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The distribution and abundance of burrowing sea birds procellariiformes at bird island south georgia south atlantic 2. south georgia diving petrel pelecanoides georgicus

Croxall, J.P.; Hunter, I.

British Antarctic Survey Bulletin 56: 69-74


Accession: 006630522

A census of the breeding populations of the South Georgia diving petrel at Bird Island, South Georgia, was made in Jan. 1980. As all breeding areas are in open scree or moss habitats, all 6325 burrows could be counted directly. A sample of 228 burrows (177 in scree, 51 in moss) was investigated in detail. In scree, 9% of burrows were incomplete, 61% had eggs or chicks, and an original breeding poulation of .apprx. 4900 pairs was calculated. Only 14% of burrows were in moss; 18% of these were incomplete, only 29% had eggs or chicks, and an original breeding population of .apprx. 500 pairs was estimated. The total South Georgia breeding population might be .apprx. 2 million pairs.

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