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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6670

Chapter 6670 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ku, K.Y.; Voytek, P., 1976:
The effects of uv light ionizing radiation and the carcinogen n acetoxy 2 fluorenyl acetamide on the development in vitro of 1 cell and 2 cell mouse embryos

Montes J.G.; Taylor W.D., 1986:
The effects of uv light on host cell reactivation and plaque size of herpes simplex virus type i in c 3h 10t 1 2 mouse cells

Conner R.E.; Babich M.A.; Coohill T.P., 1987:
The effects of uv radiation exposure of adjacent cells on plaque formation with herpes simplex virus type i

Wait, S.C.J. ; Sirota, M.; Corelli, J.C., 1978:
The effects of uv radiation on uracil derivatives

Chae S K.; Han S M.; Kang H S., 1986:
The effects of uvs h gene in aspergillus nidulans on mitotic recombination behavior

Grønstad, K.O.; DeMagistris, L.; Dahlström, A.; Nilsson, O.; Price, B.; Zinner, M.J.; Jaffe, B.M.; Ahlman, H., 1985:
The effects of vagal nerve stimulation on endoluminal release of serotonin and substance P into the feline small intestine

Phillippe M.; Acker D.; Torday J.; Schiff I.; Frigoletto F.D., 1982:
The effects of vaginal contamination on 2 pulmonary phospho lipid assays

Meyhoff, H.H.; de Nully, M.B.; Olesen, K.P.; Lindahl, F., 1985:
The effects of vaginal repair on anterior bladder suspension defects. A radiological and clinical evaluation

Burden, H.W.; Lawrence, I.E.; Smith, C.P.; Hoffman, J.; Leonard, M.; Fletcher, D.J.; Hodson, C.A., 1986:
The effects of vagotomy on compensatory ovarian hypertrophy and follicular activation after unilateral ovariectomy

Lazar F.; Cristescu A.; Caloghera C., 1985:
The effects of vagotomy on gastric electrical activity

Nosek T.M., 1985:
The effects of valproate and phenytoin on the cyclic amp and cyclic gmp levels in nervous tissue

Beaugé, L.A.; Cavieres, J.J.; Glynn; Grantham, J.J., 1980:
The effects of vanadate on the fluxes of sodium and potassium ions through the sodium pump

Bowman, B.J.; Slayman, C.W., 1979:
The effects of vanadate on the plasma membrane ATPase of Neurospora crassa

Hayashi Y.; Kimura T., 1986:
The effects of vanadium compounds on the activation of adenylate cyclase from rat adrenal membrane

Marshall W.L., 1985:
The effects of variable exposure in flooding therapy

Orne, D.; Young, D.R., 1976:
The effects of variable mass and geometry pre twist shear deformation and rotatory inertia on the resonant frequencies of intact long bones a finite element model analysis

Yamamura K.; Itoh F., 1981:
The effects of variable noise levels on man with peak levels below 75 decibels a scale

Raffin T.A.; Simon L.M.; Douglas W.H.J.; Theodore J.; Robin E.D., 1980 :
The effects of variable oxygen tension and of exogenous super oxide dis mutase on type ii pneumocytes exposed to paraquat

Taira, T.; Larter, E.N., 1977:
The effects of variation in ambient temperature alone and in combination with epsilon amino n caproic acid on development of embryos from wheat rye crosses triticum turgidum var durum cultivar jori x secale cereale

Southerland M.T., 1986:
The effects of variation in streamside habitats on the composition of mountain salamander communities

Hansen N.B.; Brubakk A M.; Bratlid D.; O.W.; Stonestreet B.S., 1984:
The effects of variations in arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure on brain blood flow and cardiac output in the newborn piglet

Sigurdsson, S.B.; Uvelius, B., 1977:
The effects of variations in extracellular magnesium concentration on electrical and mechanical activity in rat portal vein

Riley A.L.; Wetherington C.L.; Delamater A.R.; Peele D.B.; Dacanay R.J., 1985:
The effects of variations in the interpellet interval on wheel running in the rat

Lees N.D.; Lofton S.L.; Woods R.A.; Bard M., 1980:
The effects of varied energy source and detergent on the growth of sterol mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Oiso Y.; Tomita A., 1981:
The effects of various anesthetics on rat vasopressin release

Pawelczyk, T.; Easom, R.A.; Olson, M.S., 1988:
The effects of various anions and cations on the regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex activity from pig kidney cortex

Jennings T.J.; Seaworth J.F.; Howell L.L.; Tripp L.F.; Goodyear C.D., 1986:
The effects of various antishock trouser inflation sequences on hemodynamics in normovolemic subjects

Ruezicka, Z., 1975:
The effects of various aphids as larval prey on the development of metasyrphus corollae diptera syrphidae

Brown D.J.A., 1981:
The effects of various cations on the survival of brown trout salmo trutta at low ph

Matsuo T.; Oka K.; Itoo S., 1988:
The effects of various chemicals on betacyanin leakage in red beet discs exposed to tert butylhydroperoxide

Agami, M.; Litav, M.; Waisel, Y., 1976:
The effects of various components of water pollution on the behavior of some aquatic macrophytes of the coastal rivers of israel

Lloyd, J.M.; Seale, N.S.; Wilson, C.F., 1988:
The effects of various concentrations and lengths of application of glutaraldehyde on monkey pulp tissue

Kollmorgen J.F.; Griffiths J.B.; Walsgott D.N., 1983:
The effects of various crops on the survival and carry over of the wheat take all fungus gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

Bacon J.S.D.; Gordon A.H., 1980:
The effects of various deacetylation procedures on the nylon bag digestibility of barley straw and of grass cell walls recovered from sheep feces

Sellers R.S.; Harris G.C.Jr; Waldroup P.W., 1980:
The effects of various dietary clays and fillers on the performance of broilers and laying hens

Danulat E., 1986:
The effects of various diets on chitinase and beta glucosidase activities and the condition of cod gadus morhua

Losonczy, H.; Nagy, I., 1984:
The effects of various doses and various applications of heparin on the fat metabolism and on blood coagulation

Hasegawa, J.; Nozaki, M.; Fujimura, H., 1984:
The effects of various drugs on the binding site of bilirubin in serum albumin

Cowan J.C.; Williams E.M.V., 1980:
The effects of various fatty acids on action potential shortening during sequential periods of ischemia and re perfusion

Paula-Barbosa, M.; Gray, E.G., 1974:
The effects of various fixatives at different ph on synaptic coated vesicles reticulosomes and cytonet

Allison R.T., 1987:
The effects of various fixatives on subsequent lectin binding to tissue sections

Pelttari A.; Helminen H.J., 1979:
The effects of various fixatives on the relative thickness of cellular membranes in the ventral lobe of the rat prostate

Penman, C.S.; Duffus, J.H., 1975:
The effects of various growth temperatures on nuclear division, DNA and RNA in the budding yeast, Kluyveromyces fragilis

Hasegawa, T., 1977:
The effects of various heavy metal ions such as mercury cadmium copper and zinc on mitochondrial membrane with specific reference to potassium ion compartmentation

Kang, Y.H.; Hwang, B., 1977:
The effects of various hormones on growth of carrot tissue culture

Kureha Y.; Eto Y., 1985:
The effects of various hormones on myelin synthesis in neuronal tissue cultures

Hutson, J.C., 1978:
The effects of various hormones on the surface morphology of testicular cells in culture

Marx, M.; Bettmann, M.A.; Bridge, S.; Brodsky, G.; Boxt, L.M.; Richie, J.P., 1988:
The effects of various indwelling ureteral catheter materials on the normal canine ureter

Schmitt, G.; Reinecke, V.; Hudepohl, G.; Seeber, S., 1977:
The effects of various kinds of sparsely ionizing radiation on total cell rna and pre ribosomal nuclear rna of novikoff hepatoma ascites cells after in vivo labeling

Anca Z.; Gabor S., 1985:
The effects of various lead concentrations on certain biochemical indicators in the rat brain

Grierson, I.; Nagasubramanian, S.; Edwards, J.; Millar, L.C.; Ennis, K., 1986:
The effects of various levels of intraocular pressure on the rabbit's outflow system

Ibrahim, A.N.; Ashour, W.A.; Abbel-Hak, T.M.; El-Rafaei, M.I., 1975:
The effects of various media on sporulation and growth of pyricularia oryzae

Maickel, R.P.; Braude, M.C.; Zabik, J.E., 1977:
The effects of various narcotic agonists and antagonists on deprivation induced fluid consumption

Haefely, W., 1974:
The effects of various nicotine like agents in the cat superior cervical ganglion in situ

Khayat E.; Ravad D.; Zieslin N., 1985:
The effects of various night temperature regimes on the vegetative growth and fruit production of tomato plants

Kwon O J.; Kim I K.; Shim B S., 1987:
The effects of various prostaglandins on the growth of tumor and immortalized cells

Corriveau D.P.; Vespucci R.; Curran J.P.; Monti P.M.; Wessberg H.W.; Coyne N.A., 1981:
The effects of various rater training procedures on the perception of social skills and social anxiety

Romano S.L.; Raaphorst G.P.; Dewey W.C., 1979:
The effects of various salt and sucrose solutions on the uv light sensitivity of cho cells

Denny, P.C.; Denny, P.A.; Yim, M.S., 1987:
The effects of various secretagogues on the mucin content of pure submandibular salivas

Danzo B.J.; Eller B.C., 1985:
The effects of various steroids on testosterone metabolism by the sexually mature rabbit epididymis

Williams, H.; Johnson, D.; Slater, S., 1986:
The effects of various substituted hydrocarbons on two heme synthesis regulatory enzymes

Barzegar Jalali M.; Richards J.H., 1979:
The effects of various suspending agents on the bio availabilities of aspirin and salicylic acid in the rabbit

Okamoto M., 1986:
The effects of various temperatures on the life cycle of carpoglypus lactis

Smrchek, J.C.; Cairns, J.J. ; Dickson, K.L.; King, P.H.; Randall, C.W.; Crowe, J.; Huber, D.; Olver, J.W., 1976:
The effects of various tertiary treatment nutrient removal schemes on periphyton communities in model laboratory streams

Siljestrom M.; Westerlund E.; Bjorck I.; Holm J.; Asp N G.; Theander O. , 1986:
The effects of various thermal processes on dietary fiber and starch content of whole grain wheat and white flour

Hakansson B.; Jagerstad M.; Oste R.; Akesson B.; Jonsson L., 1987:
The effects of various thermal processes on protein quality vitamins and selenium content in whole grain wheat and white flour

D.B.uyn Prevost P.; Lefebvre F., 1980:
The effects of various warming up intensities and durations during a short maximal anaerobic exercise

D.Bruyn Prevost P., 1980:
The effects of various warming up intensities and durations upon some physiological variables during an exercise corresponding to the working capacity

Margo, A.; Hemsley, D.R.; Slade, P.D., 1981:
The effects of varying auditory input on schizophrenic hallucinations

Ower J.; Cresswell C.F.; Bate G.C., 1981:
The effects of varying culture nitrogen and phosphorus levels on nutrient uptake and storage by the water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes

Mackay, D.N.; Mcdonald, G., 1976:
The effects of varying digit message structures on their recall by mongols and nonmongol subnormals

Gray, L.A.; Barnes, M.L.; Peterson, G.L., 1968:
The effects of varying dosages of irradiation on neopl benign and neopl malignant pelvic lymph nodes human

Rosenblum, L.A.; Paully, G.S., 1984:
The effects of varying environmental demands on maternal and infant behavior

Eldar M.; Battler A.; Gal D.; Rath S.; Rotstein Z.; Neufeld H.N.; Akselrod S.; Katzir A.; Gaton E.; Wolman M., 1986:
The effects of varying lengths and powers of carbon dioxide laser pulses transmitted through an optical fiber on atherosclerotic plaques

Alumbaugh, R.V., 1976:
The effects of varying noise and information loads of visual information processing of schizophrenics

Broderick P.; Laszlo J.I., 1988:
The effects of varying planning demands on drawing components of squares and diamonds

Hawthorn, J.; Alexander, J.A.; Alleyne, G.A.O., 1978:
The effects of varying sodium concentrations on the metabolism of glutamine by the renal cortex of the rat

Eddy, A.A., 1968:
The effects of varying the cellular and extracellular concentrations of sodium and potassium ions on the uptake of glycine by mouse neopl ascites tumor cells in the presence and absence of sodium cyanide

Bolton, T.B., 1972:
The effects of varying the concentrations of ions in the external solution on the oscillations of the membrane potential slow waves produced by carbachol in longitudinal ileal muscle

Thomas J.D.; Grealy B.; Fennell C.F., 1983:
The effects of varying the quantity and quality of various plants on feeding and growth of biomphalaria glabrata gastropoda

Quintin L.; Whalley D.G.; Wynands J.E.; Morin J.E., 1981:
The effects of vascular catheterizations on heart rate and blood pressure before aorto coronary bypass surgery

Belal, A., 1979:
The effects of vascular occlusion on the human inner ear

Westerfield, R.C., 1983:
The effects of vasectomy and exercise on cholesterol levels in rat aortas

Dixon, J.S.; Gilpin, C.J.; Gilpin, S.A.; Gosling, J.A.; Grant, J.F., 1987:
The effects of vasectomy on the autonomic innervation of the human vas deferens

Turner, T.T.; Howards, S.S., 1978:
The effects of vasectomy on the movement of carbon 14 urea in the seminiferous tubule of the hamster

Jhunjhunwala, J.S.; Desai, A.M.; Garg, M.L.; Bishop, D.W.; Kropp, K.A., 1977:
The effects of vasectomy on the testis and accessory sex glands of the Hartley strain guinea pig

Kachelhoffer, J.; Mendel, C.; Dauchel, J.; Hohmatter, D.; Grenier, J.F., 1976:
The effects of vaso active intestinal poly peptide on intestinal motility study on ex vivo perfused isolated canine jejunal loops

Rola-Pleszczynski, M.; Bolduc, D.; St-Pierre, S., 1985:
The effects of vasoactive intestinal peptide on human natural killer cell function

Gibson A.; Tucker J.F., 1982:
The effects of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide and of atp on the isolated anococcygeus muscle of the mouse

Toth P.D.; Hamburger S.A.; Judy W.V., 1984:
The effects of vasoactive mediator antagonists on endo toxic shock in dogs 1

Carter J.; Reynoldson J.A.; Thorburn G.D., 1986:
The effects of vasoconstricting prostanoids on the coronary and hindlimb vascular beds of the conscious sheep

Bihari, D.; Smithies, M.; Gimson, A.; Tinker, J., 1987:
The effects of vasodilation with prostacyclin on oxygen delivery and uptake in critically ill patients

Jenkins S.A.; Day D.W.; Mooney B.; Devitt P.; Baxter J.N.; Taylor I.; Shields R., 1985:
The effects of vasopressin on hepatic hemodynamics in the cirrhotic and non cirrhotic rat

Ledsome, J.R.; Mason, J.M., 1972:
The effects of vasopressin on the diuretic response to left atrial distension

Kadir, S.; Hetzel, F.W.; Kolodny, G.M., 1977:
The effects of vasopressin on the radiation response of cultured mammalian cells

Nolasco, J.B., 1976:
The effects of vasopressin on the systolic time intervals in the dog

Sato K.; Yamada T.; Yoshihira K.; Tanimura A., 1986:
The effects of vegetable or fruit juices on nitrosodiethylamine formation

Panetta F.D., 1979:
The effects of vegetation development upon achene production in the woody weed groundsel bush baccharis halimifolia

Small J.W.Jr; Richard D.I.; Osborne J.A., 1985:
The effects of vegetation removal by grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella and herbicides on the water chemistry of four florida lakes usa

Tolonen, J.; Kiviluoto, O.; Santavirta, S.; Slätis, P., 1984:
The effects of vehicle mass, speed and safety belt wearing on the causes of death in road traffic accidents

Chakravarty P.; Chatarpaul L., 1988:
The effects of velpar l hexazinone on seedling growth and ectomycorrhizal symbiosis of pinus resinosa

Abe K., 1983:
The effects of veno arterial counter pulsation on ischemic injured myo cardium

Giry P.; Hyacinthe R., 1984:
The effects of ventilatory training on maximal ventilatory capacity

Wald, A.; Hochwald, G.M.; Malhan, C., 1976:
The effects of ventricular fluid osmolality on bulk flow of nascent fluid into the cerebral ventricles of cats

Marcus M.L.; Gascho J.A.; Mueller T.M.; Eastham C.; Wright C.B.; Doty D.B.; Hiratzka L.F., 1981:
The effects of ventricular hypertrophy on the coronary circulation

Johnston J.E.; Draski L.J.; Molina J.C.; Burright R.G.; Reynoso G.; Calendrillo B.A.; Isaacson R.L., 1986:
The effects of verapamil and ethanol on body temperature and motor coordination

Raddino R.; Poli E.; Pela G.; Ferrari A.; Chirarduzzi A.; Ferrari R., 1987:
The effects of verapamil nifedipine and diltiazem on intracellular calcium pools a comparison with nitroglycerin

Lin T.; Murono E.; Osterman J.; Troen P.; Nankin H.R., 1979:
The effects of verapamil on interstitial cell steroidogenesis

Chiarandini, D.J.; Bentley, P.J., 1973:
The effects of verapamil on metabolism and contractility of the toad skeletal muscle

Pickoff, A.S.; Flinn, C.J.; Singh, S.; Gelband, H., 1985:
The effects of verapamil on the electrophysiology of the intact immature mammalian heart

Swerdlow N.R.; Koob G.F.; Aldenhoff J.B., 1986:
The effects of verapamil on the locomotor activating properties of corticotropin releasing factor in the rat

Otagiri, T.; Kiyono, S.; Sokoll, M.D., 1985 :
The effects of verapamil on the neuromuscular transmission in rats

Fagbemi O.; Kane K.A.; Mcdonald F.M.; Parratt J.R.; Rothaul A.L., 1984:
The effects of verapamil prenylamine flunarizine and cinnarizine on coronary artery occlusion induced arrhythmias in anesthetized rats

Sheckart, G.R.; Bass, B.A., 1976:
The effects of verbal and nonverbal contingent reinforcement upon the intelligence test performance of black adults

Wright, A.; Carroll, D.; Newman, C.V., 1977:
The effects of verbal feedback of elicited heart rate changes on subsequent voluntary control of heart rate

Dubanoski R.A.; Tokioka A.B., 1981:
The effects of verbal pain stimuli on the behavior of children

Griffiths F.E.W.; Lyndon R.F.; Bennett M.D., 1985:
The effects of vernalization on the growth of the wheat triticum aestivum shoot apex

Pingree, R.D.; Holligan, P.M.; Mardell, G.T., 1978:
The effects of vertical stability on phyto plankton distributions in the summer on the northwest european shelf

Mansfield A.W., 1983:
The effects of vessel traffic in the arctic on marine mammals and recommendations for future research

Minasyan S.M.; Baklavadzhyan O.G.; Oganesyan A.O.; Chiflikyan M.D., 1985:
The effects of vibration and noise on biogenic amines in structures of the brain blood and adrenals in rabbits

Lewis, C.H.; Griffin, M.J., 1976:
The effects of vibration on manual control performance

Semenchenko M.V., 1986:
The effects of vicasol and protamine sulfate on some parameters of the blood kallikrein kinin system and carbohydrate metabolism of the aorta in nicotine intoxication

Riddick C.C.; Spector S.G.; Drogin E.B., 1986:
The effects of videogame play on the emotional states and affiliative behavior of nursing home residents

Clark J.E.; Lanphear A.K.; Riddick C.C., 1987:
The effects of videogame playing on the response selection processing of elderly adults

Teghtsoonian R.; Frost R.O., 1982:
The effects of viewing distance on fear of snakes

Nanci, A.; Uchida, T.; Warshawsky, H., 1987:
The effects of vinblastine on the secretory ameloblasts: an ultrastructural, cytochemical, and immunocytochemical study in the rat incisor

Ritschel W.A.; Mandybur T.I.; Grummich K.W.; Means E.D., 1984:
The effects of vincamine on experimental cerebral infarction in mongolian gerbils meriones unguiculatus a pilot study

Warrell, M.J.; Chinn, I.; Morris, P.J.; Tobin, J.O., 1980:
The effects of viral infections on renal transplants and their recipients

Clifford C.W.; Woodring J.P., 1986:
The effects of virginity and ovariectomy on growth food consumption fat body mass and oxygen consumption in the house cricket acheta domesticus

Norelli J.L.; Aldwinckle H.S.; Beer S.B.; Lamb R.C., 1987:
The effects of virulence of erwinia amylovora on the evaluation of fire blight resistance in malus

Priemer, M.M.; Chan, V.L., 1978:
The effects of virus and host genes on recombination among uv irradiated bacterio phage t 4

Bradley D.W., 1985:
The effects of visibility bias on time budget estimates of niche breadth and overlap

Yeterian, E.H., 1977:
The effects of visual or auditory cortical lesions on specific cross modal transfer in the rat

Healy A.F., 1981:
The effects of visual similarity on proofreading for mis spellings

Silverman, H.I., 1978:
The effects of visual social stimulation upon age at 1st spawning in the mouth brooding cichlid fish sarotherodon mossambicus

Davis, A.J.; Hathaway, B.K., 1986:
The effects of visual verbal and motor elaborations on preschool children's recall and comprehension of prose

Barbosa, P.; Peters, T.M., 1971:
The effects of vital dyes on living organisms with special reference to methylene blue and neutral red

Gentle M.J.; Dewar W.A., 1981:
The effects of vitamin a deficiency on oral gustatory behavior in chicks gallus domesticus

Dogra S.C.; Khanduja K.L.; Gupta M.P., 1985:
The effects of vitamin a deficiency on the initiation and postinitiation phases of benzo a pyrene induced lung tumorigenesis in rats

de Waziers, I.; Albrecht, R., 1987:
The effects of vitamin A nutritional status on glutathione, glutathione transferase and glutathione peroxidase activities in rat intestine

Chertow, B.S.; Baker, G.R., 1978:
The effects of vitamin A on insulin release and glucose oxidation in isolated rat islets

Kikuchi, I., 1976:
The effects of vitamin b 12 on the frog skin potential

Jerzmanowska, M.; Lorenc, R., 1978:
The effects of vitamin d 3 on the rat kidney metabolism under conditions of experimental hyper calcemia

Boyan, B.D.; Schwartz, Z.; Carnes, D.L.; Ramirez, V., 1988:
The effects of vitamin D metabolites on the plasma and matrix vesicle membranes of growth and resting cartilage cells in vitro

Armstrong, E., 1978:
The effects of vitamin deficiencies on the growth and mortality of tribolium castaneum infected with nosema whitei

Chan, A.C.; Hegarty, P.V.; Allen, C.E., 1980:
The effects of vitamin E depletion and repletion on prostaglandin dehydrogenase activity in tissues of young rabbits

Chan, A.C.; Allen, C.E.; Hegarty, P.V., 1980:
The effects of vitamin E depletion and repletion on prostaglandin synthesis in semitendinosus muscle of young rabbits

Blackett, A.D.; Hall, D.A., 1981:
The effects of vitamin E on mouse fitness and survival

Hannah J.S.; Soares J.H.Jr, 1979:
The effects of vitamin e on the ethanol metabolizing liver in the rat

Wang H.; Zhao Z.; Zhang S.; Zie R., 1986:
The effects of vitamin e on the lifespan and lipofuscin accumulation in the intestinal epithelial cells of the houseflies musca domestica

Hurley, L.S.; Dungan, D.D.; Keen, C.L.; Lönnerdal, B., 1983:
The effects of vitamin E on zinc deficiency teratogenesis in rats

Folger J.P., 1980:
The effects of vocal participation and questioning behavior on perceptions of dominance

Chesser, B.J.; Dancer, J.E., 1985:
The effects of vocational noise exposure on hearing aid battery subjective life

Brady T.F.; Loewenstein H., 1983:
The effects of volcanic ash influenced soils and nitrogen fertilization on douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings

Nishimura N.; Kajimoto Y.; Kabe T.; Sakamoto A., 1985:
The effects of volume loading during epidural analgesia

Brandt F.D.; Eins K.H.; Schoonbee H.J., 1979:
The effects of volume of water flow quality of feed and type of feeding on the production of the aischgrund common carp cyprinus carpio in circular concrete ponds under high stocking density rates

Coffey P.A.F.; D.G.usto J., 1983:
The effects of waiting time and waiting room environment on dental patients anxiety

Chao, L.; Ramsdell, G., 1985:
The effects of wall populations on coexistence of bacteria in the liquid phase of chemostat cultures

Oormazdi, H.; Baker, K.P., 1977:
The effects of warble fly dressing using an organo phosphorus compound on bovine pediculosis

Zeller, J.L.; Fonkalsrud, E.W., 1978:
The effects of warmed and humidified ventilation upon the uptake of halothane by the lungs

Goto S.; Ikegami H., 1987:
The effects of warming up on the blood lactate kinetics during exercise

Isichei, A.O.; Sanford, W.W., 1976:
The effects of waste gas flares on the surrounding vegetation in southeastern nigeria

Sharifi M.R., 1983:
The effects of water and nitrogen supply on the competition between 3 perennial meadow grasses

Nambiar, E.K.S., 1977:
The effects of water content of the top soil on micro nutrient availability and uptake in a siliceous sandy soil

Hanson J.M.; Mackay W.C.; Prepas E.E., 1988:
The effects of water depth and density on the growth of a unionid clam

Margreiter Kownacka M.; Pehofer H.E., 1982:
The effects of water diversion for an electric power plant on the macro zoo benthos of 3 centra alpine brooks in tirol austria

Gonzal A.C.; Aralar E.V.; Pavico J.M.A., 1987:
The effects of water hardness on the hatching and viability of silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix eggs

Lauenroth, W.K.; Dodd, J.L.; Sims, P.L., 1978:
The effects of water induced and nitrogen induced stresses on plant community structure in a semi arid grassland

Dudgeon D., 1983:
The effects of water level fluctuations on a gently shelving marginal zone of plover cove reservoir hong kong

Lieffers V.J.; Shay J.M., 1981:
The effects of water level on the growth and reproduction of scirpus maritimus var paludosus

Janerette C.A., 1979:
The effects of water soaking on the germination of sugar maple seeds acer saccharum

Venkataramana S.; Rao P.N.G.; Naidu K.M., 1986:
The effects of water stress during the formative phase on stomatal resistance and leaf water potential and its relationship with yield in ten sugarcane saccharum officinarum varieties

Kobata T.; Takami S., 1979:
The effects of water stress on the grain filling in rice oryza sativa

Linton, L.R.; Davies, R.W.; Wrona, F.J., 1983:
The effects of water temperature ionic content and total dissolved solids on nephelopsis obscura and erpobdella punctata hirudinoidea erpobdellidae 1. mortality

Linton, L.R.; Davies, R.W.; Wrona, F.J., 1983:
The effects of water temperature ionic content and total dissolved solids on nephelopsis obscura and erpobdella punctata hirudinoidea erpobdellidae 2. reproduction

Fleetwood, S.C.; Steelman, C.D.; Schilling, P.E., 1978:
The effects of waterfowl management practices on mosquito abundance and distribution in louisiana usa coastal marshes

Hernando V.; Orihuel Gasque B., 1979:
The effects of watering regime and phosphorus and potassium on the quality of tomato

Meyer J.L.; Tate C.M., 1983:
The effects of watershed disturbance on dissolved organic carbon dynamics of a stream

Tunnicliffe V., 1982:
The effects of wave induced flow on a reef coral

Economides S.; Georghiades E., 1983:
The effects of weaning age quantity of milk once daily feeding and form of concentrates on the performance of friesian calves

Bush R.S.; Nicholson J.W.G., 1986:
The effects of weaning schedule duration of milk feeding and fish meal on calf performance

Coleman S.Y.; Shiel R.S.; Evans D.A., 1987:
The effects of weather and nutrition on the yield of hay from palace leas meadow hay plots at cockle park experimental farm northumberland england uk over the period from 1897 to 1980

Thorvaldsson G., 1987:
The effects of weather on nutritional value of timothy in northern sweden

Gauthier R.; Bider J.R., 1987:
The effects of weather on runway use by rodents

Rofstad G., 1988:
The effects of weather on the morphology of nestling hooded crows corvus corone cornix

Evans M.E., 1979:
The effects of weather on the wintering of bewicks swans cygnus columbianus bewickii at slimbridge england uk

Scheibe J.S., 1984:
The effects of weather sex and season on the nocturnal activity of peromyscus truei rodentia

Guillen G.J.; Palafox D., 1985:
The effects of weathered crude oil from the m t alvenus spill on eggs and yolk sac larvae of red drum sciaenops ocellatus

Mohd Lassim M.B.; Chin H.F.; Abdullah W.D., 1984:
The effects of weathering on mungbean vigna radiata seed quality

Pearson, R.G.; Jones, N.V., 1978:
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The effects of yohimbine on exploratory and locomotor behavior are attributable to its effects at noradrenaline and not at benzodiazepine receptors

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The effects regarding the preparation of seed bed for autumn cereals with modern machine sets

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The efferent connections of the nucleus of the optic tract and the superior colliculus in the rabbit

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The efferent connections of the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus of the guinea pig

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The efferent connections of the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus of the rat

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The efferent innervation of the avian cochlea

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The efferent projections of the habenular nuclei in the rat a wga hrp study

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The efferent projections of the nucleus accumbens in the rat

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The efferent projections of the subfornical organ of the rat a circumventricular organ within a neural network subserving water balance

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The efferent projections of the superior colliculus in the rat a study with arg and wga hrp techniques

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The efferent vestibular neurons in the toad bufo bufo their location and morphology a horseradish peroxidase study

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The efferent vestibular system in the cat a horseradish peroxidase and fluorescent retrograde tracers study

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The efficacy and depressant potential of muscle relaxants in mice

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The efficacy, as modified by the circadian rhythm of salbutamol administered by different routes

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The efficacy of a potassium rich diet compared to diuretic treatment on the renal elimination of thallium in the rat

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The efficacy of acetamide for the treatment of experimental Dichapetalum cymosum (gifblaar) poisoning in sheep

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The efficacy of acetamide in the prevention and treatment of fluoro acetamide poisoning in chickens

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The efficacy of acupuncture in low back pain

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The efficacy of agricultural planning in tunisia

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The efficacy of anti helminthics against 3rd stage larvae of ancylostoma caninum in mastomys natalensis

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The efficacy of arosurf msf and petroleum oils gb 1111 and gb 1356 against culex quinquefasciatus say diptera culicidae Myint; Tin Shwe, 1986:
The efficacy of artemether qinghaosu in plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax in burma

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The efficacy of ascorbate treatment after severe experimental alkali burns depends upon the route of administration

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The efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis against larvae of the blackfly odagmia ornata simuliidae at low temperatures

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The efficacy of bacitracin methylene di salicylate and zinc bacitracin in turkey nutrition

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The efficacy of bacteriological procedures for the isolation of Brucella abortus from abattoir material

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The efficacy of barium enema in the elderly

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The efficacy of benzimidazole anthelmintics against late fourth stage larvae of Trichostrongylus colubriformis in gerbils and Nippostrongylus brasiliensis in rats

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The efficacy of biological response modifiers against murine cytomegalovirus infection in normal and immunodeficient mice

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The efficacy of biosupers made from different forms of phosphate on forage legumes in hill land in fiji southwest pacific ocean

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The efficacy of blood exchange transfusions in the treatment of acute cyanide poisoning

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The efficacy of brief periods of reverse occlusion in promoting recovery from the physiological effects of mon ocular deprivation in kittens

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The efficacy of caffeine in the treatment of recurrent idiopathic apnea in premature infants

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The efficacy of calcifediol in renal osteo dystrophy

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The efficacy of cefuroxime for the treatment of acute gonorrhea in men

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The efficacy of certain preparations in prophylaxis of mastitis metritis agalactia syndrome in sows

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The efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents against murine bladder metastasis

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The efficacy of chlordimeform for the control of the northern fowl mite, Ornithonyssus sylvarium (Canestrini and Fanzago) (Acarina, Dermanyssidae)

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The efficacy of chloroquine fansidar and dabechine treatment of plasmodium falciparum carriers residents of the hyperendemic focus of malaria the city of bagamoyo northeastern tanzania

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The efficacy of cibenzoline and propafenone against inducible sustained and nonsustained ventricular tachycardias in conscious dogs with isolated chronic right ventricular infarction a comparative study with procainamide

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The efficacy of cibenzoline in preventing programmed electrical stimulation induction of ventricular tachycardia in the dog

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The efficacy of cognitive and behavior therapies for depression

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The efficacy of combined therapy with methotrexate and 5 fluorouracil from the view point of cellular 5 phosphoribosyl 1 pyrophosphate level of l 1210 cells and hela s 3 cells

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The efficacy of combined use of neo alvesin and retabolil in the treatment of gastric ulcer

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The efficacy of continuous passive motion in the postoperative treatment of synovectomy of the knee joint in rheumatoid arthritis

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The efficacy of cueing techniques in Broca's aphasia

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The efficacy of delayed radiotherapy for locoregionally recurrent postmastectomy breast cancer

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The efficacy of dietary avoparcin for improving the performance of growing finishing beef cattle

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The efficacy of diflunisal in osteoarthritis of the knee. A Canadian Multicenter Study

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The efficacy of dimethoate as a systemic acaricide for the control of chiggers acarina trombiculidae

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The efficacy of direct vs. indirect hypnotic induction techniques on reduction of experimental pain

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The efficacy of dispersal in relation to safe site area and seed production

Green D.S., 1983:
The efficacy of dispersal in relation to safe site density

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The efficacy of Doppler monitoring for the detection of venous air embolism

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The efficacy of dry aerosol therapy in the rehabilitation of patients with a history of quinsy

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The efficacy of dyazide in the treatment of fluid retention and hypertension

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The efficacy of electroconvulsive therapy in the treatment of schizophrenia. A comparative study

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The efficacy of enilconazole for the disinfection of hatcheries contaminated with aspergillus fumigatus

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The efficacy of erythromycin in the treatment of infective peaks in chronic bronchitis 67 cases

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The efficacy of fenbendazole and albendazole against the lungworm Muellerius capillaris in goats

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The efficacy of fenbendazole at a dosage rate of 5 milligrams per kilogram against dictyocaulus viviparus

Malan F.S., 1981:
The efficacy of fenbendazole at a dosage rate of 5 milligrams per kilogram against nematode infestations in cattle

Malan F.S.; Roper N.A., 1983:
The efficacy of fenbendazole at a dosage rate of 5 milligrams per kilogram against the 3rd and 4th stage larvae of dictyocaulus filaria in sheep

Malan, F.S., 1979:
The efficacy of fenbendazole at a dosage rate of 7.5 milligrams per kilogram against nematode infestations in cattle

Bhamburkar M.W., 1988:
The efficacy of fenpropathrin a new pyrethroid insecticide for the control of bollworms on hybrid 4 cotton

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The efficacy of finlepsin in the prophylactic treatment of affective psychoses that progress in phases

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The efficacy of fluvoxamine as an anti depressant

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The efficacy of formalin as disinfectant of nosema bombycis spores

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The efficacy of free tissue transfer in the treatment of osteo myelitis

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The efficacy of fumigation of nematode infested soil following different methods of soil sealing

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The efficacy of functional communication therapy for chronic aphasic patients

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The efficacy of gastric lavage as practiced in a large metropolitan hospital

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The efficacy of group and individual cognitive therapy for mild depression

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The efficacy of growth hormone in different types of growth failure. An analysis of 101 cases

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The efficacy of high frequency trans esophagus electrostimulation of the left atrium to arrest atrial flutter

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The efficacy of histopathological criteria required for diagnosing dysplastic nevi

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The efficacy of home monitoring of blood glucose in the management of diabetic pregnancy

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The efficacy of hydrocortisone in different ointment bases a double blind study of hydroderm ointment vs. hydrocortisone ointments

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The efficacy of hyperbaric oxygenation in the combined treatment of severe surgical diseases in children

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The efficacy of hypnosis induced and relaxation induced analgesia on two dimensions of pain for cold pressor and electrical tooth pulp stimulation

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The efficacy of inclined tube and plate modules in a high lime clarification process

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The efficacy of infection surveillance and control programs in preventing nosocomial infections in usa hospitals

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The efficacy of insecticides in the control of the black maize beetle heteronychus arator coleoptera scarabaeidae in maize in south africa

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The efficacy of internal iliac artery ligation in obstetric hemorrhage

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The efficacy of intra uterine contraceptive devices with copper components

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The efficacy of intrapartum electronic fetal monitoring

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The efficacy of isoproterenol inhalation for predicting the response to orally administered theophylline in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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The efficacy of ivermectin against nematode parasites of White Fulani calves

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The efficacy of kabat as a surface spray on oriental tobacco bales for control of the cigarette beetle lasioderma serricorne f. coleoptera anobiidae

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The efficacy of killed Trypanosoma evansi vaccines in mice

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The efficacy of labetalol in hypertensive patients with renal diseases special reference noted to changes in renal function

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The efficacy of levamisole administered orally or parenterally against Heligmosomoides polygyrus in mice

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The efficacy of lidocaine and verapamil alone and in combination on spontaneously occurring automatic ventricular tachycardia in conscious dogs one day after right coronary artery occlusion

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The efficacy of lidocaine in status epilepticus

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The efficacy of lipid peroxidation inhibition in biomembranes by antioxidants with or without hydrocarbon chains

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The efficacy of loop colostomy for complete fecal diversion

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The efficacy of low dose vs conventional therapy of insulin for treatment of diabetic keto acidosis

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The efficacy of manipulative treatment for sternomastoid tumors

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The efficacy of mebendazole and praziquantel against taenia saginata cysticercosis in cattle

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The efficacy of mebendazole and praziquantel on larval taeniids from mouse, rabbit and pig

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The efficacy of methylcobalamin against low tension glaucoma

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The efficacy of mucin containing artificial saliva in alleviating symptoms of xerostomia

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The efficacy of multimodality therapy of mycobacterioses of the lungs depending on specific agents

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The efficacy of myocardial protection with normothermal cardioplegic solutions containing creatine phosphate during ischemia

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The efficacy of nedocromil sodium (Tilade) in asthma

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The efficacy of neuraminidase treatment in studies on red cell aging

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The efficacy of nisin sorbic acid and monolaurin as preservatives in pasteurized cured meat products

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The efficacy of nitrosorbide corinfar and obsidan in preventing dipyridamole test induced ischemia

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The efficacy of nonsurgical periodontal therapy by ultrasonic scaling and root planning i. clinical evaluation of probing pocket depth

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The efficacy of nutritional assessment and support in cancer surgery

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The efficacy of nuvan 7 in the control of external parasites in hens in intensive production

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The efficacy of o beta hydroxyethylrutosides in the treatment of the venous leg ulcer

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The efficacy of opto kinetic stimuli of different field radiances as shown to a rabbit

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The efficacy of oral polio vaccine in malnourished amazonian children

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The efficacy of oral theophylline and the combination of theophylline plus hydroxyzine in chronic bronchial asthma

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The efficacy of oral theophylline in ventilated premature infants

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The efficacy of orally administered theophylline inhaled salbutamol and a combination of the 2 as chronic therapy in the management of chronic bronchitis with reversible airflow obstruction

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The efficacy of parent training with maritally distressed and nondistressed mothers a multimethod assessment

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The efficacy of performing red cell elution studies in the pretransfusion testing of patients with positive direct antiglobulin tests

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The efficacy of peroral transpapillary pancreatoscopy pops for the diagnosis of mucus producing pancreatic tumors

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The efficacy of physical training in patients with a history of myocardial infarction with varying exercise tolerance

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The efficacy of piquindone, a new atypical neuroleptic, in the treatment of the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia

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The efficacy of pirenzepine in duodenal ulcer healing

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The efficacy of pirimiphos methyl in crib storage of maize in southwestern nigeria

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The efficacy of pitfall traps for determining the structure of a desert ant community

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The efficacy of plasma exchange in the removal of plasma components

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The efficacy of pleuromutilins on Aegyptianella pullorum infections in chickens

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The efficacy of postoperative hydrotubation: a randomized prospective multicenter clinical trial

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The efficacy of praziquantel against cestodes in cats, dogs and sheep

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The efficacy of praziquantel against Taenia saginata cysticercosis in naturally infected calves

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The efficacy of praziquantel droncit r against raillietina tetragona molin 1858 in domestic fowl

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The efficacy of prazosin hydrochloride in the treatment of urinary flow obstruction due to prostatic hypertrophy

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The efficacy of pre flood and residual applications of 2 formulations of methoprene

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The efficacy of progressive relaxation in systematic de sensitization and a proposal for an alternative competitive response the relaxation response

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The efficacy of prophylactic antibiotics in cesarean section

Freeman G.M., 1982:
The efficacy of prophylactic antibiotics in high risk patients undergoing cesarean section

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The efficacy of prostacyclin and or oky 046 a specific thromboxane synthetase inhibitor in acute myocardial infarction experimental study

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The efficacy of psyching strategies on a weight lifting task

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The efficacy of quantitative and qualitative chloride titrators in the estimation of human salt intake

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The efficacy of radionuclide scrotal imaging in diagnosis of intra scrotal diseases with the specific reference to diagnosis of testicular varicocele

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The efficacy of random biopsies during breast augmentation

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The efficacy of ranitidine in children

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The efficacy of removal of heavy metals from water by calcite

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The efficacy of repeated radiotherapy of patients with laryngeal cancer

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The efficacy of respiratory treatment controlled hyper ventilation in patients with head injury

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The efficacy of response prevention on avoidance behavior in young and adult rats with prefrontal cortical injury

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The efficacy of retinoic acid ointment for treatment of xerophthalmia and corneal epithelial wounds

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The efficacy of roentgenoendovascular dilation in the treatment of renovascular hypertension

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The efficacy of routine whole lung tomography in germ cell tumors

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The efficacy of seed treatment with aldicarb to establish conditioned aversion in birds to sprouting sugar beets

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The efficacy of selective unilateral temporal artery biopsy versus bilateral biopsies for diagnosis of giant cell arteritis

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The efficacy of self applicating devices for control of the face fly musca autumnalis diptera muscidae and the horn fly haematobia irritans diptera muscidae on cattle near guelph ontario canada

Depew L.J., 1982:
The efficacy of several insecticides for pale western cutworm agrotis orthogonia control and their effects on yield of winter wheat

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The efficacy of single dose caudal blockade on urological examinations

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The efficacy of single dose of pindolol in hypertension

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The efficacy of small group instructional activities for training piagetian concrete operations concepts

Rod J., 1981:
The efficacy of some fungicides on the fungi botrytis allii and botrytis cinerea under in vitro conditions

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The efficacy of stimulus fading and contingency management in the treatment of elective mutism: a case study

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The efficacy of subtotal parathyroidectomy for primary hyper parathyroidism due to multiple gland involvement

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The efficacy of sulbactam ampicillin in the treatment of uncomplicated penicillin resistant gonococcal infection

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The efficacy of sunscreening agents protection factors and transmission spectra

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The efficacy of superactivated charcoal in treating rats exposed to a lethal oral dose of potassium cyanide

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The efficacy of systematic de sensitization in reducing nightmares

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The efficacy of systemic fungicides in controlling pyrenophora teres in spring wheat

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The efficacy of systemic insecticides applied to the soil for the control of cicadulina mbila hemiptera homoptera cicadellidae the vector of maize streak disease and the maize stalk borer busseola fusca lepidoptera noctuidae

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The efficacy of systemic insecticides as seed dressers against aphids dactynotus compositae on safflower

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The efficacy of tai ding an on the experimental herpetic keratitis in rabbits

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The efficacy of tai ding an on the inhibition of herpes simplex virus type i skin infections in guinea pigs

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The efficacy of teaching dyslexics

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The efficacy of thallium 201 technetium 99m phosphates and technetium 99m macro aggregated albumin in localizing small myo cardial infarctions in the pig

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The efficacy of the combined use of renal arterial embolization and large fraction radiation therapy in renal cancer

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The efficacy of the paratect bolus when given to calves in beef suckler herds in the middle of the grazing season evaluated on eight farms in three regions of france

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The efficacy of the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction by the intracoronary administration of nitroglycerin and streptokinase

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The efficacy of treatment with allopurinol vs uricosuric drugs in gout

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The efficacy of triazolam and chloral hydrate in geriatric insomniacs

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The efficacy of trimorphamide in the protection of tobacco plants from erysiphe cichoracearum

Hoivik H.O.; Gundersen R.; Osmundsen K., 1986:
The efficacy of two combination analgesics in myogenic neck pain a double blind comparison of paracetamol plus orphenadrine norgesic and paracetamol plus codeine paralgin forte in general practice

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The efficacy of type and screen to reduce unnecessary cross matches for obstetric patients

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The efficacy of types of cage for hedylepta indicata oviposition lepidoptera pyralidae

Stus' A.A.; Mikherskaya N.I., 1986:
The efficacy of using bactoculicide against mosquito larvae in crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Spotte, S.; Buck, J.D., 1981:
The efficacy of UV irradiation in the microbial disinfection of marine mammal water

Mahboob Hossain M., 1987:
The efficacy of various chemicals against soft rot of potato

Viljoen, J.H., 1978:
The efficacy of various insecticides against the larvae of lucilia cuprina the green blow fly of sheep part 1 in vitro tests using a resistant and susceptible strain

Mukovozova, L.A., 1987:
The efficacy of various methods of the treatment of chronic brucellosis

Grindle, M., 1974:
The efficacy of various mutagens and polyene antibiotics for the induction and isolation of sterol mutants of neurospora crassa

Gordienko S.M.; Lozovoi V.P.; Avdyunicheva O.E.; Kozlov V.A., 1986:
The efficacy of various protocols of immunocorrecting therapy of chronic infectious inflammatory diseases

Volkov V.S.; Bratolyubov V.P., 1984:
The efficacy of vasodilators in latent cardiac insufficiency in patients with chronic heart disease

Dwyer R.W.; Abel S.G., 1986:
The efficiencies of cellulose acetate filters

Christie, N.D., 1976:
The efficiency and effectiveness of a diver operated suction sampler on a homogeneous macro fauna

Janion, C., 1978:
The efficiency and extent of mutagenic activity of some new mutagens of base analog type

Thoma, J.A.; Thoma, G.J.; Clark, W., 1978:
The efficiency and linearity of the radio chromium release assay for cell mediated cyto toxicity

Siljes I., 1980:
The efficiency and residual effect of herbicides for corn in ipk osijek farming system yugoslavia

Clark-Carter, D.D.; Heyes, A.D.; Howarth, C.I., 1986:
The efficiency and walking speed of visually impaired people

Kainberger F.; Kallinger W.; Hofer H., 1979:
The efficiency of a lead covering for x ray examination of the pelvis

Mann R.H.K.; Penczak T., 1984 :
The efficiency of a new electro fishing technique in determining fish numbers in a large river in central poland

Freire M.S.; Mumford P.M., 1986:
The efficiency of a range of containers in maintaining seed viability during storage

Nakatani, K.; Hoshiai, H., 1987:
The efficiency of aih artificial insemination of husband's semen in patients with oligospermia

Paljarvi L.; Garcia J.H.; Kalimo H., 1979:
The efficiency of aldehyde fixation for electron microscopy stabilization of rat brain tissue to withstand osmotic stress

Grimm B., 1986:
The efficiency of audiometric control for the prevention of hardness of hearing due to noise

Meixner B.; Henning A., 1987:
The efficiency of avoparcin nourseothricin and nitrovin on fattening performance of broilers

Injac M., 1979:
The efficiency of bacillus thuringiensis ssp berliner and of the granulates bactucide g and bactospein g in the control of the corn borer ostrinia nubilalis

Piruzyan E.S.; Koretskaya N.G., 1981:
The efficiency of bacterial chromosome mobilization into escherichia coli strains lysogenic for phage mu and phage lambda by plasmid rp 4

Zhukov Y.P.; Koz'menko T.P., 1988:
The efficiency of calculated fertilization systems using balance coefficients in crop rotation on soddy podzolic soil near moscow russian sfsr ussr

Hausnerova S.; Tesarova Z.; Potuznik V., 1980:
The efficiency of carfecillin

Miyakita H.; Kawamura N.; Murakami Y., 1985:
The efficiency of choreito for urinary discomforts

Shutilova N.I.; Demidova L.N.; Kadoshnikova I.G.; Klimov B.B.; Zakrzhevskii D.A., 1982:
The efficiency of chromatographic separation of the pigment protein lipid complexes of the reaction centers of photosystems i and ii from pea chloroplasts on deae cellulose

Noack K., 1979:
The efficiency of cold staining methods for the light microscopic detection of acid fast bacilli

Barlow, H.B., 1978:
The efficiency of detecting changes of density in random dot patterns

Huber, A.; Klose, W.; Spaengler, W.; Erben, W.; Weiss, W., 1978:
The efficiency of diagnostic measures with colo rectal cancer

Eliazian, M.; Tamiji, Y., 1977:
The efficiency of diamphenethide against Fasciola hepatica in sheep

Jones K.; Mcdonald A., 1983:
The efficiency of different methods of extracting lead from street dust

Bisyarina V.P.; Meshcheryakov V.V.; Chizhova Z.A., 1988:
The efficiency of dosed bicycle exercise in the multi modality treatment of myocardial dystrophy in children

Nebgen R.J.; Lowe W.J., 1985:
The efficiency of early and indirect selection in three sycamore platanus occidentalis genetic tests

Ylikoski, J.; Pekkarinen, J.; Starck, J., 1987:
The efficiency of earmuffs against impulse noise from firearms

Rich, C.L.; Spiker, D.G.; Jewell, S.W.; Neil, J.F.; Black, N.A., 1984:
The efficiency of electro convulsive therapy 1. response rate in depressive episodes

Rich, C.L.; Black, N.A., 1985:
The efficiency of electroconvulsive therapy ii. correlation of specific treatment variables to response rate in unilateral electroconvulsive therapy

Wuergler F.; Bickel H., 1986:
The efficiency of energy utilization by steers of various breeds

Cammell S.B.; Thomson D.J.; Beever D.E.; Haines M.J.; Dhanoa M.S.; Spooner M.C., 1986:
The efficiency of energy utilization in growing cattle consuming fresh perennial ryegrass lolium perenne melle or white clover trifolium repens blanca

Shugushev K.Kh, 1986:
The efficiency of etacizin for ventricular arrhythmias refractory to previous antiarrhythmic treatment

Soller, M.; Genizi, A., 1978:
The efficiency of experimental designs for the detection of linkage between a marker locus and a locus affecting a quantitative trait in segregating populations/

Masuda M.; Araki R.; Gomi K., 1984:
The efficiency of fertilizer nitrogen nitrogen 15 use by greenhouse tomatoes

Masuda M.; Iwamoto H.; Deguchi H.; Gomi K., 1984:
The efficiency of fertilizer nitrogen nitrogen 15 use by pot cultured tomato

Dost G., 1985:
The efficiency of flavomycin use for more than 20 years 1962 1981 with broilers

Davison, R.P.; Mautz, W.W.; Hayes, H.H.; Holter, J.B., 1978:
The efficiency of food utilization and energy requirements of captive female fishers

Alessandrescu D.; Rusu O.; Popa M.M.; Orlovski A., 1981:
The efficiency of free bilirubin determinations in peri natal medicine

Bos I., 1983:
The efficiency of grid selection

Fliser D., 1986:
The efficiency of hemodiafiltration in comparison to hemodialysis

Gonzalez R.; Blanco C.; Sardina J., 1982:
The efficiency of hemolysate in weak piglets at birth or during the lactation period

Gritsyuk A.I.; Netyazhenko V.Z.; Amosova E.N.; Kudlai V.D.; Girina O.N.; Nesukai E.G.; Yaremenko O.B., 1982:
The efficiency of heparin treatment in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Wafa, A.K.; Rashad, S.E.; Eweis, M.A., 1974:
The efficiency of honey bees in pollinating alfalfa in giza region egypt hymenoptera apidae

Liu, H.C.; Jones, H.W.; Rosenwaks, Z., 1988:
The efficiency of human reproduction after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer

Hantge E., 1980:
The efficiency of hunting in some birds of prey

Patterson H.D.; Hunter E.A., 1983:
The efficiency of incomplete block designs in national list and recommended list cereal variety trials

Kuznetsov V.M., 1986 :
The efficiency of index selection of sires in dairy breeding

Schoenbeck, F.; Dehne, H.W.; Balder, H., 1982:
The efficiency of induced resistance under practical culture conditions 1. powdery mildew of grape vitis vinifera cultivar mueller thurgau cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar chin schlangen and wheat triticum aestivum

Balder, H.; Schoenbeck, F., 1983:
The efficiency of induced resistance under practical culture conditions 2. rust of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum indicum and carnation dianthus caryophyllus downy mildew of rape brassica napus cucumber cucumis sativus and lettuce lactuca sativa

Dehne, H.W.; Stenzel, K.; Schoenbeck, F., 1984:
The efficiency of induced resistance under practical culture conditions 3. reproduction of powdery mildew on induced resistant plants

Timofeev L.V.; Grikshas S.A., 1987:
The efficiency of intralinear selection and reciprocal crosses in the strains of large white pigs

Rotenberg, Z.; Davidson, E.; Weinberger, I.; Fuchs, J.; Sperling, O.; Agmon, J., 1988:
The efficiency of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme determination for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction

Anderson, N., 1977:
The efficiency of levamisole, thiabendazole and fenbendazole against naturally acquired infections of Ostertagia ostertagi in cattle

Iosava K.V.; Areshidze T.Kh; Lezhava M.G.; Gaprindashvili T.G., 1982:
The efficiency of lidocaine treatment in early acute myo cardial infarction

Clarkson J.A.; Fine P.E.M., 1985:
The efficiency of measles and pertussis notification in england and wales uk

Richer, L.L., 1978:
The efficiency of methionine incorporation from iso accepting species of methionyl transfer rna into rabbit globin in an homologous reticulocyte lysate system

Schwarz S.; Franz R D.; Hergt R.; Sponholz H., 1986:
The efficiency of mouth rinsing as pretreatment in stomatology

Ter Hazeborg E.; Geisler G., 1983:
The efficiency of nitrogen assimilation by 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway cereal species depending on nitrogen supply

Huebner W.; Lange A., 1987:
The efficiency of nitrogen from biologically purified municipal waste water in comparison with fertilizer nitrogen

Goncalves P.B.D.; Gregory R.M.; Rodrigues J.L., 1987:
The efficiency of nonsurgical techniques for bovine embryo recovery on days 6 and 7 of the estrous cycle

Parkin D.M., 1980:
The efficiency of notification of congenital dislocation of the hip

Segre G.; Reccia R.; Pignalosa B.; Pappalardo G., 1981:
The efficiency of ordinary sunglasses as a protection from uv radiation

Haimovici M.; Felea D.; Iordache C.; Moscu E., 1985:
The efficiency of out patient care of children 1 6 years old with congenital malformations of the heart

Corrigall J.; Tselentis B.S.; Mowbray J., 1984:
The efficiency of oxidative phosphorylation and the rapid control by thyroid hormone of nicotinamide nucleotide reduction and transhydrogenation in intact rat liver mitochondria

Bell C.H., 1979:
The efficiency of phosphine against diapausing larvae of ephestia elutella lepidoptera over a wide range of concentrations and exposure times

D.Vito D., 1981:
The efficiency of plaquing of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from various materials

Casper B.B., 1983:
The efficiency of pollen transfer and rates of embryo initiation in cryptantha boraginaceae

Zacharias K.; Vesper B., 1985:
The efficiency of postoperative cure at a spa bad elster east germany in patients with tubal sterility

Slevin M.L.; Ang L.M.; Johnston A.; Turner P., 1984:
The efficiency of protective gloves used in the handling of cytotoxic drugs

Weber W.E., 1983:
The efficiency of repeated crosses within a population of self fertilizing species

Wilson D.C., 1979:
The efficiency of resource recovery from solid waste

Brown J.; Caligari P.D.S.; Mackay G.R.; Swan G.E.L., 1984:
The efficiency of seedling selection by visual preference in a potato breeding program

Brown J.; Caligari P.D.S., 1986:
The efficiency of seedling selection for yield and yield components in a potato solanum tuberosum breeding program

Vitanova G.; Mitova G., 1985:
The efficiency of selection methods in spinach cultivar maintenance

Harsch G., 1987:
The efficiency of simulation games in science education an empirical study

Balaban R.S.; Bader J.P., 1983:
The efficiency of sodium potassium atpase in tumorigenic cells

Klug, M.; Buenemann, G., 1985:
The efficiency of solitary bees as pollinators of pome fruits i. bee behavior during blossom visits

Klug, M.; Buenemann, G., 1986:
The efficiency of solitary bees as pollinators of pome fruits ii. insect borne pollen

Vidic M.; Maric A.; Jasnic S., 1986:
The efficiency of some fungicides number and time of sprayings of soybean in the control of diaporthe phaseolorum var caulivora

Budoi G.; Lazaroiu A.; Sarpe N.; Costache N., 1981:
The efficiency of some herbicides applied in a vine plantation

Saleh M.K.; E.D.n A.E.H., 1982:
The efficiency of some insecticides against cotton bollworms in relation to their effect on fiber quality of cultivar giza 70

Lehfeldt J.; Kulimann A., 1981:
The efficiency of some soil conditioners as influenced by the mode of action and soil texture

Kavanagh M.W., 1987:
The efficiency of sound production in two cricket species gryllotalpa australis and teleogryllus commodus orthoptera grylloidea

Burkot T.R.; Graves P.M.; Cattan J.A.; Wirtz R.A.; Gibson F.D., 1987:
The efficiency of sporozoite transmission in the human malarias plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax

Lintner F.; Boesch P.; Brand G., 1982:
The efficiency of sudan iii staining to identify wear particles of poly methyl methacrylate bone cement in tissue after total endo prostheses

Olszak M.; Cimanowski J.; Zdyb H., 1986:
The efficiency of sumilex in the control of filbert moniliasis monilia coryli schellenb

Irwin J.G.; Dorling T.A.; Moss R.L., 1979:
The efficiency of supported platinum catalysts for the destructive oxidation of odorous compounds in air

Gundersen H.J.G.; Jensen E.B., 1987:
The efficiency of systematic sampling in stereology and its prediction

Howard I.P.; Ohmi M., 1984:
The efficiency of the central and peripheral retina in driving human optokinetic nystagmus

Trimbos, J.B.; Arentz, N.P.W., 1986:
The efficiency of the cytobrush vs. the cotton swab in the collection of endocervical cells in cervical smears

Harper, D.C.; Wacker, D.P., 1983:
The efficiency of the Denver Developmental Screening Test with rural disadvantaged preschool children

Petrushkov V.N.; Rodionova N.S.; Belobrov P.I., 1985:
The efficiency of the functioning of the bienzymatic nadh fmn oxidoreductase luciferase system of luminescent bacteria

Kulessa C.; Jung F., 1979:
The efficiency of the guidire affective imagery during 20 sessions

Liu, P.T.; Chow, L.P., 1976:
The efficiency of the multiple trial randomized response technique

Kearsey M.J. , 1980:
The efficiency of the north carolina usa experiment iii and the self backcrossing series for estimating additive and dominance variation

Petrenko V.A.; Kipriyanov S.M.; Semenova L.N.; Boldyrev A.N., 1987:
The efficiency of the substitution of dna polymerase a by dna polymerase i of escherichia coli

Cristescu A.; Constantinovici A., 1981:
The efficiency of the ventriculo cardiac drainage in hydrocephalus following subarachnoid hemorrhage

Madruga C.R.; Aycardi E.; Cortez M.; Villafane F.; Moreira E.C., 1983:
The efficiency of trivalent bacterin against leptospira interrogans hardjo infection in pregnant cows

Choo, T.M.; Kannenberg, L.W., 1978:
The efficiency of using doubled ha ploids in a recurrent selection program in a di ploid cross fertilized species

Simpson, A.M.; Webster, A.J.F.; Smith, J.S.; Simpson, C.A., 1978:
The efficiency of utilization of dietary energy for growth in sheep ovis ovis and red deer cervus elaphus

Macrae, J.C.; Smith, J.S.; Dewey, P.J.S.; Brewer, A.C.; Brown, D.S.; Walker, A., 1985:
The efficiency of utilization of metabolizable energy and apparent absorption of amino acids in sheep given spring harvested and autumn harvested dried grass

Ifon, E.T.; Bassir, O., 1978:
The efficiency of utilizing the iron in leafy green vegetables for hemo globin synthesis by anemic rats

Wong R.K.M.; Nichol C.P.; Sekar M.C.; Roufogalis B.D., 1987:
The efficiency of various detergents for extraction and stabilization of acetylcholinesterase from bovine erythrocytes

Tontschev G.; Lueder M.; Bensow C., 1980:
The efficiency of various humidifiers for respired gas

Balla L.; Szurop I.; Toth B.; Papocsi L., 1979:
The efficiency of various immunization methods and schedules against newcastle disease immune state of chicken flocks after repeated drinking water and aerosol vaccinations with the la sota strain

Koc, J.; Wigand, R.; Weil, M., 1987:
The efficiency of various laboratory methods for the diagnosis of adenovirus conjunctivitis

A.M.ssawi M.A.J.; Kadri M.; Salama M.; Salem A., 1982:
The efficiency of various solvents in the extraction of chemical mutagens from living tissues a comparative study

Bennett, D.L., 1978:
The efficiency of water treatment processes in radium removal

Messier F.; Barrette C., 1985:
The efficiency of yarding behavior by white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus as an antipredator strategy

Caelli T.; Hubner M., 1983:
The efficient 2 dimensional energy coding characteristics of spatial vision

Cacioppo, J.T.; Petty, R.E.; Kao, C.F., 1984:
The efficient assessment of need for cognition

Plant R.E., 1979:
The efficient numerical solution of biological simulation problems

Thompson, K.M.; Hough, D.W.; Maddison, P.J.; Melamed, M.D.; Hughes-Jones, N., 1986:
The efficient production of stable human monoclonal antibody secreting hybridomas from epstein barr virus transformed lymphocytes using the mouse myeloma x 63 ag 8.653 as a fusion partner

Bianchi E.; Marenghi I.; Fabietti F.; Gaudiano A., 1984:
The efficient use of formulae to determine the total solids of milk critical test and experimental contribution

Zaidi S.A.; Schmidt J.W.; Simovic L., 1985:
The effluent treatment processes operating at canadian gold mills

Matsushima O., 1980:
The efflux and tissue content of ninhydrin positive substances in brackish and fresh water clams corbicula japonica and corbicula leana with special reference to osmotic responses

Hampp R.; Spedding D.J.; Ziegler I.; Ziegler H., 1980:
The efflux of inorganic sulfur from spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplasts

Husby P.; Romslo I., 1980:
The efflux of metallo porphyrin from rat liver mitochondria effect of albumin globin hemin and hemo globin

Husby P.; Romslo I., 1981:
The efflux of metallo porphyrin from rat liver mitochondria effect of potassium and other cations

Lagercrantz C.; Larsson T.; Sorskog L.; Lincoln P., 1984:
The efflux of spin label entrapped in human erythrocyte ghosts when suspended in hypo osmolar solutions the effect of chlorpromazine trifluoperazine nicardipine and some other membrane active substances

Mattiasson I.; Mattiasson B.; Hood B., 1979:
The efflux rate of norepinephrine from platelets and its relation to blood pressure

Kurniaty R.; Syamsuwida D., 1988:
The effort of shorea pinanga seed storage to lengthen the dormancy

Sargentini, A.; Giusti, C.; Lunardi, G., 1975:
The effort test and arrhythmias due to active ectopic rhythms

Papp, A.; Kroell, A.; Fuchs, R., 1978:
The egerian beds in the waschberg zone lower austria

Palmer C.J.; Culley M.B., 1984:
The egg and early life stages of the sand smelt atherina presbyter

Pawlik J.R.; O'sullivan J.B.; Harasewych M.G., 1988:
The egg capsules embryos and larvae of cancellaria cooperi gastropoda cancellariidae

Synnot R.N., 1980:
The egg capsules of lepsiella vinosa muricidae thaidinae

Evans D.H., 1981:
The egg case of the oviparous elasmobranch raja erinacea does osmo regulate

Im, K.Il.; Ryu, J.Sook.; Yong, T.Soon.; Lee, J.Heung.; Kim, T.Ue., 1986:
The egg detection rates of Enterobius vermicularis among school children in the various regions

Yang, C.M., 1977:
The egg development of paracalanus crassirostris copepoda calanoida

Marwoto, R.M., 1986:
The egg development on amerianna carinata h. adams

Fehervari T.; Glavits R.; Ratz F., 1980:
The egg drop syndrome

Tsankov G., 1981:
The egg eaters of thaumatopoea pityocampa and rhyacionia buoliana and possibilities of their utilization in biological control

Lampe K H., 1987:
The egg laying behavior of kristotomus triangulatorius and monoblastus marginellus hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Sanders W., 1981:
The egg laying behavior of syrphids syrphus corollae as affected by light and shade in an aphid colony

Gilbert A.B.; Peddie J.; Mitchell G.G.; Teague P.W., 1981:
The egg laying response of the domestic hen gallus domesticus to variation in dietary calcium

Kamel, E.G., 1984:
The egg mass and growth rate of Biomphalaria alexandrina under laboratory conditions

Goodwin B.J., 1979:
The egg mass of littorina obtusata and lacuna pallidula gastropoda prosobranchia

Steen J.B.; Parker H., 1981:
The egg numerostat a new concept in the regulation of clutch size

Beidas M.F.; Gillies M.T., 1980:
The egg of anopheles culicifacies adenensis

Biemont J.C.; Chauvin G.; Germain J.F., 1982:
The egg of bruchidius atrolineatus and its system of fixation

Demirezen S.; Karayazgan Y., 1986:
The egg of enterobius vermicularis in vaginal smear

Arbogast R.T.; Van Byrd R.; Chauvin G.; Strong R.G., 1984:
The egg of hofmannophila pseudospretella oecophoridae fine structure of the chorion

Lebouvier M.; Chauvin G.; Hamon C., 1985:
The egg of myrmeleotettix maculatus orthoptera acrididae water absorption and fine structure of the shell

Arbogast R.T.; Byrd R.V., 1982:
The egg of the cadelle tenebroides mauritanicus coleoptera trogositidae fine structure of the chorion

Viscuso R.; Longo G., 1983:
The egg of the leaf insect phyllium pulchrifolium phasmatodea phyllidae morphology and ultrastructure

Foulley M M.; Mellinger J., 1980:
The egg of the small spotted dogfish scyliorhinus canicula and its development in artificial sea water a chronologic structural and biometric study

Mazzini M.; Mascetti G.; Bullini L., 1982:
The egg of the stick insect bacillus atticus caprai a scanning electron microscope study cheleutoptera bacillidae

Checkley D.M.Jr, 1980:
The egg production of a marine planktonic copepod in relation to its food supply laboratory studies

Margaritis, L.H., 1985:
The egg shell of drosophila melanogaster 3. covalent crosslinking of the chorion proteins involves endogenous hydrogen peroxide

Margaritis L.H.; Dellas K.; Kalantzi M.C.; Kambysellis M.P., 1983:
The egg shell of hawaiian drosophila structural and biochemical studies in drosophila grimshawi and comparison to drosophila melanogaster

Smales L.R., 1984:
The egg shell of labiostrongylus eugenii nematoda strongyloidea structure and function

Kawamura N., 1988 :
The egg size determining gene esd is a unique morphological marker on the w chromosome of bombyx mori

Dondua A.K.; Sidorova P.A., 1986:
The egg vitellin envelope of nereis virens and the alteration of its permeability after cytochalasin b application

Carl G.; Jones J.P., 1979:
The eggs and hatchlings of sauromalus hispidus reptilia lacertilia iguanidae

Lesage L., 1986:
The eggs and larvae of cryptocephalus quadruplex and cryptocephalus venustus with a key to the known immature stages of the nearctic genera of cryptocephaline leaf beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae

Lesage L., 1985:
The eggs and larvae of pachybrachis peccans and pachybrachis bivittatus with a key to the known immature stages of the nearctic genera of cryptocephalinae coleoptera chrysomelidae

Livezey R.L., 1986:
The eggs and tadpoles of bufo coniferus cope in costa rica

R.P.; Gomes J., 1982:
The eggs newly hatched larvae and juveniles of the azorian portugal chromis pisces pomacentridae

Chadee D.D.; Tikasingh E.S., 1986:
The eggs of culex urichi coquillett diptera culicidae in trinidad west indies

Berger, L.; Uzzell, T., 1980:
The eggs of European water frogs (Rana esculenta complex) and their hybrids

Clark, J.T., 1978:
The eggs of leaf insects insecta phasmida

Clark, J.T., 1976:
The eggs of stick insects phasmida a review with descriptions of the eggs of 11 species

Scali V.; Mazzini M., 1981:
The eggs of stick insects sipyloidea sipylus and orxines macklotti phasmatodea heteronemiidae a scanning electron microscopic study

Hoyt D.F.; Board R.G.; Rahn H.; Paganelli C.V., 1979:
The eggs of the anatidae conductance pore structure and metabolism

Fraga R.M., 1983:
The eggs of the parasitic screaming cowbird molothrus rufoaxillaris and its host the bay winged cowbird molothrus badius is there evidence for mimicry

Howard, R.W.; Kistner, D.H., 1978:
The eggs of trichopsenius depressus and trichopsenius frosti coleoptera staphylinidae trichopseniinae with a comparison to those of their host termites reticulitermes virginicus and reticulitermes flavipes isoptera rhinotermitidae heterotermitinae

Davidova Vilimova J., 1987:
The eggs of two coptosoma species with a review of the eggs of the plataspidae heteroptera

Margaritis, L.H., 1986:
The eggshell of drosophila melanogaster ii. new staging characteristics and fine structural analysis of choriogenesis

Zarani, F.E.; Margaritis, L.H., 1986:
The eggshell of drosophila melanogaster v. structure and morphogenesis of the micropylar apparatus

Rothstein, A., 1981:
The ego: an evolving construct

McIntosh, D., 1986:
The ego and the self in the thought of Sigmund Freud

Adcock N.V.; White K.D., 1984:
The ego reference system a confirmatory cross cultural study

Gordon M.; Tegtmeyer P.F., 1982:
The egocentricity index and self esteem in children

Brink, E.W.; Aly, H.E.; Dakroury, A.M.; Said, A.K.; Ghoneme, F.M.; Hussein, M.A.; Shaheen, F.M.; Peck, R.E.; Gentry, E.D.; Nichaman, M.Z., 1983:
The Egyptian National Nutrition Survey, 1978

Soueif, M.I., 1977:
The Egyptian study of chronic cannabis use: a reply to Fletcher and Satz

Sadek I.A., 1986:
The egyptian toad bufo regularis as a sensitive model to show the effect of corn oil on liver tumor induced by dimethylbenz a anthracene

Mundy, P.J., 1978:
The egyptian vulture neophron percnopterus in southern africa

Black C.M.; Gathercole L.J.; Bailey A.J.; Beighton P., 1980:
The ehlers danlos syndrome an analysis of the structure of the collagen fibers of the skin

Downing, J.D.; Crans, W.J., 1977:
The ehrenberg pigeon trap as a sampler of culex for st louis encephalitis surveillance

Wagner G.P., 1984:
The eigenvalue distribution of genetic and phenotypic dispersion matrices evidence for a nonrandom organization of quantitative character variation

Cliff N., 1988:
The eigenvalues greater than one rule and the reliability of components

Gibbs W.R., 1981:
The eigenvalues of a deterministic neural net

N.S.C.; Rao A.G.; Howard O.M.Z.; Sodetz J.M., 1987:
The eighth component of human complement evidence that it is an oligomeric serum protein assembled from products of three different genes

Narasimhamurti C.C., 1979:
The eimeriid aggregata kudoi new species from sepia elliptica

Dallo J.; Lekka N.; Knoll J., 1986:
The ejaculatory behavior of sexually sluggish male rats treated with levo deprenyl apomorphine bromocriptine and amphetamine

Mariani, M.; Gherarducci, G.; Barsotti, A.; Balbarini, A., 1977:
The ejection fraction of the left ventricle in aortic valvulopathies as prognostic indication in view of the surgical correction

Barsotti, A.; Balbarini, A.; Tartarini, G.; Giusti, S.; Mariani, M., 1976:
The ejection fraction of the right ventricle in mitral valvulopathies before and after surgical correction

Waynforth, H.B.; Roe, G.M., 1981:
The Eker renal tumor rat. General immune status in relation to a varying tumor burden

Waynforth, H.B.; Hunter-Craig, C.J., 1981:
The Eker renal tumor rat. Tumor transplantability and a re-evaluation of tumor histology

Mein, P.; Adrover, H.R., 1977:
The el arquillo iii deposit in teruel spain preliminary note

Silva Cota S.; Alvarez Borrego S., 1988:
The el nino effect on the phytoplankton of a northwestern baja california mexico coastal lagoon

Hisard P., 1980:
The el nino response of the eastern tropical atlantic

Holst K.A.; Madsen H.B., 1986:
The elaboration of drainage class maps for agricultural planning in denmark

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