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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6626

Chapter 6626 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Claude, J.; Francillon, G.; Loyer, J.Y., 1977:
The deposits of sediments during the exceptional flood of march 1973

Katzung, B.C.; Jensen, R.A., 1970:
The depressant action of di phenyl hydantoin on electrical and mechanical properties of isolated rabbit and dog atria dependence on sodium and potassium

Liebeswar, G., 1972:
The depressant action of flurazepam on the maximum rate of rise of action potentials recorded from guinea pig papillary muscles

Kitahata, L.M.; Ghazi-Saidi, K.; Yamashita, M.; Kosaka, Y.; Bonikos, C.; Taub, A., 1975:
The depressant effect of halothane and sodium thiopental on the spontaneous and evoked activity of dorsal horn cells: lamina specificity, time course and dose dependence

Harken, A.H.; Lillo, R.S.; Haut, M.J., 1977:
The depressant influence of extracellular fluid hyperoxia on liver slice oxygen uptake

S.C.arles, M.H.; Frank, D.; Tanner, C.E., 1981:
The depressed response of spleen cells from rats infected by Trypanosoma lewisi in producing a secondary response in vitro to sheep erythrocytes and the ability of soluble products of the trypanosome to induce this depression

Merkiel, K.; Prokopowicz, J.; Krawczuk, J., 1978:
The depressing effect of tumor on bactericidal capacity of plasma and leukocytes

Schuiling G.A.; Moes H.; Koiter T.R., 1985:
The depressing negative effect of estradiol benzoate on the in vitro secretion of luteinizing hormone and fsh by the pituitary gland of the gonadotropin releasing hormone pretreated long term ovariectomized rat changes into the augmentative positive effect after discontinuation of the gonadotropin releasing hormone pretreatment

Muehlberg, B.; Sontag, K.H., 1973:
The depression of mono synaptically excited alpha moto neurons during vibration reflex by di methylamino adamantane

Janzen, D.H., 1976:
The depression of reptile biomass by large herbivores

Hill, R.G.; Pepper, C.M., 1978:
The depression of thalamic nociceptive neurons by d alanine 2 d leucine 5 enkephalin

Sohmer H.; Freeman S.; Gafni M.; Goitein K., 1986:
The depression of the auditory nerve brain stem evoked response in hypoxemia mechanism and the site of effect

Barej, W.; Siwecka, B.; Gronczewski, J.; Skolasinska, K., 1980:
The depressive action of ammonium chloride on the hepatic blood flow in sheep

Oksamitnyi V.N.; Tamarova Z.A., 1986:
The depressive effect of dopamine on the transmission of excitation in the isolated spinal cord of rats D.; Rivot J.P.; Guilbaud G.; Menetrey D.; Besson J.M., 1979:
The depressive effect of morphine on the c fiber response of dorsal horn neurons in the spinal rat pre treated or not by p chlorophenyl alanine

Welkowitz, J.; Lish, J.D.; Bond, R.N., 1985:
The Depressive Experiences Questionnaire: revision and validation

Fontaine, O.; Wilmotte, J., 1981:
The depressive process. Critical analysis of the models of Beck and Lewinsohn

Cooper, P.J.; Fairburn, C.G., 1986:
The depressive symptoms of bulimia nervosa

L.S.; Han J., 1985:
The depressor effect of microinjection of monosodium glutamate into medullary raphe nuclei in the rat

Huang Z.; Jin W., 1981:
The depressor responses and mechanism of cortical stimulation in the rabbit

Schmitz J., 1986:
The depressor trochanteris motoneurons and their role in the coxo trochanteral feedback loop in the stick insect carausius morosus

Jonsson G.S., 1987:
The depth distribution and biomass of epilithic periphyton in lake thingvallavatn iceland

Lee, B.B.; Albus, K.; Heggelund, P.; Hulme, M.J.; Creutzfeldt, O.D., 1977:
The depth distribution of optimal stimulus orientations for neurons in cat area 17

Boxshall, G.A., 1977:
The depth distributions and community organization of the planktonic cyclopoids crustacea copepoda of the cape verde islands region

Fricke H.W.; Schuhmacher H., 1983:
The depth limits of red sea stony corals an eco physiological problem a deep diving survey by submersible

Schmidt H U., 1982:
The depth of egg deposition of the indian meal moth plodia interpunctella in rye and maize

Piminov A.F.; Bashura G.S.; Napadov M.A.; Grizodub V.I.; Baglyk T.V.; Dmitrievskaya Z.V., 1985:
The depth of fluorine penetration from dental drugs

Yoshino J.; Nakazawa S.; E.A., 1987:
The depth of invasion in depressed gastric cancer estimated by roentgenography and endoscopic ultrasonography

Ahuja L.R.; Sharpley A.N.; Yamamoto M.; Menzel R.G., 1981:
The depth of rainfall runoff soil interaction as determined by phosphorus 32

Monrad Aas I.H.; Risnes S., 1979:
The depth of the lingual fossa in permanent incisors of norwegians part 1 method of measurement statistical distribution and sex dimorphism

Monrad Aas I.H.; Risnes S., 1979:
The depth of the lingual fossa in permanent incisors of norwegians part 2 differences between central and lateral incisors correlations side asymmetry and variability

Aas, I.H.M., 1982:
The depth of the lingual fossa in permanent maxillary incisors of east greenland eskimos 1. statistical distribution and fluctuating dental asymmetry

Aas, I.H.M., 1982:
The depth of the lingual fossa in permanent maxillary incisors of east greenland eskimos 2. side asymmetry sex differences comparison of centrals and laterals and anthropologic aspects

Van Stalle J., 1988:
The derbidae of the tai forest ivory coast description of 13 new species of the tribe zoraidini homoptera fulgoroidea

Crabtree, B.; Newsholme, E.A., 1987:
The derivation and interpretation of control coefficients

Veitch S.; Young B., 1983:
The derivation and use of monograms in diagnostic radiography

Cochrane, C.G.; Muller-Eberhard, H.J., 1968:
The derivation of 2 distinct anaphyla toxin activities from the 3rd and 5th components of human complement guinea pig cobra venom

Ainsworth, S.; Kinderlerer, J., 1976:
The derivation of 2nd degree rate equations arising from 2 substrate 2 product enzyme catalyzed reactions whose catalytic cycle is branched

Bradstreet, C.M.P.; Kirkwood, B.; Pattison, J.R.; Tobin, J.O., 1978:
The derivation of a minimum immune titer of rubella hem agglutination inhibition antibody a public health laboratory service collaborative survey

Zeitlin M., 1979:
The derivation of a reference standard for maximum thigh circumference of preschool children aged 0 5 years

Pshukov-Yu, G., 1984:
The derivation of an equation for the calculation of periodic countercurrent multistage balanced extraction with a constant ratio of phases with completed cycles repercolation according to n. d. chulkov liquid extracts 1 1

Niccolai N.; Rossi C.; Mascagni P.; Gibbons W.A.; Brizzi V., 1985:
The derivation of carbon proton internuclear distances in organic natural products from carbon 13 relaxation rates and nuclear overhauser effects

Ponzoni R.W., 1988:
The derivation of economic values combining income and expense in different ways an example with australian merino sheep

Vogel K.; Gutmann W.F., 1980:
The derivation of pelecypods role of bio mechanics physiology and environment

Simpson G.C.; Chan W.L., 1988:
The derivation of population stereotypes for mining machines and some reservations on the general applicability of published stereotypes

Deimel K., 1982:
The derivation of the radula apparatus in chaetodermatidae caudofoveata mollusca

Crumplin G.C., 1980:
The derivation of theoretical resistance mechanisms to anti bacterial agents

Midgley J.J., 1987:
The derivation utility and implications of a divergence index for the fynbos genus leucadendron proteaceae

Shengeliya M.S.; Avramenko V.G.; Kuleshova L.N.; Suvorov N.N.; Silin V.A.; Padeiskaya E.N., 1985:
The derivatives of 5 nitroindole 2 carboxylic acid

Belyaev A.A.; Radina L.B.; Anoshina G.M.; Peratolchina N.M.; Sof'ina Z.P., 1987:
The derivatives of choline like nitrosoalkyl ureas and their antitumor activity

Mkrtchyan, A.P.; Kazaryan, S.G.; Noravyan, A.S.; Akopyan, R.A.; Dzhagatspanyan, I.A.; Akopyan, N.E.; Akopyan, L.G., 1986:
The derivatives of condensed thienopyrimidines viii. synthesis of 2 substituted 3 substituted and 6 substituted tetrahydrobenzo b thieno 2 3 d pyrimidin 4 ones and their spasmolytic activity

Barnéon, G.; Pagès, A., 1977:
The dermal amyelinic system and its endings in psoriasis

Partsch H.; Urbanek A.; Wenzel Hora B., 1984:
The dermal lymphatics in lymph edema visualized by indirect lymphography

Visconti M.A.; D.L.uro Castrucci A.M., 1983:
The dermal melanophore patterns of papiliochromis ramirezi cichlidae teleostei

Steinmann H., 1984:
The dermaptera material in the municipal museum of natural history of verona italy

Steinmann H., 1985:
The dermaptera material of the zoological institute and museum yerevan hungary

Brindle, A., 1976:
The dermaptera of new caledonia

Steinmann H., 1981:
The dermaptera of the zoological museum of university of copenhagen denmark

Cöster, L.; Rosenberg, L.C.; van der Rest, M.; Poole, A.R., 1987:
The dermatan sulfate proteoglycans of bovine sclera and their relationship to those of articular cartilage. An immunological and biochemical study

Schmidt R.J.; Moult S.P., 1983:
The dermatitic properties of black bryony tamus communis

Gladkova T.D.; Toth T., 1979:
The dermatoglyphic materials of hungarians from gyongyostarjan and kisfalud

Hreczko T.A.; Sigmon B.A., 1980:
The dermatoglyphics of a toronto ontario canada sample of children with xxy xxyy and xxx aneu ploidies

Magnin P.H.; Zemba M.C.; Schroh R.G., 1988:
The dermatologist in the diagnosis of multiple endocrine neoplasia type iii

Toshitani S.; Hayashi N.; Nagase K.; Suenaca Y., 1980:
The dermatophyte flora in department of dermatology of the fukuoka university hospital japan during the past 2 years

Velegrakis A.; Parhas P.; Marcelou Kinti O., 1980:
The dermatophyte flora of horse hair

Ben Salem N.; Ben Ismail R.; Tiouiri H.; Kchouk M.C.; Bouzouia N.; Zribi A., 1987:
The dermatophytic disease a tunisian case report

Ponvert, C.; Galoppin, L.; Saurat, J.H., 1983:
The dermatosis of hairless rats fed a hypo magnesemic diet 1. course clinical features and inhibition by drugs

Zimmerman J.R., 1982:
The deronectes coleoptera dytiscidae of the southwestern usa mexico and guatemala

Patra P.; Chevalier J.M.; Cronier P.; Mercier P.; Enon B.; Pillet J., 1982:
The descending artery of the knee

Taylor, J.R., 1980:
The descending septal artery. Its relation to the conduction system of the heart

Fuerst P., 1980:
The describability of the unpleasant effects of solid borne noise in dwellings

Nagorcka, B.N., 1977:
The description and analysis of wool growth

Finnegan M.; Marcsik A., 1981:
The description and incidence of the stafne idiopathic bone defect in 6 avar period populations

Mulleavy, P., 1977:
The description and laboratory cultivation of arcyria elaterensis new species a new species of myxomycetes

Skelton P.H., 1981:
The description and osteology of gephyroglanis barnardi new species siluriformes bagridae from the olifants river south west cape south africa

Valentine K.W.G.; Fladmark K.R.; Spurling B.E., 1980:
The description chronology and correlation of buried soils and cultural layers in a terrace section peace river valley british columbia canada

Chin T H., 1980:
The description of 2 new species and proposal of new families and new suborder for the lice of typhlomys cinereus

Webster, W.A.; Speckmann, G., 1977:
The description of a gubernaculum in ascarops strongylina spiruroidea and a note on the recovery of this nematode from a bird

Geoffroy, B.; Herve, J.P., 1976:
The description of a new mosquito of the central african republic culex tauffliebi new species

Flint, O.S.Jr ; Herrmann, S.J., 1976:
The description of and environmental characterization for ochrotrichia susanae new species from colorado usa trichoptera hydroptilidae

Mamaev, B.M.; Rozhnova, T.A., 1976:
The description of gall midge wyattella fungicola new species cecidomyiidae diptera with special reference to characters under scanning electron microscope

Meissner H.H.; Van Staden J.H.; Pretorius E., 1982:
The description of growth in beef bulls and interpretation of genotypic differences on 2 dietary treatments

L.S.; Yang D., 1985:
The description of hyla annectans gongshanensis new subspecies from yunnan china

Vranken G.; Vincx M.; Thielemans L.K., 1982:
The description of monhystrella parelegantula new record nematoda monhysteridae a free living nematode species new for the belgian coastal fauna

Madre, V.E., 1979:
The description of some species of the genus monocercomonas from reptiles in india 2. subgenus quadrimonas

Madre, V.E., 1979:
The description of some species of the genus monocercomonas from reptiles in india 3. subgenus alimonas

Madre, V.E., 1978:
The description of some species of the genus monocercomonas from reptiles in india part 1 subgenus monocercomonas

Renshaw E.; Ford E.D., 1984:
The description of spatial pattern using 2 dimensional spectral analysis

Love D.N.; Jones R.F.; Bailey M., 1982:
The description of strains of anaerobic corroding organisms isolated from soft tissue infections in cats and dogs

Galewski, K., 1978:
The description of the 3rd stage larva of coelambus polonicus coleoptera dytiscidae with a key to the known larvae of the central european species of coelambus

Chadee D.D.; Small G.J.; O'malley S.L.C., 1987:
The description of the eggs of toxorhynchites moctezuma

Szecsenyi L., 1985:
The description of the female of brachionycha syriaca decipulae lepidoptera noctuidae

Buchholz L., 1986:
The description of the larva and pupa of podeonius acuticornis germar 1824 coleoptera elateridae with notes on its taxonomy biology and geographic distribution

Akanbi, M.O., 1975:
The description of the mature larva of tridesmodes ramiculata lepidoptera thyrididae

Anton H.J.; Voit E.; Bourauel M., 1982:
The description of tissues using shape factors

Henmi Y., 1984:
The description of wandering behavior and its occurrence varying in different tidal areas in macrophthalmus japonicus crustacea ocypodidae

Yin X.; L.B., 1987:
The descriptions of two new genera and two new species of acrididae from china acridoidea orthoptera

Leach, D., 1977:
The descriptive and comparative post cranial osteology of marten martes americana and fisher martes pennanti the appendicular skeleton

Leach, D.H.; De-Kleer, V.S., 1978:
The descriptive and comparative postcranial osteology of marten martes americana and fisher martes pennanti the axial skeleton

Thewissen J.G.M.; Badoux D.M., 1986:
The descriptive and functional myology of the fore limb of the aardvark orycteropus afer

Varol B.; Kazanci N.; Okan Y.; Altiner D., 1987:
The descriptive characteristics of the triassic carbonate sequence in the sartz tufanbeyli autochthon southeast kayseri turkey

Henneberger P.K.; Galaid E.I.; Marr J.S., 1983:
The descriptive epidemiology of pneumococcal meningitis in new york city usa

Schoenberg, B.S.; Christine, B.W.; Whisnant, J.P., 1976:
The descriptive epidemiology of primary intra cranial neoplasms the connecticut usa experience

Adams M.M., 1985 :
The descriptive epidemiology of sudden infant deaths among natives and whites in alaska usa

Mones, A.; Ubilla, M., 1978:
The deseadan age lower oligocene of the fray bentos formation and its paleontological contents particularly the presence of proborhyaena gigantea marsupialia borhyaenidae in uruguay preliminary note

Patterson, B.; Marshall, L.G., 1978:
The deseadan early oligocene marsupialia of south america

Bagshaw M.; Stott J.R.R., 1985:
The desensitization of chronically motion sick aircrew in the royal air force

Brzezińska-Błaszczyk, E.; Dastych, J., 1985:
The desensitization of rat mast cells sensitized under various conditions

Stepanyan, L.S.; Bold, A., 1976:
The desert accentor prunella koslowi in mongolia

Thorne R.F., 1982:
The desert and other transmontane plant communities of southern california usa

Malan'in A.N., 1987:
The desert sandy soils of the southern kazakh ssr ussr

Van-Devender, T.R.; Moodie, K.B.; Harris, A.H., 1976:
The desert tortoise gopherus agassizi in the pleistocene of the northern chihuahuan desert

Saiko T.A., 1983:
The desertification control problem in tanzania/

Zimmerman, M.; Parsons, J.R.; Alexander, H., 1987:
The design and analysis of a laminated partially degradable composite bone plate for fracture fixation

Herrendoerfer, G., 1977:
The design and analysis of experiments with grouped measurements part 1 estimation of mean

Willmes K.; Ratajczak H., 1987:
The design and application of a database and methodbase system for the aachen aphasia test

Wholey, M.H., 1987:
The design and clinical application of a new no. 5 french angioplasty catheter

Kelcey J.G., 1984:
The design and development of gravel pits for wildlife in milton keynes england uk

Dare P.R.M.; Hughes D., 1984:
The design and evaluation of a safe exposure system for acute inhalation studies on rodents

Tuxworth, W.; Shahnawaz, H., 1977:
The design and evaluation of a step test for the rapid prediction of physical work capacity in an unsophisticated industrial work force

Capuano E., 1986:
The design and implementation of memory improvement classes in the adult day care setting

Carabello F.B., 1985:
The design and interpretation of human skin irritation studies

Ackland, P.J.; Prichard, F.E.; James, A.M., 1976:
The design and operation of a chemostat in conjunction with a flow micro calorimeter

Sathyanarayanappa S.N.; Sheshappa D.S., 1985:
The design and operational efficiency of a mini purse seine operated in the inshore waters along the karnataka coast india

Kok R.; Lomaliza K.; Shivhare U.S., 1988:
The design and performance of an insect farm chemical reactor for human food production

Mitchinson C.; Baldwin R.L., 1986:
The design and production of semisynthetic rna with increased thermostability by incorporation of s peptide analogues with enhanced helical stability

Kahn M.; Chen B.; Zieske P., 1987:
The design and synthesis of a nonpeptide mimic of erabutoxin

Confalone P.N.; Confalone D.L., 1983:
The design and synthesis of mono functional psoralens structurally related to methoxsalen and trioxsalen

Hassall, C.H.; Krohn, A.; Moody, C.J.; Thomas, W.A., 1984:
The design and synthesis of new triazolo pyridazine pyrazolo pyridazine and pyridazo pyridazine derivatives as inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme ec

Oomen, J.; van Dalen, A.; Bos, E.; de Jong, D., 1985:
The design and use of a charting system for automatic record keeping during extracorporeal circulation

Leach M.O.; Hind A.; Sauter R.; Requardt H.; Weber H., 1986:
The design and use of a dual frequency surface coil providing proton images for improved localization in phosphorus 31 spectroscopy of small lesions

Lioy P.J.; Spektor D.; Thurston G.; Citak K.; Lippmann M.; Bock N.; Speizer F.E.; Hayes C., 1987:
The design considerations for ozone and acid aerosol exposure and health investigations the fairview lake summer camp new jersey usa photochemical smog case study

Mullins C.E.; Mandiringana O.T.; Nisbet T.R.; Aitken M.N., 1986:
The design limitations and use of a portable tensiometer

Huntley R.B., 1981:
The design of a calorimetric standard of ionizing radiation absorbed dose

Barrett, R.; Hyde, S.A.; Hark, W.B., 1987:
The design of a force platform for clinical use: a feasibility study of stabilography in evaluating the effect of orthotic intervention in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Smith C., 1986:
The design of a general purpose optically isolated amplifier

Andrews I.M., 1985:
The design of a harness and umbilical system for electrical monitoring of unrestrained rabbits

Visser, J.H., 1976:
The design of a low speed wind tunnel as an instrument for the study of olfactory orientation in the colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata

Vasilescu, N.B., 1984:
The design of a medical record system based on plastic surgery

Vellayan S.; Hutagalung R.I., 1984:
The design of a metabolic cage for the lar gibbon hylobates lar

Georgescu G.; Curelariu N.; Diaconescu S.; Popescu A.; Balan S., 1986:
The design of a multi purpose house for a medium sized cattle farm

Yokoyama A.; Hata N.; Hiriuchi K.; Masuda H.; Saji H.; Ohta H.; Yamamoto K.; Endo K.; Torizuka K., 1985:
The design of a pentavalent technetium 99m dimercaptosuccinate complex as a tumor imaging agent

Barr, R.C.; Herman-Giddens, G.S.; Spach, M.S.; Warren, R.B.; Gallie, T.M., 1976:
The design of a real time computer system for examining the electrical activity of the heart

Daigger G.T.; Robbins M.H.Jr; Marshall B.R., 1985:
The design of a selector to control low food to microorganism ration filamentous bulking

Lieberman, M.E., 1970:
The design of a steady state gradient for the study of populations in a continuously renewed environment

Gilbertsen V.A.; Church T.R.; Grewe F.J.; Mandel J.S.; Mchugh R.B.; Schuman L.M.; Williams S.E., 1980:
The design of a study to assess occult blood screening for colon cancer

Blackford D.B.; Heighington K., 1986:
The design of an aerosol test tunnel for occupational hygiene investigations

Rossi Mori A.; Ricci F.L.; Zambon G., 1984:
The design of an information system of thalassemia

Naes T., 1987:
The design of calibration in near ir reflectance analysis by clustering

Dykens J.A.; Mangum C.P., 1979:
The design of cardiac muscle and the mode of metabolism in mollusks

Steven F.S.; Griffin M.M.; A.A.mad R.K., 1985:
The design of fluorescent probes which bind to the active center of guanidinobenzoatase application to the location of cells possessing this enzyme

Connolly, J., 1976:
The design of grazing experiments part 1 a general linear model for the gain stocking rate relationship

Connolly, J., 1976:
The design of grazing experiments part 2 a simple linear model for the gain stocking rate relationship

Calder, I.R.; Rosier, P.T.W., 1976:
The design of large plastic sheet net rainfall gauges

Ishii K.; Hatakeyama Y., 1987:
The design of marine transponder with gp ib

Yamada M.; Tanigawara Y., 1987:
The design of membrane controlled transdermal therapeutic systems containing molsidomine

Crawford, C.; Mason, R.W.; Wikstrom, P.; Shaw, E., 1988:
The design of peptidyldiazomethane inhibitors to distinguish between the cysteine proteinases calpain II, cathepsin L and cathepsin B

Stell, P.M.; McCormick, M.S., 1986:
The design of phase III palliative chemotherapy trials in head and neck cancer

Cross B.; Hoffman P.P.; Santora G.T.; Spatz D.M.; Templeton A.R., 1983:
The design of post emergence phenyl urea herbicides using physicochemical parameters and structure activity analyses

Cannon J.G., 1986:
The design of potential anti parkinsonian drugs what is the dopaminergic pharmacophore in ergot alkaloids

Gibbs S.; Waters W.E.; George C.F., 1987:
The design of prescription information leaflets and feasibility of their use in general practice

Georgescu G.; Diaconescu S.; Stef I.; Mitroi A., 1986:
The design of technical and technological solutions in housing young female breeding cattle

Lawrence M.J., 1981:
The design of terrestrial and aquatic micro environmental chambers for use in low powered video cine and photo micrography

Vauramo, E.; Virjo, A., 1977:
The design of the detector and collimators for a hybrid scanner

Eaton, W.W.; Holzer, C.E.; Von Korff, M.; Anthony, J.C.; Helzer, J.E.; George, L.; Burnam, A.; Boyd, J.H.; Kessler, L.G.; Locke, B.Z., 1984:
The design of the Epidemiologic Catchment Area surveys. The control and measurement of error

Thubrikar, M.; Piepgrass, W.C.; Shaner, T.W.; Nolan, S.P., 1981:
The design of the normal aortic valve

Stanek J., 1979:
The designing and presentation of results of feto placental tests

Pistenma, D.A.; Li, G.C.; Bagshaw, M.A., 1978:
The desirability of treatment with multiple fields in charged heavy particle therapy

Bochvar I.V.; Gimadova T.I.; Keirim Markus I.B., 1983:
The desirability of using personal dosimeters of the effective dose in manned space flights

Rye, P.D.; Wallston, K.A.; Wallston, B.S.; Smith, R.A., 1985:
The desire to control terminal health care and attitudes toward living wills

Cohen D.; Hegarty J.; Eisdorfer C., 1983:
The desk of directory of social resources a physicians reference guide to social and community services for the aged

Vuorinen J.; Huttunen P., 1981 :
The desktop computer in processing bio stratigraphic data

Bondesen, P.; Lykke-Andersen, H., 1978:
The desman desmana moschata a new mammal in denmark after the ice age

Reif C.A.; Smith B.B.; Case A., 1983:
The desmids and physical characteristics of 100 lakes in northeastern pennsylvania usa

Hayry, P.; Reitamo, J.J.; Totterman, S.; Hopfner-Hallikainen, D.; Sivula, A., 1982:
The desmoid tumor 2. analysis of factors possibly contributing to the etiology and growth behavior

Hayry, P.; Reitamo, J.J.; Vihko, R.; Janne, O.; Scheinin, T.M.; Totterman, S.; Ahonen, J.; Norio, R.; Alanko, A., 1982:
The desmoid tumor 3. a biochemical and genetic analysis

Reitamo, J.J., 1983:
The desmoid tumor 4. choice of treatment results and complications

Renger G.; Reuter R., 1982:
The destabilization of oxidizing redox equivalents of system ii by adry reagents in normal and tris washed chloroplasts

Hiraishi K.; Yonezawa M.; Yamamoto S.; Inai T.; Aga Y.; Kurokawa K., 1987:
The destiny of postoperative residual stones

Jolley, G.M.; Boyle, M.D.P.; Ormerod, M.G., 1976:
The destruction of allogeneic tumor cells by antibody and adherent cells from peritoneal cavities of mice

Chekhovskaya T.P.; Nikonenko V.U.; Zagornaya N.B., 1987:
The destruction of aniline by an alcaligenes sp culture

Crivelli A.J., 1983:
The destruction of aquatic vegetation by carp cyprinus carpio a comparison between southern france and the usa

Jones R., 1979:
The destruction of beta glucosidase activity by oven drying and its effect on formononetin estimation in red clover

Daemen, A.L.H.; Van-Der-Stege, H.J., 1982:
The destruction of enzymes and bacteria during the spray drying of milk and whey 2. the effect of drying conditions

Picardi N.; D.T.ndo U.; Pasta V.; Monti M.; Alberti E.; Santeusanio G.; Forte A.; Cappelletti M.; D'andrea G.; E.A., 1982:
The destruction of exocrine pancreatic function in swine using central or peripheral obstructions of the ductal excretory system experimental study

Mazurski K.R., 1986:
The destruction of forests in the polish sudetes mountains by industrial emissions

Simberloff D., 1984:
The destruction of moist tropical forests and the mass extinction of species

Gunn A.; Scrimgeour D.; Potts R.C.; Mackenzie L.A.; Brown R.A.; Beck J.S., 1983:
The destruction of peripheral blood lymphocytes by extracorporeal exposure to uv radiation

Patel J.M., 1979:
The destruction of pulmonary and hepatic cytochrome p 450 by phthalaldehyde

Yue, S.L., 1984:
The destructive pathway in early enamel caries

Posudin Y.I.; Repetskii N.S., 1988:
The destructive reactions of lower organisms to the action of light and sensitizers

Blotnicka, K., 1976:
The destructiveness of helminthosporium papaveris perfect stage pleospora calvescens on poppy cultivation

Nunn J.R.; Parolis H.; Russell I., 1981:
The desulfated poly saccharide of anatheca dentata

Kawata S I.; Suzuki S.; Yamazaki K., 1979:
The detachment of the primary root caps in rice plants

Kawaki H.; Beierbeck H.; Kotovych G., 1985:
The detailed conformational study of a leukotriene antagonist fpl 55712 using high field nmr spectroscopy

Daar A.S.; Fuggle S.V.; Fabre J.W.; Ting A.; Morris P.J., 1984:
The detailed distribution of major histocompatibility complex class ii antigens in normal human organs

Nakazawa S.; E.A., 1986:
The detailed examination for early diagnosis of gallbladder cancer with percutaneous transhepatic cholecystoscopy

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The detailed somatotopic organization of the dorsal horn in the lumbosacral enlargement of the cat spinal cord

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The detailed thermal structure of the upper ocean layers between cape town south africa and antarctica during the period jan. feb. 1978

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The detectability of mn substances on human hairs

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The detectability of poisons in paraffin embedded organ parts

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The detecting of cyclic amp level in the squamous carcinoma tissue

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The detection and analysis of chitinase activity from the yeast form of Candida albicans

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The detection and avoidance of false positive reactions in tests for rubella specific immuno globulin m

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The detection and characterization of collagenase ec inhibitors from rabbit tissues in culture

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The detection and characterization of malathion resistance in field populations of anopheles culicifacies b in sri lanka

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The detection and characterization of renal brush border antigen (gp108) in various rat tissues

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The detection and characterization of viral related double stranded rna species in tobacco mosaic virus infected plants

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The detection and control of mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds in the environment

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The detection and distribution of larval arcto norwegian cod gadus morhua food organisms by an in situ particle counter

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The detection and estimation of herbicides with the aid of chlorella investigation of optimum conditions and their application to the analysis of several herbicides

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The detection and identification of antibodies to saline extractable nuclear antigens by counter immuno electrophoresis

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The detection and identification of sub populations of circulating human lymphocytes monocytes and neutrophils capable of effecting a mitogen induced cell mediated cyto toxic reaction towards erythrocytes of various species

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The detection and identification of unknown halogenated compounds in environmental samples

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The detection and measurement of mite infestation in animal feed using near ir reflectance

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The detection and occurrence of virus like particles in extracts of mushroom sporophores agaricus hortensis

Gray, C., 1978:
The detection and persistence of latent finger prints on human skin an assessment of the iodine silver plate method

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The detection and purification of a cat uterine secretory protein that is estrogen dependent

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The detection and quantification of sleep apnea by tracheal sound recordings

Sigee D.C., 1983:
The detection and quantitation of chromatin bound calcium and transition metals in dinoflagellate cells by x ray micro analysis and auto radiography

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The detection and quantitative estimation of morphine in the urine of drug addicts using a combination of bi dimensional thin layer chromatography and spectro fluorometry

King Smith P.E.; Kulikowski J.J., 1981:
The detection and recognition of 2 lines

Ungar, I.; Nyarady, I., 1976:
The detection and treatment of lung cancer patients in hungary

Kobayashi T., 1985:
The detection and treatment of microcancer

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The detection by immunoassay of antibody to mycobacterial antigens and mycobacterial antigens in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from patients with tuberculosis and control subjects

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The detection carriers of classic hemophilia h p smith memorial lecture

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The detection in unordered octads of 6 plus to 2m and 2 plus to 6m ratios with post meiotic segregation and of aberrant 4 to 4s and their use in corresponding site interference studies

Haworth P.; Watson J.L.; Arntzen C.J., 1983:
The detection isolation and characterization of a light harvesting complex which is specifically associated with photosystem i

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The detection location and recognition of food by juvenile banana prawns penaeus merguiensis

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The detection of 2 epr radical signals associated with chloro peroxidase compound i

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The detection of 2 lithium species in the blood serum of mental patients by lithium 7 fourier transform nmr

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The detection of 2 potato viruses by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

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The detection of 2 serologically distinct hla a 28 specificities

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The detection of 3 viruses of hop humulus lupulus by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

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The detection of 4 molecular forms of human transferrin during the iron binding process

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The detection of 6 phospho fructo kinase from plant material after separation on poly acrylamide gels

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The detection of a and b antigens on human hair by the absorption elution technique using low ionic strength solution and papain treated test cells

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The detection of a local prostatic immunologic response to bacterial prostatitis

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The detection of abnormal neonatal cerebral hemodynamics using principal component analysis of the doppler ultrasound waveform

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The detection of added whey powder in milk powder i. investigation into the application of the free sialic acid method recommended by the european economic community

Potgieter, C.M., 1986:
The detection of added whey powder in milk powder ii. the influence of residual amounts of lactose on the determination of whey powder in milk powder by means of the free sialic acid method

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The detection of aeromonads of the aeromonas hydrophila aeromonas punctata group in the hygienic analysis of drinking water

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The detection of aflatoxin b 1 in peanut kernels peanut butter and maize using a monoclonal antibody based enzyme immunoassay

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The detection of alkaline phosphatase of clostridium perfringens

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The detection of allo antibodies to sub populations of human lymphocytes an adaptation of the indirect anti immuno globulin rosetting reaction

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The detection of amino acid sequence homology: a new scoring method based on the genetic code with allowance for redundancy

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The detection of amplitude modulation by single neurons in the frog auditory system

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The detection of anti respiratory syncytial virus immunoglobulin g antibody with an indirect immunoperoxidase technique

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The detection of antibiotic and chemotherapeutic substances in slaughter pigs by capacitive impedance measurement using the bactometer m 120

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The detection of antibodies against extractable nuclear antigens ena by counterimmunoelectrophoresis cie and western blot

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The detection of antibodies in breast cancer patient sera to 10 breast cancer cell lines using antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity

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The detection of antibodies to cowdria ruminantium in serum and cowdria ruminantium antigen in amblyomma hebraeum by an elisa

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The detection of antibodies to cytomegalovirus in the sera of renal transplant patients by an immuno globulin m antibody capture assay

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The detection of antibodies to mycobacterium tuberculosis by micro plate enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

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The detection of antibodies to recombinant interferon alpha 2a in human serum

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The detection of antibody to virus infection associated antigen in various species of african wildlife following natural and experiment infection with foot and mouth disease virus

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The detection of arthritis in pigs in an abattoir and its public health significance

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The detection of associated erythrocyte membrane proteins by cross linking and surface radio labeling

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The detection of atrial and ventricular septal defects with electrocardiographically synchronized magnetic resonance imaging

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The detection of bacterial antigens by counter immuno electrophoresis in neisseria meningitidis haemophilus influenzae serotype b streptococcus pneumoniae infections diagnostic value and evolutive aspect in 216 cases

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The detection of bacterial infection in tubeless ureterocutaneostomy

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The detection of basal cell determinants in human basal cell carcinomas using two different monoclonal antibodies

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The detection of beta adrenoceptors on murine lymphocytes

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The detection of bone marrow involvement by lymphoma using magnetic resonance imaging

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The detection of canine autoantibodies to thyroid antigens by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa hemagglutination and indirect immunofluorescence

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The detection of cardiac allograft rejection by alterations in proton NMR relaxation times

Hennig, U.G.; Chatten, L.G.; Pon, R.A.; von Borstel, R.C., 1987:
The detection of chemical impurities by high pressure liquid chromatography and the genetic activity of medical grades of pyrvinium pamoate in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Salmonella typhimurium

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The detection of Chlamydia trachomatis by direct immunofluorescence in conjunctival smears from patients with trachoma and patients with ophthalmia neonatorum using a conjugated monoclonal antibody

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The detection of chloramphenicol allergy by leukocyte migration inhibition test in the skin chamber

Haggan, V., 1977:
The detection of circadian rhythms in physiological data with periodically missing observation points

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The detection of circulating immune complexes by complement c 1q solid phase enzyme immunoassay

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The detection of circulating immune complexes in renal transplant patients

Henderson T.G., 1984:
The detection of clostridium perfringens type d enterotoxin in the intestinal contents of animals by counterimmunoelectrophoresis

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The detection of complement binding immune complexes by means of chromium 51 labeled indicator cells

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The detection of complement fixing mycoplasma antibodies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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The detection of complementation map clusters by computer analysis

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The detection of coronary artery disease with radio nuclide techniques a comparison of rest exercise thallium imaging and ejection fraction response

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The detection of coxsackievirus RNA in cardiac tissue by in situ hybridization

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The detection of cysteine homo cysteine mixed di sulfide in plasma of normal fasting man

Banko, T.J.; Roberts, L.W.; Boe, A.A., 1976:
The detection of cyto kinins in xylem exudate of coleus blumei by the induction of xylogenesis in pith parenchyma explants of lactuca sativa

Lykken, D.T., 1979:
The detection of deception

Gray, D.H.; Mackie, C.E., 1982:
The detection of deep venous thrombosis by impedance plethysmography in hip surgery patients

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The detection of dengue virus antigen by immuno fluorescence

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The detection of density dependence from a series of annual censuses

Brewer W.S.; Draper A.C.IIi; Wey S.S., 1980:
The detection of di methyl nitrosamine and di ethyl nitrosamine in municipal sewage sludge applied to agricultural soils

Tango, T., 1984:
The detection of disease clustering in time

Micheel B.; Karsten U.; Fiebach H.; Porstmann T.; Denner J., 1984:
The detection of distinct epitopes of human alpha fetoprotein by solid phase radioimmunoassay using hybridoma culture fluid

Navone, A.; Raza, A., 1987:
The detection of DNA repair in bromodeoxyuridine versus thymidine containing DNA of individual cells

Wehr K., 1986:
The detection of e 605 in exhumed corpses several years after burial

Hirst C.; Furnival C.M.; Fielding G.D.; Porter A.J., 1987:
The detection of early breast cancer three year results from a diagnosis breast clinic

Duff G.W.; Atkins E., 1982:
The detection of endo toxin by in vitro production of endogenous pyrogen comparison with limulus amoebocyte lysate gelation

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The detection of endometrial tuberculosis in cases of infertility by uterine aspiration cytology

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The detection of enteropathogens in acute diarrhea in a family cohort population in rural Egypt

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The detection of Epstein Barr virus antibody in 'exanthematic' dermatoses with special reference to pityriasis lichenoides. A preliminary survey

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The detection of estrogenic activity by measurements of nucleic acid concentrations in serial samples of ovine uterine tissue obtained by biopsy

Van Gorp W.G.; Meyer R.G., 1986:
The detection of faking on the million clinical multiaxial inventory

Reaman G.H.; Lum L.G.; Poplack D.G., 1980:
The detection of fc immuno globulin a receptors on thymus derived and non thymus derived non bone marrow derived acute leukemic lympho blasts

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The detection of gastric and esophageal tumor extension by high resolution ultrasound during surgery

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The detection of genetical influences on human family size

Bosch, V.; Kurth, R.; Smart, J.E., 1978:
The detection of glyco proteins immunologically related to rous sarcoma virus glyco protein 85 in uninfected avian cells and in sera from uninfected birds

Henke, J.; Bauer, L., 1980:
The detection of Gm and Km factors in the dental pulp of humans

Nishio T.; Kobayashi T.; Kato M., 1981:
The detection of grapevine fanleaf virus by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Burger J.G.; Thatcher J., 1987:
The detection of grapevine fanleaf virus in dormant cuttings of vines by elisa

King-Smith, P.E.; Kulikowski, J.J., 1975:
The detection of gratings by independent activation of line detectors

Maier R.D., 1980:
The detection of guaiacol glyceryl ether a content of many sedatives and hypnotics in west germany

Mason, R.W., 1978:
The detection of hammondia hammondi new record in australia and the identification of a free living intermediate host

Welsh C.J.R.; Steinitz M.; Clark M.R.; Coombs R.R.A., 1987:
The detection of heat aggregated igg as a model for immune complexes by reverse passive hemagglutination using a human monoclonal rheumatoid factor coupled to erythrocytes

Jothy A.A.; Huschenbeth E.; Harms U., 1983:
The detection of heavy metals organo chlorine pesticides and poly chlorinated bi phenyls in fish and shellfish from the coastal waters of peninsular malaysia

Davenport, J.; Manley, A., 1978:
The detection of heightened sea water copper concentrations by the mussel mytilus edulis

Hardman R.; Benjamin T.V., 1980:
The detection of helleborus cyclophyllus ecdysteroids by mass spectrometry and by gas liquid chromatography analysis of their tri methyl silyl imidazole ethers

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The detection of hepatitis b surface antigen by the reversed passive hem agglutination

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The detection of hepatitis b virus dna in serum by molecular hybridization a more sensitive method for the detection of complete hepatitis b virus particles

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The detection of homologous chromosome variation in wheat triticum aestivum using backcross reciprocal monosomic lines

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The detection of homotropic effects in enzymes of low cooperativity application to modified aspartate trans carbamoylase ec

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The detection of human bone marrow derived lymphocytes by both light microscopy and electron microscopy utilizing colloidal gold labeled anti immuno globulin

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The detection of hydro fluoric acid in the earths atmosphere

Polyakova, E.N., 1977:
The detection of iaa in the seeds of apple and other fruit trees

Pirl J.N.; Papa V.M.; Spikes J.J., 1979:
The detection of iidelta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol in post mortem blood samples

Y.S.R.; L.Q.J.; Y.G.Q.; Zhang X.; Wen B H., 1985:
The detection of immune complexes in sera from guinea pigs infected with coxiella burnetii by conglutinin binding elisa

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The detection of immunoglobulin a reticulin antibodies and their incidence in patients with recurrent aphthae

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The detection of immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin g antibodies against babesia bigemina in bovine sera using semi defined antigens in enzyme immunoassays

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The detection of in vivo hemato toxicity of benzene by in vitro liquid bone marrow cultures

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The detection of inferior vena caval thrombosis with computed tomography

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The detection of inflammation in collapsed lung by alterations in proton nuclear magnetic relaxation times

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The detection of inherited enzyme polymorphism in semen

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The detection of inhibition using the resistance to reinforcement method

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The detection of internal mammary lymph nodal chain metastases in breast cancer using radiolabelled colloids

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The detection of intraatrial septum aneurysms with the aid of transesophageal echocardiography

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The detection of intracranial calcifications by magnetic resonance

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The detection of isomers of 4 hydroxy iso leucine by the jeol amino acid analyzer and by thin layer chromatography

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The detection of Jonah gene transcripts in Drosophila by in situ hybridization

Guglielmone A.; Mangold A.J.; Bermudez A.C.; Handi A., 1985:
The detection of large merozoites vermicules of babesia in boophilus microplus females engorged on calves with different levels of parasitemia of babesia bigemina and babesia bovis babesia argentina

Lelliott, R.A.; Sellar, P.W., 1976:
The detection of latent ring rot corynebacterium sepedonicum in potato stocks

Waitkins, S.A.; Hookey, J.V., 1986:
The detection of leptospires by a chemiluminescent immunoassay

Scheer, W.D., 1987:
The detection of leukocyte esterase activity in urine with a new reagent strip

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The detection of liquid smoke aromas and smoke flavorings in foodstuffs

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The detection of low concentrations of double stranded rna with iodine 125 labeled anti serum

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The detection of major loci by segregation and linkage analysis: a simulation study

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The detection of malingering in criminal forensic groups: MMPI validity scales

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The detection of mastitis in individual quarters using electrical conductivity or somatic cell concentration

Burns G.F.; Cawley J.C., 1979:
The detection of membrane associated complement components complement c 3 and complement c 4 on circulating human normal and leukemic leukocytes and on cultured cells with monkey erythrocytes

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The detection of messenger rna for the alpha lact albumin of guinea pig milk

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The detection of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

Ackland M.R.; Trewhella E.R.; Reeder J.; Bean P.G., 1981:
The detection of microbial spoilage in canned foods using thin layer chromatography

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The detection of minimal alcoholic liver disease by 3 methods

Davies J.G.M.; Kirkwood P.A.; Sears T.A., 1985:
The detection of monosynaptic connections from inspiratory bulbospinal neurons to inspiratory motoneurons in the cat

Ebinuma H.; Kobayashi M.; Kobayashi J.; Shimada T.; Yoshitake N., 1988:
The detection of mosaics and polyploids in a hereditary mosaic strain of the silk moth bombyx mori using egg color mutants

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The detection of mutagenic chemicals in the tissue of the mussel mytilus edulis

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The detection of mutants in mice by electrophoresis: results of a model induction experiment with procarbazine

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The detection of native fluorescence in per oxidized fatty acids

Parrish J.W.; Ptacek J.A.; Will K.L., 1984:
The detection of near uv light by nonmigratory and migratory birds

Sibalic S.; Mihajlovic B.; Tomanovic B.; Asanin R., 1980:
The detection of newcastle disease virus in ascaridia galli

Sadykov B.F.; Umarov M.M., 1980:
The detection of nitrogen fixing activity in the phyllosphere of plants

Isaacs, J.H.; Knaus, J.V., 1981:
The detection of nongenital pelvic tumors mimicking gynecologic disease

Howell P.; West R.; Cross I., 1984:
The detection of notes incompatible with scalar structure

Long, P.L.; Millard, B.J., 1976:
The detection of occult coccidial infections by inoculating chickens with cortico steroid drugs

Lane J.R.; Bowles K.J.; Normansell D.E., 1986:
The detection of oligoclonal immunoglobulin g bands in unconcentrated cerebrospinal fluid by isoelectric focusing on thin layer agarose gels and silver staining

Eshniyazov, N.E.; Kabulov, M.K., 1977:
The detection of oncological patients in the karakalpak assr according to the data of an expedition

Hodges J.K.; Tarara R.; Hearn J.P.; Else J.G., 1986:
The detection of ovulation and early pregnancy in the baboon papio anubis by direct measurement of conjugated steroids in urine

Nakamura S.; Tourtellotte W.W.; Shapshak P.; Darvish M., 1985:
The detection of papovavirus nucleotide sequences in frozen brain tissue from a patient with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy by in situ hybridization comparison of in situ hybridization using isotopic and biotinylated probes

King, D.; Drance, S.M.; Douglas, G.R.; Wijsman, K., 1986:
The detection of paracentral scotomas with varying grids in computed perimetry

Caelli T.; Huebner M.; Rentschler I., 1985:
The detection of phase shifts in two dimensional images

Seidl V.; Drobkova R., 1980:
The detection of plum pox virus on the indicator plant prunus tomentosa

Adams, A.N., 1978:
The detection of plum poxvirus in prunus spp by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Grey, T.C.; Robinson, D.; Jones, J.M., 1977:
The detection of poly phosphate in broiler chicken breast muscle

Mihaleu F.; Stanescu L.; Stanescu C.; State D.; Dumitrescu A.; Stefanescu M.; Szegli G., 1985:
The detection of polysaccharide streptococcus pneumoniae antigens in cerebrospinal fluid using elisa

Holliday, R.; Dickson, J.M., 1977:
The detection of post meiotic segregation without tetrad analysis in ustilago maydis evidence that a mutation defective in excision of pyrimidine dimers can repair mismatched bases in hybrid dna

Antoniw J.F.; White R.F.; Barbara D.J.; Jones P.; Longley A., 1985:
The detection of pr b protein and tobacco mosaic virus by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa in systemic and localized virus infections of tobacco

Marcer G.; Simioni L.; Saia B.; Gemignani C.; Zambon P., 1982:
The detection of precipitating antibodies against micropolyspora faeni in human sera a comparative study

Meredith M.J.; Madani M.O.K., 1980:
The detection of pregnancy in sheep by a mode ultrasound

Yates D.W.; Hadfield J.M.; Peters K., 1987:
The detection of problem drinkers in the accident and emergency department

Foti, A.G.; Cooper, J.F.; Herschman, H.; Sapon, S.R., 1978:
The detection of prostatic cancer by radio immunoassay a review

Smith, P.R.; Stubbs, L.L.; Challen, D.I., 1977:
The detection of prune dwarf virus in peach trees affected with peach rosette and decline with golden queen peach as an indicator and the distribution of the virus in affected trees

Goldberg, D., 1985:
The detection of psychiatric disorder in primary care settings. Implications for the taxonomy of neurosis

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The detection of pulmonary emboli by magnetic resonance imaging. Evaluation of imaging parameters

Moroz P.E.; Kobilinsky L., 1985:
The detection of quinine in tissue sections by fluorescence microscopy

Peterson M.A.; Shyi G.C W., 1988:
The detection of real and apparent concomitant rotation in a three dimensional cube implications for perceptual interactions

Sandeman, D.C.; Erber, J., 1976:
The detection of real and apparent motion by the crab leptograpsus variegatus part 1 behavior

Erber, J.; Sandeman, D.C., 1976:
The detection of real and apparent motion by the crab leptograpsus variegatus part 2 electro physiology

Malaga S.; Santos F.; Suarez M.D.; Miaja J.; Luyando L.; Crespo M., 1985:
The detection of renal disease in a group of selected children

Kinoshita T., 1982:
The detection of residual myo cardial function with post extra systolic potentiation in acutely ischemic myo cardium in the dog

Bargagna M.; Sabelli M.; Giacomelli C., 1982:
The detection of rh antigens d c c e e on blood stains by a micro elution technique using low ionic strength solution and papain treated red cells

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The detection of rheumatoid factor in saliva in patients with sjogrens syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis

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The detection of rodenticide urea derivatives dirax vacor in biological material by thin layer chromatography

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The detection of rubella specific immuno globulin m antibodies by radio immunoassay

Sexton S.A.; Hodgson J.; Morgan Capner P., 1982 :
The detection of rubella specific immuno globulin m by an immuno sorbent assay with solid phase attachment of red cells

Akberarli H.; Davenport J., 1982:
The detection of salinity changes by the marine bivalve mollusks scrobicularia plana and mytilus edulis

Denaro F.J., 1984:
The detection of serotonin an additional approach in diagnosing amoebiasis

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The detection of signals embedded in natural scenes

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The detection of small airways disease

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The detection of small scale patterns in vegetation

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The detection of some non drug poisons in simulated stomach contents by diffusion into various color reagents

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The detection of source levels of sulfur di oxide using a piezo electric detector and permeation membrane

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The detection of spatial discontinuities: interactions between contrast and spatial contiguity

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The detection of specific antibody formation to recall antigens after human bone marrow transplantation

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The detection of specific immunoglobulin m to infectious bronchitis virus in chicken serum using an elisa

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The detection of spinal pseudarthrosis in ankylosing spondylitis

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The detection of staphylococcal thermonuclease tnase from cooked rice by the idf method and a modified procedure

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The detection of starvation specific antigens in two marine bacteria

Sazontova T.G., 1986:
The detection of stress induced sodium pump damage in the rat heart by thermal denaturation

Bertoncello I.; Bradley T.R., 1984:
The detection of subclasses of granulosa cells with differing responsiveness to epidermal growth factor fibroblast growth factor and gonadotropin preparations using an anchorage independent clonal agar assay

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The detection of subclinical leprosy using a monoclonal antibody based radioimmunoassay

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The detection of substances which decrease the hypothalamic threshold of homeostatic inhibition part 3 study of agr 1240 3 2 morpholinoethylamino 4 methyl 6 phenyl pyridazine di hydro chloride

Sanchez Rodriguez L.; Fuentes Hernandez V.O.; Sumano Lopez H.; Guevara C.R., 1988:
The detection of sulfonamide residues in meat and viscera of bovines sacrificed in the abattoirs of the federal district and metropolitan zone of mexico

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The detection of sulfur di oxide utilizing a piezo electric crystal coated with ethylenedinitrilo tetra ethanol

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The detection of sympatric sibling species using genetic correlation analysis part 1 2 loci 2 gamodemes

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The detection of t transformed erythrocytes with the help of heterophilic agglutinins

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The detection of tertiary theaceae in central europe following leaf epidermal studies 2. the determination of fossil theaceae tribes

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The detection of tetra hydro cannabinol in blood a comparative study

Jeske H., 1986:
The detection of the abutilon mosaic virus depends on the experimental daytime

Reger, R.B.; Ames, R.G.; Merchant, J.A.; Polakoff, P.P.; Sargent, E.N.; Silbiger, M.; Whittlesey, P., 1982:
The detection of thoracic abnormalities using posterior anterior vs. posterior anterior and oblique roentgenograms

Ryu C K., 1985:
The detection of toxic thujone and caranone in food color reaction mechanism to thujone and caranone

Young, P.S.; Smith, D.D., 1976:
The detection of toxin production by Corynebacterium diphtheriae in diagnostic laboratories

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The detection of transitional cell bladder cancer antigen on established cell lines

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The detection of triplet states of chlorophyll and its precursors in leaves and chloroplasts by phosphorescence and delayed fluorescence at minus 196 celsius

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The detection of two surface antigens on human lung macrophages using monoclonal antibodies

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The detection of uni polar and bi polar cardiac electrograms with a movable coaxial electrode

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The detection of variants of artificial infection of larvae of the blood sucking mosquito culex modestus with the entomo pathogenic fungus coelomomyces iliensis

Neri, D.F.; Luria, S.M.; Kobus, D.A., 1986:
The detection of various color combinations under different chromatic ambient illuminations

Catelle A.; Guillaumot C., 1982:
The detection of various markers of hepatitis b virus in 1980

Nakamura S.; Tourtellotte W.W.; Shapshak P., 1987:
The detection of viral nucleic acid sequences in paraffin embedded subacute sclerosing panencephalitis sspe and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy pml brain tissues by in situ hybridization

Berends D.; Van Gaalen J.L.M.; Rhijnsburger E.H.; N.J.; Breeman W.; Bakker W.H.; Kooy P., 1988:
The detection of virally induced tumors by iodine 135 and iodine 125 labeled syngeneic monoclonal antibodies

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The detection of virus from chrysanthemum leaves showing mosaic symptom by means of sepharose 2b gel filtration chromatography

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The detection of viruses with nematode vectors in 6 woody hosts

Hodos, W.; Bonbright, J.C., 1972:
The detection of visual intensity differences by pigeons

Sako N.; Matsuo K.; Nonaka F., 1980:
The detection of watermelon mosaic and cucumber mosaic viruses in cucurbitaceous plants by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Gentile, J.M.; Wagner, E.D.; Plewa, M.J., 1977:
The detection of weak recombinogenic activities in the herbicides alachlor and propachlor using a plant activation bioassay

Keller, T.; Schwager, H.; Yee-Meiler, D., 1976:
The detection of winter sulfur di oxide pollution effects on young spruce a comparison of 3 methods

Gargouri Y.; Julien R.; Bois A.G.; Verger R.; Sarda L., 1983:
The detergent inhibition of pancreatic lipase activity

Ivbijaro M.F.; Osisanya E.O.; Akinlade E.E., 1979:
The deterioration of commercial maize zea mays by insects and fungi

Zakharov V.M.; Bakulina E.D., 1984:
The deterioration of developmental stability as a result of gene balance disturbance in drosophila virilis with particular reference to the analysis of variability of the ovariole number

Ramanathan V.S., 1980:
The deterioration of morphine and its preservation by chemicals in the fresh latex of opium poppy papaver somniferum 2

Neştianu, V.; Mihăilescu, S., 1985 :
The determinant role of arterial hypertension in cardiac rhythm disturbances, both induced by electrical stimulation of the midbrain reticular formation in the cat

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The determinants of actinic skin damage: problems of confounding among environmental and constitutional variables

Denes, P.; Wu, D.; Amat, Y.L.on, F.; Dhingra, R.; Wyndham, C.R.; Rosen, K.M., 1977:
The determinants of atrio ventricular nodal reentrance with premature atrial stimulation in patients with dual atrio ventricular nodal pathways

Furnham, A., 1985:
The determinants of attitudes towards social security recipients

Weinraub, M.; Lewis, M., 1977:
The determinants of children's responses to separation

Hartje V.J.; Zimmermann K., 1985:
The determinants of growth and control of industrial emissions an empirical analysis

Habib, O.S.; Vaughan, J.P., 1986:
The determinants of health services utilization in southern Iraq: a household interview survey

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The determinants of herbage intake by grazing sheep the interrelationship of factors influencing herbage intake and and availability

Cooke W.N.; Blumenstock M.W., 1979:
The determinants of occupational injury severity the case of maine usa sawmills

Klimley A.P., 1987:
The determinants of sexual segregation in the scalloped hammerhead shark sphyrna lewini

Rupp H., 1983:
The determinants of the calcium dependent activation of myo fibrils from rat heart as judged by myo fibrillar atpase and super precipitation of natural acto myosin

Green D.E.; Zande H.V., 1982:
The determinants of the changes in fluorescence of 8 anilino 1 naphthalenesulfonic acid induced in particle systems

Cavagna, G.A.; Franzetti, P.; Heglund, N.C.; Willems, P., 1988:
The determinants of the step frequency in running, trotting and hopping in man and other vertebrates

Cavagna, G.A.; Franzetti, P., 1986:
The determinants of the step frequency in walking in humans

Cameron T.A.; James M.D., 1987:
The determinants of value for a recreational fishing day estimates from a contingent valuation survey

Reynolds G.P.; Sandler M.; Hardy J.; Bradford H., 1980:
The determination and distribution of 2 phenylethylamine in sheep brain

Mai, D.H., 1975:
The determination and nomenclature of fossilized magnolias

Fritz W.; Buthig C.; Engst R., 1979:
The determination and the hygienic toxicologic significance of patulin in fruits and fruit products

Grancini, G.; Stievano, B.M.; Girardi, F.; Guzzi, G.; Pietra, R., 1975:
The determination by neutron activation analysis of trace elements in sea water and sediment samples collected in the northern adriatic sea

Zidwick, M.J.; Rogers, P., 1982:
The determination by radiochemical assay of arginino succinase ec produced in an escherichia coli system in vitro

Gauch R.; Leuenberger U.; Limacher W.; Mueller U.; Schallibaum M., 1983:
The determination by thin layer chromatography of pyrantel in cows milk and blood serum after oral administration of banminth

Yamasaki Y., 1984:
The determination in men of urinary metabolites of ethylbenzene by high performance liquid chromatography

Shiomi K.; Orii M.; Yamanaka H.; Kikuchi T., 1987:
The determination method of arsenic compounds by high performance liquid chromatography with inductively coupled argon plasma emission spectrometry and its application to shellfishes

Deng Y J.; Shi S F.; Y.Y.M.; L.H.Q.; Han C C.; G.X.Q., 1987:
The determination methods on size and distribution of particles and particulate matter in intravenous injection of polyphase liposome 139 in the form of suspension

Peters T.L.; Nestrick T.J.; Lamparski L.L., 1984:
The determination of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin in treated waste water

Bradley D.E.; Coetzee J.N., 1982:
The determination of 2 morphologically distinct types of pilus by plasmids of incompatibility group i 2

Bonini, M.; Mokofio, F.; Argilas, S., 1981:
The determination of 4 anti malarial molecules chloroquine quinine pyrimethamine sulfadoxine mixed in biological fluids 1. uv spectrophotometry

Repke, H.; Pasternak, G., 1975:
The determination of a common bone marrow derived cell antigen in the bone marrow of the rat and on plaque forming cells in the mouse

Dell D.; Partos C.; Portmann R., 1988:
The determination of a new trifluorinated quinolone fleroxacin its n demethyl and n oxide metabolites in plasma and urine by high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Erasmus L.J.; Grove J.T.; Meissner H.H., 1986:
The determination of a rate constant for the outflow of chromium mordanted protein particles from the rumen of lactating dairy cattle

Mcfadyen I.R.; Worth H.G.J.; Wright D.J., 1980:
The determination of a reference range for urinary estrogen excretion in late pregnancy

Broadhurst, J.H.; Bacaner, M.; Fuhr, M.; Lilley, J.S.; Macres, M., 1980:
The determination of absolute concentrations of elements in thin 0.1 micron sections of biological tissue by x ray micro analysis in the scanning electron microscope and calibration with mono energetic alpha particle scattering techniques

Eriksson, C.J.; Sippel, H.W.; Forsander, O.A., 1977:
The determination of acetaldehyde in biological samples by head-space gas chromatography

Eriksson C.J.P.; Mizoi Y.; Fukunaga T., 1982:
The determination of acetaldehyde in human blood by the per chloric acid precipitation method the characterization and elimination of artifactual acetaldehyde formation

Rajamaki S.; Rauramaa A., 1985:
The determination of acetoacetate and 3 hydroxybutyrate in milk

Mika, V., 1981:
The determination of acid detergent fiber in feeds with acetyltrimethylammonium bromide vs. determination of detergent fiber with alkylaryl sulfonic acid

van Rijn, H.J.; Boer, P.; Klosse, J.A., 1980:
The determination of acid phosphatase of prostatic origin with the Automatic Clinical Analyzer (ACA, DuPont)

Wang W.; Barcelona M.J., 1983 :
The determination of acid reactive sulfide

T.D.; E.A., 1983:
The determination of activity of sputum negative pulmonary tuberculosis

Ponurovskii S.K.; Silina A.V., 1983:
The determination of age and linear growth rate in the scallop swiftopecten swifti

Mccrady E.; Sprey T.E., 1986:
The determination of aldehyde oxidase activity patterns in the wing discs of drosophila melanogaster absence of field size influence during the third larval instar

Dawson, R.; Pritchard, R.G., 1978:
The determination of alpha amino acids in sea water using a fluorometric analyzer

Anderegg, P.; Schur, F.; Pfenninger, H., 1976:
The determination of alpha amylase activity

Steinberg S.M.; Bada J.L., 1982:
The determination of alpha keto acids and oxalic acid in sea water by reversed phase liquid chromatographic separation of fluorescent quinoxalinol derivatives

Lugowski S.; Smith D.C.; Van Loon J.C., 1987:
The determination of aluminum chromium cobalt iron and nickel in whole blood by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Klaus H.; Quade H.D., 1979:
The determination of aluminum in foods

Searle, P.L.; Daly, B.K., 1977:
The determination of aluminum iron manganese and silicon in acid oxalate soil extracts by flame emission and atomic absorption spectrometry

Miglio, J.J., 1978:
The determination of americium curium and californium in biological samples by combined solvent extraction liquid scintillation counting

Chae, B.J.; Han, I.K., 1984:
The determination of amino acid bioavailability for broiler type chicks 1. bioavailable amino acid values of corn sorghum soybean meal and fish meal as measured by 2 different bioassays

Chae, B.J.; Han, I.K.; Lee, S.C., 1984:
The determination of amino acid bioavailability for broiler type chicks 2. the effect of input levels on the amino acid bioavailability of soybean meal

Wang E.; E.A., 1988:
The determination of amino acids in secretion and saline infusion of diploid and triploid paragonimus westermani

Jakubowski, H.Z.; Pastuzyn, A.; Loftfield, R.B., 1977:
The determination of aminoacyl adenylate by thin layer chromatography

Haustein K O.; Hueller G.; Sensing H., 1982:
The determination of aminopyrine elimination for control of the metabolic capacity of the liver in man

Mcleod, S.; Zarcinas, B., 1976:
The determination of ammonium and chloride by an autoanalyzer for the measurement of cation exchange capacity of soils

Quantin P.; Bouleau A., 1983:
The determination of amorphous and crypto crystalline minerals of andosols by a kinetic analysis of their dissolution by hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide

Friedel, M.H., 1977:
The determination of an optimum sampling technique for biomass of herbaceous vegetation in a central australian woodland

Wang, L.K.; Ross, R.G., 1976:
The determination of anionic surfactants in water by an azure a method

Bakker J.; Preston N.W.; Timberlake C.F., 1986:
The determination of anthocyanins in aging red wines comparison of high performance liquid chromatography and spectral methods

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The determination of anti thrombin part 3 comparison of 6 methods effect of oral contraceptive therapy

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The determination of antibody to streptococcus mutans serotypes in saliva for children ages 3 7 years

Raptis S.E.; Wegscheider W.; Knapp G., 1981:
The determination of arsenic at nanogram per gram and microgram per gram levels in organic and biological matrices

Keech D.J.; West N.G., 1980:
The determination of arsine in workplace air by x ray fluorescence spectrometry

Rinderknecht, H.; Geokas, M.C.; Carmack, C.; Haverback, B.J., 1970:
The determination of aryl sulfatases in biological fluids

Haddad P.R.; Jackson P.E., 1985:
The determination of ascorbate bromate and metabisulfite in bread improvers using high performance ion exchange chromatography

Knudson E.J.; Siebert K.J., 1987:
The determination of ascorbates in beer by liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Cassani M.; Vanzetti G.; Villa A.; Clerici M.C.; Valente D., 1984 :
The determination of assimilated narcotic substances an immunological approach

Gauch R.; Leuenberger U.; Mueller U., 1986:
The determination of azide in wine with high performance liquid chromatography

Boden, H., 1976:
The determination of benzo a pyrene in coal tar pitch volatiles using high pressure liquid chromatography with selective uv detection

Stafford J.V.; Audsley E.; Sharp J.R., 1986:
The determination of best fit linear failure and envelopes to mohr circles

Kiyingi K.S.; Temple D.M., 1983:
The determination of beta adrenoceptor antagonist cardio selectivity in vivo atenolol in anesthetized cats

Gains, N., 1979:
The determination of binding parameters when the total and free substrate concentrations are not approximately equal

Wolanis, M.; Dzaop, V.; Wassmuth, R., 1980:
The determination of biochemical parameters of energy metabolism and their relationships with vitality fattening performance and carcass quality in sheep 3. relationships between biochemical parameters of energy metabolism and vitality fattening performance and carcass quality

Wolanis, M.; Dzapo, V.; Wassmuth, R., 1980:
The determination of biochemical parameters of the energy metabolism and their relationships with vitality fattening performance and carcass quality in sheep 2. respiration activity and oxidative phosphorylation of isolated diaphragm mitochondria

Bechtold, W.E.; Shopp, G.M.; Cheng, Y.S., 1988:
The determination of biurea in the presence of azodicarbonamide by HPLC

Izumi, H.; Hoshi, S.; Mue, S.; Takishima, T.; Sato, H.; Aoki, T., 1984 :
The determination of blood histamine in asthmatic patients with a simple and sensitive method

Wong, S.Y.; Dunstan, C.R.; Evans, R.A.; Hills, E., 1982:
The determination of bone viability: a histochemical method for identification of lactate dehydrogenase activity in osteocytes in fresh calcified and decalcified sections of human bone

Lanza P.; Mortera G., 1983:
The determination of boron in waste waters with an ion selective electrode

Fleck, A.; Morrison, B.A., 1970:
The determination of bromsulfthalein in serum

Zehner, J.M.; Simonaitis, R.A., 1976:
The determination of butylated hydroxy toluene in resmethrin by high pressure liquid chromatography

Nagel H R.; Templin R.; Hudemann B.; Bast R.; Ernst B., 1985:
The determination of c reactive protein in the serum as control of the course after kidney transplantation

Taylor P.; Dams R.; Hoste J., 1985:
The determination of cadmium chromium copper nickel and zinc in city waste incinerator ash using inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Perrett D.; Drury P.L., 1982:
The determination of captopril in physiological fluids using high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Kruesmann, K.; Schroeder, H.; Schroeder, J., 1971:
The determination of carbon mon oxide in blood by means of a non dispersive ir differential absorption technique

Bogusz, M.; Aderjan, R.; Bösche, J., 1988:
The determination of carbon monoxide in blood by means of electrochemical pocket gas meter

Hughes, K.M., 1978:
The determination of carbonic anhydrase ii types in human blood stains

Rai V.S.; Minty P.S.B., 1987:
The determination of carboxyhemoglobin in the presence of sulfhemoglobin

Gladen, R., 1972:
The determination of carcinogenic poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in automobile exhaust gases by column chromatography

Odomi, M.; Akiyama, H.; Matsuura, K.; Shimizu, T., 1985:
The determination of carteolol in human plasma and urine by high performance liquid chromatography

Lin P.Y.T.; Bulawa M.C.; Wong P.; Lin L.; Scott J.; Blank C.L., 1984:
The determination of catecholamines indoleamines metabolites and related enzymatic activities using 3 micron liquid chromatography columns

Storer G.B.; Gawthorne J.M.; Francis G.L.; Illman R.J., 1979:
The determination of cellulase activity by gas liquid chromatography

Mackenzie A.B.; Baxter M.S.; Mckinley I.G.; Swan D.S.; Jack W., 1979:
The determination of cesium 134 cesium 137 lead 210 radium 226 and radium 228 concentrations in nearshore marine sediments and sea water

Lewinsohn E.; Gressel J., 1983:
The determination of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b together with carbon 14 di oxide fixation in the same plant tissue samples

Grobler, D.C.; Davies, E., 1978:
The determination of chlorophyll a in water containing sediment

Zeisler R.; Young I., 1987 :
The determination of chromium 50 in human blood and its utilization for blood volume measurements

Woollard D.C., 1982:
The determination of cocoa solids in milk powder products using high performance liquid chromatography

Bester, B.H., 1977:
The determination of coliform bacteria in dairy products part 1 theoretical aspects

Crowley R.; Kacprzak J., 1986:
The determination of commonly used iodinated contrast media in postmortem samples using high performance liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography

Pieper, H.J.; Schlude, M., 1977:
The determination of comparable alpha amylase activities in malts using soluble starch as a substrate

Dujardin B.C.G.; Driedijk P.C.; Roijees A.F.M.; Out T.A., 1985:
The determination of complement c 1q c 4 and c 3 in serum and cerebrospinal fluid by radioimmunoassay

Haenni, H.; Hulstkamp, J.; Rothenbuehler, A., 1976:
The determination of copper and iron in milk and milk products by the method of flameless atom absorption

Smeyers-Verbeke, J.; May, C.; Drochmans, P.; Massart, D.L., 1977:
The determination of copper zinc and manganese in sub cellular rat liver fractions

Von Glahn H., 1987:
The determination of couch grasses species subspecies and hybrids of the genus agropyron sensu lato occurring in north germany according to vegetative characteristics with special reference to the coastal region

Luna A.; Villanueva E.; Castellano M.; Jimenez G., 1981:
The determination of creatine kinase lactate dehydrogenase and its iso enzymes in peri cardial fluid and its application to the post mortem diagnosis of myo cardial infarction

Rands D.G.; Bain R.L., 1979:
The determination of cyanide ion in natural waters with a selective ion electrode

Wisser, H.; Dettmer, K.; Knoll, E., 1976:
The determination of cystine amino peptidase oxytocinase ec with a eni fast analyzer

Klimek, J.; Blaziak, I.; Jedrych, M.; Wronska, J.; Wawrzycki, S., 1978:
The determination of dansyl amino acids depending on the maximum uv absorption

Beideman F.E., 1987:
The determination of depilatory activity using a thermomechanical analyzer

Lebelle, M.J.; Lauriault, G.; Vilim, A.; Wilson, W.L., 1977:
The determination of di methyl aniline in ampicillin formulations

Bzezinska A.; Van Loon J.; Williams D.; Oguma K.; Fuwa K.; Haraguchi I.H., 1983:
The determination of di methyl mercury and methyl mercury chloride in air

Anness B.J., 1981:
The determination of di methyl sulfoxide in aqueous solution

Ayers, C.W., 1978:
The determination of di thio carbamate residues in tobacco results of joint experiments carried out between 1976 and 1978 by coresta pesticide subgroup

Linnik, P.N.; Nabivanets, B.I., 1977:
The determination of different forms of metal ions in natural waters

Lin C.W.; Musacchio J.M., 1983:
The determination of dissociation constants for substance p and substance p analogs in the guinea pig ileum by pharmacological procedures

Salonen, K.; Kotimaa, A.L., 1975:
The determination of dissolved inorganic carbon a possible source of error in determining the primary production of lake water phyto plankton

Canonne, C.; Hatzfeld, C., 1977:
The determination of dissolved nitrogen in blood by gas phase chromatography

Eade A.J.; Law J.R., 1983:
The determination of distinctness in the self pollinated cereals utilizing electronic data storage and retrieval

Kubota, T.; Kumasaka, T.; Suzuki, A.; Yaoi, Y.; Saito, M., 1979:
The determination of dopamine in decidual and villous tissues in early pregnancy

Cherdantseva E.M.; Cherdantsev V.G., 1985:
The determination of dorso ventral polarity in the embryos of brachydanio rerio teleostei

Wilkinson P., 1985:
The determination of environmental levels of uranium and thorium series isotopes and cesium 137 in aquatic and terrestrial samples

Kirk, R.S.; Mortlock, R.E.; Pocklington, W.D.; Roper, P., 1978:
The determination of erucic acid and cetoleic acid in oils fats and fatty foods

Rovida, E.; Luzzana, M.; Ripamonti, M.; Mosca, A.; Gambaro, V.; Marozzi, E.; Lodi, F.; Rossi-Bernardi, L., 1984:
The determination of ethanol in whole blood by differential pH measurements

Lee, G.L.; Waldron, T., 1976 :
The determination of ethyl acetate vapors in air

Magerl H.; Poehlmann E.; Hager W., 1983:
The determination of ethylene glycol by headspace gas chromatography

Lloyd J.A.; Stratton L.M., 1986:
The determination of extractives and pitch by chromic acid oxidation

Kim J Y., 1982:
The determination of fasting blood sugar level in healthy korean adult male

Weisz, H., 1975:
The determination of fats and oils by means of the ring over technique

Ugrinovitis M.H.; Luetby J., 1988:
The determination of fats in foods

Sergeant D.B.; Zitko V.; Burridge L.E., 1979:
The determination of fenitrothion in bivalves with appendices

Heaney, S.I.; Davison, W., 1977:
The determination of ferrous iron in natural waters with 2 2 bi pyridyl

Davidescu V.; Panaitescu E.; Jacob M., 1980:
The determination of fertility and of the fertilization system for greenhouse tomatoes

Baker D., 1983:
The determination of fiber in processed cereal foods by near ir reflectance spectroscopy

Kuz'min A.M.; Karpachevskii L.O., 1984:
The determination of fine earth density in stony soils

Tomura, K.; Ohta, N., 1976:
The determination of fluorine in bones by nondestructive neutron activation analysis using 11.2 second fluorine 20

Lawrence J.F.; Iyengar J.R., 1983:
The determination of formaldehyde in beer and soft drinks by high performance liquid chromatography of the 2 4 di nitrophenyl hydrazone derivative

Wood A.F.; Aston J.W.; Douglas G.K., 1985:
The determination of free amino acids in cheese by capillary column gas liquid chromatography

Day L.R.; Zumpe H.H., 1984:
The determination of gamma ray absorbed dose rates in air above igneous and sedimentary rocks on southwest dartmoor uk

Fejfusova J.; Miskova I., 1986:
The determination of gaseous and solid inorganic fluorine compounds in the air in a mixture by an electrometric method

Hamaya, K.; Doi, K.; Tanaka, T.; Nishimoto, A., 1985:
The determination of glial fibrillary acidic protein for the diagnosis and histogenetic study of central nervous system tumors: a study of 152 cases

Hackbarth H.; Luenebrink J., 1979:
The determination of glomerular filtration rate in mice by a total plasma slope clearance of chromium 51 edta depending on age and sex

Graham, E.R.B.; Neuberger, A., 1968:
The determination of glucosamine and galactosamine in some glyco proteins by radio isotope dilution immuno globulin blood group substances

Gomo Z.A.R., 1985:
The determination of glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin in a nondiabetic zimbabwean african population

Luecker, E.; Rosopulo, A.; Koberstein, S.; Kreuzer, W., 1987:
The determination of heavy metals in fresh renal matrix by means of solid sampling and atomic absorption spectrometry part ii. the practicability of the determination of lead and cadmium in fresh renal matrix by means of solid sampling and zeeman aas

Frache, F.; Baffi, F.; Dadone, A.; Zanicchi, G., 1976:
The determination of heavy metals in the ligurian sea part 1 the distribution of copper cobalt nickel and cadmium in surface waters

Sugden, E.A.; Saschenbrecker, P.W., 1976:
The determination of hemo globin and myo globin residues as a parameter for testing heat exposure in back bacon

Shan G.; Zhang H.; Fang W.; Tan P., 1982:
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