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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6674

Chapter 6674 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chyo M.; Aoki H.; Haga N., 1987:
The estimation of growing stock by systematic line plot sampling and stand growth by increment core survey of the state forest in aguas de santa barbara sao paulo brazil

Bergmann H H.; Wiesner J., 1982:
The estimation of gull colonies by aerial photography

M.Y.Q.; Guo M R.; Zhu T P.; M.G.E.; L.C.E.; Huang H.; Yang Y H., 1984:
The estimation of harringtonine and homoharringtonine of antileukemic alkaloids in cephalotaxus fortunei and cephalotaxus sinensis

Schroeder W.A.; Shelton J.B.; Shelton J.R.; Huynh V., 1986:
The estimation of hemoglobin a 2 in the presence of hemoglobin c or hemoglobin e by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Villeneuve, J.P.; Huot, R.; Marleau, D.; Huet, P.M., 1982:
The estimation of hepatic blood flow with indocyanine green: comparison between the continuous infusion and single injection methods

Michell P.; Large R.V., 1983:
The estimation of herbage mass of perennial rye grass lolium perenne swards a comparative evaluation of a rising plate meter and a single probe capacitance meter calibrated at and above ground level

Thompson, R., 1977:
The estimation of heritability with unbalanced data part 1 observations available on parents and offspring

Thompson, R., 1977:
The estimation of heritability with unbalanced data part 2 data available on more than 2 generations

Cheminat J C.; Paire M.; Lavarenne J.; Ducarrouge C.; Molina C., 1983:
The estimation of inh plasma levels during anti tuberculous treatment a retrospective analysis of 204 cases

Scowcroft, W.R.; James, A.P., 1971:
The estimation of intra allelic and inter allelic interaction affecting a quantitative character in yeast

Lee P.S.C.; Suen H.K., 1984:
The estimation of kappa from percentage agreement interobserver reliability

Bailey P.J.; Cook G.L.; Kempster A.J.; Sains A.G., 1984:
The estimation of killing out in cattle from knowledge of breed and visual appraisal of external fat cover and conformation

Schwert, G.W., 1969:
The estimation of kinetic constants for the enz lactate dehydrogenase system by the use of integrated rate equations bovine heart

D.Cunha A., 1987:
The estimation of l phenylalanine ammonia lyase shows phenylpropanoid biosynthesis to be regulated by l phenylalanine supply and availability

Gough, K.J., 1977:
The estimation of latent and infectious periods

Kijewski H.; Lowitz H.D., 1982:
The estimation of lead in hydride form from biopsy specimens from the iliac crests of patients who had contracted lead poisoning many years previously

Rustamov C.I.; Ramazanov D.M., 1985:
The estimation of left ventricular volumes by the disc method an assessment of possibilities offered by ultrasonic sectoral scanning

Rogers, W.P.; Brooks, F., 1977:
The estimation of leucine amino peptidase produced by molting nematodes with labeled leucinamide as substrate

Cooper R.A.; Shuter B.; Ruppin D.C.; Lunzer M.R.; Fidge N., 1982:
The estimation of liver tri glyceride content by xenon 133 clearance

Huskisson N.S.; Ward P.F.V., 1982:
The estimation of low levels of carbon 14 in biological samples by alkaline extraction and liquid scintillation counting

Goscicka, T.; Rudnicka, W.; Tarabasz, L., 1976:
The estimation of lympho toxic activity of anti lymphocyte serum by spectrophotometric method

Hunt, B.J., 1969:
The estimation of magnesium in plasma, muscle and bone, by atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Coutselinis, A.; Boukis, D., 1976:
The estimation of magnesium ion concentration in cerebro spinal fluid as a method of drowning diagnosis in sea water

Davidson J.; Graham S., 1981:
The estimation of metabolizable energy in maize and in wheat byproducts using chickens with observations on problem of prediction from chemical composition

Barraclough D.; Smith M.J., 1987:
The estimation of mineralized immobilization and nitrification in nitrogen 15 field experiments using computer simulation

Hurd D.C.; Takahashi K., 1983:
The estimation of minimum mechanical loss during an in situ biogenic silica dissolution experiment

Mexia, J.T., 1976:
The estimation of missing observation in fixed effects experiments

Morley J.H.; Fletcher P.D.; Morgan A.G., 1984:
The estimation of moisture in whole grain wheat and barley using nmr spectroscopy

Gasparyan E.I., 1985:
The estimation of morphofunctional state of lymph node under the hypoxanthine nicotinamide dinucleotide influence

Vasundhara, T.S.; Jayaraman, S.; Parihar, D.B., 1975:
The estimation of n nitrosamines in tropical regions by reversed phase paper chromatography and thin layer chromatography

Pritchard, G., 1978:
The estimation of natality in a fruit infesting insect diptera tephritidae

Crimmins E.M.; Easterlin R.A., 1984:
The estimation of natural fertility a microapproach

Barrett, J.C., 1986:
The estimation of natural sterility

Crawford T.J., 1984:
The estimation of neighborhood parameters for plant populations

Aherne, W.A.; Diggle, P.J., 1978:
The estimation of neuronal population density by a robust distance method

Waites M.J.; Ogden K., 1987:
The estimation of nisin using atp bioluminometry

Rozanov A.G., 1982:
The estimation of ocean pollution from the experience of the united nations organization program in the west african region

Yang C S.; Nio S D., 1985:
The estimation of paleohydrodynamic processes from subtidal deposits using time series analysis methods

N.V.M., 1980:
The estimation of parametric density functions

Mcgowan J.C.; Ahmad P.; Mellors A., 1979:
The estimation of partition coefficients of steroids between water and ether

Stock T.H.; Kotchmar D.J.; Contant C.F.; Buffler P.A.; Holguin A.H.; Gehan B.M.; Noel L.M., 1985:
The estimation of personal exposures to air pollutants for a community based study of health effects in asthmatics design and results of air monitoring

Contant C.F.; Stock T.H.; Buffler P.A.; Holguin A.H.; Gehan B.M.; Kotchmar D.J., 1987:
The estimation of personal exposures to air pollutants for a community based study of health effects in asthmatics exposure model

Amrhein, N.; Goedeke, K.H.; Gerhardt, J., 1976:
The estimation of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase activity in intact cells of higher plant tissue part 1 parameters of the assay

Amrhein, N.; Goedeke, K.H., 1976:
The estimation of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase activity in intact cells of higher plant tissue part 2 correlations and discrepancies between activities measured in intact cells and cell free extracts

Hollaender, H.; Amrhein, N., 1981:
The estimation of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase ec activity in intact cells of higher plant tissue 3. specificity of tritium release from tritium labeled l phenyl alanine and precautions in application of the assay to various tissues

Smith R.E.H., 1982:
The estimation of phyto plankton production and excretion by carbon 14

Phillips, R.D.; Jennings, D.H., 1976:
The estimation of plant organic acids by gas liquid chromatography

Fish, W.W.; Mann, K.G.; Tanford, C., 1969:
The estimation of poly peptide chain molecular weights by gel filtration in 6 molar guanidine hydro chloride

Ohnesorge B.; Viereck A., 1983:
The estimation of population density of cereal aphids sitobion avenae

Yoshimoto K.; Itoh N.; Hashimoto Y.; Irizawa Y.; Komura S., 1984:
The estimation of postmortem time an application of interactive image analysis system

Yun B.J.; Lee I.J., 1982:
The estimation of pregnancy wastage in korean women

Ruddle H.V.; Bradshaw C.M., 1982:
The estimation of premorbid intellectual functioning validation of nelson and mckenna formula and some new normative data

Sutor, D.J.; Wilkie, L.I., 1978:
The estimation of pyro phosphate in urine with udp glucose pyro phosphorylase

Foster W.H., 1981:
The estimation of rate of lay from part record data

Winter, R.M., 1985:
The estimation of recurrence risks in monogenic disorders using flanking marker loci

Schmerling, S.; Peil, J., 1977:
The estimation of regression from observed values of continuous random variables

Poltaraus A.B., 1981:
The estimation of relative connections between 9 species of echinodermata by molecular hybridization of their dna

Amrhein, N.; Goedeke, K.H.; Kefeli, V.I., 1976:
The estimation of relative intra cellular phenyl alanine ammonia lyase ec activities and the modulation in vivo and in vitro by competitive inhibitors

Clegg D.E.; Roberts G.S.; Rzecki G., 1985:
The estimation of residue levels of promacyl and its metabolites in beef tissue and fat by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Searle A.G.; Edwards J.H., 1986:
The estimation of risks from the induction of recessive mutations after exposure to ionizing radiation

Andrew T.E., 1983:
The estimation of secondary production in a natural population of daphnia hyalina using alternative methods of computation

Ambrogi R.; Ambrogi A.O., 1985:
The estimation of secondary production of the marine bivalve spisula subtruncata in the area of the po river delta italy

Briese V.; Brock J.; Straube W., 1985:
The estimation of secretory immunoglobulin a and secretory component in cystic effusions of ovarian tumors and ovarian cysts

Bizzari J.P.; Mackillop W.J., 1985:
The estimation of self renewal in the clonogenic cells of human solid tumors a comparison of secondary plating efficiency and colony size

Cooper, J.D.H.; Turnell, D.C.; Price, C.P., 1982:
The estimation of serum acid phosphatase ec using alpha naphthyl phosphate as substrate observations on the use of fast red tr salt in the assay

Dunckley J.V.; Grennan D.M.; Palmer D.G., 1979:
The estimation of serum and urinary gold by atomic absorption spectroscopy in rheumatoid patients receiving gold therapy

Loo J.C.K.; Mcgilveray I.J.; Jordan N., 1981:
The estimation of serum digoxin by combined high performance liquid chromatography separation and radio immunological assay

Hindle E.J.; Rostron G.M.; Gatt J.A., 1985:
The estimation of serum fructosamine an alternative measurement to glycated hemoglobin

Jones, D.D.; Roberts, E.L.; Davies, A.G., 1983:
The estimation of serum guanosine deaminase ec activity in liver disease

Klass, H.J.; Hopkins, J.; Neale, G.; Peters, T.J., 1977:
The estimation of serum lysozyme a comparison of 4 assay methods

Kline, D.W.; Hollenan, L.; Orme-Rogers, C., 1980:
The estimation of short time intervals as a function of age and metronome pacing

Chambers R.L.; Heathcote C.R., 1981:
The estimation of slope and the identification of outliers in linear regression

Wunsch, Z.; Hnik, P.; Fessl, J.; Vosatka, P., 1976:
The estimation of some dynamic properties of the rabbit gastrocnemius muscle

Poulos A.; Hann C.; Phillipou G.; Pollard A.C.P., 1979:
The estimation of sphingo lipids by gas chromatography chemical ionization mass spectrometry of their derived aldehydes with particular reference to the ceramides of childrens plasma

Montgomery G.W.G.; Simpson J.C.B., 1987 :
The estimation of sulfur in organic complexes by deuteron induced x ray emission

Rothman, K.J., 1976:
The estimation of synergy or antagonism

Hodson J.; Williams N.A., 1988:
The estimation of the adsorption coefficient koc for soils by high performance liquid chromatography

Chorayan, O.G., 1977:
The estimation of the amount of useful information in nerve cell impulse responses

Butterfield, R.M.; Pinchbeck, Y.; Zamora, J.; Gardner, I., 1977:
The estimation of the composition of lamb carcasses by use of an image analyzer classimat on multiple cross sections

Mizuuchi H., 1986:
The estimation of the energy and nitrogen requirements in early postoperative period employing multi variate regression analysis of nutritional parameters

Alderman G.; Broster W.H.; Strickland M.J.; Johnson C.L., 1982:
The estimation of the energy value of live weight change in the lactating dairy cow

Driessen, F.M.; Jellema, A.; Van-Luin, F.J.P.; Stadhouders, J.; Wolbers, G.J.M., 1977:
The estimation of the fat acidity in raw milk an adaptation of the bdi method suitable for routine assays

Manly, B.F.J., 1977:
The estimation of the fitness function from several samples taken from a population

Moeller U.; Seewald H J.; Groh A.; Ader B., 1987:
The estimation of the immunoglobulins igg igm and iga in patients with intrauterine growth retardation

Cabaret J., 1982:
The estimation of the infection of mollusks by protostrongylids parameters used and their relationship

Mishima, J., 1976:
The estimation of the life cycles of pieris rapae lepidoptera pieridae from the effective accumulative temperature

Kang S J.; Choi J., 1986:
The estimation of the loss possibility of zeolite in sandy soil

Clarke R.T.; Marker A.F.H.; Rother J.A., 1987:
The estimation of the mean and variance of algal cell volume from critical measurements

Daemen A.L.H., 1982:
The estimation of the mean particle density the vacuole volume and the porosity of spray dried porous powders

Donaldson, I.G., 1972:
The estimation of the motive force for protoplasmic streaming in nitella

Pool, J.; Biggs, R.; Miller, R.G., 1976:
The estimation of the number of binding sites for antibody on antigen molecules with reference to factor VIII and its antibody

Barrett, J.A., 1980:
The estimation of the number of mutationally silent loci in saturation mapping experiments

W.J.; X.X.; Sheng D.; Qing Y., 1986:
The estimation of the projection area of the volar surface of the human hand

Glander H J.; Baier D.; Haake K W.; Herold W.; Kunert M., 1988:
The estimation of the role sperm motile efficiency sme in diagnosis of male fertility

Tusnik P.; Fanuko N.; Turk V., 1986:
The estimation of the seawater quality in the maricultural area of the bay of piran adriatic sea

Kinoshita R.; Nakajima K., 1985:
The estimation of the spleen volume using heat treated technetium 99m labeled red blood cells

Sasaki, S.; Tsunenari, S.; Kanada, M., 1983:
The estimation of the time of death by nonprotein nitrogen in cadaveric materials 3. multiple regression analysis of nonprotein nitrogen in human cadaveric materials

Reh, H.; Haarhoff, K.; Vogt, C.D., 1977:
The estimation of the time of death of corpses recovered from water

Biersteker M.W.A.; Broere F.; Biersteker P.A., 1983:
The estimation of the weight percentage of body fat with simple aids and appliances

Weinberg, S.; Cortel-Breeman, A., 1978:
The estimation of the yearly cycle of submarine irradiance for ecological purposes a methodological example based on data from banyuls sur mer france

Chromy, V.; Kukla, R.; Hornakova, M.; Malimankova, A.; Belusa, J., 1975:
The estimation of total lipids with the sulfophospho vanillin method the establishing of optimal parameters of the method

Harada, T.; Noto, H.; Etori, K.; Kumasaki, T.; Kigure, T.; Nishizawa, O.; Tsuchida, S., 1985:
The estimation of urine bolus volume for patients with congenital hydronephrosis

Dart R.K.; Offem J.O., 1982:
The estimation of viable spores of penicillium

Collier, H.B., 1976:
The estimation of vicine in faba beans by uv spectrophotometric method

Kennedy, A.C.; Bessent, R.G.; Davis, P.; Reynolds, P.M.G., 1978:
The estimation of whole body zinc and zinc turnover in rheumatoid and osteo arthritis using zinc 65 tracer

King J.E.; Jenkins J.E.; Morgan W.A., 1983:
The estimation of yield losses in wheat from severity of infection by septoria species

Timm T., 1979:
The estonian lumbriculidae

Riesselmann, B.; Wenzel, M., 1977:
The estradiol and estrone esters of ruthenium 103 ruthenocenecarboxylic acid synthesis excretion and organ distribution

Windler E.E.T.; Kovanen P.T.; Chao Y S.; Brown M.S.; Havel R.J.; Goldstein J.L., 1980:
The estradiol stimulated lipo protein receptor of rat liver a binding site that mediates the uptake of rat lipo proteins containing apo protein b and apo protein e

Paavonen T.; Andersson L.C., 1985:
The estrogen antagonists tamoxifen and fc 1157a display estrogen like effects on human lymphocyte functions in vitro

Kobayashi S.; Tobioka N.; Samoto T.; Tanaka H.; Masaoka A., 1982:
The estrogen receptor in human meningioma and thymoma

Myatt, L.; Chaudhuri, G.; Elder, M.G.; Lim, L., 1978:
The estrogen receptor in the rat uterus in relation to intra uterine devices and the estrous cycle

Massot O.; Capony F.; Garcia M.; Rochefort H., 1984:
The estrogen regulated 52 kilodalton protein and plasminogen activators released by mcf 7 cells are different

Knowler, J.T.; Smellie, R.M.S., 1973:
The estrogen stimulation synthesis of heterogeneous nuclear rna in the uterus of immature rats

Lohiya, N.K.; Arya, M.; Shivapuri, V.S., 1977:
The estrogenic activity of danazol in the female gerbil meriones hurrianae

Kitts W.D.; Newsome F.E.; Runeckles V.C., 1983:
The estrogenic and anti estrogenic effects of coumestrol and zearalanol on the immature rat uterus

Kallela, K., 1980:
The estrogenic effect of silage fodder

Daehlin L.; Damber J E.; Von Schoultz B.; Bergman B., 1986:
The estrogenic effects of ethynylestradiol polyestradiol phosphate and estramustine phosphate in patients with prostatic carcinoma a comparative study of estrogen sensitive liver proteins gonadotropins and prolactin

Kant A.; Jacob D.; Lohiya N.K., 1986:
The estrogenic efficacy of carrot daucus carota seeds

Rivadeneyra, J.; Santiago-Payán, H., 1982:
The estrogenic receptor in desmoid tumors. Preliminary report

Grunert, G.; Neumann, G.; Porcia, M.; Tchernitchin, A.N., 1987:
The estrogenic responses to clomiphene in the different cell types of the rat uterus: morphometrical evaluation

Virgo B.B., 1979:
The estrogenicity of delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol neither blocks nor induces ovum implantation nor does it effect uterine growth

Kaziro R.; Kennedy J.P.; Cole E.R.; Southwell Keely P.T., 1984 :
The estrogenicity of equol in sheep

Pearson, A.W.; Butler, E.J., 1978:
The estrogenized chick as an experimental model for fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome in the fowl

Krasomski G.; Krajewski J., 1981:
The estrogens creatinine ratio in women in protracted pregnancy

Stancic, B., 1986:
The estrous cycle and seasonal sexual activity of sheep ii. induction and synchronization of estrus and ovulation using exogenous hormones during and outside the mating season

Strauss F., 1979:
The estrous cycle in rodents

Acad-Sin-Inst-Zool-Dep-Anim-Ecol-Group, I., 1978:
The estrous cycle of brandts voles

Kennelly, J.J.; Johns, B.E., 1976:
The estrous cycle of coyotes

Puchkov V.F.; Pokrovskii V.A.; Udalova L.D.; Konopistseva L.A., 1979:
The estrous cycle of the arctic lemming dicrostonyx torquatus kept and bred in laboratory conditions

Lumpkin S.; Koontz F.; Howard J.G., 1982:
The estrous cycle of the rufous elephant shrew elephantulus rufescens

Wilson M.; Daly M.; Behrends P., 1985:
The estrous cycle of two species of kangaroo rats dipodomys microps and dipodomys merriami

Jochle, W.; Andersen, A.C., 1977:
The estrus cycle in the dog a review

Maitland P.S.; Morris K.H.; East K.; Schoonoord M.P.; Ban Der Wal B.; Potter I.C., 1984:
The estuarine biology of the river lamprey lampetra fluviatilis in the firth of forth scotland uk with particular reference to size composition and feeding

Voorhis A.D.; Epifanio C.E.; Maurer D.; Dittel A.I.; Vargas J.A., 1983:
The estuarine character of the gulf of nicoya costa rica an embayment on the pacific coast of central america

Sierra F.; Fernandez C., 1984:
The estuarine corallina elongata community in the central coast banugues north of spain 1 minimal area and spatial distribution

Wallace, J.H., 1975:
The estuarine fishes of the east coast of south africa part 1 species composition and length distribution in the estuarine and marine environments

Wallace, J.H., 1975:
The estuarine fishes of the east coast of south africa part 2 seasonal abundance and migrations

Wallace, J.H., 1975:
The estuarine fishes of the east coast of south africa part 3 reproduction

Wallace, J.H.; Van-Der-Elst, R.P., 1975:
The estuarine fishes of the east coast of south africa part 4 occurrence of juveniles in estuaries

Wallace, J.H.; Van-Der-Elst, R.P., 1975:
The estuarine fishes of the east coast of south africa part 5 estuarine dependence and status

Smith B.S., 1980:
The estuarine mud snail nassarius obsoletus abnormalities in the reproductive system

Becuwe, M., 1975:
The estuary of the ijzer and nieuwpoort belgium as a waterfowl reserve for migrating and wintering waders

Clyde, J.S.; Boyd, T., 1988:
The etched cast metal resin bonded maryland bridge a clinical review

Nanbu T., 1985:
The eternal family delusion in chronic schizophrenia

Eika, C.; Arnesen, H.; Godal, H.C., 1978:
The ethanol gelation test in pregnancy

Delgenes J.P.; Moletta R.; Navarro J.M., 1988:
The ethanol tolerance of pichia stipitis y 7124 grown on a d xylose d glucose and l arabinose mixture

Adams, M.A.; Hirst, M., 1982:
The ethanol withdrawal syndrome in the rat: effects of drug treatment on adrenal gland and urinary catecholamines

Gyul'bayazyan T.A.; Ovsepyan M.L.; Petrosyan V.S.; Kamalyan R.G., 1986:
The ethanolamine effects on some clinical parameters in the terminal phase of traumatic shock

Gillick M., 1980:
The ethics of cardio pulmonary resuscitation another look

Vanderpool, H.Y., 1978:
The ethics of terminal care

Guirado, C.R.; Bagatella, F., 1983:
The ethmoid labyrinth: an anatomical and comparative radiological study

Messerklinger, W., 1979:
The ethmoidal infundibulum and its inflammatory illnesses

Jacobs M.; Som P.M., 1982:
The ethmoidal polypoid mucocele

Fan, K.J.; Kovi, J.; Earle, K.M., 1977:
The ethnic distribution of primary central nervous system tumors armed forces institute of pathology 1958 1970

Cugini P.; Murano G.; Letizia C.; Lucia P.; Scavo D.; Halberg F.; Kawasaki T., 1987:
The ethnic impact of the sodium renin relationship

Davis, E.W., 1983:
The ethnobotany of chamairo: Mussatia hyacinthina

Fleisher M.S., 1980:
The ethnobotany of the clallam indians of western washington usa

Prance, G.T.; Campbell, D.G.; Nelson, B.W., 1977:
The ethnobotany of the paumari indians

Derums, V.Ya, 1976:
The ethnographic aspect of paleo pathological research of baltic inhabitants

Ricci, N.; Miceli, C.; Giannetti, R., 1987:
The ethogram of euplotes crassus ciliata hypotrichida ii. the paralyzed mutant

Ricci, N., 1982:
The ethogram of oxytricha bifaria ciliata hypotrichida 2. mating behavior

Ricci N., 1981 :
The ethogram of oxytricha bifaria ciliata hypotrichida the motile behavior

Mcguire, M.T.; Fairbanks, L.A.; Cole, S.R.; Sbordone, R.; Silvers, F.M.; Richards, M.; Akers, J., 1977:
The ethological study of 4 psychiatric wards behavior changes associated with new staff and new patients

Fairbanks, L.A.; Mcguire, M.T.; Cole, S.R.; Sbordone, R.; Silvers, F.M.; Richards, M.; Akers, J., 1977:
The ethological study of 4 psychiatric wards patient staff and system behaviors

Rozen, J.G.Jr, 1977:
The ethology and systematic relationships of fideliine bees including a description of the mature larva of parafidelia pallidula hymenoptera apoidea

Tschanz B., 1983:
The ethology of domestic animals

Grauvogl A., 1986:
The ethology of excrement

Van Der Molen P.P., 1979:
The ethology of inter individual differences the boundary between personality psychology and ethology

Wong, C.H.; Osborne, D.J., 1978:
The ethylene induced enlargement of target cells in flower buds of ecballium elaterium and their identification by the content of endo re duplicated nuclear dna

Kielstein P.; Elias B., 1984:
The etio pathogenesis of bordetella bronchiseptica infection in pigs

Valladares, Y., 1977:
The etio pathogenesis of cancer

Angioni, G.; Manduco, G.; Porcu, M.; Puddu, E., 1978:
The etio pathogenesis of disseminated intra vascular coagulation in obstetric pathology

Brzosko, W.J.; Matacz, D.; Dabrowska, B.; Halama, G.; Janicki, P.; Laskowski, Z.; Badmajew, W., 1982:
The etio pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis 1. immuno fluorescence study of brain plaques from patients with multiple sclerosis

Codeceira A.Jr; Valenca M.O.S., 1981:
The etio pathogenesis of the guillain barre syndrome

Stepien, A., 1978:
The etio pathogenetic and patho morphologic aspects of nephro pyelitis

Shinnick, T.M.; Sweetser, D.; Thole, J.; van Embden, J.; Young, R.A., 1987:
The etiologic agents of leprosy and tuberculosis share an immunoreactive protein antigen with the vaccine strain Mycobacterium bovis BCG

Asaishi, K.; Nishino, C.; Ebata, T.; Totsuka, M.; Hayasaka, H.; Suzuki, T., 1980:
The etiologic mechanism of anisakiasis 1. immunological reactions of digestive tract induced by anisakis larva

Asaishi, K.; Nishino, C.; Totsuka, M.; Hayasaka, H.; Suzuki, T., 1980:
The etiologic mechanism of anisakiasis 2. epidemiologic study of inhabitants and questionnaire survey in japan

Gerber M.A.; Sedgwick A.K.; Macalister T.J.; Gustafson K.B.; Ballow M.; Tilton R.C., 1985:
The etiological agent of cat scratch disease

Reznik, V.I.; Savel'eva, N.A.; Bogomolova, F.I.; Kirpichnikova, E.N.; Pereskokova, M.A.; Vyborova, A.E.; Zdanovskaya, N.I., 1978:
The etiological and immunological characteristics of an influenza a 1 epidemic in the khabarovsk krai november december 1977

Kocal N.; Atun I.H., 1982 :
The etiological bacterial agents and the antibodies developed against them in urinary tract infections

Donnez J.; Thomas K., 1983:
The etiological factors in tubal sterility

El-Aaser, A.; El-Merzabani, M.M.; Abdel-Reheem, K.A.; Hamza, B.M., 1982:
The etiological factors of bilharzial bladder cancer in egypt 4. beta carotene and vitamin a level in serum

El-Aaser, A.A.; El-Merzabani, M.M.; Higgy, N.A.; El-Habet, A.E., 1982:
The etiological factors of bilharzial bladder cancer in egypt 6. the possible role of urinary bacteria

Dumont M.; Mazuez M., 1985:
The etiological factors of fetal growth retardation study of 600 cases

Levene, C.I.; Murray, J.C., 1977:
The etiological role of maternal vitamin b 6 deficiency in the development of athero sclerosis

Sorahan T.; Grimley R.P., 1985:
The etiological significance of sunlight and fluorescent lighting in malignant melanoma a case control study

Voropaeva S.D.; Sokolova I.E.; Emelyanova A.I., 1987:
The etiological structure and antibiotic sensitivity of puerperal endometritis causative agents

Guiney T.E.; Davies M.J.; Parker D.J.; Leech G.J.; Leatham A., 1987:
The etiology and course of isolated severe aortic regurgitation a clinical pathological and echocardiographic study

Reicke, N., 1976:
The etiology and drug therapy of kinesia: investigations by means of the coriolis effect under cyclizine

Reed S.E., 1981:
The etiology and epidemiology of common colds and the possibilities of prevention

Dae M.; Canhasi B.; Botvinick E.; Olvera S.; Schechtmann N.; Engelstad B.; Hattner R.; Schiller N.; O'connell W.; Faulkner D., 1985:
The etiology and implications of dense cavitary photopenia on myocardial perfusion scintigraphy

Hugh-Jones, P.; Whimster, W., 1978:
The etiology and management of disabling emphysema

Paterson M.E.L., 1979:
The etiology and outcome of abruptio placentae

Steinberger, E., 1978:
The etiology and patho physiology of testicular dys function in man

Putov N.V.; Levashev Y.N.; Medvenskii B.V.; Vishnyakova L.A.; Pokhodzei I.V.; Kobrin L.I.; Oganesyan L.V.; Yakovleva N.V., 1986:
The etiology and pathogenesis of acute infectious destructions of the lungs

Heuwinkel, R.; Schneider, H.M., 1979:
The etiology and pathogenesis of bone formation in patients with brain injury or paraplegia 2. histochemistry of the soft tissues in the vicinity of the fracture

Seebacher C., 1981:
The etiology and pathogenesis of infantile seborrheic dermatitis

Blaesius K.; Greschniok A., 1986:
The etiology and pathogenesis of osteochondrosis dissecans of the knee joint

Rozhold, O., 1975:
The etiology and pathogenesis of poly myositis

Ponec D.J.; Resnick D., 1984:
The etiology and pathogenesis of porotic hyper ostosis of the skull

Seebacher C.; Koestler E.; Gebhardt B., 1981:
The etiology and pathogenesis of reiters disease

Van Niekerk W.A.; Retief A.E., 1981:
The etiology and pathogenesis of true hermaphroditism

Drac P., 1980:
The etiology and prevention of missed abortion

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The etiology of acrylamide neuropathy enolase phospho fructo kinase and glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase activities in peripheral nerve spinal cord brain and skeletal muscle of acrylamide intoxicated cats

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The etiology of bark cracking disease of hevea brasiliensis

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The etiology of bronchial bacterial infections in hospitalized patients with chronic bronchitis

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The etiology of cancers of the cervix a review of 150 years of research

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The etiology of chronic occupational bronchitis in workers of the shale industry

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The etiology of congenital cardiovascular malformations: observations on genetic risks with implications for further birth defects research

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The etiology of enamel hypoplasia: a unifying concept

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The etiology of endometriosis

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The etiology of epilepsies in children by considering the case histories in comparison with a control group

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The etiology of epilepsy as a predictor in the evaluation of anticonvulsive drug therapy

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The etiology of essential hypertension an hypothesis describing two categories

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The etiology of essential hypertension studies in microcirculation

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The etiology of gastric ulceration induced by electrical vagal stimulation in rats

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The etiology of gastritis following gastric surgery 1. immuno fluorescent studies of the gastric mucosa

Chapel, H.M.; Hoare, A.M.; Haeney, M., 1979:
The etiology of gastritis following gastric surgery 2. studies of cell mediated immunity

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The etiology of glue ear a case control study

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The etiology of godronia canker of the yellow birch

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The etiology of hallux abducto valgus. A review of the literature

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The etiology of idiopathic scoliosis from manual therapeutic aspects

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The etiology of increased tissue cholesterol concentration in cholesterol fed hypo thyroid rats

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The etiology of infectious mononucleosis and antibodies to epstein barr virus

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The etiology of infertility in 1162 investigated couples

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The etiology of juvenile plantar dermatosis

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The etiology of laryngocele

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The etiology of lobar pneumonia in the Gambia

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The etiology of mirror writing a new hypothesis

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The etiology of muddy odor in water and fish

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The etiology of non-specific urethritis in active duty Marines

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The etiology of oligo menorrhea and or hirsuties a study of 467 patients

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The etiology of otitis externa a new concept

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The etiology of palmar burn in children and the full thickness skin graft taken from a non weight bearing area

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The etiology of paroxysmal loss of consciousness among alcoholics

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The etiology of pigmentation edema and poly neuritis syndrome a peculiar progressive poly neuritis associated with pigmentation edema plasma cell dyscrasia

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The etiology of porotic hyper ostosis among the prehistoric and historic anasazi indians of southwestern usa

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The etiology of post traumatic stress disorders following a natural disaster

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The etiology of poultry diseases research performed by the institute of veterinary hygiene in rzeszow poland in 1974 1978

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The etiology of preterm labor

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The etiology of purulent meningitis in highland children papua new guinea a bacteriological study

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The etiology of ram epididymitis

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The etiology of re fracture of the fore arm in childhood

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The etiology of root rot of passiflora edulis var flavicarpa

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The etiology of schizophrenia: a replication test of the social selection vs. the social causation hypotheses

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The etiology of smon subacute myelo optic neuropathy may involve an interaction between clioquinol and environmental metals

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The etiology of spina bifida cystica

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The etiology of spondylolysis. A retrospective radiographic study

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The etiology of synovitis in chickens with special reference to noninfective factors 4

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The etiology of synovitis in chickens with special reference to noninfective factors 5. extractability of glucosamino glycans muco proteins from tendon tissue

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The etiology of the cat eye syndrome reconsidered

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The etiology of the occurrence of callose in the tubers of stolbur diseased potato plants

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The etiology of transient endothelial changes in the human cornea

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The etiology of trichinellosis in natural foci in switzerland

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The etiology of underlying liver lesions in 70 autopsied cases of hepatocellular carcinoma

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The etiology of urban community acquired pneumonia

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The etiology of urethral discharge in men

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The etiology of valgus angulation after metaphyseal fractures of the tibia in children

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The etiology of whooping cough syndrome 1. bacteriological examinations

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The etiology presentation and natural history of extrahepatic portal venous obstruction

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The etiopathogenesis of scrapie

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The etiopathology and clinic experience of creutzfeldt jakob disease and other slow virus diseases

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The etruscan shrew suncus etruscus from southern spain distribution and cranial skeleton morphometry

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The etymology of the generic name disa orchidaceae

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The eu littoral ecosystem of eder reservoir west germany falling dry annually and its function as a man made refuge a study with emphasis on terrestrial aspects 2. terrestrial fauna

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The eu littoral of the australian coasts with special regard to the polychaetes and ostracods 2 and 3

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The eu mutant of the flour beetle tribolium castaneum environmental and genetic effects on penetrance

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The eucalypt ligno tuber a position dependent organ

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The eucavernicolous siculus group of the genus roncus l. koch 1873 pseudoscorpionida neobisiidae

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The euglena gracilis chloroplast ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase gene ii. the spliced messenger rna and its product

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The euglena gracilis para flagellar rod structure relationship to other flagellar components and preliminary biochemical characterization

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The euglenophyta and volvophyceae flora in bulgaria part 5

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The euglenophyta of a polluted lowland brook pond system at boom antwerp belgium during an aeration experiment

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The eugregarine parasites of the genus monoductus from strongylosomid millipedes

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The eukaryotic chromosome structure dna sequences and functional organization

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The eukaryotic gene

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The eukaryotic nature of eosphaera ferriferous structures from the precambrian gunflint iron formation canada a comparative study

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The eumolpinae coleoptera chrysomelidae of the apocynaceae and the asclepiadaceae gentianales

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The eup genetic locus of escherichia coli and its role in proton solute symport

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The euphausiacea of eastern florida usa crustacea malacostraca

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The euphorbiaceae of brazil 1. new species

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The euphorbiaceae of sumatra

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The eupithecia fauna of nepal 1. lepidoptera geometridae

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The eupithecia group lepidoptera geometridae in norway

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The eupithecia lepidoptera geometridae of chile

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The eupithecia lepidoptera geometridae of mississippi and louisiana usa

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The eupithecia lepidoptera geometridae of texas usa with the description of a new species

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The eupithecia of asia lepidoptera geometridae

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The euplectini of arizona usa coleoptera pselaphidae

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The euplotes vannus complex occurrence of a 5th species analysis of the reproductive isolation mechanisms

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The eupodid mites of egypt acari eupodoidea eupodidae

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The eurasian beaver in the latvian ssr ussr the state of its populations the 1st results of industrial trapping morphometric characteristics

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The eurasian genus glechoma and its relationship with allied genera

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The eureka sound group upper cretaceous oligocene canadian arctic islands

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The euro asian species of the vespula rufa group hymenoptera vespidae with descriptions of 2 new species and 2 new subspecies

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The european catfish giant of the swedish freshwater fauna

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The european community evaluates its ground water resources

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The european diptera determination table biology and review of the literature of the families of mosquitoes and flies

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The european forest accentor prunella modularis modularis in the western ukrainian ssr ussr

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The european genera of nematinae hymenoptera symphyta tenthredinidae

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The european genera of selandriinae and dolerinae hymenoptera symphyta tenthredinidae

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The european genera of the family hyaloscyphaceae helotiales

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The european invertebrate survey contribution of belgium and gembloux

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The european marsh warbler acrocephalus palustris new record in south west africa

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The european organization for research and treatment of cancer treatment of early stages of hodgkins disease the role of radio therapy

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The european osmia species of the subgenus melanosmia hymenoptera apoidea megachilidae

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The european pamphiliidae hymenoptera symphyta with special reference to the netherlands

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The european rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus in southwestern australia 2. reproduction

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The european rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus southwestern australia 1. study sites and population dynamics

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The european rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus southwestern australia 3. survival

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The european reindeer rangifer tarandus in the high latitudes of the arctic

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The european representatives of the genus astracantha podl. leguminosae

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The european section of the international association for rural medicine iaamrh works medical care for the working people in agriculture of east germany

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The european smelt osmerus eperlanus and its role in the ichthyo fauna of syamozero karelian assr russian sfsr ussr

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The european snipe the european jacksnipe and the great snipe in italy

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The european species of genus habrophlebia

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The european species of symphya hymenoptera braconidae

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The european species of the cretaceous ammonite romaniceras with a revision of the genus

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The european species of the genus caenis insecta ephemeroptera

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The european species of the genus phaeocollybia and their occurrence in the southern black forest west germany

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The european species of the genus proceratium new record hymenoptera formicidae

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The european species perizoma alchemillata the small rivulet lepidoptera geometridae in newfoundland canada

Eur Stroke Prev Study Group, 1987:
The european stroke prevention study esps principal end points

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The european tribolium madens in north america tenebrionidae

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The european wolverine gulo gulo mustelidae carnivora of labastide high pyrenees france

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The european yellow underwing noctua pronuba l. lepidoptera noctuidae in the atlantic provinces canada and maine usa

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The eury thermal myo fibrillar protein complex of the mummichog fundulus heteroclitus adaptation to a fluctuating thermal environment

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The eurymetopini coleoptera tenebrionidae from chile

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The eustachian tube in high resolution computed tomography evaluation in adults

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The eustachian tube lumen in chronic otitis media

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The eusthenopterids osteichthyes sarcopterygii from the famennian upper devonian of tafilalt morocco new description

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The eutrophication of cayuga lake new york usa a historical analysis of the phyto plankton response to phosphate detergents

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The eutrophication of lake lestijarvi finland as a consequence of forest bog ditching

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The eutrophication of lough erne northern ireland uk inferred from changes in the diatom assemblages of lead 210 and cesium 137 dated sediment cores

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The evacuation hospital in civilian disasters

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The evacuatory ducts of the liver and pancreas of cobitidae teleostean fish

Epper, F., 1983:
The evagination of the genital imaginal discs of drosophila melanogaster 1. morphogenesis of the female genital disc

Epper, F., 1983:
The evagination of the genital imaginal discs of drosophila melanogaster 2. morphogenesis of the inter sexual genital disc of the mutant double sex dominant dsx d

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The evaluation and control of acoustical standing waves

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The evaluation and exploitation of semi arid lands australian experience

Dresch, J., 1977:
The evaluation and exploitation of the west african sahel

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The evaluation in vitro of fragrance materials for photo toxic activity

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The evaluation of 16 carcinogens in the rat using the micro nucleus test

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The evaluation of 2 new apple cultivars suntan and east malling a 3022 for culinary purposes

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The evaluation of 5 commercial serum cortisol kits regarding precision and accuracy

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The evaluation of 76 cases of anterior mediastinal masses in the plain lateral radiogram with special reference to anterior extrapleural line

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The evaluation of a biogenetically based approach to the synthesis of octahydro 1h benzofuro 3 2 e isoquinolines

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The evaluation of a hemo dialysis system with bi carbonate solution

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The evaluation of a new radio immunoassay kit for prostatic acid phosphatase 1. setting upper limit of serum prostatic acid phosphatase level

Dyck, P.J.; Shimono, M.; Schoening, G.P.; Lais, A.C.; Oviatt, K.F.; Sparks, M.F., 1984 :
The evaluation of a new synthetic pyrethroid pesticide (permethrin) for neurotoxicity

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The evaluation of a novel solution containing urea phosphorus calcium and sodium as a dietary supplement for beef cows given oat straw and barley

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The evaluation of a positive direct anti globulin test in pre transfusion testing

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The evaluation of a quantitative enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for anti aspergillus fumigatus immunoglobulin g

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The evaluation of a special liquid fixative for direct immuno fluorescence

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The evaluation of a training program in rape crisis intervention for lay therapists

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The evaluation of activated carbon in the purification of starch based sweeteners

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The evaluation of acute and chronic toxicity of kamidyna new disinfection preparation

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The evaluation of adult females with testosterone producing neoplasms of the adrenal cortex

Ruzickova J., 1982:
The evaluation of amino glycoside antibiotics

Saka M., 1980:
The evaluation of analgesic activity of drugs the method using a modified hot plate and mice with a scalded hind paw

Ferrario V.F.; Vizzotto L.; Tosatti M.P.M.; Miani A., 1982:
The evaluation of anisotropy in oriented structures a statistico mathematical approach

Menichella G.; Rossi P.L.; Alfano G.; Candido A.; Tartaglione R.; Puggioni P.L.; Mango G., 1985:
The evaluation of anti a anti b anti a b monoclonal antisera in the study of blood group antigens of the abo system

Favaro S.; Ossi E.; Marati A.; Faggion T.; Baggio B.; Inecco A.; Antonello A.; Borsatti A., 1979:
The evaluation of antibody coated bacteria in the urine sediment to determine the efficiency of anti bacterial treatment in upper urinary tract infections

Dancer J., 1986:
The evaluation of arabica coffee coffea arabica cultivars for resistance to coffee berry disease some comments

Speight R.G., 1983:
The evaluation of asbestos contamination of surfaces a new approach with an old technique

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The evaluation of asymptomatic arterial occlusive disease of the legs using an exercise test

Sukigara M.; Ohata M.; Komazaki T.; Omoto R., 1987:
The evaluation of azygos venous flow by transesophageal real time two dimensional doppler echography

Frommer R.L.; Hembree S.C.; Nelson J.H.; Remington M.P.; Gibbs P.H., 1981:
The evaluation of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis in reducing simulium vittatum diptera simulidae larvae in their natural habitat with no extensive aquatic vegetative growth

Leonard, J.A., 1973:
The evaluation of blind mobility

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The evaluation of blood circulation of the dental pulp using photo plethysmography

Sukhova N.O.; Nabrodova N.M.; Beslopolova S.G.; Neverov N.M., 1986:
The evaluation of boars for the quality of their progeny taking into account their blood group genotype compatibility with sows

Sakurai K.; Marumo F.; Iwanami S.; Uchida H.; Matsubayashi T., 1987:
The evaluation of bone mineral content in renal osteodystrophy by the ct numbers of the mid shaft and lateral condyle of the femur

Tanabe S.; Suematsu K.; Sato O., 1980:
The evaluation of bone window computed tomography for the diagnosis of pituitary adenomas

Weckowicz E., 1986:
The evaluation of breeding progress in some economically important traits on a pig herd in the kolbacz animal research station poland

Zalewski W.; Stenzel R.; Szwarc B., 1980:
The evaluation of breeding utilization of bulls in the stations of animal husbandry and insemination in the lublin district poland

Mochizuki H.; Shigeta M.; Tokuyama K.; Tajima K.; Morikawa A.; Kuroume T., 1987:
The evaluation of bronchial hyperresponsiveness in children with asthma the significance of the parameters measured by methacholine inhalation challenge

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The evaluation of brunauer emmet teller constants from sorption isotherms data

Mcfarland D.C.; Coon C.N., 1984:
The evaluation of byproduct protein digestibility utilizing coomassie blue dye binding

Aito K., 1982:
The evaluation of calcium measurement in uro lithiasis

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The evaluation of cell nuclei staining parameters regarding the reproducibility of fluorescence measurements

Popescu, C.; Nicolaescu, O.; Verescu, O.; Amber, L., 1987:
The evaluation of cellular immunity in pleurisy by multipunctures with standard antigens

Turnbull W., 1982:
The evaluation of chance determined outcomes

Isaka S.; Fuse H.; Akaza H.; Moriyama N.; Usami M.; Kotake T.; Matsumura Y.; Imai K.; Yamanaka H.; E.A., 1987:
The evaluation of chemotherapy for relapse of prostatic cancer with new response criteria

Schwartz, A., 1976:
The evaluation of classical morphologic patterns in allergic states

Muehler G., 1983:
The evaluation of cleft lip and or palate patients and the assessment of their disability

Ohkuma M.; Suzuki M.; Kohri M.; Harada M.; Yanagihara H.; Masuda Y.; Yoshida M.; Kohriyama K.; Hama K.; E.A., 1985:
The evaluation of clinical effects of ketotifen fumarate zaditen capsel in various skin diseases

Shapiro, A.R., 1977:
The evaluation of clinical predictions. A method and initial application

Godfray H.C.J., 1987:
The evaluation of clutch size in parasitic wasps

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The evaluation of cod stock gadus morhua in the 3no northwest atlantic division

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The evaluation of competitive relationships between the sympatric birch mouse species of the genus sicista dipodidae

Momotani Y., 1982:
The evaluation of conformation of poly peptide on protein evolution and plant taxonomy

Meehan, A.P., 1976:
The evaluation of contact rodenticides for mouse control

Serle, J.B.; Asbell, P.A.; Obstbaum, S.A.; Podos, S.M.; Anh-Le, N., 1988:
The evaluation of corneal endothelial permeability in PERK study patients

Putz P., 1985:
The evaluation of corporal damage of traumatic origin

Nzekwe N.M.; Olomu J.M., 1982:
The evaluation of cottonseed meal as a replacement for groundnut meal in broiler rations

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The evaluation of creatinine clearance in spinal cord injury patients

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The evaluation of culture media for diagnosing of neisseria with special reference to clinicult medium

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The evaluation of diagnostic concordance in follow up studies 1. a general model of causal analysis and a methodological critique

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The evaluation of diagnostic concordance in follow up studies 2. a blind prospective follow up of female criminals

Cudeck R., 1982:
The evaluation of diagnostic models

Kent A.P.; Webster R.A., 1983:
The evaluation of different types of anti convulsant drug activity against leptazol induced epileptogenic activity in the anesthetized rat

Kamst F.H.; Lyons T.J., 1982:
The evaluation of diffusivities for a nonuniform site

Isaacs, B., 1979:
The evaluation of drugs in Alzheimer's disease

Stepanyuk G.I., 1986:
The evaluation of duration of spinal anesthesia in an experiment

Monti, G.; Guerrini, L.; Fiorentini, G.M.; Tienghi, A.; Turci, D.; Bardella, D., 1986:
The evaluation of effect of radiotherapy on T and B lymphocytes with standard methods and monoclonal antibodies: results at 30 months

Brigatti L.; Clement M.G.; Divieti L.; Palmi M., 1980:
The evaluation of effort of bladder wall during filling

Baker, F.M.; Scholhamer, N., 1988:
The evaluation of elderly patients by a psychiatric emergency service

Heiligenberg W., 1980:
The evaluation of electro receptive feedback in a gymnotoid fish with pulse type electric organ discharges

Sotonyi P.; Somogyi E.; Balogh I.; Nemes A., 1980:
The evaluation of electron microscopic cytochrome oxidase reaction in experimental heart muscle hypoxia

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The evaluation of emergency care. Development of a quantitative criterion

Madden, P.W., 1987:
The evaluation of endothelial damage following corneal storage: a comparison of staining methods and the value of scanning electron microscopy

Sorokin Y.I.; Tyapkin V.S.; Nguyen Tak An, 1983:
The evaluation of energy relationships between the bottom biocenoses of coral reefs and the adjacent pelagia in the coastal waters of the south china sea

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The evaluation of ependymal and subependymal lesions by cranial computed tomography

Mackintosh, C.A.; Lidwell, O.M., 1980:
The evaluation of fabrics in relation to their use as protective garments in nursing and surgery 3. wet penetration and contact transfer of particles through clothing

Lidwell, O.M.; Mackintosh, C.A.; Towers, A.G., 1978:
The evaluation of fabrics in relation to their use as protective garments in nursing and surgery part 2 dispersal of skin organisms in a test chamber

Casonato A.; Fabris F.; Vicariotto M.; Girolami A., 1985:
The evaluation of factor viii antigen by a simple slide test

Pengo V.; Cartei G.; Casara D.; Daniele O.; Fiorentino M.V., 1983:
The evaluation of fibrinogen behavior in hodgkins disease correlation with clinical state

Norwood J.M.; Freeman G.H.; Crute I.R., 1982:
The evaluation of field resistance to downy mildew bremia lactucae in lettuce

Schwartz P.J.; Facchini M.; Bonazzi O.; Cuspidi C.; Priori S.; Varisco T.; Zuanetti G., 1985:
The evaluation of flecainide for the treatment of chronic ventricular arrhythmias using the acute oral drug testing

L'vov Y.A.; Shepeleva L.F.; Lapshina E.D., 1987:
The evaluation of flood plain meadows in accordance with fluctuation ability of their vegetation cover

Pader, M.; Cancro, L.P.; Guillo, B., 1977:
The evaluation of fluoride dentifrices

Fm 10 Res Group (Jpn), 1987:
The evaluation of fm 10 deodorant and antiperspirant for axillary odor by a double blind cross over study

Ayres, J.F.; Mcmanus, W.R.; Mcfarlane, J.D., 1976:
The evaluation of forage nutritive quality by micro digestion

Woolford, M.K.; Wilkins, R.J., 1975:
The evaluation of formaldehyde bronopol tylosin and pimaricin as additives in simulated silage

Hogan, J.P.; Hogan, R.M., 1976:
The evaluation of formaldehyde treated sunflower seed casein supplement as a source of linoleic acid for ruminant lipids

Passath A.; Leb G.; Goebel R., 1985:
The evaluation of free thyroid hormones free thyroxine and free triiodothyronine in the routine diagnosis of thyroid function

Neverova M.E.; Zorov D.B., 1986:
The evaluation of functional state of mitochondria in surviving cytoplasts of cultured pig embryo kidney cells by ethylrhodamine staining

Adler, R.A., 1977:
The evaluation of galactorrhea

Berens Tomczynska J.; Pensko J., 1980:
The evaluation of gamma ray and cosmic ray components in dwellings by spectrometry

Soon Shiong P.; Debas H.T.; Brown J.C., 1979:
The evaluation of gastric inhibitory poly peptide as the enterogastrone

Yagi, T.; Yamasaki, Y.; Bando, K.; Kawamori, R.; Kamada, T.; Shichiri, M., 1988:
The evaluation of glucagon infusion algorithms for a counterregulatory system in artificial endocrine pancreas

Modrzejewska, S.; Tomaszewski, L., 1975:
The evaluation of glucose concentration in 24 hour urine collected in noncontrolled conditions

S.C Y., 1987:
The evaluation of granulosis viruses for control of plutella xylostella and artogeia rapae at different time intervals

Cuttino, J.T.; Clark, R.L.; Feaster, S.H.; Zwicke, D.L., 1987:
The evaluation of gross hematuria in anticoagulated patients: efficacy of i.v. urography and cystoscopy

Schar W.; Ruegg M., 1985:
The evaluation of guggenheim anderson and de boer constants from water vapor sorption data

Moese, J.R.; Fischer, G., 1981:
The evaluation of health factors in high rise buildings 2. bio climatological consequences resulting from comparative measurements of the air ionization in a high rise building located in a heavily contaminated suburban area and at certain altitudes

Santi C., 1985:
The evaluation of heart murmurs in asymptomatic patients

Wilson B.L.; Schwarzer R.R.; Etonyeaku N., 1986:
The evaluation of heavy metals chromium nickel and cobalt in the aqueous sediment surrounding a coal burning generating plant

Ooi, T., 1982:
The evaluation of hepatic function during extracorporeal circulation using indocyanine green

Glushankova, M.A., 1982:
The evaluation of heritability of the grass frog aldolase ec and acto myosin activities and heat resistance

Matuz J.; Mesterhazy A.; Barabas Z., 1979:
The evaluation of horizontal resistance of winter wheats triticum aestivum by the center pivot method

Winkelmann W., 1987:
The evaluation of human footprints especially the ball and toes for identification in forensic medicine

Beckstead, J.H., 1983:
The evaluation of human lymph nodes, using plastic sections and enzyme histochemistry

Wang, H.H.; Houng, Y.S.; Wu, J.S.; Lin, L.P., 1975:
The evaluation of hyphal tip ultra sections by projection charts

Clayer J.R.; Bookless Pratz C.L.; Ross M.W., 1986:
The evaluation of illness behavior and exaggeration of disability

Sciślicki, A.; Rudnik, J.; Gaweł, J.; Pryjma, J., 1981:
The evaluation of immune status in children with the past history of obstructive bronchitis

Compton P.; Cole B.; Stuart M.; Egan G., 1984:
The evaluation of imprecision in collaborative immunoassay quality assessment programs

Jauker, F., 1980:
The evaluation of initial rates in the presence of background noise

Osin'kovskaya N.D., 1987:
The evaluation of injurious and transforming action of sodium nitrite on lung cells in culture

Mikulecky M., 1980:
The evaluation of intermittent treatment of intra hepatic cholestasis by cholestyramine with the aid of multi variate regression

Terlizzi N.; Muratore M.; D'amoure M.; Martiradonna A.; Carrozzo M.; Cassano G.; Bianco P.; Genchi G., 1981:
The evaluation of intestinal absorption of calcium in normal rats and in rats treated with di phosphonates

Barak P.; Chen Y., 1982:
The evaluation of iron deficiency using a bioassay type test

Seki, Y., 1978:
The evaluation of kaup index and proposal of new nutritional index

Sharma D.N.; Singh A.K., 1980:
The evaluation of leaf protein quality in 3 aquatic plants

Kreulen, T.H.; Bove, A.A.; McDonough, M.T.; Sands, M.J.; Spann, J.F., 1975 :
The evaluation of left ventricular function in man. A comparison of methods

Hillyer G.M.; Peers D.G.; Macandrew A., 1982:
The evaluation of liquefied de oiled herring silage in diets for growing pigs feeding trials

Mills, G.H.; Davies, G.K.; Getty, C.J.; Conway, J., 1986:
The evaluation of liquid crystal thermography in the investigation of nerve root compression due to lumbosacral lateral spinal stenosis

Parry D.A.; Hillyer G.M.; Fraser J.C., 1982:
The evaluation of liquid de oiled herring silage in diets for growing pigs palatability studies

Polling L.; Schoonbee H.J.; Prinsloo J.F.; Wiid A.J.B., 1988:
The evaluation of live feed in the early larval growth of the sharptooth catfish clarias gariepinus burchell

Sekas, G.; Cook, R.T., 1979:
The evaluation of liver function after partial hepatectomy in the rat: serum changes

Schlichting E.; Schweikle V.; Pfaff B., 1979:
The evaluation of long term oxygen deficiency in soils by nutrient analyses

Guaschino S.; Bagliani F.; Pesando P.C.; Carnevale P.; Rondini G.; Bolis P.F., 1984:
The evaluation of low birth weight survival prognosis by means of postnatal measurements of morphometric parameters easily detectable in prenatal life

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The evaluation of malignancy for cartilaginous tumors 1. clinico pathologic study of chondro sarcoma

Lin, C.P.; Higaki, S.; Takeyama, S.; Nakata, T.; Akai, M.; Tateishi, A.; Abe, M., 1983:
The evaluation of malignancy for cartilaginous tumors 2. cyto photometric studies of the nuclear dna content in cartilaginous tumors

Chun O B.; Kang S Y.; Shim T S., 1981:
The evaluation of mass control on primary school children against ascaris lumbricoides infection

Huang, H.K.; Wu, S.C., 1976:
The evaluation of mass densities of the human body in vivo from computerized tomography scans

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The evaluation of measurement of plasma trypsin in exocrine and endocrine pancreatic disorders

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The evaluation of medical prophylactic nutrition under the experimental action of acrylic acid nitrile

Fishman, E.K.; Siegelman, S.S.; Cameron, J.L., 1985:
The evaluation of mesoatrial shunt patency with computed tomography

Babik I.; Martincova R.; Sagath J., 1986:
The evaluation of microbiological quality of cosmetic preparations

Shiraishi T.; Kobayashi A.; Hasegawa T.; Nishiyama Y.; Nakazawa M.; Tanaka Y., 1984:
The evaluation of mild coronary artery disease through the analysis of left ventricular diastolic phase indices obtained from s 2 gated equilibrium scintigraphy

Shouyuan Z.; L.C.; Huang Y.; G.Q., 1981:
The evaluation of mutagenicity of 4 anti parasitic agents by the ames test

Yokoyama K.; Abe Y.; Hamada Y.; Hongo T.; Tabayashi K.; Yano M.; Konnai T.; Kagawa Y.; Horiuchi T.; E.A., 1984:
The evaluation of myo cardial protection from ischemia by means of phosphorus 31 nmr the role of changes in myo cardial high energy phosphate levels

Protsenko Y.L.; Markhasin V.S.; Izakov V.Ya; Blyakhman F.A., 1986:
The evaluation of myocardial contractility in the auxotonic regimen of contractions

Singhprasert P.; Panichpong A.; Phongluangtham V., 1981:
The evaluation of negative venereal disease research laboratory sera by treponema pallidum hem agglutination test

Weber W.; Tackmann W.; Freund H.J.; Kaeser H.; Brist R.; Obrecht J.P., 1981:
The evaluation of neuro toxicity in cancer patients treated with vinca alkaloids with special reference to vindesine

Henderson, J.B.; Beattie, C.P.; Hale, E.G.; Wright, T., 1984:
The evaluation of new services: possibilities for preventing congenital toxoplasmosis

Rychtarik J.; Tisova V., 1984:
The evaluation of newest cultivars of winter wheat in international experiments in the southern cmea zone czechoslovakia with respect to their use in cultivation programs

Laplante R.J.; Thibert R.J., 1985:
The evaluation of nitro substituted aromatic compounds for the determination of creatinine

Gwiazdowska, B.A.; Skrzypczak, E.T.; Tołwiński, J.R., 1982:
The evaluation of noise reduction and resolution degradation in scintigraphic images due to the smoothing procedure

Kotesovec F.; Miskova I.; Brynda J., 1987:
The evaluation of non occupational fluoride load a necessary requirement for the evaluation of exposure part i

Kotesovec F.; Miskova I., 1987:
The evaluation of non occupational fluoride load a necessary requirement for the evaluation of exposure part ii

Kasprzak K.; Banaszak J., 1982:
The evaluation of numbers biomass and respiration of phytophilous macro fauna in a field drain canal

Miyashita T., 1986:
The evaluation of parasternal lymph node on computed tomography images for radiotherapy planning in breast cancer

Doganay M.; Hanagasi R.; Zora A., 1985:
The evaluation of penicillin alone and penicillin combined with anti anthrax serum in the experimental anthrax of mice

Likhatskii Y.P., 1986:
The evaluation of phenetic relationships between spatial groupings in birds based on the drawing pattern of the retrices using parus major as an example

Iseki F., 1980:
The evaluation of plasma dopamine beta hydroxylase activity in essential hypertension

Schoorl D.; Holt J.E., 1984:
The evaluation of post harvest disease control measures using a temperature time framework

Talbott E.E.; Marino L.B.; Mueller D.P., 1979:
The evaluation of post mastectomy morbidity a review of the literature

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The evaluation of postoperative function of the adrenal gland

Liu M K.; Moore G.E., 1984:
The evaluation of predictions from a gaussian plume model

Knipscheer H.C.; Menz K.M.; Verinumbe I., 1983:
The evaluation of preliminary farming systems technologies zero tillage systems in west africa

Bogusławska-Jaworska, J.; Rodziewicz, B., 1986:
The evaluation of prognostic value of immunological markers in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) after intensification of treatment schedule

Yasukouchi A., 1985:
The evaluation of pulmonary diffusing capacity during exercise

Strakosova L.; Salas J., 1982:
The evaluation of quality of drug preparations at the school for pharmaceutical technicians in brno czechoslovakia

Gladkov A.G.; Zaitsev V.P.; Aronov D.M.; Sharfnadel' M.G., 1982:
The evaluation of quality of life in patients with cardio vascular diseases

Imai N.; Hayashi C., 1979:
The evaluation of rapid tests for detection of occult blood in feces

Gregory L.V.; Royer M.H.; Ayers J.E.; Nelson R.R., 1981:
The evaluation of relative parasitic fitness of isolates of helminthosporium maydis race t

Slany J.; Mandak M.; Paucek M., 1983:
The evaluation of release of medicament from solid drug forms

Vaclavovsky J.; Matousek V.; Egert J.; Vejcik A., 1984:
The evaluation of reproduction characters in line groups of breeds white and landrace breeds in large stud swine breeding

Baracu, I.; Ionescu-Goga, S.; Nasture, N.; Naum, M.; Andrian, T., 1986:
The evaluation of rosette tests in clinical oncology i. active rosettes and rosette inhibition assay in ovarian neoplasms

Hampton J.G.; Matthews D., 1980:
The evaluation of seed borne drechslera teres in barley hordeum vulgare a note on methodology

McGahan, J.P.; Dublin, A.B.; Hill, R.P., 1979:
The evaluation of seizure disorders by computerized tomography

Porzsolt F.; Gaus W.; Heimpel H., 1983:
The evaluation of serial measurements of the natural killer cell activity in man

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The evaluation of serum estradiol, progesterone, testosterone concentrations and urinary estrogen excretion level for the monitoring indices of follicular maturation

Küçüködük, S.; Saraçlar, Y., 1987:
The evaluation of serum immunoglobulin E and peripheral eosinophil counts in healthy children in the Samsun region of Turkey

Swart J.N.; Van Der Merwe H.J.; Smith A., 1987:
The evaluation of sewage sludge as a protein source for growing pigs

Whiteman M.; Yarwood R.J., 1988:
The evaluation of six lactose based materials as direct compression tablet excipients

Kikuchi T., 1985:
The evaluation of slow injection dynamic computed tomographic scan for the vascular invasion of cancer of biliary system and pancreas

Błaziak, M., 1977:
The evaluation of some lipid compounds in women's serum during delivery

Wolff, H.L.; van Zijl, W.J.; Croon, J.J.; Helaha, D., 1977:
The evaluation of some newer media for enrichment and for isolation of Salmonella and Shigella from stool samples

Rahaju S.H.; Latupapua H.J.D.; Abdulkadir S., 1987:
The evaluation of some rhizobium strains as the inoculants and their effects on the growth of albizia chinensis and albizia lebbeck

Takayama T.; Aburano T.; Kawabata S.; Watanabe N.; Yamada N.; Koizumi K.; Tonami N.; Hisada K., 1986:
The evaluation of split renal function in the experimentally induced urinary obstruction

Eremenko V.A.; Sviridova T.E.; Grib S.I.; Monich V.N., 1985:
The evaluation of spring barley breeding material as affected by the variability of microclimate in greenhouse

Sawai K.; Tokuda H.; Takahashi S.; Yoshida S I.; Nakajima M.; E.A., 1988:
The evaluation of superselective magnification angiography in diagnosing the depth of cancerous invasion of gastric cancer

Shibata K.; Mine K.; Koga Y.; E.A., 1986:
The evaluation of surgical therapy for bronchogenic carcinoma in patients aged over 80 years old

Kincaid, J.C.; Phillips, L.H.; Daube, J.R., 1986:
The evaluation of suspected ulnar neuropathy at the elbow. Normal conduction study values

Choi, M.J.; Kang, H.; Chung, T.W.; Park, J.; Han, M.H., 1987:
The evaluation of t e and t lh ratios in athlete's urine by the radioimmunoassay methods

Tanaka K.; Suenaga T.; Ohashi M.; Yoshimura T.; Satoh N., 1987:
The evaluation of te shunt operation in patients with high dose irradiation

Martin, S.W., 1977:
The evaluation of tests

Alescio, L.Z.; Dionigi, P.; Bonoldi, A.; Cimma, E.; Zonta, A., 1982:
The evaluation of the acid base status of human blood 1. a subroutine use with an electronic calculator

Alescio, L.Z.; Dionigi, P.; Bonoldi, A.; Cimma, E.; Zonta, A., 1982:
The evaluation of the acid base status of human blood 2. a comparison between a minor subroutine and 3 nomograms

Bednarz T., 1981:
The evaluation of the adaptation ability of some green algae to 2 4 d acid monuron and diuron admixtures under laboratory conditions

Kipschidse N.N.; Tschapidse G.E.; Bochua M.R.; Margasagischwili L.A.; Rewischwili T.S.; Eristawi D.G., 1988:
The evaluation of the antiarrhythmical effect of the intracardiac laser therapy brought about by a continuous ecg control in patients suffering from and acute myocardial infarction

Gontijo Filho P.P.; Romao C.M.C.P.D.A., 1986:
The evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of disinfectants sanitizers and antiseptics and of registration of these products

Otobo, F.O., 1976:
The evaluation of the beach seine as a fishing gear for tilapia harvest in kainji lake nigeria

Yamazaki J.; Morishita T.; Ohsawa H.; Aoki R.; Uchi T.; Kawamura Y.; Okuzumi I.; Muto T.; Wakakura M.; E.A., 1985:
The evaluation of the cardiac function and the effect of urokinase therapy in patients with acute myocardial infarction in intensive care units

Pabst, R.; Wendler, D., 1976:
The evaluation of the chronic administration of drugs in teratology

Mazurek A., 1985:
The evaluation of the connective tissue and its role in the development of emphysema in infants in the course of pneumonia

Carnevale, P.; Lallemant, M.; Molinier, M.; Mouchet, J.; Coz, J., 1982:
The evaluation of the critical levels of malaria transmission in a stable endemic area

Lichtenau, L.; Faust, U., 1978:
The evaluation of the desmodontal gap and its changes in the x ray image of the human mandible with the aid of a data processing system

Bibikov, N.G., 1975:
The evaluation of the dynamics of synaptic potentials according to the induced impulse activity of neurons

Matsuo H.; Okazaki M., 1985:
The evaluation of the effect of transcatheter hepatic arterial embolization for hepatocellular carcinoma the assessment of efficacies of transcatheter hepatic arterial embolization for resected specimens in comparison with changes of medical imaging

Hanzelova H.; Mlynarcik D.; Mandak M., 1984:
The evaluation of the effectiveness of preservatives in pectin dispersions

Chiba Y.; Ishihara H.; Muraoka R.; Yamasato A.; Tatsuta N., 1986:
The evaluation of the effects and the limits of intraaortic balloon pumping by three dimensional echocardiography

Yamada, T.; Katayama, T.; Makino, Y.; Sato, K., 1986:
The evaluation of the effects of top and root competition between grasses by partition technique 1. comparison of top and root competition between perennial ryegrass lolium perenne and tall fescue festuca arundinacea japan

Ares J.O., 1981:
The evaluation of the environmental impact of the development of patagonian argentina coastal zone

Buxton, J.H.; Madge, D.S., 1976:
The evaluation of the european earwig forficula auricularia as a predator of the damson hop aphid phorodon humuli part 1 feeding experiments

Madge, D.S.; Buxton, J.H., 1976:
The evaluation of the european earwig forficula auricularia as a predator of the damson hop aphid phorodon humuli part 2 choice of prey

Krauze, M., 1976:
The evaluation of the excretion of estrogens and pregnanediol in some disturbances in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy

Rau, J.R.; Chen, S.C., 1987:
The evaluation of the immunizability of a novel copper ion selective electrode against strongly interferent silver ion

Glinski, Z.; Wawrzkiewicz, K., 1974:
The evaluation of the in vitro activity of some nitro furans against bacillus larvae strains

Boron-Kaczmarska, A.; Machnicka-Roguska, B.; Lotocka, K.; Sokolewicz-Bobrowska, E., 1978:
The evaluation of the inhibition of the macrophage migration inhibition test with the poly saccharide antigen of taenia saginata in human taeniasis

Suchenwirth R.M.A., 1982:
The evaluation of the long term sequelae of cranio cerebral trauma concussion and contusion

Dzhemilev Z.A.; Komor A.G.; Popandopulo P.G.; Lobko V.F.; Ponzol'd K.; Etel' M.; Shubert K., 1986:
The evaluation of the mutagenic properties of hormonal contraceptives in monkeys

Hirota S.; Okuda K.; Sako M.; Shimizu T.; Hasegawa M.; Tanaka K.; Hase M.; Kono M., 1988:
The evaluation of the portal hemodynamic changes after transcatheter hepatic arterial embolization

Zschoch, H.; Zipfel, E., 1977:
The evaluation of the post mortem heart weight

Kobayashi Y., 1984:
The evaluation of the posterior tracheal band and posterior wall of the bronchus intermedius on lateral plane chest radiograph in esophageal carcinoma

Acad-Agric-Sci-Inst-Tob-(China) ; Acad-Sin-Inst-Bot-(China), 1974:
The evaluation of the progenies of the pollen plants of tobacco

Boguslawska Jaworska J.; Wartenberg J.; Chybick A., 1982:
The evaluation of the prognostic use of sub classification of acute lympho blastic leukemias in children

Vesela D.; Portych J., 1984:
The evaluation of the quality of diagnostic dyes by thin layer chromatography

Langlands, A.O., 1981:
The evaluation of the results of cancer therapy treatment utility

Chloupek, O., 1976:
The evaluation of the root system of mustard by means of its di electric characters with respect to the yield

Sönning, W.; Jendritzky, G., 1979:
The evaluation of the thermal environment of man

Moolman J.H.; Weber H.W., 1979:
The evaluation of the threshold concentration concept on the appreciation of the usefulness of water for the irrigation of the salty fine sandy soils of the southern cape south africa

Moore M.M.; Loud K.; Templeton R.K., 1984:
The evaluation of the use of 10 percent rather than 20 percent horse serum in the cloning and selection of tk minus minus mutants of l 5178y tk minus plus mouse lymphoma cells

Bergmann H J., 1984:
The evaluation of the use of bio indicators of spore containing earth for checking steam sterilization

Cilliers C.J., 1987:
The evaluation of three insect natural enemies for the biological control of the weed lantana camara l

Dhillon M.S.; Challet G.L., 1985:
The evaluation of three sampling techniques for the determination of fly diptera densities at four sanitary landfills in southern california usa

L.T.rre D.; Papalia A., 1981:
The evaluation of time at various ages of life

Greenhouse, G., 1976:
The evaluation of toxic effects of chemicals in fresh water by using frog embryos and larvae

Kuramoto H.; Kaji S.; Kumazawa J., 1985:
The evaluation of transurethral ultrasonography for staging of bladder tumor

Ernst A., 1987:
The evaluation of tricuspid regurgitation by the systolic negative contrast trajectories in the right atrium

Sato W.; Hanada M.; Sasaki M.; Nakanome C.; Moriai N.; Komatsu K., 1984:
The evaluation of ultrasonic laparoscopy for liver gall bladder bile duct and pancreas

E.K.olei M.S.; Wasif S., 1982:
The evaluation of urea nitrate applied to alluvial soil with special reference to some effects of soil salinity

Kudoh T.; Ishikawa M.; Motoyasu S.; Akimoto N.; Yao Y.; Arai M., 1985:
The evaluation of urokinase therapy for the prevention of the early postoperative thromboembolism in the surgical cases with mitral valvular disease

Huey, J.R.; Miller, F.C., 1979:
The evaluation of uterine activity: a comparative analysis

Katayama, S., 1984:
The evaluation of uterine endocervical lesions by cervicoscopy of lateral view type (clinical advantages for reduction of traditional surgical management of uterine cervical cancer)

Leder, O.; Kuhnt, M.; Bezler, H., 1979:
The evaluation of vaginal smears in cytological hormone diagnosis: a pilot study

Chen Y.; Duan H.; Yang C.; Hsu P., 1983:
The evaluation of various types of visual or auditory discrimination in macaque monkeys under free or restrained conditions

Niederle, P.; Prerovsky, I., 1976:
The evaluation of venous muscle pump disorder in chronic venous insufficiency

Guray O.; Demir L.; Hapcioglu B., 1979:
The evaluation of water supply of istanbul turkey in 1977 and its properties concerning public health the improving water supply of istanbul

Thomas D.; D.A.drade R.P., 1986:
The evaluation under grazing of legumes associated with andropogon gayanus in a tropical savannah environment on the central plateau of brazil

Palland C.L., 1979:
The evaporation brush an evaporimeter for measuring the potential evaporation of meadow grass

Gash, J.H.C.; Stewart, J.B., 1977:
The evaporation from thetford forest england during 1975

Schiøtz, H., 1987:
The evaporation test for detecting rupture of the fetal membranes

Illnerova, H.; Vanecek, J., 1983:
The evening rise in the rat pineal n acetyl transferase ec activity under various photoperiods

Seeling W.; Heinrich H.; Oettinger W., 1986:
The eventration syndrome prostacyclin liberation and hypoxemia due to eventration of the gut

Nowak W., 1979:
The evergreen brome grass bromus unioloides an animal feed

Edwards, A.A., 1977:
The evidence for 1 hit chromosome exchanges

De-Vries, L., 1978:
The evidence for generation of di methylamino cyano carbene in the thermolysis of di methyl amino malononitrile the di methylamino di cyano and cyano methyl radicals carbon analogs of the nitr oxides

Furnham A.; Jaspars J., 1983:
The evidence for interactionism in psychology a critical analysis of the situation response inventories

Keyser J.D., 1986:
The evidence for mckean complex plant utilization

Bundy, D.A.; Cooper, E.S., 1988:
The evidence for predisposition to trichuriasis in humans: comparison of institutional and community studies

Vivien J.N.; Leperchey F.; Vicaut E.; Deplus S.; Gervais P., 1987:
The evidence for the correlation between the degree of pigmentation and the power of inactivation of isoniazid

Mizuno K.; Gotoh M.; Haruyama K.; Hashimoto S.; Toki T.; Matsui J.; Fukuchi S., 1983:
The evidence for the participation of kinins in the acute anti hypertensive effect of captopril in hypertensive patients

Takemura J.; Seino Y.; Yamamura T.; Yoshiya K.; Ishikawa Y.; Itoh N.; Imura H., 1983:
The evidence for the regulatory role of endogenous gastric inhibitory poly peptide as a glucose dependent insulinotropic hormone in patients with duodenal ulcer

Fritz W.; Wilmanns O., 1982:
The evidence given by subfossil bryophyte synusies in the reconstruction of a celtic environment the example of the royal barrow mound magdalenenberg near villingen

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