The development of winged mericarps in paracaryum and related genera cynoglosseae boraginaceae

Hilger, H.H.

Plant Systematics and Evolution 138(1-2): 73-88


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2697
Accession: 006627895

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The anatomy and development of mericarps in 4 representatives of Boraginaceae-Cynoglosseae were investigated. In each case the nutlets grow from a 6-layered carpel. While the mesocarp becomes multilayered and thick in correlation with epizoochory in Cynoglossum, it remains 6-layered in Mattiastrum, Paracaryum and Rindera. The wings are formed by both exo- and mesocarp and later on the inflated rim becomes hollow. Development of wing and reduction of glochids are discussed as adaptations to anemochory.