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The effect of prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha on spermatogenesis in adult male sprague dawley rats

Tierney, W.J.; Daly, I.W.; Abbatiello, E.R.

International Journal of Fertility 24(3): 206-209


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-725X
Accession: 006652585

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Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), prostaglandin F-2.alpha. (PGF2A), indomethacin and a combination of indomethacin-PGE2 were administered for 12 days to 5 groups of 6 adult male Sprague-Dawley rats weighing approximately 400 g. Six animals from each group were untreated from day 12-26. Spermatogenesis was quantified on days 2, 13 and 26 according to the method of Leblond and Clermont. All cell counts were normal on day 2. PGE2 significantly decreased pachytene spermatocytes and stage 7 spermatids on day 13. In the combined treatment group, preleptotene and pachytene spermatocytes were significantly reduced on day 13. Following the 14-day recovery period, cell counts were normal in all groups except the PGF2A roup which demonstrated a significant reduction in stage 7 spermatids.

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