Section 7
Chapter 6,630

The direct effect of the nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on grain yield in maize

Mihaila, V.; Hera, C.

Analele Institutului de Cercetari Pentru Cereale si Plante Tehnice Fundulea 45: 155-162


Accession: 006629867

The results obtained on 2 chernozems in southern Romania, by applying N, P and K fertilizers alone or together, for increasing the maize for kernel yield were discussed. A yield increase of over 12 q/ha was obtained by applying N fertilizers; the P and K fertilizers gave a 2-3 q/ha yield increase. N-P interaction was higher on the chocolate chernozem, as compared to the leached chernozem, and oscillated from yr to yr, from very positive to very negative.

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