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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6632

Chapter 6632 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bongale U.D.; Bharati S.G., 1984:
The distribution of algal flora in the cultivated soils of gokak taluk karnataka state india

Gremmen, N.J.M., 1975:
The distribution of alien vascular plants on marion and prince edward islands

Mela, G.S.; Bianco, B.; Patrone, F.; Dallegri, F., 1976:
The distribution of alkaline phosphatase in granulocytes theoretical and methodological implications

D.Mora S.J., 1983:
The distribution of alkalinity and ph in the fraser estuary

Stibolt V.M., 1981:
The distribution of alnus maritima betulaceae

Bevan, S.; Steinbach, J.H., 1977:
The distribution of alpha bungaro toxin binding sites on mammalian skeletal muscle developing in vivo

Umegaki, K.; Shiosaka, S.; Kawai, Y.; Shinoda, K.; Yagura, A.; Shibasaki, T.; Ling, N.; Tohyama, M., 1983:
The distribution of alpha msh in the central nervous system of the rat an immuno histochemical study 1. fore brain and upper brain stem

Yamazoe, M.; Yagura, A.; Kawai, Y.; Shibasaki, T.; Ling, N.; Tohyama, M.; Shiosaka, S., 1984:
The distribution of alpha msh in the central nervous system of the rat an immunohistochemical study 2. lower brain stem

Berg D.J.; Burns T.A., 1985:
The distribution of aluminum in the tissues of 3 fish species

Huegin G., 1986:
The distribution of amaranthus spp in the southern and central upper rhine valley as well as in several neighboring regions a description of the naturalized species and an attempt at explaining their distribution

Hernandez A.; Gutierrez P.; Thomas J., 1983:
The distribution of amines of pharmaceutical interest in immiscible solvents/

Poroikov V.V.; Esipova N.G.; Tumanyan V.G., 1984:
The distribution of amino acid residues in primary structure of proteins

Kennedy, A.J.; Neal, M.J.; Lolley, R.N., 1977:
The distribution of amino acids within the rat retina

Wright P.A.; Randall D.J.; Wood C.M., 1988:
The distribution of ammonia and hydrogen between tissue compartments in lemon sole parophrys vetulus at rest during hypercapnia and following exercise

Malkmus R., 1982:
The distribution of amphibia and reptiles in portugal

Grillitsch B.; Grillitsch H., 1982:
The distribution of amphibians and reptiles in the area of neusiedler lake burgenwald austria with special reference to proportions in the western phragmites belt

Noon B.R., 1981:
The distribution of an avian guild along a temperate elevational gradient the importance and expression of competition

Pearson B.; Child A.R., 1980:
The distribution of an esterase polymorphism in macro gynes and microgynes of myrmica rubra

Foster, W.A.; Treherne, J.E., 1975:
The distribution of an inter tidal aphid pemphigus trehernei on marine salt marshes

Schalet A.P., 1986:
The distribution of and complementation relationships between spontaneous x linked recessive lethal mutations recovered from crossing long term laboratory stocks of drosophila melanogaster

Kugler, H., 1975:
The distribution of anemogamous species in europe

Lind R.W.; Swanson L.W.; Bruhn T.O.; Ganten D., 1985:
The distribution of angiotensin ii immunoreactive cells and fibers in the paraventriculo hypophyseal system of the rat

Morris, B.J.; Reid, I.A., 1978:
The distribution of angiotensinogen in dog brain studied by cell fractionation

Eagles, P.A.M.; Johnson, L.N.; Van-Horn, C., 1976:
The distribution of anionic sites on the surface of the chromaffin granule membrane

Oguma, Y.; Kanda, T., 1977:
The distribution of anopheles sinensis anopheles sinensis e anopheles lesteri and anopheles sineroides at 34 localities of japan/

Crawford D.J.; Smith E.B., 1983:
The distribution of anthochlor floral pigments in north american coreopsis compositae taxonomic and phyletic interpretations

Bakker J.; Timberlake C.F., 1985:
The distribution of anthocyanins in grape skin extracts of port wine cultivars as determined by high performance liquid chromatography

Sands, J.J.; Harkness, J.W., 1978:
The distribution of antibodies to Border disease virus among sheep in England and Wales

Fukushiro, S.; Nakagawa, S.; Gotoh, M.; Koshizawa, M.; Tanioku, K., 1978:
The distribution of antigen in flare up reaction in contact sensitivity to di nitrochloro benzene

Catapano, A.L., 1980:
The distribution of apo protein c ii and apo protein c iii in very low density lipo proteins of normal and type iv subjects

Robinson, J.B., 1976:
The distribution of applied phosphate and citrus feeder roots in 2 south australian citrus orchards

Verdonschot P.F.M.; Smies M.; Sepers A.B.J., 1982:
The distribution of aquatic oligochaetes in brackish inland waters in the southwest netherlands

Okane K., 1981:
The distribution of aquatic phycomycetes and the abundance of their zoo spores in 2 strongly acid rivers the tamagawa and the takamatugawa akita prefecture japan

Benno, P., 1977:
The distribution of argogorytes and their various cuckoo wasps nysson in the netherlands hymenoptera sphecidae nyssoninae

Collecchi P.; Esposito M.; Brera S.; Mora E.; Mazzucotelli A.; Oddone M., 1986:
The distribution of arsenic and cobalt in patients with laryngeal carcinoma

Daubenmire R., 1982:
The distribution of artemisia rigida in washington usa a challenge to ecology and geology

Evans R.M.; Currie L.; Campbell A., 1982 :
The distribution of ascorbic acid between various cellular components of blood in normal individuals and its relation to the plasma concentration

Wolff, W.J., 1973:
The distribution of asellus aquaticus and proasellus meridianus in the southwestern part of the netherlands

Sugita R.; Kawamura S.; Fujimaki Y.; Watanabe I.; Deguchi K.; Maezaw I.; Endo Y.; Sakuma Y.; Okuno S.; Yamaguchi T., 1985:
The distribution of aspoxicillin ta 058 into middle ear effusion and petrosal mucous membrane of tympanic cavity on experimental suppurative otitis media in guinea pig

Chung, Y.S., 1978:
The distribution of atmospheric sulfates in canada and its relationship to long range transport of air pollutants

Wakisaka, I.; Tominaga, K.; Yanagihashi, T.; Tomari, T.; Ando, T., 1987:
The distribution of atmospheric sulfur dioxide concentrations in the residential areas surrounding mount sakurajima japan

Hink, R.F.; Fenton, W.H.J. ; Pfeferbaum, A.; Tinklenberg, J.R.; Kopell, B.S., 1978:
The distribution of attention across auditory input channels an assessment using the human evoked potential

Junnilainen, R., 1977:
The distribution of aulacomnium androgynum and aulacomnium turgidum musci aulacomniaceae in northwestern europe

Paterson, J.G., 1976:
The distribution of avena spp naturalized in western australia

Luskin, M.B.; Price, J.L., 1982:
The distribution of axon collaterals from the olfactory bulb and the nucleus of the horizontal limb of the diagonal band to the olfactory cortex, demonstrated by double retrograde labeling techniques

Reese B.E., 1987 :
The distribution of axons according to diameter in the optic nerve and optic tract of the rat

Gochnauer T.A., 1981:
The distribution of bacillus larvae spores in the environs of colonies infected with american foulbrood disease

Frommer R.L.; Hembree S.C.; Nelson J.H.; Remington M.P.; Gibbs P.H., 1981:
The distribution of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis in flowing water with no extensive aquatic vegetative growth

Sorokina T.A.; Pisarchuk E.N.; Mishustin E.N.; Kvasnikov E.I., 1983:
The distribution of bacteria of arthrobacter genus in soils of different types

Elhag, K.M.; Tabaqchali, S., 1978:
The distribution of bacteroides fragilis serotypes among clinical strains

Hunter, P.J.; Symonds, B.V., 1970:
The distribution of bait pellets for slug control

Lekander, B.; Bejer-Petersen, B.; Kangas, E.; Bakke, A., 1977:
The distribution of bark beetles in the nordic countries

Lambina V.A.; Afinogenova A.V.; Balykin A.V., 1986:
The distribution of bdellovibrios and their interrelations with host bacteria in the coastal area lake issyk kul kirgiz ssr ussr

Raatikainen M.; IIvarinen R., 1984:
The distribution of beetle species in finland

Penrose L.J.; Davis K.C.; Koffmann W., 1979:
The distribution of benomyl tolerant sclerotinia fructicola in stone fruit orchards in new south wales and comparative studies with susceptible isolates

Manz, G.; Glynn, J.P., 1975:
The distribution of benorylate in the plasma synovial fluid and synovial tissue during rheumatoid arthritis

Jorissen F.J., 1987:
The distribution of benthic foraminifera in the adriatic sea

Khusid T.A., 1979:
The distribution of benthic foraminifera in the kuril kamchatka ussr trench area of the pacific ocean

Nienstedt J.C.; Arnold A.J., 1988:
The distribution of benthic foraminifera on seamounts near the east pacific rise

Dyer M.F.; Cranmer G.J.; Fry P.D.; Fry W.G., 1984:
The distribution of benthic hydrographic indicator species in svalbard norway waters 1978 1981

Kiorboe T., 1979:
The distribution of benthic invertebrates in holbaek fjord denmark in relation to environmental factors

Allender B.M., 1981:
The distribution of benthic macro flora in the swan river estuary western australia

Van Den Hoek C., 1982:
The distribution of benthic marine algae in relation to the temperature regulation of their life histories

Srinivasan K.; Radhakrishnamurty R., 1983:
The distribution of beta isomer and gamma isomer of bhc in rat tissues

Rutanen I., 1979:
The distribution of bidessus unistriatus and bidessus grossepunctatus in eastern fennoscandia coleoptera dytiscidae

Gryseels B., 1985:
The distribution of biomphalaria and the transmission of schistosoma in the ruzizi valley burundi preliminary study

Vuilleumier, F.; Ewert, D.N., 1978:
The distribution of birds in venezuelan paramos

Tickell, W.L.N., 1976:
The distribution of black browed albatross and gray headed albatross

Wotton, R.S., 1976:
The distribution of black fly larvae diptera simuliidae in upper teesdale streams northern england

Kjaergaard J., 1981:
The distribution of black viper vipera berus in denmark

Eade, M.N.; Ginn, R.W., 1978:
The distribution of blood flow along the small intestine of the dog

Bell, A.W.; Hilditch, T.E.; Horton, P.W.; Thompson, G.E., 1976:
The distribution of blood flow between individual muscles and nonmuscular tissues in the hind limb of the young ox bos taurus values at thermo neutrality and during exposure to cold

Booth, J.H., 1978:
The distribution of blood flow in the gills of fish application of a new technique to rainbow trout salmo gairdneri/

Bruce, N.W., 1976:
The distribution of blood flow to the reproductive organs of rats near term

Tothill, P.; MacPherson, J.N., 1986:
The distribution of blood flow to the whole skeleton in dogs, rabbits and rats measured with microspheres

Chu J.; H.F.; Cui M.; L.J., 1981:
The distribution of blood forming loci throughout the bone marrow in normal dogs

Reibel J.; Philipsen H.P.; Fisker A.V.; Dabelsteen E., 1986:
The distribution of blood group antigens in experimentally produced carcinomas of rat palate

Reibel J.; Dabelsteen E.; Hakomori S.; Young W.W.; Mackenzie I.C., 1984:
The distribution of blood group antigens in rodent epithelia

Schoentag R.; Williams V.; Kuhns W., 1984:
The distribution of blood group substance h and carcino embryonic antigen in colo rectal carcinoma

Omari Y.I., 1986:
The distribution of blood groups in jordan

Komiya S.; Fujino T., 1984:
The distribution of body fat in aged japanese

Brown, W.J.; Jones, P.R., 1977:
The distribution of body fat in relation to habitual activity

Many, A.; Biniaminov, M.; Rosenthal, E.; Aghai, E.; Ramot, B., 1976:
The distribution of bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of patients with hodgkins disease

Scott J.K.; Kenneally K.F., 1981:
The distribution of boraginaceae in western australia in relation to the biological control of echium plantagineum

Myers C.M.; Evans P.D., 1985:
The distribution of bovine pancreatic polypeptide phenylalanylmethionylarginylphenylalaninamide like immunoreactivity in the ventral nervous system of the locust schistocerca gregaria

Bjorkback F.; Gustafsson L A., 1979:
The distribution of bovistella paludosa in sweden an example of mapping technique

Miller R.V.; Rugh D.J.; Johnson J.H., 1986:
The distribution of bowhead whales balaena mysticetus in the chukchi sea ussr

Johnson D.F., 1985:
The distribution of brachyuran crustacean megalopae in the waters of the york river lower chesapeake bay and adjacent shelf implications for recruitment

Henry, R.P.; Smatresk, N.J.; Cameron, J.N., 1988:
The distribution of branchial carbonic anhydrase and the effects of gill and erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase inhibition in the channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus

Frank J.H.; Habeck D.H.; Peck S.B., 1987:
The distribution of brathinus nitidus new record coleoptera staphylinidae and a new key to the north american species

Wilkins, C., 1978:
The distribution of bromine in the soils and herbage of northwest pembrokeshire england

Schroder, J.; Thalenhorst, W., 1967:
The distribution of browsing damages on 2 experimental fertilizer areas spruce g

Gignac L.D., 1987:
The distribution of bryophytes on peat bogs contaminated by metals in the sudbury region ontario canada

Wahl T.R., 1985:
The distribution of bullers shearwater puffinus bulleri in the north pacific ocean

Telleria J.L.; Potti J., 1987:
The distribution of buntings and finches in the sierra de guadarrama central spain a descriptive study

Okuda T., 1987:
The distribution of c 3 and c 4 graminoids on the semi natural grassland of southwestern japan

Rebhun S.; Ben Amotz A., 1984:
The distribution of cadmium between the marine alga chlorella stigmatophora and sea water medium

Uthe J.F.; Proctor B.G.; Chou C.L., 1979:
The distribution of cadmium chloride in pigs dosed intra muscularly for 12 weeks

Brix H.; Lyngby J.E., 1982:
The distribution of cadmium copper lead and zinc in eelgrass zostera marina

Anderson, R.V.; Vinikour, W.S.; Brower, J.E., 1978:
The distribution of cadmium copper lead and zinc in the biota of 2 fresh water sites with different trace metal inputs

Paul R.; Gasia M.C.; Rocher M., 1982:
The distribution of calcium 45 and phosphorus 32 following injection into the trunk of young japanese cherry trees prunus serrulata

Ford E.M.; Quinlan J.D., 1979:
The distribution of calcium 45 in apple fruits when supplied to the roots 3 times during the season

Wakiuchi N.; Yamaguchi T.; Oji Y.; Okamoto S., 1984:
The distribution of calcium and potassium in rice and barley shoots among leaf blades and sheaths

El-Abedine, A.Z.; Faltas, R.L., 1981:
The distribution of calcium carbonate in nile egypt alluvial soils 1. the nile delta combined effects of physiographic features and salinization on the distribution of calcium carbonate

El-Abedine, I.A.Z.; Faltas, R.L., 1981:
The distribution of calcium carbonate in nile egypt alluvial soils 2. the nile delta effect of physical properties on the distribution of calcium carbonate

Irvine, R.F.; Dawson, R.M., 1978:
The distribution of calcium dependent phosphatidyl inositol specific phospho di esterase in rat brain

Perring M.A.; Pearson K.; Martin K.J., 1984:
The distribution of calcium in apples with watercore

Pang, C.C.Y.; Bailey, L.E., 1978:
The distribution of calcium in hypoxic cat hearts the effect of beta 1 blockade

Heslop Harrison J.S.; Heslop Harrison J.; Heslop Harrison Y.; Reger B.J., 1985:
The distribution of calcium in the grass pollen tube

Perring M.A.; Pearson K., 1984:
The distribution of calcium magnesium and phosphorus in cultivars coxs orange pippin and spartan apple fruit

Phillips, J.H.; Allison, Y.P.; Morris, S.J., 1977:
The distribution of calcium magnesium copper and iron in the bovine adrenal medulla

Coleman N.; Poore G.C., 1980:
The distribution of callianassa species crustacea decapoda in western port victoria australia

Charan A.K.; Sen D.N., 1985:
The distribution of calligonum polygonoides in western rajasthan india a phytogeographical appraisal

Zavortink M.; Welsh M.J.; Mcintosh J.R., 1983:
The distribution of calmodulin in living mitotic cells

X.X.Q.; Y.W.B.; E.A., 1985:
The distribution of campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni in animals

Mosse, P.R.L., 1978:
The distribution of capillaries in the somatic musculature of 2 vertebrate types with particular reference to teleost fish

Aguilar, J.H.; Jacobs, H.G.; Butler, W.T.; Cunningham, L.W., 1973:
The distribution of carbohydrate groups in rat skin collagen

Clarke, A.J.; Hennessy, J., 1976:
The distribution of carbohydrates in cysts of heterodera rostochiensis

Kroopnick P.M., 1985:
The distribution of carbon 13 of total dissolved inorganic carbon in the world oceans

Marlowe C.; Clark M.J.; Mast R.W.; Friedman M.A.; Waddell W.J., 1986:
The distribution of carbon 14 acrylamide in male and pregnant swiss webster mice studied by whole body autoradiography

Imhoff H.; Kuehbauch W., 1980:
The distribution of carbon 14 assimilates in wild chervil anthriscus sylvestris and cow parsnip heracleum sphondylium at different stages and the timing for effective herbicide application

Appelgren L E.; Biessmann A.; Martin K.; Salemi M.A.; Wiese B., 1985:
The distribution of carbon 14 chloramphenicol in the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Johansson, E.B.; Tjalve, H., 1978:
The distribution of carbon 14 di methyl nitrosamine in mice auto radiographic studies in mice with inhibited and noninhibited di methyl nitrosamine metabolism and a comparison with the distribution of carbon 14 formaldehyde

Skaare J.U.; Nafstad I., 1979:
The distribution of carbon 14 ethoxyquin in rat

Watanabe M.; Tanimura C.; Kurimoto K., 1979:
The distribution of carbon 14 from carbon 14 labeled myo inositol in mice using whole body auto radiography

Shimada, M.; Kihara, T.; Watanabe, M.; Kurimoto, K., 1976:
The distribution of carbon 14 from uniformly distributed carbon 14 glucose in mice using whole body auto radiography

Drew R.; Sikic B.I.; Mimnaugh E.G.; Litterst C.L.; Gram T.E., 1979:
The distribution of carbon 14 imipramine in mice bearing lewis lung carcinoma

Puustinen T.; Dahl M L.; Uotila P., 1983:
The distribution of carbon 14 labeled arachidonic acid in hamster lungs is sensitive to quinacrine

Priestley, C.A.; Catlin, P.B.; Olsson, E.A., 1976:
The distribution of carbon 14 labeled assimilates in young apple trees as influenced by doses of supplementary nitrogen part 1 total carbon 14 radioactivity in extracts

Priestley, C.A.; Catlin, P.B.; Olsson, E.A., 1976:
The distribution of carbon 14 labeled assimilates in young apple trees as influenced by doses of supplementary nitrogen part 2 soluble carbohydrates and amino acids

Ingebrigtsen K.; Walde A., 1982:
The distribution of carbon 14 labeled p tert butyl toluene following inhalation by the rat a whole body auto radiographic study

Loew D.; Schuster O.; Graul E.H., 1986:
The distribution of carbon 14 mofebutazone in the rat

Snellgrove R.C.; Splittstoesser W.E.; Stribley D.P.; Tinker P.B., 1982:
The distribution of carbon and the demand of the fungal symbiont in leek allium porrum plants with vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas

Kruger, J.E.; Preston, K., 1977:
The distribution of carboxy peptidases in anatomical tissues of developing and germinating wheat kernels

Coleman G.S., 1986:
The distribution of carboxymethylcellulase between fractions taken from the rumens of sheep containing no protozoa or one of five different protozoal populations

Hiley, C.R.; Yates, M.S., 1978:
The distribution of cardiac output in the anesthetized spontaneously hypertensive rat

Wheeler, G.A., 1988:
The distribution of carex acaulis urv. carex barrosii nelmes and carex macrosolen steudel cyperaceae in austral south america

Ulvinen T., 1987:
The distribution of carex lapponica in finland

Bank-Signon, I.; Patzke, E., 1987:
The distribution of carex vulpina l. and carex otrubae podp in the region of aachen erkelenz frechen dugren rhineland west germany

Fonsega S.O., 1981:
The distribution of caryobruchus gleditsiae new record coleoptera bruchidae in mexico

Sohn T J.; Kim J K., 1983:
The distribution of catch of anchovy by the gill net fishery and oceanographic conduction

Goldberg, R.; Tipton, K.F., 1978 :
The distribution of catechol o methyl transferase ec in pig liver and brain

Smith, C.C.; Curtis, L.D.; Delamothe, A.P.; Prichard, B.N.; Betteridge, D.J., 1985:
The distribution of catecholamines between platelets and plasma in normal human subjects

Kojima, H.; Yoshida, M.; Suetake, K.; Anraku, S., 1978:
The distribution of catecholamines in the zona terminalis of bull frog spinal cords

Whitaker, J.N.; Rhodes, R.H., 1983:
The distribution of cathepsin d ec in rat tissues determined by immuno cytochemistry

Kobayashi, T.; Hirai, K.; Kawashima, A.; Yagi, H.; Shibamoto, T.; Yoshimura, K.; Fukushima, M.; Kubo, K.; Kusama, S.; Sakai, A., 1985:
The distribution of cefotaxime in serum, lung lymph and lung tissue of sheep

Kato T., 1983:
The distribution of cell bodies of the sympathetic preganglionic fibers to the stellate ganglion in the monkey macaca fuscata a study using horseradish peroxidase technique

Mustafin A.T.; Volkov E.I., 1982:
The distribution of cell cycle generation times

Goldstein, B.; Wiegel, F.W., 1988:
The distribution of cell surface proteins on spreading cells. Comparison of theory with experiment

Satmary W.M.; Bradley T.J., 1984:
The distribution of cell types in the malpighian tubules of aedes taeniorhynchus diptera culicidae

Tank P.W.; Holder N., 1979:
The distribution of cells in the upper fore limb of the axolotl ambystoma mexicanum

Wright, K.A.; Weidman, E.; Hong, H., 1987:
The distribution of cells killed by Trichinella spiralis in the mucosal epithelium of two strains of mice

Monk, D.C., 1976:
The distribution of cellulase in fresh water invertebrates of different feeding habits

Weiler R., 1981:
The distribution of center de polarizing and center hyper polarizing bi polar cell ramifications within the inner plexiform layer of turtle pseudemys scripta elegans retina

Hayes B.P.; Holden A.L., 1983:
The distribution of centrifugal terminals in the pigeon retina

Ali J.H.; Riley J., 1985:
The distribution of cephalic sense organs in 4 species of raillietiella pentastomida cephalobaenida

Mitchinson, M.J.; Hothersall, D.C.; Brooks, P.N.; D.B.rbure, C.Y., 1985:
The distribution of ceroid in human atherosclerosis

Jefferies D.F.; Steele A.K.; Preston A., 1982:
The distribution of cesium 137 in british coastal waters irish sea

Ritchie, J.C.; Mchenry, J.R., 1977:
The distribution of cesium 137 in some watersheds in the eastern usa

Jones D.G.; Miller J.M.; Roberts P.D., 1984:
The distribution of cesium 137 in surface inter tidal sediments from the solway firth uk

Barabe D.; Bergeron Y.; Vincent G., 1987:
The distribution of characteristics in the classification of the hamamelididae angiospermae

Mikhailovskii G.E.; Sukhanova I.N., 1987:
The distribution of characteristics of the correlation structure of phytoplankton and zooplankton in the pelagial of the black sea ussr

Behnke, H.D.; Dahlgren, R., 1976:
The distribution of characters within an angiosperm system part 2 sieve element plastids

Barlow, D.J.; Thornton, J.M., 1986:
The distribution of charged groups in proteins

Ihantola R., 1980:
The distribution of charophyta in the archipelago of pori western finland

Obe, G., 1969:
The distribution of chemically induced achromatic lesions and breaks on the chromatids of human leukocyte chromosomes

Yakovenko, K.N.; Bochkov, N.P.; Chebotarev, A.N., 1976:
The distribution of chemically induced chromosome breaks in human cells

Pfreundt C.; Peters W., 1981:
The distribution of chemo sensitive hairs on the cursorial legs of spiders with differing habits

Parma, S.; Krebs, B.P.M., 1977:
The distribution of chironomid larvae in relation to chloride concentration in a brackish water region of the netherlands

Hare, L.; Carter, J.C.H., 1976:
The distribution of chironomus cucini chironomus salinarius group larvae diptera chironomidae in parry sound georgian bay ontario canada with particular reference to structural deformities

Habib O.A.; Ioriya T.; Aruga Y., 1987 :
The distribution of chlorophyll a as an index of primary productivity of phytoplankton in khor el ramla of the high dam lake egypt

Beynen A.C.; West C.E., 1981:
The distribution of cholesterol between lipo protein fractions of serum from rabbits fed semi purified diets containing casein and either coconut oil or corn oil

Malakhov, V.V.; Belova, S.L., 1977:
The distribution of cholin esterase activity in the nervous system of the free living marine nematode pontonema vulgare/

Hellendall, R.P.; Godfrey, D.A.; Ross, C.D.; Armstrong, D.M.; Price, J.L., 1986:
The distribution of choline acetyltransferase in the rat amygdaloid complex and adjacent cortical areas, as determined by quantitative micro-assay and immunohistochemistry

Miyazaki H.; Nakamura H.; Taneike T.; Ohga A., 1988:
The distribution of cholinergic enzymes and tritiated qnb binding in smooth muscles of the cow stomach bos taurus

Evans K.J.; Filion W.G., 1982:
The distribution of chromatin in the interphase nucleus of zebrina pendula

Tohno S.; Tohno Y.; Takakusu A., 1980:
The distribution of chromatin proteins among nucleosome fractions produced by nuclease digestion

Sakuma, H.; Kusama, M.; Yamaguchi, K.; Sugawara, S., 1984:
The distribution of cigarette smoke components between mainstream and sidestream smoke 3. middle and higher boiling components

Szkarlat, A., 1976:
The distribution of ciliated cells in the peritoneal epithelium of the frog rana temporaria

Madoni, P.; Ghetti, P.F., 1977:
The distribution of ciliates and other protozoan species in the watercourses of val parma italy a preliminary survey

Hasegawa, S.; Tamari, M.; Kametaka, M., 1976:
The distribution of ciliatine 2 aminoethyl phosphonic acid in bovine liver

Pisut I., 1981:
The distribution of cinclidotus spp musci in slovakia czechoslovakia

Burke C.E.; D.S.lla Price D., 1981:
The distribution of citations from nation to nation on a field by field basis a computer calculation of parameters

Dvorák, P.; Hruban, V.; Horák, V., 1987:
The distribution of class II molecules in the pig intestine

Merisko, E.M., 1986:
The distribution of clathrin during amphibian oogenesis

Hjelmstad, R., 1978:
The distribution of clematis sibirica in norway

E.H.g A.G.D.; Fogg G.E., 1986:
The distribution of coccoid blue green algae cyanobacteria in the menai straits and the irish sea

Portelli, C.; Ursu, C.; Portelli, A.P., 1986:
The distribution of codons by classes of triplets in the sequence of genes

Santer, R.M., 1976:
The distribution of collagen bundles and an epi cardial coronary vasculature in the plaice pleuronectes platessa heart ventricle at different ages

Leunis, J.C.; Smith, D.F.; Nwokoro, N.; Fishback, B.L.; Wu, C.; Jamieson, G.A., 1980:
The distribution of collagen glucosyl transferase ec in human blood cells and plasma

Chapuis P.H.; Newland R.C.; Macpherson J.G.; Dent O.; Payne J.E.; Pheils M.T., 1981:
The distribution of colo rectal carcinoma and the relationship of tumor site to the survival of patients following resection

Gould H.J.IIi; Kaas J.H., 1981:
The distribution of commissural terminations in somato sensory areas i and ii of the gray squirrel sciurus carolinensis

Suyama, H.; Nakasono, I.; Ohya, I., 1979:
The distribution of common phenotype of sperm diaphorase ec 1.6.99. in the japanese

Feldherr, C.M.; Richmond, P.A.; Noonan, K.D., 1977:
The distribution of concanavalin a binding sites on oocyte nuclear envelopes

Trimble, J.J.; Thompson, S.A., 1976:
The distribution of concanavalin A binding sites on the intestinal epithelium of the nematodes Ascaris suum and Parascaris equorum

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The distribution of conduction velocities in peripheral nerves a review

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The distribution of consumption model of prevention of alcohol problems. A critical assessment

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The distribution of contractile cells in the apex of the pre ovulatory hamster follicle

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The distribution of copepoda harpacticoida in sandy beaches of the odessa coast of the black sea

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The distribution of copper amino compounds and humus fractions in organic soils of different copper content

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The distribution of copper and iron in south carolina usa oysters

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The distribution of copper in neo natal mottled mutant mice mus musculus after exposure to copper and penicillamine

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The distribution of copper in tissues and cells of hemopoietic organs of chick embryos with age

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The distribution of copper within the liver in newborns

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The distribution of corallium rubrum in the atlantic cnidaria anthozoa gorgonaria

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The distribution of coreids infesting cowpea pods in southwestern nigeria

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The distribution of cortical and trabecular bone mass along the lengths of the radius and ulna and the implications for in vivo bone mass measurements

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The distribution of corydalus cornutus and nigronia serricornis megaloptera corydalidae in michigan usa

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The distribution of cotton looper anomis flava larvae and larval damage on cotton and its relationship to the photosynthetic potential of cotton leaves at the attack sites

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The distribution of crocidura russula and crocidura leucodon in the weser marshlands of bremen west germany

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The distribution of cropping systems in northern pakistan

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The distribution of crustose corallines in eastern hokkaido japan and the bio geographic relationships of the flora

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The distribution of cryoprotective agents into lipid interfaces

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The distribution of cutaneous receptors in the rabbit's hind limb and differential electrical stimulation of their axons

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The distribution of cyclic amp phospho di esterase activity in the brain tissue and the influence of psychotropic drugs on its activity

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The distribution of cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase ec in the hypothalamus

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The distribution of cyto kinins in tuberizing potatoes

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The distribution of cytokeratin antigens in the kidney and in renal tumors

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The distribution of cytoplasmic microtubules throughout the cell cycle of the centric diatom Stephanopyxis turris: their role in nuclear migration and positioning the mitotic spindle during cytokinesis

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The distribution of dactylorhiza sphagnicola in the commune of norrtalje uppland southeastern sweden

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The distribution of danthonia intermedia in eastern canada

Pentecost A., 1983:
The distribution of daughter colonies and cell numbers in a natural population of volvox aureus

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The distribution of decapoda crustacea in the open ocean and near bottom over and adjacent slope in the northern northeast atlantic ocean during autumn 1979

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The distribution of degenerating axons after small lesions in the intact and isolated visual cortex of the cat

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The distribution of degenerative changes in isoniazid neuropathy further evidence for focal axonal lesions

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The distribution of dehydrogenase activities during the differentiation of the bovine fore stomach epithelium

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The distribution of dementia depression and neurosis in elderly men and women in an urban community assessed using the gms agecat package

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The distribution of dendritic cells in the synovial fluids of patients with arthritis

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The distribution of desmids in some tarns in the english lake district uk

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The distribution of desmin 100 angstrom filaments in primary cultures of embryonic chick cardiac cells

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The distribution of desmognathine larvae amphibia plethodontidae in coal surface mine impacted streams of the cumberland plateau usa

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The distribution of deuterium and oxygen 18 in dry soils 1. theory

Allison, G.B.; Barnes, C.J.; Hughes, M.W., 1983:
The distribution of deuterium and oxygen 18 in dry soils 2. experimental

Barnes, C.J.; Allison, G.B., 1984:
The distribution of deuterium and oxygen 18 in dry soils 3. theory for non isothermal water movement

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The distribution of di nitro phenyl groups in lymph nodes following application of di nitrochloro benzene to guinea pig skin

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The distribution of di sulfide bonds in some protein fractions of gluten complex

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The distribution of dictyostelid cellular slime molds in southern california usa with taxonomic notes on selected species

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The distribution of different molecular species of collagen in fibrous, elastic and hyaline cartilages of the pig

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The distribution of diffusion distances in the gastrocnemius muscle of various mammals during maturation

Kerourio P., 1981:
The distribution of dinosaurian multi layered egg shells in the continental maastrichtian of southern france

Eikhorst R., 1988:
The distribution of diploid and triploid larvae of the common frog rana esculenta linnaeus 1758 in a pure hybrid population anura ranidae

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The distribution of diploids and polyploids of the scilla scilloides complex in korea

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The distribution of displaced ganglion cells in the retina of the pigeon

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The distribution of distress among elders

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The distribution of dithranol or its metabolites following topical application to the skin of young white pigs

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The distribution of dna excision repair sites in human diploid fibroblasts following uv irradiation

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The distribution of dorsal root axons in laminae 1 2 and 3 of the macaque spinal cord a quantitative electron microscope study

Ralston, H.J.; Ralston, D.D., 1982:
The distribution of dorsal root axons to laminae IV, V, and VI of the Macaque spinal cord: a quantitative electron microscopic study

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The distribution of downy and powdery mildews and of rusts over tribes of compositae asteraceae

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The distribution of doxorubicin in mice following administration in niosomes

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The distribution of dracunculiasis in Nigeria: a preliminary study

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The distribution of drug use in Mexico: data from a national study

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The distribution of dry mass and phosphorus in an evergreen fynbos shrub species leucospermum parile proteaceae at different stages of development

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The distribution of dryopteris spinulosa and its relatives in eastern canada

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The distribution of dust in the rat lung following administration by inhalation and by single intratracheal instillation

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The distribution of ear assimilates within the ear of wheat depending on the respective position of the assimilates contribution spikelet

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The distribution of echinoderes coulli kinorhyncha along an interstitial salinity gradient

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The distribution of edaphic diatoms along environmental gradients of a louisiana usa salt marsh

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The distribution of eggs laid by the pine beauty moth panolis flammea denis and schiff. lepidoptera noctuidae on lodgepole pine

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The distribution of electron density in corneal collagen fibrils

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The distribution of electronic charge in some biologically active amines

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The distribution of elodea nuttallii in western lower saxony west germany

Pryde P.R., 1987:
The distribution of endangered fauna in the ussr

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The distribution of endocrine cell progenitors in the gut chick embryos

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The distribution of endocronartium harknessii and cronartium quercuum on jack pine pinus banksiana in minnesota usa

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The distribution of endometriosis in the pelvis by age groups and fertility

Gorshkov V.G., 1981:
The distribution of energy flows among organisms of different sizes

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The distribution of enkephalin immuno reactive fibers and terminals in the monkey cercopithecus aethiops central nervous system an immuno histochemical study

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The distribution of enkephalin in the mediobasal hypothalamus of the mouse brain effects of neo natal administration of mono sodium glutamate

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The distribution of enterobacteria in soil after irrigation with waste water

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The distribution of environmental pollutants in pet animals 7. copper and manganese concentrations in organs of house dogs

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The distribution of enzyme and inversion polymorphism over the genome of Drosophila: evidence against balancing selection

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The distribution of enzyme and iso enzyme activities between parenchymal and hematopoietic cells in the liver of the fetal guinea pig

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The distribution of enzyme inhibitors in the joint in rheumatoid and experimental arthritis

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The distribution of enzymes in the epidermis of the domestic cat

Meyer, W.; Neurand, K., 1976:
The distribution of enzymes in the skin of the domestic pig

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The distribution of ephemerella ignita ephemeroptera in streams the role of ph and food resources

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The distribution of epi fauna on ecklonia radiata and the effect of disturbance

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The distribution of epipactis microphylla in baden wuerttemberg west germany

Linders H W., 1986:
The distribution of epiphytic macrolichens in the district of leer west germany

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The distribution of epithelial membrane antigen in the kidney and its tumors

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The distribution of erebia pronoe in italy lepidoptera satyridae

Baryshnikova, G.V., 1987:
The distribution of eremurus regelii vved. in the ussr

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The distribution of erica erigena r. ross in ireland

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The distribution of erosive changes in the skeleton of the hands in poly arthritis

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The distribution of erythrocytic isoantigens in ethnic groups of western georgia ussr

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The distribution of erythrocytic isoantigens in the ethnic groups of eastern georgia ussr

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The distribution of erythropoiesis over the various anatomical regions of the erythropoietic system in some inbred strains of mice

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The distribution of estradiol in plasma from postmenopausal women with or without breast cancer relationships with metabolic clearance rates of estradiol

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The distribution of estradiol in plasma in relation to uterine cross sectional area in women with polycystic or multifollicular ovaries

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The distribution of estrone sulfatase dehydroepi androsterone sulfatase and aryl sulfatase c in the primate macaca radiata brain and pituitary

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The distribution of estuarine diatoms along environmental gradients a canonical correlation

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The distribution of eudromias morinellus charadriidae in the caucasus

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The distribution of euglena mutabilis in sphagna with reference to the malham tarn north fen uk

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The distribution of euphorbia epithymoides equals euphorbia polychroma in the vicinity of bedzin in the voivodeship of katowice poland

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The distribution of european pteridophytes a numerical analysis

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The distribution of eutherian body weights

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The distribution of events in the human menstrual cycle

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The distribution of evergreen and deciduous tress relative to soil type an example from the sierra madre mexico and a general model

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The distribution of extracellular matrix vesicles in healing of rat tibial bone three days after intramedullary injury

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The distribution of fat in larval metamorphosing and young adult anadromous sea lampreys petromyzon marinus

Stuhlfauth T.; Fock H.; Huber H.; Klug K., 1985:
The distribution of fatty acids including petroselinic acid and tariric acid in the fruit and seed oils of the pittosporaceae araliaceae umbelliferae simarubaceae and rutaceae

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The distribution of fecal bacteria in the estuary of the river lagan northern ireland uk

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The distribution of ferritin, lactoferrin and transferrin in granulomatous lymphadenitis of bovine paratuberculosis

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The distribution of ferritin subunit types in porcine tissues

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The distribution of fertilizer phosphorus within the potato plant solanum tuberosum

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The distribution of festuca gigantea new record in norway and some notes on its ecology especially in western norway

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The distribution of festuca pratensis hudson and festuca arundinacea schreber poaceae in eastern canada

Headlee M.E.; Gardiner M.B.; Reese A.L.; Huisman T.H.J., 1983:
The distribution of fetal hemo globin and the types of gamma chain in red cell fractions separated by gradient centrifugation from blood of patients with sickle cell anemia and other hemo globinopathies

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The distribution of fetal mortality in aging c 57bl 6j mice a statistical analysis

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The distribution of feulgen stained nuclei in the periphery of human head and neck tumors cyto photometric investigations

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The distribution of fibers in the optic tract after contralateral translocation of an eye in xenopus

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The distribution of fibronectin and tenascin along migratory pathways of the neural crest in the trunk of amphibian embryos

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The distribution of fibronectin in attachment sites of chick fibroblasts

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The distribution of fibronectin, laminin and entactin in the neurulating rat embryo studied by indirect immunofluorescence

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The distribution of fibrosis in the left ventricle in congenital aortic stenosis and coarctation of the aorta

James C.S., 1987:
The distribution of fine sediment deposits in compound channel systems

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The distribution of fire ants solenopsis in western texas usa hymenoptera formicidae

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The distribution of fish larvae in the korea strait

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The distribution of fish of riverine origin in relation to the limnological characteristics of the 5 basins of lake kariba rhodesia

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The distribution of fishes in the global mangroves

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The distribution of fishes in the kronotsky bay ussr and the factors which determine its patterns

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The distribution of fishes on the outer reef slopes of aldabra indian ocean in relation to bottom temperatures

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The distribution of fixation durations in infants and naive adults

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The distribution of flavonoids in chloroplasts of 25 species of vascular plants

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The distribution of flavonoids in the angiosperms

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The distribution of flower galls caused by anguina amsinckiae on the weed common fiddleneck amsinckia intermedia

Adelung D.; Boessmann K.; Roessler D., 1985:
The distribution of fluoride in some antarctic seals

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The distribution of flux of particulate matter in the bideford river estuary prince edward island canada

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The distribution of foraging territories and densities of colonies of 2 species of subterranean termites in al kharj oasis central region of saudi arabia

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The distribution of formica nigricans in the iberian peninsula hymenoptera formicidae

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The distribution of forms of acth and beta endorphin in normal tumorous and autopsy human anterior pituitary tissue virtual absence of 13k acth

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The distribution of free amino acids in plant seeds

Yates, R.A.; Keen, P., 1976:
The distribution of free amino acids in subdivisions of rat and frog retinae obtained by a new technique

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The distribution of free and esterified carboxyl groups within the pectin molecule after the influence of pectin esterase from aspergillus niger and oranges citrus sinensis

Wilson B.; Strauss C.R.; Williams P.J., 1986:
The distribution of free and glycosidically bound monoterpenes among skin juice and pulp fractions of some white grape vitis vinifera varieties

Davis, R.M.; Jason, L.A., 1988:
The distribution of free cigarette samples to minors

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The distribution of fresh water gammarids in northern ireland uk

Hunte, W., 1978:
The distribution of fresh water shrimps atyidae and palaemonidae in jamaica

Pfeiffer, W., 1977:
The distribution of fright reaction and alarm substance cells in fishes

Topinka J.; Tucker L.; Korjeff W., 1981:
The distribution of fucoid macro algal biomass along central coastal maine usa

Tanaka Y.; Kajihara T., 1979:
The distribution of fulmarus glacialis and puffinus tenuirostris in the north pacific ocean and the okhotsk sea japan during the summer

Walsh, M.L.; Pennica, D.; Cohen, P.S., 1976:
The distribution of functional bacterio phage t 4 messenger rna on polysomes

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The distribution of functional impairment across the lateral border of acutely ischemic myocardium

Demkina T.S.; Mirchink T.G., 1983:
The distribution of fungi biomass in some soils

Huse K.J., 1981:
The distribution of fungi in sound looking stems of picea abies in norway

Puff C., 1979:
The distribution of galium rubiaceae in africa south of the sahara

Craelius, W., 1976:
The distribution of gamma amino butyric acid sensitivity on crayfish muscle receptor organs

Krantis A.; Harding R.K., 1986:
The distribution of gamma aminobutyric acid transaminase dehydrogenase activity in the myenteric plexus of rat small intestine a histochemical analysis

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The distribution of ganglion cells in the retina of the North American opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

Man'ko-Yu, I.; Voroshilov, V.P., 1977:
The distribution of gaultheria miqueliana new record in the shmidt peninsula of north sakhalin ussr

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The distribution of Gc subtypes among the mongoloid populations

Roychoudhury, A.K., 1975:
The distribution of gene frequencies of proteins and enzymes in india

Omoto, K.; Ishimoto, G.; Harada, S.; Misawa, S., 1975:
The distribution of genetic markers in blood samples from okinawa the ryukyus part 2 the distribution of several red cell enzyme types in ishigaki island japan

Ghosh, A.K., 1977:
The distribution of genetic variants of glyoxalase 1 esterase d and carbonic anhydrase i and ii in indian populations

Haase, J.; Schlegel, H.J.; Ziesemer, G., 1971:
The distribution of genuine early discharges to primary and secondary muscle spindle afferents

Muhammed, S.I.; Lalji, N., 1978:
The distribution of geophilic dermatophytes in Kenyan soils

Schluter D.; Grant P.R., 1982:
The distribution of geospiza difficilis in relation to geospiza fuliginosa in the galapagos islands ecuador tests of 3 hypotheses

Okuda T.; Mori K.; Hatano T., 1980:
The distribution of geraniin and mallotusinic acid in the order geraniales

Garcia Segura L.M.; Suarez I.; Segovia S.; Tranque P.A.; Cales J.M.; Aguilera P.; Olmos G.; Guillamon A., 1988:
The distribution of glial fibrillary acidic protein in the adult rat brain is influenced by the neonatal levels of sex steroids

Dartnall H.J.G.; Walkey M., 1979:
The distribution of glochidia of the swan mussel anodonta cygnea mollusca on the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus pisces

Hendriks, T., 1978:
The distribution of glucan synthetase in maize coleoptiles a comparison with potassium atpase

Oner P., 1979:
The distribution of gluco cerebrosides and galacto cerebrosides in various organs of normal cats the gastro intestinal system

Heath, D.F.; Rose, J.G., 1969:
The distribution of glucose and carbon 14 glucose between erythrocytes and plasma in the rat

Sasaki, T.; Tadokoro, K.; Suzuki, S., 1972:
The distribution of glucose phosphate isomerase iso enzymes in sweet potato and its tissue culture

Penny G.R.; Conley M.; Schmechel D.E.; Diamond I.T., 1984:
The distribution of glutamic acid decarboxylase immunoreactivity in the diencephalon of the opossum didelphis virginiana and rabbit

Curthoys, N.P.; Lowry, O.H., 1973:
The distribution of glutaminase iso enzymes in the various structures of the nephron in normal acidotic and alkalotic rat kidney

Norenberg M.D., 1979:
The distribution of glutamine synthetase in the rat central nervous system

Smith, M.T.; Loveridge, N.; Wills, E.D.; Chayen, J., 1979:
The distribution of glutathione in the rat liver lobule

Howdle P.D.; Simpson F.G.; Losowsky S., 1986 :
The distribution of gluten sensitive lymphocytes in celiac patients is it related to dietary gluten

Berger, S.J.; Carter, J.G.; Lowry, O.H., 1977:
The distribution of glycine gamma amino butyric acid glutamate and aspartate in rabbit spinal cord cerebellum and hippocampus

Probst A.; Cortes R.; Palacios J.M., 1986:
The distribution of glycine receptors in the human brain a light microscopic autoradiographic study using tritiated strychnine

Kadkade P.G.; Recinos J.A.; Madrid T.R., 1979:
The distribution of glyco alkaloids in solanum acculeatissimum

Fischer, J.J.; Morey, P.R.; Foarde, K.K., 1986:
The distribution of gram negative bacteria and endotoxin on raw cotton components

Buchanan G.A., 1987:
The distribution of grape phylloxera daktulosphaira vitifoliae fitch in central and northeastern victoria australia

Koehler, G., 1987:
The distribution of grasshoppers saltatoria in the central valley of the saale river around jena thuringia east germany inventory and fauna changes in the last 50 years

Seyfarth R.M., 1980:
The distribution of grooming and related behaviors among adult female vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops

Sawchenko P.E.; Swanson L.W.; Rivier J.; Vale W.W., 1985:
The distribution of growth hormone releasing factor immunoreactivity in the central nervous system of the rat an immunohistochemical study using antisera directed against rat hypothalamic growth hormone releasing factor

Holmes W.C., 1983:
The distribution of habenaria integra orchidaceae in mississippi louisiana and texas usa

Chadee D.D.; Tikasingh E.S., 1985:
The distribution of haemagogus equinus new record diptera culicidae in trinidad and tobago west indies

Tilney M.S.; Tilney L.G.; Derosier D.J., 1987:
The distribution of hair cell bundle lengths and orientations suggests an unexpected pattern of hair cell stimulation in the chick cochlea

Van Stalle J.; Bosmans R., 1982:
The distribution of haliplidae coleoptera in the belgian provinces of east flanders and west flanders

Wosilait, W.D.; Nagy, P., 1976:
The distribution of halofenate in plasma: a comparative analysis using Scatchard vs. stepwise association constants

Ali M.Y.; Riley J.P., 1986:
The distribution of halomethanes in the coastal waters of kuwait

Munda, I., 1976:
The distribution of halosaccion ramentaceum associations in the icelandic coastal area and their hydrographically conditioned variations

Ishizu, H., 1977:
The distribution of hapto globin types in okayama japan district

Gray B.F., 1980:
The distribution of heat sources in the human head theoretical considerations

Hayes, T.D.; Theis, T.L., 1978:
The distribution of heavy metals in anaerobic digestion

Kruczynski D.; Passia D., 1986:
The distribution of heavy metals in human ejaculate a light microscopic histochemical study

Skei, J.M.; Price, N.B.; Calvert, S.E.; Holtedahl, H., 1972:
The distribution of heavy metals in sediments of sorfjord west norway

Mattes, M.J.; Holden, H.T., 1981:
The distribution of Helix pomatia lectin receptors on mouse lymphoid cells and other tissues

Mazzaracchio R.; R.M.C.; Nanetti A., 1980:
The distribution of hem agglutination inhibition antibodies against rubella virus in a sample of adult females in emilia romagna italy

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The distribution of hemo globin concentration in a sample of native high altitude women

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The distribution of hepatitis B surface antigen in Africa and the tropics: report of a population study in Nigeria

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The distribution of heterodera schachtii in california usa

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The distribution of heterotrissocladius oliveri diptera chironomidae in lake michigan usa

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The distribution of hl a d mixed lymphocyte culture locus determinants in the czech population

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The distribution of hla a and hla b antigens in patients and their families with periodontosis

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The distribution of hla antigens in normal koreans

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The distribution of hla antigens in tuberculosis cases

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The distribution of hla haplotypes in families with 1 untyped parent

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The distribution of HLA on human lymphoid, bone marrow and peripheral blood cells

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The distribution of homeo thermic animals part 1 birds

Lenglet, G., 1977:
The distribution of homeo thermic animals part 2 mammals

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The distribution of hormone sensitive adenylate cyclase in rat kidney and the interaction of hormones in activating the enzyme

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The distribution of human c4 dna variants in relation to major histocompatibility complex alleles and extended haplotypes

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The distribution of human motion detector properties in the monocular visual field

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The distribution of human pancreatic elastase in acute pancreatitis serum

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The distribution of human skeletal material in the continental usa

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The distribution of human tracheal cartilage chondrocytes

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The distribution of hyas araneus and hyas coarctatus crustacea decapoda brachyura in the north sea and the svalbard region norway

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The distribution of hydrolytic enzyme activities in human fibroblast cultures and their inter cellular transfer

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The distribution of hydrovatus cuspidatus in the netherlands coleoptera dytiscidae

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The distribution of hydroxy cinnamic acid amides in flowering plants

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The distribution of hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activities in the mouse ovary during the estrous cycle

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The distribution of hypoglossal motoneurons in the dog rabbit and rat

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The distribution of hypoglycemic brain damage

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The distribution of hypothalamic and extrahypothalamic vasotocinergic cells and fibers in the brain of a lizard, Gekko gecko: presence of a sex difference

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The distribution of hystrichopsylla siphonaptera in hungary

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The distribution of i iii iv v type collagen in the human artery wall

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The distribution of illicit drug use: correlations between extent of use, heavy use and problems

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The distribution of immature thrips kakothrips pisivorus among flowers of faba beans vicia faba in commercial crops and experimental plots

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The distribution of immuno globulin containing cells in inflammatory and malignant diseases of the uterine cervix

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The distribution of immunoglobulin containing cells in the human inferior nasal turbinate in relation to nasal allergy

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The distribution of immunoglobulins and albumin in the central nervous system in acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

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The distribution of immunoglobulins and the complement c 3 in multiple biopsies from the uninvolved and perilesional skin in pemphigus

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The distribution of immunoreactive alpha msh cells in the adult human pituitary gland

Coates P.J., 1985:
The distribution of immunoreactive corticotropin releasing factor in the human pituitary stalk

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The distribution of indium in the central and peripheral nervous system of the young rat

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The distribution of induced electrical activity in bent long bone

du Preez, F.; Buys, S.B., 1980:
The distribution of infectious bursal disease in South Africa

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The distribution of information within letters

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The distribution of infrahyoid motoneurons in the cat a retrograde horseradish peroxidase study

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The distribution of inorganic lead in guinea pig brain and neural barrier tissues in control and lead poisoned animals

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The distribution of inorganic phosphate and malate between intramitochondrial and extramitochondrial spaces relationship with the transmembrane ph difference

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The distribution of insect pests on crops of oilseed rape brassica napus and the damage they cause

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The distribution of inter tidal epi psammic diatoms on scripps beach la jolla california usa

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The distribution of inter tidal phyto psammon in an oregon usa estuary

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The distribution of intermicrotubular bridges in meiotic spindles of the crane fly

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The distribution of interspersed repeats in nonuniform and conserved in the mouse and human genomes

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The distribution of intestinal protozoa in children of different ages in childrens institutions of the lenin district in moscow

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The distribution of intra geniculate terminal de polarization of the visual afferents during reserpine induced ponto geniculo olivary activity

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The distribution of invertebrate communities in a small south african river

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The distribution of iodine 131 albumin in the kidney of rats and rabbits

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The distribution of iodine in the upper layers of the equatorial atlantic

Clayhills T., 1982:
The distribution of ipidia sexguttata sexguttata new record coleoptera nitidulidae

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The distribution of ipsilaterally and contralaterally projecting ganglion cells in the retina of the pigmented rabbit

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The distribution of iron between the metal binding sites of transferrin in human serum

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The distribution of iron in the northwest atlantic

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The distribution of iron manganese and zinc in summer barley plants

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The distribution of ischemia in perfused wistar rat hearts following coronary artery occlusion

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The distribution of ischemic damage and cerebral blood flow after unilateral carotid occlusion and hypotension in the rat

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The distribution of isoprenoid quinones in streptococci of serological group d and serological group n

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The distribution of jaculus orientalis and jaculus jaculus in tunisia

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The distribution of juncus filiformis in britain uk

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The distribution of juncus roemerianus in the salt marshes of north america

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The distribution of juvenile trout salmo trutta in loch leven kinross scotland uk

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The distribution of keratin type intermediate sized filaments in so called mixed tumor of the skin

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The distribution of korynetes ruficornis and korynetes coeruleus in saxony east germany and neighboring districts coleoptera korynetidae

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The distribution of labeled albumin across the rabbit thoracic aorta in vivo

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The distribution of labeled antibiotics in normal and infected rat brain: an autoradiographic study

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The distribution of labeled low density lipo proteins across the rabbit thoracic aorta in vivo

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The distribution of labeled norepinephrine within sympathetic nerve terminals studied with inst electron microscope radioautography albino mice

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The distribution of labeled sugars in soil particle size fractions as a means for distinguishing plant and microbial carbohydrate residues

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The distribution of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in adult human Achilles tendons

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The distribution of laminarinases in marine invertebrates

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The distribution of laminin in human brain tumors an immunohistochemical study

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The distribution of landings of british columbia canada salmon in relation to size of the commercial fishing fleet 1967 1981 3. sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka

Beacham, T.D., 1984:
The distribution of landings of british columbia canada salmon in relation to the size of the commercial fishing fleet 1967 1981 1. pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Beacham, T.D., 1984:
The distribution of landings of british columbia canada salmon in relation to the size of the commercial fishing fleet 1967 1981 2. chum salmon oncorhynchus keta

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The distribution of lanthanum in tight junctions of the kidney tubule

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The distribution of large t antigen in sv 40 nucleo protein complexes

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The distribution of larger species of birds breeding on the coasts of foxe basin and northern hudson bay canada

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The distribution of lead in a roadside environment and its consequences for health

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The distribution of lead in human teeth using charged particle activation analysis

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The distribution of lead in the soils and herbage of west pembrokeshire

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The distribution of lead paint in New York City tenement buildings

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The distribution of lead zinc cadmium and copper within the pulmonate mollusk helix aspersa

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The distribution of leaf area radiation photosynthesis and transpiration in a shamouti orange hedgerow orchard part i. leaf area and radiation

Cohen, S.; Fuchs, M.; Moreshet, S.; Cohen, Y., 1987:
The distribution of leaf area radiation photosynthesis and transpiration in a shamouti orange hedgerow orchard part ii. photosynthesis transpiration and the effect of row shape and direction

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The distribution of leaf size forms in the order euphorbiales

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The distribution of leafy spurge euphorbia esula and other weedy euphorbia spp in the usa

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The distribution of leaves in the canopy of the oak hornbeam stand at bab international biological program

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The distribution of lectin receptor sites in human breast lesions

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The distribution of lectin receptors on the plasma membrane of the fertilized sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus egg during 1st and 2nd cleavage

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The distribution of left ventricular hypertrophy in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: comparison to athletes and hypertensives

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The distribution of lens antigens in microsomal fractions of chick embryo liver

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The distribution of lens differentiation capacity in the head ectoderm of chick embryos

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The distribution of leopard frogs rana blairi and rana pipiens amphibia anura ranidae in nebraska usa

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The distribution of lepidogalaxias salamandroides and other small fresh water fishes in the lower southwest of western australia

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The distribution of leptospires in the kidney tubules of some british wild animals

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The distribution of leuciscus souffia muticellus new record pisces cyprinidae in italy and its discovery in the biferno river in molise south central italy

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The distribution of leucojum aestivum in the british isles

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The distribution of LH types in some North Indian populations

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The distribution of lichen phytomass in a pine larch community khangai mongolia

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The distribution of lignin and other fiber components within hard red spring wheat bran

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The distribution of lipid in the tissues of antarctic krill euphausia superba

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The distribution of lipids in the germ endosperm pericarp and tip cap of amylomaize lg 11 hybrid maize and waxy maize

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The distribution of lipids in the protoplast membranes of bacillus subtilis a study with phospho lipase c ec and tri nitro benzenesulfonic acid

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The distribution of lipo poly saccharide in normo complementemic and complement c 3 depleted rabbits and rhesus monkeys

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The distribution of lipo protein lipase ec clearing factor lipase activity in the adiposal muscular and lung tissues of 10 animal species

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The distribution of listera cordata in upper swabia and the rest of the algaeu region

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The distribution of lithium and its effects on electrolytes and norepinephrine metabolism in discrete areas of rat brain

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The distribution of liver metastases from colonic cancer. A quantitative postmortem study

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The distribution of liverworts hepaticae in czechoslovakia part 20

Duda, J.; Vana, J., 1975:
The distribution of liverworts in czechoslovakia part 18

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The distribution of liverworts in czechoslovakia part 19

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The distribution of liverworts in czechoslovakia part 21

Duda, J.; Vana, J., 1978:
The distribution of liverworts in czechoslovakia part 23

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The distribution of living benthic foraminifera on the continental slope and rise off southwest norway

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The distribution of lung damage in children with cystic fibrosis and its relationship to colonization with pseudomonas aeruginosa

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The distribution of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in the hypothalamus of the rhesus monkey light microscopic studies using immuno peroxidase technique

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The distribution of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in the hypothalamus of the thirsting rat light and electron microscopic immuno cytochemical study

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The distribution of lymantria dispar new record and lymantria monacha lepidoptera lymantriidae in austria and west germany

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The distribution of lymph nodes in and around the parotid gland an anatomical study

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The distribution of lymphoid and macrophage like cell subsets of sarcoid and kveim granulomata possible mechanism of negative purified protein derivative reaction in sarcoidosis

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The distribution of lysosomal cathepsin D in cardiac myocytes

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The distribution of lysozyme in human gastric mucosa in inflammatory and neoplastic disorders

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The distribution of macgregors bird of paradise

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The distribution of macrocystis integrifolia in british columbia canada as related to environmental parameters

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The distribution of magnesium atpase and its loss of specific activity upon gradient centrifugation of isolated chromaffin granules

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The distribution of mammals in natal south africa part 2 carnivora

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The distribution of mammals in the orange free state south africa

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The distribution of manganese iron copper and zinc in top soils and herbage of northwest pembrokeshire uk

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The distribution of manganese iron nickel copper and cadmium in the waters of baffin bay canada greenland and the canadian arctic archipelago

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The distribution of manganese iron zinc cadmium and copper in baltic sea water a study on the basis of 1 anchor station

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The distribution of marine sponges collected from the 1976 1978 bureau of land management southern california bight program usa

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The distribution of marked dermal cells from small localized implants in limb regenerates

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The distribution of meio benthic copepods along a sediment gradient factor and niche analyses

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The distribution of meio fauna in the baltic sea

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The distribution of members of the class sclerospongiae

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The distribution of membrane bound enzymes in the acini and ducts of the cat pancreas

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The distribution of mercury in british estuarine sediments and its availability to deposit feeding bivalves

Papaconstantinou C.A., 1982:
The distribution of merlangius merlangus euxinus in the aegean sea

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The distribution of mesocyclops aspericornis in south america

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The distribution of metabolites between spinach chloroplasts and medium during photosynthesis in vitro

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The distribution of metacercariae of paragonimus westermani in crayfish's body in hongshi district jilin province china and observation with scanning electron microscopy of their cyst wall

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The distribution of metallic constituents in dentin subjected to iontophoresis

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The distribution of metals in sewage sludge and their fate after dumping at sea

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The distribution of metastases of different primary tumors in the liver

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The distribution of methoxyflavones in the genus sideritis

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The distribution of methylated flavones in the lamiaceae

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The distribution of methylene blue active substances in lake oze japan

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The distribution of micro nutrient cations in soil under conditions of varying redox potential and ph

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The distribution of micro tubules in differentiating cells of micrasterias denticulata inst electron microscope

Itoh M.; Arima T.; Nakashima T., 1982:
The distribution of micro tubules in the cochlear sensory cells in the guinea pig

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The distribution of microelement and macroelements in the individuals mechanical fractions of soils formed from different parent rocks 5. manganese

Parkes A.B.; Mclachlan S.M.; Bird P.; Smith B.R., 1984:
The distribution of microsomal and thyro globulin antibody activity among the immuno globulin g subclasses

Morgenstern R.; Lundqvist G.; Andersson G.; Balk L.; Depierre J.W., 1984:
The distribution of microsomal glutathione transferase among different organelles different organs and different organisms

Gamulin T.; Hure J., 1985:
The distribution of midwater fish maurolicus muelleri eggs in the jabuka pit region of the adriatic sea

Schroeter G.; Loch R., 1979:
The distribution of minimal inhibitory concentrations of recently introduced cephalosporins in multi resistant strains of escherichia coli proteus mirabilis and klebsiella sp as revealed by zone sizes of a standardized agar diffusion test

Zlobin V.V., 1980:
The distribution of mining flies of the genus cerodontha in hungary diptera agromyzidae

Atapattu, D.H., 1972:
The distribution of mollusks on littoral rocks in ceylon with notes on their ecology

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The distribution of moniliformis moniliformis archiacanthocephala acanthocephala in feral populations of the house rat rattus rattus

Meyer W.; Jehnen R., 1980:
The distribution of mono amine oxidase and biogenic mono amines in the central nervous system of spiders arachnida araneida

Simerly R.B.; Swanson L.W.; Gorski R.A., 1985:
The distribution of monoaminergic cells and fibers in a periventricular preoptic nucleus involved in the control of gonadotropin release immunohistochemical evidence for a dopaminergic sexual dimorphism

Gavrilov E.M.; Zhaugasheva S.K.; Shchepetkina L.V., 1986:
The distribution of monomycin in some tissues of varying age in animals

Davies J.G.M.; Kirkwood P.A.; Sears T.A., 1985:
The distribution of monosynaptic connections from inspiratory bulbospinal neurons to inspiratory motoneurons in the cat

Cravey, R.H.; Reed, D., 1977:
The distribution of morphine in man following chronic intra venous administration

Spiehler, V.R.; Cravey, R.H.; Richards, R.G.; Elliott, H.W., 1978:
The distribution of morphine in the brain in fatal cases due to the intra venous administration of heroin

Hulshof, J.B.; de Boer-van Huizen, R.; ten Donkelaar, H.J., 1987:
The distribution of motoneurons supplying hind limb muscles in the clawed toad, Xenopus laevis

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The distribution of multinucleate ameloblasts in a rat upper incisor

Ninkovic M.; Hunt S.P.; Emson P.C.; Iversen L.L., 1981:
The distribution of multiple opiate receptors in bovine brain

Swingler R.J.; Compston D.A.S., 1986:
The distribution of multiple sclerosis in the uk

Laing N.G.; Lamb A.H., 1983:
The distribution of muscle fiber types in chick embryo wings transplanted to the pelvic region is normal

Nishimori T.; Sera M.; Suemune S.; Yoshida A.; Tsuru K.; Tusiki Y.; Akisaka T.; Okamoto T.; Dateoka Y.; Shingenaga Y., 1986:
The distribution of muscle primary afferents from the masseter nerve to the trigeminal sensory nuclei

Rogers R.J.; Donald B.A.; Schultz K., 1980:
The distribution of mycobacterium bovis in queensland australia cattle herds with observations on the laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis

Gummer, C.L.; Starley, J.N.; Dawber, R.P.; Pearson, J.M., 1983:
The distribution of Mycobacterium leprae in the hair follicle of the eyebrow

Hargreaves P.M., 1985:
The distribution of mysidacea in the open ocean and near bottom over slope regions in the northern north east atlantic ocean during 1979

Wyatt, I.J., 1970:
The distribution of myzus persicae on year round chrysanthemums d part 2 winter season the effect of parasitism by aphidius matricariae

Rodriguez Segade S.; Freire Moar J.M.; Rodriguez D.; Freire M., 1986:
The distribution of n acetyl beta glucosaminidase beta glucuronidase acid alpha naphthyl acetate esterase and alpha naphthyl acetate esterase in subpopulations of thymocytes bone marrow cells and other lymphoid organs in mice

Jinnouchi S.; Hoshi H.; Watanabe K.; Ueda T.; Yamaguchi T., 1988:
The distribution of n isopropyl p iodoamphetamine in experimental ischemic brain of the mongolian gerbil

Dehesh K.; Haeuser I.; Apel K.; Kloppstech K., 1983:
The distribution of nadph proto chlorophyllide oxido reductase in relation to chlorophyll accumulation along the barley hordeum vulgare leaf gradient

Umeche N., 1982:
The distribution of naegleria spp by strata in michigan usa soils

Mcelhone M.J., 1982:
The distribution of naididae oligochaeta in the littoral zone of selected lakes in north wales and shropshire uk

Shearer, C.A.; Crane, J.L., 1978:
The distribution of nais inornata a facultative marine ascomycete

Pedersen, A., 1976:
The distribution of najadaceae potamogetonaceae ruppiaceae zannichelliaceae and zosteraceae within denmark

Grol B.P.F.E.; Lina P.H.C., 1982:
The distribution of nathusius pipistrelle pipistrellus nathusii in the netherlands

Cavanagh M.E.; Warren A., 1985:
The distribution of native albumin and foreign albumin injected into lateral ventricles of prenatal and neonatal rat forebrains

Greig Smith P.W., 1986:
The distribution of native and introduced landbirds on silhouette island seychelles indian ocean

Dalaly B.K.; Mottaleb L.A., 1980:
The distribution of natural and added copper in buffalo milk

Chester R.; Sharples E.J.; Sanders G.; Oldfield F.; Saydam A.C., 1984:
The distribution of natural and noncrustal ferri magnetic minerals in soil sized particulates from the mediterranean atmosphere

Gray N.F.; Smith R.I.L., 1984:
The distribution of nematophagous fungi in the maritime antarctic

Lewis, J.W.; Bryant, V., 1976:
The distribution of Nematospiroides dubius within the small intestine of laboratory mice

Harris N.L.; Data R.E., 1982:
The distribution of neoplastic and normal b lymphoid cells in nodular lymphomas use of an immuno peroxidase technique

Oosterbroek, P.; Schuckard, R.; Theowald, B., 1976:
The distribution of nephrotoma in the world diptera tipulidae

Epp, L.; Tardent, P., 1978:
The distribution of nerve cells in hydra attenuata

Itoh, K., 1976:
The distribution of nerves in human deciduous and permanent teeth

Tosney K.W.; Watanabe M.; Landmesser L.; Rutishauser U., 1986:
The distribution of neural cell adhesion molecule in the chick hindlimb during axon outgrowth and synaptogenesis

Wang L.; M.W.; X.L.; Zhang P., 1986:
The distribution of neurons constituting the superior mesenteric plexus of the cat a horseradish peroxidase study

Dax, E.M.; Johnston, C.I., 1978:
The distribution of neurophysins and posterior pituitary hormones in the porcine neuro hypophyseal system

Muraki K., 1986:
The distribution of neurotensin like immunoreactivity and its developmental changes in rats

Schneider B.; Ambrosius H., 1988:
The distribution of neutrophil granulocytes in the pronephros of carp cyprinus carpio l

Reay, P.F., 1987:
The distribution of nine elements in shoots of lupinus albus l. and lupinus angustifolius l. compared with that of silicon as a measure of passive transport

Sutherland J.M.; Andrews M.; Mcinroy S.; Sprent J.I., 1985:
The distribution of nitrate assimilation between root and shoot in vicia faba

Doddema H.; Stulen I.; Hofstra J.J., 1986:
The distribution of nitrate reductase in tomato lycopersicon esculentum leaves as affected by age

Arkhipchenko, I.A.; Belimov, A.A.; Vasil'ev, V.B., 1987:
The distribution of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium during aerobic processing of sewage from pig fattening farms

Simon N.S.; Kennedy M.M., 1987:
The distribution of nitrogen species and adsorption of ammonium in sediments from the tidal potomac river and estuary

Singh H.B.; Salas L.J.; Shigeishi H., 1979:
The distribution of nitrous oxide in the global atmosphere and the pacific ocean

Hopkins W.G.; Brown M.C., 1982:
The distribution of nodal sprouts in a paralyzed or partly de nervated mouse muscle

Roberts, M.S.; Anderson, R.A.; Moore, D.E.; Swarbrick, J., 1977:
The distribution of nonelectrolytes between human stratum corneum and water

Dixon, J.S.; Gosling, J.A., 1974:
The distribution of noradrenergic nerves and small intensely fluorescent cells in the cat urinary bladder a light microscopic and electron microscope study

Rybakova L.P.; Rozanova L.M., 1982:
The distribution of nuclear and lysosomal proteins in granulocytes at different stages of maturity

Hoshino, T.; Nomura, K.; Wilson, C.B.; Knebel, K.D.; Gray, J.W., 1978:
The distribution of nuclear dna from human brain tumor cells flow cytometric studies

Addison, W.C., 1978:
The distribution of nuclei in human odontoclasts in whole cell preparations

Addison W.C., 1979:
The distribution of nuclei in imprints of feline osteoclast

Golding G.B.; Strobeck C., 1982:
The distribution of nucleotide site differences between 2 finite sequences

Wilson J.G.; Shelley C., 1986:
The distribution of nucula turgida bivalvia protobranchia from dublin bay ireland and the effect of sediment organic content

Houvenaghel, G.T., 1975:
The distribution of nutrient salts in the morlaix bay finistere france the role of benthic algae

Howard-Williams, C., 1977:
The distribution of nutrients in swartvlei a southern cape south africa coastal lake

Correa J.B.C.; Reicher F.; Odebrecht S.; D.O.iveira M.L., 1979:
The distribution of o acetylated xylan

Fujihashi T., 1980:
The distribution of obligate anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity

Esmann, M., 1984:
The distribution of octa ethylene glycol dodecyl mono ether solubilized oligomers of the sodium potassium atpase ec

Herbulot C., 1981:
The distribution of odezia atrata in france brought up to date lepidoptera geometridae

Bongale U.D., 1984:
The distribution of oedogonium ulothrix and microspora in the cultivated soils of karnataka state india

Jehlik V.; Rostanski K., 1980:
The distribution of oenothera biennis in czechoslovakia with a key to the czechoslovak species of the genus oenothera

Schmidt U.; Nadolski A., 1979:
The distribution of olfactory and respiratory epithelium in the nasal cavity of crocidura russula soricidae

Jackson, J.C.; Golden, G.T.; Benjamin, R.M., 1977 :
The distribution of olfactory input in the opossum mediodorsal nucleus

Bowling, D.B.; Wieniawa-Narkiewicz, E., 1986:
The distribution of on center and off center x like and y like cells in the a layers of the cat's lateral geniculate nucleus

Callan H.G.; Gall J.G.; Murphy C., 1988:
The distribution of oocyte 5s somatic 5s and 18s plus 28s ribosomal dna sequences in the lampbrush chromosomes of xenopus laevis

Okane K., 1986:
The distribution of oomycetes zoospores in the kokenuma sphagnum bog akita prefecture japan

Hunter C.; Baker B.I., 1979:
The distribution of opiate activity in the trout pituitary gland

Evteeva, T.P.; Glumov, V.Y. ; Volchkova, G.A., 1977:
The distribution of opisthorchiasis and diphyllobothriasis in the udmurt assr

Niemann D., 1986:
The distribution of orchids in iowa usa

Cran, D.G., 1987:
The distribution of organelles in mammalian oocytes following centrifugation prior to injection of foreign DNA

Janauer G.A., 1981:
The distribution of organic and mineral components in leaves and stems of ranunculus fluitans

Parsons, T.R.; Von-Brockel, K.; Koeller, P.; Takahashi, M.; Reeve, M.R.; Holm-Hansen, O., 1977:
The distribution of organic carbon in a marine planktonic food web following nutrient enrichment

Tyler, C.; Fowler, S., 1978:
The distribution of organic cores cones cone junctions and pores in the egg shells of wild birds

Hall, R.; Yau, S.S., 1976:
The distribution of orientation of optimal stimuli for cells of striate cortex

Payne, K.R., 1977:
The distribution of orthoptera at gibraltar point lincolnshire england uk

Veen J., 1986:
The distribution of otter feces lutra lutra on the coast of wester ross scotland uk 1979 1980

Honek A., 1982:
The distribution of over wintered coccinella septempunctata coleoptera coccinellidae adults in agricultural crops

Minas, H.J., 1970:
The distribution of oxygen in relation to the primary production in the northeast mediterranean

Swanson L.W.; Mckellar S., 1979:
The distribution of oxytocin stained and neurophysin stained fibers in the spinal cord of the rat and monkey

Daniels S.B.; Strausbaugh L.D., 1986:
The distribution of p element sequences in drosophila the drosophila willistoni and drosophila saltans species groups

Lai F.; Zhao S.; Jiang Z.; Liu Z.; Sun J., 1988:
The distribution of p elements in drosophila melanogaster along the coast of china studied by dna hybridization method

Jemec G.B.E.; Wojnarowska F., 1987:
The distribution of p29 protein in normal human skin

Pedrotti C.C., 1979:
The distribution of paludella squarrosa in italy

Hashiguchi, Y.; Agatsuma, T., 1981:
The distribution of paragonimus miyazakii new record in shikoku japan 2. examinations in eastern shikoku and awaji island

Chester R.; Sharples E.J.; Murphy K.J.T., 1984:
The distribution of particulate molybdenum in the atlantic aerosol

Wangersky, P.J., 1978:
The distribution of particulate organic carbon in the oceans ecological implications

Van Dolah R.F.; Burrell V.G.Jr; West S.B., 1980:
The distribution of pelagic tars and plastics in the south atlantic bight

Horne R.S.C., 1983:
The distribution of penguin breeding colonies on the australian antarctic territory heard island the mcdonald islands and macquarie island

Shimono M.; Kawano H., 1986:
The distribution of peptide like immunoreactivities in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus of the rat

Coles T.F., 1981:
The distribution of perch perca fluviatilis throughout their 1st year of life in llyn tegid north wales uk

Mcneilly T.; Roose M.L., 1984:
The distribution of perennial ryegrass lolium perenne genotypes in swards

Towfighi, J.; Gonatas, N., 1977:
The distribution of peroxidases in the sciatic nerves of normal and hexachlorophene intoxicated developing rats

Runkova, L.V.; Talieva, M.N., 1975:
The distribution of phenol compounds in the leaves of some species of the genus allium

Shen C.L., 1987:
The distribution of phi like immunoreactivity in the rat central nervous system

Asimeng E.J., 1985:
The distribution of phlebotomus duboscqi with reference to the known foci of cutaneous leishmaniasis in northern nigeria

Boydak M., 1985:
The distribution of phoenix theophrasti in the datca peninsula turkey

Kispatic, J.; Glavas, M.; Buturac, I., 1977:
The distribution of phomopsis viticola in our vineyards part 2

Brophy, P.J.; Burbach, P.; Nelemans, S.A.; Westerman, J.; Wirtz, K.W.A.; Van-Deenen, L.L.M., 1978:
The distribution of phosphatidyl inositol in microsomal membranes from rat liver after biosynthesis de novo evidence for the existence of different pools of microsomal phosphatidyl inositol by the use of phosphatidyl inositol exchange protein

Khoja S.M., 1988:
The distribution of phosphofructokinase isoenzymes in the liver of camel rat and rabbit

Sisworo E.L.; Gandanegara S.; Sisworo W.H.; Rasjid H.; Sumarna N., 1982:
The distribution of phosphorus 32 in the rice plant applied to a single root and to the whole root system

Kashanskii A.D.; Vysotskii K.L., 1979:
The distribution of phosphorus and potassium on the meso morphological level in the profile of podzolic soils and blanket loams

Rehm E., 1985 :
The distribution of phosphorus in the weser river estuary west germany

Nduku, W.K., 1976:
The distribution of phosphorus nitrogen and organic carbon in the sediments of lake mcilwaine rhodesia

Archer S., 1984:
The distribution of photosynthetic pathway types on a mixed grass prairie hillside

Eickmeier W.G., 1986:
The distribution of photosynthetic pathways among cedar glade plants

Scheuern, J., 1987:
The distribution of phymatodes glabratus charp. in eifel west germany coleoptera cerambycidae

Egborge A.B.M.; Sagay E.G., 1979:
The distribution of phyto plankton and zoo plankton in some ibadan nigeria fresh water ecosystems

Aykulu G.; Obali O.; Gonulol A., 1983:
The distribution of phyto plankton at some lakes in the vicinity of ankara turkey

Ashmore M.R.; Bell J.N.B.; Reily C.L., 1980:
The distribution of phyto toxic ozone in the british isles

Hassan M.; Rehm S.; Prinz D., 1985:
The distribution of phytohormones in coffee coffea arabica cultivar bourbon stems after horizontal bending

Blowes W.M.; Heather W.A.; Malajczuk N.; Shea S.R., 1982:
The distribution of phytophthora cinnamomi at 2 sites in southern western australia and at durras in southeastern new south wales australia

Shim J.H.; Pae S.J., 1985 :
The distribution of phytoplankton in yeong il bay korea

Frisvoll A.A., 1984:
The distribution of plagiothecium berggrenianum new record

Dunstan, W.M.; Hosford, J., 1977:
The distribution of planktonic blue green algae related to the hydrography of the georgia usa bight

Perehuda L.V.; Andriyenko T.A., 1985:
The distribution of plant communities on sandy and peat soils of the western polessie of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Surmach G.P., 1987:
The distribution of plant formations and gray forest and chernozem soils in the forest steppe as related to the lithologic structure of loess deposits

Poole D.K.; Miller P.C., 1981:
The distribution of plant water stress and vegetation characteristics in southern california usa chaparral

Silvertown J.W., 1983:
The distribution of plants in limestone pavement tests of species interaction and niche separation against null hypotheses

Addy M.; Griffiths G.; Dummer P.; Kingdom A.; Shaw W.C., 1987:
The distribution of plaque and gingivitis and the influence of toothbrushing hand in a group of south wales uk 11 12 year old children

Kondo, T.; Ogawa, K.; Ban, M.; Watanabe, E.; Satake, T., 1981:
The distribution of plasma norepinephrine concentration and the relation of plasma norepinephrine concentration to pulmonary arterial pressure in heart disease

Platt D.J.; Brown D.J.; Munro D.S., 1986:
The distribution of plasmids among a representative collection of scottish uk strains of salmonellae

Muhlrad A.; Eldor A.; Bar O.H.; Kahane I., 1979:
The distribution of platelet contractile proteins in normal and streptozotocin diabetic rats

Uematsu S.; Onogi S., 1980:
The distribution of platypleura kaempferi homoptera cicadidae nymphs in the soil of a loquat fruit tree orchard

Humphreys, E.R.; Metalli, P.; Seidel, A.; Szot, Z.; Vanderborght, O., 1976:
The distribution of plutonium 239 in several strains of mice a collaborative experiment

Alberts J.J.; Muller R.N., 1979:
The distribution of plutonium 239 plutonium 240 plutonium 238 and cesium 137 in various particle size classes of lake michigan sediments

Priest, N.D., 1977:
The distribution of plutonium 241 in rodents

Green, D.; Howells, G.; Vennart, J.; Watts, R., 1977:
The distribution of plutonium in the mouse ovary

Sargent C.; Mountford O.; Greene D., 1986:
The distribution of poa angustifolia in britain uk

Collins M.R.; Marshall M.J.; Lanciani C.A., 1984:
The distribution of poecilancistrium caryophyllum trypanorhyncha plerocercoids in spot leiostomus xanthurus and spotted sea trout cynoscion nebulosus

Sun X.; W.Y., 1988:
The distribution of pollen and algae in surface sediments of dianchi yunnan province china

Latrou, K.; Dixon, G.H., 1977:
The distribution of poly adenylate containing and poly adenylate free protamine messenger rna sequences in the developing trout testis

E.S.lhy M.; Wilander E.; Grimelius L.; Terenius L.; Lundberg J.M.; Tatemoto K., 1982:
The distribution of poly peptide yy and pancreatic poly peptide immuno reactive cells in the domestic fowl

Williams A.G.; Strachan N.H., 1984:
The distribution of poly saccharide degrading enzymes in the bovine rumen digesta ecosystem

Johnson A.C.; Larsen P.F.; Gadbois D.F.; Humason A.W., 1985:
The distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the superficial sediments of penobscot bay maine usa in relation to possible sources and to other sites worldwide

Jordan E., 1983:
The distribution of polylepis stands in the western cordillera mountain range of bolivia

Battaglia, D.E.; Gaddum-Rosse, P., 1986:
The distribution of polymerized actin in the rat egg and its sensitivity to cytochalasin B during fertilization

Ang, K.P.; Gunasingham, H.; Tay, B.T., 1986:
The distribution of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient air particulates in Singapore

Onishi T.; Suzuki M.; Kikuchi R., 1984:
The distribution of polysaccharide hydrolase activity in gastropods and bivalves

Albus, K.; Donate-Oliver, F.; Sanides, D.; Fries, W., 1981:
The distribution of pontine projection cells in visual and association cortex of the cat: an experimental study with horseradish peroxidase

Cooper J.I.; Edwards M.L., 1981:
The distribution of poplar mosaic virus in hybrid poplars and virus detection by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

E.Bushra E S., 1985:
The distribution of population and medical facilities in north yemen

Christie P.; Macnair M.R., 1987:
The distribution of postmating reproductive isolating genes in populations of the yellow monkey flower mimulus guttatus

Kurashima, K., 1980:
The distribution of potassium calcium and magnesium contents in soils and composition in herbage on the mountainous sloping pasture 2. potassium calcium and magnesium contents and balance in herbage

Kurashima, K., 1980:
The distribution of potassium calcium and magnesium contents in soils and their composition in herbage on the mountainous sloping pasture 1. the distribution of potassium calcium and magnesium contents in soils of pasture

Humphries, P.D.; Devonald, V.G., 1977:
The distribution of potassium calcium and magnesium in young tomato plants grown in water culture

Beck F X.; Doerge A.; Rick R.; Schramm M.; Thurau K., 1988:
The distribution of potassium sodium and chloride across the apical membrane of renal tubular cells effect of acute metabolic alkalosis

Weidemann H L., 1987:
The distribution of potato spindle tuber viroid potato in plants and tubers

Zhang P.; H.M.; D.F.; Wang L., 1987:
The distribution of primary afferent fibers from the greater splanchnic nerve to the spinal gray matter and nucleus gracilis in the cat

Legendre, L.; Watt, W.D., 1970:
The distribution of primary production relative to a cyclonic gyre in baie des chaleurs

Herhaus, K.F., 1977:
The distribution of proasellus coxalis crustacea isopoda asellidae in central europe

Von Knorre D., 1979:
The distribution of proasellus coxalis crustacea isopoda asellidae in thuringia east germany a contribution to the problems of the expansion of an animal species

Sitrin, R.G.; Brubaker, P.G.; Shellito, J.E.; Kaltreider, H.B., 1986:
The distribution of procoagulant and plasminogen activator activities among density fractions of normal rabbit alveolar macrophages

Ott, H.; Meier, J., 1978:
The distribution of proquazone and 3 of its metabolites in serum and synovial fluid

Wells F.E., 1980:
The distribution of prosobranch gastropod mollusks along the coastlines of western australia

Johnston, M.G.; Hay, J.B.; Movat, H.Z., 1980:
The distribution of prostaglandins in afferent and efferent lymph from inflammatory sites

Welch R.W.; Yong Y.Y.; Hayward M.V., 1980:
The distribution of protein and nonstructural carbohydrate in 5 oat varieties during plant growth and grain development

Volkonitin A.F., 1985:
The distribution of psammophilous infusoria on the shelf of popov island ussr sea of japan

Cockburn, A., 1978:
The distribution of pseudomys shortridgei muridae rodentia and its relevance to that of other heathland pseudomys

Cullinane, J.P.; Murphy, J.P., 1976:
The distribution of ptilota plumosa and plumaria elegans in ireland

Mueller, J., 1977:
The distribution of puccinia scillae

Webb R.A.; Orchard I., 1979:
The distribution of putative neuro secretory cells in the central nervous system of the north american medicinal leech macrobdella decora

Gawronska M.; Walter Z., 1980:
The distribution of pyrimidine tracts in dna of lymphatic tissues

Seal A.G.; Rees H., 1982:
The distribution of quantitative dna changes associated with the evolution of di ploid festuceae

Summer, A.T., 1981:
The distribution of quinacrine on chromosomes as determined by x ray micro analysis 1. q bands on cho chromosomes

Sumner, A.T., 1985:
The distribution of quinacrine on chromosomes as determined by x ray microanalysis 2. comparison of heterochromatic and euchromatic regions of mouse chromosomes

Clarke L.E., 1980:
The distribution of rabbit alpha feto protein and its molecular variants throughout gestation

Parker, B.S.; Hall, L.S.; Myers, K.; Fullagar, P.J., 1976:
The distribution of rabbit warrens at mitchell queensland australia in relation to soil and vegetation characteristics

Konovalova, N.E.; Suzdal'skaya, M.V.; Semenova, L.P.; Sorokina, G.K.; Gorbunova-Yu, V.; Zhemchuzhina, A.I.; Arutyunyan, E.A.; Akhmerov, R.A.; Bazhenova, V.M., 1977:
The distribution of races of cereal grain rust causative agents in the ussr in 1975

Goto H.; Watanabe M.; Shimono R.; Kihara T., 1985:
The distribution of radioactive carbon from 1 carbon 14 galactosamine in mice

Goto H.; Watanabe M.; Shimono R.; Kihara T., 1984:
The distribution of radioactive carbon from carbon 14 labeled glucosamine in mice

Goto H.; Matsushima M.; Kanayama T.; Kihara T., 1987:
The distribution of radioactive carbon from l side chain 3 carbon 14 tryptophan in mice

Goto H.; Matsushima M.; Kanayama T.; Kihara T., 1987:
The distribution of radioactive carbon from l uniformly labeled carbon 14 tyrosine in mice

Shashkov, B.V.; Tsybulyak, G.N.; Rozhdestvenskaya, V.O.; Sviridov, B.E.; Matveeva, A.I., 1977:
The distribution of radioactive tetanus toxin at the sub cellular level

Mattocks A.R., 1979:
The distribution of radioactivity in rats given tritiated 2 3 bis acetoxymethyl 1 methyl pyrrole a pneumo toxic analog of labile pyrrolizidine alkaloid metabolites

White, I.N.H.; Mattocks, A.R., 1976:
The distribution of radioactivity in rats given tritiated bis hydroxymethyl 1 methyl pyrrole and its relationship to that from tritiated synthanecine a bis n ethyl carbamate

Moore, T.C.Jr, 1978:
The distribution of radiolarian assemblages in the modern and ice age pacific

Babikir A.A.A., 1985:
The distribution of rainfall over the sultanate of oman

Eikhorst R.; Rahmel U.A.P., 1986:
The distribution of rana lessonae and rana ridibunda in lower saxony west germany salientia ranidae

Kullman L., 1982:
The distribution of ranunculus lingua in northern sweden

Baltisberger M.; Hess H.E., 1986:
The distribution of ranunculus polyanthemoides and ranunculus nemorosus

Press, O.W.; Roose, C.; Clagett, J., 1977:
The distribution of rapidly and slowly renewed thymus derived bone marrow derived and null lymphocytes in mouse bone marrow thymus lymph nodes and spleen

Mead G.A.; Kennett J.P., 1987:
The distribution of recent benthic foraminifera in the polar front region southwest atlantic

M.R.Bradford, D.A.Wall, 1984:
The distribution of recent organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts in the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, and northwestern Arabian Sea

Hattori, H.; Asano, M.; Oya, M.; Katsumata, Y.; Suzuki, O.; Yada, S., 1978:
The distribution of red cell acid phosphatase types in Aichi Prefecture

Omoto K., 1986:
The distribution of red cell enzyme and serum protein types in a sample from iwate northern japan with the description of geographical cline of gc subtypes

Lavsund, S., 1975:
The distribution of red deer cervus elaphus in sweden 1900 1973

Coventry R.J., 1982:
The distribution of red yellow and gray earths in the torrens creek area central north queensland australia

Kragha, I.K., 1987:
The distribution of refractive errors in Nigeria

Karlsson, J., 1981:
The distribution of regenerative potential in the wing disc of Drosophila

Cummings, R.D.; Kornfeld, S., 1984:
The distribution of repeating galactosyl beta 1 4 n acetylglucosaminyl beta 1 3 sequences in asparagine linked oligo saccharides of the mouse lymphoma cell lines bw 5147 and pha r 2.1 binding of oligo saccharides containing these sequences to immobilized datura stramonium agglutinin

Amos A.; Dover G., 1981:
The distribution of repetitive dna between regular and supernumerary chromosomes in species of glossina tsetse a 2 step process in the origin of supernumeraries

Faccio-Dolfini, S., 1974:
The distribution of repetitive dna in the chromosomes of cultured cells of drosophila melanogaster

Nanhoe L.M.R.; Ouboter P.E., 1987:
The distribution of reptiles and amphibians in the annapurna dhaulagiri region nepal

Polishchuk, L.R.; Matvienko, I.N., 1976:
The distribution of residual quantities of ddt in the organs and tissues of fish of the kiev reservoir

Misyalyunene I.S.; Zharukas G.K.; Grinkevich Y.E., 1979:
The distribution of rhagoletis alternata in the lithuanian ssr ussr and its reaction to entobacterin 3 bitoxibacillin and boverin

Odu E.A., 1979:
The distribution of rhizoids on shoots of pleurocarpous mosses

Norman, M.; Gamulin, S.; Clark, K., 1973:
The distribution of ribosomes between different functional states in livers of fed and starved mice

Lin, J.; Gifford, E.M.Jr, 1976:
The distribution of ribosomes in the vegetative and floral apices of adonis aestivalis

Ogbonna, C.I.; Robinson, R.O.; Abubakar, J.M., 1985:
The distribution of ringworm infections among primary school children in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria

Pandey, V.S.; Cabaret, J., 1980:
The distribution of ringworm lesions in cattle naturally infected by Trichophyton verrucosum

Sarnat N.B.; Sarnat H.B., 1987:
The distribution of rna in the tissues of the turbellarian dugesia tigrina a histochemical study using the fluorochrome acridine orange

Lapik, A.S.; Kovalenko, G.A.; Pavlova, M.P.; Salganik, R.I., 1976:
The distribution of rnase in rat tissues and organs after parenteral injection and the rate of its inactivation

Matson, J.O., 1976:
The distribution of rodents in owens lake region inyo county california usa

Carbon B.A.; Bartle G.A.; Murray A.M.; Macpherson D.K., 1980:
The distribution of root length and the limits to flow of soil water to roots in a dry sclerophyll forest

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