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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6667

Chapter 6667 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vorob'eva L.M.; Shcherbakova I.Yu; Krasnovskii A.A., 1979:
The effects of organic solvent vapors on the proto chlorophyllic complex from etiolated leaves conditions for reversible and irreversible destruction

Andersson, K.K.; Benyamin, Y.; Douzou, P.; Balny, C., 1979:
The effects of organic solvents and temperature on the desorption of yeast 3 phospho glycerate kinase ec from immuno adsorbent

Hickey R.F.; Vanderwielen J.; Switzenbaum M.S., 1987:
The effects of organic toxicants on methane production and hydrogen gas levels during the anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge

Farrell A.P.; Macleod K.; Driedzic W.R., 1982:
The effects of organization for economic cooperation and development pre load after load and epinephrine on cardiac performance in the sea raven hemitripterus americanus

Sloley B.D.; Owen M.D., 1982:
The effects of organo phosphorus poisoning on dopamine and 5 hydroxy tryptamine concentrations in the brain of the cricket acheta pennsylvanicus and the cockroach periplaneta americana

Argaman Y.; Hucks C.E.; Shelby S.E.Jr, 1984:
The effects of organo tin on the activated sludge process

Cacioppo J.T.; Petty R.E., 1980:
The effects of orienting task on differential hemispheric electro encephalographic activation

Rankin, J.L.; Hyland, T.P., 1983:
The effects of orienting tasks on adult age differences in recall and recognition

Hung, S.; Umemura, T.; Yamashiro, S.; Slinger, S.J.; Holub, B.J., 1977:
The effects of original and randomized rapeseed oils containing high or very low levels of erucic acid on cardiac lipids and myo cardial lesions in rats

Goldman R.M.; Tarr R.S.; Pinchuk B.G.; Kappler R.E., 1985:
The effects of oscillating inversion on systemic blood pressure pulse intraocular pressure and central retinal arterial pressure

Furutani S.C.; Zandstra B.H.; Price H.C., 1986:
The effects of osmotic solute composition and duration and temperature of priming on onion seed germination

Wright P.J.; Reed R.H., 1985:
The effects of osmotic stress on intracellular hexitols in the marine brown alga himanthalia elongata

Pichon, Y.; Treherne, J.E., 1976:
The effects of osmotic stress on the electrical properties of the axons of a marine osmo conformer maia squinado brachyura crustacea

Smith, C.M.; Satoh, K.; Fork, D.C., 1986:
The effects of osmotic tissue dehydration and air drying on morphology and energy transfer in two species of porphyra

Kypson, J.; Hait, G., 1971:
The effects of ouabain, calcium and potassium on the transport and incorporation of some amino acids into rabbit atrial tissue in vitro

Mori T.; Ogita Y.; Nakatsuji R.; Kajikawa D.; Shimo Oku M., 1986:
The effects of ouabain cytochalasin and bicarbonate ions on cultured cat corneal endothelium

Braley, L.M.; Williams, G.H., 1978:
The effects of ouabain on steroid production by rat adrenal cells stimulated by angiotensin ii alpha 1 24 acth and potassium

Chideckel E.W.; Frost J.L.; Mike P.; Fedan J.S., 1987:
The effects of ouabain on tension in isolated respiratory tract smooth muscle of humans and other species

Mahadevan, M.M.; Wiseman, D.; Leader, A.; Taylor, P.J., 1985:
The effects of ovarian adhesive disease upon follicular development in cycles of controlled stimulation for in vitro fertilization

Carson, R.L.; Wolfe, D.F.; Klesius, P.H.; Kemppainen, R.J.; Scanlan, C.M., 1988:
The effects of ovarian hormones and ACTH on uterine defense to Corynebacterium pyogenes in cows

Lupo-Di-Prisco, C.; Lucarini, N.; Bellini-Cardellini, L.; Polzonetti-Magni, A., 1976:
The effects of ovariectomy and hypophysectomy on cortico steroidogenesis by the adrenals of rana esculenta

Hooper, K.C., 1968:
The effects of ovariectomy and injected estradiol mono benzoate metab on poly peptide metabolism in the hypothalamus rabbit enz peptidase

Csapo, A.I., 1977:
The effects of ovariectomy and stretch on the regulatory profile and activity of the uterus

Kelly, M.J.; Moss, R.L.; Dudley, C.A., 1978:
The effects of ovariectomy on the responsiveness of preoptic septal neurons to micro electrophoresed estrogen

Mineka, S., 1978:
The effects of over training on flooding of jump up and shuttle box avoidance responses

Marszalkowski G., 1985:
The effects of overdoses of the herbicide methabenzthiazuron on some aspects of summer wheat triticum aestivum cultivar urbanka physiology

Tenczer, J.; Littmann, L.; Rohla, M.; Fenyvesi, T., 1985:
The effects of overdrive pacing and lidocaine on atrioventricular junctional rhythm in man: the role of abnormal automaticity

Klee H.J.; Horsch R.B.; Hinchee M.A.; Hein M.B.; Hoffmann N.L., 1987:
The effects of overproduction of two agrobacterium tumefaciens t dna auxin biosynthetic gene products in transgenic petunia plants

Carey, R.M.; Johanson, A.J.; Seif, S.M., 1977:
The effects of ovine prolactin on water and electrolyte excretion in man are attributable to vasopressin contamination

Lee C.C.; H.D.B.; Park Y.C.; Kim S.J.; Chung K.W., 1987:
The effects of ovoinhibitor on myoblast differentiation

Blaney B.J.; Gartner R.J.W.; Mckenzie R.A., 1981:
The effects of oxalate in some tropical grasses on the availability to horses of calcium phosphorus and magnesium

Blaney B.J.; Gartner R.J.W.; Head T.A., 1982:
The effects of oxalate in tropical grasses on calcium phosphorus and magnesium availability to cattle

Pashley D.H.; Galloway S.E., 1985:
The effects of oxalate treatment on the smear layer of ground surfaces of human dentin

Saksena, K.N.; Mink, G.I., 1970:
The effects of oxidized phenolic compounds on the infectivity of 4 stable viruses

Maggini C.; Guazzelli M.; Ciapparelli A.; Starnini S.; Bonollo L.; Martini A., 1988:
The effects of oxiracetam and d amphetamine on all night electroencephalogram sleep in young healthy subjects

Itil T.M.; Menon G.N.; Bozak M.; Songar A., 1982:
The effects of oxiracetam isf 2522 in patients with organic brain syndrome a double blind controlled study with piracetam

Morrison, E.S.; Frick, J.; Kroms, M., 1978:
The effects of oxygen concentration and albumin on respiration and aerobic glycolysis in rabbit aortic intima media

Takeda, T.; Tsuchiya, M.; Agata, W., 1978:
The effects of oxygen concentration on the photosynthesis and the growth of crop plants 4. the effect of subambient oxygen concentration during light or darkness on the growth and the leaf expansion of rice oryza sativa and barnyard millet echinochloa crus galli

Smith, P.L.; Haponik, E.F.; Bleecker, E.R., 1984:
The effects of oxygen in patients with sleep apnea

Gibbons G.C., 1983:
The effects of oxygen nitrogen and carbon di oxide steeping regimes on endosperm modification and embryo growth of germinating barley hordeum vulgare seeds

Scott R.I.; Sladen S.; Maidment M.; Rashid T.; Pratsis C.; Perry D., 1988:
The effects of oxygen on beta lactam biosynthesis by alginate entrapped streptomyces clavuligerus

Dromgoole, F.I., 1978:
The effects of oxygen on dark respiration and apparent photosynthesis of marine macro algae

Lloyd D.; James C.J.; Lloyd A.L.; Yarlett N.; Yarlett N.C., 1987:
The effects of oxygen on fermentation in tritrichomonas foetus kv1 an its variant 1mr 100 with defective hydrogenosomes

Thomasset, B.; Barbotin, J.N.; Thomas, D., 1984:
The effects of oxygen solubility and high concentrations of salts on photosynthetic electron transport in chloroplast membranes

Booth J.H., 1979:
The effects of oxygen supply epinephrine and acetyl choline on the distribution of blood flow in trout gills

Linzell, J.L.; Peaker, M., 1971:
The effects of oxytocin and milk removal on milk secretion in the goat

Morris R.; Farmery S.M.; Roberts C.J.; Hill R.G., 1984:
The effects of oxytocin and vasotocin analogs on the responses of rat brainstem neurons to oxytocin

Hidalgo Balsera A.; Beneit Montesinos J.V.; Lorenzo Fernandez P.; Sanchez Alonso F.; Botella Llusia J.; Borrego Ruiz A., 1982:
The effects of oxytocin on contractility of the human uterine artery

Beck, L.R.; Flowers, C.E.; Blair, W.D., 1979:
The effects of oxytocin on fetal scalp temperature

Okabe T.; Kataoka K.; Matsuki S., 1985:
The effects of oxytocin on glucose oxidation in the uterus

Skeffington R.A.; Roberts T.M., 1985:
The effects of ozone and acid mist on scotch pine pinus sylvestris saplings

Koenig, J.Q.; Covert, D.S.; Marshall, S.G.; Van Belle, G.; Pierson, W.E., 1987:
The effects of ozone and nitrogen dioxide on pulmonary function in healthy and in asthmatic adolescents

Montes, R.A.; Blum, U.; Heagle, A.S., 1982:
The effects of ozone and nitrogen fertilizer on tall fescue festuca arundinacea cultivar kentucky 31 and ladino clover trifolium repens cultivar tillman and a fescue clover mixture 1. growth re growth and forage production

Montes, R.A.; Blum, U.; Heagle, A.S.; Volk, R.J., 1983:
The effects of ozone and nitrogen fertilizer on tall fescue festuca arundinacea ladino clover trifolium repens and a fescue clover mixture 2. nitrogen content and nitrogen fixation

Giri S.N.; Hollinger M.A.; Schiedt M.J., 1980:
The effects of ozone and paraquat on prostaglandin f 2 alpha and prostaglandin e 2 levels in plasma and combined pleural effusion and lung lavage of rats

Garrett H.E.; Hedrick H.G.; Carney J.L., 1982:
The effects of ozone and sulfur di oxide on respiration of ecto mycorrhizal fungi

Blum U.; Heagle A.S.; Burns J.C.; Linthurst R.A., 1983:
The effects of ozone on fescue festuca arundinacea cultivar kentucky 31 and clover trifolium repens cultivar tillman forage re growth yield and quality

Lucot J.B.; Horwitz J.; Seiden L.S., 1981:
The effects of p chloro amphetamine administration on loco motor activity and serotonin in neo natal and adult rats

File, S.E.; Hyde, J.R.G., 1977:
The effects of p chlorophenyl alanine and ethanolamine o sulfate in an animal test of anxiety

Jackson H.F.; Broadhurst P.L., 1982:
The effects of p chlorophenyl alanine and stimulus intensity on open field test measures in rats

Savard P.; Merand Y.; Dupont A., 1984:
The effects of p chlorophenyl alanine treatment on the substance p content measured in discrete brain nuclei of normal and neo natally induced hypo thyroid rats

Hayden P.A.; Adams M.R.; Jordahl N., 1982:
The effects of pacing and masking on speech initiation times of stutterers and nonstutterers

Lofdahl C G.; Marlin G.E.; Svedmyr N., 1983:
The effects of pafenolol and metoprolol on ventilatory function and hemodynamics during exercise by asthmatic patients

Dubanoski, R.A.; Kong, C., 1977:
The effects of pain cues on the behavior of high and low aggressive boys

Stohler C.S.; Ashton Miller J.A.; Carlson D.S., 1988:
The effects of pain from the mandibular joint and muscles on masticatory motor behavior in man

Cowan, J.C.; Williams, E.M.V., 1977:
The effects of palmitate on intra cellular potentials recorded from langendorff perfused guinea pig hearts in normoxia and hypoxia and during perfusion at reduced rate of flow

Pender P.M.; Compton H.; Cox G.B.; Benson W.E., 1981:
The effects of pan retinal photo coagulation on dark adaptation in diabetes with proliferative retinopathy

Fowden, A.L.; Comline, R.S., 1984:
The effects of pancreatectomy on the sheep fetus in utero

Hase K., 1987:
The effects of pancuronium and vecuronium on the norepinephrine dose response curve in the aortic strip of cat

Asano, S.; Takino, Y.; Kou, H.; Iinuma, S.; Nagano, M., 1987:
The effects of pancuronium and vecuronium on urinary catecholamine excretion during upper abdominal surgery

Murai, A.; Miyahara, T.; Tanaka, T.; Sako, Y.; Nishimura, N.; Kameyama, M., 1985:
The effects of pantethine on lipid and lipoprotein abnormalities in survivors of cerebral infarction

Moorjani, P.A.; Miller, J.J.; Bock, G.R., 1985:
The effects of paracetamol on frusemide ototoxicity

D.N.ef J.H.; Jordan K.M.; Porsius A.J., 1982:
The effects of paraoxon on blood pressure in the anesthetized and in the conscious rat

Faulkner J.S., 1980:
The effects of paraquat and glyphosate residues in sprayed herbage on the development of seedlings of a normal and a paraquat tolerant variety of lolium perenne

Fairshter, R.D.; Miyada, D.S.; Ulich, T.R.; Tipper, P., 1986:
The effects of paraquat dichloride on clinical chemistry measurements

Kitzler, J.; Fridovich, I., 1986:
The effects of paraquat on Escherichia coli: distinction between bacteriostasis and lethality

Barabas K.; Szabo L.; Varga S.I.; Berencsi G.; Bartkowiak A.; Matkovics B., 1982:
The effects of paraquat on the per oxide metabolism enzymes in guinea pig

Nagabhushanam R.; Vaidya D.P., 1980:
The effects of parasitism by larval trematodes cercaria indicae on the kidney and excretory products of fresh water snail indoplanorbis exustus

Galloway T.D.; Brust R.A., 1985:
The effects of parasitism by romanomermis culicivorax nematoda mermithidae on growth and development of aedes vexans diptera culicidae in laboratory and field tests

Craggs M.D.; Stephenson J.D., 1982:
The effects of parasympathetic blocking agents on bladder electro myograms and function in conscious and anesthetized cats

Sun T J.; Taylor D.H., 1983:
The effects of parathion on acquisition and retention of shuttle box avoidance conditioning in the goldfish carassius auratus

Severson, A.R., 1985:
The effects of parathyroid hormone, dibutyryl cyclic AMP, calcitonin and colchicine on glucosamine incorporation into bone cells

Stamps J.; Clark A.; Kus B.; Arrowood P., 1987:
The effects of parent and offspring gender on food allocation in budgerigars

Shami S.A.; Siddiqui H., 1984:
The effects of parental consanguinity in rawalpindi city punjab pakistan

Andrei A.; Schiaroli G.; Nencioni C.; Riccardi P., 1984:
The effects of parenteral treatment with sulfomucopolysaccharides on the lipemic and hemocoagulative state in subjects with type iib or iv hyperlipoproteinemia

Alcala T.; Aguilar R.; Bellido C., 1985:
The effects of pargyline on stress response by carbon dioxide

Aonuma, S.; Kohama, Y.; Nomura, M.; Hirano, A.; Fukuda, C.; Mori, C.; Aonuma, S., 1983:
The effects of parotin components on testosterone biosynthesis in rats

Frdyl P., 1979:
The effects of parrotfish scaridae on coral in barbados west indies

Tassava R.A.; Laux D.L.; Treece D.P., 1985:
The effects of partial and complete denervation on adult newt notophthalmus viridescens forelimb blastema cell cycle parameters

Lavie, P.; Fischel, N.; Zomer, J.; Eliaschar, I., 1983:
The effects of partial and complete mechanical occlusion of the nasal passages on sleep structure and breathing in sleep

Betz W.J.; Caldwell J.H.; Ribchester R.R., 1980 :
The effects of partial de nervation at birth on the development of muscle fibers and motor units in rat lumbrical muscle

Moss R.L.; Giulian G.G.; Greaser M.L., 1985:
The effects of partial extraction of troponin c upon the tension calcium tension relationship in rabbit skinned skeletal muscle fibers

Hadjipanayiotou, M.; Louca, A., 1976:
The effects of partial suckling on the lactation performance of chios sheep and damascus goats and the growth rate of the lambs and kids

Henderson R.; Hughes P.E., 1984:
The effects of partial weaning movement and boar contact on the subsequent reproductive performance of lactating sows

Barton T.P.; Ziemer P.L., 1986:
The effects of particle size and moisture content on the emanation of radon from coal ash

Williams, M.R.; Halliday, R.; MacLeod, A.R., 1978:
The effects of passive antibodies to egg albumin on active immunity in lambs to Brucella abortus and egg albumin

Rossing T.H.; Saari A.F.; Lazarus J.M.; Weiss J.W., 1986:
The effects of passive carbon dioxide removal on breathing pattern in humans

Stewart K.M.; Archibald R.D., 1987:
The effects of pasture management on population density and diseases of porina lepidoptera hepialidae

Listov, M.V., 1977:
The effects of pathogenic protozoa on hormone balance of darkling beetles coleoptera tenebrionidae

Hyde, T.S., 1976:
The effects of pavlovian conditioned stimuli on 2 food reinforced baselines with and without noncontingent shock

Heath, R.A., 1977:
The effects of pay offs on attention in a bi sensory signal detection task

Adams, J.A.; Slaughter-Williams, S., 1988:
The effects of pcb's aroclor 1254 and aroclor 1016 on fertilization and morphology in arbacia punctulata

Rubenstein, J.; Howes, C., 1976:
The effects of peers on toddler interaction with mother and toys

Musolino R.; Gallitto G.; Bianchi L.; Santoro M.; Bonanzinga M.; D.D.menico P.; D.S.efano G.; D.P.rri R., 1983:
The effects of penicillin on the electro corticogram of rabbit

Cantelmo, A.C.; Rao, K.R., 1978:
The effects of penta chloro phenol and 2 4 di nitro phenol on the oxygen consumption of tissues from the blue crab callinectes sapidus under different osmotic conditions

Madge D.S., 1981:
The effects of penta chloro phenol on intestinal solute absorption and fluid transfer in mice

Courtney, K.D.; Copeland, M.F.; Robbins, A., 1976:
The effects of penta chloronitro benzene hexa chloro benzene and related compounds on fetal development

Yousri R.; Hanke W., 1985:
The effects of pentachlorophenol phenol and other pollutants on the liver of carp cyprinus carpio

Shemerovskii K.A., 1987:
The effects of pentagastrin on the gastroduodenal myoelectrical activity during muscarinic cholinergic receptor activation and blockade

Morris, M.; Knigge, K.M., 1976:
The effects of pento barbital and ether anesthesia on hypothalamic luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in the rat

Evans C.A.; Kerkut G.A., 1979:
The effects of pento barbital sodium anesthesia shock avoidance conditioning and electric shock on acetyl cholin esterase activity and protein content in regions of the rat brain

Evans, C.A.; Kerkut, G.A., 1977:
The effects of pento barbitone sodium anesthesia shock avoidance conditioning and electrical shock on acetyl cholin esterase activity and protein content in regions of the rat brain

Bowyer J.F.; Albertson T.E., 1982:
The effects of pentylene tetrazole bicuculline and strychnine on the development of kindled seizures

Williamson, T.L.; Crill, W.E., 1976:
The effects of pentylene tetrazole on molluscan neurons part 1 intra cellular recording and stimulation

Williamson, T.L.; Crill, W.E., 1976:
The effects of pentylene tetrazole on molluscan neurons part 2 voltage clamp studies

Mashimo K.; Sekiya Y., 1981:
The effects of pentylene tetrazole on voltage dependent and calcium mediated potassium currents in the neurons of the snail euhadra hickonis

Bhargava H.N., 1981:
The effects of peptides on tolerance to the cataleptic and hypo thermic effects of morphine in the rat

Smith, A.J.; Leaver, A.G., 1978:
The effects of per iodate degradation and collagenase digestion on the organic matrix of human dentin

Singer P.C.; Borchardt J.H.; Colthurst J.M., 1980:
The effects of per manganate pre treatment on tri halo methane formation in drinking water

Young C.M.A.; Hopewell J.W., 1983:
The effects of per operative x irradiation on the survival and blood flow of pedicle skin flaps in the pig

Nanto S.; Kodama K.; Taniura K.; Naka M.; Koretsune Y., 1986:
The effects of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty on coronary flow reserve

Hicks, T.E.; Boswick, J.A.; Solomons, C.C., 1980:
The effects of perfusion on an amputated extremity

McDonald, G.S., 1979:
The effects of perhexiline maleate (Pexid) and alcohol on rat liver

Daniell, H.B.; Saelens, D.A.; Webb, J.G., 1979:
The effects of perhexiline on the sympathetic nervous system

Holter, A.R.; Fischer, J.E., 1977:
The effects of peri operative hyper alimentation on complications in patients with carcinoma and weight loss

Charoenwat S.; Soontrapa S.; Hinjiranan S.; Pimpong S., 1986:
The effects of perineal exercises on continence of urine in patients undergoing suprapubic transvesical prostatectomy or transurethral prostatectomy

Beckelhimer S.L.; Weaks T.E., 1984:
The effects of periodic inundation and sedimentation on lichens occurring on acer saccharinum

Talent C.J.W.; Watkinson A.; Langton F.A.; Cockshull K.E., 1979:
The effects of periods of short days on early flowering chrysanthemums grown under glass

Klausner, J.M.; Lelcuk, S.; Inbar, M.; Rozin, R., 1986:
The effects of perioperative fluorouracil administration on convalescence and wound healing

Morley J.E.; Levine A.S.; Hertel H.; Tandeski T.; Seal U.S., 1986:
The effects of peripheral administration of peptides on food intake glucose and insulin in wolf pups

Williams R.B.Jr; Eichelman B.S.; N.L.K.Y., 1979:
The effects of peripheral chemo sympathectomy and adrenalectomy upon blood pressure responses of the rat to foot shock under varying conditions evidence for behavioral effects on patterning of sympathetic nervous system responses

Holdefer R.N.; Jensen R.A., 1987:
The effects of peripheral d amphetamine 4 hydroxyamphetamine and epinephrine on maintained discharge in the locus coeruleus with reference to the modulation of learning and memory by these substances

Sdougos, H.P.; Schultz, D.L.; Tan, L.B.; Bergel, D.H.; Rajagopalan, B.; Lee,, 1982:
The effects of peripheral impedance and inotropic state on the power output of the left ventricle in dogs

Gallozzi C.; Faccini P.; Lupo S.; Guidi G., 1986:
The effects of peripheral weighting of the extremities cardiocirculatory respiratory biochemical and mechanical observations

Pohorecky, L.A., 1986:
The effects of peripherally administered monoaminergic drugs on ethanol diuresis in rats

Naito, K.; Takahashi, M., 1988:
The effects of peritoneal macrophages on monolayered luteal cell progestin secretion in the rat

Garland D.J.; Barry J.R., 1988:
The effects of personality and perceived leader behaviors on performance in collegiate football

Macintyre, E.A.; Tatham, P.E.; Abdul-Gaffar, R.; Linch, D.C., 1988:
The effects of pertussis toxin on human T lymphocytes

Thornhill, W.A.; Edwards, C.A., 1985:
The effects of pesticides and crop rotation on the soil inhabiting fauna of sugar beet fields part i. the crop and macroinvertebrates

Plumb, R.T.; Jenkyn, J.F.; Broom, E.W., 1978:
The effects of pesticides on a perennial rye grass sward

Mahoney B.; Haskin H.H., 1980:
The effects of petroleum hydro carbons on the growth of phyto plankton recognized as food forms for the eastern oyster crassostrea virginica

Cote, R.P., 1976:
The effects of petroleum refinery liquid wastes on aquatic life with special emphasis on the canadian environment

Olson, J.S.; Gibson, Q.H., 1973:
The effects of ph and anions on the properties of the alpha chains and beta chains within human deoxy hemo globin

Mcwilliams, P.G.; Potts, W.T.W., 1978:
The effects of ph and calcium concentrations of gill potentials in the brown trout salmo trutta

Blair G.J.; Lithgow K.B.; Orchard P.W., 1988:
The effects of ph and calcium on the growth of leucaena leucocephala in an oxisol and ultisol soil

Ng, S.Y.; Poel, L.W., 1978:
The effects of ph and carbon di oxide on ion uptake by excised barley roots

Lamarre M., 1979:
The effects of ph and fertilizers on the production of cigarette tobacco

Sung W.; Rezania S., 1985 :
The effects of ph and fluoride on the soluble fraction of aluminum in water coagulated with alum

Son M S.; Chae Y S., 1985:
The effects of ph and frozen storage temperatures on the drip peroxide value and ice morphology of bovine muscle

Asakawa M.; Takagi M., 1983:
The effects of ph and heating on paralytic shellfish poison protogonyaulax tamarensis relating to boiling or canning process of toxic scallops/

Humphrey T.J., 1981:
The effects of ph and levels of organic matter on the death rates of salmonellas in chicken scald tank water

Haynes R.J.; Swift R.S., 1986:
The effects of ph and of form and rate of applied iron on micronutrient availability and nutrient uptake by highbush blueberry vaccinium corymbosum plants grown in peat or soil

Martin R.J.; Iwugo K.O., 1982:
The effects of ph and suspended solids in the removal of organics from waters and waste waters by the activated carbon adsorption process

Brooks, R.L.; Shore, J.D., 1972:
The effects of pH and temperature on hydrogen transfer in the liver alcohol dehydrogenase mechanism

Buchanan, A.G.; Lees, H., 1976:
The effects of ph and temperature on the assay of super oxide dis mutase ec

Hashimoto, A.; Arai, K.I., 1978:
The effects of ph and temperature on the stability of myo fibrillar calcium atpase from some fish species

Aksut G.; Aksut S.V.; Sarikaya Y., 1986:
The effects of ph and time on the formation of the technetium 99m tin n acetyl amino acid complexes

O'Neill, P.; Davies, S.; Fielden, E.M.; Calabrese, L.; Capo, C.; Marmocchi, F.; Natoli, G.; Rotilio, G., 1988:
The effects of pH and various salts upon the activity of a series of superoxide dismutases

Baker, R.R.; Chang, H.Y., 1986:
The effects of pH, buffers, and fatty acid concentration on the incorporation of radioactive arachidonate into endogenous neuronal nuclear lipids

Fleitman J.; Perrin J.H., 1982:
The effects of ph calcium and chloride ions on the binding of benoxaprofen to human serum albumin circular dichroic and dialysis measurements

Matsuyama, K.; Sen, A.C.; Perrin, J.H., 1987:
The effects of pH, calcium and chloride ions on the binding of tolmetin to human serum albumin: circular dichroic, dialysis and fluorometric measurements

Drew R.L.K.; Brocklehurst P.A., 1985:
The effects of ph during treatment of lettuce seeds with chlorine releasing compounds on germination and seedling development

Strobel, G.E.; Bianchi, C.P., 1970:
The effects of ph gradients on the uptake and distribution of carbon 14 procaine and lidocaine in intact and de sheathed sciatic nerve trunks

Huberman, M.; Goren, R.; Birk, Y., 1975:
The Effects of pH, Ionic Strength, and Ethylene on the Extraction of Cellulase from Abscission Zones of Citrus Leaf Explants

Varbanova, Z.; Bache, B.W., 1975:
The effects of ph on adsorption and desorption of potassium in a granitic soil

Robertson S.P.; Kerrick W.G.L., 1979:
The effects of ph on calcium ion activated force in frog skeletal muscle fibers

Edwards, C.A.; Duerden, B.I.; Read, N.W., 1985:
The effects of pH on colonic bacteria grown in continuous culture

Renaud J.M.; Mainwood G.W., 1985:
The effects of ph on the kinetics of fatigue and recovery in frog rana pipiens sartorius muscle

Shiraishi, A.; Morita, H., 1969:
The effects of ph on the labellar sugar receptor of the flesh fly boettcherisca peregrina

Adams T.M.; Sanders J.R., 1984:
The effects of ph on the release to solution of zinc copper and nickel from metal loaded sewage sludges

Ottolenghi, P., 1971:
The effects of ph on the simplest steady state enzyme systems

Chapman R.A., 1980:
The effects of ph on the sodium withdrawal contractures evoked from frog rana pipiens atrial trabeculae

Cairns, J.J. ; Bahns, T.K.; Burton, D.T.; Dickson, K.L.; Sparks, R.E.; Waller, W.T., 1971:
The effects of ph solubility and temperature upon the acute toxicity of zinc to the bluegill sunfish lepomis macrochirus

Perot C.; Sergent M.; Richard P.; Luu R.P.T.; Millot N., 1988:
The effects of ph temperature and agitation speed on sludge anaerobic hydrolysis acidification

Mosier L.D.; Bosworth M.E.; Jurgens R.W.Jr; Mohl M.H.; Rizzolo R.R., 1987:
The effects of ph time temperature and autoclaving on escherichia coli endotoxin in selected parenteral solutions

Gemsa, D.; Seitz, M.; Kramer, W.; Till, G.; Resch, K., 1978:
The effects of phagocytosis dextran sulfate and cell damage on prostaglandin e 1 sensitivity and prostaglandin e 1 production of macrophages

Klingenstein R.J.; Dickler H.B., 1979:
The effects of pharmacologic agents on immune complex induced re distribution of bone marrow derived lymphocyte fc receptors

Yongue B.G.; Mccabe P.M.; Porges S.W.; Rivera M.; Kelley S.L.; Ackles P.K., 1982:
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The effects of population and industrial change on environmental quality in major conurbations

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The effects of population density in animals and man similarities and divergencies

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The effects of population density row spacing and intercropping on the interception and utilization of solar radiation by sorghum bicolor and vigna unguiculata in semi arid conditions in botswana

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The effects of practice with 1 positive set in a memory scanning task can be completely transferred to a different positive set

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