The direction of fatty acid and glycero lipid biosynthesis in isolated chloroplasts from developing pea leaves

Grechkin, A.N.

Biokhimiya 48(2): 259-262


Accession: 006629919

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The effects of exogenous NADH and UDP-Gal on the incorporation of [1-14C]acetate into fatty acid and glycerolipids of isolated chloroplasts from developing pea leaves were investigated. NADH increase the rate of total lipid synthesis by 70% and augments the relative incorporation of acetate into monoenoic and C18-fatty acids. The degree of acetate incorporation of acetate into polar lipids was considerably greater than that reported previously in literature. The polar lipid synthesis was increased in the presence of NADH and UDP-Gal, in the latter case due to formation of galactosyldiacylglycerol. The main labeled fatty acids were palmitic, hexadecenoic, stearic and oleic. The label incorporation into linoleic and linolenic acids was practically absent irrespective of incubation conditions.