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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6666

Chapter 6666 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stott A.W.; Slee J., 1987:
The effects of litter size sex age body weight dam age and genetic selection for cold resistance on the physiological responses to cold exposure of scottish blackface lambs in a progressively cooled water bath

Mendl, M., 1988:
The effects of litter size variation on the development of play behavior in the domestic cat litters of one and two

Lein T.E., 1980:
The effects of littorina littorea gastropoda grazing on littoral green algae in the inner oslo fjord norway

Bellinger L.L.; Williams F.E., 1981:
The effects of liver de nervation on food and water intake in the rat

Thomas, P.R.; Stablein, D.M.; Steinberg, S.M.; Barkin, J.S.; Nauta, R.J., 1987:
The effects of liver directed radiotherapy and chemotherapy on liver function tests and hematological parameters in patients with surgically resected colon cancer: findings from the Gastrointestinal Tumor Study Group

Altieri M.A.; Wilson R.C.; Schmidt L.L., 1985:
The effects of living mulches and weed cover on the dynamics of foliage and soil arthropod communities in 3 crop systems

Joyce, G.C.; Rack, P.M., 1974:
The effects of load and force on tremor at the normal human elbow joint

Patterson, P.; Congleton, J.; Koppa, R.; Huchingson, R.D., 1987:
The effects of load knowledge on stresses at the lower back during lifting

Cook, T.M.; Neumann, D.A., 1987:
The effects of load placement on the EMG activity of the low back muscles during load carrying by men and women

Langley A.K.Jr; Shure D.J., 1980:
The effects of loblolly pine plantations on small mammal populations

Usubiaga, J.E.; Standaert, F., 1968:
The effects of local anesthetics on motor nerve terminals procaine anesthetic lidocaine anesthetic tetracaine anesthetic dibucaine anesthetic cat

Rapp L.M.; Basinger S.F., 1982:
The effects of local anesthetics on retinal function

Kusumoto Y., 1981:
The effects of local anesthetics on the de granulation of rat peritoneal mast cells

Burdyga T.V.; Magura I.S., 1986:
The effects of local anesthetics on the electrical and mechanical activity of the guinea pig ureter

Scadding, S.R.; Maden, M., 1986:
The effects of local application of retinoic acid on limb development and regeneration in tadpoles of Xenopus laevis

Tickle C.; Crawley A., 1988:
The effects of local application of retinoids to different positions along the proximo distal axis of embryonic chick wings

Hansebout R.R.; Lamont R.N.; Kamath M.V., 1985:
The effects of local cooling canine spinal cord blood flow

Hayashi, M.; Kobayashi, H.; Kawano, H.; Handa, Y.; Kabuto, M., 1987 :
The effects of local intraparenchymal pentobarbital on intracranial hypertension following experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage

Suggett A.J.; Barer G.R.; Mohammed F.H.; Gill G.W., 1982:
The effects of localized hypo ventilation on ventilation perfusion ratios and gas exchange in the dog lung

Ragab, M.I.; Edelman, D.A.; Laufe, L., 1978:
The effects of long acting paracervical block anesthesia on the abortifacient efficacy of intra amniotic prostaglandin f 2 and hypertonic saline

Ahmed, K.; Thomas, B.S., 1971:
The effects of long chain fatty acids on sodium plus potassium ion stimulated atpase of rat brain

Hawley, H.P.; Gordon, G.B., 1976:
The effects of long chain free fatty acids on human neutrophil function and structure

Forney R.M.; Fletcher G.L.; Hew C.L., 1984:
The effects of long day length on liver antifreeze messenger rna in the winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus

Guiamet J.J.; Nakayama F., 1984:
The effects of long days on reproductive growth in soybeans glycine max cultivar williams

Peel C.J.; Sandles L.D.; Quelch K.J.; Herington A.C., 1985:
The effects of long term administration of bovine growth hormone on the lactational performance of identical twin dairy cows

Whinnery J.E.; Parnell M.J., 1987:
The effects of long term aerobic conditioning on positive gz tolerance

Kellogg E.W.IIi; Yost M.G., 1986:
The effects of long term air ion and direct current electric field exposures on survival characteristics in female namru mice

Parsons B.; Maclusky N.J.; Krieger M.S.; Mcewen B.S.; Pfaff D.W., 1979:
The effects of long term estrogen exposure on the induction of sexual behavior and measurements of brain estrogen and progestin receptors in the female rat

Nishijo M., 1987:
The effects of long term exposure to environmental level of cadmium on arterial strips in rabbits

Ashenden T.W., 1979:
The effects of long term exposures to sulfur di oxide and nitrogen oxide pollution on the growth of dactylis glomerata and poa pratensis

Puche, R.C.; Locatto, M.E.; Ferretti, J.L.; Fernandez, M.C.; Orsatti, M.B.; Valenti, J.L., 1976:
The effects of long term feeding of solanum glaucophyllum to growing rats on calcium magnesium phosphorus and bone metabolism

Dieguez C.; Foord S.M.; Shewring G.; Edwards C.A.; Heyburn P.J.; Peters J.R.; Hall R.; Scanlon M.F., 1984:
The effects of long term growth hormone releasing factor administration on growth hormone secretion and synthesis in vitro

Horton J.R.; Yates A.J., 1987:
The effects of long term high and low refined sugar intake on blood glucose regulation mood bodily symptoms and cognitive functioning

Vaatainen N.; Oikarinen A.; Kuutti Savolainen E R., 1980:
The effects of long term local 8 methoxy psoralen uv a treatment on collagen metabolism in human skin

Hicks P.E., 1979:
The effects of long term oral treatment with indapamide on the development of deoxy cortico sterone acetate salt hypertension in rats vascular reactivity studies

Tomanek R.J.; Hovanec J.M., 1981:
The effects of long term pressure overload and aging on the myo cardium

Yamanaka T., 1980:
The effects of long term therapy on visual field

Frysak Z.; Dusek J.; Jezdinska V., 1987:
The effects of long term therapy with colchicine on clinical and morphological features of liver cirrhosis

Krumins S.A., 1987:
The effects of long term treatment of ng108 15 cells with pentapeptide and tetrapeptide enkephalin dimers on opioid receptor binding and cyclic amp levels

Poulsom, R.; Boot-Handford, R.P.; Heath, H., 1983:
The effects of long term treatment of streptozotocin diabetic rats with an aldose reductase ec inhibitor

Silworth J.B.; Tumasonis C.; Briggs R.G.; Narang A.S.; Narang R.S.; Rej R.; Stein V.; Mcmartin D.N.; Kaminsky L.S., 1986:
The effects of love canal new york usa soil extracts on maternal health and fetal development in rats

Handel S.E.; Stickland N.C., 1987:
The effects of low birthweight on the ultrastructural development of two myofiber types in the pig

Bastian B.L.; Fain G.L., 1982:
The effects of low calcium and background light on the sensitivity of toad bufo marinus rods

Jarvis S.C.; Hatch D.J., 1986:
The effects of low concentrations of aluminum on the growth and uptake of nitrate nitrogen by white clover trifolium repens

Mayack D.T.; Waterhouse J.S., 1983:
The effects of low concentrations of particulates from paper mill effluent on the macro invertebrate community of a fast flowing stream

Black C.R.; Black V.J., 1979 :
The effects of low concentrations of sulfur di oxide on stomatal conductance and epidermal cell survival in field bean vicia faba

Garsed S.G.; Farrar J.F.; Rutter A.J., 1979:
The effects of low concentrations of sulfur di oxide on the growth of 4 broad leaved tree species

Epler P.; Bieniarz K.; Sokolowska M., 1985:
The effects of low dosages of steroid hormones and carp hypophyseal homogenate on carp cyprinus carpio oocyte maturation in vitro

Malatino L.S.; Glen L.; Wilson E.S.B.; Leckie B.J.; Murray G.; Weir R.J.; Robertson J.I.S., 1988:
The effects of low dose estrogen progestogen oral contraceptives on blood pressure and the renin angiotensin system

Pollard, T.J.; Smith, C.A.; Brummett, R., 1981:
The effects of low dose ethacrynic acid on the guinea pig cochlea with special reference to normal variations in the stria vascularis

Kwan, W.H.; Gatehouse, A.G., 1978:
The effects of low doses of 3 insecticides on activity feeding mating reproductive performance and survival in glossina morsitans morsitans glossinidae

Føgh, M.; Corker, C.S.; Hunter, W.M.; McLean, H.; Philip, J.; Schou, G.; Skakkebaek, N.E., 1979:
The effects of low doses of cyproterone acetate on some functions of the reproductive system in normal men

Belcher, P.; Lennox, S.C., 1985:
The effects of low flow, low pressure pulsatile bypass

Broner, N., 1978:
The effects of low frequency noise on people a review

Seastedt T.R.; Crossley D.A.Jr; Hargrove W.W., 1983:
The effects of low level consumption by canopy arthropods on the growth and nutrient dynamics of black locust robinia pseudoacacia and red maple acer rubrum trees in the southern appalachians usa

Emerson, D.D.; Henricks, D.M., 1977:
The effects of low levels of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin and flush feeding upon embryonic survival in gilts

Stebbing, A.R.D., 1976:
The effects of low metal levels on a clonal hydroid

Tarasek, C.D.; Zimmerman, K.J.; Aire, T.A.; Crabo, B.G., 1978:
The effects of low oral doses of 2 6 cis di phenylhexamethyl cyclo tetra siloxane on male rats and rabbits

Copur M.S.; Oto A.; Nazli N.; Oram E.; Ugurlu S.; Oram A.; Turgan C.; Caglar S., 1988:
The effects of low osmolality contrast medium ultravist r on osmotic diuresis

Navarro, S., 1978:
The effects of low oxygen tensions on 3 stored product insect pests

Parker, D.B.; McKeown, B.A., 1987:
The effects of low pH on egg and alevin survival of kokanee and sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka

Alibone M.R.; Fair P., 1981:
The effects of low ph on the respiration of daphnia magna

Tokunaga, C., 1970:
The effects of low temperature and aging on nondisjunction in Drosophila

Hodasi, J.K., 1976:
The effects of low temperature on Lymnaea truncatula

Schneider, A.B.; Bornet, H.; Edelhoch, H., 1971 :
The effects of low temperature on the conformation of thyro globulin

Holmstrom W.F.; Morgan E., 1983:
The effects of low temperature pulses in re phasing the endogenous activity rhythm of corophium volutator

Fries, E.; Lindström, I., 1986:
The effects of low temperatures on intracellular transport of newly synthesized albumin and haptoglobin in rat hepatocytes

Baldock B.M.; Berger J., 1984:
The effects of low temperatures on the growth of 4 fresh water amoebae protozoa gymnamoebia

Bradford A.; O'regan R.G., 1985:
The effects of low voltage electric shock on respiration in the anesthetized cat

Binyon J., 1981:
The effects of lowered salinity upon branchiostoma lanceolatum from the english channel

Pietrowicz, D.; Kocur, J.; Porczyński, P., 1978:
The effects of LSD and propranolol on the motor activity in rabbits

Dray A.; Fox P.C.; Hilmy M.; Somjen G.G., 1980:
The effects of lsd and some analogs on the responses of single cortical neurons of the cat to optical stimulation

Eliasson, M.; Meyerson, B.J., 1977:
The effects of lsd on copulatory behavior in the female rat

Unsworth, A., 1978:
The effects of lubrication in hip joint prostheses

Ross D.H.; Garrett K.M.; Cardenas H.L., 1985 :
The effects of lubrol wx on brain membrane calcium magnesium atpase and atp dependent calcium uptake activity following acute and chronic ethanol

Smith, A.P.; Miles, C., 1986:
The effects of lunch on cognitive vigilance tasks

Craig A.; Baer K.; Diekmann A., 1981:
The effects of lunch on sensory perceptual functioning in man

Watkins B.A.; Manning B.; A.A.hari A.K., 1988:
The effects of lupinus albus cultivar ultra on broiler performance

Damber, J.E.; Janson, P.O., 1978:
The effects of luteinizing hormone adrenaline and noradrenaline on testicular blood flow and plasma testosterone concentrations in anesthetized rats

Humphrey, R.R.; Windsor, B.L.; Reel, J.R.; Edgren, R.A., 1977:
The effects of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in pregnant rats part 1 post nidatory effects

Humphrey, R.R.; Windsor, B.L.; Jones, D.C.; Reel, J.R.; Edgren, R.A., 1978:
The effects of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in pregnant rats part 2 pre nidatory effects and delayed parturition

Nandi, P.K.; Edelhoch, H., 1984:
The effects of lyotropic (Hofmeister) salts on the stability of clathrin coat structure in coated vesicles and baskets

Mitchell J., 1982:
The effects of lyso lecithin on nonmyelinated axons in vitro

Brosnan C.F.; Bornstein M.B.; Bloom B.R., 1981:
The effects of macrophage depletion on the clinical and pathologic expression of experimental allergic encephalo myelitis

Lee, G.F., 1977:
The effects of madison metropolitan waste water effluent on water quality in badfish creek yahara and rock rivers

Dohoo I.R.; Heaney D.P.; Stevenson R.G.; Samagh B.S.; Rhodes C.S., 1987:
The effects of maedi visna virus infection on productivity in ewes

Hayat L.H.; Crompton M., 1987:
The effects of magnesium and adenine nucleotides on the sensitivity of the heart mitochondrial sodium calcium carrier to extramitochondrial calcium a study using arsenazo iii loaded mitochondria

Carlier M F.; Pantaloni D.; Korn E.D., 1986:
The effects of magnesium at the high affinity and low affinity sites on the polymerization of actin and associated atp hydrolysis

Topcu S.; Gultekin F.; Aslan S.L., 1987:
The effects of magnesium deficiency on heart failure and arrhythmia caused by acute myocardial infarction

Nelson J.; Clarke R.; Dickson G.R.; Van Den Berg H.W.; Murphy R.F., 1986:
The effects of magnesium ii or edta on nuclear integrity and apparent subcellular distribution of unoccupied estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells

Mckinlay, R.G.; Usherwood, P.N.R., 1978:
The effects of magnesium ions on the fine structure of the insect neuro muscular junction

Y.Q.M.; Wong K P., 1982:
The effects of magnesium ions on the hydrodynamic shape conformation and stability of the ribosomal 23s rna from escherichia coli

Mccarthy, A.D.; Tipton, K.F., 1984:
The effects of magnesium ions on the interactions of ox brain and liver glutamate dehydrogenase ec with atp and gtp

Oldham, S.B.; Rude, R.K.; Molloy, C.T.; Lipson, L.G., 1984:
The effects of magnesium on calcium inhibition of parathyroid adenylate cyclase

Dickinson F.M.; Haywood G.W., 1986:
The effects of magnesium on certain steps in the mechanisms of the dehydrogenase and esterase reactions catalyzed by sheep liver aldehyde dehydrogenase support for the view that dehydrogenase and esterase activities occur at the same site on the enzyme

Flatman, P.W., 1988:
The effects of magnesium on potassium transport in ferret red cells

Findlay I., 1987:
The effects of magnesium upon atp sensitive potassium channels in a rat insulin secreting cell line

Tice A.R.; Oliphant J.L., 1984:
The effects of magnetic particles on the unfrozen water content of frozen soils determined by nmr

Walker A.L., 1983:
The effects of magnetite on oxalate extractable and dithionite extractable iron

Login I.S.; Judd A.M.; Cronin M.J.; Koike K.; Schettini G.; Yasumoto T.; Macleod R.M., 1985:
The effects of maitotoxin on calcium 45 flux and hormone release in gh 3 rat pituitary cells

Dinu I.; Visan I.; Stoica I.; Gheorghe M.; Burcus N., 1986:
The effects of maize treated with various herbicides on the growth of meat chickens

Powell, W.; Thomas, W.T.B.; Caligari, P.D.S.; Jinks, J.L., 1985:
The effects of major genes on quantitatively varying characters in barley 1. the gp ert locus

Powell, W.; Caligari, P.D.S.; Thomas, W.T.B.; Jinks, J.L., 1985:
The effects of major genes on quantitatively varying characters in barley 2. the denso and daylength response loci

Latham, M.C.; Cobos, F., 1971:
The effects of mal nutrition on intellectual development and learning

Sisli M.N.; Bosgelmez A.; Kocak O.; Porsuk H., 1983:
The effects of malathion fenitrothion and propoxur on the house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae populations

Polivanov S.; Peck P.; Dornan Kendig K.A., 1980:
The effects of male genotype on some aspects of population dynamics in lozenge muller 5 system of drosophila melanogaster

Rowland W.J., 1982:
The effects of male nuptial coloration on stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus aggression a reexamination

Nigrovic, V.; Koechel, D.A.; Cafruny, E.J., 1973:
The effects of maleic acid and uranyl on mercurial diuresis in dogs

Barnes D.W.; Morahan P.S.; Loveless S.; Munson A.E., 1979:
The effects of maleic anhydride di vinyl ether co polymers on hepatic microsomal mixed function oxidases and other biologic activities

Niranjan A.R.S.; Roy S.K., 1980:
The effects of maleic hydrazide on growth and differentiation of gametophyte in the fern cheilanthes rufa

Soper N.J.; Turner J.A.; Rikkers L.F., 1984:
The effects of malnutrition on serum fibronectin and res function

Cunningham, D.L.; van Tienhoven, A., 1984:
The effects of management program and social rank on behavior and productivity of white leghorn layers in cages

Buthieau, A.M.; Autissier, N., 1977:
The effects of manganese ii ions on thyroidal iodine metabolism in the rat

Chapman, R.A.; Ellis, D., 1977:
The effects of manganese ions on the contraction of the frog's heart

Donaldson, J.; LaBella, F.S., 1984:
The effects of manganese on the cholinergic receptor in vivo and in vitro may be mediated through modulation of free radicals

You, Z.Q.; Wu, B.H.; Wang, K.; Hu, X.L.; Zhang, W.; Meng, J.W.; Lin, Y.Z., 1987:
The effects of manifest and latent propagated sensation along the channel on the acupuncture regulation of cardiac function

Hall H.; Wedel I., 1985:
The effects of manipulation of presynaptic 5 hydroxytryptamine nerve terminals on postsynaptic 5 hydroxytryptamine receptor 1 and 5 hydroxytryptamine receptor 2 binding sites of the rat brain

Burke, A.M.; Quest, D.O.; Chien, S.; Cerri, C., 1981:
The effects of mannitol on blood viscosity

Takata, K.; Sakata, S., 1985:
The effects of mannitol on systemic and coronary hemodynamics in dogs

Ando S.; Doi S.; Terazono K.; Takayama T.; Hanai S., 1987:
The effects of manufacturing processes on flavor of rice shochu

Page, R.C., 1985:
The effects of marathon groups on the ways illicit drug users perceive counseling

Kukral H.W.; Kirchgessner M.; Roth H P., 1988:
The effects of marginal zinc deficiency on humoral immunity in the rat

Clapp J.F.IIi; Wesley M.; Cooke R.; Pekala R.; Holstein C., 1987:
The effects of marihuana smoke on gas exchange in ovine pregnancy

Greenland, S.; Brown, N.; Gross, S.J.; Staisch, K.J., 1982:
The effects of marihuana use during pregnancy 1. a preliminary epidemiology study

Downing D.C.; Yaukey D., 1979:
The effects of marital dissolution and re marriage on fertility in urban latin america

Kasim S.; Maxwell M.M.; Dornfeld L.; Schroth P.; Sowers J.R., 1986:
The effects of marked caloric restriction on lipoprotein lipase activators in obese subjects

Roborzynski M., 1986:
The effects of market crossing of polish mountain sheep and polish long wool sheep ewes with rams of meat breeds on meat and hide production

Cockcroft A.C.; Wooldridge T., 1985:
The effects of mass temperature and molting on the respiration of macropetasma africanus decapoda penaeoidea

Chikina, N.A.; Nedoshivina, R.V., 1977:
The effects of massive homologous blood transfusions on the functional state of the kidneys

Mcmurray N.E.; Lucas J.O.; Arbes Duprey V.; Wright F.A.C., 1985:
The effects of mastery and coping models on dental stress in young children

Macleod S.; Kiely J.L., 1988:
The effects of maternal age and parity on birthweight a population based study in new york city usa

Oni, G.A., 1986:
The effects of maternal age, education, and parity on birthweight in a Nigerian community: the comparison of results from bivariate and multivariate analyses

Dunlop, M.; Court, J.M.; Larkins, R.G., 1981:
The effects of maternal carbohydrate (sucrose) supplementation on the growth of offspring of pregnancies with habitual caffeine consumption

Rush, D.; Kristal, A.; Blanc, W.; Navarro, C.; Chauhan, P.; Campbell Brown, M.; Rosso, P.; Winick, M.; Brasel, J.; Naeye, R., 1986:
The effects of maternal cigarette smoking on placental morphology, histomorphometry, and biochemistry

Hole, J.W., 1987:
The effects of maternal eating on fetal nonstress test reactivity

Cefalo, R.C.; Hellegers, A.E., 1978:
The effects of maternal hyper thermia on maternal and fetal cardio vascular and respiratory function

Porterfield, S.P., 1977:
The effects of maternal hypo thyroidism on the in vitro metabolism of 1 carbon 14 glucose in rats

Carmichael, R.D.; Gordon, A.S.; Lobue, J., 1978:
The effects of maternal phlebotomy and orally administered erythropoietin on erythropoiesis in the suckling rat

Hornik R.; Risenhoover N.; Gunnar M., 1987:
The effects of maternal positive neutral and negative affective communications on infant responses to new toys

Kleinman, J.C.; Pierre, M.B.; Madans, J.H.; Land, G.H.; Schramm, W.F., 1988:
The effects of maternal smoking on fetal and infant mortality

Kleinman, J.C.; Madans, J.H., 1985:
The effects of maternal smoking, physical stature, and educational attainment on the incidence of low birth weight

Sivinski J., 1980:
The effects of mating on predation in the stick insect diapheromera veliei phasmatodea heteronemiidae

Reichmann K.G.; Connor J.K., 1979:
The effects of meal feeding of calcium protein and energy on production and calcium status of laying hens

O'dea K.; Puls W., 1979:
The effects of meal feeding on the incorporation of d uniformly labeled carbon 14 glucose into tissue lipids and glycogen as a function of increasing intra venous glucose dose

Webber, D.E.; Nouri, M.; Bell, F.R., 1980:
The effects of meal temperature on gastric function

Sheppard, R.D.; Feldman, L.A.; Barbosa, L.H.; Raine, C.S.; Bornstein, M.B., 1976:
The effects of measles virus and various strains of subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis virus on organotypic cultures of nervous tissue

Fernando, S.S.; Deham, D.A., 1976:
The effects of mebendazole and fenbendazole on Trichinella spiralis in mice

Foley, W.J.; Kokich, V.G., 1980:
The effects of mechanical immobilization on sutural development in the growing rabbit

Lachno D.R.; Harrison Murray R.S.; Audus L.J., 1982:
The effects of mechanical impedance to growth on the levels of abscisic acid and iaa in root tips of zea mays

Wilson A.J.; Robards A.W., 1979:
The effects of mechanical impedance upon the ultrastructure of the root caps of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar proctor

Irvin, T.T.; Bostock, T., 1976:
The effects of mechanical preparation and acidification of the colon on the healing of colonic anastomoses

Ishikawa S.; Inaba Y.; Kargas S.; Chikaoka H.; Park D.S., 1986:
The effects of mechanical vibration of cardiac morphogenesis in the stage 14 chick embryo

Boutilier R.G.; Emilio M.G.; Shelton G., 1986:
The effects of mechanical work on electrolyte and water distribution in amphibian skeletal muscle

Biddington N.L.; Dearman A.S., 1987:
The effects of mechanically induced stress on the growth of water and nutrient deficient lettuce and cauliflower seedlings

Biddington N.L.; Dearman A.S., 1985:
The effects of mechanically induced stress on water loss and drought resistance in lettuce lactuca sativa cauliflower brassica oleracea and celery apium graveolens seedlings

Banks, R.A.; Beilin, L.J., 1981:
The effects of meclofenamate, captopril and phentolamine on organ blood flow in the conscious rabbit

Dunham E.E.II.M.ardle E.W.; Readey M.A., 1986:
The effects of media concentration on metal tolerance in tetrahymena furgasoni w

Korchinski R.; Mgaloblishvili M.M., 1983:
The effects of medial and lateral amygdala lesions on rat motor activity

Drew R.A., 1987:
The effects of medium composition and cultural conditions on in vitro root initiation and growth of papaya carica papaya l

Evaldsson I.E.; Welander N.T., 1985 :
The effects of medium composition on in vitro propagation and in vivo growth of cordyline terminalis cultivar atoom

Bruce, N.W.; Bartholomeusz, R.K., 1976:
The effects of medroxy progesterone acetate on the maintenance of pregnancy in ovariectomized rats and rabbits

Wilson, C.B.; Kirkendall, W.M., 1970:
The effects of mefruside in the water diuretic and hydropenic dog: a comparison with chlorothiazide

Igarashi Y.; Yokota F.; Suzue R.; Chikaraishi S., 1982:
The effects of mega doses of ascorbic acid on lipid metabolism in rats and guinea pigs

Vogel R.I.; Lamster I.B.; Wechsler S.A.; Macedo B.; Hartley L.J.; Macedo J.A., 1986:
The effects of megadoses of ascorbic acid on polymorphonuclear neutrophil chemotaxis and experimental gingivitis

Nagasawa, T.; Nakazawa, M.; Abe, T., 1984:
The effects of megakaryocytic stimulators on the characterization of murine megakaryocytic colonies in a liquid culture system

Watzin M.C., 1983:
The effects of meio fauna on settling macro fauna meio fauna may structure macro faunal communities

Spirtes M.A.; Gerber A.R.; Wood K.S.; Sartor A.O.; Christensen C.W., 1980:
The effects of melanocyte stimulating hormone release inhibiting factor on in vitro cyclic gmp production by a particulate rat brain fraction

Yehuda S.; Sheleff P., 1985:
The effects of melanotropin inhibiting factor i beta endorphin and alpha msh on dextro amphetamine induced paradoxical behavioral thermoregulation possible involvement of the dopaminergic system

Rojas D.A.ias A.; Schmeda Hirschmann G., 1988:
The effects of melia azedarach on triatoma infestans bugs

Nozawa Y.; Kovacs P.; Csaba G., 1985:
The effects of membrane perturbants local anesthetics and phenothiazines on hormonal imprinting in tetrahymena pyriformis

Jona I.; Martonosi A., 1986:
The effects of membrane potential and lanthanides on the conformation of the calcium transport atpase in sarcoplasmic reticulum

Eisner, D.A.; Valdeolmillos, M.; Wray, S., 1987:
The effects of membrane potential on active and passive sodium transport in Xenopus oocytes

Kreitler S.; Zigler E.; Kreitler H., 1983:
The effects of memory and abstractive integration on childrens probability learning

Haydon P.G.; Winlow W.; Holden A.V., 1982:
The effects of menthol on central neurons of the pond snail lymnaea stagnalis

Hofmann S.L.; Prescott S.M.; Majerus P.W., 1982:
The effects of mepacrine and p bromo phenacyl bromide on arachidonic acid release in human platelets

Anniko, M.; Sarkady, L., 1978:
The effects of mercurial poisoning on the vestibular system

Matuda S.; Obo F., 1980:
The effects of mercuric chloride ferri cyanide and hydrogen per oxide on the hemo globin from ascaris body wall and mercury ii hemo globin derivative

Cloutier Mantha L.; Brown D.A., 1980:
The effects of mercury exposure on intra cellular distribution of mercury copper and zinc in skeletonema costatum

Manolache V.; Marcoci S., 1985:
The effects of mercury intoxication and detoxication on the liver of cyprinus carpio

Mckenney, C.L.Jr ; Costlow, J.D.J., 1982:
The effects of mercury on developing larvae of rhithropanopeus harrisii 1. interactions of temperature salinity and mercury on larval development

Innes J.M.; Gordon M.I., 1985:
The effects of mere presence and a mirror on performance of a motor task

McKee, G.J.; Ferguson, M.W., 1984:
The effects of mesencephalic neural crest cell extirpation on the development of chicken embryos

Itil, T.M.; Michael, S.T.; Shapiro, D.M.; Itil, K.Z., 1984:
The effects of mesterolone, a male sex hormone in depressed patients (a double blind controlled study)

Kesby, G.J.; Lumbers, E.R., 1988:
The effects of metabolic acidosis on renal function of fetal sheep

Hensley, P.; O'Keefe, M.C.; Spangler, C.J.; Osborne, J.C.; Vogel, C.W., 1986:
The effects of metal ions and temperature on the interaction of cobra venom factor and human complement factor B

Kaneko T.; Suzuki H.; Takahashi T., 1987:
The effects of metal ions on diacetyl production by streptococcus lactis ssp diacetylactis 3022

Bennett E.O.; Gannon J.E.; Onyekwelu I.U., 1982:
The effects of metals upon the inhibitory activities of cutting fluid preservatives

Mcdonald M.S., 1979:
The effects of meteorological conditions on the concentration of airborne pollen over an estuarine area on the west coast of ireland

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The effects of metepa on the embryonic development of leptinotarsa decemlineata

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The effects of methadone on cortical and subcortical electro encephalogram in the rat

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The effects of methallibure on conspecific visual reinforcement social display frequency and spawning in the paradise fish macropodus opercularis belontiidae

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The effects of methallibure on spawning in the roach rutilus rutilus teleostei

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The effects of methanol ethanol propanol and butanol on bacterial attachment to surfaces

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The effects of methaqualone on the temperature regulation of mice

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The effects of methionine levels on skin collagen in new born rats

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The effects of methionyl enkephalin and leucyl enkephalin on spinal neurons of the cat

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The effects of method of processing of starters tallow inclusion and roughage supplementation on the performance of early weaned calves

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The effects of methods on estimates of primary molt duration in the redshank tringa totanus

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The effects of methoxychlor on riffle invertebrate populations and communities

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The effects of methoxyflurane and ether alone or in combination with apo morphine or 2 bromo alpha ergocryptine cb 154 on prolactin release in ovariectomized estrogen treated rats

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The effects of methyl beta carboline 3 carboxylate on social interaction and locomotor activity when microinjected into the nucleus raphe dorsalis of the rat

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The effects of methyl glyoxal bis guanyl hydrazone on a transplantable murine renal cell adeno carcinoma

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The effects of methyl mercury di cyandiamide on the peripheral nerves and spinal cord of rats

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The effects of methyl methanesulfonate sensitive mutations in drosophila melanogaster on paternal sex chromosome loss and nondisjunctions

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The effects of methyl prednisolone and diabetes on the turnover of alanine and on the transfer of carbon atoms from alanine to pyruvate and glucose in dogs

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The effects of methyl viologen on gloeocapsa sp lb 795 and their relationship to the inhibition of acetylene reduction nitrogen fixation by oxygen

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The effects of methylated thymidines on cultures of v 79 cells and the mechanism of incorporation of o 4 methyl thymidine into their dna

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The effects of methylphenidate and dextro amphetamine related to route of administration

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The effects of methylphenidate on the mother child interactions of hyperactive identical twins

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The effects of methylphenidate on the soft neurological signs of hyperactive children

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The effects of methylxanthines ethymisole ephedrine and papaverine on guinea pig and dog trachea

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The effects of methysergide on the pulmonary circulation

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The effects of metoclopramide and dopamine on aldosterone secretion in cultured adrenocortical adenoma cells and adjacent non-adenoma cells from patients with primary aldosteronism

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The effects of metoprolol given early in acute myocardial infarction on ventricular arrhythmias

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The effects of metribuzin on larval populations of alfalfa weevil hypera postica coleoptera curculionidae

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The effects of metyrapone metopirone on the half life time of phenazone antipyrine in rabbits

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The effects of micro arthropods on litter decomposition in a chihuahuan mexico desert ecosystem

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The effects of micro electrophoretically applied estrogen cortisol and acetyl choline on medial preoptic septal unit activity throughout the estrous cycle of the female rat

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The effects of micro environment on the organism 1. physical chemical and biological features of the micro environment in cages made of concrete containing volatile cinders and in poly styrene cages

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The effects of micro environment on the organism 3. patho morphological changes in the pituitary of rats reared in cages made of concrete containing volatile cinders and in poly styrene cages

Wegiel, J.; Waniewski, E.; Dumanski, Z., 1979:
The effects of micro environment on the organism 4. patho morphological changes in mammary gland of rats reared in cages made of concrete containing volatile cinders and in poly styrene cages

Wegiel, J.; Waniewski, E.; Dumanski, Z., 1979:
The effects of micro environment on the organism 5. patho morphological changes in the testicles of rats reared in cages made of concrete containing volatile cinders and in poly styrene cages

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The effects of micro iontophoretically applied opioids and opiate antagonists on nociceptive responses of neurons of the caudal reticular formation in the rat

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The effects of microphone spacing on auditory localization

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The effects of microwave energy and convection heating on wheat starch granule transformations

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The effects of microwave radiation on micro tubules and axonal transport

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The effects of microwave radiation on the vitality of isolated from sciatic nerves

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The effects of midazolam on the general, coronary and cerebral circulation

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The effects of middle ear muscle contraction on auditory and overload thresholds

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The effects of midodrine and alpha 2 5 dimethoxyphenyl beta aminoenthanol hydrochloride on the rat uterus in situ

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The effects of mild hypoxia on a logical reasoning task

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The effects of milk feeding on the pre weaning and post weaning growth of calves and on stomach development at weaning

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The effects of milk proteins on plasma aminated acids in premature infants

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The effects of milking cows 3 times daily

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The effects of milrinone on action potential characteristics, conduction, automaticity, and reflected reentry in isolated myocardial fibers

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The effects of mineral fertilization on morphological features of potato tops and content of pigments in leaves

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The effects of mineral nutrition and density on root interactions in 3 grass species

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The effects of mineral nutrition in the digoxin contents in digitalis lanata

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The effects of minoxidil on pulmonary and systemic hemodynamics in hypertensive man

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The effects of miracidial aging and dilution of snail conditioned water on responses of miracidia of megalodiscus temperatus

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The effects of mis classification on the estimation of relative risk

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The effects of missing plant rates and models on top part compensation and grain yield in soybean

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The effects of mite allergens on the electrophoretic mobility of guinea pig lymphocytes

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The effects of mitochondrial energetics inhibitors on the fluorescence of potential sensitive dyes rhodamine 123 and 3 3' dipropylthiodicarbocyanine in lymphocyte suspensions

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The effects of mitomycin c on the process of re myelination in the mammalian peripheral nervous system

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The effects of mixed species flocking on the vigilance of shorebirds who do they trust

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The effects of mixing barley cultivars on incidence of powdery mildew erysiphe graminis and on yield in northern ireland

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The effects of mixing italian ryegrass lolium multiflorum cultivar rvp with perennial ryegrass lolium perenne cultivar endura or red clover trifolium pratense cultivar hungaropoly on the incidence of viruses

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The effects of mixing transport and duration of lairage on carcass characteristics in commercial bacon weight pigs

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The effects of model fidelity and competition in an animal selection simulation on professional breeders attitude toward the simulation

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The effects of model similarity and model talk on self efficacy and muscular endurance

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The effects of models exhortations demands and practices on childrens donation behavior

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The effects of moderate changes of extracellular potassium and calcium on synaptic and neural function in the ca 1 region of the hippocampal slice

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The effects of moderate heat stress on mental performance

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The effects of moderate heat stress on patients with ischemic heart disease

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The effects of moderate multi variate nonnormality on wilks likelihood ratio criterion

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The effects of modernization and migration on Samoan blood pressures

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The effects of modification of the carboxyl terminal regions of bovine thyrotropin and its subunits

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The effects of modified culture conditions on protein synthesis in the rabbit lens

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The effects of modifying sucrose concentration on the development of maize kernels grown in vitro

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The effects of modulation of microsomal epoxide hydrolase activity on microsome catalyzed activation of benzo a pyrene and its covalent binding to dna

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The effects of moisture content and incubation temperature upon the potential cellulase activity of john innes 1 soil

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The effects of moisture on acetylene reduction by mats of blue green algae in subtropical grassland

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The effects of moisture propionic acid sodium hydroxide and anaerobiosis on the stability of vitamin e in stored barley

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The effects of moisture regime and incubation period on the dissolution of north carolina phosphate rock in soil

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The effects of moisture stress on the germination of some australian native grass seeds

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The effects of moisturizers determined by measurement of transepidermal water loss

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The effects of molecular parameters of pectin substrates on the activities of pectinesterases from aspergillus niger and from higher plants

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The effects of molecular parameters of the galacturonan substrate on the activity of a poly galacturonase ec from tomatoes

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The effects of molsidomine and its metabolite sin 1 n morpholino n nitrosamino acetonitrile on coronary vessel tone platelet aggregation and eicosanoid formation in vitro inhibition of 12 l hydroxy 5 8 10 14 eicosatetraenoic acid biosynthesis

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The effects of mon ocular deprivation on the development of the rat trochlear nerve

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The effects of mono amines on tarantula skeletal muscle

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The effects of mono chloramine on selected riverine fishes

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The effects of monocular deprivation on the size glutamic acid decarboxylase positive neurons in the cats dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus

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The effects of monocular deprivation on the visual latency of geniculate x cells and y cells in the cat

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The effects of monthly formalin treatments on the survival of Salmonellae in earthen sheep yard debris

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The effects of mood variation on state dependent retention

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The effects of morning stiffness on basic parameters of work of rheumatoid hand

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The effects of morphine and enkephalin on gallbladder function in experimental cholecystitis inhibition of inflammatory gallbladder secretion

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The effects of morphine and morphine related compounds on the rate of afferent discharges from the pulmonary receptors in the bullfrog rana catesbeiana

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The effects of morphine and nalbuphine on intestinal transit in mice

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The effects of morphine and nalorphine on the jaw opening reflex in rabbits

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The effects of morphine like and nalorphine like drugs in the nondependent morphine dependent and cyclazocine dependent chronic spinal dog

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The effects of morphine on biliary dynamics a scintigraphic study with technetium 99m hida

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The effects of morphine on isolated cutaneous canine vascular smooth muscle

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The effects of morphine on the mechanical properties of the systemic circulation in the dog

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The effects of morphine on venous tone in patients with acute pulmonary edema

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The effects of morphology orientation and position of grass diaspores on seedling survival

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The effects of mosquito control re circulation ditches on the fish community of a san francisco bay california usa salt marsh

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The effects of mother plant nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition on hollow heart and bleaching of pea pisum sativum seed

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The effects of motor trigeminal de nucleation on rat masticatory muscles

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The effects of motor way construction on an urban stream

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The effects of mount st helens washington usa volcanic ash on the pulmonary function of 120 elementary school children

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The effects of mountainous grazing on type and cross sectional area of muscle fiber in holstein steers

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The effects of mouse alpha feto protein on thymus derived cell dependent and thymus derived cell independent immune responses in vitro

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The effects of movement on perspective taking and the coordination of perspectives

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The effects of movement velocity, mass displaced, and task certainty on associated postural adjustments made by normal and hemiplegic individuals

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The effects of multitalker and masker noise on fundamental frequency variability during spontaneous speech for children and adults

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The effects of municipal wastewater effluent on the growth of porphyra yezoensis in the case of static culture

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The effects of muscle cooling and stretch on muscle spindle secondary endings in the cat

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The effects of mutations towards uv sensitivity in yeast

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The effects of myasthenic immunoglobulin G on neuromuscular transmission in mouse diaphragm

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The effects of mycorrhizal forming amendments on the re vegetation of bituminous strip mine spoils

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The effects of myocardial perfusion with perfluorochemical substances

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The effects of myometrial activity on fetal thoracic dimensions and uterine blood flow during late gestation in the sheep

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The effects of n 2 hydroxyethylpiperazine n' 2 ethanesulfonic acid bicarbonate and calcium on the cyclic gmp content of vertebrate rod photoreceptors and the isolated electrophysiological effects of cyclic gmp and calcium

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The effects of n 6 1 methylcyclopentyladenosine on sleep in rats

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The effects of n butanol vapor on respiratory rate and tidal volume

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The effects of n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine on kb cells 1. growth inhibition and cell killing in relation to inhibition of macro molecular synthesis

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The effects of n phenyl n methyl urea defenuron on the development of amphibia rana temporaria

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The effects of n4 methylcytosine and 5 methylcytosine on the thermal stability of dna double helix

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The effects of nacartocin and oxytocin on the cardiovascular system of rabbits in vivo

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The effects of nadolol on various cardiac tissues in normoxia and on atrial muscle in simulated ischemia

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The effects of nadph concentration on the reduction of cytochrome p 450 lm2

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The effects of nadph its structural analogues and coenzyme a and its derivatives on the rate of dissociation conformation and enzyme activity of the pigeon liver fatty acid synthetase complex

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The effects of nafazatrom on arrhythmias and prostanoid release during coronary artery occlusion and re perfusion in anesthetized greyhounds

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The effects of naftifine on the ultrastructure of Candida parapsilosis: a freeze fracture study

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The effects of nalidixic acid on respiratory activity of asynchronous and synchronous cultures of Alcaligenes eutrophus

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The effects of naloxone and nalorphine during the development of morphine dependence in rhesus monkeys

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The effects of naloxone and picro toxin on the sedative and anti conflict effects of benzodiazepines

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The effects of naloxone associated with the intrathecal use of morphine in labor

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The effects of naloxone in chronic schizophrenia

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The effects of naloxone on canine splanchnic arterial smooth muscle

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The effects of naloxone on glucose uptake and metabolism in the isolated perfused hindlimb of the rat

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The effects of naloxone on the analgesic activities of general anesthetics

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The effects of naloxone reversal on enflurane nitrous oxide oxygen anesthesia

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The effects of nandrolone, testosterone and their decanoate esters on murine lupus

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The effects of naphthalene acetic acid kinetin and wound on the callus formation with relation to the biosyntheses of tryptophan and iaa in the cotyledon of mung bean

Howard, B.H., 1984:
The effects of naphthaleneacetic acid based tipoff sprays on apple shoot production in mm.106 stoolbeds

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The effects of narrative and expository organizational instruction on 6th grade childrens comprehension of expository and narrative prose

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The effects of nasal airway obstruction

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The effects of nasal anesthesia on breathing during sleep

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The effects of nasal surgery on the growth of the rabbit snout

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The effects of native and modified bovine serum albumin on the permeability of frog mesenteric capillaries

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The effects of natural enemies on the population dynamics of sugarcane soldier fly inopus rubriceps diptera stratiomyidae

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The effects of natural trichostrongylid larval challenge on 2 year old friesian steers

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The effects of near maximum exercise on serum enzymes the exercise profile vs the cardiac profile

Galen C.; Plowright R.C., 1985:
The effects of nectar level and flower development on pollen carryover in inflorescences of fireweed epilobium angustifolium onagraceae

Galen C., 1983:
The effects of nectar thieving ants on seed set in floral scent morphs of polemonium viscosum

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The effects of negative pressure external high frequency oscillation on cerebral blood flow and cardiac output of the monkey

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The effects of negative reinforcement for irritable aggression on resident intruder behavior

Bawden, R.J., 1970:
The effects of nematode parasitism on the rate of passage of food residues through the alimentary tract of sheep

Williams T.D.; Beane J., 1980:
The effects of nematode resistant and susceptible spring oat cultivars and aldicarb on the cereal cyst nematode heterodera avenae and yields in contrasting soil types

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The effects of neo natal 6 hydroxy dopamine induced sympathectomy on response inhibition in extinction

Purnell D.M., 1980:
The effects of neo natal androgenization on mammary gland mitotic rate and susceptibility to carcinogen tumorigenesis in lew mai rats

Bohn, M.C.; Lauder, J.M., 1978:
The effects of neo natal hydrocortisone on rat cerebellar development an auto radiographic and light microscopic study

Beckwith, B.E.; O'quin, R.K.; Petro, M.S.; Kastin, A.J.; Sandman, C.A., 1977:
The effects of neo natal injections of alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone on the open field behavior of juvenile and adult rats

Diner, H.; Chou, M.D.; Sobel, E.H., 1978:
The effects of neo natal stunting on the development of rats effects of early single dose cortisone on dental development and maturation of nursling and mature rats

Lamperti, A.; Blaha, G., 1976:
The effects of neo natally administered mono sodium glutamate on the reproductive system of adult hamsters

Nation, P.N.; Roth, S.H., 1988:
The effects of neomycin on membrane properties and discharge activity of an isolated sensory neuron

Rathore H.S.; Swarup H., 1980:
The effects of neomycin on puffing in chironomus

Wright, J.M.; Collier, B., 1977:
The effects of neomycin upon transmitter release and action

File, S.E., 1986:
The effects of neonatal administration of clonazepam on passive avoidance and on social, aggressive and exploratory behavior of adolescent male rats

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The effects of neostigmine and atropine on intraductal pressure in the choledochoduodenal junction in dogs

Smith, J.A.; Spriggs, T.L. , 1985:
The effects of neostigmine on the response of the rat anococcygeus muscle to field stimulation are not a consequence of cholinesterase inhibition

Kessler J.A.; Black I.B., 1980:
The effects of nerve growth factor and anti serum to nerve growth factor on the development of embryonic sympathetic neurons in vivo

Rieger F.; Shelanski M.L.; Greene L.A., 1980:
The effects of nerve growth factor of acetyl cholin esterase and its multiple forms in cultures of rat pc 12 pheo chromo cytoma cells increased total specific activity and appearance of the 16s molecular form

Stanley E.F.; Drachman D.B., 1986:
The effects of nerve section on the non quantal release of acetylcholine from the motor nerve terminal

Scott, S.A., 1984:
The effects of neural crest deletions on the development of sensory innervation patterns in embryonic chick hind limb

Leng G., 1981:
The effects of neural stalk stimulation on firing patterns in rat supraoptic neurons

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The effects of neurally active amino acids on pituitary gonadotropin secretion

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The effects of neuraminidase and galactose oxidase on murine lymphocytes part 1 evidence for the differential delivery of signals leading to cell proliferation and the differentiation of cyto toxic thymus derived cells

Kuppers R.C.; Henney C.S., 1979:
The effects of neuraminidase and galactose oxidase on murine lymphocytes part 2 induction of thymus derived suppressor cells

Uecer U.; Engel W., 1981:
The effects of neuraminidase and gangliosides on ovarian luteinizing hormone human chorionic gonadotropin receptors during rat development

Bennett M.B.; Rankin J.C., 1986:
The effects of neurohypophyseal hormones on the vascular resistance of the isolated perfused gill of the european eel anguilla anguilla

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The effects of neuroleptic drugs on the social interactions of hospitalized psychotic patients

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The effects of neuroleptics on attention in adolescent schizophrenics

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The effects of neuroleptics on tardive dyskinesia a randomized investigation with video control of chlorprothixene perphenazine haloperidol and haloperidol plus biperiden

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The effects of neuroleptics on the gamma amino butyric acid receptor of cat primary afferent neurons

Kawamura K., 1980:
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