplaine cruise characteristics of stations and benthic assemblages

Bowman T.E.; Wasmer R.A., 1984:
The deep sea amphipod paracyphocaris praedator gammaridea lysianassidae associated with the pelagic shrimp oplophorus novaezeelandiae as an egg mimic

Pearcy W.G.; Stein D.L.; Carney R.S., 1982:
The deep sea benthic fish fauna of the northeastern pacific ocean on cascadia and tufts abyssal plains and adjoining continental slopes

Bertelsen E.; Nielsen J.G., 1987:
The deep sea eel family monognathidae pisces anguilliformes

Merrett N.R., 1980:
The deep sea fish coelorinchus abditilux new species macrouridae from the eastern north atlantic with notes on its ecology

Cohen D.M., 1982:
The deep sea fish genus enchelybrotula ophidiidae description of enchelybrotula gomoni new species notes on distribution and osteology

Rowe G.T.; Polloni P.T.; Haedrich R.L., 1982:
The deep sea macro benthos on the continental margin of the northwest atlantic ocean

Pfannkuche O., 1985:
The deep sea meiofauna of the porcupine sea bight and abyssal plain northeast atlantic population structure distribution standing stocks

Gordon, R., 1980:
The deep sulcus sign

Blanc P L.; Duplessy J C., 1982:
The deep water circulation during the neogene and the impact of the messinian salinity crisis

Grasshoff M., 1981:
The deep water gorgonaria pennatularia and antipatharia of the bay of biscay france cnidaria anthozoa results of the french expeditions bio gas poly gas geomanche incal noratlante and of the cruises of the research vessel thalassa 1

Stock J.H., 1984:
The deep water pycnogonida of the safari cruises to the indian ocean

Blair S.M.; Norris J.N., 1988:
The deep water species of halimeda lamouroux halimedaceae chlorophyta from san salvador island bahamas species composition distribution and depth records

Schnitker D., 1979:
The deep waters of the western north atlantic during the past 24000 years and the re initiation of the western boundary undercurrent

Mironov, A.N., 1978:
The deepest deep sea species of sea urchins echinoidea pourtalesiidae

Mueller-Schwarze, D.; Ravid, U.; Claesson, A.; Singer, A.G.; Silverstein, R.M.; Muller-Schwarze, C.; Volkman, N.J.; Zemanek, K.F.; Butler, R.G., 1978:
The deer lactone source chiral properties and responses by black tailed deer

Sobey, D.G., 1977:
The defecating behavior of herring gulls larus argentatus

Roeder J J., 1980:
The defecation sites of the common genet genetta genetta

Fratantoni, J.C.; Hall, C.W.; Neufeld, E.F., 1968:
The defect in anom hurlers syndrome and anom hunters syndromes faulty degradation of muco poly saccharide skin

Franklin, E.C.; Frangione, B.; Prelli, F., 1976:
The defect in mu heavy chain disease protein GLI

Lemle, A.; Hazan, E.M.; Mandel, M.B.; Pinto, J.C., 1976:
The defect in pulmonary gas transfer in patients with sickle cell disease

Fenton, W.A.; Rosenberg, L.E., 1981:
The defect in the cb 1 b class of human methyl malonic acidemia deficiency of cobalamin i adenosyl transferase ec activity in extracts of cultured fibroblasts

Bach, G.; Eisenberg, F.J. ; Cantz, M.; Neufeld, E.F., 1973:
The defect in the hunter syndrome deficiency of sulfoiduronate sulfatase

Bach, G.; Friedman, R.; Weissmann, B.; Neufeld, E.F., 1972:
The defect in the hurler and scheie syndromes deficiency of alpha l iduronidase

Peerenboom, H.; Keck, E.; Krüskemper, H.L.; Strohmeyer, G., 1984:
The defect of intestinal calcium transport in hyperthyroidism and its response to therapy

Wilkinson P.C.; Islam L.N.; Sinclair D.; Dagg J.H., 1988:
The defect of lymphocyte locomotion in chronic lymphocytic leukemia studies of polarization and growth dependent locomotion

Vague P.; Moulin J P., 1982:
The defective glucose sensitivity of the beta cell in non insulin dependent diabetes improvement after 20 hours of normo glycemia

Friis, R.R.; Ogura, H.; Gelderblom, H.; Halpern, M.S., 1976:
The defective maturation of viral progeny with a temperature sensitive mutant of avian sarcoma virus

Duncan T.M.; Senior A.E., 1985:
The defective proton atpase of unc d mutants of escherichia coli 2 mutations which affect the catalytic mechanism

Cruz Y.P., 1986:
The defender role of the precocious larvae of copidosomopsis tanytmemus encyrtidae hymenoptera

Popov K.P., 1983:
The defense factor as the armor of sierozems

Melemis S.M.; Falls J.B., 1982:
The defense function a measure of territorial behavior

Imagawa, A.; Ota, T., 1979:
The defense mechanism against infections in patients on long term hemo dialysis 6. thymus derived lymphocytes

Imagawa, A.; Takigawa, H.; Tamaki, T.; Yonezawa, M., 1979:
The defense mechanism against infections in patients on long term hemo dialysis 7. a case showing improvement in immunological parameters by hemo filtration

Cramer P., 1988:
The defense mechanism inventory a review of research and discussion of the scales

Rohsenow, D.J.; Erickson, R.C.; O'Leary, M.R., 1978:
The Defense Mechanism Inventory and alcoholics

Klusman L.E., 1982:
The defense mechanisms inventory as a predictor of affective response to threat

Peglar M.; Borgen F.H., 1984:
The defense mechanisms of coronary patients

Meerson F.Z.; Pavlova V.I.; Berdysheva L.V.; Volina E.V.; Putintseva T.G.; Kurbanova G.D.; Manukhin B.N., 1981:
The defense of the rat adrenergic system with gamma amino butyric acid in emotional nociceptive stress

Emery, P.E.; Emery, O.B., 1985:
The defense process in posttraumatic stress disorders

Schmidt H.; Joachimi E., 1987:
The defense reaction in the subcutaneous connective tissue of rat after application of silicium dioxide

Morosova K.I.; Aronova G.V.; Katsnelson B.A.; Velichkovski B.T.; Genkin A.M.; Elnichnykh L.N.; Privalova L.I., 1982:
The defensive action of glutamate against the cyto toxicity and fibrogenicity of quartz dust

Brown W.V.; Moore B.P., 1982:
The defensive alkaloids of cryptolaemus montrouzieri coleoptera coccinellidae

Edmunds, M., 1976:
The defensive behavior of ghanaian praying mantids with a discussion of territoriality

Zaitsev V.A., 1983:
The defensive behavior of the musk deer moschus moschiferus parvipes in the middle sikhote alin

Evans D.L., 1985:
The defensive ensembles of two palatable moths

Fullard J.H., 1987:
The defensive function of auditory enhancers in the neotropical moth antaea lichyi lepidoptera notodontidae

Klinger, R., 1980:
The defensive gland of omaliinae coleoptera staphylinidae 2. comparative gross morphology and revision of the classification within the genus eusphalerum

Klinger, R.; Maschwitz, U., 1977:
The defensive gland of omaliinae coleoptera staphylinidae part 1 gross morphology of the gland and identification of the scent of eusphalerum longipenne

Samonina G.E., 1982:
The defensive role of the fore brain in pathological heart reflexes

Akpata M.I.; Olagbemiro T.O., 1982:
The defensive secretion of aspavia brunna heteroptera pentatomidae

Kathuria, O.P.; Brown, W.V.; Gilby, A.R., 1974:
The defensive secretion of aspongopus janus hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae

Smith, R.M., 1978:
The defensive secretion of coleostichus sordidus heteroptera scutelleridae from fiji

Ireland, C.; Faulkner, D.J., 1978:
The defensive secretion of the opisthobranch mollusk onchidella binneyi

Holt, W.V.; Jones, R.C.; Skinner, J.D., 1980:
The deferent ducts from the testis of the african elephant loxodonta africana 2. histochemistry of the epididymis

Marumo F.; Umetani N.; Takahashi Y., 1987:
The deferoxamine loading test as a non invasive method for diagnosing aluminum related bone disease in hemodialysis patients deferoxamine therapy for the alleviation of pain

Guillemin C.L.; Gressin J.C.; Caude M.C., 1982:
The deferred standard method a technique for quantitative analysis in laboratory and process high performance liquid chromatography

Platt, D., 1981:
The deficiency model of age - biological and medical aspects

Moszczynski P.; Lisiewicz J.; Palimaka W., 1985:
The deficiency of beta glycosidases in leukocyte from patients with non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Schmitt O.; Kolles H., 1986:
The deficiency of life expectancy dle a criterion for estimating the course of malignant tumors a statistical survey based on 70231 cases of malignancy with special consideration of those with spinal metastases

Shiba H.; Kawasumi T.; Igarashi Y.; Kodama T.; Minoda Y., 1982:
The deficient carbohydrate metabolic pathways and the incomplete tri carboxylic acid cycle in an obligately autotrophic hydrogen oxidizing bacterium

Coutts J.R.T.; Adam A.H.; Fleming R., 1982:
The deficient luteal phase may represent an anovulatory cycle

Antus S.; Seligmann O.; Wagner H., 1986:
The definite structure of americanin a and hydnocarpin

Capildeo, R.; Haberman, S.; Rose, F.C., 1978:
The definition and classification of stroke. A new approach

Adams J., 1985:
The definition and interpretation of guild structure in ecological communities

Sadovsky, E.; Ohel, G.; Havazeleth, H.; Steinwell, A.; Penchas, S., 1983:
The definition and the significance of decreased fetal movements

Rai B., 1981:
The definition and variation in development of setae

Mcadam J.H., 1984:
The definition distribution structure and performance of hill farms in northern ireland uk

Goldberg, S.; Weber, J.; Darnell, J.E.J., 1977:
The definition of a large viral transcription unit late in adenovirus type 2 infection of hela cells mapping by effects of uv irradiation

Weber, J.; Jelinek, W.; Darnell, J.E.J., 1977:
The definition of a large viral transcription unit late in adenovirus type 2 infection of hela cells mapping of nascent rna molecules labeled in isolated nuclei

Vincent M.D., 1987:
The definition of a neoplasm

Morgan, G.M.; Mckenzie, I.F.C.; Melvold, R.W., 1980:
The definition of a new ia antigenic specificity using the b 6.c h 2 b m 1 2 i region mutant strain

Langsley, D.G.; Yager, J., 1988:
The definition of a psychiatrist: eight years later

Dore F., 1980:
The definition of behavioral units an analysis of feeding behavior of the slate colored junco junco hyemalis

Howie, A.J.; Proops, D.W., 1982:
The definition of branchial cysts, sinuses and fistulae

Lavery, R.; Sklenar, H., 1988:
The definition of generalized helicoidal parameters and of axis curvature for irregular nucleic acids

Cowling R.M.; Campbell B.M., 1983:
The definition of leaf consistence categories in the fynbos biome and their distribution along an altitudinal gradient in the southeastern cape south africa

Vane-Wright, R.I., 1980:
The definition of mimicry

Hadikusumo R.G.; Meltzer S.; Choo W.M.; Jean Francois M.J.B.; Linnane A.W.; Marzuki S., 1988:
The definition of mitochondrial proton atpase assembly defects in mit negative mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae with a monoclonal antibody to the enzyme complex as an assembly probe

Neumann, H.J., 1977:
The definition of so called tobacco smoke condensate/

Rauchfuss E.; Glaser M.; Keller F., 1985:
The definition of the chemical composition of gallstones by x ray fine structure analysis

Chisesi T.; Capnist G.; Vespignani M., 1986:
The definition of the favorable stage of cll

Lynch J.D., 1986:
The definition of the middle american clade of eleutherodactylus based on jaw musculature amphibia leptodactylidae

Larrechi M.S.; Guasch J.; Rius F.X., 1988:
The definition of two catalan spain viticultural regions by classification methods

Simon, O.; Schulz, H.; Rassmann, W., 1977:
The definition of waking stages on the basis of continuous polygraphic recordings in normal subjects

Banna P.; Murabito R.; Alongi G.; Saggio A.; Riggi M.; Cina C., 1981:
The definitive residual cavity resulting from the conservative surgery of pulmonary hydatidosis

Axelsson, G.; Kirveskari, P., 1977:
The deflecting wrinkle on the teeth of Icelanders and the mongoloid dental complex

Fick M.; Engasser J M., 1986:
The deflocculating effect of chloride salts ions on clostridium acetobutylicum grown in continuous cultures

Hughes G.M.; Kikuchi Y.; Watari H., 1982:
The deformability of red blood cells of a teleost fish the yellowtail seriola quinqueradiata and a comparison with human erythrocytes

Hoyer, H.E.; Zech, M., 1980:
The deformation of the human skull subjected to an impact

Olsen, C.O.; Rankin, J.S.; Arentzen, C.E.; Ring, W.S.; McHale, P.A.; Anderson, R.W., 1981 :
The deformational characteristics of the left ventricle in the conscious dog

Moffat, D.A.; Ramsden, R.T., 1977:
The deformity produced by a palsy of the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve

Botha W.C.; Regel E.; Bergman A.M.C., 1987:
The deft as a rapid bacteriological platform test

Christian, H., 1976:
The degenerating processes of germinal cells during oogenesis in lithobius forficatus myriapoda chilopoda

Rapuzzi G.; Vitali G.B.; Villa Balduini A.; Violante A., 1980:
The degeneration of the hypoglossal afferent nerve effect on the reflex activity of the frog xii cranial nerve

Umetani, T., 1980:
The degeneration of the inferior olive of the rat induced by administration of 3 acetyl pyridine 1. the degeneration of the perikaryons

Thomas, P.K.; King, R.H.M., 1974:
The degeneration of unmyelinated axons following nerve section an ultrastructural study

El-Banna, A.A., 1980:
The degenerative effect on rabbit implantation sites by indomethacin 1. timing of indomethacin action possible effect on uterine proteins and the effect of replacement doses of prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Zaki W., 1985:
The degenerative process during the development of the corpus callosum

Subtelny, J.D., 1985:
The degenerative, regenerative mandibular condyle: facial asymmetry

Fahmy S.T.M.; Sundstol F., 1985:
The degradability of untreated and chemically treated barley straw and of grass silage as influenced by the ration composition

El-Gelani, M.; Gammudi, A., 1978:
The degradation effect of high humidity on the chlorophylls in phaseolus vulgaris plants

Lutsishchina E.G.; Tsimbal A.S., 1985:
The degradation free nmr method for determination of gluten in wheat seeds

Israel, J.W.; Amtey, S.R., 1980:
The degradation function in conventional tomography

Tauchnitz J.; Hoffmann J.; Kiesel G., 1985:
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The degradation of meadow communities in the area of magnesite plants

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The degradation of p hydroxy benzoic acid in water samples depending on the nitrogen and phosphorus supply

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The degradation of the mediterranean maquis

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The degree of calcification and the weight of pineal glands in Ugandan Africans

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The degree of cell spreading on the substratum as the factor determining their micro relief pattern in suspension

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The degree of concordance of adaptive reactions in twins in mountain climate and their correlation with the reactivity of connective tissue physiological system

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The degree of control exerted by phobic and nonphobic verbal stimuli over the recognition behavior of phobic and nonphobic subjects

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The degree of coupling factor 1 release and the reconstituting capacity of the depleted membranes

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The degree of differentiation in early onset and late onset forms of platyfish swordtail hybrid melanomas a morphological and physiological study in primary culture

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The degree of endemicity of onchocerciasis

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The degree of environmental pollution in surgical departments

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The degree of glutathione oxidation in excised aortic tissue of rats and rabbits

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The degree of hepatic enzyme induction might be related to the amount of hepatic fibrosis in rats chronically intoxicated by carbon tetra chloride

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The degree of herbicide efficiency on maize crop weeds

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The degree of in vivo transfer rna aminoacylation at logarithmic and stationary phases of yeast cell growth

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The degree of incompatibility within the senecio cruentus lines

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The degree of infection of wheat cultivars with powdery mildew in slovakia czechoslovakia during 1975 1979

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The degree of infestation of abramis brama teleostei by monogeneans of the genus dactylogyrus with reference to the host sex

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The degree of infestation of larvae of ceutorrhynchus quadridens and ceutorrhynchus napi curculionidae coleoptera by insect parasites

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The degree of information about risks in pregnancy a survey among people of an italian region

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The degree of information on the risk of increasing maternal age upon conception

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The degree of intransitivity and its measurement in an assemblage of encrusting cheilostome bryozoa

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The degree of ischemic injury to heart muscle with partial limitation of coronary blood flow

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The degree of maxillo facial risk in the sport of rugby

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The degree of monocyte participation in human b cell and t cell activation by phorbol myristate acetate

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The degree of palisade parenchyma participation in photosynthesis of leaves of the norway maple and the weeping birch

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The degree of phenotypic resemblance of the near isogenic lines of the wheat cultivar thatcher with their recurrent parent

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The degree of plasma protein binding of sodium cromoglycate

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The degree of radiation pathomorphosis in a tumor and the results of combined therapy of breast cancer

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The degree of selectivity of neurogenic effects

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The degree of self fertility and inter fertility among the 12 sweet cherry varieties in the gorica region in 1965 1970

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The degree of short term synchrony between alpha motoneurons and gamma motoneuron coactivated during the flexion reflex in the cat

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The degree of similarity of backcross lines of triticum aestivum cultivars manitou and neepawa with aegilops speltoides accessions as donors

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The degree of similarity of dendro chronological curves as an indicator of site conditions

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The degree of susceptibility and levels of infection in 10 different strains of aedes polynesiensis marks infected with subperiodic brugia malayi and brugia pahangi

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The degree of threat to native vegetation formations as based on the red data book of vascular plants

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The degree of winter hardiness of orchard grass strains developed from the plants surviving in the severely winter killed pastures

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The degree to which grain quality features are determined by genotype and the effectiveness of predicting the success of selection based on those features in spring durum wheat population

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The degree to which sewage of agricultural origin is responsible for the eutrophication and pollution of streams and rivers

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The dehalogenase complement of a soil pseudomonad grown in closed and open cultures on halo alkanoic acids

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The dehalogenation of dihalogenomethylenebisphosphonates

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The dehydration of ajugasterone c under base conditions

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The dehydrogenase activity in recent under water soils

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The dehydrogenation of 1 indanol by a soluble oxido reductase from bovine liver

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The dehydrogenation of butanediol by vibrio parahaemolyticus and other vibrios

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The dehydrogenation of ethanol in dilute aqueous solution photosensitized by benzophenones

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The delay in carbon 14 fixation rates by 3 submerged macrophytes a source of error in the carbon 14 technique

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The delay line in waiting multi vibrators for studying bin aural hearing

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The delayed effect on fertility of preadult competition two species population dynamics

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The delayed ischemic deficit secondary to spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage with reference to the effect of medication

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The delayed luminescence of tryptophan in aqueous lithium chloride solutions at 77 kelvin

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The delayed mast cell mediated mitogenesis in diabetic rat

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The delayed rod afterimage

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The delayed use of positive end expiratory pressure during respiratory resuscitation following near drowning with fresh water or salt water

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The deleterious effects of exogenous bi carbonate on the rabbit cornea undergoing prolonged refrigerated storage

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The deletion in both common types of hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin is approximately 105 kilobases

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The deletion of vittaria graminifolia from the flora of florida usa

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The delimitation and subdivision of the genus maclura moraceae

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The delimitation and taxonomic position of the tropical african genera leptactina and dictyandra rubiaceae

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The delimitation of the gnorisatinae criteria for the classification of recent european genera diptera mycetophilidae

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The delimitation of the tribe anthospermeae and its affinities to the paederieae rubiaceae

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The delineated patch technique as a measure of wool growth

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The delineation and growth of a sludge field

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The delineation of a point source plume by the study of bacterial populations

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The delivery of health services in china

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The delta e 260 index as a possible criterion for the evaluation and comparison of various agitating devices

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The delta errors and epsilon errors in the assessment of cancer clinical trials

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The delta function counter ion condensate around a line charge derived from the fuoss katchalsky and lifson poly electrolyte theory

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The delto pectoral flap vs. the pectoralis major myo cutaneous flap which one?

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The demand for dental health

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The demand for health inputs and their impact on the black neonatal mortality rate in the usa

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The demarcation membrane system of the megakaryocyte: a misnomer?

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The dementia syndrome personal experience in a geriatric division

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The demersal fish fauna in the area of the grotto of banjole rovinj yugoslavia with a description of speleogobius trigloides new genus new species gobiidae perciformes

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The demethylation of imipramine and clomipramine as apparent from their plasma kinetics

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The demineralization of human dental roots in the presence of fluoride

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The demise and recovery of eelgrass zostera marina in the chesapeake bay virginia usa

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The demise of 2 geocarpic legume genera

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The demise of meromixis in riverine lakes of the world heritage wilderness of south west tasmania australia

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The demise of the stanford binet scale

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The demographic and social characteristics of patients with Crohn's disease in the Nottingham area

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The demographic attraction of italian cities

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The demographic factor in the provision of health facilities in developing countries: the case of Nigeria

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The demographic situation in China

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The demographic strategies of insects their biological processes

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The demographics of trauma in 1995

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The demography of 3 populations of dandelion taraxacum

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The demography of a rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus population in an arid region of new south wales australia

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The demography of a sand dune annual vulpia fasciculata part 1 the natural regulation of populations

Watkinson, A.R., 1978:
The demography of a sand dune annual vulpia fasciculata part 2 the dynamics of seed populations

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The demography of bromus tectorum the role of microclimate grazing and disease

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The demography of bromus tectorum variation in time and space

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The demography of datura ferox l. in soybean crops

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The demography of famine

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The demography of fronds of chondrus crispus

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The demography of jack in the pulpit arisaema triphyllum a forest perennial that changes sex

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The demography of leaves and tillers of ammophila arenaria in a dune sere

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The demography of low litter size populations of microtus californicus

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The demography of sweet buckeye aesculus octandra seeds and seedlings

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The demography of synaptomys cooperi populations in eastern kansas usa

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The demography of the annual halophyte spergularia marina on a baltic seashore meadow sweden

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The demography of the native population of an alaskan city usa

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The demography of the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae submodels of age specific survivorship and fecundity

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The demography of the temperate mangrove avicennia marina at its southern limit in new zealand

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The demography of transplants of timothy phleum pratense in a pasture

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The demography of trout lily erythronium americanum in nova scotia canada

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The demoiselle crane in buryat assr russian sfsr ussr

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The demoiselles pomacentridae pomacentrinae from taiwan

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The demonstration in vivo of more than 1 form of far red phytochrome

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The demonstration of 2 discrete enzymes catalyzing the synthesis of glutamine and gamma glutamyl methylamide in pseudomonas strain ms

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The demonstration of a cooperative action of bacterial and intestinal mucosa enzymes in the activation of mutagens

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The demonstration of a respiratory syncytial virus infection in calves via the complement fixation test

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The demonstration of acid alpha naphthyl acetate esterase activity in human lymphocytes usefulness as a thymus derived cell marker

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The demonstration of alternating contractile state in pulsus alternans

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The demonstration of bacteria on and within the stratum corneum using scanning electron microscopy

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The demonstration of bone and cartilage remodelling using alcian blue and hematoxylin

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The demonstration of cell mediated immunity in chickens vaccinated with fowlpox virus

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The demonstration of coronavirus infection in buffaloes

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The demonstration of estradiol and progesterone receptors in histological preparations

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The demonstration of immuno globulin in the metrial gland cells of the rat placenta

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The demonstration of insulin like material in the honeybee apis mellifera

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The demonstration of jugular venous thrombosis by high resolution ultrasound

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The demonstration of locally synthesized herpes simplex immuno globulin g antibodies in cerebro spinal fluid by a sepharose 4b linked enzyme immunoassay

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The demonstration of lupus anticoagulant by an elisa

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The demonstration of neurotrophic function by application of colchicine or vinblastine to the peripheral nerve

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The demonstration of new human brain specific proteins by high resolution 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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The demonstration of normal o n claisen rearrangement in purines

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The demonstration of pharmacologically active substances in the portal vein blood of dogs after occlusion of the superior mesenteric artery

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The demonstration of phyto estrogens in feed plants and hops with the aid of a receptor test

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The demonstration of protein bound molybdenum 99 labeled di thio molybdate and tri thio molybdate in sheep plasma after the infusion of molybdenum 99 labeled molybdate into the rumen

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The demonstration of separate dna polymerase activities in intact isolated rat liver nuclei by means of response to bleomycin and arabinosyl ctp

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The demonstration of several neuro transmitter and drug receptors in human retina

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The demonstration of ss a ro antigen in human fetal tissues and neonatal and adult skin

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The demonstration of succinate dehydrogenase activity in ascites tumor cells with fluorescent tetrazolium salts

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The demonstration of surface immuno globulin major histo compatibility complex and t cell antigens and fc receptors on the lymphocyte surface by anti globulin rosetting reactions some technical considerations

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The demonstration of terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase on frozen tissue sections and smears by the avidin biotin complex method

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The demonstration of the clumping factor by stabilized fibrinogen for quick practicable diagnostics of staphylococcus aureus

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The demonstration of the cutaneous distribution of saphenous nerve c fibers using a plasma extravasation technique in the normal rat and following nerve injury

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The demonstration of the influenza virus by the method of the immune electron microscopy

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The demonstration of the k antigen of campylobacter fetus venerealis using a microtiter agglutination test

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The demonstration of the leukosis virus in lymphocytes of diseased cattle

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The demonstration of the silent phospho gluco mutase allele in a japanese family

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The demonstration of the spindle fiber attachments in the amphibian liver and sperm nuclei by the sera from scleroderma patients

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The demonstration of twitching motility in Eikenella corrodens

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The demonstration of uro kinase antigen in whole blood

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The demonstration of viruses containing an envelope via the agglutination of antibody coated staphylococcus aureus

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The demonstrative and nesting behavior of the gull larus relictus on the lake barun torey ussr

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The demoulin rule and newly mandated combinations in eriogonum polygonaceae

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The den system of the alpine marmot marmota marmota marmota in the national park of stelvio northern italy

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The denaturation mechanism of carp myosin b in the presence of high concentration of salt

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The denaturation of covalently inhibited swine pepsin

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The denaturation of human oxy hemo globin a oxy hemo globin a 2 and oxy hemo globin s by isopropanol buffer method

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The denaturation of oroso mucoid

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The denaturation of rabbit muscle phosphorylase b ec by guanidinium chloride

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The denaturation of rnase a by combinations of urea and salt denaturants

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The denatured states of cytochrome c

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The dendritic architecture of the medial terminal nucleus of the accessory optic system in the rat rabbit and cat

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The dendritic complexity and innervation of submandibular neurons in five species of mammals

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The dendritic organization of the human spinal cord the dorsal horn

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The dendritic response to gamma amino butyric acid in ca 1 of the hippocampal slice

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The dendritic trees of purkinje cells a computer assisted analysis of horseradish peroxidase labeled neurons in organotypic cultures of kitten cerebellum

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The dendritic varicosity a mechanism for electrically isolating the dendrites of cat retinal amacrine cells

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The dendrophilic neo tropical fauna part 3 the new tribe hisychiini orthoptera romaleidae

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The dendrophilous butterflies of the bombyces and sphinges groups lepidoptera found on oaks in bulgaria

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The dendrophilous neotropical fauna 6. generic and specific diagnosis of acridoidea orthoptera from the manaus region brazil

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The Denis Browne repair for hypospadias: a review of 14 years of consecutive experience

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The denisonia gouldii species group serpentes elapidae in western australia

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The denitrification capacity of sediment from a hypereutrophic lake

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The denn golgi stain a modified defanos silver impregnation stain for dendritic spines and neuro fibrils

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The density and composition of hyper saline water of a mexican lagoon

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The density and distribution of capillaries around a synovial cavity

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The density and distribution of ischemic brain injury in the rat following 2 10 minutes of forebrain ischemia

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The density and dynamics of a breeding population of the rook corvus frugilegus in an agricultural landscape of great poland

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The density and free water of cholinergic synaptic vesicles as a function of osmotic pressure

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The density biomass and origin of the bivalves of the central north sea

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The density dependence of larval mortality of Culex pipiens fatigans in an urban situation and prediction of its effects on genetic control operations

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The density dependence of spatial behavior and the rarity of randomness

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The density distribution and topographical organization of spino cervical tract neurons in the cat

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The density of adrenergic innervation of the cats nictitating membrane as a factor influencing the sensitivity of the isolated preparation to 1 norepinephrine autonomic 1 epinephrine autonomic

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The density of alouatta seniculus in the eastern llanos of colombia

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The density of cholinergic receptors at the end plate postsynaptic membrane ultrastructural studies in 2 mammalian species

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The density of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta eggs in shallow matrix substrate incubators

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The density of dystopic neurons in the white matter of the gyrus frontalis inferior in epilepsies

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The density of equine tissue at 37 celsius

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The density of forest plantations and the moisture state of mountain black brown soils in the western tien shan ussr

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The density of graptoloid skeletal tissue and its implication for the volume and density of the soft tissue

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The density of indigenous invertebrates on 3 islands in breaksea sound fiordland new zealand in relation to the distribution of introduced mammals

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The density of inflows to onondaga lake usa 1980 and 1981

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The density of long limb bones and the percentage ash weight of the skeleton of Macaca mulatta

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The density of migratory and over wintering redshank tringa totanus and curlew numenius arquata in relation to the density of their prey in southeast england

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The density of muscularized pulmonary arteries in normal lungs: a morphometric study

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The density of myelinated fibers is related to the fascicle diameter in human superficial peroneal nerve statistical study of 41 normal samples

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The density of neurons in the human hippocampus

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The density of northern fowl mite ornithonyssus sylviarum populations on pullets 20 weeks of age

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The density of reinnervation of adult rat superior cervical sympathetic ganglionic neurons is limited by the number of available postsynaptic sites

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The dental arch and the cranial facial complex

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The dental crest a differentiating agent in the mandibular corpus

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The dental developmental status of six east african juvenile fossil hominids

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The dental health of an elderly population in northwest england uk results of a survey undertaken in the halton health authority

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The dental health of children 8 and 15 years of age living in bunbury western australia

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The dental histology of the edentata especially the nine banded armadillo dasypus novemcinctus

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The dental management of the patient with dementia

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The dental morphology of Pima Indians

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The dental occlusion in treated and non-treated cleft lip and palate

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The dental pulp test in the rabbit

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The dental treatment for the children in nagasaki city japan

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The dentary of brachychampsa montana alligatinae crocodylidae a late cretaceous turtle eating alligator

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The dentatorubral projection. An autoradiographic study in rats

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The denticulatins 2 poly propionate metabolites from the pulmonate siphonaria denticulata

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The dentinogenic ghost cell tumor

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The dentition and relationships of the paleocene primate micromomys with description of a new species

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The dentition of gegeneophis ramaswamii amphibia gymnophiona with comments on monocuspid teeth in the amphibia

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The dentition of king christian iii dental disease and oral hygiene habits of a 16th century king of denmark and norway

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The dentition of micronesians

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The dentition of new britain west nakanai melanesians part 8 peopling of the pacific

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The dentition of rhinopithecus

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The dentition of the european glass lizard ophisaurus apodus reptilia sauria anguidae with notes on the pattern of tooth replacement

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The dentition of the ladakhi india

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The dentition of the Lengua indians of Paraguay

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The dentition of the mousterian child chateauneuf 2 from hauteroche charente france

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The dentition of the old man of la chapelle aux saints france and inferences concerning neanderthal behavior

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The dentition of the paleocene insectivore genus acmeodon palaeoryctidae mammalia

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The dentition of the queckchi indians guatemala anthropological aspects

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The denver colorado usa sexually transmitted diseases prevention training center a 2 year performance evaluation

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The Denver type for peritoneovenous shunting of malignant ascites

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The denver universal micro spectro radiometer part 2 computer configuration and modular programming for radiometry

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The deoxygenation of some derivatives of methyl 3 amino 3 deoxy alpha d glucopyranoside

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The department of housing and interior design at the university of missouri columbia usa the environment and behavior paradigm

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The dependence between generative potency of pollen tetrads and seed yield and germination in taxa of the genus vaccinium subgenus oxycoccus

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The dependence of acetyl cholin esterase aggregation at low ionic strength upon a poly anionic component

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The dependence of airborne particulate deposition on atmospheric stability and surface conditions

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The dependence of airway smooth muscle on extracellular calcium for contraction is influenced by the presence of cartilage

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The dependence of alanine transport by 3t6 and cho cells on sodium electrochemical gradient

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The dependence of amitriptyline partition coefficients on lipid phase

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The dependence of amplitude and shape of the circadian leaf movement in oxalis acetosella and oxalis regnellii upon the strength of the zeitgeber

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The dependence of androgen metabolism in hypophysis and hypothalamus on the age of rats

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The dependence of annulate lamellae formation on the nucleus in parthenogenetic rabbit eggs

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The dependence of arginase activity in the plerocercoids triaenophorus nodulosus and diphyllobothrium latum on temperature

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The dependence of atmospheric nitrogen fixation in samples of beech d mull on the amount of cellulose added

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The dependence of average body weight and correlative weight on age and sex

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The dependence of bacterial sulfate reduction on sulfate concentration in marine sediments

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The dependence of biliary methylmercury secretion on liver glutathione and ligandin

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The dependence of biological electron transfer rates on exothermicity the cytochrome c cytochrome b 5 couple

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The dependence of bodily responses on dosed physical loads under conditions of restricted muscular activity

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The dependence of browse from the mixture of tree species

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The dependence of caerulein evoked pancreatic fluid secretion on the extracellular calcium concentration

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The dependence of calanus australis ingestion rate on food concentration in natural habitat

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The dependence of calcium biorhythms on heliophysical factors

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The dependence of calcium transport and leaf tip burn in strawberry on relative humidity and nutrient solution concentration

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The dependence of calling activity in rana esculenta and rana ridibunda upon exogenous factors ranidae anura

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The dependence of carbon dioxide respiration on additions of different nutrients to a natural bioreactor and its computer halftone dots

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The dependence of cardiac contraction on de polarization and slow inward current

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The dependence of cardiac energy metabolism on oxygen carrying capacity

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The dependence of cellulose degradation caused by mold fungi on the ph value of the substrate

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The dependence of cerebral blood flow on age

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The dependence of cerebral blood flow on mental activity and on emotional state in man

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The dependence of chamber dynamics on chamber dimensions

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The dependence of crude papain yields on different collection tapping procedures for papaya carica papaya latex

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The dependence of crural blood supply on crural length and biochemical properties of the skeletal muscles

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The dependence of crustacean respiration rate on body mass and habitat temperature

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The dependence of degree variation of soil moisture on its value

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The dependence of discharge rate of spindle afferent units on the size of the load during isotonic position holding in man

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The dependence of dose response in the study of mutagenic activity of basfungin after single administration in white rats

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The dependence of early acoustically evoked potential on age

Mather G., 1987:
The dependence of edge displacement thresholds on edge blur contrast and displacement distance

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The dependence of Escherichia coli asparaginase II formation on cyclic AMP and cyclic AMP receptor protein

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The dependence of evoked transmitter release on external calcium ions at very low mean quantal contents

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The dependence of excitatory junction potential amplitude on the external calcium concentration in mouse vas deferens during narcotic withdrawal

Einstein R.; Lavidis N.A., 1984:
The dependence of excitatory junction potential amplitude on the external calcium concentration in narcotic tolerant mouse vas deferens

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The dependence of extrapolation problem resolution success on the latent period

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The dependence of fluorescence spectra of chloroplasts on the activity of photosystem ii

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The dependence of flux sensitivity and response of the flux on the concentrations of substrate and modifiers for cooperative enzymes

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The dependence of fruit and seed set of pear and apple on the number of styles pollinated

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The dependence of geminal hydrogen hydrogen spin spin coupling constants on variant phi and psi angles of peptides in solution

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The dependence of generative cell division in tradescantia paludosa pollen tubes on protein and rna synthesis

Schluter U., 1979:
The dependence of growth and the molting cycle of argulus foliaceus branchiura on the environmental temperature

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The dependence of growth rate and economic coefficient on the conditions of inoculation material nutrition in a candida utilis batch culture

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The dependence of heart and brain indexes of black sea fishes on their natural loco motor activity

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The dependence of heart parasympathetic negative chronotropic responses on initial heart rate in teleosts

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The dependence of heat resistance of drosophila on environment temperature and the relation of this character to mutation process

Gerlach J., 1985:
The dependence of honeybee behavior on weather shown by the results of weighing beehives in the period of 1969 1978 in the region of beekeepers association of hannover west germany

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The dependence of human decidual prolactin production and secretion on the osmotic environment in vitro

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The dependence of human t lymphocyte migration on the 5 lip oxygenation of endogenous arachidonic acid

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The dependence of immunological cross reactivity upon sequence resemblance among lysozymes part 1 micro complement fixation studies

Prager, E.M.; Wilson, A.C., 1971:
The dependence of immunological cross reactivity upon sequence resemblance among lysozymes part 2 comparison of precipitin and micro complement fixation results

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The dependence of intrinsic rates of dissolution on hydrodynamic conditions using a thermodynamic approach

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The dependence of iodometric properties of the degree of poly saccharide conversion in exo hydrolysis and endo hydrolysis

Nikolski, Y.N., 1977:
The dependence of irrigation requirements on water table depth in drained lands

Pferrer S.; Kulik R.; Hiller T.; Kuhn H.J., 1988:
The dependence of isometric tension isometric atpase activity and shortening velocity of limulus muscle on the magnesium atp concentration

Probert, M.E., 1972:
The dependence of isotopically exchangeable phosphate l value on phosphate uptake

Seebeck R.M., 1983:
The dependence of lean carcass composition on carcass fat as assessed by multi variate shape size methods

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The dependence of lipid fatty acid composition of penicillium fungi on natural habitat in relation to problems of chemotaxonomy

Mayanskii D.N.; Shcheroakov V.I.; Komlyagina T.G., 1984:
The dependence of liver mononuclear infiltration on hepatocyte proliferation

Kuebler E., 1979:
The dependence of location and rotation on the appearance of cereal eelworms heterodera avenae

Dikstein S.; Hartzshtark A.; Bercovici P., 1984:
The dependence of low pressure indentation slackness and surface ph on age in forehead skin of women

Balanski, R.M.; Dzhioev, F.K., 1976:
The dependence of lung carcinogenesis in mice on the activity of microsomal enzymes

Gareev R.A.; Kim T.D.; Nefedov V.P.; Andreev V.K., 1979:
The dependence of lymph flow upon hemodynamic indices in an isolated hind limb

Cunningham, J.R.; Woo, M.; Rogers, D.W.; Bielajew, A.F., 1986 :
The dependence of mass energy absorption coefficient ratios on beam size and depth in a phantom

Homma, Y.; Minami, Y.; Shinbo, M., 1987:
The dependence of maximal expiratory flow on vital capacity: a theoretical analysis

MacNee, W.; Power, J.; Innes, A.; Douglas, N.J.; Sudlow, M.F., 1983:
The dependence of maximal flow in man on the airway gas physical properties

Kul'ba A.M.; Gorelyshev A.S., 1983:
The dependence of melting temperature of phage dna on the guanosine cytosine pair content in solvent with low ionic strength

Dulhunty, A.F., 1978:
The dependence of membrane potential on extracellular chloride concentration in mammalian skeletal muscle fibers

Zakharova, G.M.; Bartoshevich-Yu, E., 1977:
The dependence of mutagenic activity on the physiological state of the cell

Jostes, R.F.; Hopwood, L.E.; Dewey, W.C.; Blackburn, G.R., 1978:
The dependence of mutation frequency on 8 aza guanine concentration in control and irradiated chinese hamster ovary cells

Shtern S.V.; Eveleva L.V.; Kots E.B., 1984:
The dependence of myo cardial contractility on the collateral circulation in patients with coronary heart disease

Kraupp, O.; Plank, B.; Stuehlinger, W.D.; Turnheim, K.; Chirikdjian, J.J., 1971:
The dependence of myo cardial substrate levels on the arterial oxygen tension in the cat in vivo

Bykov I.I.; Kulagina N.P.; Mikhailova R.V., 1987:
The dependence of myocardial blood supply on the type of atrioventricular block in ischemic heart disease

Wickline, S.A.; Thomas, L.J.; Miller, J.G.; Sobel, B.E.; Pérez, J.E., 1985:
The dependence of myocardial ultrasonic integrated backscatter on contractile performance

Glasby M.A.; Gschmeissner S.G.; Hitchcock R.J.I.; Huang C.L.H., 1986:
The dependence of nerve regeneration through muscle grafts in the rat on the availability and orientation of basement membrane

Buczek J.; Borkowski J.; Jarzynska I., 1986:
The dependence of nitrate reductase activity on the level of soluble sugars in wheat and cucumber roots growing in the presence of simazine in light or in darkness

Yakunin A.F.; Tsygankov A.A.; Gogotov I.N.; L'vov N.P., 1986:
The dependence of nitrogenase and nitrate reductase activities on the concentration of molybdenum in the medium and nitrate assimilation in rhodopseudomonas capsulata cells

Bernstein, C.; Morgan, D.; Gensler, H.L.; Schneider, S.; Holmes, G.E., 1976:
The dependence of nitrous acid mutagenesis in phage t 4 on ligase and the lack of dependence of 2 amino purine mutagenesis on repair functions

Wehrli F.W.; Macfall J.R.; Glover G.H.; Grigsby N.; Haughton V.; Johanson J., 1984:
The dependence of nmr image contrast on intrinsic and pulse sequence timing parameters

Kaufman, Z.S., 1976:
The dependence of oogenesis in marine invertebrates on the environmental temperature and some aspects of evolutionary morphology

Carroll, J.J.; Miller, G.E.; Thompson, J.F.; Darley, E.F., 1977:
The dependence of open field burning emissions and plume concentrations on meteorology field conditions and ignition technique

Roemer, V.M.; Heinzl, S.; Mietzner, S.; Peters, F.D., 1978:
The dependence of oscillation frequency from base line level during cardio tocography

Brix O.; Lomholt J.P., 1982:
The dependence of oxygen consumption of the common whelk buccinum undatum on hypoxia salinity and air exposure

Grits N.V.; Fomichev A.Yu, 1985:
The dependence of ozone antibacterial and antiphage action on the concentration of cells and phage particles in the reaction medium

Magliero A.; Bashore T.R.; Coles M.G.H.; Donchin E., 1984:
The dependence of p 300 latency on stimulus evaluation processes

Dryl S., 1984:
The dependence of paramecium excitability on the ionic composition of the external environment

Kocherga V.I.; Nesterenko N.V.; Vorobets Z.D.; Kurchenko L.K.; Kurskii M.D., 1987:
The dependence of passive calcium transport in cardiac sarcolemmal vesicles on the membrane potential

Streutker, A., 1977:
The dependence of permanent crop production on efficient irrigation and drainage at the vaalharts government water scheme

Ito T., 1980:
The dependence of photo sensitizing efficacy of acridine orange and toluidine blue on the degree of sensitizer cell interaction

Grimal'skii, V.I.; Entin, L.I., 1977:
The dependence of pine moth dendrolimus pini population dynamics on some biotic factors

Gavrilyuk, F.Ya, 1977:
The dependence of plant productivity on the quality of chernozem and chestnut soils under different climatic conditions

Ivanek, V., 1974:
The dependence of potato yield on the amount of buds on the tuber and the amount of potato tops during the vegetation period

King F.D., 1986:
The dependence of primary production in the mixed layer of the eastern tropical pacific on the vertical transport of nitrate

Suleymanian M.A.; Salanki J.; Ayrapetyan S.N., 1984:
The dependence of pump induced hyperpolarization on the tonicity of the surrounding medium and intracellular sodium concentration

Brookes P.C.; Wigston D.L.; Bourne W.F., 1980:
The dependence of quercus robur and quercus petraea seedlings on cotyledon potassium magnesium calcium and phosphorus during the 1st year of growth

Mclean M.B.; Sauer K., 1982:
The dependence of reaction center and antenna triplets on the redox state of photosystem i

Cushing D.H., 1984:
The dependence of recruitment on parent stock derived from the average recruitment

Finlay, B.J., 1977:
The dependence of reproductive rate on cell size and temperature in fresh water ciliated protozoa

Henik A.; Friedrich F.J.; Kellog W.A., 1983:
The dependence of semantic relatedness effects upon prime processing

Suleimanyan M.A.; Sagiyan A.A.; Airapetyan S.N., 1984:
The dependence of sodium pump activity on the tonicity of the surrounding medium

Luescher, M.; Van-Doorn, J., 1976:
The dependence of soldier formation in the termite zootermopsis on the duration of action of the juvenile hormone analog altozar

Kuzin, M.I.; Osokina, L.I.; Golubkov, V.A., 1975:
The dependence of some biological properties of tumors on their metabolism

Matthews, P.R.; McDiarmid, A.; Collins, P.; Brown, A., 1978:
The dependence of some strains of Mycobacterium avium on mycobactin for initial and subsequent growth

Turnbull-Ross, A.D.; Else, A.J.; Eperon, I.C., 1988:
The dependence of splicing efficiency on the length of 3' exon

Hudler P.; Burian K., 1986:
The dependence of stomatal aperture from the daylength in phaseolus vulgaris l

Fisher F.J.F.; Wright M., 1984:
The dependence of suntracking in lavatera cretica on carbon dioxide availability

Lingelbach, E.; Rufer, R.; Stolz, C., 1968:
The dependence of surface forces of isolated rat lungs on ventilation temperature and metabolism

E.S.lmy S.E.; Downie J.W.; Awad S.A., 1984:
The dependence of sustained bladder contractions provoked by filling or by sub cutaneous bethanechol upon sacral afferent pathways

Cinca, J.; Sassine, A.; Deceuninck, P.; Roca, J.; Gagné, P.; Morena, H.; Puech, P., 1978:
The dependence of T wave alternans on diastolic resting period duration

Bartels, E.M.; Jensen, P.; Sten-Knudsen, O.S., 1976:
The dependence of tension relaxation in skeletal muscle on the number of sarcomeres in series

Korot'ko, G.F.; Pulatov, A.S., 1977:
The dependence of the amylolytic activity of the small intestine on the amylolytic activity of the blood

Semak, N.N.; Matveev, V.Y. ; Panasenko, V.I.; Kotusov, V.V., 1986:
The dependence of the azospirillum brasilense sp. 7 agglutination by wheat lectin on the culture growth phase

Grigor'ev-Yu, G.; Gorlov, V.G.; Shafirkin, A.V., 1978:
The dependence of the biological effectiveness of long term and chronic radiation effect on the dose rate for different animal species and man

Wolthuis, O.L.; Clason-Van-Der-Wiel, H.J.; Visser, R.P.L.S., 1976:
The dependence of the blood level of the oxime hs 6 1 2 hydroxyiminoethyl pyridinium 1 3 carboxamido pyridinium di methyl ether on the severity of organo phosphate poisoning

Kurnik, P.B.; Tiefenbrunn, A.J.; Ludbrook, P.A., 1984:
The dependence of the cardiac effects of nifedipine on the responses of the peripheral vascular system

Wild, A.; Conrad, G.; Zickler, H.O., 1972:
The dependence of the concentration of plastid quinones and pigments in zea mays m and atriplex rosea d on light intensity and plant age

Smith J.R.; Coster H.G.L.; Laver D.R., 1985:
The dependence of the conductance of phosphatidylcholine bilayers upon the concentration and composition of the external electrolyte

Menestrinia G.; Antolini R., 1982:
The dependence of the conductance of the hemo cyanin channel on applied potential and ionic concentration with monovalent and divalent cations

Chapman, R.A.; Tunstall, J., 1971:
The dependence of the contractile force generated by frog auricular trabeculae upon the external calcium concentration

Nagel, W., 1977:
The dependence of the electrical potentials across the membranes of the frog skin upon the concentration of sodium in the mucosal solution

Diederich G., 1985:
The dependence of the electronic measurement of the mean cell volume of erythrocytes coulter principle on the erythrocyte count in the sample

Salamon Z., 1980:
The dependence of the fluorescence yield transition from state i to dark on the physical state of membrane lipids in chlorella pyrenoidosa

Fomin, B.A., 1976:
The dependence of the frequency of self stimulation in cats on the frequency of stimulating impulses

Lozinskii L.G.; Zamotaev I.P.; Venediktova M.G.; Fitileva L.M.; Alekyan B.G.; Chernyavskaya Z.V., 1982:
The dependence of the functional state of the myo cardium on the degree of lesions of the coronary bed in chronic ischemic heart disease patients with and without the history of myo cardial infarction

Koval' E.Z.; Sidorenko A.I.; Sidorenko L.P., 1987:
The dependence of the fungal resistance of paint coatings on their hydrophobic nature

Baumann H., 1984:
The dependence of the grading criteria diameter and mass of some apple varieties

Spiridonov Y.Y.; Shestakov V.G.; Bondarev V.S.; Matveev Y.M.; Spiridonova G.S.; Chicherina L.A., 1982:
The dependence of the herbicidal activity of picloram on its sorption and de toxification in the soil under different hydro thermal regimes

Arditi A., 1982:
The dependence of the induced effect on orientation and a hypothesis concerning disparity computations in general

Popov D.V.; Kaluzhina N.N., 1980:
The dependence of the induction rate of cornea on physiological state of epidermal melanophores in larvae of rana arvalis

Cohen I.; Attwell D.; Strichartz G., 1981:
The dependence of the maximum rate of rise of the action potential upstroke on membrane properties

Agadzhanyan M.G.; Smirnova I.N.; Sidorova F.V., 1986:
The dependence of the non specific immunoglobulin producer formation on the doses of t dependent and t independent antigens

Ertl S.; Tautz M., 1980:
The dependence of the optimum adjusting scale of the discriminator of a 1 channel analyzer on the portion of scattered radiation and on the energy resolution of the detector

Aggelides, S.; Youngs, E.G., 1978:
The dependence of the parameters in the green and ampt infiltration equation on the initial water content in draining and wetting states

Gottschalk, W., 1978:
The dependence of the penetrance of mutant genes on environment and genotypic background

Abramyan A.G.; Arustamyan A.V., 1981:
The dependence of the photochemical activity of isolated chloroplasts of leaves on the functional condition of the root system

Surdhar P.S.; Armstrong D.A., 1985:
The dependence of the photochemically induced reduction of lumiflavin on ph light intensity and concentration of sulfydryl compounds

Naveh Z., 1982:
The dependence of the productivity of a semi arid mediterranean hill pasture ecosystem on climatic fluctuations

Duddell D.A.; Morris R.J.; Muttucumaru N.J.; Richards J.T., 1980:
The dependence of the quantum yield of ligand photo dissociation from heme proteins on ultra fast recombination

Jakubczyk, H., 1976:
The dependence of the rate of plant material decomposition in a meadow upon mineral fertilization and environmental factors

Khvedynich O.A.; Bannikova V.P.; Serdyuk L.S., 1983:
The dependence of the rate of the fertilization process on the condition of the chromatin in the female cell nuclei

Taits, M.Y. ; Dudina, T.V., 1976:
The dependence of the reaction of the hypophysis adrenal cortex system on the conditions of exposure to ionizing radiation in low doses

Olivari N.; Niermann W., 1980:
The dependence of the shape of the lips on the technique of the operation for cleft lip jaw and palate

Kiseleva N.B.; Novikov G.I.; Podvigin N.F., 1985:
The dependence of the spatial characteristics of the cat superior colliculus receptive fields on the velocity of light stimulus

Pelkonen P.; Hari P., 1980:
The dependence of the springtime recovery of carbon di oxide uptake in scotch pine pinus sylvestris on temperature and internal factors

Dibrov B.F.; Zhabotinskii A.M.; Krinskaya A.V.; Neifakh Y.A.; Churikova L.N., 1984:
The dependence of the survival of mouse hemopoietic stem cells on the interval between regular multiple injections of hydroxyurea

Mark, J.E., 1976:
The dependence of the swelling of elastin on elongation and its importance in fluorescence probe analysis

Kuznetsova N.N.; Smoleva I.E.; Stepanova T.N.; Semushina L.A., 1986:
The dependence of the total optimal dose of fertilizer nitrogen plus phosphorus plus potassium on soil properties

Tolkachev, O.N.; Vichkanova, S.A.; Makarova, L.V.; Naidovich, L.P., 1978:
The dependence of the tuberculostatic activity of bis benzyl iso quinoline alkaloids on their structure

Bogenrieder, A.; Klein, R., 1978:
The dependence of the uv effect on the quality of light during the raising of seedlings lactuca sativa

Haass C., 1982:
The dependence of the water rail rallus aquaticus on the water level

Blasko K.; Schagina L.V.; Grinfeldt A.E.; Lev A.A., 1988:
The dependence of tracer determined permeability coefficients of gramicidin a treated red blood cell membranes and lipid bilayers on the ionic composition of the media

Scuderi P.; Rosse C., 1981:
The dependence of tumor neutralization on b cells

Roulet M J.; Mongo K.G.; Vassort G.; Ventura Clapier R., 1979:
The dependence of twitch relaxation on sodium ions and on internal calcium ion stores in voltage clamped frog atrial fibers

Mimbs, J.W.; O'Donnell, M.; Bauwens, D.; Miller, J.W.; Sobel, B.E., 1980:
The dependence of ultrasonic attenuation and backscatter on collagen content in dog and rabbit hearts

Paul R.J.; Doerman G.; Zeugner C.; Rueegg J.C., 1983:
The dependence of unloaded shortening velocity on calcium calmodulin and duration of contraction in chemically skinned smooth muscle

Margulis R.Ya, 1984:
The dependence of vertical distribution of the siphonophora of the world ocean on the boundaries of water layers

Sippola J., 1980:
The dependence of yield increases obtained with phosphorus and potassium fertilization on soil test values and soil ph

Cockcroft S.; Bennett J.P.; Gomperts B.D., 1981:
The dependence on calcium of phosphatidyl inositol breakdown and enzyme secretion in rabbit neutrophils stimulated by formylmethionylleucylphenyl alanine or ionomycin

Cockcroft S., 1986:
The dependence on calcium of the guanine nucleotide activated polyphosphoinositide phosphodiesterase in neutrophil plasma membranes

Shennan D.B.; Chipperfield A.R., 1986:
The dependence on chloride ions of the loop diuretic sensitive component of passive sodium efflux from human red cells

Ebner, F.; Reiter, M., 1977:
The dependence on contraction frequency of the positive inotropic effect of di hydro ouabain

Harris, E.J., 1968:
The dependence on di carboxylic acids and energy of citrate accumulation in depleted rat liver mitochondria oligomycin metab valinomycin metab

Irving, M.; Woledge, R.C., 1981:
The dependence on extent of shortening of the extra energy liberated by rapidly shortening frog skeletal muscle

Blackstock, E.J.; Stewart, G.W., 1986:
The dependence on external cation of sodium and potassium fluxes across the human red cell membrane at low temperatures

Arnold, L.; Page, J.; Attwell, D.; Cannell, M.; Eisner, D.A., 1982:
The dependence on heart rate of the human ventricular action potential duration

Fassold E.; Hasselbach W., 1986:
The dependence on internal ph of calcium fluxes across sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicular membranes

Yanagita T.; Wakasa Y.; Oinuma N., 1981:
The dependence potential of nomifensine in rhesus monkeys

Babor T.F.; Cooney N.L.; Lauerman R.J., 1987:
The dependence syndrome concept as a psychological theory of relapse behavior an empirical evaluation of alcoholic and opiate addicts

Caverni, J.P.; Fabre, J.M.; Noizet, G., 1975:
The dependency of academic evaluations on previous evaluations studies using a simulated situation

Kessel B.; Dahl K.D.; Kazer R.R.; Liu C H.; Rivier J.; Vale W.; Hsueh A.J.W.; Yen S.S.C., 1988:
The dependency of bioactive fsh secretion on gonadotropin releasing hormone in hypogonadal and cycling women

Soll, D.R.; Bedell, G.; Thiel, J.; Brummel, M., 1981:
The dependency of nuclear division on volume in the dimorphic yeast Candida albicans

Schaefer, S.S.; Kijewski, S., 1974:
The dependency of the acceleration response of primary muscle spindle endings on the mechanical properties of the muscle

Ragan C.I.; Watling K.J.; Gee N.S.; Aspley S.; Jackson R.G.; Reid G.G.; Baker R.; Billington D.C.; Barnaby R.J.; Leeson P.D., 1988:
The dephosphorylation of inositol 1 4 bisphosphate to inositol in liver and brain involves two distinct lithium sensitive enzymes and proceeds via inositol 4 phosphate

Talling, J.F., 1976:
The depletion of carbon di oxide from lake water by phyto plankton

Matsunaga K., 1982:
The depletion of dissolved oxygen in the hypolimnion of lake kizaki japan from april to july in 1975

Huether G., 1986:
The depletion of tryptophan and serotonin in the brain of developing hyperphenylalaninemic rats is abolished by the additional administration of lysine

Round A.; Wallis D.I., 1986:
The depolarizing action of 5 hydroxytryptamine on rabbit vagal afferent and sympathetic neurons in vitro and its selective blockade by ics 205 930

Azami J.; Fozard J.R.; Round A.A.; Wallis D.I., 1985:
The depolarizing action of 5 hydroxytryptamine on rabbit vagal primary afferent and sympathetic neurons and its selective blockade by mdl 72222 1 alpha h 3 alpha 5 alpha h tropan 3 yl 3 5 dichlorobenzoate

Hayes A.G.; Hawcock A.B.; Hill R.G., 1984:
The depolarizing action of capsaicin on rat isolated sciatic nerve

Combes P J.; Peybernes B., 1981:
The deposit of the combe de le central pyrenees in the french department of arieges in 1981 description observations and new remarks on a bauxite of the ariege type at several superimposed levels

Teuscher C.; Donaldson D.M., 1979:
The deposition and formation of immune complexes in collagenous tissues

Dickinson, H.G., 1976:
The deposition of acetolysis resistant polymers during the formation of pollen

Seidel, A., 1977:
The deposition of americium 241 and californium 252 in the skeleton of chinese hamster syrian hamster and the rat

Powell, M.S.; Slater, N.K., 1983:
The deposition of bacterial cells from laminar flows onto solid surfaces

Hsu H.H.T.; Anderson H.C., 1984:
The deposition of calcium pyrophosphate and phosphate by matrix vesicles isolated from fetal bovine epiphyseal cartilage

Gilbey J.; Bradley S.; Walling D.E., 1987:
The deposition of cesium 137 on grassland at a site in sw england uk following the chernobyl ussr accident

Cooke A.S., 1985:
The deposition of fate of spawn clumps of the common frog rana temporaria at a site in cambridgeshire england uk 1971 1983

Cryer M.; Corbett J.J.; Winterbotham M.D., 1987:
The deposition of hazardous litter by anglers at coastal and inland fisheries in south wales uk

Flanagan J.T.; Wade K.J.; Currie A.; Curtis D.J., 1980:
The deposition of lead and zinc from traffic pollution on 2 roadside shrubs

Leech R.; Marsh P.D.; Rutter P., 1979:
The deposition of oral bacteria at the solid liquid and solid liquid air interfaces

Geffen A.J., 1983:
The deposition of otolith rings in atlantic salmon salmo salar embryos

Huchon G.; Chretien J.; Castillon D.P.rron M., 1980:
The deposition of particles in the respiratory system

Ronneau C.; Cara J.; Apers D., 1987:
The deposition of radionuclides from chernobyl to a forest in belgium

Rutter, P.; Leech, R., 1980:
The deposition of Streptococcus sanguis NCTC 7868 from a flowing suspension

Aston S.R.; Rae J.E., 1982:
The deposition of windscale radio cesium in the wyre estuary england uk and the measurement of sedimentation rates

Farinacci, A.; Lord, A.R.; Pallini, G.; Schiavinotto, F., 1978:
The depositional environment of the domerian toarcian sequence of strettura umbria italy

Jin H.; L.J., 1987:
The depositional environment of the late permian in the matan area heshan county guangxi province china

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