The effect of feeding and reproductive performance on alternate year calving rate in cheju native cattle ii. the effect of winter feeding on body weight change in cheju native cows and heifers

Kim, M.C.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, S.C.

Korean Journal of Animal Science 27(4): 227-231


Accession: 006643712

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To investigate the effect of giving different feeds, during the winter, 412 Cheju native and cross bred cows and heifers housed in villages were studied. 1. Results showed no appreciable difference amongst the 5 villages feeding different foods during the winter period. Percentage of farms feeding various brans, over 1 kg per day, was 4.8%; a small quantity (0.5 kg) of various brans was fed daily to 46.6% and those feeding only natural hay, 48.6%. 2. The number of villages feeding various brans is increasing and those feeding hay decreasing. Cattle weights decreased by 20-30 kg monthly per head during the winter feeding period (Jan.-Apr.) but by May increased in the range of 10-20 kg per head with arrival of the new grass. 3. Comparison of monthly body weight changes of Cheju native cows and cross breds, Brahman cross breds showed the least body weight changes during winter while native and Santa cross bred cows the weight changes were considerable.