The effect of covering material and nitrogen application on seed yield and quality of brassica multiplications in seed production tunnels

Macfarlane Smith, W.H.; Newbould, D.C.

Seed Science and Technology 16(2): 445-456


ISSN/ISBN: 0251-0952
Accession: 006640708

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The effects of different covering materials, the use of porous material end panels and the application of nitrogen on seed production of swede, rape and kale were examined. High yields of good quality seed which satisfied statutory requirements were obtained with most covers but could be improved by the appication of up to 90 kg ha-1 equivalent of nitrogen. Clear polythene covers were the most cost effective and gave early harvests of acceptable yields of seed for all three crops. However where the cost of the covering material was not a factor, a porous acrylic/polyester mixture appeared to be a useful alternative which increased seed yield, gave better working conditions for staff and reduced levels of fungal attacks. The incorporation of porous material end panels in polythene covered tunnels gave similar improvements.