The effect of age and intake level on nutrients digestibilities of 6 week weaned calves

Oura, R.; Morita, Z.; Sekine, J.; Asahida, Y.

Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Tottori University 23: 45-50


Accession: 006636464

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In experiment 1, eight Holstein castrated male calves were allocated to one of two groups fed a ration of orchardgrass 1st cut hay and concentrate (group H1) or a ration of orchardgrass 2nd cut hay and concentrate (group H2). Limited amounts of rations containing 40% and 60% hay were offered from 2 to 14 weeks of age and 15 to 25 weeks of age, respectively. Digestion trials were conducted at 7,9,11,13,17,21 and 25 weeks of age. In experiment 2, seven calves (group L1) were fed the same ration as group H1 with lower level than H1, from 2 to 16 weeks of age. Digestion trials were conducted at 7, 9 and 13 weeks of age. Results obtained were as follows: 1) Digestibilities of crude protein (CP) and cellular contens (CC) were better in group H1 than group H2. 2) Significant relationships were found between ages in week and digestibilities of dry matter (DM), CP, cell wall constituents (CWC) and acid detergent fiber (ADF) in group H1. Coefficients of correlation were 0.57, 0.78, 0.60 and 0.61 for DM, CP, CWC and ADF, respectively. 3) Digestibilities of CWC significantly decreased as increase in dry matter intake per units of live weight in calves from 7 to 3 weeks of age.