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The effect of protein synthesis on the stimulation by cyto kinin of the growth of leaf cuttings from etiolated bean sprouts

Tsibulya, L.V.

Fiziologiya Rastenii 24(5): 1069-1072


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-5719
Accession: 006652730

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A study was made to determine the role of protein synthesis and the essential stage for its stimulation during the course of growth activation of bean cuttings by the hormone cytokinin. Cuttings from leaves of 7-9 day old etiolated plants were placed in Petri dishes and administered cytokinin and/or the growth inhibitor cycloheximide in addition to the nutrient media. The cuttings exhibited insensitivity to the growth inhibitor for the 1st 30 h after the beginning of cytokinin action, probably due to reserves of essential protein synthesized earlier. After this time protein reserves had diminished in the cells to a level permitting retardation of growth by cycloheximide for 6-18 h. In plants which were subsequently cleansed of the inhibitor growth resumed, indicating that retardation was not due to toxic effect but to the prevention of protein synthesis.

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