The effect of trap soak time on yields of the deep water golden king crab lithodes aequispina benedict in a northern british columbia canada fjord

Sloan, N.A.; Robinson, S.M.C.

Journal of Shellfish Research 5(1): 21-24


ISSN/ISBN: 0730-8000
Accession: 006657877

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In deep water (.hivin.X = 320 m; range 185-402 m) fishing for fjord-dwelling golden king crabs (Lithodes aequispina) trap yields increased at a constant rate with soak time from 0 to 48 h. Between 48 and 96 h crab escape was significant. To delay trap saturation (reduction in catch rate with increasing catch), the possibility of curtailing crab escape by trap modifications is discussed. If crab escape can be curtailed, catch value can exceed the high cost of fishing these large, individually bouyed traps in deep water.