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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6630

Chapter 6630 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sebela M., 1980: The diet of the common viper vipera berus in the area of mount kralicky sneznik

Demers P., 1981: The diet of the coyote canis latrans and of the feral house dog canis familiaris in southern quebec canada

Whitehouse, S. J. O., 1977: The diet of the dingo in western australia

Taylor R.J., 1983: The diet of the eastern gray kangaroo and wallaroo in areas of improved and native pasture in the new england tablelands australia

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629005

Alevizon W.S., 1980: The diet of the florida pompano trachinotus carolinus along the east coast of central florida usa

Ariagno D., 1985: The diet of the genet genetta genetta in the rhone department france

Scott F.J., 1985: The diet of the green turtle chelonia mydas in torres strait australia

Scotcher, J. S. B.; Stewart, D. R. M.; Breen, C. M., 1978: The diet of the hippopotamus in ndumu game reserve natal as determined by fecal analysis

Copson G.R., 1986: The diet of the introduced rodents mus musculus and rattus rattus on subantarctic macquarie island

Hindell M.A., 1988: The diet of the king penguin aptenodytes patagonicus at macquarie island pacific ocean

Smith S.M., 1983: The diet of the knot calidris canutus on rocky shores of eastern scotland uk in winter

Mou Y P., 1982: The diet of the lizard eremias olivieri on the kerkennah islands tunisia

Sadek R.A., 1981: The diet of the madeiran lizard lacerta dugesii

Folk C., 1987: The diet of the mallard anas platyrhynchos in czechoslovakia

Boy V., 1987: The diet of the mosquitofish gambusia affinis baird and girard poeciliidae in mediterranean france

Calver M.C., 1984: The diet of the nestling noisy scrub bird atrichornis clamosus

Paton D.C., 1982: The diet of the new holland honey eater phylidonyris novaehollandiae

Cockburn A., 1980: The diet of the new holland mouse pseudomys novaehollandiae and the house mouse mus musculus in a victorian coastal heathland australia

Chanin P., 1981: The diet of the otter lutra lutra and its relations with the feral mink mustela vison in 2 areas of southwest england uk

Mearns R., 1983: The diet of the peregrine falco peregrinus in south scotland uk during the breeding season

Tilley S., 1982: The diet of the powerful owl ninox strenua in victoria australia

Seebeck, J. H., 1976: The diet of the powerful owl ninox strenua in western victoria australia

Jensen, B.; Sequeira, D. M., 1978: The diet of the red fox vulpes vulpes in denmark

Lutz, W., 1978: The diet of the red fox vulpes vulpes in the bavarian forest

Lafontaine L., 1987: The diet of the river otter in central brittany france

Fitzherbert K., 1986: The diet of the short tailed shearwater puffinus tenuirostris during its breeding season

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629028

Ward P., 1985: The diet of the southern rockhopper penguin eudyptes chrysocome chrysocome at beauchene island falkland islands south atlantic

Madsen A.B., 1985: The diet of the stone marten martes foina in denmark

Menard N., 1984: The diet of the vicunas lama vicugna during an unusual drought

Gatinot, B. L., 1977: The diet of the west african red colobus in senegal

Gaston A.J., 1985: The diet of thick billed murre uria lomvia chicks in the eastern canadian arctic

Noble D.G., 1985: The diet of thick billed murres uria lomvia in west hudson strait and northeast hudson bay

Konchina Yu V., 1979: The diet of trachurus symmetricus murphyi from the coast of peru

Parchuk G.V., 1984: The diet of underyearlings of commercial fish species of the sasyk reservoir and the kiliya river branch of the danube delta ukrainian ssr ussr

Tatner P., 1983: The diet of urban magpies pica pica

Valtonen T., 1983: The diet of vendace coregonus albula in the northeastern bothnian bay baltic sea

Pellantova J., 1985: The diet of young tree sparrows passer montanus and its influence on their postnatal development in a woodland park

Ormerod S.J., 1985: The diet on breeding dippers cinclus cinclus and their nestlings in the catchment on the river wye mid wales uk a preliminary study for fecal analysis

Ebert A.G., 1979: The dietary administration of l mono sodium glutamate dl mono sodium glutamate and l glutamic acid to rats

Ebert A.G., 1979: The dietary administration of mono sodium glutamate or glutamic acid to c 57 black mice for 2 years

Richardson, M. G., 1975: The dietary composition of some antarctic fish

Russell G.R., 1980: The dietary effects of 20 hydroxy ecdysone on the development of house fly musca domestica

Brydon W.G., 1986: The dietary effects of sodium carboxymethylcellulose in man

Fredericksen S., 1982: The dietary effects of some ecdysteroids on the development of house fly

Steller D.C., 1986: The dietary energy and nitrogen requirements of the gray headed flying fox pteropus poliocephalus megachiroptera

Falaiye, J. M., 1978: The dietary fiber theory and bile salt pattern in nigerians

Hall J.S.E., 1983: The dietary habits and knowledge of folklore of pregnant jamaican women

Moynihan P.J., 1986: The dietary intake of added and natural sugars in 405 english adolescents

Bird G., 1986: The dietary intakes of women in caerphilly south wales uk a weighed and a photographic method compared

Karst, H.; Moehr, M.; Seppelt, B., 1979: The dietary interview 2. comparisons of the results obtained with different numbers of single 24 hour recalls

Lowy, R.; Griffaton, G.; Brigant, L.; Ardouin, B.; Dupuy, F., 1979: The dietary no effect level of a di thio carbamate fungicide thiram as evaluated from measurement data on rats 2. various sensitivities of various parameters

Akabane M., 1984: The dietary pattern and image of food

Yano Y., 1985: The dietary pattern of the housewives living in a village of toshi island mie prefecture japan

Jones E., 1980: The dietary potential of the common nettle urtica dioica

Kates M., 1984: The dietary regulation of acyl transferase and desaturase activities in microsomal membranes of rat liver

Holloway, C. T.; Holloway, P. W., 1977: The dietary regulation of stearyl coenzyme a desaturase activity and membrane fluidity in the rat aorta

Curtis B.A., 1985: The dietary spectrum of the namib desert dune ant camponotus detritus

Fernandes J., 1984: The dietary treatment of children with type i glycogen storage disease with slow release carbohydrate

Robin J.H., 1982: The dietary value for sea bass larvae dicentrarchus labrax of the rotifer brachionus plicatilis fed with or without a laboratory cultured alga

Schlundt, D. G.; Zimering, R. T., 1988: The dieter's inventory of eating temptations a measure of weight control competence

Baur K., 1985: The diethyldithiocarbamate concentration effects and interactions with other cytotoxic agents on chinese hamster cells v 79

Krolik S., 1986: The diethylhydrogensilyl cyclic diethylsilylene derivative in the gas chromatography mass spectrometry of thromboxane b 2

Furnham A., 1986: The dieting and body shape concerns of adolescent females

Cheal D.C., 1987: The diets and dietary preferences of rattus fuscipes and rattus lutreolus at walkerville in victoria australia

Kotrschal K.M., 1987: The diets in four pacific tube blennies acanthemblemaria chaenopsidae lack of ecological divergence in syntopic species

Hall S., 1980: The diets of 2 coexisting species of antechinus antechinus stuartii and antechinus swainsonii marsupialia dasyuridae

Long J.L., 1984: The diets of 3 species of parrots in the south of western australia

Smith P.C., 1979: The diets of 5 species of migrant shore birds in the bay of fundy nova scotia canada

Shimek R.L., 1984: The diets of alaskan neptunea

Mortensen S., 1981: The diets of children attending day nurseries investigation and assessment of the diets of children aged 1 3 years attending day nurseries in the municipality of copenhagen denmark

Henderson, R. W., 1984: The diets of hispaniolan colubrid snakes 1. introduction and prey genera

Henderson, R. W.; Noeske-Hallin, T. A.; Crother, B. I.; Schwartz, A., 1988: The diets of hispaniolan colubrid snakes ii. prey species prey size and phylogeny

Pilorge T., 1982: The diets of lacerta vivipara and rana temporaria in 2 sympatric populations of puy de dome france

Schuerch, M.; Walter, J. E., 1978: The diets of leeches hirudinea and triclads turbellaria tricladida

Penrith M L., 1983: The diets of littoral fish from the cape peninsula south africa

Stewart J., 1987: The diets of pregnant and post pregnant women in different social groups in london and edinburgh england uk energy protein fat and fiber

Goss-Custard, J. D.; Jones, R. E., 1976: The diets of redshank and curlew

Archer E., 1984: The diets of sminthopsis murina and antechinus stuartii marsupialia dasyuridae in sympatry

Schreiber, R. W.; Hensley, D. A., 1976: The diets of sula dactylatra sula sula and fregata minor on christmas island pacific ocean

Dunlop C.J., 1985: The diets of the large rock rat zyzomys woodwardi and the common rock rat zyzomys argurus rodentia muridae

Korver, S.; Vos, H.; De-Leede, C. A.; Meindertsma, J., 1984: The difference between dairy and dual purpose breeds for veal production 1. production characteristics

Holdorff B., 1980: The difference between delayed radiation necroses of the cerebral hemispheres and midline its bearing in radiation therapy

Kuenzel W., 1980: The difference between fetal trans cutaneous oxygen tension and arterial oxygen tension during labor

Et Al, 1983: The difference between iib lesion and neighboring noncancerous mucosa from a radiological standpoint

Berkowitz L., 1981: The difference between internal and external reactions to legitimate and illegitimate frustrations a demonstration

Otomo E., 1980: The difference between left and right side on electro encephalography and dilation of lateral ventricle

Knudsen J.B., 1986: The difference between non selective and beta 1 selective beta blockers in their effect on platelet function in migraine patients

Clowes F.A.L., 1981: The difference between open and closed meristems

Ercan, Z. S.; Turker, R. K.; Torunoglu, M., 1978: The difference between prostaglandin mediated myotropic effects of angiotensin ii and angiotensin iii in the rabbit aorta

Hill, B. T.; Price, L. A.; Harrison, S. I.; Goldie, J. H., 1977: The difference between selective folinic acid protection and folinic acid rescue in l 5178y cell culture

Inai S., 1980: The difference between serum and plasma complement activity in primary renal disease

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629098

Boutwell R.K., 1983: The difference between the effects of single and double applications of 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate a potent tumor promoter on poly amine metabolism and nucleic acid synthesis in mouse epidermis

Higashi T., 1987: The difference between the mechanism of gallium 67 accumulation and iron 59 accumulation in cultured tumor cells

Urfer F., 1984: The difference between the systolic time intervals of the left and right ventricles during fetal life

Borgsteede F.H.M., 1988: The difference between two strains of ostertagia ostertagi in resistance to morantel tartrate

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629103

Beyens L., 1982: The difference in ecology between tabellaria fenestrata and tabellaria flocculosa diatomophyceae

El-Azab, J.; Stewart, P. B., 1977: The difference in effect of pre dosing with anti allergic compounds between the rat passive cutaneous anaphylaxis model and the monkey asthma model comparison of the effects of prd 92 ea and di sodium cromoglycate

Yokose H., 1981: The difference in flood damage caused by the pattern of rainfall and the antecedent precipitation

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629107

Kuretani K., 1980: The difference in mechanism of action of 5 fluoro uracil and its nucleosides in l 5178y cells

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629109

Nilsson P., 1980: The difference in protection efficiency between ear plugs and ear muffs an investigation performed at a workplace

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629111

Hirano K., 1979: The difference in serum cholesterol values between brazilians and japanese brazilians and their life styles

Alain C., 1982: The difference in slope of chosen reaction time as a function of the mode of presentation of the stimuli the role of the sequential effects

Saijo N., 1988: The difference in surface phenotypes between cytotoxic lymphocytes induced in vivo by systemic administration of human recombinant interleukin 2 and lymphokine activated killer cells induced in vitro

Sulaiman S., 1983: The difference in the instar composition of immature mosquitoes sampled by 3 sampling techniques

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629116

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629117

Okudai N., 1985: The difference of cultivar with an increase in bitterness and bitter components flavanone neohesperidoside content in citrus fruit caused by freezing

Toyoshima S., 1979: The difference of drug sensitivity of tumor cells on n ethyloxycarbonylaminomethyl l iso leucine

Firsov L.A., 1982: The difference of neuro physiological mechanisms of delayed reaction and trace conditioned reflex

Kawamoto K., 1984: The difference of perception mechanisms between sonic and ultrasonic sounds

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629122

Saio K., 1988: The difference of subcellular localization between beta conglycinin and glycinin in developing soybean cotyledons

Hatakeyama S., 1983: The difference of susceptibility of target thyroid gland to auto immune thyroiditis induced by a combination of implantation of thyroid gland and injection of lipo poly saccharide

Davidson A.G., 1987: The difference spectrophotometric assay of 5 hydroxymethylfurfuraldehyde in parenteral formulations of dextrose

Nelson, C. V.; Hodgkin, B. C.; Bonner, R. A.; Angelakos, E. T., 1978: The difference vector assessment of effects of changes or interventions

Rolland R., 1986: The differences between findings in laparoscopy and at subsequent fertility surgery

Kashu K., 1987: The differences between musicians and non musicians in the utilization of asymmetrical brain function during a melody recognition task

Fripp, P. J.; Williams, G.; Crawford, M. A., 1976: The differences between the long chain polyenoic acids of adult schistosoma mansoni and the serum of its host

Hayashi, J. I.; Yonekawa, H.; Gotoh, O.; Motohashi, J.; Tagashira, Y., 1978: The differences between the primary structures of mitochondrial dna from rat liver and ascites hepatoma ah 130

Huisenga, J.; Huisenga, O., 1977: The differences between the spring and summer generation of heodes ottomanus lepidoptera lycaenidae

Furuhashi K., 1986: The differences in calcium distribution pattern between preodontoblasts and preameloblasts in developing rat molar tooth germs

Yano T., 1987: The differences in carbon dioxide kinetics during incremental exercise among sprinters middle and long distance runners

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629134

Kumar A., 1986: The differences in eruption of permanent dentition among the individuals of two social groups of punjabi origin

De-Boer, J. J., 1978: The differences in morphology and tensile properties between the fibers of gossypium hirsutum and gossypium barbadense

Gasparska J., 1985: The differences in plasma protein pattern between laying and non laying chickens gallus gallus quails coturnix coturnix japonica and geese anser anser

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629138

Zotikov, E. A.; Tananov, A. T., 1976: The differences in the capacity of hl a sera to react with the thymus derived and bone marrow derived populations of lymphocytes

Muretic Z., 1984: The differences in the frequency and intensity of caries in twins

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629141

Okayasu I., 1986: The differences of susceptibility of the target thyroid gland to autoimmune thyroiditis and of antigenicity of thyroid gland for induction of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis

Sakakibara B., 1979: The differences of the metabolism related to vitamin b 6 dependent enzymes among vitamin b 6 deficient germ free and conventional rats

Hartmann J., 1979: The different adaptability of fish to eutrophication

Boyer, P., 1975: The different aspects of the action of certain bellicositermes on the evolution of soils of the ubanganese savannas central african republic

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629146

Roessler, F.; Hesse, M., 1977: The different behavior of lysine methyl ester and its n n di acetyl derivative under electron impact part 27 mass spectrometric behavior of nitrogen compounds

Diebold, J., 1976: The different cells forming granulomas morphologic features origin function and development

Van Der Schueren E., 1983: The different clinical presentation behavior and prognosis of carcinomas originating in the epilarynx and the lower supraglottis

Bonnemain J L., 1979: The different components of the movements and the areas of retention of labeled molecules after application of tritium labeled iaa to the apical bud of vicia faba

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629151

Okumura J., 1987: The different degradation rates of deficient amino acids in chicks fed a histidine free or methionine plus cystine free diet

Buchheim W., 1980: The different development of the structure in harzer cheese tilsit cheese and camembert cheese during ripening

Yamakawa T., 1981: The different distribution of asialo gm 1 ganglioside and forssman antigen in the small intestine of mouse demonstrated by immuno fluorescence staining

Petranyi G.G., 1988: The different effect of alpha and gamma interferons and interleukin 2 on the expression of cd2 cd3 cd4 and cd8 antigens in comparison to histocompatibility antigens of human lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629157

Le Magnen J., 1979: The different effects of continuous night and daytime insulin infusion on the meal pattern of normal rats comparison with the meal pattern of hyperphagic hypothalamic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629159

Freund H.F., 1985: The different effects of leucine isoleucine and valine on systolic properties of the normal and septic isolated rat heart

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629161

Nakamizo N., 1985: The different effects of recombinant human interferon gamma and recombinant human interferon beta on the activation of natural killer cells

Et Al, 1987: The different effects of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor on rat fibrosarcoma sublines

Hall J.C., 1981: The different effects on courtship of volatile compounds from mated and virgin drosophila melanogaster females

Tonnelle, C.; Colle, A.; Leclercq, M.; Sire, J.; Manuel, Y., 1977: The different electrophoretic forms of post gamma globulin their antigenic identity and their structural variability

Lewin D., 1981: The different elements constituting the bishop score in the induction of labor with epidural analgesia

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629168

Winkler, L.; Schlag, B.; Goetze, E., 1975: The different fatty acid chargeability of fetal and adult rat serum albumin by incubating the sera with free fatty acids

Balzer, H.; Khan, A. R., 1975: The different fatty acid composition of lecithins in the sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles and the membranes of adrenal chromaffin granules

Kummer, F.; Mlczoch, J., 1977: The different flow pattern in tracheal stenosis broncho spasm and emphysema

Katase T., 1981: The different forms in which p coumaric acid exists in a peat soil

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629173

Pepper, D. S.; Banhegyi, D.; Cash, J. D., 1977: The different forms of anti thrombin iii in serum

Youngs, E. G.; Poulovassilis, A., 1976: The different forms of moisture profile development during the re distribution of soil water after infiltration

Bonvalet, D.; Colau-Gohm, K.; Belaich, S.; Civatte, J.; Degos, R., 1977: The different forms of parapsoriasis in plaques a report of 90 cases

Kelle, W., 1977: The different infestation by parasites to merlangius merlangus of the neuwerker fahrwasser elbe estuary in summer 1974

Golob P., 1988: The different influence of magnesite emissions on the surface waxes of norway spruce and silver fir

Kun, I.; Feszt, G.; Cuparencu, B.; Orban, I., 1977: The different influence of predominantly anti adrenergic and anti dopaminergic neuroleptics on the estrous cycle in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629180

Battegay, R., 1977: The different kinds of group psycho therapy with patients with different diagnoses

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629182

Tosev A., 1984: The different level of energy in the ration of dairy buffalo cows as it affects their milk productivity

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629184

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629185

Johnstone S., 1988: The different mechanisms of the direct and indirect tilt illusions

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629187

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629188

Beck G., 1980: The different molecular forms of tyrosine amino transferase from rat liver and hepatoma cells

Volini, M.; Craven, D.; Ogata, K., 1978: The different molecular weight forms of bovine liver rhodanese ec

Battegay R., 1985: The different narcissistic disturbances of personality and their psychotherapeutic approach

Rodriguez, E. M.; Vega, J. A.; La-Malfa, J. A., 1970: The different origins of the neuro secretory hypothalamo hypophyseal tracts of the toad bufo arenarum

Nigon V., 1982: The different phenotypes of phot minus photosynthetic deficient mutants in euglena gracilis the frequency of production by uv irradiation

Pintus L., 1986: The different prevailing microbial flora antimicrobial antibody response and incidence of infectious diseases in a population of noncontrolled drug addicts da and in a population under methadone control

Haug, H., 1976: The different procedures for value collection in biological morphometry and stereology

Connor M.J., 1984: The different radionuclide angiography responses to upright bicycle ergometer exercise in a population with low probability coronary disease

Blits R., 1985: The different reaction mechanisms by which chlorine and chlorine dioxide react with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water

Livingston J.N., 1983: The different receptor species of liver have similar complex insulin binding properties

Shibata Y., 1985: The different response of guinea pig peritoneal macrophages to various stimulators

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629201

Mackowiak B., 1982: The different sequelae of hyaline membranes in the adult and in the new born

Fukuda, M.; Okamura, K.; Fujita, S.; Boehm, N.; Rohrbach, R.; Sandritter, W., 1978: The different stem cell populations in mouse epidermis and lingual epithelium

Prost A., 1980: The different types of human onchocerciasis in west africa

Schleusener A., 1988: The different types of hyperthyroidism in europe results of a prospective survey of 924 patients

Dupeyrat M., 1982: The different types of isotherm exhibited by insoluble fatty acid mono layers a theoretical interpretation of phase transitions in the condensed state

Erome G., 1984: The different types of shelters built by the european beaver castor fiber in the middle rhone valley france

Patzner R.A., 1986: The different vascular patterns of slime glands in the hagfishes myxine glutinosa linnaeus and eptatretus stouti lockington a scanning electron microscope study of vascular corrosion casts

Dutau G., 1987: The different ways of diagnosis of allergy in pediatrics study of some correlations between different tests

Pham Q.T., 1980: The different ways of expressing the results of the mon oxide test in steady state discussion and proposition of reference values for epidemiological studies

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629212

Dorf M.E., 1986: The differential ability of splenic adherent cells from b 6 lpr mice to induce suppressor t cells

Bedford J.M., 1979: The differential absorptive activity of epithelial cells of the rat epididymis before and after castration

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629215

Oka T., 1980: The differential actions of cortisol in the accumulation of alpha lact albumin and casein in mid pregnant mouse mammary gland in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629217

Meloni, M.; Perra, M.; Costa, M., 1980: The differential activation of ornithine decarboxylase ec in synchronized cultures maintained with a salts and glucose medium

Siewert J.R., 1985: The differential affinities of 2 anticancer analogs to their target

Goers, S. K.; Jensen, R. A., 1984: The differential allosteric regulation of 2 chorismate mutase ec isoenzymes of nicotiana silvestris

Hill C.R., 1986: The differential and total bulk acoustic scattering cross sections of some human and animal tissues

Liem R.K.H., 1984: The differential appearance of neuro filament triplet poly peptides in the developing rat optic nerve

Tishkov I., 1982: The differential approach in the treatment of chronic glomerulo nephritis

Ferssiwi A., 1987: The differential ascending projections from the anterior central and posterior regions of the lateral hypothalamic area an autoradiographic study

Saggers, B. A.; Lawson, D., 1970: The differential attachment of antibiotics to glyco protein and blood lymphocytes

Ferrucci L., 1981: The differential banding pattern produced by actinomycin d acridine orange counter staining in metaphase chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Kasukawa R., 1986: The differential cell counts of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and interleukin 1 production by alveolar macrophages in patients with collagen vascular diseases complicated with interstitial pneumonia

Scott T.M., 1988: The differential contribution by individual enzymes of glycolysis and protein catabolism to the relationship between heterozygosity and growth rate in the coot clam mulinia lateralis

Powell, P. C.; Irving, N. G.; Prynne, A. P.; Rennie, M., 1986: The differential contribution of b and t lymphocytes to susceptibility to marek's disease in rpl line 7 chickens

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629230

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629231

Hoeltge, G. A.; Furlan, A.; Hoffman, G. C., 1976: The differential cytology of cerebro spinal fluids prepared by cyto centrifugation

Blenkharn J.I., 1987: The differential cytotoxicity of antiseptic agents

Silver A.R.J., 1986: The differential cytotoxicity of rsu 1069 cell survival studies indicating interaction with dna as a possible mode of action

Kelley M.J., 1979: The differential density sign of peri cardial effusion

Ferssiwi A., 1987: The differential descending projections from the anterior central and posterior regions of the lateral hypothalamic area an autoradiographic study

Mckenzie, I. F. C.; Henning, M. M., 1978: The differential destructive and enhancing effects of anti h 2k h 2d and anti ia anti sera on murine skin allo grafts

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629238

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629239

Stevenson P.M., 1981: The differential development of mitochondrial cytochrome p 450 and the respiratory cytochromes in rat ovary

Li D., 1981: The differential diagnosis and analysis of 110 cases of middle and lingular lobe lesion

Stranadko, E. F.; Ovchinnikov, V. I., 1978: The differential diagnosis between cancer recurrence and cicatricial strictures of esophageal anastomoses

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629243

Danilov V.N., 1983: The differential diagnosis clinical variability of larvae distribution and synonymy of culiseta morsitans culicidae

Ambartsumyan A.M., 1985: The differential diagnosis importance of determining lactate dehydrogenase in gastric biopsies

Laks M.M., 1982: The differential diagnosis of acute peri carditis from the normal variant new electro cardiographic criteria

Staedtler F., 1981: The differential diagnosis of benign neoplasms of the nasal septum

Rudge P., 1983: The differential diagnosis of cerebello pontine angle lesions a multidisciplinary approach with special emphasis on the brain stem auditory evoked potential

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629249

Draf, W.; Regli, F., 1975: The differential diagnosis of cranial nerve lesions progressive necrotizing external otitis

Spargo, B. H.; Ordonez, N. G.; Ringus, J. C., 1977: The differential diagnosis of crescentic glomerulo nephritis the pathology of specific lesions with prognostic implications

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629252

Tarui S., 1984: The differential diagnosis of cystic neck masses by the determination of thyro globulin concentrations in the aspirates

Howson A., 1986: The differential diagnosis of dementia using p 300 latency

Voss K., 1980: The differential diagnosis of follicular adenomas and carcinomas in fine needle biopsies of the thyroid gland by means of automatic image analysis

Crofts J.W., 1980: The differential diagnosis of gross ascites in northeast zaire

Et Al, 1985: The differential diagnosis of hairy cell leukemia with a panel of monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629258

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629259

Citoler P., 1981: The differential diagnosis of micro calcification micro cyst blunt duct adenosis

Orne E.C., 1984: The differential diagnosis of multiple personality in the forensic context

Wooley C.F., 1979: The differential diagnosis of para cardiac lesions peri cardial cysts

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629263

Mason D.Y., 1984: The differential diagnosis of routinely processed anaplastic tumors using mono clonal antibodies

Spalke, G.; Hoekendorf, H.; Von-Roques, P., 1976: The differential diagnosis of scapulo peroneal amyotrophy

Sachsenweger R., 1980: The differential diagnosis of the ophthalmologically conditioned head ache with the help of a fusion loading test

Brodsky, I., 1980: The differential diagnosis of the polycythemic states

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629268

Ulbright T.M., 1987: The differential diagnosis of yolk sac tumor and seminoma usefulness of cytokeratin alpha fetoprotein and alpha 1 antitrypsin immunoperoxidase reactions

Bakke A., 1986: The differential diagnosis testis tumor or sequel to torsion of the testis?

Schultz H., 1981: The differential diagnostic deliberations between hydrocele of the testis and mature teratoma of the testis in children

Schmidt, H., 1979: The differential diagnostic morphology and evolution of the edwardsiidae actinieria anthozoa 1. alfredus new genus with the type species alfredus lucifugus new combination

Hansen J.M., 1984: The differential diagnostic problems in unilateral euthyroid graves ophthalmopathy

Beck I., 1981: The differential diagnostic significance of alkaptonuria in degenerative changes of the spine

Weininger O., 1987: The differential diagnostic technique a visual motor projective test

Schieler K., 1987: The differential diagnostic value of protein fractions in synovial fluid determined by nephelometry

Elde R., 1982: The differential distribution and relationship of serotoninergic and peptidergic fibers to sympatho adrenal neurons in the intermediolateral cell column of the rat a combined retrograde axonal transport and immuno fluorescence study

Morrison M.R., 1985: The differential distribution of beta tubulin messenger rna species in individual mammalian brain cells

Schwartz I.R., 1981: The differential distribution of label following uptake of tritium labeled amino acids in the dorsal cochlear nucleus of the cat an auto radiographic study

Schwartz I.R., 1980: The differential distribution of synaptic terminal on marginal and central cells in the cat medial superior olivary nucleus

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629281

Cooke A., 1983: The differential effect of 2 deoxy guanosine on concanavalin a induced suppressor and cyto toxic activity

Teltscherova, L.; Seidlova, F., 1977: The differential effect of abscisic acid on chenopodium rubrum in dependence on growth and developmental state

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629284

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629285

Tischler G.L., 1986: The differential effect of attitudes on the use of mental health services

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629287

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629298

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629299

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629304

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629331

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629332

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629339

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629340

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629356

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629357

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629365

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629366

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629522

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629523

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629524

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629566

Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629567

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629876

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629889

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629965

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Section 7, Chapter 6630, Accession 006629998

Welker D.L., 1988: The discoidin i gene family of dictyostelium discoideum is linked to genes regulating its expression

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