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The effect of feeding and reproductive performance on alternate year calving rate in cheju native cattle i. the effect of grass dry matter yield on the daily weight gain of cheju native cows during the grazing period

Kim, M.C.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, S.C.

Korean Journal of Animal Science 27(4): 222-226


Accession: 006643711

The study was carried out to investigate the effect of grass quantity and climate on weight gain. Five co-operative village farms were surveyed which reared Korean native and Korean cross-bred cows. the results obtained were as follows: 1. The farms examined had 67% improved pasture and a stocking rate of 0.9 ha per head. 2. On all the farms, the total dry matter content of native was more than that of the improved pasture. 3. Body weights during June, July, August, September and October were 332.3 kg, 345.0 kg, 377.1 kg, 411.4 kg and 418.1 kg respectively. 4. The average daily weight gain on each farm was 0.89 kg on Hawoen, 0.81 kg on Yeongnam, 0.71 kg on Wheicheon, and 0.60 kg on Youngkang. The total weight gain of all the cows on all the farms was 85.9 kg with an average daily weight of 0.7 kg per cow.

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