The effect of antithyroid and iodide compounds on the iodide content of both thyroid and salivary glands of rats

Hassanein, R.R.; Almallah, A.K.

Zentralblatt für Veterinarmedizin. Reihe a 25(3): 241-246


ISSN/ISBN: 0514-7158
PMID: 98940
Accession: 006637574

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The administration of a thyroid stimulating drug (L-thyroxine sodium) leads to an increase in the iodide content of the thyroid gland and its subsequent decrease in the salivary glands. Administration of an anti-thyroid drug (thiouracil) leads to a decrease of iodide in the thyroid gland, while there is an increase in its concentration in the salivary glands. Histological sections showed the hypo and hyperactivity appearance of the thyroid gland as a result of administration of thiouracil and L-thyroxine sodium, respectively.