The essential oils of the pakistani species of the family umbelliferae 32. chaerophyllum reflexum kangoo essential oil of the whole plant

Ashraf, M.; Aziz, J.; Bhatty, M.K.

Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 22(5): 260-261


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-9885
Accession: 006672749

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The essential oil steam-distilled from the whole plant of C. reflexum, grown wild in Pakistan was characterized and studied with respect to its physicochemical properties and chemical composition. The oil, with a yield of 0.25%, is composed of santene (1.2%), .alpha.-pinene (0.7%), camphene (3.9%), .beta.-pinene (2.2%), .gamma.-terpinene (3.1%), .alpha.-phellandrene (0.7%), p-cyemene (8.6%), an unknown monoterpene (0.5%), myristicin (17.3%), carvone (0.8%), 1.8-cineole (2.5%), .alpha.-terpineol (4.1%) and hydroxy myristic acid (27.4%). The essential oil of the species possesses reasonably good smell. The medicinal importance of the plant should be studied.