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The essential oils of the pakistani species of the family umbelliferae 39. aegopodium burtii sholkonar oil of the whole plant

Ashraf, M.; Ahmad, R.; Bhatty, M.K.

Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 22(6): 318-319


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-9885
Accession: 006672756

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The percentage yield, physicochemical characteristics and chemical composition of the essential oil of A. burtii were determined. The oil, with a yield of 0.1%, contained .alpha.-pinene (14.4%), camphene (6.3%), limonene (7.6%), .beta.-caryophyllene (4.5%) geranyl acetate (10.9%), geranyl and bornyl acetate (5.4%), bornyl acetate (3.9%), thymol (10.0%) ethyl hexyl phthalate (21.1%), an unknown alcohol (5.1%), lauric acid (9.7%) and tarry material (2.1%). The presence of ethyl hexyl phthalate in the Umbelliferae species was unique. The species is used against stomach disorders by the local inhabitants.

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