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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6672

Chapter 6672 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marshall P.H.; Pruitt M.P.; Gonzalez A., 1986:
The encoding of the frequency of linear positioning motor responses as a function of intention and discriminability

Marshall P.H.; Gonzalez A.; Pruitt M.P., 1986:
The encoding of the temporal order of linear positioning motor responses as a function of intention and discriminability

Villanueva L.; D., 1985:
The encoding of thermal stimuli applied to the tail of the rat by lowering the excitability of trigeminal convergent neurons D.; Chitour D.; Clot A.M., 1981:
The encoding of thermal stimuli by diffuse noxious inhibitory controls

Singh K.K.; Sinha C.M., 1982:
The encouraging role of chemo immuno therapy in the management of recurrent breast cancer

Masetti, D.; Bottoni, A., 1978:
The encrinite of fanes and its classification in the jurassic paleo geography of the area of the dolomites

Strusz D.L., 1980:
The encrinuridae and related trilobite families with a description of silurian species from southeastern australia

Keller J., 1985:
The encrusted cystidia of the aphyllophorales

Noyes, J.S., 1977:
The encyrtid genus amira parasites of spider eggs hymenoptera

Nelson L.G.; Garoian G.S., 1982:
The encysted stage of the heliozoan echinosphaerium nucleofilum

Forrest J.D., 1987:
The end of iud marketing in the usa what does it mean for american women

Alvarez, W.; Alvarez, L.W.; Asaro, F.; Michel, H.V., 1984:
The end of the cretaceous: sharp boundary or gradual transition?

Yanovskii G.V.; Stadnyuk L.A.; Voronkov L.G.; Terzov A.I., 1983:
The end portion of electro cardiographic ventricular complex and intra cardiac hemodynamics in response to exercise in coronary and hypertensive patients

Wilps, H.; Zebe, E., 1976:
The end products of anaerobic carbohydrate metabolism in the larvae of chironomus thummi thummi

Miyake, H.; Sakai, M.; Fujii, K., 1976:
The end results of treatment of maxillary cancer analyzed according to modality of pre operative treatments

Giordano G.; Miniello S.; Giordano A.T.; D'abbicco V., 1985:
The end to end anastomosis automatic stapler and low recto colic anastomosis

Dowle C.S.; Easley S.W.; Isbister W.H., 1983:
The end to end anastomotic stapler in colo rectal surgery a wellington new zealand experience

Leff E.I.; Hoexter B.; Labow S.B.; Eisenstat T.E.; Rubin R.J.; Salvati E.P., 1982:
The end to end anastomotic stapler in low colo rectal anastomoses initial experience

Hallam A., 1981:
The end triassic bivalve extinction event

Pekkarinen A.; Teras I.; Wuorenrinne H., 1987:
The endangered bees wasps and ants hymenoptera aculeata in finland

Rawlinson, P.A., 1976:
The endemic australian lizard genus morethia scincidae lygosominae in southern australia

Morris R.J., 1984:
The endemic faunae of lake baikal siberia ussr their general biochemistry and detailed lipid composition

Schwartz A.; Inchaustegui S.J., 1980:
The endemic hispaniolan lizard genus chamaelinorops

Webb, M.D., 1987:
The endemic macrostelini of the island of st. helena homoptera cicadellidae

D.Naurois R., 1984:
The endemic paradise flycatcher terpsiphone atrochalybeia of sao tome island portugal

Gehu, J.M., 1978:
The endemic plant communities on the western french sea shores

D.Vos J., 1979:
The endemic pleistocene deer of crete greece part 1

D.Vos J., 1979:
The endemic pleistocene deer of crete greece part 2

Mayhew, D.F., 1977:
The endemic pleistocene murids of crete greece part 1

Mayhew, D.F., 1977:
The endemic pleistocene murids of crete greece part 2

Chakrabarty T.; Kindo G.S.; Rao M.K.V., 1987:
The endemic rubiaceae of andaman and nicobar islands india

D.Laubenfels D.J., 1980:
The endemic species of podocarpus in new guinea

Leleshus, V.L., 1976:
The endemism and cosmopolitanism of ordovician silurian and devonian tabulate corals and heliolithoids of central asia

Hynes H.B.N.; Hynes M.E., 1980:
The endemism of tasmanian stone flies plecoptera

Moisecu V., 1985:
The endemism of tuberculosis in the cluj district romania over the last 4 years 1980 1983

Thoren P.; Oberg B., 1981:
The endo anesthetic effects of lidocaine and benzonatate on nonmedullated nerve endings in the left ventricle

Holloway R.L., 1981:
The endo cast of the omo l 338y 6 juvenile hominid gracile or robust australopithecus

Donadel, G.; Gallucci, V.; Casarotto, D.; Bortolotti, U.; Fasoli, G., 1976:
The endo cavitary cardiac stimulation with external permanent pacemaker

Von Stosch H.A., 1980:
The endo chiastic areola a complex new type of siliceous structure in a diatom

Tuffrau, M.; Laval-Peuto, M., 1978:
The endo commensal ciliates of a taret from the ivory coast teredo adami mollusca teredinidae part 2 infraciliature and polymorphism of biggaria caryoselaginelloides hymenostome

Angst, R., 1976:
The endo cranial volume of the pongidae mammalia primates

Kazic, D.M., 1978:
The endo helminths and seasonal dynamics of parasites of pachychilon pictum cyprinidae pisces from scutari lake yugoslavia

Gloor, E., 1978:
The endo lymphatic myosis a low grade stromal endometrial sarcoma part 1 pathology

Errais N E.; Laverdure A M., 1982:
The endo mitosis mechanism in ovarian trophocyte nuclei in tenebrio molitor coleoptera

Jansson H B.; Nordbring Hertz B., 1983:
The endo parasitic nematophagous fungus meria coniospora infects nematodes specifically at the chemo sensory organs

Wink M., 1979:
The endo symbionts of glossina morsitans and glossina palpalis cultivation experiments and some physiological properties

Reisser, W.; Fischer-Defoy, D.; Staudinger, J.; Schilling, N.; Hausmann, K., 1984:
The endo symbiotic unit of climacostomum virens and chlorella sp 1. morphological and physiological studies on the algal partner and its localization in the host cell

Reisser W., 1981:
The endo symbiotic unit of stentor polymorphus and chlorella sp morphological and physiological studies

Olson L.W.; Eden U.M.; Lange L., 1980:
The endobiotic thallus of physoderma maydis the causal agent of physoderma disease of maize

Botha D.J., 1980:
The endocarp of the southern african menispermaceae

Affandi, M.Z.; Doctor, V.; Jhaveri, K., 1985:
The endocervical smear as a simple and quick method for the determination of ovulation

Bojar, H.; Maar, K.; Staib, W., 1979:
The endocrine background of human renal cell carcinoma. I. Binding of the highly potent progestin R 5020 by tumour cytosol

Bojar, H.; Maar, K.; Staib, W., 1979:
The endocrine background of human renal cell carcinoma 2. attempt to induce the r 5020 binding components by estrogens

Bojar, H.; Maar, K.; Staib, W., 1979:
The endocrine background of human renal cell carcinoma 3. role of inhibitors of r 5020 binding in tumor cytosol

Bojar, H.; Maar, K.; Staib, W., 1979:
The endocrine background of human renal cell carcinoma. IV. Glucocorticoid receptors as possible mediators of progestogen action

Bojar, H.; Maar, K.; Staib, W., 1980:
The endocrine background of human renal cell carcinoma. V. Binding of the highly potent androgen methyltrienolone (R 1881) by tumour cytosol

Jones D., 1985:
The endocrine basis for developmentally stationary prepupae in larvae of trichoplusia ni pseudoparasitized by chelonus insularis

Simionescu, L., 1975:
The endocrine behavior of the brain

Forssmann, W.G.; Orci, L.; Pictet, R.; Renold, A.E.; Rouiller, C., 1969:
The endocrine cells in the epithelium of the gastro intestinal mucosa of the rat an inst electron microscope study

Dawson, I., 1970:
The endocrine cells of the gastro intestinal tract

Capella, C.; Solcia, E.; Frigerio, B.; Buffa, R.; Usellini, L.; Fontana, P., 1977:
The endocrine cells of the pancreas and related tumors ultrastructural study and classification

Capella C.; Usellini L.; Buffa R.; Frigerio B.; Solcia E., 1981:
The endocrine component of prostatic carcinomas mixed adeno carcinoma carcinoid tumors and nontumor prostate histochemical and ultrastructural identification of the endocrine cells

Maung, S.L.; Follett, B.K., 1978:
The endocrine control by luteinizing hormone of testosterone secretion from the testis of the Japanese quail

Marin, L.; Tordet, C.; Dameron, F., 1978:
The endocrine control of embryonic lung maturation in the chicken part 1 morphological and biochemical differentiation of lungs after in ovo decapitation

Dameron, F.; Marin, L., 1978:
The endocrine control of embryonic lung maturation in the chicken part 2 role of the hypophysis

Groscolas, R.; Jallageas, M.; Goldsmith, A.; Assenmacher, I., 1986:
The endocrine control of reproduction and molt in male and female emperor aptenodytes forsteri and adelie pygoscelis adeliae penguins i. annual changes in plasma levels of gonadal steroids and luteinizing hormone

Sharma, U.; Sahni, S.L.; Sinha, D.P., 1977:
The endocrine control of reproduction in the female dysdercus koenigii hemiptera heteroptera pyrrhocoridae

Young, R.L.; Goldzieher, J.W.; Elkind-Hirsch, K., 1987:
The endocrine effects of spironolactone used as an antiandrogen

Whitby R.M.; Gordon R.D.; Blair B.R., 1979:
The endocrine effects of vasectomy a prospective 5 year study

Witt M.F.; Blethen S.L., 1983:
The endocrine evaluation of 3 children with vaso motor flushes following hypothalamic surgery

Osadchuk, L.V.; Krass, P.M.; Ivanova, L.N., 1977:
The endocrine function of gonads in silver foxes during different stages of the reproductive cycle

Kasuga, F.; Takahashi, M., 1986:
The endocrine function of rat gonads with reduced number of germ cells following busulphan treatment

Buckingham, J.C., 1977:
The endocrine function of the hypothalamus

Hui, K.S.; Williams, J.C.; Borit, A.; Rosenberg, H.S., 1985:
The endocrine glands in Pompe's disease. Report of two cases

Kunz J.; Amendt P.; Hahn Von Dorsche H.; Gerl H.; Knappe E.; Lorenz D., 1983:
The endocrine pancreas in pluri glandular neoplasia type i 2 cases and review of the literature

E.S.lhy M.; Wilander E.; Abu Sinna G., 1982:
The endocrine pancreas of anuran amphibians a histological and immuno cytochemical study

Cecio, A.; De-Girolamo, A., 1975:
The endocrine pancreas of the hinny part 2 ultrastructural observations

Cisse, M., 1978:
The endocrine pancreas of varans during the annual cycle in senegal

Kind, H.; Rust, E., 1979:
The endocrine psycho syndrome in the long term 3. a catamnestic reexamination of patients suffering from hypothalamo hypo pituitary dwarfism

Kind, H.; Morf, J., 1977:
The endocrine psycho syndrome in the long term part 1 a catamnestic reexamination of patients suffering from pan hypo pituitarism

Kind, H.; Kern, J., 1977:
The endocrine psycho syndrome in the long term part 2 a catamnestic reexamination after treatment of patients suffering from cushings syndrome

Cotea C.; Coman I.; Tudorache Radu G.; Todireanu D.; Alexa M.; Rizac V.; Andrisan V.; Aionesei C., 1986:
The endocrine reply of the reproductive hen under the influence of the negative ionization of the air

Frey, H., 1982:
The endocrine response to physical activity

Adams H.A.; Von Bormann B.; Bachmann B.; Ratthey K.; Hempelmann G., 1987:
The endocrine stress response to orotracheal intubation under topical anesthesia with lidocaine

Milcu, S.M.; Saim, A., 1978:
The endocrine syndrome of occult tuberculosis

Song, C., 1976:
The endocrine system and hypertension

Pal'tsev M.A.; Serov V.V., 1987:
The endocrine system of the kidneys and nephrogenic hypertension

Rennert, O.M., 1979:
The endocrine thymus

Guagnano M.T.; Angelucci E.; Blasioli A.; Casalini G.; Flacco L.; G.F.; Loragno M.R.; Menduni P.; Nicolucci A.; E.A., 1986:
The endocrinological circadian temporal structure in elderly subjects

Kyono K.; Tsuiki A.; Wada Y.; Hoshiai H.; Yajima A., 1986:
The endocrinological laparoscopic and histopathological findings of ovaries in anovulatory women

Wingfield, J.C.; Farner, D.S., 1978:
The endocrinology of a natural breeding population of the white crowned sparrow zonotrichia leucophrys pugetensis

Aiginger, P.; Kolbe, H.; Kühböck, J.; Spona, J.; Geyer, G., 1981:
The endocrinology of testicular germinal cell tumors

Schwemmler, W., 1982:
The endocytobiotic cell theory and the periodic system of cells

Takata K.; Nishiyama F.; Hirano H., 1982:
The endocytosis and the intra cellular fate of cationized ferritin in monkey macrophages

Sidhu G.S., 1979:
The endodermal origin of digestive and respiratory tract amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation cells

Zhang W C.; Yan W M.; Lou C H., 1986:
The endodermoid in garlic scape its fine structure and physiological function

Shkhvatsabayan I.K.; Uchitel' I.A.; Ustinova S.E.; Chernova N.A.; Nekrasova A.A., 1984:
The endogenic activation of prorenin in essential hypertension

Wolfe, L.S.; Rostworowski, K.; Pappius, H.M., 1976:
The endogenous biosynthesis of prostaglandins by brain tissue in vitro

Nizuno S.; Terai H.; Kozukue N., 1982:
The endogenous brown spot of pineapple in post harvest handling

Vermeulen Meiners C.; Poortman J.; Haspels A.A.; Thijssen J.H.H., 1986:
The endogenous concentration of estradiol and estrogen in pathological human postmenopausal endometrium

Mcdonald V.; Shirley M.W., 1987:
The endogenous development of virulent strains and attenuated precocious lines of eimeria tenella and eimeria necatrix

Hejnowicz Z.; Buchen B.; Sievers A., 1985:
The endogenous difference in the rates of acropetal and basipetal cytoplasmic streaming in chara contraria rhizoids is enhanced by gravity

Davies P.J.; Emshwiller E.; Gianfagna T.J.; Proebsting W.M.; Noma M.; Pharis R.P., 1982:
The endogenous gibberellins of vegetative and reproductive tissue of pisum sativum g 2 peas

Guest, L., 1978:
The endogenous iron content by moessbauer spectroscopy of human lungs part 2 lungs from various occupational groups

Williams J.A., 1983:
The endogenous loco motor activity rhythm of 4 supralittoral peracarid crustaceans

Buller R.S.; Sitbon M.; Portis J.L., 1988:
The endogenous mink cell focus forming mcf gp70 linked to the rmcf gene restricts mcf virus replication in vivo and provides partial resistance to erythroleukemia induced by friend murine leukemia virus

Salmons B.; Knedlitschek G.; Kennedy N.; Groner B.; Ponta H., 1986:
The endogenous mouse mammary tumour virus locus Mtv-8 contains a defective envelope gene

Jawdat S.Z.; A.J.fary A.R., 1979:
The endogenous phase of the life cycle of eimeria nesokiai protozoa eimeridae in bandicoot rats nesokia indica

Kokue, E.; Hayama, T., 1976:
The endogenous secretin in chicken: minor physiological role in exocrine pancreatic secretion

Mueller R.L.; Hagel H J.; Greim G.; Ruppin H.; Domschke W., 1983:
The endogenous synthesis of cancerogenic n nitroso compounds bacterial flora and nitrite formation in the healthy human stomach

Giros B.; Llorens Cortes C.; Gros C.; Schwartz J C., 1986:
The endogenous tripeptide tyrosylglycylglycine as a possible metabolite of opioid peptides in rat brain identification regional distribution effects of lesions and formation in depolarized slices

Wu, C.G.; Chen, Z.C., 1986:
The endogonaceae of taiwan i. a preliminary investigation on endogonaceae of bamboo vegetation at chi tou areas central taiwan

Ono T., 1987:
The endolymphatic dc potentials in the cochlea and the ampulla of semicircular canal of guinea pigs

Istenic, L., 1976:
The endolymphatic organ in proteus anguinus urodela amphibia

Tsekos I., 1985:
The endomembrane system of differentiating carposporangia in the red alga chondria tenuissima occurrence and participation in secretion of polysaccharidic and proteinaceous substances

Zhang Y H.; Robinson D.G., 1986:
The endomembranes of chlamydomonas reinhardii a comparison of the wild type with the wall mutants cw 2 and cw 15

Bonte J., 1984:
The endometrial adenocarcinoma as a model for hormone-dependency and hormone-responsiveness of gynaecological cancers

Witten, B.I.; Martin, S.A., 1985:
The endometrial biopsy as a guide to the management of luteal phase defect

Witten, B.I., 1986:
The endometrial biopsy as a guide to the treatment of the luteal phase defect associated with hyperprolactinemia

Balasch, J.; Vanrell, J.A.; Creus, M.; Márquez, M.; González-Merlo, J., 1985:
The endometrial biopsy for diagnosis of luteal phase deficiency

Sanborn, B.M.; Bhalia, R.C.; Korenman, S.G., 1973:
The endometrial cyclic amp dependent protein kinase distribution subunit structure and kinetics of cyclic amp binding

Szamborski J.; Teter J.; Wasilewska B., 1985:
The endometrial hyperplasia determined by ambulatory endometrial biopsy

Erdos T.; Fries J., 1979:
The endometrial nuclear estradiol receptor of the pregnant cow has a molecular weight of 53000 in 6 molar guanidine hydro chloride

Frappart L.; Lin H.C.; Gauthier A.M.; Griot A.; Palayer C.; Vernevaut Y.; Bremond A.; Rochet Y.; Lesbros F., 1985:
The endometrial stromal nodule

Sindayirwanya J.B.; Weyalo B.; Peers W.; Wilkin P., 1983:
The endometrium after therapeutic abortion in relationship to the contraceptive used following the abortion

Paris J.; Mrena E.; Lanquetin A.; Marchal G.M.; Thevenot R., 1984:
The endometrium of immature female rabbits stimulated by an estrogen and with progesterone treatment scanning electron microscopy study

Redhead, S.A.; Malloch, D.W., 1977:
The endomycetaceae new concepts new taxa

Sadik, A.; Rey, L.; Renaudin, S., 1986:
The endophytic system of arceuthobium oxycedri i. organization and a cytological and cytochemical study

Sadik, A.; Rey, L.; Renaudin, S., 1986:
The endophytic system of arceuthobium oxycedri ii. ultrastructural aspects of contact zones between tissues of host and parasite

Salle G., 1979:
The endophytic system of viscum album anatomy and functioning of secondary suckers

Morisset, C., 1976:
The endoplasmic reticulum during anoxia in roots of tomatoes cultivated in vitro demonstration of new behavior by the osmium impregnation technique

Bouvier Durand M.; Dereuddre J.; Come D., 1981:
The endoplasmic reticulum in the meristematic cells of the embryonic radicle of apple tree pyrus malus its behavior during dormancy release by cold

Song J.; Chen B.L., 1986:
The endoplasmic reticulum in whole mount cultured cells with potassium permanganate fixation

Gilkes N.R.; Chrispeels M.J., 1980:
The endoplasmic reticulum of mung bean vigna radiata cotyledons biosynthesis during seedling growth

Harris N.; Chrispeels M.J., 1980:
The endoplasmic reticulum of mung bean vigna radiata cotyledons quantitative morphology of cisternal and tubular endoplasmic reticulum during seedling growth

Van Der Wilden W.; Gilkes N.R.; Chrispeels M.J., 1980:
The endoplasmic reticulum of mung bean vigna radiata cultivar berken cotyledons role in the accumulation of hydrolases in protein bodies during seedling growth

McMurray, R.G.; Fafrowicz, J.F.; Berry, M., 1988:
The endorphin response of women to sleep loss and exercise

Way, E.L.; Glasgow, C.E., 1978:
The endorphins possible physiologic roles and therapeutic applications

Gjørup, T.; Agner, E.; Jensen, L.B.; Jensen, A.M.; Møllmann, K.M., 1986:
The endoscopic diagnosis of duodenal ulcer disease. A randomized clinical trial of bias and of interobserver variation

Gjørup, T.; Agner, E.; Bording Jensen, L.; Mørup Jensen, A.; Møllmann, K.M., 1985:
The endoscopic diagnosis of gastric ulcer. A randomized clinical trial of interobserver variation and bias induced by knowledge of the radiological diagnosis

Chambers, L.A.; Clark, W.E., 1986:
The endoscopic diagnosis of gastroesophageal malignancy. A cytologic review

Brown, P.; Salmon, P.R.; Burwood, R.J.; Knox, A.J.; Clendinnen, B.G.; Read, A.E., 1978:
The endoscopic, radiological, and surgical findings in chronic duodenal ulceration

Schaube H.; Wirtz H.J.; Fuchs K H.; Sellschopp C., 1987:
The endoscopic removal of ingested foreign bodies indication and choice of technique

den Hartog Jager, F.C.; van Haastert, M.; Batterman, J.J.; Tytgat, G.N., 1985:
The endoscopic spectrum of late radiation damage of the rectosigmoid colon

Morris, S.J.; Greenwald, R.A.; Tedesco, F.J., 1978:
The endoscopy corner acute ulcerative colitis mimicking an obstructing carcinoma of the colon

Ackert, J.; Tobias, H., 1977:
The endoscopy corner. Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Ramirez Degollado J.; Barinagarrementeria Aldatz R.; Martinez Carvajal R.; Olvera Perez D.; Bautista O'farril J.; Landa L., 1982:
The endoscopy of operated stomach

Joshi, R.C.; Ganguli, K.S.; Tripathi, A.; Khan, S.S., 1982:
The endoskeleton of a hill stream teleost noemacheilus beavani 1. the skull

Robert A.; Carpenter J L.; Van Obberghen E.; Cainvet B.; Gorden P.; Orci L., 1985:
The endosomal compartment of rat hepatocytes its characterization in the course of iodine 125 insulin internalization

D.Fulvio T.E., 1979:
The endosperm and embryo in the system of tubiflorae with special reference to boraginaceae and hydrophyllaceae

Kapoor T.; Vijayaraghavan M.R., 1986:
The endosperm in najas a reassessment

Grau J.; Hopf H., 1985:
The endosperm of the compositae

Bartels D.; Thompson R.D., 1983:
The endosperms of common cereals contain related poly adenylated rna sequences

Wuest J.; Buscaglia M.; Leloup J., 1986:
The endostyle of the larval ammocoete lamprey lampetra planeri a scanning electron microscopic study

Reisser W.; Kurmeier B., 1984:
The endosymbiotic unit of climacostomum virens and chlorella sp symbiotic features of the association and host symbiont regulatory mechanisms

Vincent P.L.D.; Getliffe F.M., 1988:
The endothecium in senecio asteraceae

Nikolov S.D.; Schiebler T.H., 1981:
The endothelial cells of the villi vessels of the mature human placenta

Andrews, J.S., 1975:
The endothelial connection

Cerra, F.B.; Raza, S.; Andres, G.A.; Siegel, J.H., 1977:
The endothelial damage of pulsatile renal preservation and its relationship to perfusion pressure and colloid osmotic pressure

Breslin, C.W.; Ng, W., 1976:
The endothelial function of donor corneas: effects of delayed enucleation and refrigeration

Hodson, S., 1977:
The endothelial pump of the cornea

Verbeuren, T.J.; Jordaens, F.H.; Bult, H.; Herman, A.G., 1988:
The endothelium inhibits the penetration of serotonin and norepinephrine in the isolated canine saphenous vein

Castenholz, A., 1985:
The endothelium of initial lymphatics during postnatal development of the rat tongue

Kraal, G.; Duijvestijn, A.M.; Hendriks, H.H., 1987:
The endothelium of the high endothelial venule: a specialized endothelium with unique properties

Mason, R.G.; Sharp, D.; Chuang, H.Y.; Mohammad, S.F., 1977:
The endothelium: roles in thrombosis and hemostasis

Troll, R., 1987:
The endozoic dispersal of myxomycete spores by oniscus asellus l. crustacea

Letourneau D.K., 1987:
The enemies hypothesis tritrophic interactions and vegetational diversity in tropical agroecosystems

Carmouze J P.; Aquize E.; Arze C.; Quintanilla J., 1983:
The energetic budget of lake titicaca peru bolivia

Walsberg, G.E.; King, J.R., 1978:
The energetic consequences of incubation for 2 passerine species

Imbriani M.; Corsico R., 1985:
The energetic cost of 3 respiratory exercises

Bennett A.F.; Houck L.D., 1983:
The energetic cost of courtship and aggression in a plethodontid salamander desmognathus ochrophaeus

Muchlinski A.E., 1985:
The energetic cost of the fever response in 3 species of ectothermic vertebrates

Hepburn H.R.; Hugo J.J.; Mitchell D.; Nijland M.J.M.; Scrimgeour A.G., 1984:
The energetic costs of wax production by the african honeybee apis mellifera adansonii

Rooke J.A.; Brett P.A.; Overend M.A.; Armstrong D.G., 1985:
The energetic efficiency of rumen microbial protein synthesis in cattle given silage based diets

Shishkin V.S., 1980:
The energetic estimation of trophic relations of larks alaudidae in the caspian semi desert ussr

Scholtyssek S.; Seim S., 1988:
The energetic evaluation of rabbit feed using an in vitro method

Kellner R.J.; Kirchgessner M., 1980:
The energetic fodder value of maize straw silage in different rations

Camougrand, N.; Velours, G.; Guerin, M., 1987:
The energetic growth yields of the yeast Candida parapsilosis

Chaplin S.B., 1982:
The energetic significance of huddling behavior in common bush tits psaltriparus minimus

Zinner P.M.; Kirchgessner M., 1982:
The energetic utilization of palatinit

Nazarov A.G.; Khabarov A.V., 1984:
The energetics and ecology of sands and sandy soils

Llewellyn, M.; Qureshi, A.L., 1978:
The energetics and growth efficiency of aphis fabae reared on different parts of the broad bean plant vicia faba

Linton J.D.; Watts D.P.; Austin R.M.; Haugh D.E.; Niekus H.G.D., 1986:
The energetics and kinetics of extracellular polysaccharide production from methanol by microorganisms possessing different pathways of 1 carbon assimilation

Hunter T., 1984:
The energetics of asexual reproduction pedal laceration in the symbiotic sea anemone aiptasia pulchella

Petrov, V.E.; Seifullina, N.K. ; Loskutnikov, A.I., 1977:
The energetics of assimilating cells and photosynthesis part 4 the role of nitrogen and phosphorus in the formation of intra cellular energy balance in the assimilating cell

Reid R.J.; Walker N.A., 1984:
The energetics of chloride active transport in chara corallina

Verhoeven, A.J.; Gorter, G.; Mommersteeg, M.E.; Akkerman, J.W., 1985:
The energetics of early platelet responses. Energy consumption during shape change and aggregation with special reference to protein phosphorylation and the polyphosphoinositide cycle

Seely, G.R., 1978:
The energetics of electron transfer reactions of chlorophyll and other compounds

Baudinettte R.V.; Gill P., 1985:
The energetics of flying and paddling in water locomotion in penguins eudyptula minor and ducks anas superciliosa

Raven J.A., 1982:
The energetics of fresh water algae energy requirements for biosynthesis and volume regulation

Zeinalov Y.A., 1981:
The energetics of grape vitis vinifera cultivar tavriz and kenna lawsonia inermis plantings in eastern shirvan azerbaijan ssr ussr

Vickery W.L.; Millar J.S., 1984:
The energetics of huddling by endotherms

Johnson, A.T., 1976:
The energetics of mask wear

Chaplain, R.A.; Frommelt, B., 1972:
The energetics of muscular contraction part 1 total energy output and phosphoryl creatine splitting in isovelocity and isotonic tetani of frog sartorius

Bittl, J.A.; Ingwall, J.S., 1986:
The energetics of myocardial stretch. Creatine kinase flux and oxygen consumption in the noncontracting rat heart

Goss-Custard, J.D., 1977:
The energetics of prey selection by redshank tringa totanus in relation to prey density

Schlosser, I.J.; Buffington, J.D., 1977:
The energetics of r vs k selection in 2 african strains of aedes aegypti

Elliott B.; Dawson B.; Pyke F., 1985:
The energetics of singles tennis

Mukatanov, A.Kh, 1977:
The energetics of soil forming processes in the southern urals ussr

Newell, R.C.; Kofoed, L.H., 1977:
The energetics of suspension feeding in the gastropod crepidula fornicata

Tseitlin V.B., 1985:
The energetics of the fish population inhabiting the underwater mountain

Schoenbohm E.; Schoenbohm E., 1984:
The energetics of the phytochrome mediated anchorage of chloroplasts in the plasmic parietal coating of cells

Prestwich, K.N., 1977:
The energetics of web building in spiders

Blem C.R.; Zara J., 1980:
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The enzyme glutamine synthetase i ec of drosophila melanogaster is associated with a modified rna

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The enzyme immunoassay of dexamethasone

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The enzyme immunoassay of hog pancreatic kallikrein

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The enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay assay in the immunological diagnosis of schistosoma mansoni

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The enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay test performed in terasaki plates

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The enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay theory technique and applications

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The enzyme rhodanese can be reactivated after denaturation in guanidinium chloride

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The enzyme spectra of the liver and blood of rats with experimental anthracosis fed a diet containing additional methionine and pyridoxine

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The enzyme splitting s adenosyl methionine in cells of escherichia coli ck infected with phage s d

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The enzyme stability of dehydro peptides

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The enzyme systems of energy producing metabolism in back muscle and the vitality of pigs 2. pattern of activity and proportions of oxidative energy metabolism in growing pigs from different genotypes

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The enzyme systems of energy producing metabolism in back muscles and the vitality of pigs 3. relations of vitality and carcass composition to enzyme pattern of fatty acid oxidation glycolysis side path respiratory enzymes amount of mitochondria and to the system relation of citrate cycles glycolysis and respiratory enzymes glycolysis respectively

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The enzymes of ammonia assimilation and their control in members of the genus erwinia

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The enzymes of ammonium assimilation in bacteria with different pathways of 1 carbon compound metabolism

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The enzymes of cyclic amp metabolism in the cns of the leech hirudo medicinalis

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The enzymes of the galactose operon in escherichia coli ii the sub units of enz udp galactose 4 epimerase

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The enzymes of the galactose operon in escherichia coli iii the size and composition of enz galacto kinase

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The enzymes of the red blood cell plasma membrane

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The enzymes vol 13 oxidation reduction part c dehydrogenases part 2 oxidases part 2 hydrogen per oxide cleavage

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The enzymic and chemical synthesis of ursodeoxy cholic acid and cheno deoxy cholic acid from cholic acid

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The enzymic and immunological determination of ceruloplasmin sex dependent and method dependent differences during estrogen administration

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The enzymic and non enzymic cleavage of amino terminal l serine o sulfate

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The enzymic composition of the isolated cell wall and plasma membrane of baker's yeast

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The enzymic conversion of hydroxy cinnamic acids to p coumaryl quinic acid and chlorogenic acid in tomato fruits

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The enzymic degradation of l serine o sulfate by a specific system from pig liver

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The enzymic formation of myo inositol 1.2 cyclic phosphate from phosphatidyl inositol

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The enzymic hydrolysis of albumin in systems with solid phases

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The enzymic hydrolysis of substituted phenyl beta d xylo pyranosides

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The enzymic nature of the degradation of beta carotene in the red clover and in other forage crops during silage making with acid additives

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The enzymic oxidation of glutathione in rat liver homogenates

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The enzymic preparation of carbon 14 kaurene cucurbita pepo d di terpene inst auto radiography inst thin layer chromatography

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The enzymic reductions of aryl aldehydes and aryl alcohols in penicillium baarnense

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The enzymic synthesis of ethanolamine plasmalogens

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The enzymological characteristics of spontaneous inflammatory dystrophic process in the cat parodontium

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The enzymology of atp sulfurylase ec from spinach leaf tissue kinetic studies and a proposed reaction mechanism

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The enzymology of prephenate dehydrogenase in Bacillus subtilis

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The enzymology of short chain fatty acyl coenzyme a synthetase from seeds of pinus radiata kinetic studies and a proposed reaction mechanism

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The eocene formations of the hereg tarjan basin hungary

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The eocene mega fossil flora of nerriga new south wales australia

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