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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6634

Chapter 6634 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Browning, G.G.; Swan, I.R.; Gatehouse, S., 1985:
The doubtful value of tympanometry in the diagnosis of otosclerosis

Van-Steenis, C.G.G.J., 1978:
The doubtful virtue of splitting families

Becking, J.H., 1976:
The dove prion pachyptila desolata at the coast of java

Yesou P., 1982:
The dowitchers limnodromus griseus and limnodromus scolopaceus identification survey of french data

Solanki V.; Slaga T.J., 1982:
The down modulation of receptors for phorbol ester tumor promoter in primary epidermal cells

Stephen T.D.; Shepard T.H., 1980:
The downs syndrome in the fetus

Elliott, J.M., 1976:
The downstream drifting of eggs of brown trout salmo trutta

Elliott, J.M.; Tullett, P.A., 1977:
The downstream drifting of larvae of dixa diptera dixidae in 2 stony streams

Heland M., 1980:
The downstream migration of brown trout salmo trutta fry characteristics in an artificial environment

Berdyev B.R., 1982:
The downstream migration of immature carp in the lower reaches of the atrek river turkmen ssr ussr

Buck R.J.G.; Youngson A.F., 1982:
The downstream migration of precociously mature atlantic salmon salmo salar parr in autumn its relation to the spawning migration of mature adult fish

Heland, M., 1980:
The downstream migration of the brown trout salmo trutta fry 2. activity of downstream migrants compared with that of nonmigrants

Dawson F.H., 1981:
The downstream transport of fine material and the organic matter balance for a section of a small chalk stream in southern england uk

Bassett M.G.; Lawson J.D.; White D.E., 1982:
The downton series as the 4th series of the silurian system

Ericson L., 1980:
The downward migration of plants on a rising bothnian sweden sea shore

Best E.K.; Drover D.P., 1979:
The downward movement of surface applied potassium ions in a papuan soil papua new guinea

Noble, N.A.; Rothstein, G., 1986:
The Dpg gene: an intracorpuscular modifier of red cell metabolism

Maclennan D.N., 1981:
The drag of 4 panel demersal trawls

Liess M., 1986:
The dragonflies odonata in the running waters of the ostbraunschweiger huegelland and the ostbraunschweiger flachland lower saxony west germany

Lieftinck, M.A., 1975:
The dragonflies odonata of new caledonia and the loyalty islands

Lieftinck, M.A., 1976:
The dragonflies odonata of new caledonia and the loyalty islands part 2 immature stages

Hammond C.O., 1977:
The dragonflies of great britain and ireland

Huttunen E., 1979:
The dragonflies of kuusamo region finland odonata

Fabio, T., 1978:
The dragonflies of the lake of castel dell'alpi emilian apennine part 1 contribution to the knowledge of italian dragonflies

Koenigstedt D.; Schmidt D., 1980:
The dragonfly fauna in the surroundings of greifswald east germany

Carfi S.; Del Centina P.; Terzani F., 1982:
The dragonfly fauna of afghanistan

Olafsson, E., 1976:
The dragonfly hemianax ephippiger odonata an unexpected guest in iceland

Young W.C.; Bayer C.W., 1979:
The dragonfly nymphs odonata anisoptera of the guadalupe river basin texas usa

Schmidt E., 1980:
The dragonfly species of the isles of helgoland west germany and the probability of immigration and discovery odonata

Buiks C.J.M.; Geerts S.J.M., 1981:
The drainage basin of the rivers mark and weerijs south of breda netherlands

Kitahara S.; Toda Y.; IIda J.; Nakajima K.; Kawai K.; Takeyama I., 1982:
The drainage of retropharyngeal abscess

Kositskii G.I.; D'yakonova I.N.; Tverskaya M.S., 1984:
The drainage of the coronary blood via the parasinus pathways to the left parts of the heart a possible pathogenesis of angina pectoris attacks in normal coronary circulation

Ujiie, K.; Bill, A., 1984:
The drainage routes for aqueous humor in monkeys as revealed by scanning electron microscopy of corrosion casts

Miller, A., 1979:
The drama of the gifted child and the psycho-analyst's narcissistic disturbance

Brown R.E.; Wilkinson B.H., 1981:
The draney limestone early cretaceous lacustrine carbonate deposition in western wyoming and southeastern idaho usa

Goldman, S.M.; Garfinkel, D.J.; Oh, K.S.; Dorst, J.P., 1981:
The Drash syndrome: male pseudohermaphroditism, nephritis, and Wilms tumor

Pemberton E., 1987:
The drawing rules of children sequence and direction

Mancia, M., 1988:
The dream as religion of the mind

Lancaster, E., 1970:
The dreams of the traumatic neuroses

L.Vome S., 1982:
The dreams of young gusii kenya women a content analysis

Cowper, S.W., 1978:
The drift algae community of seagrass beds in redfish bay texas usa

Braioni M.G., 1981:
The drift of rotifers in the river adige italy preliminary communication

Williams C.J., 1982:
The drift of some chironomid egg masses diptera chironomidae

Sandlund O.T., 1982:
The drift of zoo plankton and micro zoo benthos in the strandaelva river western norway

Jann B.; Burgi H., 1988:
The drift of zooplankton in a lake outlet glatt switzerland in a day night rhythm depending on the water level

Ghetti P.F.; Ravanetti U., 1984:
The drift over 1 year of plecoptera and ephemeroptera in a small stream in northern italy

Mueller-Haeckel, A.; Solem, J.O., 1976:
The drift rate of diatoms and green algae in a body of water on spitsbergen norway

Porter, R., 1985:
The drinking man's disease the pre history of alcoholism in georgian britain uk

Sonderbo K.; Vendsborg P.B., 1987:
The drinking patterns in men and women and their social psychological and somatic conditions an investigation of patients admitted during one year to a special psychiatric department for young alcohol and drug addicts

Snapir, N.; Robinzon, B.; Godschalk, M., 1976:
The drinking response of the chicken to peripheral and central administration of angiotensin II

Lewinsohn, C., 1977:
The dromiidae of the red sea crustacea decapoda brachyura

Rich P.V., 1979:
The dromornithidae an extinct family of large ground birds endemic to australia

Avitabile, A.; Kasinskas, J.R., 1977:
The drone population of natural honey bee swarms

Crysdale W.S.; Greenberg J.; Koheil R.; Moran R., 1985:
The drooling patient team evaluation and management

Pouly J.L.; Mage G.; Gachon F.; Gaillard G.; Bruhat M.A., 1987:
The drop in the levels of hcg after conservative laparoscopic treatment of extra uterine pregnancy

Goor, D.A.; Smolinksy, A.; Mohr, R.; Caspi, J.; Shem-Tov, A., 1981:
The drop of residual right ventricular pressure 24 hours after conservative infundibulectomy in repair of tetralogy of Fallot

Davies T.H.; I.S.Y., 1981:
The droplet size and height effects in ammonia removal in a spray tower

Powell, B.J.; Penick, E.C.; Rahaim, S.; Read, M.R.; DeSouza, C., 1987:
The dropout in alcoholism research: a brief report

Hagen, R.L.; Foreyt, J.P.; Durham, T.W., 1976:
The dropout problem reducing attrition in obesity research

Conn B.J., 1981:
The drosera peltata drosera auriculata complex

Mcevey S.F.; David J.R.; Tsacas L., 1987:
The drosophila ananassae complex with description of a new species from french polynesia diptera drosophilidae

Bock, I.R., 1978:
The drosophila bipectinata complex a study in interspecific hybridization in the genus drosophila insecta diptera

Livneh E.; Glazer L.; Segal D.; Schlessinger J.; Shilo B Z., 1985:
The drosophila epidermal growth factor receptor gene homologue conservation of both hormone binding and kinase domains

Spieth H.T., 1987:
The drosophila fauna of a native california forest usa diptera drosophilidae

Bond B.J.; Davidson N., 1986:
The drosophila melanogaster actin 5c gene uses two transcription initiation sites and three polyadenylation sites to express multiple messenger rna species

Marlor, R.L.; Parkhurst, S.M.; Corces, V.G., 1986:
The Drosophila melanogaster gypsy transposable element encodes putative gene products homologous to retroviral proteins

Kuznetsova O.V.; Tishkin V.V.; Ivanchenko I.V.; Glotov N.V., 1984:
The drosophila melanogaster line designated for evaluating the components of the degree of a population adaptation

Neuman Silberberg F.S.; Schejter E.; Hoffmann F.M.; Shilo B Z., 1984:
The drosophila melanogaster ras oncogenes structure and nucleotide sequence

Priimyagi A.F.; Mizrokhi L.Yu; Il'in Y.V., 1988 :
The drosophila mobile element jockey belongs to line elements and contains coding sequences homologous to some retroviral proteins

Tsacas L.; Cariou M L.; Lachaise D., 1985:
The drosophila obscura species group in east africa description of three new species diptera drosophilidae

Moore J.A.; Taylor C.E.; Moore B.C., 1979:
The drosophila of southern california usa part 1 colonization after a fire

Spieth, H.T.; Heed, W.B., 1975:
The drosophila pinicola species group diptera drosophilidae

Bray, S.J.; Hirsh, J., 1986:
The Drosophila virilis dopa decarboxylase gene is developmentally regulated when integrated into Drosophila melanogaster

Revet B.; Delain E., 1982:
The drosophila x virus contains a 1 micrometer double stranded rna circularized by a 67 kilodalton terminal protein high resolution denaturation mapping of its genome

Watabe, H.A.; Kobayashi, K., 1987:
The drosophilid fly of the rishiri island japan and its biology i. trap collection

Couturier G.; Lachaise D.; Tsacas L., 1985:
The drosophilidae and their larval habitats in the tai rainforest ivory coast

Lachaise D.; Couturier G.; Tsacas L., 1982:
The drosophilidae associated with tropical african figs

David, J.; Tsacas, L., 1975:
The drosophilidae diptera of the islands of reunion and mauritius mascarene islands part 3 biology and origin of the species

Mcevey S.F.; Bock I.R., 1982:
The drosophilidae insecta diptera of iron range queensland australia

Bock I.R., 1986:
The drosophilidae insecta diptera of norfolk island australia

Lachaise, D., 1975:
The drosophilidae of the preforest savannas of lamto ivory coast part 3 the borassus palm community

Lachaise, D., 1976:
The drosophilidae of the wooded savanna of lamto ivory coast part 4b functional syn ecology of the ficus capensis population

Stankova P.G.; Matsov B.N., 1982:
The drought resistance of certain local and introduced cultivars of wheat and triticale

Lavenhar, M.A., 1973:
The drug abuse numbers game

Skinner H.A., 1982:
The drug abuse screening test

Pina E.; Albuquerque J.; Paixao J.; Oliveira E.D., 1987:
The drug addict and the emergency service in the lisbon civic hospitals portugal experience with a selected group

Dean J.C.; Rud F., 1984:
The drug addict and the stigma of addiction

Fang, W.F.; Strobel, H.W., 1978:
The drug and carcinogen metabolism system of rat colon microsomes

Holmberg, L.; Bottiger, L.E., 1983:
The drug consuming patient and his drugs 1. the patient

Holmberg, L.; Bottiger, L.E., 1983:
The drug consuming patient and his drugs 2. the drugs

White H.R.; Johnson V.; Garrison C.G., 1985:
The drug crime nexus among adolescents and their peers

Hasin D.S.; Grant B.F.; Harford T.C.; Endicott J., 1988:
The drug dependence syndrome and related disabilities

Etoh, A.; Kohno, K., 1983:
The drug interaction of diltiazem 1. effects of co administered drugs and dosing conditions on the bio availability of diltiazem

Etoh, A.; Kohno, K.; Shimizu, T., 1983:
The drug interaction of diltiazem 2. effect of co administered diltiazem on the bio availability of propranolol

Etoh, A.; Yamakita, H.; Kohno, K.; Nagao, T.; Ikeo, T., 1983:
The drug interaction of diltiazem 3. mechanism of the absorption enhancing effect of diltiazem on the co administered propranolol

Etoh, A.; Kohno, K., 1983:
The drug interaction of diltiazem 4. relationship between first pass metabolism of various drugs and the absorption enhancing effect of diltiazem

Wardell, W.M., 1978:
The drug lag revisited comparison by therapeutic area of patterns of drugs marketed in the usa and great britain from 1972 through 1976

Strobel, H.W.; Dignam, J.D.; Saine, S.E.; Fang, W.F.; Fennell, P.M., 1978:
The drug metabolism systems of liver and liver tumors a comparison of activities and characteristics

Holsten, F.; Waal, H., 1980:
The drug taking evaluation scale a simple scale for the evaluation of drug taking behavior

Khavari K.; Akhtar K.; Douglass F.M.Iv, 1981:
The drug use profile an instrument for clinical and research evaluations for drug use patterns

Fiamminghi L.; Invernizzi L., 1983:
The drugs and drug combinations responsible for oral mucosae reactions

Wildermuth H.; Hantke R.; Burnand J., 1982:
The drumlin landscape of the zurich oberland switzerland

Reddig, E., 1978:
The drumming flight of the european snipe capella gallinago gallinago

Schou O., 1984:
The dry and wet stigmas of primula obconica ultrastructural and cytochemical dimorphisms

Lorenz R.; Murphy C.E.Jr, 1985:
The dry deposition of sulfur dioxide on a loblolly pine pinus taeda plantation

Becker, J., 1977:
The dry grassland fauna of the nature protected area of stolzenburg north eifel

Van Deventer C.S., 1988:
The dry land adaptability of winter wheat in the orange free state south africa

Petersson, B., 1968:
The dry mass of the pancreatic b cells in relation to their content of secretion granules mouse

Finlay A.Y.; Nicholls S.; King C.S.; Marks R., 1980:
The dry noneczematous skin associated with atopic eczema

Pointier, J.P.; Combes, C., 1976:
The dry season on guadeloupe west indies and its consequences on the demography of mollusks within the biotypes by biomphalaria glabrata vector of intestinal bilharziasis

King M.W.; Soetisna U.; Roberts E.H., 1981:
The dry storage of citrus seeds

Dumont, H.J.; Velde, I.V.D.; Dumont, S., 1975:
The dry weight estimate of biomass in a selection of cladocera copepoda and rotifera from the plankton periphyton and benthos of continental waters

Dumont H.J.; Balvay G., 1979:
The dry weight estimate of chaoborus flavicans as a function of length and instars

Maringgele F.J., 1979:
The dry weight of the eye lens as an indicator of age in the roe capreolus capreolus

Mustin L.; Baudiere A., 1986:
The dryas octopetala communities of the laurenti valley ariege france structural analysis and pedological approach

Chun J K.; Park H.; Suh C S., 1985:
The drying characteristics of cooked ginseng root and its shrinkage during dehydration

Madarro A.; Pena J.L.; Pinaga F.; Carbonell J.V., 1984:
The drying of foods with ambient air

Yokoya K.; Tadano T., 1981:
The drying of phaeophyta brown algae re hydration of annual laminaria japonica

Ingelmo-Sanchez, F.; Cuadrado-Sanchez, S., 1985:
The drying process of soil samples of varying texture under natural climatic conditions i. evaporation and water movement

Ingelmo-Sanchez, F.; Cuadrado-Sanchez, S., 1985:
The drying process of soil samples of varying texture under natural climatic conditions ii. thermal behavior during the drying process

Stukkei K.L.; Terentienko G.M., 1983:
The drying process of tansy blossom clusters

Rossa M L.; Larsen J.B., 1980:
The drying rate of different populations of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii in winter and its relation to cuticle thickness and stomatal depths

Harris C.E.; Dhanoa M.S., 1984:
The drying rates of component parts of inflorescence bearing tillers of italian ryegrass lolium multiflorum cultivar rvp

Abdul-Nour, H., 1976:
The dryininae of south france hymenoptera bethyloidea family dryinidae biological and taxonomical notes description of 2 new genera

Piekos Mirkowa H., 1987:
The dryopteris dilatata complex in the soviet far east ussr

Gerlach, W.L.; Dennis, E.S.; Peacock, W.J.; Clegg, M.T., 1987:
The Ds1 controlling element family in maize and Tripsacum

Nelson R.O.; Maser J.D., 1988:
The dsm and depression potential contributions of behavioral assessment

Kudler, H.; Davidson, J.; Meador, K.; Lipper, S.; Ely, T., 1987 :
The DST and posttraumatic stress disorder

Abe I.; Siato S.; Hori K.; Suzuki M.; Sato H., 1979:
The dual action of ascorbate and erythorbate on rat liver lysosomes

Brandt W.; Ebner F.; Reiter M.; Seibel K., 1979:
The dual action of oxyfedrine on cardiac contractility

Moore, M.J., 1983:
The dual connective tissue system of rat soleus muscle

Hochberg Z.; Bick T.; Perlman R.; Brandes J.M.; Barzilai D., 1986:
The dual effect of calcium on aromatization by cultured human trophoblast

Sarfeh, I.J.; Friday, S.E.; Balint, J.A., 1978:
The dual effect of glyco cholate on hepatic di hydroxy bile acid excretion

Beauge, L.A.; Sjodin, R.A., 1968:
The dual effect of lithium ions on sodium efflux in skeletal muscle frog strophanthidin metab

Halaban, R.; Lerner, A.B., 1977:
The dual effect of melanocyte stimulating hormone on the growth of cultured mouse melanoma cells

Kendall R.A.; Targan S., 1980:
The dual effect of prostaglandin and ethanol on the natural killer cytolytic process effector activation and natural killer cell target cell conjugate lytic inhibition

Spalding B.C.; Swift J.G.; Senyk O.; Horowicz P., 1982:
The dual effect of rubidium ions on potassium efflux in de polarized frog rana pipiens skeletal muscle

Zamboni P.; Renna G., 1979:
The dual effect of stimulation on the myo cardium

Cappelli V.; Moggio R.; Polla B.; Bottinelli R.; Poggesi C.; Reggiani C., 1988:
The dual effect of thyroid hormones on contractile properties of rat myocardium

Gomperts B.D.; Cockcroft S.; Howell T.W.; Nusse O.; Tatham P.E.R., 1987:
The dual effector system for exocytosis in mast cells obligatory requirement for both calcium and gtp

Curtis D.R.; Lodge D.; Bornstein J.C.; Peet M.J.; Leah J.D., 1982:
The dual effects of gamma amino butyric acid and related amino acids on the electrical threshold of ventral horn group ia afferent terminations in the cat

Kudoh, Y.; Satoh, S.; Tsuchida, A.; Hikita, S.; Sasa, Y.; Iimura, O., 1988:
The dual effects of hemodialysis on cardiac function assessed by pulsed Doppler echocardiography

Horackova M.; Mullen S., 1988:
The dual effects of ouabain on calcium 45 transport and contractility in adult rat ventricular myocytes

Fukuda H.; Nakamura K.; Nemoto Y.; Kiyota T.; Sakuyama K.; Shibamoto S.; Ochi H.; Onoyama Y.; Ikuno Y., 1985:
The dual energy myocardial single photon emission computed tomography of technetium 99m pyrophosphate and thallium 201 chloride for diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction

Matschinsky, F.M.; Ellerman, J.E.; Krzanowski, J.; Kotler-Brajtburg, J.; Landgraf, R.; Fertel, R., 1971:
The dual function of glucose in islets of Langerhans

Ashcroft W.J.; Murray D.R., 1979:
The dual functions of the cotyledons of acacia iteaphylla mimosoideae

Targan S.R., 1981:
The dual interaction of prostaglandin e 2 and interferon on natural killer lytic activation enhanced capacity of effector target lytic interactions re cycling and blockage of pre natural killer cell recruitment

Wood C.; Burgess N.; Thomas D.R., 1986:
The dual location of beta oxidation enzymes in germinating pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska cotyledons

Spiro, S.M., 1970:
The dual management therapy model theme and variations

Gadsby, D.C.; Niedergerke, R.; Ogden, D.C., 1977:
The dual nature of the membrane potential increase associated with the activity of the sodium potassium exchange pump in skeletal muscle fibers

Satoh S.; Kurecki T.; Kress L.F.; Laskowski M.Sr, 1979:
The dual nature of the reaction between porcine elastase and human plasma alpha 1 proteinase inhibitor

Payne R.W.; Lamacraft R.R.; White R.P., 1981:
The dual polyclave an aid to more efficient identification

Shevell, S.K., 1978:
The dual role of chromatic backgrounds in color perception

Hauska G.; Baccarini Melandri A., 1980:
The dual role of cytochrome c 2 in the facultative phototrophic bacterium rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Zur, M.; Radcliffe, R.D.; Oberdick, J.; Nemerson, Y., 1982:
The dual role of factor VII in blood coagulation. Initiation and inhibition of a proteolytic system by a zymogen

Tucker M.L.; Laties G.G., 1985:
The dual role of oxygen in avocado persea americana cultivar hass fruit respiration kinetic analysis and computer modeling of diffusion affected respiratory oxygen isotherms

Rose, G.G.; Kumegawa, M.; Nikai, H.; Bracho, M.; Cattoni, M., 1970:
The dual rotary circumfusion system for mark 2 culture chambers part 1 design control and monitoring of the system and the cultures

Simon T.J.; Sussman H.M., 1987:
The dual task paradigm speech dominance or manual dominance

Pilz J.; Pilz A., 1982:
The dualistic effect of pilocarpine at the eye

E.L.bban N.G.; Lee K.W.; Kramer I.R.H., 1984:
The duality of the cell population in a calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor

Seligsohn, U.; Shani, M., 1977:
The Dubin Johnson syndrome and pregnancy

Wilroy, R.S.; Tipton, R.E.; Summitt, R.L., 1978:
The Dubowitz syndrome

Moller, K.T.; Gorlin, R.J., 1985:
The Dubowitz syndrome: a retrospective

Hoercher R.; Seifart K.H., 1984:
The duck cairina moschata a a globin but not the yeast actin gene is transcribed by a hela cell extract

Kolb, K.K.; Nelson, M.E.; Zakrzewski, R.J., 1975:
The duck creek molluscan fauna illinoian from ellis county kansas usa

Joel D.M., 1981:
The duct systems of the base and stalk of the mango mangifera indica fruit

Thom F.; Matthes G.; Richter E.; Hackensellner H.A., 1983:
The ductility of mammalian tissue in dependence on the deformation temperature

Treasure, T., 1978:
The ducts of Brunner's glands

Elzenga N.J.; Gittenberger D.G.oot A.C., 1986:
The ductus arteriosus and stenoses of the pulmonary arteries in pulmonary atresia

Gittenberger D.G.oot A.C.; Van Ertbruggen I.; Moulaert A.J.M.G.; Harinck E., 1980:
The ductus arteriosus in the preterm infant histologic and clinical observations

Spencer, H.C.; Miller, L.H.; Collins, W.E.; Knud-Hansen, C.; McGinnis, M.H.; Shiroishi, T.; Lobos, R.A.; Feldman, R.A., 1978:
The Duffy blood group and resistance to Plasmodium vivax in Honduras

Mason, S.J.; Miller, L.H.; Shiroishi, T.; Dvorak, J.A.; McGinniss, M.H., 1977:
The Duffy blood group determinants: their role in the susceptibility of human and animal erythrocytes to Plasmodium knowlesi malaria

Miller, L.H.; McGinniss, M.H.; Holland, P.V.; Sigmon, P., 1978:
The Duffy blood group phenotype in American blacks infected with Plasmodium vivax in Vietnam

Sandler, S.G.; Kravitz, C.; Sharon, R.; Hermoni, D.; Ezekiel, E.; Cohen, T., 1979:
The Duffy blood group system in Israeli Jews and Arabs

Miller J.M.; Miller J.M.; Iber F.L., 1984:
The duffy blood system and alcoholic liver disease in baltimore maryland usa black patients

Billen J.P.J., 1982 :
The dufour gland closing apparatus in formica sanguinea hymenoptera formicidae

Ali M.F.; Attygalle A.B.; Morgan E.D.; Billen J.P.J., 1987:
The dufour gland substances of the workers of formica fusca and formica lemani hymenoptera formicidae

Heinsohn, G.E.; Wake, J.; Marsh, H.; Spain, A.V., 1977:
The dugong dugong dugon in the seagrass system

Robineau D.; Rose J M., 1982:
The dugong dugong dugon sirenia dugongidae in the republic of djibouti french territory of the afars and issas

Goligher, J.C., 1976:
The Dukes' A, B and C categorization of the extent of spread of carcinomas of the rectum

Kim H N.; Godke R.A.; Hugh Jones M.; Olcott B.M.; Strain G.M., 1988:
The dummy calf syndrome in neonatal beef calves

Shepley E.A.; Womersley H.B.S., 1983:
The dumontiaceae cryptonemiales rhodophyta of southern australia

Lindstrom S.C., 1988:
The dumontieae a resurrected tribe of red algae dumontiaceae rhodophyta

Linehan, I.P.; Russell, R.C.; Hobsley, M., 1988:
The dumping syndrome after pancreatoduodenectomy

Bloem, J.H.; Duffels, J.P., 1976:
The dundubia terpsichore group of the genus dundubia homoptera cicadidae

Mackenzie D.I., 1982:
The dune ridge forest delta marsh manitoba canada overstory vegetation and soil patterns

Hale W.E.; Marks R.G.; Stewart R.B., 1980:
The dunedin program a florida usa geriatric screening process design and initial data

Rao Morales P., 1979:
The dunes of the venezuelan central llanos evidence for a desert climate

Rodriguez Romo J.; Galante E.; Garcia Roman M., 1988:
The dung eating scarabs of caceres providence spain scarabaeini coprini onitini and oniticellini coleoptera scarabaeidae

Pape T., 1984:
The dung flies of greenland diptera scathophagidae

Stein, J.F.; Riddell, P.M.; Fowler, M.S., 1986:
The Dunlop test and reading in primary school children

Glover, J.E.; Dortch, C.E.; Balme, B.E., 1978:
The dunsborough implement an aboriginal biface from southwestern australia

Martin, G.G., 1978:
The duo gland adhesive system of the archiannelids protodrilus and saccocirrus and the turbellarian monocelis

Faber, J.; Shaul, S.; Goldstein, R.; Levy, E.; Bronza, N.; Freier, S., 1980:
The duodenal contents during digestion of a standard meal in cystic fibrosis

Takehana K.; Abe M., 1981:
The duodenal glands in the dog

Krause, W.J., 1975:
The duodenal glands of 14 primate species

Goldstein D.A.; Horowitz R.E.; Petit S.; Haldimann B.; Massry S.G., 1981:
The duodenal mucosa in patients with renal failure response to 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3

Potts S.R.; Thomas P.S.; Garstin W.I.H.; Mcgoldrick J., 1985:
The duodenal triangle a plain film sign of midgut malrotation and volvulus in the neonate

Specterow J.; Goke K.; Bokor L.; Abreu E.V.D.; Garcette C.B.M.; Madeira E.; Soares R.C.; Brandao J.A.; Paviva N.C.; E.A., 1985:
The duodenopancreatectomy in emergency

Boyapati J.; Henry G.H., 1987:
The duplex character of the corticofugal pathway from the striate cortex to the lateral geniculate complex of the cat

Bisset, G.S.; Strife, J.L., 1987:
The duplex collecting system in girls with urinary tract infection: prevalence and significance

Orkin, S.H., 1978:
The duplicated human alpha globin genes lie close together in cellular DNA

Harasaki H.; Snow J.L.; Kiraly R.J.; Nose Y., 1979:
The dura mater valve in vitro characteristics and pathological changes after implantation in calves

Rupprath G.; Thuer O.; Vogt J.; Weber H.; Hellberg K.; D.V.vie E.R.; Beuren A.J., 1985:
The durability of bioprostheses in young people long term results with intracardiac or extracardiac implanted porcine valves

Moynihan M.; Petersen I., 1982:
The durability of inactivated poliovirus vaccine the stability of potency in vivo and in vitro

Messer, L.B.; Levering, N.J., 1988:
The durability of primary molar restorations: II. Observations and predictions of success of stainless steel crowns

Levering, N.J.; Messer, L.B., 1988:
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The duration of effectiveness of seeded grasslands 1. grasslands for pasture use

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The duration of infradian biorhythms which reflect fluctuations in the intensity of physiological processes in human body

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The duration of larval life of Aedes aegypti as affected by time of hatch

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The duration of maternal cigarette smoking fetal and placental disorders

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The duration of ovum transport by the human oviduct 3. time interval between the luteinizing hormone peak and recovery of ova by trans cervical flushing of the uterus in normal women

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The duration of the inhibition of plasminogen tissue activator release by aspirin

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The duration of the period of hibernation of three species of vespertilionid bats i. field studies

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The duration of the period of hibernation of three species of vespertilionid bats ii. laboratory studies

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The duration of the pulmonary paraquat toxicity enhancement effect of oxygen in the rat

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The duration of the service period in bitches

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The duration of trace reactions during inter hemispheric interaction on a background of cholinergic blocking agents

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The dutch tia trial protective effects of low dose aspirin and atenolol in patients with transient ischemic attacks or nondisabling stroke

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The dutch vaucheria spp

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The dwarf gene in domestic fowl

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The 'dying back' process. A common denominator in many naturally occurring and toxic neuropathies

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The dynamic display of process historical development and contemporary uses of the microgenetic method

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The dynamic effect of end tidal carbon di oxide partial pressure on vertebral blood flow in cats

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The dynamic effects of inputs to spinal motoneurons of different type upon the outputs of gamma motoneurons mediated via recurrent inhibition

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The dynamic of malaria transmission in the savanna and the degraded forest areas of the neighborhood of brazzaville congo

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The dynamic personality inventory what does it measure

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The dynamic property of glucagon secretion in response to blood glucose analysis with the aid of theory of control using an artificial endocrine pancreas

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The dynamic response of warm units in human skin nerves

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The dynamic sensitivity of pyramidal tract neurons is influenced by previous activity

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The dynamic shear modulus of bone in dependence on the form

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The dynamic stability of isometrically contracting muscle and its relation to transient force response

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The dynamic treatment of flexor tendons in zone ii

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The dynamics and behavioral toxicology of aqua kleen 2 4 d butoxy ethanol ester as revealed by the modification of rheo tropism in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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The dynamics and clinical significance of complement system especially alternative pathway related to normal human pregnancy delivery puerperium and fetus

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The dynamics and ecology of a summer bird community of a deposition zone near leipzig east germany

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The dynamics and structure of the streptomyces lanatus population in 2 types of soil

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The dynamics and treatment of child abuse can primate research provide the answers

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The dynamics aspects of water in forest soils 2. movement of soil water and solute elements

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The dynamics in trinidad of the sphecid wasp trypoxylon palliditarse a thompsonian population

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The dynamics of 2 aquatic plant snail associations

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The dynamics of a colonizing population of poa annua

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The dynamics of a discrete geo tropic sensor subject to rotation induced gravity compensation

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The dynamics of a discrete population model with threshold

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The dynamics of a grassland ecosystem botanical equilibrium in the park grass experiment

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The dynamics of a population in a markovian environment

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The dynamics of a population of sockeye oncorhynchus nerka from the kamchatka river

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The dynamics of acetylcholinesterase activity in the rat hippocampus in the course of the elaboration of defensive conditioned reflexes

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The dynamics of active populations of the sheep tick ixodes ricinus in county wicklow ireland

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The dynamics of adaptation and mal adaptation phenomena in rats exposed to weak chronic stimulation

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The dynamics of adreno cortical responses to acth in the rat

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The dynamics of adult danaus plexippus danaidae within patches of its food plant asclepias spp

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The dynamics of antibody induced re distribution of viral envelope antigens in the plasma membranes of avian tumor virus infected chick embryo fibroblasts

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The dynamics of antibody secreting cell production regulation of growth and oscillations in the response to cell independent antigens

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The dynamics of antigenic and biological changes of influenza virus under the influence of sonication

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The dynamics of anxiety as a state and as a feature in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

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The dynamics of auxin inhibitor activity in wheat seeds in the process of emergence from the dormant state

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The dynamics of biological indices of lead exposure during the work week

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The dynamics of biologically available mercury in a small estuary

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The dynamics of blood pressure in populations and hypertensive cohorts

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The dynamics of bone mineral in some vertebrates

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The dynamics of brain endocrine activity in active and diapause pupae of the cabbage moth barathra brassicae

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The dynamics of california sea lion zalophus californianus predation on pacific hake merluccius productus

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The dynamics of carbon assimilation from a mixture of methanol and glucose by acetobacter methylicum

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The dynamics of cell proliferation in ha ploid and di ploid tissues of nicotiana tabacum

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The dynamics of cell washout during bacterial hexadecane oxidation in media flowing through porous substances

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The dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid in tumors of the spinal cord and cauda equina

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The dynamics of changes in blood electrolyte and lactic acid concentrations hematocrit arterial blood pressure and heart rate in canoeists during 4 hours of rest after maximal effort

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The dynamics of changes in catecholamine and lipid fatty acid levels in the lungs during traumatic shock

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The dynamics of changes in distribution of biometals in breast milk

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The dynamics of changes in heart contractile function following emotional pain stress

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The dynamics of changes in peripheral white blood and proteinographic values in golden hamsters infected with opisthorchis felineus before and after the administration of praziquantel

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The dynamics of changes in serum lipids during continuous irradiation of rats

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The dynamics of changes in sodium potassium atpase activity in the course of the development of isoproterenol induced myocardial necrosis in the rat

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The dynamics of changes in the activity of succinate dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase in the myocardium and brain of rats under hypokinesia

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The dynamics of changes in the aggregation properties of blood erythrocytes in chronic alcoholism

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The dynamics of changes in the content of beta lipotropin and beta endorphin in patients with itsenko cushings disease treated with an antiserotonin drug cyproheptadine peritol and chloditan

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The dynamics of changes in the electroretinogram of isolated retinas of frogs and turtles exposed to rhythmical photostimulation under induced lipid peroxidation

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The dynamics of changes in the ultrastructure of maize seedling mitochondria under conditions of anoxia

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The dynamics of clinical histological changes in cervical cancer of various histo structure and maturity in relation to the dosage of tele gamma therapy

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The dynamics of clinico hormonal parameters in reactive depression patients

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The dynamics of clinicofunctional changes in patients with sudeck's syndrome of the upper extremities after periarterial sympathectomy of the axillary artery

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The dynamics of collagen deposition in liver damaged by carbon tetra chloride

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The dynamics of collembolan populations a matrix model of single species population growth

Longstaff, B.C., 1976:
The dynamics of collembolan populations competitive relationships in an experimental system

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The dynamics of commensalism

Janczewski, G., 1977:
The dynamics of compensatory processes in unilateral labyrinthine damage as reflected in the swing torsion test

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The dynamics of composition and number of protozoa in connection with the root residue transformation process in chernozem meadow soil of the baraba steppe ussr

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The dynamics of conservative mixing in estuaries

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The dynamics of content of insulin of somatotropic hormone glucose and free fatty acids in the blood during the operation of direct re vascularization of the myo cardium under neurolept analgesia

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The dynamics of contraction in the guinea pig tenia coli

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The dynamics of cooper helmstette donachie prokaryote populations

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The dynamics of cooptation in a feminist health clinic

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The dynamics of crayfish and their role in ecosystems

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The dynamics of cross bridge movement in vascular smooth muscle estimated from a single isometric contraction of the portal vein the influence of temperature and calcium

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The dynamics of cyano phage lpp 3a dna synthesis in plectonema boryanum cells

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The dynamics of cyclic gmp metabolism in neuroblastoma n1e 115 cells determined by oxygen 18 labeling of guanine nucleotide alpha phosphoryls

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The dynamics of cyclic nucleotide content in sea urchin strongylocentrotus droebachiensis embryos during the first 2 cleavage divisions

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The dynamics of development of renal glomerular filtration in the early post natal period in dogs

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The dynamics of discrete time stochastic models of population growth

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The dynamics of dna synthesis in the course of gametogenesis in plants

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The dynamics of dopamine metabolism in the rat superior cervical celiac and mesenteric ganglia

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The dynamics of early pattern formation in amphibian embryogenesis use of uv irradiation as a probe

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The dynamics of endogenous bacterial nitrate formation in the stomach 4. localization and correlation of nitrate and nitrite in the healthy human stomach

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The dynamics of endogenous bacterial nitrite formation in the stomach 1. communication follow up studies in humans under natural conditions

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The dynamics of endogenous bacterial nitrite formation in the stomach 2. follow up studies in standardized secretion from porcine stomach

Mueller, R.L.; Henninger, H., 1987:
The dynamics of endogenous bacterial nitrite formation in the stomach 3. dependence on nitrate and nitrite concentration from secretion volume

Mueller, R.L., 1987:
The dynamics of endogenous bacterial nitrite formation in the stomach 5. dependence on nitrate concentration from ph value of gastric juice

Mueller, R.L.; Deistler, M., 1987:
The dynamics of endogenous bacterial nitrite formation in the stomach 6. redox potential and nitrite formation in gastric juice

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The dynamics of glycemia the level of c peptide and glucagon in patients with a labile course of diabetes mellitus using the biostator unit

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The dynamics of group composition of soil colloids in spruce forests and in clearings of different age

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The dynamics of growth and nutrient accumulation by fruits of grevillea leucopteris a proteaceous shrub with special reference to the composition of xylem and phloem sap

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The dynamics of hexo kinase activity changes in the sub cellular tissue fractions of new born rats during hypoxia

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The dynamics of metabolism in a plant community

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The dynamics of multispecies multi life stage models of aquatic food webs

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The dynamics of repeated impacts with a sinusoidally vibrating table

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The dynamics of root breakdown of some monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous species as influenced by the root constituents

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The dynamics of seed bank size and seed state of medicago lupulina

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The dynamics of sex chromatin x in the the buccal epithelium cells of pregnant women with rh negative blood

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The dynamics of slipping accidents

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The dynamics of snake harassment by black tailed prairie dogs

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The dynamics of some enzyme activities in saps squeezed out of apples and pears stored at 23 celsius between the physiological maturation and the over ripening

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The dynamics of some indices of the water regime of the talysh wood relicts introduced in the tbilisi botanical garden georgian ssr ussr

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The dynamics of some photosynthetic energy metabolism reactions in wheat chloroplasts when the form of the plant's nitrogen supply is changed

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The dynamics of sphagnum in forest and peatland communities in southeastern labrador canada

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The dynamics of stand development a general stand model applied to douglas fir

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The dynamics of steroid hormones during cold adaptation in rats of different inbred lines

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The dynamics of streptococcal infections in a defined population of children: serotypes associated with skin and respiratory infections

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The dynamics of suspended algal populations in the lower wye uk catchment

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The dynamics of symmetric nets

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The dynamics of synthesis and degradation of poly amines in normal and regenerating rat liver and brain

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The dynamics of testosterone level in the peripheral blood following hemi castration of male albino rats

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The dynamics of the accumulation of 2 mercury compounds mercuric chloride and methyl mercuric chloride by chlorella vulgaris effect of temperature and ph factor of the environment

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The dynamics of the activity of mouse spleen natural killers after partial splenectomy

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The dynamics of the activity of trypsin and alpha amylase in the pancreas and in iliac chyme in turkey hens in early ontogeny

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The dynamics of the adult population of heliothis armigera huebner lepidoptera noctuidae within the sudan gezira in relation to cropping pattern and pest control on cotton

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The dynamics of the amino acid and protein metabolism of laying hens after the application of nitrogen 15 labelled wheat protein 6. incorporation into the contents and tissue of segments of the gastrointestinal tract and the pancreas

Gruhn, K., 1988:
The dynamics of the amino acid and protein metabolism of laying hens after the application of nitrogen 15 labelled wheat protein 7. incorporation into the amino acids and peptides of the gastrointestinal tract and the pancreas

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The dynamics of the antianginal effect and serum concentrations of verapamil and its metabolites in patients with angina of effort

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The dynamics of the bacterial population associated with salt marsh

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The dynamics of the bloodflow and oxygen tension in the brain of the tortoise testudo horsfieldi during local heating of the head

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The dynamics of the carbohydrate content of perilla ocymoides during photoperiodic induction

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The dynamics of the cellular reactions elicited in the skin of goats by glossina morsitans morsitans infected with trypanosoma congolense or trypanosoma vivax

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The dynamics of the changes in hereditability of live weight in the course of growth in relation to the sex

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The dynamics of the coefficients of heritability and phenotypic correlations between milk production characters

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The dynamics of the content of protein and free intra cellular amino acids in the yeasts candida utilis under different modes of cultivation

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The dynamics of the content of the macro nutrients and raw proteins in alfalfa treated with herbicides

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The dynamics of the coronary venous system in the dog

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The dynamics of the development of the oriental hornbeam canopy in the pine grove of the pitsunda reservation ussr

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The dynamics of the development of the response to a flash of light in the occipital region of the cortex of the human brain depending on the type of background alpha activity

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The dynamics of the disease of hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes as seen by fluorography

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The dynamics of the DNA hydration shell at gigahertz frequencies

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The dynamics of the dominating macrozoobenthos in the danish wadden sea 1980 1983 report of the danish cost 47 project for the 1st stage

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The dynamics of the evolution of gastric ulcer

Lancaster J.E.; Mccallion B.J.; Shaw M.L., 1986:
The dynamics of the flavor precursors the s alkenyl l cysteine sulfoxides during leaf blade and scale development in the onion allium cepa cultivar pukekohe longkeeper

Kylli R.K., 1986:
The dynamics of the formation of forest litter

Kurilo L.F.; Zelenina I.A.; Skhirtladze Z.Sh; Teplyakov N.P., 1986:
The dynamics of the growth and maturation of oocytes and follicles in cow ovaries

Mohnot S.M.; Gadgil M.; Makwana S.G., 1981:
The dynamics of the hanuman langur populations of jodhpur rajasthan india

Tiedt, N.; Loeffler, H.; Wegener, K., 1975:
The dynamics of the heart rate in man during active orthostasis under different climatic conditions

Rehout V.; Slipka J., 1984:
The dynamics of the hereditariness of live weight in cattle in the course of their growth with regard to their breed

Boron Kaczmarska A.; Boron P.; Machnicka Roguska B.; Prokopowicz D.; Wilczynski M.; Pytel B., 1979:
The dynamics of the immuno cyto adherence test with trichinella spiralis antigen in experimental rabbit trichinellosis

Karmanska K.; Michalska Z.; Mielczarek J.; Slaska B., 1987:
The dynamics of the immunopathological changes in the muscular phase of the trichinellosis

Gee, M.H.; Spath, J.A., 1980:
The dynamics of the lung fluid filtration system in dogs with edema

Blab J., 1982:
The dynamics of the migration of frogs of kottenforst near bonn west germany assessment of seasonal influence amphibia salientia ranidae

Queneherve P.; Cadet P., 1985:
The dynamics of the nematode infestation transmitted by the corm of banana tree cultivar poyo in ivory coast

Timokhina, A.F., 1978:
The dynamics of the number and production of populations of mass species of cyclops in the upper part of the saratov water reservoir ussr

Nedorezov L.V.; Ovchinnikova T.V.; Khlebopros R.G., 1984:
The dynamics of the phytophage entomophage system with nonoverlapping generations

Augenstein, E.J.; Pugh, E.N.Jr, 1977 :
The dynamics of the pi 1 color mechanism further evidence for 2 sites of adaptation

Varlinskaya E.I.; Rogachii M.G.; Klement'ev V.I.; Vartanyan G.A., 1984:
The dynamics of the postural asymmetry factor after unilateral injury of the motor cortex

Shchur L.A.; Sid'ko F.Ya, 1983:
The dynamics of the primary production of the krasnoyarsk reservoir russian sfsr ussr and the factors determining it

Cervenka J.; Maderova E.; Melter O.; Prikazsky V., 1981:
The dynamics of the process of spread of viral hepatitis

Rodak L.; Pospisil Z.; Hampl J., 1983:
The dynamics of the production of class specific antibodies to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus in calves using a solid phase radio immunoassay

Voronin, L.G.; Uteshev, V.K.; Zhuravlev, G.I., 1976:
The dynamics of the retention of a conditioned alimentary reflex in rats over a 24 hour period

Kolokol'chikova, E.G.; Korol'kov, V.I., 1976:
The dynamics of the right ventricular heart mass and its rna content in the process of reverse hypertrophy development

Miscevic Z.; Milutinovic M., 1986:
The dynamics of the sandfly population density diptera phlebotomidae in human dwellings and animal quarters in the region of dobric south east serbia yugoslavia

Lipovskii, S.M.; Elkin, V.I., 1976:
The dynamics of the serotonin content in pregnant guinea pigs and their fetuses and its role in the reproductive function of the body

Schoener, A.; Schoener, T.W., 1981:
The dynamics of the species area relation in marine fouling systems 1. biological correlates of changes in the species area slope

L'vova, T.G., 1976:
The dynamics of the stepwise acclimation of white sea polychaete nephthys minuta to the reduction of environmental salinity

Segaloff D.L.; Puett D.; Ascoli M., 1981:
The dynamics of the steroidogenic response of perifused leydig tumor cells to human chorionic gonadotropin ovine luteinizing hormone cholera toxin and cyclic amp

Boujard D.; Joly J., 1983:
The dynamics of the steroidogenic response of perifused xenopus laevis testis explants to gonadotropins

Massaldi H.A.; Fuchs A.; Borzi C.H., 1983:
The dynamics of the stress stage of osmotic hemolysis

Inozemtsev, A.A., 1976:
The dynamics of the trophic links of forest insectivorous birds and their significance in invertebrate population density control

Kreitsberg O.E.; Romanovskaya O.I.; Pavulinya D.A., 1984:
The dynamics of the uptake and decomposition of 2 chloroethylphosphonic acid in winter rye

Shoucri, R.M.; Dumesnil, J.G., 1978:
The dynamics of the ventricular wall and some observations on blood flow

Hassell M.P.; Southwood T.R.E.; Reader P.M., 1987:
The dynamics of the viburnum whitefly aleurotrachelus jelinekii a case study of population regulation

Bell, D.S.; Champion, R.A., 1977:
The dynamics of trends in drug use in Australia

Moore J.V., 1988:
The dynamics of tumor cords in an irradiated mouse mammary carcinoma with a large hypoxic cell components

Haas, A.L.; Bright, P.M., 1987:
The dynamics of ubiquitin pools within cultured human lung fibroblasts

Budryunene D.K.; Klimavichyute A.A.; Daubaras R.V., 1987:
The dynamics of vaccinium vitis idaea cenopopulations in changes in the mountain cranberry and mountain cranberry bilberry pine forests in the lithuanian ssr ussr

Rebedea T.; Ciuca T.; Safta T.; Ardeleanu I.; Iercan E.; Olinescu R.; Simionescu A.; Safta E., 1983:
The dynamics of vascular and respiratory alterations of energy producing systems and figured elements of the blood in experimental shock induced by clostridium perfringens toxins

Robillard, J.E.; Weitzman, R.E.; Fisher, D.A.; Smith, F.G., 1979:
The dynamics of vasopressin release and blood volume regulation during fetal hemorrhage in the lamb fetus

Schmidt W., 1986:
The dynamics of vegetation on cultivated surfaces

Baloh, R.W.; Richman, L.; Yee, R.D.; Honrubia, V., 1983:
The dynamics of vertical eye movements in normal human subjects

Mamkaeva K.A.; Plyushch A.V.; Titova N.N.; Gromov B.V., 1988:
The dynamics of viable cells in a chlorella culture infected with the parasitic bacterium vampirovibrio chlorellavorus

Christensen, O., 1978:
The dynamics of wood litter fall in a danish oak forest

Caballe G., 1984 :
The dynamics of woody liana communities in a rain forest of northeast gabon

Chandebois, R., 1980:
The dynamics of wound closure and its role in the programming of planarian regeneration 2. distalization

Chandebois R., 1979:
The dynamics of wound closure and its role in the programming of planarian regeneration part 1 blastema emergence

Lazarov M.; Ganovski K., 1985:
The dynamics of zinc in the hair of pregnant cows

Banasova V.; Holub Z.; Zelenakova E., 1987:
The dynamics vegetation structure and heavy metal accumulation in vegetation under the long term influence of lead and copper emissions

Berner, L., 1975:
The dynamism of bidens compositae in france

Lorenz R.; Kuhlisch E.; Heidel C P., 1985:
The dynamism of the development of the level of sickness absence of the workers and salaried employees in east germany from 1978 to 1983

Hopf, H.C.; Pilz, H.; Althaus, H.H., 1976:
The dyscephaly cataract hypo trichosis syndrome synonyms ullrich fremery dohna syndrome hallermann streiff syndrome francois syndrome observed with extrapyramidal disturbance and dementia

Oliver J.M.; Baumgart E.P., 1985:
The dysfunctional attitude scale psychometric properties and relation to depression in an unselected adult population

Tucker, W.D.L., 1980:
The dysgonic form of microsporum canis in northwest london england uk

Becker, B.; Morgenroth, K.; Reinhardt, D.; Irlich, G., 1984:
The dyskinetic cilia syndrome in childhood. Modifications of ultrastructural patterns

Lamas G., 1979:
The dysmorphiinae pieridae of mexico central america and the antilles

English D.R.; Menz J.; Heenan P.J.; Elder D.E.; Watt J.D.; Armstrong B.K., 1986:
The dysplastic nevus syndrome in patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma in western australia

Musewe, N.N.; Robertson, M.A.; Benson, L.N.; Smallhorn, J.F.; Burrows, P.E.; Freedom, R.M.; Moes, C.A.; Rowe, R.D., 1987:
The dysplastic pulmonary valve: echocardiographic features and results of balloon dilatation

Stasi C.; Stroffolino R.A.P.; Errico F.; Mazzeo T.; Albano L.; Gentile C., 1985:
The dysplastic syndromes of the breast

Gruys, E.; Bethlehem, M., 1976:
The dysraphic state in the calf, lamb and piglet

Schaeflein H., 1983:
The dytiscid fauna of central europe coleoptera with faunistic and ecological considerations 2

Brancucci, M., 1977:
The dytiscidae and the surface tension of water coleoptera

Michael, A.G.; Matta, J.F., 1977:
The dytiscidae of virginia usa coleoptera adephaga subfamilies laccophilinae colymbetinae dytiscinae hydaticinae and cybistrinae

Csermely P.; Katopis C.; Wallace B.A.; Martonosi A., 1987:
The e 1 2 transition of calcium transporting atpase in sarcoplasmic reticulum occurs without major changes in secondary structure a circular dichroism study

W.B.J.; Hurst H.C.; Jones N.C.; Morimoto R.I., 1986:
The e 1a 13s product of adenovirus type 5 activates transcription of the cellular human hsp 70 gene

Bos J.L.; Ten Wolde Kraamwinkel H.C., 1983:
The e 1b promoter of adenovirus type 12 in mouse l tk minus cells is activated by adenovirus region e 1a

Bonino, F.; Pinna, G.; Recchia, S.; Rizzetto, M., 1976:
The e antigen and antibody in the serum of patients with hepatitis b surface antigen positive liver disease and in asymptomatic carriers

Beasley, R.P.; Trepo, C.; Stevens, C.E.; Szmuness, W., 1977:
The e antigen and vertical transmission of hepatitis B surface antigen

Denaro M.; Hammerling U.; Rask L.; Peterson P.A., 1984:
The e beta b gene may have acted as the donor gene in a gene conversion like event generating the a beta b m 12 mutant

Soper, L.A.; Stein, M.B.; Passmore, H.C., 1988:
The e beta hot spot of recombination in wild derived natural recombinant mhc haplotypes cross over site mapping and the identification of 1.0 kb e beta deletion in the p and w14 haplotypes

Naess A.; Nyland H., 1983:
The e erythrocyte rosette test variations in results using erythrocytes from different sheep effect of fetal calf serum and of 2 aminoethyl iso thi uronium bromide hydro bromide treatment

Wilkinson M.; Morris A., 1984:
The e receptor regulates interferon gamma production 4 receptor model for human lymphocyte activation

Crescitelli, F., 1970:
The e wave and inhibition in the developing retina of the frog

Lewis N.G.; Dubelsten P.; Eberhardt T.L.; Yamamoto E.; Towers G.H.N., 1987:
The e z isomerization step in the biosynthesis of z coniferyl alcohol in fagus grandifolia

Bergman, P.; Ustav, M.; Sedman, J.; Moreno-Lopéz, J.; Vennström, B.; Pettersson, U., 1988:
The E5 gene of bovine papillomavirus type 1 is sufficient for complete oncogenic transformation of mouse fibroblasts

Vande Weghe J.P., 1979:
The eagle aquila wahlbergi in rwanda

Stevens, D.L.; Gibbons, A.E.; Bergstrom, R.; Winn, V., 1988:
The Eagle effect revisited: efficacy of clindamycin, erythromycin, and penicillin in the treatment of streptococcal myositis

Scherzinger W., 1987:
The eagle owl bubo bubo in the central bavarian forest west germany

Foerstel, A., 1977:
The eagle owl bubo bubo in the franconian forest and in the bavarian vogtland upper saxonian salle

Krishnan, R.; Abraham, M.T.; Raman, R.; Cherian, G., 1980:
The ear and congenital heart disease

Wever, E.G.; Gans, C., 1972:
The ear and hearing in bipes biporus

Chung, D.Y.; Mason, K.; Gannon, R.P.; Willson, G.N., 1983:
The ear effect as a function of age and hearing loss

Kovacevic V., 1984:
The ear leaf percentage of calcium and magnesium in maize zea mays inbred lines and their diallel progeny

Magnin P.H.; Tolnay D.H.gymassy A.J.J., 1986:
The ear lobe crease as a cutaneous indicator of coronariopathy

Gibson T.C.; Ashikaga T., 1986:
The ear lobe crease sign and coronary artery disease in aortic stenosis

von Regine Ribbeck, B., 1976:
The ear mange mite (Psoroptes cuniculi) of the domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus f. domestica)

Pahor A.L., 1981:
The ear nose and throat problems following the birmingham uk bombings

Dornescu G.T.; Mester L., 1979:
The ear of petromyzont cyclostomata

Turnbull W.D.; Segall W., 1984:
The ear region of the marsupial sabertooth thylacosmilus influence of the sabertooth lifestyle upon it and convergence with placental sabertooths

Kunov, H., 1977:
The eardrum artifact in ipsilateral reflex measurements

Tham E., 1982:
The earlier stages of hydroecia nordstroemi lepidoptera noctuidae

Beilikhis, G.A.; Kalnin, V.V., 1977:
The earliest book on labor hygiene published in russia

Macdougall, J.A., 1987:
The earliest ether anesthetic in british north america a first for st. john new brunswick canada

Heissig K., 1979:
The earliest flying squirrels and primitive ailuravinae rodentia mammalia from the south german oligocene

Nield E.W., 1982:
The earliest gotland sweden reefs 2 bioherms from the lower visby beds upper llandovery

Wilson E.O., 1987:
The earliest known ants an analysis of the cretaceous species and an inference concerning their social organization

Taylor P.D.; Curry G.B., 1985:
The earliest known fenestrate bryozoan with a short review of lower ordovician bryozoa

Lowney K.A., 1983:
The earliest known namurian a e 1 haplolepids osteichthyes actinopterygii

Archibald J.D., 1981:
The earliest known paleocene mammal fauna and its implications for the cretaceous tertiary transition

Dieterlen F., 1979:
The earliest record of the african long tailed pouched rat beamys hindei cricetomyinae cricetidae rodentia

Domning D.P.; Ray C.E., 1986:
The earliest sirenian mammalia dugongidae from the eastern pacific ocean

Mcnamara K.J., 1983:
The earliest tegulorhynchia brachiopoda rhynchonellida and its evolutionary significance

Kennedy, W.J.; Bayliss, O.H., 1977:
The earliest tissotiid ammonite

Tobias, P.V., 1978:
The earliest transvaal south africa members of the genus homo with another look at some problems of hominid taxonomy and systematics

Diggs G.M.Jr, 1986:
The earliest valid publications of arbuteae and andromedeae ericaceae

Edwards D.; Bassett M.G.; Rogerson E.C.W., 1979:
The earliest vascular land plants continuing the search for proof

Ythier A.A.; Williams J.M.; Shapiro H.M.; Kelley V.E.; Strom T.B., 1985:
The early 18 hour human mixed lymphocyte reaction identification and isolation of activated t cell clones

Jacqmard, A.; Raju, M.V.S.; Kinet, J.M.; Bernier, G., 1976:
The early action of the floral stimulus on mitotic activity and dna synthesis in the apical meristem of xanthium strumarium

Sargent E.V.; Burns F.J., 1987:
The early and late effect of uv light exposure on the induction and repair of electron induced dna damage in rat epidermis

Doniger J.; Dipaolo J.A., 1980:
The early and late modes of dna replication in uv irradiated syrian hamster embryo cells

Shida T.; Nakamura K.; Okada M.; Matsumori M.; Matsuda S.; Kozawa S.; Ohta T.; Nishiyama N.; Sawada K.; Kanehira A., 1985:
The early and medium term results of valve replacement with the bjork shiley convexo concave valve

Zeng J.; Ouyang J., 1980:
The early androgenesis in in vitro wheat triticum aestivum anthers under ordinary and low temperature

East, J.; Tilly, R.J.; Tufrey, M.; Harvey, J.J., 1978:
The early appearance and subsequent distribution of murine leukemia virus in nzb embryos

Tamai, M.; Chader, G.J., 1979:
The early appearance of disc shedding in the rat retina

Lorke D.; Moeller P., 1985:
The early appearance of fibronectin in the course of metastatic tumor growth in lymph nodes

Langlo L.; Runden T.O.; Stenhjem E.; Holst Larsen H., 1985:
The early assessment and management of blunt abdominal trauma

Kim U S.; Lee K M., 1984:
The early assessment of lead absorption due to subacute lead exposure

Morris I.J.; Wade W.G.; Aldred M.J.; Walker D.M., 1987:
The early bacterial colonization of acrylic palates in man

Jindani, A.; Aber, V.R.; Edwards, E.A.; Mitchison, D.A., 1980:
The early bactericidal activity of drugs in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Wood Gush D.G.M.; Hunt K.; Carson K.; Dennison S.G.C., 1984:
The early behavior of suckler calves in the field

Schnaid E.; Lamprey J.M.; Viljoen M.J.; Joffe B.I.; Seftel H.C., 1987:
The early biochemical and hormonal profile patients with long bone fractures at risk of fat embolism syndrome

Boquist L.; Lorentzon R., 1980:
The early blood glucose response of mice to alloxan

Hanakova, H.; Stloukal, M.; Tocik, A., 1973 :
The early bronze age excavations in bajc czechoslovakia anthropological analysis

Yochelson, E.L.; Henningsmoen, G.; Griffin, W.L., 1977:
The early cambrian genus volborthella in southern norway

Jaeger H.; Martinsson A., 1980:
The early cambrian trace fossil plagiogmus in its type area

Signor P.W.; Mcmenamin M.A.S., 1988:
The early cambrian worm tube onuphionella from california and nevada usa

Johnson, A.R., 1975:
The early carious lesion of enamel

Schmalbruch, H., 1980:
The early changes in experimental myopathy induced by chloroquine and chlorphentermine

Vial, J.D.; Garrido, J.; González, A., 1985:
The early changes of parietal cell structure in the course of secretory activity in the rat

Tennes, K.; Puck, M.; Orfanakis, D.; Robinson, A., 1977:
The early childhood development of 17 boys with sex chromosome anomalies: a prospective study

Pettersson L O.; Havu N., 1979:
The early circulation in free split skin grafts after general infiltration and per cutaneous anesthesia

Adams, L.; Guz, A.; Innes, J.A.; Murphy, K., 1987:
The early circulatory and ventilatory response to voluntary and electrically induced exercise in man

Struck, H.G.; Fuchs, C., 1976:
The early clinical picture of recklinghausens disease principally involving the eyes together with skeletal changes and penile hypospadias

Leshchinskii L.A.; Kats I.M.; Sapranov B.N., 1981:
The early clinico roentgenological diagnosis of venous congestion and edema of the lungs in acute myo cardial infarction

Foltz, B.D.; Hessel, E.A.; Ivey, T.D., 1984:
The early course of pulmonary artery hypertension in patients undergoing mitral valve replacement with cardioplegic arrest

Villani G.Q.; Rosi A.; Villani P.E.; Gandolfini A.; Del Guidice S.; Gazzola U., 1987:
The early cpk peak during ami is it a marker of clinical instability?

L.W.B.; Batten D.J., 1986:
The early cretaceous megaspore arcellites and closely associated crybelosporites microspores from northeast inner mongolia china

Mclean J.R.; Wall J.H., 1981:
The early cretaceous moosebar sea in alberta canada

Sobol, B.J., 1976:
The early detection of airway obstruction another perspective

Myers W.L.; Reynolds H.A., 1983:
The early detection of host immune response to spontaneous mouse mammary tumors by leukocyte adherence inhibition

Spitzer, G.; Dicke, K.A.; Mccredie, K.B.; Barlogie, B., 1977:
The early detection of remission in acute myelogenous leukemia by in vitro cultures

Abizanda R.; Bergada J.; Valle F.X.; Lopez J.; Bosch E.; Garcia Moris S., 1981:
The early detection of the effects of surgical shock on the viscera

Main K.L., 1982:
The early development of 2 ovulid snails simnia aequalis and simnia barbarensis

Cerny K., 1979:
The early development of chub leuciscus cephalus rudd scardinius erythrophthalmus and roach rutilus rutilus

Ayer L.L.evre C.S.; L.D.uarin N.M., 1982:
The early development of cranial sensory ganglia and the potentialities of their component cells studied in quail coturnix coturnix japonica chick gallus gallus chimeras

M.X.J.; Wang F X., 1985:
The early development of embryo and endosperm of paeonia lactiflora

Kostovic, I.; Krmpotic-Nemanic, J.; Kelovic, Z., 1975:
The early development of glia in human neo cortex

Lacey J.L.; Henderson Smart D.J.; Edwards D.A.; Storey B., 1985:
The early development of head control in preterm infants

O'rahilly R.; Muller F., 1984:
The early development of hypoglossal nerve and occipital somites in staged human embryos

Van-Heel, W.A.; Breure, C.J.; Menendez, T., 1987:
The early development of inflorescences and flowers of the oil palm elaeis guineensis jacq. seen through the scanning electron microscope

Wellman, H.M., 1977:
The early development of intentional memory behavior

Bradley R.H.; Caldwell B.M.; Rock S.L.; Casey P.M.; Nelson J., 1987:
The early development of low birthweight infants relationship to health family status family context family processes and parenting

Wrenn, J.T.; Wessells, N.K., 1984:
The early development of mystacial vibrissae in the mouse

Sigelman, C.K.; Begley, N.L., 1987:
The early development of reactions to peers with controllable and uncontrollable problems

Serbin L.A.; Sprafkin C.; Elman M.; Doyle A B., 1982:
The early development of sex differentiated patterns of social influence

Argüello, C.; Alanis, J.; Valenzuela, B., 1988:
The early development of the atrioventricular node and bundle of His in the embryonic chick heart. An electrophysiological and morphological study

Budras, K.D.; Schmidt, F.G., 1976:
The early development of the gonads and the ontogenesis of the rete testis and tubuli seminiferi recti in the chicken gallus domesticus

Cremin, B.J.; Fisher, R.M.; Hochschild, T.J., 1978:
The early development of the human skeleton: a radiographic study of fetuses impregnated with silver nitrate

Blechschmidt, M., 1982:
The early development of the labyrinth

Faber D.J., 1985:
The early development of the northern redbelly dace phoxinus eos

Horsburgh, G.M.; Sefton, A.J., 1986:
The early development of the optic nerve and chiasm in embryonic rat

Taylor J.S.H.; Roberts A., 1983 :
The early development of the primary sensory neurons in an amphibian xenopus laevis embryo a scanning electron microscope study

Russell A.P.; Joffe D.J., 1985:
The early development of the quail coturnix coturnix japonica furcula reconsidered

Carnegie, J.A.; McCully, M.E.; Robertson, H.A., 1985:
The early development of the sheep trophoblast and the involvement of cell death

Peden, N.R.; Hart, I.R., 1984:
The early development of transient and permanent hypothyroidism following radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroid Graves' disease

Cryer A.; Jones H.M., 1979:
The early development of white adipose tissue effects of litter size on the lipo protein lipase activity of 4 adipose tissue depots serum immuno reactive insulin and tissue cellularity during the first 4 weeks of life in the rat

Copper P.; Hong Fei H., 1986:
The early devonian atrypoid brachiopod tibetatrypa new genus from xizang tibet china

Glazek J.; Karwowski L.; Racki G.; Wrzolek T., 1981:
The early devonian continental marine succession at checiny in the holy cross mountains poland and its paleo geographic and tectonic significance

Thomson G.J.L.; Simpson C.J.; Hansell D.T.; Millar M.A.; Davidson J.S.H.; Gray G.R.; Smith D.C.; Gillespie G., 1984:
The early diagnosis of acute gallbladder disease the accuracy of overnight 8 hour infusion cholangiography

Fireman, Z.; Rozen, P.; Rattan, J.; Gilat, T., 1982:
The early diagnosis of colon tumors

Kaplun, L.; Weissmann, H.S.; Rosenblatt, R.R.; Freeman, L.M., 1985:
The early diagnosis of common bile duct obstruction using cholescintigraphy

Modlin, I.M.; Jaffe, B.M.; Sank, A.; Albert, D., 1982:
The early diagnosis of gastrinoma

Zizic T.M.; Marcoux C.; Hungerford D.S.; Stevens M.B., 1986:
The early diagnosis of ischemic necrosis of bone

Takeda S.; Tsuji T.; Kodama T.; Takino T.; Nomi S., 1988:
The early diagnosis of linitis plastica type of gastric cancer report of a case

D.M.uron A.; D.G.andi P.; Ruzicka J.; Gloor E., 1986:
The early diagnosis of pre malignant and malignant lesions of the endometrium a trial of an apparatus to take intra uterine samples inocurette compared with exploratory curettage

Lowing R.K.; Fry J.R.; Jones C.A.; Wiebkin P.; King L.J.; Bridges J.W., 1979:
The early effects of chemical carcinogens on adult rat hepatocytes in primary culture part 1 quantitative changes in intra cellular enzyme activities following a single dose of carcinogen

Hedlund T.; Hulth A.; Johnell O., 1982:
The early effects of edta colchicine and azetazolamide on the number of osteoclasts and serum calcium in rats

Garnett H.M., 1979:
The early effects of human cytomegalovirus infection on macro molecular synthesis in human embryonic fibroblasts

Heffner, R.R.; Barron, S.A., 1978:
The early effects of ischemia upon skeletal muscle mitochondria

Davies R.; Tothill R.; Hooper G.; Fleming R.H.; Mccarthy I.D.; Hughes S.P.F., 1984:
The early effects of sympathectomy on bone blood flow

Dell, D.A.; Munger, B.L., 1986:
The early embryogenesis of papillary (sweat duct) ridges in primate glabrous skin: the dermatotopic map of cutaneous mechanoreceptors and dermatoglyphics

Krysan, J.L., 1976:
The early embryology of diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi coleoptera chrysomelidae

Patent, D.H., 1970:
The early embryology of the basket star gorgonocephalus caryi echinodermata ophiuroidea

Fagotto F.; Hess E.; Aeschlimann A., 1988:
The early embryonic development of the argasid tick ornithodorus moubata acarina ixodoidea argasidae

Kobayashi Y.; Ando H., 1982:
The early embryonic development of the primitive moth neomicropteryx nipponensis lepidoptera micropterygidae

Bakke, T., 1976:
The early embryos of siboglinum fiordicum pogonophora reared in the laboratory

Jothy, S.; Bilodeau, J.L.; Champsaur, H.; Simpkins, H., 1975:
The early enhancement of rat liver dna dependent rna polymerase ii activity by tri iodo thyronine

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