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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6673

Chapter 6673 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gelati, R., 1977:
The eocene oligocene succession of garbagna alessandria at the eastern border of the ligurian piedmontese tertiary basin

Feduccia, A.; Martin, L.D., 1976:
The eocene zygodactyl birds of north america aves piciformes

Carrel S.; Prade M.; Rumke P.; Lejeune F., 1988:
The eortc melanoma group exchange program a multicenter monoclonal antibody study

Rizzuto, F.; Spikes, J.D., 1977:
The eosin sensitized photo oxidation of substituted phenyl alanines and tyrosines

Savage A.M.; Colley D.G., 1980:
The eosinophil in the inflammatory response to cercarial challenge of sensitized to chronically infected cba j mice

Gleich, G.J., 1977:
The eosinophil new aspects of structure and function

Warren, K.S.; Karp, R.; Pelley, R.P.; Mahmoud, A.A., 1976:
The eosinophil stimulation promoter test in murine and human Trichinella spiralis infection

Lester, R.J.G.; Daniels, B.A., 1976:
The eosinophilic cell of the white sucker catostomus commersoni

Buchanan, R.R.; Gordon, D.A.; Muckle, T.J.; McKenna, F.; Kraag, G., 1980:
The eosinophilic fasciitis syndrome after phenytoin (dilantin) therapy

Ansari, A.; Williams, J.F., 1976:
The eosinophilic response of the rat to infection with Taenia taeniaeformis

Jones, D.B.; Kaye, F.; Hardman, J.; Whang-Peng, J.; Dale, N.L.; Garvin, D.F.; Schumacher, H.R., 1987:
The eosinophilic variant of acute myelomonocytic leukemia developing as a secondary leukemia in a patient with mycosis fungoides

Privat, A., 1977:
The ependyma and subependymal layer of the young rat a new contribution with freeze fracture

Rajtová, V.; Odehnal, F., 1987:
The ependyma lining the infundibular recess in the sheep: a scanning electron microscopy study

Rajtová, V., 1986:
The ependyma of sheep. II. The lateral cerebral ventricle

Rajtová, V., 1986:
The ependyma of sheep. III. The third cerebral ventricle

Rajtová, V., 1987:
The ependyma of sheep. IV. The ependymal cells of the third cerebral ventricle; a Golgi study

Hetzel, W., 1977:
The ependyma of the lateral ventricle of acanthodactylus pardalis reptilia lacertidae

Mitro, A.; Kiss, A., 1977:
The ependyma of the ventriculus mesencephali in the rat

Kiss, A.; Mitro, A., 1976 :
The ependyma of ventriculus mesencephali in golden hamsters

Krapp, C., 1978:
The ependyma on the pineal of the Guinea pig (Cavia cobaya). A scanning electron microscopic investigation

Zamora, A.J., 1978:
The ependymal and glial configuration in the spinal cord urodeles

Marcinkiewicz, M.; Bouchaud, C., 1983:
The ependymal secretion of the fetal and adult rat subcommissural organ. morphological aspects linked to the synthesis, storage and release of the secretory products

Gaedike R., 1984:
The epermeniidae and acrolepiidae from the danish expedition to south america in 1978 1979 and 1981 1982 lepidoptera

Brullo S.; Grillo M., 1985:
The ephemeral psammophilous associations of malcolmietalia surveyed in sicily italy

Suter P.J., 1986:
The ephemeroptera mayflies of south australia

Mccafferty W.P., 1985:
The ephemeroptera of alaska usa

Mccafferty, W.P.; Provonsha, A.V., 1978:
The ephemeroptera of mountainous arkansas usa

Mayenco A.G.; Romero M.F., 1984:
The ephemeroptera of the sierra de los santos and of cordoba sierra morena spain

Fey, J.M.; Mertschenk, E., 1977:
The ephemeroptera plecoptera and trichoptera fauna of sauerland

Shepherd S.A., 1983:
The epi fauna of mega ripples species adaptations and population responses to disturbance

Seed, R.; Harris, S., 1980:
The epi fauna of the fronds of laminaria digitata in strangford lough northern ireland uk

Gonzalez Sanjurjo R., 1982:
The epi fauna of the seed mussel mytilus edulis rope in the ria de arosa spain

Dunstone M.A.; O'connor R.J.; Seed R., 1979:
The epi faunal communities of pelvetia canaliculata and fucus spiralis

S"bchev M.A.; Stanimirova L.S., 1986:
The epibiont on crayfishes hystricosoma chappuisi new record oligochaeta aeolosomatidae for bulgarian fauna

Withers, R.G.; Farnham, W.F.; Lewey, S.; Jephson, N.A.; Haythorn, J.M.; Gray, P.W.G., 1975:
The epibionts of sargassum muticum in british waters

Scanland T.B., 1979:
The epibiota of arca zebra and arca imbricata a community analysis

Stachowitsch M., 1980:
The epibiotic and endolithic species associated with the gastropod shells inhabited by the hermit crabs paguristes oculatus and pagurus cuanensis

Selander R.B., 1981:
The epicauta caustica group of the genus epicauta coleoptera meloidae

Juarez, M.P.; Brenner, R.R.; Gros, E.G., 1984:
The epicuticular lipids of triatoma infestans 1. glycerides

Juarez, M.P.; Brenner, R.R., 1985:
The epicuticular lipids of triatoma infestans ii. hydrocarbon dynamics

Percy, K.E.; Riding, R.T., 1978:
The epicuticular waxes of pinus strobus subjected to air pollutants

Freeman B.; Turner D.W., 1985:
The epicuticular waxes on the organs of different varieties of banana musa spp differ in form chemistry and concentration

Metz, J.A.J., 1978:
The epidemic in a closed population with all susceptibles equally vulnerable some results for large susceptible populations and small initial infections

Marmor M.; Des Jarlais D.C.; Friedman S.R.; Lyden M.; E.S.dr W., 1984:
The epidemic of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and suggestions for its control in drug abusers

Blinova L.L., 1986:
The epidemic process of diphtheria and pertussis in the active immunization of the child population

Barata R.D.C.B., 1988:
The epidemics of meningococcal disease 1970 1977 its appearance and spread

Somov G.P., 1985:
The epidemiologic and pathogenic importance of psychrophilic pathogenic microorganisms

Hamill P.V.V.; Steinberger E.; Levine R.J.; Rodriguez Rigau L.J.; Lemeshow S.; Avrunin J.S., 1982:
The epidemiologic assessment of male reproductive hazard from occupational exposure to toluenediamine and di nitro toluene

Biadaioli, R.; Losco, D.; De-Martino, M.; Veneruso, G.; Vierucci, A., 1982 :
The epidemiologic incidence of hepatitis b virus in an institution for mentally retarded children 2. staff members positive for antibodies to hepatitis b surface antigen employed to attend to hepatitis b e antigen positive patients

Dai G.; E.A., 1986:
The epidemiologic investigation on endemic fluorosis in liaoning province china

McFarlane, M.J.; Feinstein, A.R.; Wells, C.K.; Chan, C.K., 1987:
The 'epidemiologic necropsy'. Unexpected detections, demographic selections, and changing rates of lung cancer

Rizzo, G.; Jatta, E., 1977:
The epidemiologic problem of neisseria meningitidis carriers

Conrad, J.L.; Wallace, R.; Witte, J.J., 1971:
The epidemiologic rationale for the failure to eradicate measles in the usa

Falqueto A.; Coura J.R.; Barros G.C.; Grimaldi F.G.; Sessa P.A.; Carias V.R.D.; Jesus A.C.D.; Alencar J.T.A.D., 1986:
The epidemiologic role of the dog of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the viana municipality state of espirito santo brazil

Levison C.H.; Hastings D.W.; Harrison J.N., 1981:
The epidemiologic transition in a frontier town manti utah usa 1849 1977

Guo K J.; Huang Z W.; Liu Y Q.; L.D.G.; Zheng G Q.; Huang C H., 1985:
The epidemiological and immunological significance of measles hemolysis inhibition antibody

Shmaonova L.M.; Liberman Y.I.; Rotshtein V.G.; Yastrebov V.S., 1987:
The epidemiological aspect of disability in patients with schizophrenia incidence chronogenic dynamics and risk factors

Park S B.; Joo K H.; Rim H J., 1984:
The epidemiological changes of clonorchiasis in the high endemic area kimhae city china

Shield, M.J.; Stanford, J.L., 1982:
The epidemiological evaluation in burma of the skin rest reagent lra 6 a cell free extract from armadillo derived mycobacterium leprae 2. close contacts and noncontacts of bacilliferous leprosy patients

Shield, M.J.; Stanford, J.L.; Garbajosa, G.; Draper, P.; Rees, R.J.W., 1982:
The epidemiological evaluation in burma of the skin test reagent lra 6 a cell free extract from armadillo derived mycobacterium leprae 1. leprosy patients

Lebowitz M.D.; Quackenboss J.; Camilli A.E.; Bronnimann D.; Holberg C.J.; Boyer B., 1987:
The epidemiological importance of intraindividual changes in objective pulmonary responses

Norkrans, G.; Frosner, G.; Hermodsson, S.; Nenonen, N.; Iwarson, S., 1978:
The epidemiological pattern of hepatitis a hepatitis b and hepatitis non a hepatitis non b in sweden

Saikawa K., 1981:
The epidemiological phenomenon on decreasing tendency of leprosy

Zemla B.; Wojcieszek Z., 1984:
The epidemiological risk factors of larynx cancer among the native and migrant male population

Mizuno Y.; Makita H.; Yamaguchi N.; Ishii Y.; Mizushima N., 1986:
The epidemiological study of anorexia nervosa in junior and senior high school students in fukui prefecture japan

Mori M.; Fukazawa H.; Maruyama T.; Minagawa T.; Fukazawa K.; Kihara K.; Inaba Y.; Matsuura K.; Haraya T.; E.A., 1986:
The epidemiological study on flushing reaction in hokkaido japan the first report difference in physical reactions after drinking between flushers and non flushers and inheritance of flushing reaction

Wasi C.; Louisirirotchanakul S.; Thakerngpol K.; Satrasook S.; Surakhaka M.; Varavithya W.; Thongcharoen P., 1984:
The epidemiological study on viral diarrhea in thailand

Pitt, T.L.; Erdman, Y.J.; Bucher, C., 1980:
The epidemiological type identification of Serratia marcescens from outbreaks of infection in hospitals

Wozniak F.; Lopuszynska M.; Stepien A., 1979:
The epidemiology and classification of mesenchymal tumors based on the material of the department of pathological anatomy of the institute of clinical pathology of the medical academy in lublin poland for the years 1966 1976

Goncalves A., 1987:
The epidemiology and control of leprosy in brazil

Sutton, J.; Garrett, R.G., 1978:
The epidemiology and control of tulip breaking virus in victoria australia

Vlakhov N.; Mirchev V.; Dimitrova R., 1985:
The epidemiology and early diagnosis of thyroid cancer based on the data from the oncological dispensary of the town of stara zagora bulgaria

Timoney, J.F., 1978:
The epidemiology and genetics of antibiotic resistance of salmonella typhimurium isolated from diseased animals in new york usa

Lehmann D.K.; Mabie W.C.; Miller J.M.Jr; Pernoll M.L., 1987:
The epidemiology and pathology of maternal mortality charity hospital of louisiana in new orleans louisiana usa 1965 1984

Rigoli G.; Milo D.; Paci P.; Ulivelli A., 1980:
The epidemiology and prophylaxis of tetanic infections from the cases admitted at st maria nuova hospital in florence italy from 1969 1978

Mellemgaard A., 1987:
The epidemiology and risk factors for cancer in the extrahepatic biliary passages

Blanchard, R.J.; Blanchard, M.E.; Toussignant, P.; Ahmed, M.; Smythe, C.M., 1987:
The epidemiology and spectrum of surgical care in district hospitals of Pakistan

Quan, L.; Marcuse, E.K., 1985:
The epidemiology and treatment of radial head subluxation

Korb, F.A.; Young, M.H., 1985:
The epidemiology of accidental poisoning in children

Kandel, D.B.; Adler, I.; Sudit, M., 1981:
The epidemiology of adolescent drug use in France and Israel

Altman R., 1988:
The epidemiology of aids in new jersey usa

Fitzell R.D.; Peak C.M., 1984:
The epidemiology of anthracnose disease of mango mangifera indica inoculum sources spore production and dispersal

Eshed H.; Epstein L.; Hefetz A., 1984:
The epidemiology of attempted suicide in haifa israel during 1977 1980

Wynder, E.L.; Goldsmith, R., 1977:
The epidemiology of bladder cancer a 2nd look

Cartwright R.A.; Adib R.; Glashan R.; Gray B.K., 1981:
The epidemiology of bladder cancer in west yorkshire england uk a preliminary report on nonoccupational etiologies

Haresnape, J.M.; Taylor, W.P.; Lungu, S.A., 1988:
The epidemiology of bluetongue in Malawi

Wynder, E.L.; Maccornack, F.A.; Stellman, S.D., 1978:
The epidemiology of breast cancer in 785 usa caucasian women

Kucera H.; Michalica W., 1979:
The epidemiology of cancer of the cervix uteri in austria

Rios-Dalenz, J.; Takabayashi, A.; Henson, D.E.; Strom, B.L.; Soloway, R.D., 1983:
The epidemiology of cancer of the extra-hepatic biliary tract in Bolivia

Clemetson C.A.B., 1979:
The epidemiology of cardio vascular disease with special reference to women on the pill role of ascorbic acid

Ierusalimskii A.P.; Feigin V.L., 1985:
The epidemiology of cerebral stroke in a large western siberian city ussr based on morbidity and mortality registry data

L.Vecchia, C., 1985:
The epidemiology of cervical neoplasia

Ramot B.; Ben Bassat I.; Brecher A.; Zaizov R.; Modan M., 1984:
The epidemiology of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia and non hodgkins lymphoma in israel 1976 1981

Burney, P.; Forsey, T.; Darougar, S.; Sittampalam, Y.; Booth, P.; Chamberlain, R., 1984:
The epidemiology of chlamydial infections in childhood: a serological investigation

Boswick, J.A.; Thompson, J.D.; Jonas, R.A., 1979:
The epidemiology of cold injuries

Toshniwal R.; Silva J.Jr; Fekety R.; Kim K H., 1981:
The epidemiology of colitis due to clostridium difficile in hamsters

Verma, P.R.; Morrall, R.A.A.; Tinline, R.D., 1976:
The epidemiology of common root rot in manitou wheat part 4 appraisal of biomass and grain yield in naturally infected crops

Stein S.C.; Feldman J.G.; Apfel S.; Kohl S.G.; Casey G., 1981:
The epidemiology of congenital hydrocephalus a study in brooklyn new york usa 1968 1976

Chandler, S.H.; Holmes, K.K.; Wentworth, B.B.; Gutman, L.T.; Wiesner, P.J.; Alexander, E.R.; Handsfield, H.H., 1985:
The epidemiology of cytomegaloviral infection in women attending a sexually transmitted disease clinic

Shiner S.L.; Gold M.I., 1984:
The epidemiology of de fibrillators in a medical school complex

Odejide A.O.; Williams A.O.; Ohaeri J.U.; Ikuesan B.A., 1986:
The epidemiology of deliberate self harm the ibadan nigeria experience

Bebbington, P.E., 1978:
The epidemiology of depressive disorder

Khanina, E.V., 1977:
The epidemiology of diabetes mellitus in riga

Stables J.N.; Chappell L.H., 1986:
The epidemiology of diplostomiasis in farmed rainbow trout salmo gairdneri from northeast scotland uk

Bloom, B.S.; Knorr, R.S.; Evans, A.E., 1985:
The epidemiology of disease expenses. The costs of caring for children with cancer

Kelsey, J.L., 1977:
The epidemiology of diseases of the hip: a review of the literature

Davis S.; Smith L.S., 1985:
The epidemiology of drowning in cape town south africa 1980 1983

Nathan S.G., 1986:
The epidemiology of dsm iii psychosexual dysfunctions

Soilev C.; Boeva V., 1982:
The epidemiology of echinococcosis in domestic animals and humans in bulgaria

Hassounah, O.; Behbehani, K., 1976:
The epidemiology of echinococcus granulosus infection in kuwait

Dada, B.J.; Adegboye, D.S.; Mohammed, A.N., 1980:
The epidemiology of Echinococcus infection in Kano State, Nigeria

Ferguson R.; Grim C.E.; Opgenorth T.J., 1987:
The epidemiology of end state renal disease the six year south central los angeles experience 1980 1985

Oyerinde, J.P.; Alonge, A.A.; Adegbite-Hollist, A.F.; Ogunbi, O., 1979:
The epidemiology of Entamoeba histolytica in a Nigerian urban population

Keller A.Z., 1980:
The epidemiology of esophageal cancer in the west

Mzembe, S.A.T.M.; Chaudhry, M.A., 1981:
The epidemiology of fascioliasis fasciola gigantica in malawi 2. epidemiology in the definitive host

Abbas A.A.H., 1985:
The epidemiology of fatal falls reported to jordan university hospital 1981 1983

Kolmos, H.J.; Moller, S., 1978:
The epidemiology of febrile reactions in hemo dialysis

Capocaccia, L.; Giunchi, G.; Pocchiari, F.; Ricci, G.; Angelico, F.; Angelico, M.; Attili, A.F.; Arca, M.; Clemente, P.; Et-Al, 1988:
The epidemiology of gallstone disease in rome italy part i. prevalence data in men

Capocaccia, L.; Giunchi, G.; Pocchiari, F.; Ricci, G.; Angelico, F.; Angelico, M.; Attili, A.F.; Arca, M.; Clemente, P.; Et-Al, 1988:
The epidemiology of gallstone disease in rome italy part ii. factors associated with the disease

Wolff, G.; Laeuter, J., 1976:
The epidemiology of gastric cancer part 1

Smith C.A.; Fidler W.J.; Pinals R.S., 1983:
The epidemiology of giant cell arteritis a 10 year study in shelby county tennessee usa

Klauber M.R.; Barrett Connor E.; Marshall L.F.; Bowers S.A., 1981:
The epidemiology of head injury a prospective study of an entire community san diego county california usa 1978

Boughton, C.R.; Hawkes, R.A.; Schroeter, D.R.; Harlor, J.A., 1976:
The epidemiology of hepatitis B in a residential institution for the mentally retarded

Ishihara F.; Kameda H., 1984:
The epidemiology of hepato lithiasis in japan

Cooper, M., 1987:
The epidemiology of herpes zoster

Vercruysse, J.; Southgate, V.R.; Rollinson, D., 1985:
The epidemiology of human and animal schistosomiasis in the Senegal River Basin

Armenian, H.K.; Zurayk, H.C.; Kazandjian, V.A., 1986:
The epidemiology of infant deaths in the Armenian parish records of Lebanon

Becker, T.M.; Magder, L.; Harrison, H.R.; Stewart, J.A.; Humphrey, D.D.; Hauler, J.; Nahmias, A.J., 1988:
The epidemiology of infection with the human herpesviruses in Navajo children

Blakebrough, I.S.; Greenwood, B.M.; Whittle, H.C.; Bradley, A.K.; Gilles, H.M., 1982:
The epidemiology of infections due to Neisseria meningitidis and Neisseria lactamica in a northern Nigerian community

Wright J.P.; Froggatt J.; O'keefe E.A.; Ackerman S.; Watermeyer S.; Louw J.; Adams G.; Girdwood A.H.; Burns D.G.; Marks I.N., 1986:
The epidemiology of inflammatory bowel disease in cape town south africa 1980 1984

Retailliau, H.F.; Storch, G.A.; Curtis, A.C.; Horne, T.J.; Scally, M.J.; Hattwick, M.A., 1979:
The epidemiology of influenza B in a rural setting in 1977

Majori L.; Campello C.; Molin G.D., 1980:
The epidemiology of influenza viruses in the trieste area italy

Zanetti P.P.; Perardi M.; Battaglia C.; Cremonesi V.; Molinari L.; Civardi C.; Inzani E., 1986:
The epidemiology of intestinal infarction

Abzhanov, E.A., 1977:
The epidemiology of ischemic heart disease among the rural male population of the karaganda oblast

Stern, R.S., 1985:
The epidemiology of joint complaints in patients with psoriasis

Towner S.R.; Michet C.J.Jr; O'fallon W.M.; Nelson A.M., 1983:
The epidemiology of juvenile arthritis in rochester minnesota usa 1960 1979

Hussien, M.S.; Behbehani, K., 1976:
The epidemiology of leishmaniasis in kuwait part 1 the occurrence and distribution of phlebotomus sand flies diptera psychodidae

Cartel J L.; Naudillon Y.; Artus J C.; Grosset J.H., 1985:
The epidemiology of leprosy in guadeloupe 1970 1983

Holman R.G.; Olszewski A.; Maier R.V., 1987:
The epidemiology of logging injuries in the northwest usa

Hill D.A.; Mcgrath M.A., 1981:
The epidemiology of lower limb ischemia in a new south wales australia rural community

Cattani, J.A.; Tulloch, J.L.; Vrbova, H.; Jolley, D.; Gibson, F.D.; Moir, J.S.; Heywood, P.F.; Alpers, M.P.; Stevenson, A.; Clancy, R., 1986:
The epidemiology of malaria in a population surrounding Madang, Papua New Guinea

Schott, J., 1977:
The epidemiology of malignant neoplasms in east germany in the period of 1962 to 1972

Cherian A.; Duggan M.B.; Sterken E., 1985:
The epidemiology of malnutrition in young children in zaria nigeria

Dabis, F.; Sow, A.; Waldman, R.J.; Bikakouri, P.; Senga, J.; Madzou, G.; Jones, T.S., 1988:
The epidemiology of measles in a partially vaccinated population in an African city: implications for immunization programs

Hammond, S.R.; McLeod, J.G.; Millingen, K.S.; Stewart-Wynne, E.G.; English, D.; Holland, J.T.; McCall, M.G., 1988:
The epidemiology of multiple sclerosis in three Australian cities: Perth, Newcastle and Hobart

Hammond S.R.; Stewart Wynne E.G.; English D.; Mcleod J.G.; Mccall M.G., 1988:
The epidemiology of multiple sclerosis in western australia

Mee, B.J.; Turbett, G.; Rich, G., 1988:
The epidemiology of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from Western Australia based on antibiotic resistance and plasmid profiles

O'brien R.J.; Geiter L.J.; Snider D.E.Jr, 1987:
The epidemiology of nontuberculous mycobacterial diseases in the usa results from a national survey

Engbaek, S.; Foldspang, A., 1981:
The epidemiology of obesity among danish school children 2. method of measurement

Rasmussen, S.A.; Tsuang, M.T., 1984:
The epidemiology of obsessive compulsive disorder

Zein, Z.A., 1986:
The epidemiology of onchocerciasis in Northwestern Ethiopia

Von Korff, M.R.; Eaton, W.W.; Keyl, P.M., 1985:
The epidemiology of panic attacks and panic disorder. Results of three community surveys

Nevill, E.M., 1985:
The epidemiology of Parafilaria bovicola in the Transvaal Bushveld of South Africa

Meade, T.W.; Imeson, J.D.; Gordon, D.; Peart, W.S., 1983:
The epidemiology of plasma renin

Saracino, M.; Flowers, J.; Lovejoy, F.H., 1980:
The epidemiology of poisoning from drug products

Prochazka A.V.; Markowe H.L.J., 1986:
The epidemiology of polycythemia rubra vera in england and wales uk 1968 1982

Reed D.M.; Stanley F.J., 1977:
The epidemiology of prematurity proceedings of a working conference of the national institute of child health and human development bethesda maryland usa november 8 9 1976

Preston Martin S., 1985:
The epidemiology of primary nervous system tumors in children

Reed, D.M.; Bakketeig, L.S.; Nugent, R.P., 1978:
The epidemiology of respiratory distress syndrome in Norway

Davies, B.I.; Maesen, F.P., 1988:
The epidemiology of respiratory tract pathogens in southern Netherlands

Gillum R.F., 1988:
The epidemiology of resting heart rate in a national sample of men and women associations with hypertension coronary heart disease blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors

Meyers, O.L.; Jessop, S.; Klemp, P., 1982:
The epidemiology of rheumatic disease in a rural and an urban population over the age of 65 years

Linos A.; Worthington J.W.; O'fallon W.M.; Kurland L.T., 1980:
The epidemiology of rheumatoid arthritis in rochester minnesota usa a study of incidence prevalence and mortality

Chen C.C.; Tsai W.H.; Yang Y.Z.; Liu C., 1984:
The epidemiology of rice blast disease in central areas of taiwan

Pless, I.B.; Verreault, R.; Arsenault, L.; Frappier, J.Y.; Stulginskas, J., 1987:
The epidemiology of road accidents in childhood

Taylor J.P.; Istre G.R.; Mcchesney T.C., 1988:
The epidemiology of rocky mountain spotted fever in arkansas oklahoma and texas usa 1981 through 1985

Gastmeier P.; Castmeier K.; Knaack J.; Ritschel H., 1985:
The epidemiology of salmonellosis in the district of potsdam east germany

Henke C.E.; Henke G.; Elveback L.R.; Beard C.M.; Ballard D.J.; Kurland L.T., 1986:
The epidemiology of sarcoidosis in rochester minnesota usa a population based study of incidence and survival

Harlow, B.L.; Weiss, N.S.; Lofton, S., 1986:
The epidemiology of sarcomas of the uterus

Christophersen, J., 1978:
The epidemiology of scabies in Denmark, 1900 to 1975

Ayele, T.; Tesfa-Yohannes, T.M., 1987:
The epidemiology of Schistosoma mansoni around Lake Zway and its islands, Ethiopia

Kloos H.; Lemma A., 1980:
The epidemiology of schistosoma mansoni infection in tensae berhan ethiopia human water contact patterns

Dennis E.; Vorkpor P.; Holzer B.; Hanson A.; Saladin B.; Saladin K.; Degremont A., 1983:
The epidemiology of schistosomiasis in liberia the prevalence and intensity of schistosomal infections in bong county and the bionomics of the snail intermediate hosts

Appleton, C.C.; Bruton, M.N., 1979:
The epidemiology of schistosomiasis in the vicinity of Lake Sibaya, with a note on other areas of Tongaland (Natal, South Africa)

Roux, C.E.; Goedeke, R.; Visser, G.R.; van Zyl, W.A.; Noakes, T.D., 1987:
The epidemiology of schoolboy rugby injuries

Fryers T.; Mackay R.I., 1979:
The epidemiology of severe mental handicap

Mccombie S.C.; Funk D.B.; Browning J.A.; Nolan P.A., 1988:
The epidemiology of shigella sonnei and shigella flexneri in pima county arizona usa an exploratory study

Dan, M.; Michaeli, D.; Treistman, J., 1988:
The epidemiology of shigellosis in Israel

Crowe C.A.; Heuther C.A.; Oppenheimer S.G.; Barth L.D.; Jeffrey E.; Reinhart S., 1985:
The epidemiology of spina bifida in southwestern ohio usa 1970 1979

Nakamura H.; Konishiike J.; Sugamura A.; E.A., 1984:
The epidemiology of spontaneous pneumothorax in females

Pathak K.M.L.; Gour S.N.S.; Kumar D., 1984:
The epidemiology of strobilar and cystic phases of taenia solium in certain parts of uttar pradesh india

Rosman, K.D., 1986:
The epidemiology of stroke in an urban black population

Standfast S.J.; Jereb S.; Janerich D.T., 1979:
The epidemiology of sudden infant death in upstate new york usa

Standfast, S.J.; Jereb, S.; Janerich, D.T., 1980:
The epidemiology of sudden infant death in upstate new york usa 2. birth characteristics

Wennergren, G.; Milerad, J.; Lagercrantz, H.; Karlberg, P.; Svenningsen, N.W.; Sedin, G.; Andersson, D.; Grögaard, J.; Bjure, J., 1987:
The epidemiology of sudden infant death syndrome and attacks of lifelessness in Sweden

Medsger, T.A.J. ; Masi, A.T., 1978:
The epidemiology of systemic sclerosis scleroderma among male usa veterans

Wolfe, F.; Cathey, M.A., 1985:
The epidemiology of tender points: a prospective study of 1520 patients

Chiu S.Y.; L.Y.S., 1987:
The epidemiology of the bovine ephemeral fever in taiwan 1984

Hardy Y.J.; Lafond A.; Hamel L., 1983:
The epidemiology of the current spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana outbreak in quebec canada

Forrest R.D.; Jackson C.A.; Yudkin J.S., 1987:
The epidemiology of the hemoglobin level a study of 1057 subjects in general practice

Huberty-Krau, P.; Wigand, R., 1988:
The epidemiology of the human rabies threat in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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The epidemiology of the main helminthic diseases from sheep of beira interior idanha a nova portugal

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Boa W.; Cox E.F.; Birkenshaw J.E.; Foster D.K.; Senior D., 1979:
The establishment and yields of vegetable crops growing from blocks designed for automatic transplanting

Agami M., 1987:
The establishment growth phenology and longevity of two species of helianthemum in the negev desert highlands israel

Walters P.J.; Dominiak B.C., 1984:
The establishment in new south wales of trioxys complanatus hymenoptera aphidiidae an imported parasite of therioaphis trifolii f maculata spotted alfalfa aphid

Jahns H.M., 1988:
The establishment individuality and growth of lichen thalli

Killick-Kendrick, R.; Leaney, A.J.; Ready, P.D., 1977:
The establishment, maintenance and productivity of a laboratory colony of Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae)

Vaughn, J.L.; Goodwin, R.H.; Tompkins, G.J.; Mccawley, P., 1977:
The establishment of 2 cell lines from the insect spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae

Loveridge G.G., 1984:
The establishment of a barriered respiratory disease free cat breeding colony

Eveleigh, J.R.; Pease, S.S., 1976:
The establishment of a breeding nucleus of category 4 Dutch rabbits

Klein, H.G., 1978:
The establishment of a chimpanzee breeding colony for hepatitis research

Begemann G.J., 1985:
The establishment of a citrus psylla trioza erytreae psylloidea triozidae colony at zebediela south africa

Saito, M.; Kawashima, K.; Endo, H., 1987:
The establishment of a new biological assay system for simultaneous measurement of bone resorption and bone mineralization in organ cultures of chick embryonic femur

Dennis R.H.; Dow H., 1984:
The establishment of a population of goldeneyes bucephala clangula breeding in scotland uk

Bromwich P.D.; Parsons A.D., 1982:
The establishment of a post coital contraception service

Erasmus, L.J.; Prinsloo, J.; Meissner, H.H., 1988:
The establishment of a protein degradability data base for dairy cattle using the nylon bag technique 1. protein sources

Tam, P.P.; Meier, S., 1982:
The establishment of a somitomeric pattern in the mesoderm of the gastrulating mouse embryo

Gaffney P.J.; Curtis A.D., 1984:
The establishment of a standard for plasminogen glutamic acid type

Bogucki P., 1987:
The establishment of agrarian communities on the north european plain

Murata K., 1985:
The establishment of an animal model for evaluating the effects of purine derivatives on uric acid metabolism the effects of adenine and 6 benzylaminopurine on uric acid metabolism in uricase inhibited rats

Sugita, H.; Tsunohara, M.; Ohkoshi, T.; Deguchi, Y., 1988:
The establishment of an intestinal microflora in developing goldfish (Carassius auratus) of culture ponds

Daniliuc D.; Capsa I.; Cardasol V.; Ciubotaru C.; Pop M.; Popovici D.; Samoila Z.; Serban V.; Tucra I., 1983:
The establishment of border values for assessing available phosphorus and potassium contents from meadow soils

Gliessman, S.R., 1978:
The establishment of bracken following fire in tropical habitats

Melo J.V.; Foroni L.; Brito Babapulle V.; Luzzatto L.; Catovsky D., 1988:
The establishment of cell lines from chronic b cell leukaemias evidence of leukemic origin by karyotypic abnormalities and ig gene rearrangement

Lynn D.E.; Oberlander H., 1983:
The establishment of cell lines from imaginal wing discs of spodoptera frugiperda and plodia interpunctella

George M.R.; Mckell C.M.; Richardson S.G., 1981:
The establishment of cheat grass bromus tectorum on spent oil shale from the paraho process

Drea J.J.; Carlson R.W., 1987:
The establishment of chilocorus kuwanae coleoptera coccinellidae in eastern usa

Wardley R.C.; Lawman M.J.; Hamilton F., 1980:
The establishment of continuous macrophage cell lines from peripheral blood monocytes

Hill, B.T., 1977:
The establishment of criteria for quiescence in aging human embryo cell cultures and their response to a proliferative stimulus

Finch Savage W.E., 1984:
The establishment of direct sown germinating celery seeds in peat blocks

Van Gelder N.M.; Belanger F., 1988:
The establishment of essential and metabolically derived amino acid profiles in developing chick embryo organs

Zhang Y.; E.A., 1987:
The establishment of fast elisa for diagnosis of cerebral cysticercosis and the comparison with routine elisa

Lavin, M.J., 1976:
The establishment of flavor flavor associations using a sensory pre conditioning training procedure

Ukhacheva V.N.; Kozhevnikov Y.P., 1984:
The establishment of floristic belts in mountain regions with special reference to the southwestern part of putorana plateau russian sfsr ussr

Elgar M.A., 1986:
The establishment of foraging flocks in house sparrows risk of predation and daily temperature

Bernhardt J.H., 1988:
The establishment of frequency dependent limits for electric and magnetic fields and evaluation of indirect effects

Cromley, E.K.; Shannon, G.W., 1983:
The establishment of health maintenance organizations: a geographical analysis

Feracci H.; Connolly T.P.; Margolis R.N.; Hubbard A.L., 1987:
The establishment of hepatocyte cell surface polarity during fetal liver development

Ning Y.; Wang H.; Liu L.; Feng S.; M.X.; Wang B.; L.H., 1982:
The establishment of leukemia cell line of mouse 615

Ames R.N.; Mihara K.L.; Bethlenfalvay G.J., 1987:
The establishment of microorganisms in vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal and control treatments

Sluiters, J.F.; Visser, P.E.; van der Kaay, H.J., 1986:
The establishment of Plasmodium berghei in mosquitoes of a refractory and a susceptible line of Anopheles atroparvus

Dotti, C.G.; Sullivan, C.A.; Banker, G.A., 1988:
The establishment of polarity by hippocampal neurons in culture

Fukushima T., 1982:
The establishment of radio immunoassay for somatostatin and its clinical applications

Higgins T.R.; Olsen F.J., 1984:
The establishment of red clover trifolium pratense on acid soils as influenced by liming seed coating and selected rhizobium trifolii strains

Mckee A.S.; Mcdermid A.S.; Ellwood D.C.; Marsh P.D., 1985:
The establishment of reproducible complex communities of oral bacteria in the chemostat using defined inocula

Cross J.R., 1981:
The establishment of rhododendron ponticum in the killarney oakwoods southwestern ireland

Katsoyannos P., 1984:
The establishment of rhyzobius forestieri coleoptera coccinellidae in greece and its efficiency as an auxiliary control agent against a heavy infestation of saissetia oleae homoptera coccidae

Crawley M.J.; Nachapong M., 1985:
The establishment of seedlings from primary and regrowth seeds of ragwort senecio jacobaea

Bruns, E.; Rauls, R.; Bade, B., 1985:
The establishment of selection criteria for the breeding of riding horses 5. phenotypic and genetic parameters and selection indices for performance tested stallions

Norin K.E.; Gustafsson B.E.; Lindblad B.S.; Midtvedt T., 1985:
The establishment of some microflora associated biochemical characteristics in feces from children during the 1st years of life

Sindilar E.; Grecianu A.; Verdes E.; Carp Carare M.; Patrascu F., 1986:
The establishment of some reduction methods of meat loading with psychrotrophic flora

Phillips, A.W., 1975:
The establishment of spartina anglica in the tamar estuary tasmania

Nozaki Y.; Katoh K.; Shinozuka T.; Fujimoto M.; Ohyama K.; Ichimura K., 1985:
The establishment of the assay system of blood adrenal steroids in the method of gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Duan X.; Liu R.; Liu A.; Lin S., 1986:
The establishment of the black muntjac muntiacus crinifrons cell line and its growth and cytogenetic characters

Coutinho, H.B.; Palmeria, A.D.; Pessoa, R.G., 1980:
The establishment of the contiguity between the liver and the right adrenal in the marsupial Didelphis azarae azarae

Kitagaki T., 1982:
The establishment of the formula for the assessment of noneffect dose and acceptable daily intakes of anti cholin esterase compounds in man based on cholin esterase inhibition and toxicological safety evaluation of 0 0 di isopropyl s benzyl phosphorothiolate an organo phosphate fungicide

Mahon, R.; Aiken, K., 1977:
The establishment of the north american bull frog rana catesbeiana new record amphibia anura ranidae in jamaica

Freeman, G., 1977:
The establishment of the oral aboral axis in the ctenophore embryo

Stagg, D.A.; Kanhai, G.K.; Young, A.S.; Brown, C.G.D., 1976:
The establishment of theileria infected cell lines from an eland taurotragus oryx

Wang J N.; Yang R J.; Wang C A.; Xia S M.; Y.W.W.; Chi J., 1985:
The establishment of tritiated amino acid labeled sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis technique for analyzing polypeptides of herpes simplex viruses

Gerharz, C.D.; Gabbert, H.; Moll, R.; Mellin, W.; Müller-Klieser, W., 1987:
The establishment of two rat colonic carcinomas in tissue culture. A basic prerequisite for standardized experiments on the biology of colonic carcinomas in vivo

Salgado Labouriau M.L.; Rull V.; Schubert C.; Valastro S.Jr, 1988:
The establishment of vegetation after late pleistocene deglaciation in the paramo de miranda venezuelan andes

Ireland, R.E.; Mueller, R.H.; Willard, A.K., 1976:
The ester enolate claisen rearrangement construction of the prostanoid skeleton

Zur, M.; Nemerson, Y., 1978:
The esterase activity of coagulation factor VII. Evidence for intrinsic activity of the zymogen

Yaguzhinskii, L.S.; Gudz', T.I.; Verkhovskii, A.B., 1978:
The esterase activity of mitochondrial oligomycin sensitive atpase complex

Ruiz C.; Rodriguez C.; Sanchez J.J.; Ramos Cormenzana A., 1983:
The esterase and lipase activities of 2 strains of myxococcus xanthus

Olaisen, B.; Siverts, A.; Jonassen, R.; Mevag, B.; Gedde-Dahl, T., 1981:
The esterase d ec polymorphism further studies of the esd 2 and esd 5 allele products

Kondo I.; Nishigaki I.; Yamakawa K.; Hamaguchi H., 1984:
The esterase d polymorphism analysis of esterase d 7 by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

Williams, D.R.; Cartwright, R.A., 1978:
The esterase D polymorphism in patients with diabetes or carcinoma of the bladder and a matched sample of non-donor controls

Berl D., 1981:
The esterases of 2 strains of anopheles stephensi 1 susceptible the other resistant to organo chlorous compounds

Camacho A.; Alvarez I., 1982:
The esterases of a population of panulirus argus on the southeastern platform of cuba

Carrasco C.E.; Perez Chiesa Y.; Bruck D., 1984:
The esterases of drosophila dunni

Debret B.; Pintureau B.; Babault M., 1983:
The esterases of trichogramma maidis hymenoptera trichogrammatidae used in systematics

Ozerova I.N.; Gerasimova E.N.; Fam Thi May; Kurdanov K.A., 1984:
The esterification activity of blood plasma in patients with ischemic heart disease

Angrick M.; Rewicki D., 1982:
The esterification di ethyl acetal with some amino acids

Schoch, S., 1978:
The esterification of chlorophyllide a in greening bean leaves

Gregolin, C.; Ursini, F.; Manzi, L.; Valente, M., 1976:
The esterification of cholesterol in the plasma as a factor in the metabolism of the lipo proteins

E.S.da M.; Fathallah S.; Ezzat N.; Desmazeaud M.J.; Abou Donia S., 1986:
The esterolytic and lipolytic activities of lactobacilli detection of the esterase systems of lactobacillus casei lactobacillus plantarum lactobacillus brevis and lactobacillus fermentum

El-Soda, M.; Korayem, M.; Ezzat, N., 1986:
The esterolytic and lipolytic activities of lactobacilli iii. detection and characterization of the lipase system

Lonsdale-Eccles, J.D.; Elmore, D.T.; Hogg, D.H., 1980:
The esterolytic specificity of bovine thrombin ec and factor xa ec

Coppo M.; Mccomb P., 1985:
The estes operation transposition of 1 ovary to the uterine cavity its results in the rabbit model

Zalewski M., 1985:
The estimate of fish density and biomass in rivers on the basis of relationships between specimen size and efficiency of electrofishing

Fuerst P.A.; Ferrell R.E., 1985:
The estimate of protein polymorphism in human populations lack of evidence for overestimation due to post translational modification

Castellani, G.; Bultrini, D.; Scimia, A., 1980:
The estimate of vario e.m. 169 c 70 pacemaker function

Moore, G.W.; Hutchins, G.M.; O'Rahilly, R., 1981:
The estimated age of staged human embryos and early fetuses

Ohzeki T., 1985:
The estimated increase of blood volume in peripheral vessels during the administration of nitroglycerin

Wells, V.E.; Halperin, W.; Thun, M., 1988:
The estimated predictive value of screening for illicit drugs in the workplace

Gunn R.H.; Fleming P.M., 1984:
The estimated store of soluble salts in the lake eyre catchment in queensland australia and their possible transport in stream flow to the lake

Chesson J., 1983:
The estimation and analysis of preference and its relationship to foraging models

Johnson B.E.; Millie D.F., 1982:
The estimation and applicability of confidence intervals for standers similarity index in algal assemblage comparisons

Sherbet, G.V.; Lakshmi, M.S., 1978:
The estimation and characterization of concanavalin a receptors on the surface of normal and sv 40 transformed 3t3 fibroblasts using the iso electric equilibrium method

Lanzillo, J.J.; Fanburg, B.L., 1976:
The estimation and comparison of molecular weight of angiotensin i converting enzyme by sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Munn, R.E., 1981:
The estimation and interpretation of air quality trends, including some implications for network design

Walter, S.D., 1976:
The estimation and interpretation of attributable risk in health research

Keane A.T.; Lucas H.F.; Markun F.; Essling M.A.; Holtzman R.B., 1986:
The estimation and potential radiobiological significance of the intake of radium 228 by early radium dial workers in illinois usa

Rosner B., 1982:
The estimation and testing of inter class correlations the general case of multiple replicates for each variable

Yoshioka Y.; Mizuno T.; Ose Y.; Sato T., 1986:
The estimation for toxicity of chemicals on fish by physico chemical properties

Sykes, B.; Puddle, B.; Francis, M.; Smith, R., 1976:
The estimation of 2 collagens from human dermis by interrupted gel electrophoresis

Jiang X.; E.A., 1983:
The estimation of 5 hydroxy tryptamine of the blood of 100 cases of pulmonary carcinoma

Manly, B.F.J., 1976:
The estimation of a bi variate fitness function from 2 samples taken from a population

Majkowski J.; Hampton J., 1984:
The estimation of a catch level which stabilizes the parental biomass of an exploited fish stock

Lockwood S.J.; Nichols J.H.; Dawson W.A., 1981:
The estimation of a mackerel scomber scombrus spawning stock size by plankton survey

Hemker, H.C.; Muller, A.D.; Gonggrijp, R., 1976:
The estimation of activated human blood coagulation factor vii

Blacker, J.G., 1977:
The estimation of adult mortality in Africa from data on orphanhood

Patterson, D.S.P.; Glancy, E.M.; Roberts, B.A., 1978:
The estimation of afla toxin m 1 in milk using a 2 dimensional thin layer chromatographic method suitable for survey work

Hunt E.E.Jr; Hatch J.W., 1981:
The estimation of age at death and ages of formation of transverse lines from measurements of human long bones

Geissler, B., 1974:
The estimation of age in ungulates by tooth attrition

Yang G.; Zhang Z.; Zhang L., 1986:
The estimation of ages for gray marmots marmota baibacina

Israelstam G.F., 1979:
The estimation of alcohol dehydrogenase activity in aerobic and anaerobic permeabilized bakers yeast cells

Jaeger B.; Biebler K E., 1988:
The estimation of allele probabilities samples

Forgan-Smith, J.; Slaughter, B.D.; Cross, R.B., 1976:
The estimation of ammonia in kidney slices in the presence of added glutamine and other amino acids

Taguchi, S.; Iseki, K.; Kawamura, T., 1977 :
The estimation of annual production by phyto plankton in akkeshi bay japan

Peterlin B., 1985:
The estimation of antibiotic sensitivity methods

Twardosz, W.; Kedzia, B.; Wrocinski, T.; Grzewinska, H., 1975:
The estimation of antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria isolated from the urine

D.L.vel J.; Remacle J., 1979:
The estimation of bacterial predation by aquatic micro fauna

Salonen, K., 1977:
The estimation of bacterio plankton numbers and biomass by phase contrast microscopy

Leslie, A.C.D.; Smith, H., 1978:
The estimation of barium in biological material by neutron activation analysis/

Tyson C.J.; Coulter A.R., 1981:
The estimation of bee venom specific human immuno globulin g

Chadwick J.P.; Kempster A.J., 1983:
The estimation of beef carcass composition from sub cutaneous fat measurements taken on the intact side using different probing instruments

Gichev Y.P.; Kesova I.G.; Protasov V.V.; Salganik R.I., 1984:
The estimation of biotransformation processes of xenobiotics of the chemical plant workers

Andersson, L., 1985:
The estimation of blood group gene frequencies: a note on the allocation method

Bolling, D.R.; Murphy, E.A., 1978:
The estimation of blood platelet survival part 6 evaluation of the graphical method

Norgan, N.G.; Ferro-Luzzi, A., 1985:
The estimation of body density in men: are general equations general?

Hagima I.A.; Saulescu N.N.; Oproiu E., 1988:
The estimation of bread making quality by biochemical and technological indices

Kehr J.; Chavko M., 1984:
The estimation of catecholamines in brain and plasma by the high performance liquid chromatography method with electrochemical detection on the czechoslovak column separon 6 c 18

Zilkah, S.; Gressel, J., 1978:
The estimation of cell death in suspension cultures evoked by phyto toxic compounds differences among techniques

Pospisilova J., 1986:
The estimation of changes in primary structure of collagenous proteins

Wade, A.P., 1970:
The estimation of cholesterol sulfate and cholesterol glucuronide in plasma

Nishizono H.; Saito Y.; Miyashita M., 1979:
The estimation of conduction velocity in human skeletal muscle in situ with surface electrodes

Wickramaratne, M.R.T.; Lamb, B.C., 1978:
The estimation of conversion parameters and the control of conversion in ascobolus immersus

Lewi, P.J.; Schaper, W.K.A., 1971:
The estimation of coronary volume elasticity in the beating heart of the dog

Schorcht J.; Tellkamp H.; Barke R., 1986 :
The estimation of course controls by computed tomography in therapy of brain tumors

Jin D.I.; I.K.S.; Ohh B.K.; Lee Y.B.; Jung J.K.; Kim H.S., 1986:
The estimation of critical temperature during freezing process and survival of frozen thawed mouse embryos after transfer into recipients

Giguere L.A., 1986:
The estimation of crop evacuation rates in chaoborus larvae diptera chaoboridae using natural prey

Goh, Y.K.; Clandinin, D.R., 1978:
The estimation of crude protein in rapeseed meal by a dye binding method

Elliott, J.M.; Persson, L., 1978:
The estimation of daily rates of food consumption for fish

Volkovich T.A.; Goryshin N.I., 1982:
The estimation of day length in the threshold zone and influence of the graduality factor on the photoperiodic reaction in the large white butterfly pieris brassicae lepidoptera pieridae

Reed, G.F.; McHugh, R.B., 1979:
The estimation of dental caries incidence in the presence of diagnostic error

Sneath P.H.A., 1980:
The estimation of differences in protein evolution rates

Webber S.; Hural J.A.; Whiteley J.M., 1988:
The estimation of dihydropteridine reductase in human blood cells

Fraser, G.E., 1978:
The estimation of disease frequency using a population sample

Casley-Smith, J.R.; Davy, P. , 1978:
The estimation of distances between parallel membranes on thick sections

Kotov M.M.; Zabiyakina L.A.; Polushina G.I., 1981:
The estimation of drought resistance and heat resistance of pinus sylvestris

Zschiesche, M.; Franke, G.; Hüller, H., 1978:
The estimation of drug plasma levels in epileptics

Freuler J.; Linder A., 1979:
The estimation of economic damage of the cabbage root fly delia brassicae diptera anthomyiidae in a cauliflower crop

Hering L.; Austenat L.; Grahlow W D., 1979:
The estimation of ed 50 ld 50 values by probit transformation for examination of edta sodium extract vaccines from escherichia coli

Chvalova, M.; Palecek, F., 1977:
The estimation of effective dead space of the laboratory rat

Umemoto M., 1988:
The estimation of effectiveness of the fecal occult blood test using the feces mixing method on successive days for colorectal cancer

Clark, A.G.; Feldman, M.W.; Christiansen, F.B., 1981:
The estimation of epistasis in components of fitness in experimental populations of drosophila melanogaster 1. a 2 stage maximum likelihood model

Clark, A.G.; Feldman, M.W., 1981:
The estimation of epistasis in components of fitness in experimental populations of drosophila melanogaster 2. assessment of meiotic drive viability fecundity and sexual selection

Kalinic N.; Skender L., 1986:
The estimation of exposure to fluorides in the workplace

Mcleish D.; Tosh D., 1983:
The estimation of extreme quantiles in logit bioassay

Goldberg, J.D.; Wittes, J.T., 1978:
The estimation of false negatives in medical screening

Mills A.D.; Faure J M., 1986:
The estimation of fear in domestic quail correlations between various methods and measures

Shoba S.A.; Ivanov V.V.; Komissarov E.S.; Gol'eva A.A., 1987:
The estimation of feldspar transformation in a sandy podzolic soil profile in the northern taiga

Sutton, R.H., 1977:
The estimation of fibrinogen levels in animal plasmas by a simple refractometric method. A comparison with a biuret method

Coughlan, J., 1969:
The estimation of filtering rate from the clearance of suspensions aquatic animals mathematical models

Barclay H.J., 1984:
The estimation of fitness in iteroparous species during population replacement experiments

Prout, T., 1969:
The estimation of fitnesses from population data

Whitehead, D., 1978:
The estimation of foliage area from sapwood basal area in scotch pine

Price, M.R.S., 1977:
The estimation of food intake and its seasonal variation in the hartebeest

Kolchanov N.A.; Shindyalov I.N., 1985:
The estimation of frequency of single amino acid substitutions producing instability of the three dimensional structure in the total mutational spectra of alpha and beta subunits of human hemoglobin

Baskett, T.F.; Dunbar, L.M., 1976:
The estimation of gestational age by amniotic fluid analysis and its relationship to fetal growth retardation

Clarke, D.R.; King, P.E., 1986:
The estimation of gillnet selection curves for atlantic herring clupea harengus l. using length girth relations

Woollard D.C., 1983:
The estimation of glucose galactose and residual lactose in hydrolyzed whey products using cation exchange high performance liquid chromatography

Dunckley, J.V.; Staynes, F.A., 1977:
The estimation of gold in urine by flameless atomic absorption spectroscopy

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